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Too many disjointed thoughts here, but I'm pissed:

I'm torn to be honest.  I don't know what to think, but I do know this much, I'm sick to death of all this outrage and I'm sick to death of the violence.  Qwazier said it best today:  What did the businessmen do to the people of Ferguson to deserve being torched?  Well guess what Ferguson, your problems just grew worse because what businessman would want to do business in your town?

The death of Michael Brown was tragic, but WHERE THE FUCK IS THE OUTRAGE FOR THE SENSELESS VIOLENCE KILLING THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE IN CHICAGO, LOS ANGELES, OAKLAND, and everywhere else - many victims being innocent children?  Where is the outrage at the criminals who do this shit?  I can never reconcile this FACT.   Where is Magic Johnson, Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash, and LeBron James when it comes to this stuff?  For that matter where is President Obama?  Isn't Chicago one of his hometowns?  So I just want to get this straight NBA players - what you are telling me by your ignoring it is that it's OK for the persistent death and violence to roll through places, so long as a cop isn't involved.  That's what you seem to be saying without saying it.

Here's the bottom line - and I've said it before - our generation has failed.  We've abdicated our responsibility as leaders, communicators, parents, role models and everything else.  We can't think straight, and we can't think critically.  By every conceiveable measure we are leaving our children worse off than we were, and I'm disgusted.  

President Obama likes to talk about hope and change - we have neither of either.  Too bad because those are Good words (not catch phrases or buzzwords).  It's too bad nobody listened, including himself because we could have moved on to greater things, but we had to be stuck in a never ending cesspool of violence and mistrust.

Last Saturday on my way to Jerry's ball game on the way out of town I passed a gun show, and guess what?  The place was packed and it got me to thinking - nobody on either side trusts the cops to keep the peace, so where are we as a society gonna be in 5 years?  Armed to the teeth, just like the wild west - that's where.

Tuesday's Tantrums... in Grumblevision!
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  Hello folks, and welcome to today’s Tantrums… in Grumblevision! This week’s switcheroo continues as I fill in for B.O.B., who filled in for the Beezer, who will fill in for yours truly on Friday! Big things happening this week, so let’s get right down to business here…

  The top story of the day, no matter where you look, is the situation down in Ferguson, MO. This entire situation disgusts me, and it should disgust every single American with a pulse. Not just the media sensationalism that caused this to balloon out of control, but the blatant race pimping that has caused so much tension and so much damage to the community of Ferguson should be condemned. If you never once consider the race of either person involved in this crime, it is an open and shut case… if you flip races and this is a black officer shooting a white perp who assaulted him and grabbed for his firearm, it is an open and shut case. Yet, after all the pressure put on public officials in Ferguson, MO, they were able to allow the justice system to work properly. All proper evidence was heard, and due diligence was done; probably a hell of a lot more than necessary, in order to ensure both sides got their day in court. In the end, the only losers we have here are those left over in Ferguson to clean up once the rioters and looters leave town and move on to the next place… hopefully sooner rather than later. They’ll move on and tear another community down, cause more tension and hurt elsewhere, and probably before Ferguson is completely put back together, and offer zero help to those left behind to clean up their mess. That is what I take away from all of this… what’s your take, Gabbers?

  On to sports, where the hot stove was in grease fire mode Monday with the Boston Red Sox cooking up a storm… adding two pieces to the left side of their infield by agreeing to contracts with Pablo Sandoval and Hanley Ramirez (who might play LF with the Sawx) on five year deals. Sandoval gets five years at around a hundred million, and Ramirez got 4 years at 88 million, with a fifth year option that puts the total deal up over the hundred million dollar mark. Maybe they overpaid a bit here, but they add two big bats to a lineup that needed some pop, and Sandoval is an immediate upgrade at third for a team that ranked near the bottom of Major League Baseball in production from that position. More importantly, Sandoval adds another clutch postseason hitter to the lineup… Sandoval and Ortiz hitting back to back in the playoffs sounds like an absolute nightmare to me! Congrats to all you Sawx fans out there… especially with the news that they might not even be done spending yet… the new rumor out there is Jon Lester coming back to town after a four or five month rental to Oakland!

