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The Celtics Report 12/13/14
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The Boston Celtics found themselves in the midst of a four game week between last Sunday and Friday night. It started out quite nicely but by the end of the week, the team had once again crashed and burned.

Between the shuttling of some combination of Dwight Powell, James Young and Marcus Smart off to Maine again during this week and the injuries sustained by both Young and Smart, you have to start wondering if this is turning into a bit of an individual lost season for those players.

As for the game action...

In the first of a back to back set of games against the Washington Wizards, the Celtics saw an 18 point lead at the start of the fourth quarter cut to just 2 points as the Wizards staged a rally that saw Boston nearly helpless to stop from happening.

The situation nearly got worse as Avery Bradley took and badly missed a three point shot. But the Wizards got nothing out of their proceeding trip down the floor. Showing a gunslinger mentality, Bradley took another three from essentially the same spot on the floor he'd just missed from and buried the shot. It was a back breaking type of basket and the Celtics went on to win 101-93 for their third win in a row.

Jeff Green (shown below) led the team with 25 points and Marcus Thornton had 21 points off the bench.

When you include that devasting three pointer Bradley made, he finished the game with 11 points and Jared Sullinger had 10 points and 10 boards. Rajon Rondo (shown below) had himself another triple double performance with 13 points, 13 rebounds and 11 assists.

Unfortunately, aside from some incidental action, the good news for the Celtics kind of finished after this game.

The next night, Boston was on the road for the second game against Washington. While a vastly entertaining game was to be had for those who watched the game purely as a basketball exercise, the Celtics 133-132 double overtime loss was irritating on a number of fronts.

The Celtics trailed by as many as 23 points in the game before a huge rally by the reserves put them back into the game. Rajon Rondo was benched for the last 27:51 of the game (including both overtime periods). You can read what you want into it but neither coach Brad Stevens or Rondo have been saying much in the way of a detailed explanation as to why the arguably best player on the team got benched.

Maybe it was a message to the rest of the team to raise their games instead of relying on one particular player to bail them out. Or maybe Rondo was playing so badly that Stevens HAD to get him out of the game. I don't know. But it will be interesting to see how this plays out. If the benching was a one time only move of "shock and awe" to get attention of team on a night when they were playing as if they shouldn't be on an NBA roster, it might be a good thing. If it is something Stevens feels he has to do on a number of occasions, it will almost certainly alienate his point guard and lose effectiveness in motivating the players on the court.

More depressing than the loss itself (something that is bad enough) was the fact that the Celtics had a 7 point lead in both overtime periods and still couldn't close out the game. I know that the other team has the ability to make great shots just as much as the Celtics do, but blowing that kind of lead once is bad, doing it twice is a result of some truly shameful team defense.

As it was, Jeff Green once again led the team wtih 28 points. Marcus Smart (see below) was back in action for the game and he had a career high 23 points. Kelly Olynyk was huge with 19 points and 11 boards. Brandon Bass scored 19 points of his own. Evan Turner scored 18 points, had 8 assists and grabbed 6 rebounds. Tyler Zeller hit for double figures with 10 points.


In their game against the Charlotte Hornets, the Celtics led by 5 points at halftime but saw their momentum (and lead) evaporate in the second half as Charlotte got a huge game from former Celtic Al Jefferson. He finished with 23 points and 14 rebounds.

Once again, the Celtics had a chance to win this game. But instead of their defense letting them down, this time it was their offense. After they got within 2 points in the fourth quarter, Boston missed their next four shots and had four turnovers in a stretch of game action that killed any hope of a victory.

Jeff Green and Marcus Thorton had 16 points apiece to top the scoring chart for the Celtics. Brandon Bass added 15 points and Tyler Zeller finished with 13 points and 7 boards. Rajon Rondo (shown below) was back from his benching and went for a 12 point, 10 rebound and 10 assist triple double.

