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NASCAR Update And Other Fast Stuff 8-10-14
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OMG!!!!!! It's raining men. That damn song is stuck in my head but I must welcome all you Gabbers and others to my NASCAR updates and other fast stuff. I certainly hope that song goes away soon. Why not Iron Maiden? After I write this I'm gonna run to the hills.

So there really wasn't much going on in NASCAR this week. Actually I was sick for the last 2 weeks and was too blurry eyed to read. Apparently that sinus infection was the flu. On a good note... I lost 10lbs. Too miserable and sick to eat. Sore throats really restrict food intake. So I made lots of juice in my juicer. I'm feeling sparkley now. So onward and around the track we go.


Apparently Sprint has decided to forgo buying T-Mobile because of the challenging regulatory hurdles they have to deal with. I guess it's the PC way of saying it's too much of a pain in the ass.

They've appointed Marcelo Claure as CEO and president. He replaces Dan Hesse. I kind of liked Dan. He seemed down to earth and nice. I'm sure his parachute it quite golden so I won't cry for Dan's lost job.

Some French company has put in a $15 Billion for T-Mobile now. 


On August 5th 2012 Brian Zimmerman was struck by lightning in the Pocono Raceway parking lot and died. His family is suing because they say NASCAR knew at 4:12 pm when the National Weather Service issued a severe weather warning and didn't end the race till 4:54 pm. Even though NASCAR did issue weather alerts via social media, Brian didn't have access.


Joe Gibbs Racing has decided not to appeal the huge fines and points loss after the Brickyard race due to the firewall not being sealed. I would take that as a guilty as charged admittal. 

In other penalty news, 2 truck teams got penalties this past week. One for....Improper use of a battery powered impact wrench. Seriously? What connotation does that fall under? 


Dale Jr has had NG sponsorship for 7 years now and is hoping they get to keep the next year of their contract. They're supposed to sponsor him till the end of 2015. He says he's been honored to represent them and that he'll let his boss Rick Hendrick work out the contract negotiations.

It's no secret that there's been lots of discussions about the Guard wasting money sponsoring race teams. I guess it was only a matter of time till they pulled out. We shall see about next year.


So last week our rookie with the mostest Mr Larson had the pole and it was supposed to be a rematch between Dale Jr and Keselowski except Keselowski didn't show. He didn't even lead a lap. Not sure what was up with that guy but how do you kick ass at the same race track just 2 months before and fade off into the sunset like you forgot how to drive or did somebody steal his notebook from the race before? Larson got lost too.

And Mr Johnson. What the heck is up with you and your Goodyears this year? Lap 9 and he has right rear go down and there's wall scrapes on his car. Did you forget how to drive? It's that damn white car. GET RID OF IT.

Gordon celebrated another mile stone. He became the first driver to lead 1000 laps at Pocono. 

And then there's the Danica. No I mean there goes the Danica....a lap down or make that like 4. BUT she's doing better than Johnson who on lap 112 had a flat tire, hit the wall and called it a day. WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT? Damn Goodyear tires.

Lap 117 Hamlin gets squirrelly and takes out 12 cars. My most handsome Knight of the Mobile 1 was one of them. 

Dale Jr only led 14 laps but the last one was the one. Winner. Gordon led 60 laps but not the last one.

Top 15 finishers : Dale Jr - Harvick - Logano - Bowyer - Biffle - Gordon - McMurray - Newman - Hamlin - Kahne - Larson - Mears - Ku Bu - Ambrose - Dillon


Road course racing this weekend. It's a backwards kind of race. The crew chief figures out the pit stops from the last lap to the first lap. They try to make it on 2 or 3 stops. Just like the Brickyard & Pocono races there's a lot of strategy going on. So who our are stars at this track?