  The Mariners added another hundred million dollar contract to their roster by re-signing 3B Kyle Seager to a seven year, 100 million dollar deal. Seager, who made his first All-Star team and won a Gold Glove this season, was scheduled for arbitration after making just $540,000 last season.

  Moving on to the NFL, we had two games on the slate for Monday night as the Ravens defeated the Saints 34-27 in New Orleans, while the displaced Buffalo Bills dominated the Jets in their temporary Ford Field home, 38-3. During the week, CBS sports’ Doug Gottleib decided that instead of praising the city of Detroit and the Lions organization for again offering up their facilities for another team to use in their time of need, he would use the opportunity to take a pot shot at the city, quipping that “this is the first time that Detroit has ever been considered a safer option than Buffalo” in a Tweet. Classy move Douggy… now shouldn’t you be off to steal a teammate’s credit card right about now? I don’t know how this tool is on television, or ever got there in the first place, but he is one of the more annoying little twats out there. Normally, I’m one of the first people that wants to bag on Detroit for being a dilapidated shit hole… but this was sure as hell not the situation that warranted it.

  As for the Lions… what else can you say? Once again, they started the season 5-2. Once again, just four games later, they sit at 7-4, after an embarrassing 34-9 loss to the New England Patriots. No disrespect to the Patriots here… they earned every bit of that victory and are playing possibly the best football in the league right now… but this Lions team was exposed on Sunday for what it is, and it ain’t pretty.

  Memo to Matt Stafford: a 35% completion percentage normally gets you benched in fucking Pop Warner football… just God fucking awful. Let’s look at the stats, shall we? Tom Brady… 38/53 for 349 yards and 2 TD’s against the “#1 defense in the NFL”. Matt Stafford… 18/46 for 264 yards and a pick against a defense that ranks right around the middle of the league, currently at #12. Brian Hoyer completes better than 50% of his passes at the very least… and he finds a way to put the ball in the fucking end zone. Plus, he is able to connect with his #1 receiver (despite not having a viable #2) more than four times in ten targets. Calvin Johnson had four catches for 58 yards Sunday… Josh Gordon, who was returning from a ten week suspension, had eight catches for 120 yards. Was Hoyer’s stat line impressive Sunday? Hell no… he went 23/40 for 322 yards and three picks… but his team WON THE GAME, and they actually found the end zone. The Lions? First time since 1993 that this team was held out of the end zone in back-to-back games. That’s right… even in the 0-16 year of 2008… they weren’t held without a TD in back-to-back games. Congratulations Stafford, you’re worse than Jon Kitna/Dan Orvlovsky (our current backup, by the way)/Drew Stanton/Daunte Culpepper!

  If it were simply a matter of nobody ever being open or guys dropping key passes I would not be as concerned… but Stafford is missing wide open people and by a LOT! Yeah, he had some drops go against him… so did Brady… so does EVERY NFL QUARTERBACK! Stafford is being put in a position to succeed by OC Joe Lombardi… and he is failing to get the job done. At what point is it no longer wrong of me, as a Lions fan, to hope this guy has some form of career ending injury so we can go find a quarterback that can win in this league? This guy is fucking terrible.

  Elsewhere in the NFC North, the Bears beat the Bucs 21-13 in Lovie’s return to Chicago. They are now 5-6 heading into the Thanksgiving Day game at Ford Field against the Lions. The Packers outlasted the Vikings 24-21 to take over sole possession of first place in the division. Turns out Aaron Rodgers might have known what he was talking about a month ago when he told everybody to “just relax” in Green Bay! On the plus side, the Pack gets the red hot Patriots in Lambeau this week! Keep it going, Pats, and help us out a bit after giving us that kind of spanking!

