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Tuesday's Tantrum - 1/27/15
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Hello boys and girls and welcome to the tantrums, where your Uncle B.O.B. is starting to look forward.  No offense to January, but to me it is the worst month of the year and I’m glad we’re almost out.  I’m excited because now we can start to look at other sports besides football.  I hope you don’t mind, but even though it’s January, I have a lot of MLB takes this week.  I know it’s early, but I saw a lot going on so I’m taking advantage.  But first:

An anniversary of sorts.  Four years ago yesterday I was “laid off” as part of a corporate restructuring.  I’m not gonna lie, I was pissed – but I deserved it too – a bit set in my ways, and as a manager and leader they knew I wasn’t going to accept the changes coming – they saw that and to their credit they sent me home.  But gradually as time went on, I realized that being let go was probably the greatest thing to happen to me outside of wife and kids.  It took a lot of anger and bitterness off my shoulders, and I eventually became a more happy person. 

Super Bowl.  Yeah, whatever.  To be honest, I had a ball this week paying no attention and actually got some things done.  Somebody wake me up one hour before game time on February 1st.  In fact, I will be bowling in a tournament mere hours before kickoff.

NFL – Josh Gordon.  I would be remiss if I didn’t address this.

We’ve all seen it, the guy or gal who can’t put down the drink or the smoke or the powder or the needle.  I get it, additions are powerful.  You want to say you feel bad for Josh Gordon, but let’s think about this for a second.  Jeff and I talked about this Sunday, and we really do feel bad for the guy, but this dude is the Steve Howe of the NFL.  He’s had chance after chance to clean it up, and he just can’t.

My guess is that somehow the Union will fight for this guy and he’ll get yet another chance.  But to the NFL and the Union and to Josh Gordon I say this – what are you going to say when this guy hits rock bottom or worse yet gets into something where innocent people are affected?  It’s time you sat this guy down for a year – for his own good.  The lives you save are that damn important.

Last point and this is directed squarely at Jimmy Haslam:  Dude, if Johnny Trademark is rolling with Gordon, you had better be concerned – either that or look for a new QB.

NBA.  If I’m Adam Silver and the NBA Brass, I’m asking why I continue to hear NBA players say post game “We just have to give better effort.”  Seriously?  You have to give better effort?  Do you players actually give a shit?  No wonder attendance at games suck, and many people don’t care about the NBA  – fans know.

The NBA has their trade deadline on February 19th, but I wonder how things are actually gonna go down because the shitty teams have nothing of value for the teams playoff bound. 

On Friday Night as I alluded to in the Sunday QOTD, Klay Thompson of Golden State hit for 37 points --- IN THE THIRD QUARTER --- of Golden State’s home game against Sacramento.  That is crazy, but one of the most incredible performances I have heard in sport – at least in modern basketball.

MLB.  As we slug our way through the winter, we certainly have some light at the end of the tunnel for sure.  NASCAR and MLB are starting to think about things, Golf is already started, CBB is starting to heat up, and:

MLB – Bud Selig.  So now Selig is gone, and we can debate his contributions if you wish, but I’m a bit confused here, so please bear with me.  Trolling around the internet Saturday Night, I caught a lot of puff pieces being done on the man.  The Chairman of St. Louis team said that Selig “will go down as the greatest commissioner in Baseball history.”  Oh, I get it, he had labor peace, so he’s the greatest ever? 

Uh, wasn’t this the guy who everybody wanted a piece of due to PED’s, not working a solution to the Tampa and Oakland situations?

MLB – Kung Fu Panda.  Pablo Sandoval leaving for Boston may very well have been the best thing for both himself and SF.  He’s shown a lot of “resting on laurels” and getting mega fat after championship years and subsequently getting injured.  In the case of SF, they need to show they aren’t going to be “championship drunk” yet again and flame out in the even numbered year and IMHO Panda was a big part of the reason that happened.  In return, Boston is gonna get a guy who has something to prove.

MLB – Washington.  Zimmerman, Strasbourg, Scherzer, Fister.  Wow.  Anybody else got a better starting rotation?