Ambrose - That Aussie still hasn't given an answer of where he'll be next year but this weekend he'll start 2nd. He's won the Nationwide race already. I expect a win or top 5 

Stewart - He's got 5 W's here but ever since his accident in the winged sprint cars last August, he's been MIA. It's supposed to be in the 80's, hot & slick on Sunday. Stewart favors these conditions and he needs a win. He starts13th. I'll give him a top 10

Gordon has the pole but I'm not confident in his back. Still he's got that trophy in his sights. Top 10

Edwards - Winner of the Sonoma race. Not the same track but the same type. Top 10

Johnson - I'm wondering if he can over come the tire issues he's been having? Starts 3rd today. Top 10

Truex Jr - He's a road racer. Top 10

McMurray - Did a top 5 at Sonoma. Top 10

Dale Jr - He's on a roll. Starts 10

Keselowski - Should be a top 10 if not a win

Allmendinger - Top 15

Harvick top 15

Menard top 15

Kenseth - Starts 8th. Came in 5th in the Nationwide race. Top 10

Ky Bu & Ku Bu - Great racers on road courses but these 2 are wreckering more than checkering this year. Where has all the talent gone? Pick these 2 at your own risk.

Nelson Piquet from Brazil makes his Cup debut in the #77. Cheap pick in your salary cap league. Boris said will be making an appearance as well. Also a cheap date.

Allgaier is the highest qualifying rookie at 15th. He won't stay there long. Toast be thy name. 

The Danica - Blew a motor because of a bad shift Then blew a tire and now they're in a back up car starting in the back. Pick a place.

Larson our rookie with the mostest starts 23rd. Top 20

So I hope all is well in Gabland. I'm excited to get my draft list prioritized now that my head is clearing up. Football is back, the summer is waning but fruits & vegies are still plentiful and grillable time never really goes away. Safe travels to all you Gabbers out and about. 

And I'm outta here.....




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Midsummer Sundays are a good time to reflect rather than rant. Let's reflect on what, in pro sports (or elsewhere), constitutes a dynasty. Sometimes it's easy to tell. Sometimes it's debatable. One thing is sure... if you win 3 in a row, you have a valid dynasty --- even if it's a short one.

We haven't heard the expression "3-peat" for a bit now, at least since it became obvious the Miami Heat were going to be the latest to fail in reaching that pinnacle. These days, with free agency giving teams musical rosters, dynasties should be hard to come by anyway.

Or are they? Not too many years ago, the Patriots had a shot at the elusive goal. Around the same time frame, Shaq's Lakers did it. And barely before that, Joe Torre's Yankees got there. Just before that, Jordan's Bulls did it. Twice.

Yet in recent years we've seen how elusive the prize can be in all levels of sports. The past decade saw Carroll's Trojans and Meyer's Tide within a baby step of the elusive achievement, with everyone assuming a foregone conclusion, only to be dumped at the 11th hour. Most thought the same about the Heat before this year's NBA finals.

How does that stack up with more remote history? Let's just take a look at the books, sport by sport.



Baseball has been with us for a while. In the 1800s, the National League vied with a few other leagues, the most notable of which was the American Association. Teams like the Chicago White Stockings, the Boston Beaneaters and the Baltimore Orioles did the trick in the NL. The St. Louis Browns did it in the short-lived AA.

Starting with the modern era, i.e. 1903 and onwards, the last two decades of the Dead Ball Era were dominated by a variety of teams. The Red Sox won six titles in that 17-year span (including the 1904 by-default title when John McGraw of the Giants ill-advlsedly snubbed Boston's challenge for the unofficial postseason series), but they never won 3 in a row. Boston itself at one point won 3 in a row, but one of the winners was the Braves.

Tinker, Evers and Chance's Cubs are the stuff of legend, but even they didn't win 3, losing the first of their 3 consecutive series appearances to the crosstown White Sox, the Hitless Wonders. Connie Mack's mighty Athletics came close, but no cigar.

Then came the Live Ball Era, mostly courtesy of one Babe Ruth (the ball wasn't changed in 1920). Amazingly the Ruth Yankees of the 1920s, the most legendary team in history, never won 3 in a row. Their absolute nemesis, Connie Mack's A's of Lefty Grove, Jimmy Foxx, Al Simmons, Mickey Cochrane and many more greats, the team that crushed the Ruth/Gehrig Yanks three years running, only won the classic twice.

It would take the money-laden Yankees until 1936 to begin their first run. McCarthy's Yanks won not just 3 but 4 in a row. Following World War II, Casey Stengel's team would win five straight. It is telling that they won 102 games in 1954, more than in any of the prior five seasons, and finished 9 games behind the 111-43 Indians. That's what it took to dethrone them.