  Before I completely leave the Lions, I would like to just publicly say that what Dominic Raolia did at the end of the game in cut blocking Patriots DL Zach Moore was complete and total bullshit. Classless move out of a guy who has done a lot of stupid shit over his undistinguished career here in Detroit. Eat a dick, Dom… and if you don’t like the score, put some fucking points on the board next week. The thought of a professional sports team acting like little twats over “running up the score” is just ludacris.

  ATTENTION ALL 2008 DETROIT LIONS: Rod Marinelli, Jon Kitna, Dan Orlovsky, Drew Stanton, Dante Culpepper, Megatron, Raolia, Backus, etc… your place in history is safe for another year! You are still the only 0-16 team in NFL history following the Raiders win over the Chiefs last Thursday night! Uncap your Miller High Life (it’s the champagne of beers, you know)… get together and celebrate!

  Around the rest of the league: The Cowboys and Eagles remain tied atop the NFC East heading into their Thanksgiving Day matchup as both teams win on Sunday. The 4-7 Falcons remain in a first place tie with the 4-7 Saints in the God awful NFC South… the Panthers are second at 3-7-1, with the Bucs still in contention at 2-9!

  The Cardinals maintained their NFC West lead despite a loss to the Shehawks out in Seattle this week. They remain two games ahead of Seattle, as the Seahawks prepare for a Thanksgiving Day matchup with their rivals down in cheese and wine country. Both the 49ers and Hawks sit at 7-4 going into the game in San Francisco this week.

  Over in the AFC, the Pats hold a commanding three game lead in the East, while the Colts are two games up on the 5-6 Texans in the South. Out West, the Broncos are just a game up on the Bolts and Chiefs, both of whom sit at 7-4. In the AFC North, the entire division sits at 7 wins, with the Bengals on top thanks to their one tie!

  Before I leave the NFL, just want to send my best wishes to Chiefs S Eric Berry, who doctors discovered had a mass in his chest after Thursday night’s loss to Oakland. Scary, scary stuff… and we’re all hoping for the best possible outcome here.

  Over in college ball, we didn’t have many major upsets this weekend… Ole Miss went down to Arkansas, which hurts the SEC’s resume, but that’s really about it. Shouldn’t really be a ton of movement as far as the playoff race goes.

  After beating Duke last Thursday night, evidently the celebration got a bit out of hand for the Tar Heels of North Carolina… causing thousands of dollars in damage. Evidently some idiot brought some spray paint, and walls and carpet were damaged. Just remember this shit when your piss poor program is on probation (again) UNC… that hammer is coming your way soon!

  I'll leave you with this song... it's been stuck in my fucking head all week since watching a few minutes of We Are Marshall last Thursday... enjoy, and welcome to my hell:

  That’s all I’ve got for today ladies and gents. Thanks as always for reading and for any comments you leave on the way out! Enjoy the short work week Gabbers, and I hope you and yours have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Musings From The Hoodwood 11-25
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This is sick...just sick...

Greetings from the Hoodwood, where the locals are preparing for a turkey feast

Leading Off: More Mad Money in MLB

Boston has the duckets and they are a spending them. The BoSox just dropped $88 Million on Hanley Ramirez the speedy former Dodger gives the Sawx some speed at the top of their lineup. But the Old Town team don’t seem to be done. It looks as if the Kung Fu Panda himself Pablo Sandoval will leave the Bay to ply his wares in Beantown and shore up a notoriously weak position on the Sox. Now keep in mind that the Sox are a year removed from winning the World Series but are coming off a last place 71-91 season will Ramirez and Sandoval make that big a difference or be another set of overpaid free agents in the 617…

NBA: Panic! In the 216 Are the Cavs in trouble?

It seems like the new big three in Cleveland aren’t clicking. The triumvirate of LeBron James, Kevin Love, and Kyrie Irving looked to be the latest version of the hired guns who would come together and dominate the league. There is a small problem though, the Cavs at a pedestrian 6-7 are looking disjointed. James looks frustrated, Love looks like he wants no part of the paint, Irving looks like he doesn’t want to defer to James and David Blatt looks like a lost European coach way way out of his league. Now the Cavs won their latest, routing the youthful Magic, but the Cavs are looking up in the East at the Wizards and the rampaging Raptors who may be the best team that you’ve never heard of. The Cavs are taking time to jell but in this league, jelling better happen fast or things might get ugly. The natives are already restless.