MLB – Miami.  I read on that Miami signed Ichiro to a two year contract.  Now I know he’s over the hill, but what I like about this is that he’ll be the 4th outfielder, but more importantly he can give that young and improving Marlins team some valuable experience in terms of coaching.  Similar to Torii Hunter in Minny.  I like the move.

MLB – Minnesota.  With the horrific seasons for the winter sports in Minny, how badly are sports fans jonesing for Baseball?  Minny is caravanning around Minnesota and North Dakota – in freaking January – to get fans fired up about the upcoming season holding Q & A’s and fan fests everywhere.  They’re even out there posting the GWRBI of Gene Larkin knocking in Dan Gladden for Minny to take the 1991 World Series in 10 innings of Game 7.  Not much of a video, but it’s just to wet your Baseball appetite:

Not only that, I like what I’m seeing in Minny in 2015.  In my opinion a very solid young nucleus that is slowly building, and they were able to keep Plouffe.  With Molitor as the skip he’s gonna pay dividends particularly in learning how to hit, and Torii Hunter came back to be a veteran mentor to this young group of talented kids so that’s even better.  Yeah, they have issues, most notable at pitcher and defense in the outfield, but they are starting to learn how to hit, and if they can find some kind of FA to come in and help out, this could be a surprise team in a very deep AL Central.  Memo to the rest of the AL, don’t sleep on Minny when you play them.

Heard a rumor that the Twins might be trying to snake their way in and get James Shields, and while I personally am not a fan of his, I think anything will help that pitching staff.

Spring Training Countdown:  24 days give or take before the first camps open on February 19th. 

Hopefully last CFB for awhile.  I literally pray that the six “non-power conferences” decide to form their own division and piss on the NCAA.  Why should they be blocked from making their own opportunities?  Why shouldn’t they be given a chance to have their own championship?  Because they’re too big for FCS status, but not big enough to earn a share of the pie?  C’mon now…

Music video of the Week.  It occurred to me especially this week that there is just entirely too much talk coming out of sports, and a less than satisfying amount of action.  So let me just go with a little Toby Keith here:

Good Story of the Week – WWE.  I very rarely give respect to this group of has beens, but the other night during Raw, what the TV didn’t catch was actually pretty cool, sorta.  John Cena was getting his traditional weekly beatdown and some little kid in the front row started bawling.  Triple H broke character to comfort the kid.  Small potatoes I know, but it made me feel a bit better about these guys.

Good Story of the Week #2 – Coach K.  It’s no secret, I don’t like Duke CBB.  But absolute respect to Coach K for winning 1000 games. 


Sporting D-bag of the Week – The media.  Jesus media, are you that hard up (read:  LAZY) to find a story in the off-week prior to Super Bowl?  You mean to tell me with all that press there, nobody could be creative enough to find something, anything to talk about other than the inflation level of footballs?  YOU SUCK?

Sporting D-bag of the Week – Honorable Mention.  Josh Gordon, NBA All-Star fan voting, The WWE for their “Royal Rumble”, Dick Sherman and his “conspiracy theory”, Ray Lewis asterisk comment, Sacramento Kings for their lack of defense on Klay Thompson, and anybody in the NBA trying to trade FOR Lance Stephenson.       


QOTD - 1/27/15 Tags: NFL

You have been tasked by the NFL with providing feedback on the Pro Bowl to the owners and commish of the NFL.  What do you say?  What is your plan for the future?  If the Pro Bowl isn't the answer, can you provide something that brings in revenue for the NFL?  If so, what?

