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Games in the NFL have been played on Thanksgiving day since 1920, the Lions are a Turkey Day staple having played every Turkey Day since 1945. The Cowboys have been hosting games since 1966 and have grown to be as much as a Thanksgiving tradition as well. From Barry Sanders running wild on the Bears in 1997 to unheralded Clint Longley coming off the bench to throw a pair of bombs in 1974 to upend Washington the Thanksgiving Day games have a long list of great games and gridiron heroes, These games are part of Americana. Enjoy the games with family, friends and lots of turkey, being cognizant of the trytophan that will sneak up on you after youve pounded the turkey and you're struggling to see the 2nd half of the 2nd game or getting ready to go shopping.†

Thursday November 27 (Happy Thanksgving!)

Bears (5-6) @ Lions (7-4)

Ford Field, Detroit 12:30†(CBS)

Favorite Lions by 7Ĺ

Last Week Bears defeated Buccaneers 21-13, Lions lost to Patriots 34-9

Fast Fact Detroit has been hosting Thanksgiving games since 1934

The Bears have seemingly have awoken from their slumber to win back to back games, while the Lions have lost back to back road games versus tough opponents in formidable venues. I donít trust Matthew Stafford when he doesnít have Megatron as a safety blanket but I trust Jay Cutler even less, The Lions usually get up for these Turkey Day games in the worst of years, I think that this team is ready to bounce back at home.


Eagles (8-3) @ Cowboys (8-3)

AT&T Stadium; Arlington, TX 4:30†(FOX)

Favorite Cowboys by 3

Last Week Cowboys defeated Giants 31-28, Eagles defeated Titans 43-24

Fast Fact Dallas has been hosting Thanksgiving games since 1966

The Pokes rallied smartly to defeat the G-Men and now have a high stakes showdown with Eagles who bounced back from a Lambeau beatdown to thrash the Titans. As much as I love Shady McCoy and the Eagles big play ballhawking defense, I do not trust Mark Sanchez. That does NOT mean I trust Tony Romo. I still think he is overrated and a disaster waiting to happen. I just think that DeMarco Murray will be a big big difference maker. That and the Pokes play big on Thanksgiving


Seahawks (7-4) @ 49ers (7-4)

Levis Stadium; Santa Clara, CA 8:30†(NBC)

Favorite 49ers by 1Ĺ

Last Week Seahawks defeated Cardinals 19-3, 49ers defeated Washington 17-13

Fast Fact This is the Seahawks first Thanksgiving game since 1986, 49ers havenít won on Thanksgiving since 1966

The Seahawks ground out a tough win at home against the Cards while the Niners struggled to defeat Washington. The Seahawks look like that are getting back in stride at the right time and their rugged defense is looking better and better every week. I think that the Niners are just not that good, their running game is suspect and Colin Kaepernick keeps getting let down by his receiving corps. Though the defense is tough, I see another low scoring slugfest won by road team


Talking Sports
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The Day The Red Sox Stole Thanksgiving

It was quiet on Yawkey Way after a less than stellar 2014. The Red Sox swore they wouldnít sign old guys to long term contracts. The visions of too much cash on hand and not enough bang for the buck was the thought. They tried to develop the young which made it fun. †As the three grinches conjured up a plan their hearts shrank at the †TV ratings and being in last I may effect the gate although all the tickets were sold just ask them.. Their thinking was too get pitching that they hand and gave away. One starter as fragile as he wonít cut it.Our motto was we wonít pay more than three years but then again we make the rules and we can break the rules..

So they thought long and they thought hard. They† didnít care for all the Beans being tossed in Beantown. Because ultimately,they were the bean counters. They talked, they simmered and they brewed .Then the laughed at 9bucks a brew. The team a few miles down the road was stealing headlines left and right. They thought hard they thought long and they didnít want to fight.

So they looked and they paid and they looked some more. They came up a plan. A plan that would bring the ratings back. A plan that would get all of Beantown back. A plan so diabolical they would again be on top.

Then they thought some more, we had a Ramirez for a while and we had two at one time kind both same. We will have to pull out the old Hammy excuse but what they hey. The new kids †were slacking and the ratings were lacking..So they said after nine years he is still hacking.

From their perch on Yawkey way. They said we will pay. We will bring the Panda and give him extra Turkey and Trimmings and We will bring back another Ramirez. We will use them to market and maybe replace †the deshelved old Wally with a larger than life panda. Maybe we will cross breed them and sell millions of stuffed Wallty Pandas.