MLB: Second thoughts about the Stanton deal

The numbers on the Giancarlo Stanton are staggering to be sure, 13 yrs $325 million. But this might be a more savvy deal than you first thought. Consider this: The deal is heavily backloaded, so the first part of the deal is really team friendly, the still have him at a fairly cheap price during his ascendant years. The deal also has an opt-out after six years so if Stanton is not happy he can head to another market. The move also makes other young stars like Justin Upton and Bryce Harper in rival divisional cities use that contract as a bar set for them to peg against. Don’t you think that those teams might have to feel the price sting of keeping their young studs and maybe having to let them go might benefit the Marlins. The number is mind blowing to be sure, but the Marlins might be crazy like a fox


Phat Dap

I gave dap to the awe inspiring performance of Melvin Gordon against Nebraska he broke a record that had stood for 15 years , but his record lasted barely 168 hours before Samaje  Perine rushed for an obscene 427 yards against Kansas Saturday. Here’s what is so cool, Gordon was super gracious when he found that his record was broken offering hearty congratulations to the Perine, who is a true freshman. Classy. Perine for his part when informed that he was closing on the record didn’t even want it, asking to be taken out to give others a chance to play. His offensive lineman heard this and demanded that Perine be put back in to break the record. He did and still unawares that he broke the record was carried off the field by his joyous linemen. Now Perrine had already ingratiated himself to his linemen by buying them boxes of pizza before the season started and after breaking the record let his linemen celebrate the record more than he did. According to Perine, he went back to his dorm and watched cartoons. That’s a player that Hoodwood can embrace!

Head Slap

To the Falcons Mike Smith who’s clock mismanagement may have critically damaged the Falcons playoff aspirations. Say what you want about the Falcons being the tied for first place team at 4-6 and the Browns being in last place at 6-4 but the Falcons were writing things late in the fourth quarter and were looking to take a late lead. With the ball nearing field goal range. Smith took an inexplicable timeout, and left the Browns with their full compliment of time outs which Brian Hoyer and the Dawgs took full advantage of to race back downfield on the subsequent possession and got close enough to bang through a field goal to steal a 26-24 win. The Falcons are shockingly still tied for first in the NFC South with a hideous 4-7 record while the Browns with the win are still tied for LAST in the AFC North.

Quick Hits

That catch by Odell Beckham Jr. Sunday night against the Pokes was SICK!!! Just ill to the maximum

Someone tell me why the Rays are overlooking a number of established managers like Dusty Baker, Ron Washington, Ron Gardenhire, and Kirk Gibson as well as noted younger talented skipper prospects like Barry Larkin,  Doug Mientkiewicz, and Doug Glanville  for bad retreads  like Manny Acta, Don Wakamatsu, Raul Ibanez and Kevin Cash?

Is Jameis Winston the most hated player in football?

The First game Tom Brady played in was a mop up loss in a Thanksgiving snoozer against the Lions in 2000, the Lions won 34-9, this year Brady was the dominant force in the game. The score 34-9 Pats….scary.

Is RGIII on the failed Heisman Heap?

Will the Sixers win ten this year? Will they win more than once a month?

Another scary figure…my odometer in front of the Hoodwood Hideout…

And later on that day I made a purchase for $7.77….kidding…

If Brian Hoyer keeps this up, Johnny Manziel will really be teaching those aerobic classes as Johnny Jammboogie

One week Jonas Gray was a pimp with 199 yards rushing, the next week he misses a meeting and doesn’t see the field at all…lesson here don’t cross Belichick.

Notre Dame??? Look Em up under the irrelevant column…again

My Fantasy Football team might just survive that three game November slide…

My beloved Bearcats gave up 50,41 & 55 points in 3 consecutive weeks, but have rebounded nicely to shutout UConn this past Saturday and that was a week after giving up 46 to East Carolina…go figure.

