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How a New SEC Scheduling Format Might Look Part II
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So in Part I, I talked about the arguments and some reasons why the SEC could be moving to a nine-game schedule. My reason for coming up with scenarios is because I would hope that the additional games would be the most compelling and logical ones possible. This is why in this scenario I would want the SEC to move to two permanent opponents rather than one permanent opponent with two in rotation.

My first group of proposals is based upon the divisions as they are. I talked about potential realignment last May, so I don’t want to rehash all those arguments again, but I’ll add a few possibilities for match=ups in a realigned SEC at the end.

The first is what I believe to be the most traditional approach. Under each team is listed my two proposed permanent opponents. I relied on this site for most-common opponents: It doesn’t count all the turn of the (20th) century games, but that’s not really important to this analysis.

Anyway, bolded opponents are the most commonly-played interdivisional games; italicized opponents are the second-most commonly played. What is true for one team is not always true of the other. For instance, South Carolina rarely played any SEC West teams before joining the SEC. They played Alabama and LSU the most, but they’re nowhere near the top of most commonly-played SEC opponents of either LSU or Alabama.

There were a few spots, such as with the four newer teams (Arkansas, Missouri, Texas A&M, and South Carolina), where the match-up is based more on geography than history, but where I didn’t think the connection was obvious, I put a mark next to the team with a note below. Some people might have an easier time looking at the map.

SEC East SEC West
Missouri Auburn
-Texas A&M -Georgia
-Arkansas -South Carolina#
Arkansas Georgia
-Auburn -Missouri
-Tennessee% -Ole Miss&
Florida Texas A&M
-LSU -Missouri
-Miss. St.* -South Carolina^
South Carolina LSU
-Auburn# -Florida
-Texas A&M^ -Kentucky
Kentucky Alabama
-LSU -Tennessee
-Miss. St.~ -Vanderbilt
Tennessee Miss. St.
-Alabama -Florida*
-Arkansas& -Kentucky~
Vanderbilt Ole Miss
-Ole Miss -Vanderbilt
-Alabama -Georgia%

*Florida does have a longer series with Auburn, but Miss. St. is still a traditional series. The Gators have played Miss. St. more than they’ve played Vanderbilt, Tennessee, or South Carolina. Between 1955 and 1992 (when the SEC was first divided into two divisions), Florida actually played Mississippi St. more than it played LSU.
On the other side, Miss. St. has played no team of the SEC East more than it has played Florida.

#These two teams admittedly have not faced each other often. Before South Carolina joined the SEC, there were only 4 games played between the two.
Still, it makes a lot of sense geographically. This is better for South Carolina than either Mississippi St. or Arkansas, neither of whom have a reason to play the Gamecocks (other than recent custom).
LSU, Ole Miss, and Alabama were the only teams the Gamecocks had historical series against before South Carolina joined the SEC, but the Gamecocks are #6 in the SEC East for all three teams, ahead of only Missouri.

&Other than South Carolina, which Arkansas was forced to play when both joined the SEC, Tennessee is Arkansas’s most-played opponent in the SEC East.
Tennessee is more accustomed to playing every other team in the SEC West, apart from Texas A&M, but again, this is a decent geographical pairing.

^There is no good reason for South Carolina to play Texas A&M other than the fact that they’re both in the Southern part of their respective divisions and both are among the four newest SEC teams.

~Mississippi St. has only played Kentucky two fewer times than Ole Miss has. Mississippi St. has also only played Tennessee four more times than it has played Kentucky, but it has played Kentucky more in the last 60 years.

%Ole Miss and Georgia are each third on the other’s list. Ole Miss’s second is Tennessee, and Georgia’s second is Alabama. Since 1955, Ole Miss has actually played Georgia 16 more times than Alabama has. In the same period, Ole Miss has played Georgia two more times than it has played Tennessee.

sec-conference-map traditional

I don’t have the energy to make another chart like the one above, and it’s after 10 on the east coast, so I’m just going to post two pictures for each arrangement below. One will be a screen-capped list similar to the above, and the other will be a map showing how the teams are matched.