Than with a flash we have all or Manny excuses this time it will be hanly being Hanly. Missing Games will use the Hanlyís hammie excuse.

As Beantown was getting ready, the kids home form college , with the new girl or the new beau. It was time it was time to still Benatowns thinking from turkey and Gravy . To thoughts of Pandas and Hanly being Hanly Beantown was a buzz with giving thanks and the Red Sox came in and took it away with talks of Rotations and lineups. But alas they had one more big fish to fry and they again laughed at the luxury tax. They had their eyes set on a top notch guy. A guy they could of kept only few monthes earlier. Talk in Beantown went from giving thanks to getting a rotation and that how the Red Sox stole Thanks Giving.


The Boston Bruins have been screwed, yes the NHL has screwed one of their elite best franchises. The Bruins have played on Black Friday at noon for as long as I can remember and certainly as long as the 20 year old New Garden has existed. The Bruins were always followed with a The Celtics playing the night cap. This year the NHL and NBC have decided that the Rangers and Flyers will play at Noon. Meaning the bruins canít play due to some contractual arrangement. The Bruins will be playing at ^;30 and the Celtics are on the road. I hate when TV screws with tradition that Friday afternoon game was usually fun family game. Thanks NHL and Thanks NBC for screwing with tradition Damn I forgot to give Thanks.

Lil Warriors Report

The boys lately have taken on a Big Bad Bruin or a Broad Street Bully persona. They are spending lots and lots of time in the penalty box sometimes 3 deep. Of couse if your always playing short handed you canít win.. Another loss this past weekend. But I have to share at one point there were 3 in the box one on a matching roughing, one on a High stick and one for a perfect check except they canít check at this level. There in the box and one says itís party and they start raising their hands and singing. Of course I got called in a sub coach. I was next to them on the bench. I was killing myself laughing inside . outside I went into coaches mode and just said knock that shit off.

Zebra Tales

I drew the 127 meeting of Malden Golden Tornadoes and the Medford Mustangs. Of course there has been good office banter this week my boss and our Intern are both Mustangs and fo me while I was a Golden Tornado. There werenít many games last week so I got my first weekend off since August. I enjoyed it even raked leaves.

The Gobble awards

5 Gobbles go to Both Adrain Petersen and Ray Rice. Neither guy could be any dumber. Rice the wife beater . Petersen the child beater you choose .

4 Gobbles Jamis Winston can thi kid be any dumber.

3 gobbles Tiger Woods after 5 years you would think he would learn just be quiet and donít say word. But he found Dan Jenkins faux article offensive of course he created it and Jenkins just at 84 just kept his wits.

2 Gobbles That dumb ass Vontaze burfict of the Bengals for twisting and trying to break Cam Newtons ankles.

1 Gobble †The Dumb ass Kid from Utah who dropped the ball before he got into the endzone and allowed Oregon to return it a hunded yards for aTouchdown.

Final Thoughts

To all my Friends here at the Gab and their families I wish you all a Happy Healthy Thanksgiving and Keep your thoughts for our friend Jeff and his Dad.

Happy Birthday to my twin sons who turned 15 yesterday Mike (Laser) and Dan (non sports) are the two great kids or young men as different as night and day but both kind and respectful and awesome.Iím proud of both of you. Happy Birthday Boys.

Check Harry Out on the Left†

OH Thursday
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Thanksgiving issue:

Happy Thanksgiving Gabbers, enjoy the Turkey your eating today because rumor has it that the Prezidante is about to execute an executive order granting amnesty to all Gobblers from this day forward.

These Turkeys have been disenfranchised for centuries and we are going to do what we otta to make life fair for these our feathered brothersÖwe will get them signed up and get them an education. Also we will see to it they get signed up to a bronze healthcare plan and get a drivers license and get registered to vote.

You never know, someday we may have a turkey in the Oval officeÖ

A warm Thanksgiving greeting from our house to yours...

This is a short week for me with family filling up the Harryhousehold and the old ones time.

Lets get to it:


Next weekend in Frosty Lambeau we have a faceoff between The two hottest teams, two of the best QBís in NFL history and two of the best foul weather teams in the league today. The 9-2 New England Patriots travel to Green Bay to play the 8-3 Packers

These are the two highest scoring teams in the NFL averaging over 32 points per game each. The Patriots are winners of 7 in a row, the Packers 7 of the last 8. Packers are an early 3 point favorite at home. You may have a problem with the hype hype hype so tune in right at kickoffÖthis will be good.

