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Yeah...this is pretty sad!


The Stepford fans in Cleveland are rejoicing, they’re soaking up this public relations barrage being rammed down their throat and buying every word of it. What’s the saying, screw me once shame on you, screw me twice shame on me? Well, don’t say you weren’t warned Cavs fans because Sully is here to tell you that you’ve all been duped. When James made his “Decision” in 2010 the folks in Cleveland went ballistic, and rightfully so, but then again, they also had fallen for this con artist who has spent every day since that televised debacle trying to say and do the right thing because for LeDouche it’s ALL ABOUT HIS IMAGE…if you think it’s not you’ve spent way too much time drinking the Kool-Aid.


All these talking heads creaming their shorts over how James went about announcing his return to Ohio made it sound like he’s matured or his a new man…really? There’s no difference between his televised announcement and his announcement in Sports Illustrated…ZERO! Honestly, he only chose another media outlet to monopolize the universe with his face splattered all over it. And let’s talk about the wording of that article. Does anyone really believe he wrote that? Does that even sound like the way he has ever spoken in a press conference? That carefully written article was scripted to say all the right things at the right time to pave his return and open the arms of the city that couldn’t burn him effigy fast enough in 2010, and it worked, and now, all is suddenly forgiven.  They love this tool all over again…the remarriage of a player who took off to South Beach seeking the championships that eluded him with the city he abandoned.


But now that he has some jewelry there’s still some unfinished business James needs to continue his quest to be Like Mike…and that’s to do what the rest of the greats like Jordan and other’s before him, such as Bird and Magic, West and Havlicek and any other player before the era of taking the money and running by selfish NBA players, and that’s to build a team from scratch and win or die trying. James has taken much heat over the past four seasons for running to and helping create his own personal Dream Team. This is where James is NOT Jordan…he’s not even Larry or Magic, hell by that measuring stick he’s no Tiny Archibald or Danny Ainge either…James does not carry a team on his shoulders, he doesn’t take over games. Does everyone remember the last game against the Spurs where James went to the bench while the Heat were down by 19 with over 6 minutes left in the game? Six minutes is a lifetime in hoops, but that didn’t matter to James, for him it was “no mas”…he gave up and with him so did his team. Did we ever see Jordan or any of the other’s mentioned above quit in a series? I never saw it, and I’d be willing to bet if any of those Hall of Famers were watching they made a point to say “look how he gave up”…they all should feel very comfortable with their legacy for James will never eclipse them when it comes to heart and guts….NEVER!


As the saying goes, image is everything, and for James it’s the only thing aside from his paydays, it’s all he cares about. Now he’s a “nice guy” because he’s had this epiphany and realizes what he did to his hometown was of all things, low, underhanded and selfish? C’mon man. This whole debacle has money written all over it. It’s no secret how the Cavs were before he played there, during and after…and now his return is going to be some sort of championship run because he’s learned how to win? IS Wade and Bosh going there too? Nope…is Kevin Love locked up? Nope. Even if he is, what makes anyone think that he’s the other cog that lifts the Cavs over that hump?

I’m just having a lot of trouble wrapping my head around this whole thing while trying to see it from a Cavs fan perspective. If this was my team…let’s say the Bruins and Patrice Bergeron pulled this kind of crap would I be welcoming him back after screwing us all over? I hardly think so, and would have a hard time believing Boston fans would swoon all over him and forgive and just forget. What’s taking place in Cleveland in a lot of ways is embarrassing, have they no shame? Are they really that desperate to win that they’d let this tool bag just waltz right back in on a written apology and think, hey, LBJ gets it, he’s a different guy?


Then there’ the Browns and Manziel…the connection between these two is already well known, and I’m of the opinion that in here somewhere is a deal the two will make to open up a chain of restaurants or some shit like that, anything to make a buck off the fans…and you know what…Cleveland fans will be all in! Sit back and watch…you’ll see. Just remember I told you so. 

Saturdays Surprise - 7/12/14
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Surprise!  Like that bad penny, I just keep showing up.

Hey look, it's Saturday afternoon, but I'm just gonna drop a few thoughts on ya:

NBA:  If I'm Adam Silver, NBA Commish or Mickey Aronson, owner of the Miami Heat, I'm pissed at the embarrassment known as my fans.  Booing the product he spent large coin for and got to four NBA finals?  Are you kidding me?  Look, we all know that most of those "fans" were bandwagons and transplants from other places (mostly New York) and that the folks of South Florida stood no chance of getting in to see a game.  Listen, Miami is a beautiful place with a great vibe and fantastic things to do, not to mention phenomenal sporting venues (wait until that Football stadium is redone), but the problem is that they adopted an LA philosophy, the people are plastic, and that sucks.  