Musings From The Hoodwood 1-27
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RIP Mr, Cub 

Greetings from the Hoodwood where the flags are at half-staff for Mr. Cub

Coach K gets his grand victory

I’ve never been much of a Duke fan, I think they are the poster boy of the snobby ACC. I detested Duke for being the ones that the pundits pointed to as basketball the “right way” and how they celebrated when Duke stunned UNLV in the 1991 national semifinals in a game I still swear was fixed to give UNLV their comeuppance. The thing is as much as detested the school and program. I actually respected Mike Krzyzewski, he always seemed like a coach who actually believed in principles like staying in school. I thought for the longest time Duke didn’t put up its 1990 final four banner because of how they got humiliated in the national championship but it was because one of the players didn’t graduate. I found out later that the player. Alaa Abdelnaby did come back finish his coursework and the banner went up. But in any case, the more I read about Krzyzewski and his come up from humble beginnings in Chicago, and his yeoman like rise from coaching his alma mater to nearly being run out of Duke after a couple years, the more I respected him as much as I loathed the team that he coached. In any case, Krzyzewski has made himself a coaching institution and believe it or not been at Duke as long as Dean Smith was at UNC and has more wins he has 927 at Duke, and after the Blue Devils rallied smartly to down a plucky St. John’s squad at MSG Coach K became the 1st men’s coach in Div-1 to amass 1000 wins. Keep in mind, Coach K still has about 3 seasons to go to surpass Pat Summitt’s 1089 wins but he has a milestone that it’s a testimony to his  great teams whom he was quick to put to the forefront and effusive in praise for. But also to his longevity, you don’t coach somewhere 35 years without winning pretty consistently and he has done that in spades.

MLB changes leaders

As much as it catches me off guard to think Coach K has been at Duke for 35 years it makes me pause, but to think that Bud Selig has stepped down from his post as MLB commish, a job he held since 1992 makes me feel old. Selig has been MLB’s grand poobah since the owners ran Fay Vincent out after the 92 season. He has had the job officially since 1998 when the farcical acting title was finally removed. I’ve never been big on Bud Selig, as I’ve always thought of him as a puppet for the owners as he once was one as owner of the Milwaukee Brewers. I also thought that his ideas for contracting two teams (one of whom were my beloved Minnesota Twins in 2001) was ham handed and smelled like a plot to take care of his daughter who was then running the Brewers but that plan fell through, the Twins got good, the Expos moved to fertile baseball country in Washington and Selig soldiered on. Now some of his ideas I liked. Interleague play, moving the Brewers to the NL and the wild card were good. Others like the steroid bumbling, the aforementioned contraction and the inane All-Star-home field advantage But Selig was the 2nd longest tenured commish behind the first to hold the office, the bigoted Kennesaw Mountain Landis. With Selig’s retirement the mantle passes to Rob Manfred who has been the deputy CEO of MLB and by and large has the approval of the talking heads of MLB. We’re hoping that Mann looks at further improving the game and will be his own man and not a puppet of the owners.

NBA: Kobe done for the season…and for good?

This is a haunting refrain that is getting all too familiar. Kobe Bryant has played all of 41 games for the Lakers in the last two seasons suffering through injuries to his knee and Achilles but another injury, this time to his rotator cuff which will shelve him for the remainder of this season and will be the third time in as many season that Bryant will not finish the season healthy and leaves many to wonder will this be the last time we see the self-styled Black Mamba on the court. I think it won’t be, I think that Bryant will try it one more time. I can’t see Bryant walking away from the game after an injury. I think Bryant can be self-absorbed and selfish as a player but he has a legacy of a winner and a tough customer. I can’t see him letting an injury be the checkmate for him.



Phat Dap- In Memoriam for Mr. Cub

In lieu of a phat dap, Hoodwood takes a moment to remember Mr. Cub. Ernie Banks. The player universally loved in the baseball and revered in Chicago passed away this past Friday at 83. One of the first players of color to play for the Cubs, Banks’ infectious play and boundless spirit fueled the otherwise sad sack Cubs of the 50’s and 60’s, he retired in 1971 as the Cubs all-time home run leaders and is still 2nd but his 1636 RBI’s are still team best. He was inducted into the baseball hall of fame on his first year of eligibility in 1977. His catchphrase “Let’s Play Two” was his enduring symbolism of his love for the game. The Cubs family have lost one of their greats, and the whole baseball and sports world grieves with them.