Kelly Olynyk (photo below) started off well in the game, scoring 8 points in the first half. But he faded in the second half and didn't score again.

Finally, last night (Friday) against the New York Knicks, the Celtics saw the positive vibes from their three game winning streak evaporate completely as they lost for the third straight time. Despite the 101-95 loss, Brad Stevens was quoted as being happy to see Jeff Green (shown below) growing more as a scorer. Green had 28 points and 6 rebounds as he led the scoring for Boston yet again.

During the game, Marcus Smart was injured again. He was forced out of the game with what was reported as an Achille's strain. It is certainly better news than if it was a tear, but as I mentioned at the start of the post, this is another injury for him (the second notable one of his rookie season). You have to wonder if the team is going to get any sustained looks at him without Smart winding up hurt.

Tyler Zeller (see below) scored 19 points and grabbed 6 rebounds. Marcus Thornton and Evan Turner dialed up 13 points apiece. Kelly Olynyk added 11 points. Rajon Rondo scored just 2 points but had 10 assists and 7 rebounds.

So with their record now at 7-14, the Celtics once again are faced with the opportunity to figure out a way to come together as a team that finishes out everything from an individual play to a full game. Or they can once again head towards an epic collapse. While you hope for the best, it is just so hard to figure out which team might show up on a night to night basis, you can't blindly believe that the Celtics fortunes will turn around.

And as the losses pile up, you can only wonder how long it will be before the trade rumors that are constantly swirling around Rondo get turned up on the high flame once again.

But the overall faith in the Celtics remains, no matter how frustrating their performances have been.




Storminnorman's Sports Blog 12/13/14
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Hello Gabbers and welcome to another edition of Storminnorman's Sports Blog, the Heisman Trophy edition. This is one of my favorite Saturday's, because it's Army-Navy game day. It doesn't matter who wins the game, it's always fun to watch even when both teams aren't good, because the game always means something to the players.......

I am only to imagine, that this song was written to speak out against the war in Viet Nam. What I don't understand is why those who served in this war, are so disrepected by the United States government who sent them. Isn't it a shame that our own government can't take care of them, like they take care of those who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, by ensuring they have the same types of medical coverage and priviledges? It isn't their fault they were involved in that so-called "police-action," which has the same type of similarities of those who are serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. I will leave you to ponder this for a moment.......

No offense, but I hope the Bengals defense christens him by making his ass a part of the turf. I hope he spends a lot of time on his back, this will knock some of the cockiness out of him, it's too bad he's not starting against a good defense like the Seahawks, who would eat his ass alive.

Not to say that the NCAA playoffs are rigged, but I wonder how many different ways they will try to ensure Florida St. a chance to repeat as champions?

By the time I get home from work tomorrow, Marcus Mariota should have a Heisman Trophy to add to his list of accomplishments during his college career. The question I have, is why did it take so long for him to win it? Mariota has been a winner at Oregon since day 1, and has led his team to major bowl games every year? Did anyone hear if he has decided to leave after this year and go pro? It would be a shame, because the playoffs are geared for Oregon to make it next year also....

Well the losing streak in Detroit ended at 13-games against the Suns tonight 105-103, I was beginning to wonder like the coaches and players were, if they were ever going to win another game this season. I read an article in the Detroit News, where Larry Brown had called Stan Van Gundy earlier this week, and told him to "stay the course," while they lose Greg Monroe to free agency at the end of the season, Gores needs to open his wallet and show Monroe the money, afterall, he has been here for the entire rebuilding process when they dumped their championship team to rebuild. It's only fair...........

Rick Porcello is a Red Sox now, good luck because if I remember right he didn't pitch very well in Fenway Park. I'm not too sure why they wanted Cespedes in Detroit, and for that matter Simon. Makes you wonder if Dombrowski spiked his egg nog before making these deals......