The traditional proposal above does not try to take into account competitive balance. I have one more than also does not take into account competitive balance, but it works better for some teams and not as well for others:

sec-conference-map unbalanced

The below was my first attempt to change some of the opponents so that it would try to have each two-team combination balance out competitively. For instance, in the last one I posted, I can see someone from Auburn being upset with having to play both Georgia and Florida every year while Alabama would be playing Tennessee and Vanderbilt instead (even though Vandy has had a couple good seasons lately).

balanced 1
sec-conference-map balanced 1

The fourth one I did was more of a hybrid. Teams would be a little less happy with it due to where these programs are right now; but on the other hand, it makes a little more sense historically than the one I just posted.

balanced 2sec-conference-map balanced 2

The below was the only series of match-ups that made sense if the simplest realignment takes place, which would be switching Missouri and Auburn. As I mentioned before, Auburn is clearly to the East of Vanderbilt of the SEC East as well as all the other SEC West teams. Auburn is nearly as far East as Knoxville (Tennessee) and Lexington (Kentucky). Obviously, we would want to have a permanent series with Alabama, but two other major series for Auburn are Georgia and Florida, which would both become intra-divisional series. Missouri of course is among the three westernmost teams in the entire SEC. Not coincidentally, three of the most logical opponents, Arkansas, Texas A&M, and Ole Miss, are all in the SEC West.

AU-MU realignedsec-conference-map AU-MU

The final maps are two variations of permanent opponents in a North/South alignment. The one that makes the most geographic sense is presented first, but I think there might be some griping especially by Florida and Auburn.

North South 1sec-conference-map north-south

The second proposal would make things difficult for both South Carolina and Georgia, but being that they could both be expected to be in the title race every year and we would take Florida out of the mix (by moving them to the new SEC South, made up mostly of the current SEC West), I don’t think they’d have too much right to complain. All four teams that have recently won BCS titles would be in the South.

North South 2sec-conference-map north-south 2

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NASCAR Update And Other Fast Stuff 8-23-14
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Good morning. Welcome Gabbers and others to my NASCAR updates and other fast stuff. So you got to wonder. If that picture isn't photo shopped, what the hell is that bear thinking?

So this is what it's like to be human....When is the waitress gonna take my order?....I've been stood up once again....All I did was sit down and everybody runs away. 

I'm sure some of you could think of some cool captions for this picture.


So Dale Jr says his Dale Call will be available during the Chase. People actually were asking for them. I do love that commercial but I want the one that works just like in the commercial. Fire out the tailpipes, shaking air cleaner and race motor rev sound. He showed this on Twitter but didn't say if it actually works or even makes a sound. Cute though. Wonder if it comes with a 6 pack of Mountain Dew?


Ok, so they finally announced that Edwards is going to be in the Joe Gibbs Racing stable next year driving car #19. He promises to be a much better team mate too. I'm wondering if Matt Kenseth is buying that line. He just came from RFR. Everybody was smiling in the pictures though. Ky Bu and Hamlin have had nothing but issue after issue. I wonder if it's these 2 guys or if there's something deeper going on at JGR. For Edwards sake I hope it isn't catching. He may be leaving one sinking ship for another.



This guy here would be the winner of the Michigan race. Logano led the most laps but some how Gordon beat him on the last restart for the win. Ky Bu was in the garage early after smacking the wall on lap 4. Dale Jr had contact with Larson on pit road but managed a 5th place finish after lots of damage control. The Danica took out 2 of my drivers during a spin but managed to get an 18th place finish on the lead lap. Fantasy owners that took her were rewarded.

The guys were hitting their marks. Johnson was clocked at 214 mph at one point. Fast. Then his shifter handle broke off. During pit stops they hand him a pair of vise grips which were a no go. Finally about 50 laps later Larson wrecks, brings out the caution and now he gets his shifter fixed.

Burton was subbing for Stewart. The bad luck keeps piling on. On lap 82 Burton goes to the garage for electrical issues that turn out to be a broken tail pipe. The heat shield started smoking so he thought there was an electrical fire.

Top 15 finishers : Gordon - Harvick - Logano - Menard - Dale Jr - Bowyer - Hamlin - Keselowski - Johnson - Biffle - Newman - Ambrose - Allmendinger - McMurray - Stenhouse


So Bristol was Saturday night. Atlanta is next Saturday night and Richmond the Saturday after. 

Bristol is known as that last great colosseum. It didn't disappoint either. Hamlin got bumped from behind by Harvick and as he spun he peeled off Dale Jr's drivers door. Messy. 

Ky Bu got nailed for speeding on pit road and had to start near the back of the field. Which makes him in harms way when the next wreck happens. He never really recovers.