Head Slap

To Russ Knight who works for the CBS affiliate in Phoenix and was hired by the NFL as an assistant frequency coordinator for the Super Bowl festivities going on in the Valley of The Sun. Knight was given highly coveted All-Access Super Bowl credentials for his job. Rightly excited he took a picture and posted it on Facebook. That was a no-no. The NFL contacted him immediately and told him that his credentials would be revoked since there would be a slim but realistic chance that the picture of the credential could be zoomed in on can be duplicated. Considering how tight security is for the Super Bowl nowadays it’s not surprising that the NFL is so strict on posting pics especially of its prized credentials. Knight for his part took ownership of his goof blaming no one but himself. But he still gets a head slap for wasting a golden opportunity to be at the year’s biggest game.

Quick Hits

The Pro Bowl really needs to go back to Hawai’i and after the Super Bowl

The NHL All-Star was in Columbus and in a way I’m sad I missed it but 29 goals? That’s too much

The Yanks don’t want to pay A-Fraud his bonuses. Y’all act like you didn’t know???

Richard Sherman is the best corner in the league and doesn’t like inane questions about it

Doing away with defensive shifts, here’s a tip hitters should hit ‘em where they aint

Now the CFP won’t budge on their dates…did you think that they would give up their valuable cash cow dates?

Wrapping up Sunday's Basketball Action
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Before checking out for the next couple of days thanks to the Snowpocalypse, I thought I'd take the time to wrap up the action from Sunday afternoon and evening featuring the basketball teams I follow.

There is one bit of non-basketball action to mention first though. The Boston College football team will be looking for another offensive coordinator before the start of next season. After two seasons in the job, Ryan Day has left to join the Philadelphia Eagles as the team's new QB coach. He replaces Bill Musgrave in that position.


The Celtics were down big in their game against the Golden State Warriors but managed to rally back to cut the lead down to 3 points. But they couldn't get any closer than that and ended up on the losing end of a 114-111 final score. The loss drops them to 15-27.

The Warriors got 31 points from Klay Thompson while Stephen Curry added 22 points and 11 assists to help them edge out the Celtics.

As for Boston, they got 26 points and 9 boards from Jared Sullinger (see below) to power their offense.

Evan Turner (see below) added 19 points, 7 rebounds and 7 assists (with four turnovers). Tyler Zeller came up with 15 points and 5 rebounds while Avery Bradley tallied 15 points as well.


Hartford Hawks - Hartford turned the ball over 21 times on the way to an 82-58 loss to America East opponent Albany. Point guard Deanna Mayza led the team with 8 of those turnovers and Janelle Harrison had 6.

But turnovers were only half of the big two of problems facing the Hawks in this game. After trailing by just three points at halftime, they got used and abused in the 2nd half. Their defense on Albany's Shereesha Richards (39 points) and Imani Tate (30 points) was almost non-existent it would seem.

Amber Bepko led the scoring for Hartford with 14 points and Alyssa Reaves added 12 points. Hartford falls to 10-11 on the season with a 4-3 conference record.

Tennesee LADY VOLS - The Lady Vols managed to pull out another conference win on Sunday, beating Georgia 59-51. They improve to 17-3 (7-0 SEC). The win came about thanks to a 95% shooting night at the foul line and a 45-29 edge in rebounding. Those numbers offset their poor shooting night from the floor (34%) and the team's 18 rebounds (Georgia only had 14 turnovers).

Jordan Reynolds (shown 1st) had a career high 15 points. Ariel Massengale (shown 2nd) added 10 points and 6 boards. Isabelle Harrison (shown 3rd) finished the game with 9 points and a team high 9 boards.


Missouri State - The Bears (8-10, 5-2 MVC) stomped Illinois State 58-35 to capture their fourth win in a row. In getting the victory, the team set a home arena record for points allowed. They gave up just 15 points in the second half.

Kenzie Williams (pictured 1st) scored 12 points and grabbed 7 rebounds to lead the team's offense. Tyonna Snow (pictured 2nd) and Lexi Hughes each finished with 9 points.