Even the Yanks wouldn't do it again until Joe Torre arrived. But the incredible Athletics, freshly bounced from Philly to Kansas City to Oakland, stunned the baseball world with a roster of unknown names seemingly taken from comic books with 3 in a row in the early 70s. And that, folks, was it for the old 3-peat until Joe Torre's team became the last to do it.


Somehow the NBA has had a run of dynasties, none of course so overwhelming as Boston's but still some impressive runs. The Spurs are clearly a dynasty, though a 'spread' one. But as the league took shape in the late 40s, a team came out of Minneapolis called, sensibly, the Lakers, and with the league's first superstar roster led by center George Mikan, they proceeded to win five years out of six, including (of course) 3 in a row. 

They hit the end of their run just as the game changed with the advent of the 24-second clock. One man realized what this meant, and put together a team of racehorses. Red Auerbach's Celtics featured, at least at the start, a HOF player at every starting spot, and they ran the fast break well enough to fly by the rest of the league an incredible 11 times in 13 seasons, that run containing an equally incredible 8 titles in a row.

With their demise the 3-peat became history for a while. No one in the 70s did it. Bird's Celtics and Johnson's Lakers of the 80s never did it. Jordan's Bulls, though, did it twice as they dominated the 90s, followed rapidly by Shaq's Lakers. The Kobe Lakers had a shot but were beaten the first time around by their old nemesis from Boston. And the Heat failed, Lebron left, and nobody expects another run from Miami, at least not in the near future.


Lord Stanley's Cup has a confusing early history. From the end of the 19th Century up until the onset of World War I (which drew in many Canadians) a few HCs (Health club? Hockey club?) had some dominant runs, but sometimes 'won' the cup several times in a year as challenges from multiple leagues were in effect. Even up until 1926, the NHL managed to win most of the Cups but played another league champion to get it. In fact, the Victoria Cougars of the WHCL became the last non-NHL entry to win the Cup as late as 1925!

Following that period, the NHL champion was given the Cup. In the first of these modern series, the Ottawa Senators (in an earlier incarnation) defeated the Boston Bruins 2-0-2. One wonders why the last game was played. But no one --- not Montreal, not Boston, not Detroit --- would win 3 in a row until the Little Major's Toronto Maple Leafs took the last 3 series of the 1940s.

By 1956, in an era that saw a number of dynastic runs in sports, Toe Blake's Canadiens asserted themselves and would begin a run of dominance that brought home 5 Cups in a row. But they wouldn't do it again, thwarted primarily by Punch Imlach's largely forgotten Toronto Maple Leafs, who won in 1962, 1963 and 1964. They even broke up Montreal's next run at 5 in a row by beating the Habs again in 1967.

But the rest of the way? For a long time there was a 3-peat drought, with a couple of notable exceptions. Orr's Bruins didn't do it. Shero's Flyers didn't do it. Even Gretzky's Oilers and Lemieux' Penguins didn't do it. But the rebuilt Canadiens won 4 straight in the late 70s, only to be stunningly supplanted by Al Arbour's incredible upstarts from Long Island, who would win it for the next 4 years.

Since then? Nobody's done it.


Maybe the most interesting thing about the NFL is who didn't win 3 in a row. Montana's Niners? Nope. Luckman's Bears? Nah. Brown's Browns? Sure, but only in the AAFC. Unitas' Colts? Nope. Surely Bradshaw's Steelers. No again. The Perfect Fins? Went to 3 in a row but won 2. Aikman's Cowboys? Uh-uh. Brady's Patriots? Nix.

Ok, so who did?

The early years of the NFL are a bit 'different', as in all sports. There was only 1 division, and whoever won the 'pennant' won the title. In this early Roaring 20s time, two teams actually did it. Sort of. The Canton Bulldogs won 3 years in a row --- except they were the Cleveland Bulldogs the final year. Later that decade, Curly Lambeau's Packers did it.

It wouldn't happen again until Vince Lombardi's Packers won their last 3 titles. The last two overlapped the Super Bowl era. Fortunately, they won both times so no asterisks are necessary.

Meanwhile, in the 10-year span of the independent AFL, only one franchise, the Chiefs (nee Texans), won 3 titles, period. They were not consecutive. Only Houston and Buffalo won consecutive titles.