Johnson got 2 speeding penalties on pit road but some how manages to finish with a top 10. Last weeks winner Mr Gordon didn't fair so well. Contact with Ku Bu ruined his day.

Top 15 finishers : Logano - Keselowski - Kenseth - Johnson - Ku Bu - Stenhouse - Edwards - McMurray - Menard - Biffle - Harvick - Newman - Allmendinger - Burton

So we're getting down to the wire. If Kenseth can keep showing up in the top 10 for the next 2 races, he'll be in the Chase without a win. He will however be seeded near the bottom so chances of being booted out in the first round of cuts is high. I still maintain that Gordon or Dale Jr are the 2 main guys for the title. They've been the most consistant.

So that ALS challenge is off the hook. At work there are 3 people with challenge areas set up in their yards. I've let everyone know I'm not interested and don't bug me. It's become a gimmick. Right up there with Pink-tober.

I don't know who the actor is but he did a Bullet Bucket challenge. His message is one of trying to be a better person, to love more and not judge. He's hoping to strike up a change in gun violence. I saw this on CNN at lunch time. We'll see how far it gets but I guess it has to start some where. 

I hope all our Gab travelers are safe and everyone has their NFL draft list set. I'll have mine set after I read the arrest records around the country one more time. SERIOUSLY!!!!! GET A MAN CAVE!!!!! You can roll dollar bills or fat ones to your hearts content and nobody will see you. Have a bucket by the door for cell phones. That way nobody can photograph you. DUH!!!!!!!! Ok then...

I'm outta here.....

Sunday Musings #161
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While still psyched about the concert I saw this past week...

Oh, and don't forget you can follow me on Twitter - @TheOneTrueJay


The New England representative Cumberland, Rhode Island got knocked out in the beginning of the week though they did play well. The thing most people will take away from their games is the rather strong oratorical presence of the team's coach. He sure has a way with making speeches that serve to inspire his young charges.

His speeches were so good that ESPN was running them as highlights on Sportscenter AND during broadcasts of other LLWS games.

As for Mo'ne Davis and the team from Pennsylvania, they lost their last two games in Williamsport. She got tagged with the loss in the first of those two games. Of course, you could chalk up the end of their run to the fact that Davis realized a dream of all athletes this week when she was on the cover of Sports Illustrated. Yes, the curse lives!

The U.S. title game was played by teams from Nevada and Illinois. I saw the end of the Illinois/Rhode Island game and their reliever came in and just killed the Rhode Island batters. And he did it with a deadly serious look on his face that brought to mind any number of major league closers.

Illinois beat Nevada to win the US title and advanced to play in today's final against South Korea. The Koreans beat the defending Japanese champions to seal their berth in the title game.


The New York Liberty closed out their season with wins over the Washington Mystics and Indiana Fever. Each game was decided by the score of 73-61. But the Liberty's record of 15-19 kept them out of the playoffs again this year and my interest in the league pretty much ends.

I'll keep tabs on the playoffs to see which team wins, but this has been a hard year for me in terms of my WNBA fandom. I wasn't a fan of any active player this year and the Liberty never got on track enough to convince me they were going to make the playoffs. 

As for next season, who knows what is going to happen.


The school's website has published another interview with one of the team's players. This time around it is junior to be Alexa Coulombe. You can check out what she had to say HERE.


There is a men's summer basketball league here in my town and their season is winding down. An article in the local weekly paper featured the league's founder bemoaning the state of the attitudes of the players while saying it might be the last year for the league because of said attitudes.

My question about this was how did he just notice this trend NOW? The piss poor attitudes of the players (some of who coach or coached at one time or another in the youth league) has been atrocious for years. This is not some new development.

I follow the local paper's sports editor on Twitter and earlier in the week he mentioned that there was a number of fights in the parking lot during one night's games.

It's good that the league is there for men still looking to play basketball in a competitive fashion but it is entirely facetious to act as if this year's attitudes are the straw breaking the camel's back when it comes to continuing to have the league at all.



Books - I finished reading the Louise Millar novel The Hidden Girl this week. I am hopefully doing a review of the book soon, but the main thrust of my review won't be positive. It was billed as a psychological thriller but for me it was 300 pages of annoying characters and their interactions before getting about 5 minutes of actual thrills. Very disappointing.