Homer Harry pick, Pats 34-33

Thanksgiving games:

Chicago Bears 5-6 at Detroit Lions 7-4

Jay Cutler has been Jay Cutler this year, big arm, big attitude, big weapons, big disappointment. The Lions have lost two straight losing to 9-2 Arizona 14-6 and losing to 9-2 New England 34-9.

I see Stafford getting his team back on track with big days from both Golden Tate III and Calvin Johnson.

My Pick- Detroit 31 Bears 19

The 4 PM game features the two best teams in the NFC East. Philadelphia 8-3 travels to Jerrytown to face the Cowboys 8-3 for the first of two. The rematch is in Philly in two weeks. The Cowboys win over the Gelients Sunday night was much needed to keep pace with the high scoring EaglesÖI see the hometeam holding serve and Demarco Murray ruining the dinner for the Eagles 28-24.

The late game between San Francisco 7-4 and defending SB champs Seattle 7-4 will also be a close battle. Seattle has the defense to stop fastballer Kaepernick. Until Kaepernick learns that not every pass is a fastball and learns a touch pass he will fall short of being a top QB. Close wins over the Giants and Redskins donít exactly give 49ers fans faith that this team can compete with the iron of the NFC. I see the Seahawks winning this with a run heavy offense and tough defense 20-13. They will play again in two weeks.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving festivities. Hope for the best for all of my Gabber friends. Donít over eat or drink and we will talk!

God Bless.

Week 13 College Football Rankings 2014
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Florida St. moves into #1 in the computer rankings for the first time this season.

My Top 25
My Rank/BCS/team/prev
1 ( 2 ) Florida St. 2
2 ( 1 ) Alabama 1
3 ( 7 ) Ohio St. 4
4 ( 3 ) Oregon 3
5 ( 4 ) Miss. St. 5
6 ( 8 ) UCLA 8
7 ( 19 ) Marshall 9
8 ( 5 ) TCU 7
9 ( 9 ) Georgia 10
10 ( 12 ) Arizona 15
11 ( 14 ) Auburn 11
12 ( 26 ) Boise St. 12
13 ( 6 ) Baylor 16
14 ( 17 ) Ole Miss 6
15 ( 18 ) Ga. Tech 13
16 ( 21 ) Colo. St. 14
17 ( 10 ) Mich. St. 17
18 ( 15 ) Wisconsin 20
19 ( 11 ) Kansas St. 21
20 ( 16 ) Missouri 22
21 ( 13 ) Arizona St. 18
22 ( 20 ) Oklahoma 23
23 ( 22 ) Clemson 24
24 ( 30 ) Nebraska 19
25 ( 23 ) Minnesota Ė

(Louisville and LSU are the two Mock BCS top 25 teams who are not in my top 25.)

Full Rankings 1-128

Out of top 25: (25) USC

There are a total of 44 teams that got some level of points in the Mock BCS standings linked to above.

Earlier top-25 blogs:
Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Week 5
Week 6
Week 7
Week 8
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Week 10
Week 11
Week 12


Florida St. moved into #1, although I think another reminder that I donít factor in margin of victory is in order. Alabama could move back into #1 by beating better opponents in the coming weeks, but something else to keep in mind is Florida St. isnít the only ACC team playing an SEC team this weekend. If the ACC does significantly better, thatís an even stronger argument in Florida St.ís favor, which my system is designed to recognize.

I thought some of the commentariat brought up some interesting points about the committeeís #4-7 teams.

I want to mention something Jeff Long, a member of the committee, said first though. He said they look at where a team was ranked when you played them. I hope thatís not true, but it would explain why LSU was seemingly penalized so much as compared to other two-loss teams before the Alabama game.

I just donít think itís right if they donít consider that a loss to a top-five team. Itís not LSUís fault people didnít yet know they were going to be one of the top teams this season. If anything, the team who is the first to go down should get a break since theyíve had more time to recover from the loss. Also, later teams have more ability to anticipate problem areas and can possibly benefit from injuries. Of course, what they should do is consider how good the opponent is without the loss. For instance, had LSU won the last two games, it may be worth noting in the Bulldogsí favor that taking out their win over LSU, the Tigers would be in the conversation for the top 4.

I do think there are some unique challenges to beating a previously unbeaten team several weeks in, but I also hope Florida St. isnít being given credit for a top-five win when Notre Dame isnít even in the top 25 now. A top-25 win maybe, if you consider the Irish could well be in the top 25 had they simply not played the Seminoles. It is very important to consider those teams just outside of the top 25. Iíll talk more about them at the end.