I know it's old fashioned to look at things this way, but has the fan experience in the NBA just kind of gone the way of the do-do bird?  It seems to me that especially in the NBA, "the beautiful people" have kind of taken over the representation at games, and to me that sucks.

MLB.  As I warned many of you on Facebook, there will be Gab representation at the MLB All-Star Home Run Derby as Jerry unexpectedly got tickets to the event, so he'll be driving up tomorrow and spending the day in Minny.  Happy for him, you don't get this chance often, so take advantage.  I should have some pics to share for you all on Tuesday.  

NFL.  Sounds as if this decades version of the Turk made his way into many NFL franchises this week with folks getting suspended four games.  Dion Jordan, the #3 overall pick last season from the Miami Dolphins got caught up and a few others.  

But while that is going on, the NFL is strangely silent on punishment for owner Jim Irsay of the Colts.  There is one particular reporter who has an absolute beef w/the NFL on this and you know what, he's right!  Why isn't Irsay being dealt with?

There is a rumor (unsubstantiated at this point) that the Raiders have entered into some sort of agreement to have the Oakland Coliseum torn down in 2015 and commence building a new stadium on the same plot of land.  Funny part there, was it was news to the A's, who just signed a ten year lease to continue to play in that very same Coliseum.  Somebody is lying here...

The Houston Texans aren't trading Andre Johnson.  Keep an eye on this one, especially if the Texans start out poorly.

Richard Sherman vs. Michael Crabtree just doesn't stop, and now LB Ahmad Brooks joined in saying "see you on the field Dick."  Memo to both these a-holes:  We get it you two don't like each other.  Save it for the field and not the off-season.  Sherman has scoreboard, and the 49ers just need to shut their yaps and focus on being better than the She-hawks.


Weekly Grumble with IHM... the King Hath Returned Edition
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  Bow down Cleveland… your King has returned!

 Hello folks, and welcome to this week’s grumble with IHM. This week, the big story is the return of LeBron James to the Cleveland Cavilers basketball team on Friday afternoon, a move that stopped the world in mid-rotation, a move that has fathers bringing their first born sons for sacrifice to please his Majesty, a move that has Brian Windhorst of ESPN using his unwashed, game-used LeBron James headband to choke himself while he masturbates frantically in excitement!  Bow down, you peasants, and rejoice. Repent for your past sins of booing him, burning his jerseys, and break out the credit cards. Order up those season tickets, buy out the team store as soon as they get a LeBron jersey in stock! Your savior is here… and you are all truly, truly lucky that you were “chosen” by the chosen one Himself. ESPN will be back in town again… and your hard earned dollars will continue to make Dan Gilbert an even wealthier man. Sorry Miami, you can just break off and drift off into the Atlantic now; your King has forsaken you.

  So now that the Cavs have officially won the 2015 NBA Championship, I guess there is little more to discuss as far as basketball goes. Sure, Bosh, Wade, and Mello are still on the market. Sure, the Spurs team that dismantled James’ Heat squad in five games in the 2014 NBA Finals is still intact. Sure, there are 30 other teams in the league, but NONE OF THEM MATTER. The Cavs are here. Soon they will trade whatever junk they have laying around for Kevin Love, and I will go from rooting for Kevin Love to rooting against him… and when that happens, I predict the 2014-15 NBA season will simply be cancelled, and the Larry O’Brien trophy will simply be handed to the Cavs. Well, maybe that means the NHL might actually get some kind of spotlight… so it’s not all bad.

  But in all seriousness… the fucking guy writes a fucking essay, published by Sports Illustrated, to announce this “Decision”? Yet another douche move on his part. And of course, ESPN has wall to wall coverage of this, and they’ll probably be touching themselves to the news for a couple of weeks now, and if the Cavs actually manage to bring another guy in to make it a new “Big Three”… look the fuck out! Good bye regularly scheduled programming… bye bye Baseball Tonight, NFL Live, the Home Run Derby Monday night... SportsCenter? Try LeBronCenter. They’ll change their fucking call letters to LBJN.

  As for folks in Cleveland… really? Are you that desperate for a championship that you’re excited that this douchebag is back in town? You really want to go out and buy up those tickets, those jerseys because the King decided you were good enough now that he’s won a few championships? I’m waiting on the side-by-side shot of some douche burning his old LeBron jersey and sporting a shiny new one that he just dropped $150 on!

  Not one, not two, well, maybe just two. At least Mickey Ariens didn’t spout off like a scorned woman as Dan Gilbert did back in 2010. He said he was shocked and disappointed, but he thanked James for the championships (aka, all the money he made him over the past four years). Now Miami has been removed from ESPN’s radar… good luck to Israel Gutierrez, your services will no longer be needed. Hope you enjoyed your four-year career in broadcast journalism. Dwayne Wade will fade into obscurity, as will the Heat… soon the franchise will go bankrupt, the city will fall into anarchy, and burn to the ground without its’ king.