Music - Fair warning, there's a lot of music stuff this week.

My latest CD review on is for the brand new Kix CD Rock Your Face Off. After I posted it on the various places I pimp out my reviews on Facebook, the band shared the link on their FB page and it got a lot of likes and shares. The band also responded to the review in a quickie message to me. Oh and the singer for the band Hellion hit the favorite on the link when I tweeted it out so that was cool too. You can check it out the review for yourself HERE.

I picked up the new Unisonic CD Light of Dawn this week. Yes, there will be a review forthcoming.

I've got a couple of new songs for you to check out this week. The first is the new single from John Mellencamp. The song is called "Troubled Man" and you can check it out via this Youtube link.

The second song is from the band Soulbender. This is the side project of Queensryche guitarist Michael Wilton.  The song is called "Turn Anger Up" and you can check it out via this Youtube link.

Finally, this past Wednesday I attended what is likely my only concert of the year when I saw Night Ranger at the Zeiterion Theater in New Bedford, MA. It's about 25 minutes from my house so this was perfect. I'm planning on doing a full review of the concert at some point but I will say that I had a blast at the show as the band just rocked out. The high energy show was filled with one great song after another. I was about 5 feet from the stage so when the guitarists came up to the edge of the stage, I could see up close and in detail as their fingers flew across the fretboard. It was just something great to see.

Of course, the odd thing about going to the show on Wednesday is that less than 24 hours later, one of the band's guitarists (Joel Hoekstra) announced he would be leaving the band to join up with Whitesnake. This meant I was even more happy I'd seen the band play on Wednesday.

Meaningful Weekend?
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Sunday is a bad day for your favorite blog subject if it happens to be an NFL wrapup. I know. Week 3 of the preseason, when we get the dress rehearsal, to the rescue! Yeah, we'll miss two games, but 14 out of 16 ain't bad.

Are any trends starting to show? One may be exiting, that being the new age of the 'athletic' QB. A few years ago they flooded the drafts. Today, it's becoming clear that if anything but escapability is involved, hospitals are involved too. NFL defenses are too big and too fast, and they adjust. One-time prize fleet-footed rooks are learning to live in the pocket... with mixed results. And in several cities, rookie backup quarterbacks are lighting things up. Bridgewater, Mettenberger, Bortles... but notably, so far, not Manziel.

The flag plague has monopolized attention, but the injury plague is still with us. Ask the Rams and others.

Let's divide this into categories, just to be cute...

Meaningful Routs

NE 30 CAR 7: Don't let the score fool you, it wasn't that close. Tom Brady began the game with two 3-and-outs, then watched (not happily, btw) Ryan Mallett lead the team to 3 points on the third drive. Brady would finish the game 17-21 with a 20-0 lead partway through the 3rd quarter in a tight-endless offense. Gostkowski drilled a 60-yarder to finish the half. Garoppolo looked good again mopping up. Carolina's powerful defense was mauled at all personnel levels. Until old pro Joe Webb showed up late in the game with the scrubs, so was the offense. On one of his few scrambles, Cam got a scare. Also of note was Brandon ("I didn't come here to play safety") Browner at corner for New England --- in scrub time.

SEA 34 CHI 6: In their first fairly serious contest of the year, Seattle made the first half look like the Super Bowl, exiting with a 31-0 lead buoyed by a 59-yard FG at the halftime gun. This time it was understandable as their opponent was the Bears, who are clearly in trouble. Seattle continues to look like a lock in the NFCW. The Bears, meanwhile, look headed for the NFCN basement if they don't hit someone (the Lions?) on the way down.

GB 31 OAK 21: The Pack looked good, but Raji is gonzo. Like NE with Wilfork (et al) last year, they'll still win the division. Like NE last year, after that it'll hurt. Despite Oakland scoring 14 in garbage time, this game was never anything resembling a contest. Seventeen starting QBs since Rich Gannon. The poor Raiders. They once prided themselves on being the bad boys. They must have been very bad boys.

PHI 31 PIT 21: After the first two weeks of the preseason, I don't think too many people figured the Eagles' front line would just dominate the Steelers' front line. But they did. Absolutely. So much for the AFCN dogfight. So much probably for the NFCE dogfight too.