I despise Lasalle High School and their paid referees

Finally from the Hoodwood to your hood, have a safe, filling and joyous Thanksgiving! Until Next Post Fellow Sports fan





Boston Sports Weekend Wrap Up
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Despite a lengthy blog entry yesterday, there is still a bunch of news and recaps for the various Boston area sports teams that I follow to talk about.

This would be due to the fact that a lot of the teams were in action yesterday.

So let's get started...


The pro soccer team beat the New York Red Bulls 2-1 in the first leg of the Eastern Conference Finals. I have no idea what that means but I'm guessing that is a good thing.


I really haven't been following the Bruins too closely thus far. I know they are dealing with a ton of injuries. But you can check out this report for the latest news on the team.


After their 71-91 season, the Red Sox seem to be determined not to flounder their way through another season next year. While they still haven't gotten their heads out of their butts about signing a legitimate #1 starter (JON LESTER!), news reports today have the Sox signing Hanley Ramirez to a five year $90 million dollar deal. If he could ever get healthy, his bat could be a help in the lineup. But he won't be the shortstop with Xander Bogaerts pretty well established in the position.

The other news that broke today has Boston also picking up Pablo Sandoval for 5 years and nearly $100 million dollars. Given that Will Middlebrooks is not the answer at third base, Sandoval is of course going to take over at the hot corner.


The Celtics dropped to 4-8 on the season after their 94-88 loss to the Portland Trailblazers. They led after the first quarter, but were behind in the fourth. They rallied to cut the deficit to 92-88 but failed to hit any shots in the last minute of the game and went down in a stinging defeat.

Jared Sullinger (photo below) had 19 points to lead the Celtics. He added 7 rebounds and 4 assists as well.

(Photo from Celtics Twitter Feed)

Jeff Green also scored 19 points while Rajon Rondo (both players pictured below) had 13 points, 8 assists and 6 rebounds.


(Photos from the Boston Globe game photo gallery)

The big question I have about the team besides how do they straighten things out and start winning some of these tight games they seem to find themselves in, is what the heck is going on with Kelly Olynyk? He played 27 minutes last night and had 8 rebounds but failed to score in the game. He only took 3 or 4 shots the entire time he was out of the court to begin with.

I think frustration is really starting to set in with the team and something is going to come to a boiling point if the losing continues unabated.


As the Detroit Lions headed into Foxboro, they were the #1 ranked defense in the NFL and I was rather worried that the billing of their defense would shut down the Patriot offense. Oh me of little faith apparently.

The Patriots put a whipping on the Lions to the tune of 34-9. The win improves their record to 9-2 on the season.

The defense gave up field position to the Lions in the early part of the game, but limited the damage to just field goals. They sacked Matthew Stafford twice and picked him off once. And once the offense for the Patriots took over, it wasn't long before the Lions were playing a very demoralized brand of football.

Tom Brady (pictured below) threw for 349 yards with 2 TDs (to tight end Tim Wright) and got picked off once.

Besides Wright's (#81 pictured below) 2 TD catches, the Patriots pass receivers were in fine form, led by 11 catches for 89 yards by Julian Edelman. Brandon LaFell caught 9 passes for a team leading 98 yards.

With last week's game hero Jonas Gray benched for being late to practice on Friday, newly signed (for a second tour of duty) running back LeGarrette Blount (pictured below) was called on to lead the way in the ground attack. He had 78 yards on the day and scored twice. I'm still not happy about how he quit on the Steelers, but it is hard to be unhappy with a couple of extra TDs.

(All Photos from the Game Photo Gallery)


Men - The Eagles finished off their slate of games at the Puerto Rico Tip-off with a matchup against Dayton. Unfortunately, the Eagles never really seemed to get things going to really be a threat to win the game. Eddie Odio led BC with 11 points as the Eagles lost 65-53 to the Flyers. Olivier Hanlan (pictured below) was the only other Eagle in double figures with 10 points. Dennis Clifford had 6 points and a team high 9 rebounds as BC dropped to 2-3 on the season.