The Lions play the Vikings on Sunday, hope I get home in time to see them take them out. I also hope the losing streak in Buffalo continues for the Packers 0-6 would mean the Lions are back in first place heading into Chicago. I don't mind personally if they don't win the division, it would be nice to have the two seed and home field, but making the playoffs as a wild card might not be a bad option either.

Hat's off to Kevin Harvick on winning driver of the year, not that the voting is a science. It should be given to the Sprint Cup Champion anyway......

That's all I got, have a great week!



Saturday's Showcase - 12/13/14
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Welcome to the weekend version with your host, the Bad Penny himself…UNCLE B.O.B.   This weekend should be the big Christmas Parties (work and home) weekend for many.  I wish you all an enjoyable and safe time if you partake in the parties.  

Today is a very busy day for the ole hermit known as myself as I will be attending the Wreaths Across America ceremonies this morning, which is honoring vets by putting holiday wreaths at the graves of veterans.  I will also be putting the finishing touches on tomorrow’s town VFW Kids Christmas Party, and participating in the town parade doing some advertising.  

Before you all head out to start your weekend, let me drop a few tidbits on ya:

Weather.  Yes, the “Storm of the Year” hit us here in NORCAL, and my house wasn’t without damage.  Heavy winds blew off shingles and exposed wood, and the rain got in and caused water leak in my bedroom.  Small price to pay I suppose for getting water out here.  Need a new roof anyway and I expect we’ll be getting that in the next few months.  For the time being, temporary fixes are in order.

Ugly Sweater Craze.  Before I start, This ugly sweater fetish has got to stop.  People look like damn fools and in a few years they are gonna regret getting their picture taken.

Sons of Anarchy.  I kept hearing about this show, about a biker gang located in Northern California, so Tuesday I finally took a peek at what it was all about.  Well, it was the series finale of all things – a two hour show.  What got me interested was the references to the areas (cities and towns specifically – Stockton, Lodi, etc.) near where I live. 

I watched it and it was definitely better than that garbage reality show “The Devils Ride”.  Wasn’t too keen on the ending, but it is what it is. 

Pretty good show with Peg Bundy, her rack, and Jimmy Smits, and others.                 

UFC.  C. M. Punk saw how bad the direction in WWE was going so it makes sense that Phil Brooks goes to the UFC.  And why not?  Lesnar, Lashley, and Bautista all tried it to varying degrees of participation and success.  But at age 36, can he hang with the Middle and Welterweights who are bound to be much younger?  My understanding is that Brooks/Punk holds multiple black belts in jiu-jitsu and practices kenpo.  Question is, does he have real wrestling in his repertoire?  I’m not a UFC guy, but I think I’ll watch this just to see how he does. 

WWE.  Vince McMahon going on Stone Cold’s Podcast and publicly saying that his talent basically sucks and needs to step up is a cop out – perhaps Vince and HHH need to take their own advice and step it up.  The talent is there – it’s creative that’s the problem the same ole shit week after week is what’s driving people away.  How many weeks in a row do we have to start off with 20 minutes of talk and end with the same ten guys charging each other in the ring.  It’s the same shit and people are tuning out and not going to shows like they used to.  Take the chance, feature Cesaro more and if he sucks on the mic, work with him – hell, bring the Rock in to teach him.  More Cesaro and less Big Show and Mark Henry is a good thing!

It’s like anything else in business nowadays, leaders blaming workers rather than stepping up their own game, thinking outside the box, improving their leadership and communication skills, and skillfully influencing employees to do better, and making things better for everybody – apparently it’s easier to remain with the status quo – which increasingly has a short shelf-life and publicly call out your workers and throw them under the bus.  News Flash Vinnie Mac:  The Rock, Stone Cold, HBK, and the Undertaker aren’t coming through that door - Work with what you have. 

Memo to WWE:  When Sirius XM has a two hour wrestling show and all they talk about is Ring of Honor and how much better their product is than yours, it pretty much tells you all you need to know about your product.