Boston College Men - The Eagles had to hold off a late flurry of offense from Georgia Tech but narrowly got their first ACC win of the season 64-62. BC shot 59.1% from the floor in the 2nd half. They had rely almost exclusively on their starters for offense. The bench managed just 5 points in the game.

Olivier Hanlan (see below 1st) led Boston College with 25 points and 7 boards. Patrick Heckmann (below 2nd) added 12 points and Aaron Brown (shown 3rd) chipped in with 11 points. Will Magarity (shown 4th) finished the game with 9 points and 5 boards.



You can see highlights from the game below.



Monday Moaning 1-26-15
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Gate - "A gate or gateway is a point of entry to a space enclosed by walls, or a moderately sized opening in some sort of fence."

Yes people, that is the definition of "Gate"....It doesn't mean, 'lets add it to the end of every possible conspiracy ever'....Back in the tricky Dick Nixon days Watergate became a big thing...A big crime...a big story...But it was called Watergate, because that was the name of the damn building where it happened....


So when you talk about the New England Patriots underinflated footballs and call it "Deflate-Gate," you sound like a fucking idiotic asshole! Just as you did when you called the Patriots spying shit "Spy-gate"...Or the Saints bounty plan being called "Bounty-gate"...Or every other conspiracy over the last 4 decades...Seriously people, read a dictionary...But while I'm at it, why didn't they call that Ray Rice mess, "Woman Beating-Gate?"

Stop with the "Gate Bullshit"!

And no, Ballgazi isn't any better...Sure it hasn't been beaten to death for 4 decades, but it really has the idiotic political overtone of trying to blame President Obama for it...Anything he does gets a "gazi" thrown on it now, he doesn't need the Patriots balls on his head too...

And yes, I said President Obama...I'm not sure when it started but I'm sick of hearing and reading people referring to the President as juts "Obama"....At first, it seemed like it was just a Republicans?Conservative way of disrespecting him...But I have heard it on the left too...Some of the President's biggest supporters regularly, simply refer to him as "Obama"...I don't care if you like him or not...Agree or not...I was always taught, and believe you respect the office...Even if you are opposed to the man...Average Joe doing it doesn't surprise me...But so-called journalist doing it makes me sick...Truly respectable journalism is dying away at a frighteningly rapid pace...

-Okay, Let me get into a little sports...Saturday the NHL had it's All-Star Skills competition...Sunday was the game, but that's always a joke...The skills competition is all about the players having fun, and the fans getting a look in at not just the fun, but some skills as well...Columbus, Ohio has become a good hockey town, as was pumped for this weekend...And Columbus Bluejackets Center Ryan Johansen made the place go crazy during the Breakaway Challenge...It's become their version of the Slam Dunk contest, where the guys like to get creative...Here's his first shot....

The fans in Columbus ate that shit up...But I was really impressed with his second effort...

The kid is  the son of one of the Bluejackets trainers...Just an awesome moment...Former Bluejacket Jakub Voracek didn't want to be out done, so he tried the same move with his own little guy...

But in the end Johansen won...The other big story from the Skills Competition was Shea Weber winning the hardest shot contest with 108.5 miles per hour...It was a bit easier for Weber this year, without Chara being there, who holds the record with 108.8 mph...

Now, as I said the All-Star game is a joke...No Defense, no hitting...Goalies getting hung out to dry...I was at work and didn't see the game...Luckily, the NHL broke down the tape...Here's all 29 goals in a minute and a half...

If you can watch more clips of the skills competition, do it...Then watch some hockey...Any hockey...Junior, AHL, high school, NHL...It's better then basketball...And the week of bullshit leading up to the "Super Bowl" is just that...Don't waste your time...Tune it all out until Kickoff on Sunday...Fill that time with hockey...

That's this week's public service message...Now, one last video....The Mrs. and I took Molls out with us to eat Saturday evening...The other two didn't want to come, and the oldest had a friend over...So it was just the three of us...And the little girl was cracking me up...I hope you enjoy this as much as I do...

Have a week...

The Beeze.

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