And into the Super Bowl age we go. It's the criterion we use today. Lotsa repeaters. Green Bay. Miami. Pittsburgh. San Francisco. Dallas. Denver. New England.

Absolutely zero 3-peaters. None. Squat. It's been nearly 50 years.

College Sports:

This generally means only one of two things: football or basketball. A quick look at the annals tells you that football is an impossible mishmash for most of its near-150 year history. Recently things have been in order a bit more, but nary a 3-peater. The closest arguable (though unofficial) achiever, at least in an era that featured more contenders than Yale and Princeton, may be Army (well-stocked during WWII), which lost not a game from 1944 through 1946 while going a cumulative 27-0-1.

Basketball is different, and there have been conclusive champions for a long time. Astonishingly, there is only one 3-peater and that's John Wooden's UCLA, who won 7 in a row from 1967 to 1973.

What conclusion do we draw from all of this? Nothing. Who needs conclusions? Some teams that never won 3 in a row can be argued to have been better than some that did. It's nothing more than a fascinating trip through sports history and the teams that achieved (and didn't achieve) a most difficult feat --- winning three in a row.

Weekly Grumble with IHM 8/9
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  Well folks, it’s that time of the week once again… time for another visit from your old pal IHM. This week, there are plenty of things to piss and moan about; so let’s get to it!

  The biggest story of the week, of course, is the return of football with the start of the NFL preseason. We got started last Sunday night with the Hall of Fame game and inductions of the class of 2014, and Sunday night’s matchup of the Giants and Bills. Now we’re balls deep into the first full week of games, with just a few teams left to play their first preseason game of 2014. Tonight’s slate includes Johnny Football making his NFL debut against the Lions second team defense (which is more like most teams’ third team defense), the Giants and Steelers facing off, Green Bay against Tennessee, and the Texans traveling to Arizona. Even if it is only one series with actual starters in the game normally, it’s good to have football back!

  Last night’s big event happened in St.Louis, where history was made in the National Football League as a 7th round pick made a tackle and had a pressure on the QB during the third quarter or so. Of course, Sammy Brown, an undrafted free agent in 2012 actually made two tackles and had a QB pressure of his own… but he’s into vagina, so who gives a shit about him. Michael Sam is the story of courage, perseverance, and pride… even though nobody has ever done anything but praise him and ballyhoo him since he announced his private life to the public a few months ago.

  But it happened… Sam made a tackle, the game was stopped… photos were taken… rainbow colored confetti fell from the rafters… The Weather Girls came on the PA system with their chart topping hit “It’s Raining Men”… dozens and dozens of men in hot pants streamed onto the field flying rainbow flags… and the world was finally just and fair again in one, historic moment.

  Of course, that is all overreaction… nothing else happened. A football player made a fucking tackle. He also got shoved around like a rag doll on most other plays, put next to no pressure on the quarterback, and generally looked like a guy who should have gone undrafted and was frankly a step slow… exactly what the scouts said all along, before they even knew or cared what his sexual preference was. So here’s the real question… who cries for justice for a guy like Sammy Brown if he gets cut in favor of Sam despite his superior performance just because the Rams might be afraid of the bad PR that could come with cutting Michael Sam now?

  As for the other rookie debuts from this week, how about Blake Bortles of the Jags? The guy went 7/11 with 117 yards in his first NFL action, but was outshined by Bucs starter Mike Glennon, who is looking to beat out Josh McCown for the starting job in Tampa. Glennon threw for 140 yards and a TD pass while McCown was just 2/4 with an INT in limited action. That has to be a good sign for a Jaguars team that hasn’t had any kind of QB play to write home about since the days of Mark Brunell!

  Another rookie to watch is Kelvin Benjamin of the Panthers, who made an impressive 29 yard TD catch, his only catch of the ballgame, in his preseason debut. Sammy Watkins of the Bills caught 4 passes for 31 yards after being shut out in the HOF game last weekend.

  Eagles starter Nick Foles threw as many interceptions in Philly’s opening preseason game against the Bears than he did all of last season, throwing for two picks in his limited action last night. Jimmy Clausen of Notre Dame fame looked impressive off the bench for the Bears, throwing for 150 yards and 2 TDs… watch out Jay Cutler!