NBA.  Well, I guess Tragic the Myopian (err Earvin Johnson) is at it again, adding his voice to something that isn’t really welcome (what else is new with this clown?).  He actually had the audacity to say that losing is the best option in the NBA and that he advocates the Lakers losing so that they can get a high draft pick.  That ought to make Commissioner Adam Silver real happy - one of the greatest players of all time advocating losing.

That Carmelo Anthony is such a badass eh?  Threatening to kick his teammates asses after games?  Uh yeah tough guy.  Hey Melo, just admit you signed with the NY Tricks for the money then planned to engineer a trade.  It's easier that way then having to go through all your drama - yet again.  


  • I wasn’t really that in tune with what was going on with Darren Sharper, but damn.  The State of Lousisiana AND the Feds want some of this guy for Date Rape, and just this week he was indicted?  WOW.  Dude could have a life-long reservation at the Graybar Motel? 
  • Was horrified Tuesday to hear of the car accident of Cam Newton.  That’s scary, and it has nothing to do with Football.  Best wishes to Mr. Newton for a speedy recovery.
  • How funny was it to see Kaepernick get into a verbal w/Oakland LB Sio Moore and Kaep telling him “I’m coming for you in the 2nd half?”   Hey Colin, how bout focusing on your own play rather than letting opponents get into your freaking head?
  • Adrian Peterson's appeal was denied.  So what, he gets paid and he's fresh for next season, wherever he ends up.  Seattle?

MLB Winter Meetings.  Just wanted to try to keep it about stuff we haven’t already talked about.

  • I don’t know about the rest of you, but I absolutely LOVE the Nelson Cruz to Seattle signing.
  • I’m trying to understand San Diego wanting to trade Yasmani Grandal plus some for Matt Kemp.  San Diego should be looking at Kemp’s many, MANY injuries.
  • And once again the threat of “New Stadium, or the team moves”.  This time its in Tampa.  If I’m the politicians there I just laugh at that prospect, call their bluff and say “Did you see what a new stadium did for Miami?”.  Story is right here.
  • Apparently Jon Lester is going to the Cubs and a ton of people are saying that the North Siders are “winning the offseason.”  Well, let me introduce you to a quote from former MLB Pitcher and now SF broadcaster Mike Krukow:  "I heard someone say the Cubs are winning the offseason. Well, when the Hell have you ever seen a parade for winning the offseason?"

Christmas Music.  DJ Uncle B.O.B. is back with a few more video carols for your pleasure.  The first is in honor of our Boston contingent here at the Gab:

Let me say this, I love when the Pops do this, but I also found a version performed by the United States Marine Corps Chamber Orchestra here, so I’m putting the same song on twice: 

One final one is R&B, may I present one of my favorite songs from Mr. Donnie Hathaway:


Sports Friday with Hal: Red Sox Free Agency
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Greetings from deep in the heart of Red Sox Nation. I know the Gab has covered the Jon Lester / Red Sox free agency debacle well yesterday with O.H. and Lanz helping keep the East Coast Bias alive and well.


Just my two cents here: The Red Sox strung along their fans and stayed on the back-page by staying in the Lester negotiations with no intention of signing him. They had to make what looked like an attempt, but they had two opportunities earlier and passed on them both. In spring training they failed to make a reasonable offer and insulted Lester and his agent with an extreme low-ball offer. If they wanted him at all costs, he would have been signed before opening day.


Second, if they wanted to give him a real offer they would never had traded him to Oakland. If they had kept him, they would have had an exclusive window to negotiate and sign him. They passed on that as well unloading him for a player that did not fit their philosophy and was always intended to be traded (Yoenis Cespedes). After the season, the Red Sox made enough of an offer to look interested without doing what it would take to keep Lester.