(Photo from Yahoo Sports game article)

Women - The women's team hosted Bryant University yesterday afternoon at Conte Forum. They improved to 3-1 on the season after a 90-79 victory. You can see some game highlights in the video below.

Kelly Hughes (pic below) was the team leader on offense with 23 points, including 5-8 from three point range. She added 9 rebounds and 5 assists as well.

Freshman Katie Quandt (pic below) fouled out of the game but finished with 16 points and 6 rebounds.

Nicole Boudreau added 13 points and 6 boards while Karima Gabriel (pic below) filled the stat line with 13 points, 5 rebounds, 2 assists, 2 blocks and a steal.

Gabriel has really been looking good on the court this year, which is a marked improvement from last season when after viewing her performances in person, I was very unimpressed. But if they can get this kind of production on a consistent basis from her, perhaps the team's fortunes will take a turn for the better once the ACC conference schedule gets started.

(All photos from the BC Facebook photo gallery)

You can see the post game press conference with coach Erik Johnson below.

Monday's Moaning with a Sub - Thanksgiving Week
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Welcome to Thanksgiving Week folks, one of my favorite times of year.  Food, Family, Football, and Fun.  So without further ado, let’s get this Turkey Week edition started.    

I’m gonna talk about working this upcoming weekend, but first I want to say this:  If you’re camping outside of a retail outlet for days while waiting for that “Great Deal”, you’re just as loony as Star Wars guy, or video game guy, or iPhone guy, or Sneaker guy.

Working on Thanksgiving Day.  In retail, Thanksgiving weekend is a blocked weekend – nobody is allowed to take vacation or days off, switches aren’t allowed, and woe be to the Manager who tries to sneak one deserving person by.  Believe me, I know.   I read with great interest Sully’s take on working on Thanksgiving – and he’s right – it’s BULL.  I get that retail planners and managers are dictated by customers and $$$, but at some point retail has to train their customers better and actually have the balls to say NO to customers - while at the same time treating their employees right/far better – because after all, it’s the little things that make for better, more attentive employees.  Retail can’t be everything to everybody.  So retail, give your people a break and a chance to rest and recuperate – at least for one day.  They all busted their asses to get the stores ready for Black Friday, so give em Thanksgiving off, they’ll come back happy and ready to attack Black Friday.  That I know FOR A FACT!!!

After all retail, if you’re open on Turkey Day, that just cuts into the profit that Black Friday brings – and it does.  So why are you doing it?

Black Friday.  Having seven years experience with Black Friday (five of which in management) I can tell you this:  IT SUCKS.  Black Friday is simply the worst day on the retail calendar dealing with some of the worst that humanity has to offer.  It’s HELL for everybody:  Good and respectful customers get trampled on by the idiots in their rush to get “the deal” while the media celebrates the carnage, Workers have to be in by 3 or 4 AM, first dealing with neurotic managers scared to death of corporate and their unrealistic demands.  Workers then have to deal with zombies (err, customers), some of whom want us to cut prices even further.  Cashiers and other floor staff are verbally abused by the same customers while managers hide in the back.  It’s particularly worse for the cashiers who have to deal with lines of folks in a hurry to get to the next place yelling and screaming for “more cashiers” – as if these morons didn’t plan for stores to be packed.  Security is on edge, HR’s are left to scramble trying to keep the workers happy with token efforts such as bringing in continental breakfasts and pizza.  Meanwhile, sale stuff is “stashed” so that workers can make their purchase once they get off work. 

OK, enough ranting and negativity.  I want to talk specifically about what in sports I’m thankful for:

NFL.  Three great games on Turkey Day (no turkeys here) that actually mean quite a bit in the NFC playoff chase:  Chicago @ Detroit, Philly @ Dallas, and my personal favorite, Seattle @ San Francisco. 