  But the biggest issue this creates is the competition between James and fellow Cleveland athlete Johnny Football to be the biggest douche in the sports universe! Can the blue-collar folks of Cleveland handle this level of douchebaggery? Can it possibly be contained? LA, New York, they are used to this sort of rampant stupidity and ridiculousness… but Cleveland? Come on now. Cleveland is now the epicenter for douchebaggery in the world of professional sports. I feel for you, Beeze, but at least it’ll give you some solid ranting fodder!

  As for the rest of the world of sports (yeah, despite ESPN’s best efforts, there STILL are other things going on), baseball is nearing its All-Star break, the NFL is nearing training camps, and there are some moves being made here and there in the NHL. No word yet as to whether or not the MLB All-Star game will be postponed so that we can all have a day of reverence for the greatness that is the all powerful, all giving, and all knowing LeBron James. Mostly so we can all have a day to enjoy just how lucky we all are to share a planet with such a remarkable human being. I mean sure, he can’t really speak proper English… but he can dunk a basketball!

  It’s going to be a rough fucking week for the folks blogging Monday-Thursday with baseball in its’ All Star break. Well, maybe you’ll get lucky and somebody in the NFL will get arrested or something!

  As for me, that’s all I’ve got for this week folks. Thanks as always for reading and for any comments you leave on the way out. Enjoy your weekend, Gabbers.

Sports Friday with Hal: Around the Leagues
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Happy Friday!


Locally it is another week closer to another epic meltdown by the Boston Red Sox who have decided to copy the San Francisco Giants with their “win one year, crash the next” strategy. The Boston Bruins lost top line veteran sniper Jarome Iginla and are struggling to find a way to replace him. The Boston Celtics are jumping in on trades to...well, who the heck knows what they are doing? Football is two weeks away as in just two weeks training camps will open and it will be all football news all the time until January as the Patriots try to get back to the Super Bowl.


Nationally in the MLB, the Baltimore Orioles have taken over the American League East, Detroit looks strong in the Central, and the Texas Rangers inexplicably have crashed harder than the Red Sox as Anaheim and Oakland duke it out in the AL West. Over in the Senior Circuit Miami and the Mets won’t die in the National League East as Atlanta and Washington remain bunched up, the Central is bunched up as well with St. Louis charging (and losing Yadier Molina for 8 to 12 weeks...Ouch!) and Cincinnati and Pittsburgh close enough to strike behind Milwaukee, and finally in the West the Dodgers and Giants are deadlocked echoing an epic battle for the summer played out initially in baseball history in New York and after the 1960s out west.


Basketball is all about free agency in the NBA and waiting for the dominoes to fall. Dwyane Wade is likely returning to Miami but will LeBron James follow? Is Chris Bosh too insecure to take the big bucks in Houston and form a Big Three with Superman (Dwight Howard) and the Beard (James Harden)? Carmelo Anthony SHOULD go to Chicago, but is there enough cash and glamour for him? Would he interact with Kobe in L.A.? Come back to the Knicks? LeBron to Cleveland? Now that would cause the Internet to explode.


The big news in the NHL is that the Blackhawks locked up their two top players signing Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane to matching $84 million deals. Both are young (25 and 26 years old) and dynamic players on a squad that has established themselves as the elite franchise in the NHL. Having these two locked up for another another eight years puts the franchise on a winning track for the future. The ‘Hawks have two Stanley Cup wins with the duo and Kane has won the Calder (2008) and Conn Smythe (2013) while Toews has won the Conn Smythe (2010) and Selke (2013). Now they are in Chicago together through 2022-23.  Wow. That is called winning an offseason!


Finally, the NFL is quiet with camps so close and the last weeks of time off for the players and coaches (and beat writers!). The NFL had the supplemental draft come and go without a team wasting a draft pick for the second consecutive year. The last pick? 2012 when Cleveland got Josh Gordon for a second round pick. Of course, Gordon is in the news for all the wrong reasons having already been reported to be facing a season-long suspension for violating the NFL’s substance abuse policy. This time he was arrested and charged with a DWI last weekend.


Gordon is supposed to have a hearing for his suspension for the substance abuse test failure later this month to request a reduced suspension. With his suspension last year (two games and two games with no pay) and now a DWI and speeding ticket last month (with his passenger cited for possession of marijuana) the supremely talented player is doing himself no favors.


It seems the NFL Players Union has hurt their own players by negotiating all this time off in the offseason and limits on time working with teams. With more time off players have more time to get into trouble. Aaron Hernandez was the poster child for too much time away from the team last year, and now Gordon is finding more ways to sabotage his career. Some players seem to need the structure of team control all year long to keep themselves out of trouble, but the Players Union has decreed it is not in the best interest of their constituents to have them spend the offseason with the team getting better and putting out a better product and stuff like that. Sad.