In fact, I kind of feel like Lester should be upset at himself for letting himself be used by the Red Sox front office. The Red Sox slapped Lester across the face with a low-market offer. The Red Sox traded him. Lester--in a point missed by many yahoos on social media and calling in to the sports talk radio stations--has every right to go out in a free market--after playing for years at a below market level--to make as much money as he can for himself.


How many of us have left a job for another that pays better? Or allows us to be in what we think is a better situation? Or go to work for someone we are familiar with or more comfortable with? Did anyone slam us on social media or the radio? Would we be insulted if someone said that we weren’t loyal? That we were selfish? (I know what I’d say to them!)


So the Red Sox let out a collective breath that Lester did not take the deal they offered that they did not want him to take and just offered to appease the fanbase, then immediately got down to doing exactly what they planned on all along: Rebuild the pitching staff with talented young hurlers who have upside. They did it, and they gave up NOTHING to get three quality starters.


With chips leftover from their house-cleaning when they dumped over $200 million in bad contracts on the Dodgers, they sent the two future middle relievers they got from Los Angeles to the Arizona Diamondbacks. In exchange for ground-ball tossin’, best pickoff move in baseball dealin’, big upside lefty Wade Miley the Red Sox gave away Rubby De La Rosa and Allen Webster. De La Rosa and Webster are not frontline starters, but can contribute in a weak bullpen or be a fringe starter on a bad team (hello, Arizona).


The Red Sox then swung a deal with the Tigers for young starter Rick Porcello who is still only 26 years old and has...upside. Porcello pitched over 200 innings, won 15 games, and had an ERA under 3.50. All the Red Sox gave up was Cespedes (who was NEVER anything but trade bait with his sub-.300 on base percentage), another future middle reliever/fringe fifth starter Alex Wilson, and a 19-year old prospect who has already had Tommy John surgery and has not pitched a game above rookie league (sub single-A) yet.


Finally, the Red Sox got “the one who got away” back by signing former farmhand Justin Masterson back after he blossomed in Cleveland. Yes, Masterson was injured last year and cost himself some money, but for less than $10 million on a one-year deal, the Red Sox got a pitcher they know well and who was the number one starter for a team that made the playoffs back in 2013. Masterson is another ground-ball machine who should enjoy the long infield grass and Gold Glove second baseman (and underrated Pablo Sandoval at third base) of Fenway Park like Miley will as well.


Somehow, the Red Sox are one big starting pitcher (James Shields? Trade for Cole Hamels? Trade for Jordan Zimmerman or Doug Fister?) from finishing a complete rotation rebuild and finishing the off-season with strong depth and affordable pieces. With Sandoval and Hanley Ramirez and a return to health for Dustin Pedroia, the lineup should be back to its usual on-base percentage and slugging ways. Now they can focus on filling in the bullpen.


Finally, they did not sacrifice a single top prospect: catchers Christian Vazquez and Blake Swihart, shortstops Xander Bogaerts and Deven Marrero, second baseman/outfielder Mookie Betts, outfielders Manuel Margot and Rusney Castillo (is the 27-year old CUban considered a “prospect”?), starting pichers Henry Owens, Matt Barnes, Anthony Ranaudo, Edwin Escobar and Eduardo Rodriguez.


The Sox still have their farm system, did not overpay for starting pitchers over 30 (yet!), and have a deep staff and punch in the lineup. I never thought Lester was coming back to Boston, so the work done so far is a good start for the Red Sox so far.


* * *


Weekly Grumble with IHM 12/12
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  Hello folks, and welcome to this week’s Grumble with IHM. Been a long week for yours truly… mostly because of the wait I’ve been dealing with since Monday, when I got a call with a potential job offer making a hell of a lot more money than I’ve ever made thus far in my “career”. As of the time I’m writing here, I still haven’t heard back… but I’ll keep the hope alive until I hear otherwise!