  Big news in the world of college sports as a judge sides with Ed O’Bannon, meaning the NCAA will now have to pay for the use of players’ likeness. Of course, there are still some fucked up aspects to this, such as the fact that the athletes don’t see a dime until they are out of school… and the fact that the cap is set at $5,000 per year… meaning the maximum a guy can make is $20,000 over four years… far below the market value of advertising contracts. So, in the end, these kids are still stuck with nothing until they leave school… and I’m sure there are plenty of other loopholes being worked in by the bloodsucking assholes known as the NCAA’s legal team… so I highly doubt we’ll see anyone reaching that ridiculously low $20,000 amount. Oh, and the NCAA still gets a two year buffer to make billions of dollars off of kids, because these rules don’t set in until 2016 recruits come in. So I guess it’s a win… just not for any of the kids who are making hundreds of millions of dollars for the joke that is the NCAA right now. Wonder how that will work out for the kids that come in in 2016 while the previous classes are still not getting any sort of compensation for their hard work? That won’t cause any type of issues, I’m sure…

  It’s progress… just not very much progress. We’re still a long way away from fair treatment for college athletes.

  So the city of Akron had a big welcome home rally for their native douchebag  LeBron James yesterday. Just fucking nauseating. Of course Brian Windbag was there, hanging off of LeBron’s sack and ready to report every detail of his day to ESPN.

  The Tigers offense woke the fuck up last night, with Castellanos and Suarez hitting back to back homers in the bottom of the ninth to top the Blue Jays 5-4. This comes off the heels of a six run, four game series against the Yankees last week, in which the Tigers wasted great starts out of Porcello, Verlander, and Scherzer… not to mention David Price, who went 8 innings with 10 K’s in his Tigers debut but got a no decision. The Royals have moved up to 2.5 games behind the Tigers in the AL Central now after their 5 game winning streak.

  That’s all I’ve got for this week, folks. Thanks as always for reading and for any comments you leave on the way out. Have a great weekend, Gabbers.

Stars Who Are Not as Bright as Before?
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It only takes a visit from the Nationals to Atlanta for the Braves to snap out of their doldrums and start to win again.  Fortunately for the Braves, they will not have to face the Nats’ ace for 2014 – Doug Fister nor will they have to face their best bats as Werth and Ryan Zimmerman are banged up (Zim’s on the DL long term).  But what is curious about this introduction is that the guys who you may have thought would be leading the Nationals – Straburg & Harper – have lost a little bit of their luster.  Stras is getting hammered again by the Braves and Harper just has not been able to stay healthy long enough to get in a groove (and thumb injuries sap power).   Yes, he did hit the walk-off HR on Thursday, but overall he has been a drag on the lineup.   I would not go so far as to say if I were GM Rizzo that I would consider moving either guy at this point in time, but I certainly would think long and hard about their next contracts.  So their stars seem to be a little less bright in 2014 than they were going into the season.

The most obvious Star Not So Much resurfaces for a second week in a row in this space…one Eldrick Woods (aka Tiger).  I know some of you may say we have covered this topic enough, but I guess not enough for me, after all, generally we only look at golf 4 times a year.   On one hand, I admire Tiger’s determination and commitment to continue to attempt to play golf at the highest level, but on the other how can one not ask, “how can he be so obtuse?”   The sooner Tiger accepts that he is not competitive on a routine basis with the top young player (he is 15 strokes behind Rory after 2 days), the sooner we can root for him as the lovable former-great hoping to catch lightening in a bottle for 4 days at a major.  Everyone who is of a certain age can recall the excitement of “Jack’s Back” when he claimed his last Green Jacket or the great run of Tom Watson just a few years ago had a chance to win the British Open at age 59!  That is the stage of career that Tiger is entering now…he can’t blow it past the field anymore and remember, Tiger never won a major coming from behind.  The idea that he can go wire to wire in a major seems preposterous at this point.  (And please Tiger, don’t play if you can’t finish.  He looked to be in pain last week, yes, but what kind of miracle drug or masseuse does he have that would make it possible for him to believe he could play 4 rounds of championship golf just a few days on?).  So there we have it, perhaps the greatest golfer of all time (for his era certainly) no longer the shining star…more of a setting sun.