What in the world is going on down in San Diego?  St. Louis comes down and apparently 20,000 LA folks take the short drive down to cheer St. Louis?  Hey Charger fan, where the hell are you?

CFB.  On Turkey Day, all eyes will be on Texas as TCU @ Texas and LSU @ TAMU.  Black Friday has Arizona State at Arizona, and Saturday will have Florida @ FSU in Muschamps last game (watch out FSU!), Michigan @ Ohio State, South Carolina @ Clemson, the Civil War in Oregon, the Egg Bowl, Notre Dame @ USC, a suddenly VERY important Arkansas @ Missouri, and Auburn @ Alabama.  And if you need any more incentive to watch CFB on Saturday, Minnesota @ Wisky, if for no other reason to see what that RB is gonna do to that Minnesota defensive line.

CFB Thankful #2.  While I’m not usually one to tell you “I told you so”, I TOLD YOU SO.  Arkansas was gonna wreck somebody’s season in the SEC West, and they went out and did it TWICE – LSU and now Ole Miss and didn’t give up a freaking point while beating both.  Missouri, you’ve been warned.

CFB Thankful #3.  I know this is way down the line, but CFB is changing.  Take a look at this:  Boise State has announced that in 2022/23 they will play Oregon State, Sparty, and BYU home and home.  You think some schools are starting to take note of the new way things are being looked at?  Weak Conferences have to step up OOC, look for promising programs AND power programs need to start playing on the road too.

West Hills Bowl Game.  I’m thankful that my son is getting this kind of experience as a coach.  West Hills won 24-14 over Yuba finishing 10-1 after 2-8 last season.  Some final stats to brag about:  Jerry as a player and coach in Junior College is now 31-2 in three years and two programs.  His Defensive Line this season LED THE NATION (Junior College) in QB Sacks with 70+.  Now comes the post-season for him where he tries to get his kids into four-year programs and starts recruiting for next season while prepping for winter workouts.  Just like his Head Coach told me Saturday, coaching is a grind, but he’s learning, gaining experience, and trying to build his network.

NBA.  I’m thankful that Sacramento is 8-5 with wins over Portland, the Clippers, Phoenix, San Antonio, and Chicago, a record that absolutely NOBODY predicted.  I thankful for new ownership of the Sacramento Kings, who last year cleaned 90% of the mess after the Maloofs left.  Yes, they still have a ton to improve upon and work on, but believe me as a long suffering fan, this is paradise compared to 2006/2007-2013/2014. 

DeMarcus Cousins is one of the best big men in Basketball and he has so much more growing to do.   Rudy Gay was signed to a bargain extension, and Darren Collison has proven to be a very adequate point guard.  Ben McLemore is improving at the SG as well.  Many others are buying in to watch the franchise is trying to do as well.

NHL.  I’m thankful for not being in last place in the Gab Hockey League.

MLB.  I’m thankful for the most fun I’ve had in decades in Baseball this past season.  I’m also thankful for lots of opportunities to watch MLB live in various places and hope to build on that trend in 2015.

CBB.  I’m thankful to read that Sacramento and the new arena will get 1st and 2nd round NCAA March Madness games in 2017.

Bowling.  I’m thankful I got back into it.  It’s fun with good people, and the fact that I’m better now than I was when I bowled competitively (and for money) 30 years ago is an added bonus.

Sports Media.  I’m thankful for Sirius XM, so that I don’t have to listen to the garbage on free radio.  Oh, and they actually have 70’s and 80’s music channels.

Douchebag of the Week.  Honestly, I was in such a festive and good mood and I had absolutely no plans to post one this week, but “The New Yorker” just went too far, but then I saw this cover, so I had to bestow our honor on them.  I believe in free speech, but this march towards political correctness has just gotten so out of hand. 

Why in the world is it necessary to politicize Football?  Again, I have yet to hear about any majority of American Indian tribes who are offended by the Football name.  Why are the media elite so intent on doing this?  Don’t they understand that every time they try to force feed this issue down our throats that we just get further entrenched in our belief to be left alone?

Happy Thanksgiving Gabbers!

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