  Been a big week in baseball hot stove news, as the winter meetings are in full swing in San Diego. This week’s biggest players have been the A’s, Dodgers, and Cubs; all of whom made big splashes in one way or another. The A’s seem to be in the midst of yet another firesale… first trading Josh Donaldson last week, and this week trading away Jeff Samardzija to the White Sox for a gaggle of low level prospects (the Sox also added closer David Robertson) and All Star 1B/OF Brandon Moss to Cleveland for a prospect. With a shitty stadium, shitty ownership that refuses to spend a dime, and a GM who seems to enjoy rebuilding more than any fan can stand, how does this team maintain any form of a fan base? Good lord!

  The Dodgers were all over the place this week. On Tuesday they made a move to bring in Phillies SS Jimmy Rollins. Wednesday they made another series of moves… acquiring a handful of prospects from the Marlins for All-Star 2B Dee Gordon, SP Dan Haren (who is allegedly retiring, in which case the Marlins receive $10 million from the Dodgers), and SS Miguel Rojas. They then parlayed parts of the Marlins trade into All-Star 2B Howie Kendrick (formerly of the Angels, much to DVT’s chagrin), then made another deal moving former star Matt Kemp to San Diego in exchange for C Yasmani Grandal, cleaning up the mess that was their crowded outfield situation. The team is also allegedly near a deal with SP Brandon McCarthy… who will likely parlay a good 15 game run with the Yankees last year into a 4 year, 48 million dollar contract!

  The Cubs made their first move on Tuesday, trading a pair of pitching prospects to the Diamondbacks for All-Star C Miguel Montero. The next day they made their biggest splash, signing SP Jon Lester, considered by some to be this year’s biggest free-agent prize, to a six year, 155 million dollar deal. James Shields has also been mentioned as the Cubs next potential target. With the surplus of young position talent this team has in the minors and Majors, expect to hear a lot more from the Cubbies before the offseason ends.

  As for the Tigers, they were in the category of “watchers” until just a few moments ago, when they traded RHP Rick Porcello to Boston for power hitting, power armed OF Yoenis Cespedes. The Red Sox also added Wade Miley in a trade with the Diamondbacks earlier in the week, and signed Justin Masterson. Doesn’t do a damn thing to shore up the bullpen (aside from a pair of minor league pitchers who might end up in the pen), but still, nice to get some added protection for Miggy and VMart in the lineup. Plus, the Tigers added Shane Greene in a three-way trade with the Yankees and Diamondbacks earlier in the week, which sent DiDi Gregorious to the Yankees to replace a retiring Derek Jeter, and some minor leaguers to the Diamondbacks.

  The Tigers just made another deal, this time acquiring 2014 All-Star Alfredo Simon from the Reds for IF Eugeno Suarez and minor league P Jordan Crawford. Simon was 15-10 with a 3.44 ERA for the Reds last year. The best part is his nickname… he loves it when you call him “Big Pasta”. The Reds then traded SP Mat Latos to the Miami Marlins for SP Anothony DiSclafani and C Chad Wallach.

  Two guys I was hoping the Tigers would make a move for to shore up that bullpen, Luke Gregerson and Pat Neshek, were signed by the Astros on Wednesday.

  As for Max Scherzer, the Tigers, Yankees, Dodgers, Red Sox, Giants and Nationals are among teams mentioned in speculations as to where he will land. I’m guessing the Tigers are out (kind of hoping, actually), since they already have a solid rotation with Price/Verlander/Sanchez/Greene/Simon… but I’ve been wrong before, and I know how much Scott Boras enjoys bending Dave Dombrowski over the negotiating table!