There was some grumbling about Mississippi St., but I think if they beat Ole Miss, they have a good argument. I do think a one-loss Ohio St. team winning the Big Ten championship game (especially if itís over Wisconsin) should go ahead of an idle Mississippi St. team, assuming Alabama wins the SEC West anyway, though.

I penalize for bad losses and yet I still have Ohio St. in the top 4, so that tells me that Ohio St.ís 8-game conference schedule + Wisconsin (if the Badgers win) is going to be better than either TCUís or Baylorís, assuming weíre going to be comparing one-loss teams. Ohio St. also has respectable wins over Navy and Cincinnati.

Baylor didnít beat anyone worth mentioning out of conference, and TCU only beat one team, albeit a good one (Minnesota).

Obviously, if Minnesota beats Wisconsin, thatís going to be even better for the Horned Frogs and you could have an argument theyíre more deserving in that scenario.

I donít see any scenario, however, where one-loss Baylor should go ahead of one-loss TCU or one-loss Ohio St.

ďB-but head to headĒ isnít an argument.

Beating TCU is just a high-quality win.

I know the way tie-breakers work, they donít care how bad the loss is. For instance, if Alabama had lost to Arkansas or Texas A&M instead of Ole Miss, they still would win the tie-breaker over Mississippi St. if the two finish with the same SEC record.

I do care how bad the loss is. In fact, I think that should be the most important game to compare when you compare two one-loss teams.

So before we even get to Minnesota, I think TCU goes ahead of Baylor. Playing well enough to lose to Baylor by three (my system doesnít look at the margin, but that doesnít mean my arguments canít) is playing well enough to beat all but maybe 10 teams in college football. Playing at that level could be good enough to win a semifinal playoff game.

Itís hard to be complimentary about a 14-point loss to WVU though. It is tougher to play them on the road, but TCU did that and managed to win.

I know not everyone will credit Ohio St. for having a couple of mid-level non-conference wins instead of one good one like TCU, and thatís fine. I can accept that. I could not accept Baylor going ahead of either team though, assuming one loss apiece.

I think the Big Ten is slightly better than the Big XII, but even if theyíre equal, consider that when youíre in a 10-team conference you play the worst teams as well as the best. Ohio St. did not play Purdue, and thatís one of the two worst teams in the Big Ten. TCU played Kansas (barely beating them) and will play Iowa St. during championship week.

My hope is Ohio St. is given significant credit for beating a tougher opponent on that weekend. If they are and they come up short, thatís fine. I like TCU better anyway.

A lot of these conversations could become even more muddled if you add in a possible two-loss SEC team. I think Mississippi St. is out with two losses, but a two-loss SEC champion Georgia team, Iím not so sure. They would have wins over Auburn, Georgia Tech, Arkansas, and Missouri, not to mention whoever the SEC West champions will be (most likely Alabama but possibly Mississippi St.)

Also, unlike last year, a loss to Auburn doesnít necessarily knock Alabama out of the divisional race. Most people predicted Alabama to come out of Oxford with a win, and that didnít happen. The same thing could happen to Mississippi St.

Alabama beat that West Virginia team mentioned above. They also beat Mississippi St., LSU, and Florida and could possibly beat Georgia in the SEC Championship.

Georgia isnít guaranteed to win the East though. In fact, they need Arkansas to beat Missouri for that to happen. That may be the key to any two-loss SEC team being included.

Nothing down the list was too interesting. Minnesota actually jumped up 10 spots, so even though they beat Nebraska, they still got pretty significant credit for that even though it wasnít quite enough to most past the Huskers. When two teams are separated by 16 spots going into a game, itís not always enough for the lower team to get ahead in the ratings.

Also, it was nice to see Boise St. and Marshall finally get included in the committeeís top 25. Iím generally against ďmid-majorĒ teams being in the top 10, but the committee went too far in excluding them for so long.

I donít know what theyíre thinking keeping Utah in there though. Losing to Washington St. is pretty bad. If you want to pick a team with four losses, here are some better suggestions: LSU, Texas A&M, Notre Dame, and USC. Apart from Notre Dame againstNorthwestern, none of the rest lost an embarrassing game like that. Since Notre Dame is playing USC and LSU is playing Texas A&M, hopefully the winners will get some strong consideration for that last spot. I would even take Arkansas as a five-loss team given their schedule (In addition to the SEC West, they will have played Georgia and Missouri, the best two teams in the East, as well as Northern Illinois and Texas Techout of conference).

What is your favorite pie for Thanksgiving? Tags: Thanksgiving Pie

I have to say that I struggle between Apple and Pecan...of course, a good Chess pie is tough to beat.

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