Finally, from the NFL’s only publicly traded team--the Green Bay Packers--having to release revenue numbers comes news that all that money going to the NFL teams...oh, yeah, there is more than anyone imagined. NFL teams divided more than $6 billion last season. Revenue rose almost 5% from the year prior and just continuing to grow. The DirecTV deal is up and being negotiated...the NFL Network got another big chunk of cash for CBS to take over half of the Thursday Night lineup, and the money keeps rolling in. With no signs of slowing, the league continues to pile up the profits.


OK, that’s all for today. Have a great weekend!


Storminnorman's Sports Blog 7/11
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As I sit here and watch the Reds and Cubs in extras, I was wondering what the hell Aroldis Chapman was thinking when he was taunting the Cubs bench during the nineth inning. I was keeping count of the pitches he threw during that inning, and only 5 pitches were below 90 mph. Most pitches were between 100 and 103 mph and were unhittable, and everytime he threw a pitch he would look either towards the bench or the hitter and smirk. Chapman was lucky that Rizzo didn't kill him in between innings, because he was chirping at the Cubs players as they took the field. I then asked myself a question, why would someone with that kind of talent taunt the Cubs players. Then I remembered a trip to Cincinnati that the Tigers made a couple years ago, and the Tigers blew his ass up in the 9th, and made him look like a minor league player at best.

I guess we all have our moments, where we think we are better than everyone on the planet, but it comes down to sportsmanship and the crappy example Chapman set by nearly causing a bench clearing brawl between innings. Is this the kind of example we want to set for our kids? I think not, and if anything Bud Light and his gang of knuckleheads should take a look at this and discipline both Rizzo and Chapman for their actions. If you have time, watch Quick Pitch on MLB, because they will be beating this incident into the ground on Friday, there really is no need for any of this in any professional sports.

There was a part of me that wished Rizzo would have kicked his cocky ass, but like always the players stepped in and really kept this from being a Sports Center moment that everyone would not have wanted to see the weekend before the All-Star break.

LeBron, LeBron, LeBron, just can't ride out into the sunset and leave Miami without some big stage production can you? Noone outside of the Heat and Cav's actually care if you disappear right off the face of the earth, so just decide what you want to do so we can get on with our summer. Sure it would be nice if you wound up in Detroit, because you are the one piece of the puzzle that could actually return the Pistons back to the playoffs. Highly unlikely but everyone has a dream, and just think of the story that would lead to, Melo would want to follow and you could probably sucker D-Wade and Bosh into following you, but once again only a dream. 

You are also a great role model for the youth of today, backing out of a contract or obligation just because you didn't win a championship this year. Think about this LeBron, most of us wouldn't get this opportunity to choose where we want to work, and back out of our obligation to our job whenever we feel like it, just because we have millions of dollars and don't give a shit about the city we represented for the past two years. You destroyed the Cavs team, even though they have benefited rather nicely from your departure and the sad thing is, is they are considering taking you back. I think their owner should be drug tested, because he is just that damn ignorant, but who could blame him for wanting the best player in the NBA, regardless of whether or not he screwed him and the city he represented.

In this free market society we live in, I guess it's LeBron's right to choose where he wants to play but it leads me to this, what if this was an NBA conspiracy to give the Heat two titles, and build the Cavs through Draft Choices? The year before Bosh, and James joined the Heat, they completely dismantled the team in order make room to sign them, and now the "Big 3" basically want to jump ship and go to another team. LeBron's group says he hasn't made a decision, which is not true, he decided to opt-out of his contract as did Bosh and become free agents. So basically they said F-you to the city of Miami and their ownership group. how fair is that?

I probably missed a few things, but I will let you add to this rant. Hell I am starting to sound like B.O.B., which really isnt a bad thing at times. I wouldn't want a broken down and aging D-Wade, and Bosh has shown signs of slowing down. Correct me if I am wrong, but D-Wade isn't half the player he was when the Heat signed James and Bosh a couple years back. His knees are shot, he can't jump or shoot like he used too, so I guess what I am saying to the City of Miami, is get ready to rebuild via the draft, because you have already lost the core of your team unless LeBron is using this as leverage to encourage the Heat to sign Melo.

The real truth of the matter is that I am getting really sick of waking up and listening to the LeBron watch for which I really could care less, unless he was considering playing in Detroit.......

I was going to rant about the Tigers, but I feel no real need to, as they seem to be righting the ship a bit before the All-Star break, without V-Mart they handled the Dodgers rather easily.

Hey B.O.B. you back home yet, or are you still on your roadtrip? 

Well that's all I got for now, please feel free to stop by and leave your comments. Don't forget to stop by and visit Hal on the other side. 

Have a great week, I am on vacation next week!



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