  Over in the NFL we have three big stories this week: Johnny Clipboard is now Johnny Starter, and Roger Goodell and the NFL’s owners have decided on a new conduct policy… without the input of the NFLPA, and Cam Newton was injured and likely shelved for the rest of the season after being involved in a car crash…

  As for Johnny Football/Cashsign/Scumbag/Douchebag/Clipboard/Starter… it is probably best for the Browns to go this way, especially after the horrendous play of Brian Hoyer the past four weeks. In those four weeks, he ranks at or near the bottom of the league in the majority of NFL Quarterbacking stats, including throwing only one TD pass and a league high eight interceptions. At this point, they’re still in the playoff hunt, but Hoyer simply isn’t making the plays needed to help that defense win games. Will Johnny make it any better? Well, he can’t really make it much worse at this point! Besides, with two first round picks in next year’s draft, the Browns need to know if this guy’s play making ability translates to the NFL or not… and whether or not they need to go after yet another name for the long, long list of starters for the team since 1999!

  As for Johnny’s first start… it comes against Marvin Lewis and the Bengals. When asked about Manziel, Lewis apparently called Manziel a “midget”… which sent the world of little people into an angered, adorable frenzy. Lewis apologized for the comments later… sad when midgets can force an apology out of a full sized man. Just goes to show you the PC hellhole we now call reality.

  The new NFL conduct policy is set… highlights include:

  • Embracing the use of independent investigations; the NFL will hire a special counsel for investigations and conduct who will oversee initial discipline.
  • The policy will implement an element of leave with pay during investigations of people charged with violent crimes.
  • The commissioner still has some role in the appeals process, but may appoint a panel of independent experts to decide an appeal.

  Doesn’t sound like all that bad of a deal, but I’m sure the NFLPA will find something to cry about in there… most likely about the fact that they weren’t able to collectively bargain for any part of the policy. Whaaa, whaaa, whaaa… fucking unions.

  Cam Newton was injured when he was cut off by another driver and rolled his truck a few times on Tuesday. Newton was in the hospital overnight, and suffered a pair of fractures in his lower back, similar to the injury Tony Romo suffered at the end of last season. Best wishes to Cam on a full recovery.

  This week’s games include: The Lions hosting the Vikings… a team that always gives them trouble. The Packers travel to Buffalo to face a tough Bills D. Hopefully we get a little help from Gym Shorts and the boys. The resurgent Falcons (despite the loss to the Packers on Monday night) host the Steelers. The 49ers and Seahawks face off in the afternoon and the Cowboys and Eagles battle for first place in the NFC East on Sunday night. On Monday night, the Saints travel to Chi-town to face the Bears.

  In college football, the debate continues over the playoff teams and the slotting of the rest of the bowl eligible teams… but this weekend we get a chance to see football in its purest form. The Army vs. Navy game on Saturday at 3. Only game on the schedule… as it should be. These young men deserve the spotlight, even if only for one week. Make sure you tune in if you get the chance.

  Over in the NBA, LeBron James caused a stir early in the week with his perpetuation of the “I Can’t Breathe” slogan on a t-shirt (he among other athletes around the country), then caused an international incident by daring to touch the duchess when he met the royal couple (don’t remember their names, don’t give a shit either). Apparently nobody is to touch the future queen… not even “King James”. Neither the duke or duchess seemed very offended by it, but apparently the tea suckers overseas were quite upset. LeBron scores major points in my book if he comes out and tells the uptight citizens brigade to sit on it! Fuckin limey Brits!

  The Warriors won their 14th straight over Houston Wednesday night, improving to an impressive 19-2 on the season in the process. Does this team finally have it together enough to make a serious run at the NBA title? I’d love to see it, personally.

  The NHL is apparently in the grips of a mumps outbreak… Travis Zajac and Adam Larsson have been diagnosed with the vaccine-preventable disease, as have players for the Minnesota Wild, New York Rangers, Anaheim Ducks, and St.Louis Blues this season. Looks like somebody missed their shots growing up.

  This week marked the ten year anniversary of the night Dimebag Darrell Abbott was shot and killed while playing in a Columbus, Ohio club. RIP to one of the finest guitar players this world has ever known:

  Well, that’s all I’ve got for today folks. Thanks as always for reading and for any comments you leave on the way out. Enjoy your weekend, Gabbers!  

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