MIN 30 KC 12: Is it a meaningful rout? Jamaal Charles didn't play. Neither did Bowe. But still, for a Vikings team that's still a big question mark, winning big without Peterson (and with both QBs playing well) against a supposed contender (and on their field) is a big deal. The Vikes so far are looking a good deal better than the Bears or Lions. The Chiefs so far are looking a good deal better than no one in their division. Ok, Oakland.

TB 27 BUF 14: This is meaningful because two teams on the snide met and looked very similar except at one position, that being quarterback. Last year Mike Glennon officially turned the fading Captain Comeback into General Gonzo. He looks to have improved since then, how much yet to be determined. But EJ Manuel looks less and less like a high draft pick (most were surprised at how high he went) and more and more like a long-term project. He seems to telegraph his passes, not an easy habit to break at this late stage. Looks like the Flutie Curse may be alive and well in Buffalo.

STL 33 CLE 14: When two doormats meet it's usually uneventful. Not this time. The result is meaningful because the Rams throttled the Browns without Sam Bradford (and several other guys). The real meaning may lie in the pyrrhic nature of the win though, as Bradford and those other guys all went down with injuries of varying severity. Bradford got hit (not hard) on his rebuilt knee, and limped off the field. The MRI was 'inconclusive' (what does that mean exactly?) and will be retaken. It can't be positive. On the Browns' side, both QBs were mediocre again. In fact, the Browns have been just that so far in the Pettine regime. It's not the fast start fans were hoping for in any department.

Close But Perhaps Meaningful:

NO 23 IND 17: The story of this game is that the Saints look pretty good. They dominated the first half, which was all that mattered here. The Colts probably expected better but didn't get it. With Carolina looking disheveled and Atlanta not exactly impressive, the Saints look like a preseason lock for the NFCS. The Colts are favorites in the AFCS, but Houston may be on the rebound and both Tennessee and Jacksonville seem improved. Will this be the year that rebuild reality finally strikes Indianapolis?

HOU 18 DEN 17:

It's not that Denver held a 17-7 halftime lead. That required two Manning bombs in 67 seconds as the half drew to a close. The odds are against that happening on a regular basis. It's not even that Houston pretty much owned the 2nd half. What's possibly meaningful? Wes Welker went down with a concussion. For him, that's not good news. Clowney didn't play due to an undisclosed injury. That ain't good. Foster didn't play for no given reason. To sum up, minus two star players the Texans were pretty impressive, especially on D, against what's supposed to be the conference powerhouse. In Denver too. That may indeed be meaningful.

BAL 23 WAS 17:

It's not like most people don't think the diminished Ravens are still a rung above the Skins, but with RG3 coughing up yet another furball (short stint, 27 QBR) and Kirk Cousins playing most of the game at a 119 QBR clip, Griffin is beginning to look more and more like a guy who relied on his legs at Baylor a tad more than folks had assumed. It's a crossroads for him now. Meanwhile, Flacco & Co. had no such issues, each QB posting a QBR of well over 100, which doesn't help vindicate the Skins D either. Gruden's got his work cut out. These guys eat coaches. Knute Rockne might not stand a chance.

Close And Perhaps Meaningless:

TEN 24 ATL 17: It's not really meaningful that the Titans pulled out a win over what hopes to be a revived NFC powerhouse, nor that the first-string first half ended at 17-10 Atlanta. Nor that Matt Ryan had a good night (so did Locker, actually). What's meaningful may be that the Titans second string on down dominated the Falcons subs in the second half. Without Ryan, Atlanta was punchless. But on the Tenny side Mettenberger continues to look good, and that's meaningful for a team looking toward the future.

MIA 25 DAL 20: The Fins outscored the Boys in garbage time. Actually, most of the game was garbage time from an analytical standpoint. Romo and Tannehill had a duel in which both guys end up on the ground. Romo got sacked 3 times. Tannehill forced an awful pick. Nothing came out of this game except the fact that these teams are well matched. Which benefits neither.

DET 13 JAC 12: Take away an 86-yard scamper by Reggie Bush and the Lions didn't have much to show for their effort besides the win. For Jacksonville, both QBs looked pretty good as Bortles continued to impress as backup. Technical win for the Lions, perhaps a moral one for the Jags, who need to score more to become the tough out they look capable of being.

NYG 35 NYJ 24: Take 22 Jets and call me in the morning. Actually, the Giant effort wasn't nearly as pretty offensively as it seems, with Eli tossing two picks that weren't (one dropped, one called out of bounds). Kurt Warner and NFLN seemed inclined to focus more on Eli's shortcomings than on the 35 points. Meanwhile, Geno was named starter for the Jets. Few outside NY care at this point.