Now that football is back, we can take a look at stars – or not – in the NFL.  Here is one that I find interesting…the Dallas Cowboys Football “Team.”   Although Dallas has miraculously managed to stay competitive to the final week of the season the last couple of years, they look like a “star” that has lost its luster.  Their defense gave up almost 400 yards in their first preseason game after averaging about 400 yards surrendered per game last season…THAT is a big number.  And the defense is missing 3 key components from last year….I don’t see how the “D” is going to be anything but dreadful in Big D in 2014.  It would be easy to see Dallas as the cellar dwellers even in the not-so-hot NFC East.

Speaking of the East, how about Eli Manning?  What of his star? He of two Super Bowl rings?  And then what about the dog man, Mike Vick for the Jets?  (Because the Jets are over-hyped by the Worldwide Leader, we will have endless stories about this particular situation).  And how about Lynch in Seattle?  Yes, he thought he was worth a bunch of $$ but he has a lot of miles on those legs.  And then, the #1 question here in your nation’s capital, where will RGIII be at the end of this campaign?  From my chair, I expect big things from the kid, but just like the other two Washington stars mentioned above, one has to wonder whether he is going to re-ignite or go dim.

And finally this…my son is heading off to West Virginia University next weekend which means I will now have to consider covering Mountaineer football….Lord knows I can’t cover the Vols!

I hope everyone enjoys their summer weekend!  (Posted from 35,000 feet via United internet connection...ain't technology amazing when it works?!)

Sports Friday with Hal: First Football
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Ahhh, NFL football.  Welcome back!


A lot of NFL action at last this week with the Hall of Fame game on Sunday and Thursday night full of action. I know I spent Thursday night glued to the tube watching the Patriots back-ups (No Tom Brady, Darrelle Revis, etc) face-off against the Redskins second squad.



The Curious Case of Jon Baldwin:

24 year-old wide receiver Jon Baldwin was a 2011 first-round draft pick in Kansas City and dealt to the 49ers last year during training camp for fellow high-draft pick washout wide receiver A.J. Jenkins. The 49ers cut Baldwin this week and he was claimed on waivers by the Lions. He lasted two days and was waived as he failed a physical (knee issue presumably).  Here is a kid out of football three years after being a first-round pick after a fantastic college career at Pitt where he ripped up the Big East with his size (six-foot-five and 228 pounds) and sub 4.50 speed. He suffered a wrist injury in his first training camp as a rookie in a fight with a teammate and never got on track. Another disappointing year had him traded and now he is on the outside looking in.


Baldwin is down to his final chance. When he gets healthy, he may have one chance left. Hard to believe a first-round pick could fall so far so soon. You just do not see teams miss on a pick like this these days.


A Couple of Losers:

Former NFL quarterback Scott Mitchell who was once supposed to carry the Detroit Lions to glory, is on the Biggest Loser this fall. No, not just because he lost football games, but rather he has ballooned to 366 pounds and is looking for help to get back to a more suitable weight. He is joined by former Jets, Lions and Patriots offensive lineman and current ESPN analyst Damien Woody who is tipping the scales at a shade under 400 pounds.


Two former Lions on the “Biggest Loser”--that’s cruel, NBC.


Another First-Round Pick out of the League:

New York Giants running back and 2012 first-round draft pick was forced to retire due to a recurring neck injury. Just 23 years-old, Wilson was an All-American in two sports out of high school, All-American, honor roll and ACC Offensive Player of the Year in college. Doctors advised him to retire from football due to his neck injury and the risk of further damage.  Two years, just 21 games and he is now looking at a career change.


It is a tough break for the Giants, but so much better to see he was smart enough to retire rather than end up with a horrible debilitating injury.


A Real Pisser:

Ending the Notes on an funny note here. Franklin, OH citizen Paul Serbu was arrested by Baltimore police. Posting on YouTube a video of himself urinating on former Browns owner Art Modell who had moved the team to Baltimore (and fired Bill Belichick--that was his biggest crime!) tipped off the police. Modell broke the heart of many Cleveland fans by moving the Browns to Baltimore. Posting as “BrownsFan4Life” Serbu had a little rant, ripped off a Ravens jersey to reveal a Browns jersey, and using a tube and catheter he proceeds to urinate on Modell’s grave. Could he have got away with it? Sure, just do not post it in a public location where thousands can see it and identify you


OK, time to overdose on football. Have a great weekend, all!

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