Weekly Grumble with IHM 8/23
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  Hello folks, and welcome to this week’s grumble with IHM. Admittedly, sports has taken a backseat for me over the past couple of days, as the new network FXX has begun their “Every Simpsons Ever” marathon. Starting Thursday morning, each episode ever syndicated of the Simpsons will be played back-to-back-to-all 522 of them. For a Simpsons nerd like me, it is a pure state of nerd-vana… for most folks, especially my wife, it is simply overkill!

  I did take a break last night to check out the first half of the Lions vs. Jaguars preseason game… game three on the preseason schedule. The “dress rehearsal” for the regular season, if you will. Neither offense looked very sharp; the Lions got a big, 86 yard run out of Reggie Bush to go up 7-6 at the half. Stafford was so-so, Megatron actually played for the first time this year, and had 2 catches for 27 yards. Stafford was 10/16 for 95 yards and an interception… not all that impressive. On the other side, Jags starter Chad Henne was 9/14 for 70 yards, and rookie backup Blake Bortles took over late in the first half and led a two-minute scoring drive to cut the lead to 7-6, then threw a TD pass in the third quarter. Overall, he finished with 158 passing yards and a TD. In the end, the Lions edged the Jags 13-12.

  While the Lions and Jaguars combined for 25 points last night, the Tigers and Twins got together and combined for 26 runs! Unfortunately for the Tigers, 20 of them belonged to the Minnesota Twins, as the Tigers lost 20-6 thanks to two big innings by the Twins. Bad sign for a team that is now 5-5 in their last ten, and now 2.5 games out of first place.

  Remember when David Price was excited to come to Detroit because he’d “finally get some run support”? Yeah, well how’s that working out for ya so far, David? Price went 8 innings, giving up one run on one hit Thursday against his former team… and picked up the loss for his effort as the Rays beat the Tigers 1-0. Wonder if he’s still “excited to be here”.

  Team USA made it’s final roster cuts yesterday, sending Damian Lillard, Chandler Parsons, Kyle Korver, and Gordon Hayward home to make a final roster for the championships in Spain. The final roster includes Derrick Rose, Kyrie Irving, Stephen Curry, James Harden, Kenneth Faried, Anthony Davis, Demarcus Cousins, Klay Thompson, Rudy Gay, Mason Plumlee, DeMarr DeRozan, and Andre Drummond. Now that Kevin Durant is out, it’s a fairly weak looking roster… but still probably good enough to win the FIBA tournament.

  Today is the day that the NBA mega-deal in which Kevin Love goes to Cleveland for Wiggins and Bennett goes through. The 76ers have also become involved, sending Thaddeus Young to the Timberwolves in exchange for the Cavs 1st round pick. Rumors are the Suns became involved recently, offering the Wolves G Eric Bledsoe, who wants a max deal despite the notable handicap of not being a max type player. So let’s see… either the Wolves can get Eric Bledsoe for Love… or they can get Wiggins, Bennett, and Young in exchange. Yeah, not even the Timberwolves are that stupid… but thanks for the offer, Phoenix. Meanwhile, Bledsoe still hopes to get that max deal from Phoenix, who wants to pay him more like Toronto just paid PG Kyle Lowry, in the 12 million dollar per year range.

  Good news for Red Sox fans this week, as they were able to sign Cuban OF Rusney Castillo to a 7 year, 72.5 million dollar deal. Castillo becomes the highest paid player out of Cuba, surpassing the deal signed by Jose Abreu last year with the White Sox. The majority of what I read has Castillo being a Rajii Davis type with a little more power… but only time will tell. So look out Boston… “The Panther” is coming to town.

  Le’Veon Bell and LeGarrette Blount were arrested for marijuana possession on Wednesday after Bell’s Camaro was pulled over because an officer smelled marijuana. Things sure are looking up in Pittsburgh… hopefully these two dopes get it figured out. Both have apologized for “being distractions”. No word yet on what type of suspension they’ll face from the league, but chances are it will be more substantial than what Ray Rice got for beating his wife unconscious… the NFL cares!

   That’s all I’ve got for today folks. Thanks as always for reading and for any comments you leave on the way out. Have a great weekend, Gabbers.

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