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No this wasn't failed Mo project

Hello Peeps it’s another Thursday.

It’s been a helluva a week busy. Two frozen pipes yeah both burst one in my twins room near there baseboard heater. The other above my little guys room, it took part of his ceiling. The nitwit who originally did the plumbing in the house ran the pipes through the attic instead of the walls anytime it gets below 10 degrees I guarantee a pipe will freeze.

I spent Sunday Night with a styling tool( a blow dryer) trying to unfreeze the pipes to no avail. I had Joe(the good plumber come in and take care of the burst pipes. My plumbers name really is Joe and he is a great guy not too expensive. The general contractor hired the original guy who was as big of ass as the general contractor. I took yesterday off trying to dry out the ceiling wallboard and insulation to no avail. That’s my tale of woe this week.

I did go to the Pats –Denver game. I got a call Saturday speaking of failed Mo projects from the man himself. We tried to hook up at the game and for the second time in as many games. We were in different parking lots to start. Then we tried for halftime and that almost worked but I got his text as to what section he was in too late. he was actually sitting maybe ten sections from me, Mo my friend I'm sorry but hopefully next time.

  The Patriots looked good and the Broncos didn’t. Tebow had the deer in the head light look. Seriously, your down by five touchdowns and your playing keep away. Let Tebow heave the ball you have nothing to lose. If he can’t than let Brady Quinn go down fighting. The Broncos very much rolled over in this game. I have been involved and have seen enough football to see when a team has given up. The Broncos did Saturday as did my Patriots in the previous two playoffs. Art some point in game like that you hit the point of no return. The Broncos hit that point before the half.

zIt looks like we have the potential of two really good games this week. The Patriots-Ravens an explosive offense against a very good defense. The Patriots had an easy game last week, The Ravens fought hard to win. This is going to be interesting as it gets.  Joe Flaaco isn’t the greatest quarterback but he can throw deep exposing the Patriots corners and if nothing else maybe picking up a DPI or two. Meanwhile they have Ray Rice and if he gets into the secondary he is going to rack up yards. The Patriots defense let’s up yards but they also make plays. They need to step it up and not let the Ravens pick them up with extended drives.

The Ravens need to stop the Patriots tight ends. If they concentrate on the tight ends. That should leave some breathing room for Wes Welker and Deion Branch. Brady will need protection and time. If he doesn’t get it well as we have seen that is the key to beating the Patriots. I think it will be tight but I think the Patriots pull it out 31-24. I also think in the back of Belchicks head , the Ravens embrassed them two years ago and these are two different teams. But I guarantee the coach won’t be embrassed again.

Meanwhile on the other coast The Niners and the Giants should have a battle royal. There is just so many good stories in this game. The Giants beating the Packers. The Niners taking care of the Saints. Come on admit it we all that it would be the Saints and the Packers. The Niners have got there quietly and next to the Texans who also could have been playing New England with a healthy QB instead of a rookie.  Niners have taken care of business with solid defense. Meanwhile, Eli Manning has been fantastic this season and the Giants have some how barely made it in largely due to the ineptitude of the Dallas Cowboys. The Giants are balanced. I like the Niners because they are at home but I won’t be surprised if the Giants or the Ravens for that matter pull it out.

Hey congratulations to Jeff Fisher what a pay day he got with the Rams. He is one my favorite coaches good for him

. According to rob Lowe Peyton manning is retiring but that is news to both Archie and Peyton’s agent. This almost saddens me if it’s true. The guy was a blast to watch and it was also fun to watch him and Brady slug it out. Manning to Marvin (6 shooter )Harrison or to Reggie Wayne was awesome.

That’s all I have for this week in Talking Sports

Random Thoughts
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Nothing inside ScottJax’s brain?? He’s clueless?? A lot has happened but nothings coming out. What’s one to do?? Well, we must go on with the blog, in this weeks edition of Random Thoughts. Yeah Right!!

The following is a paid message by ScottJax. This picture might not be suitable for all gabbers, or then again it might be!!


Now on with the fart…..

Trade of Offensive Coordinators??

The Jacksonville Jaguars signed former Atlanta Falcons offensive coordinator, Mike Mularkey to be their next head coach. Then Mularkey signed former Falcons quarterbacks coach Bob Bratkowski to be the Jags offensive coordinator. Then this past Sunday, the Falcons signed former Jaguars offensive coordinator to be their next offensive coordinator.

Koetter was criticized for the way the Jags played on offense. Then again Jacksonville does not have the talent the Falcons do.

Bernie Fine accuser, says its all a lie. Prison inmate, Floyd VanHooser, one of four men to accuse the former assistant coach of sexual abuse, lied to police. He admitted that he made up his claim. Fine had helped raised VanHooser after his parents died. Floyd wanted to get back at Bernie Fine because Fine did not hire a lawyer to help him fight a criminal conviction. "In a statement I gave, I told a lot of lies about Bernie Fine. None of what I said was true," VanHooser wrote. "Bernie has been nothing but good to me over the years. He was the only thing I had close to a father. He never did anything wrong. He is a good man."

Did Joe Paterno do the right thing? In a two day interview with a Washington Post reported, Paterno says he did not know how to deal with the situation when he received a report that his former defensive coordinator was accused of abusing a boy in the showers.

"I didn't know exactly how to handle it and I was afraid to do something that might jeopardize what the university procedure was," he told The Post in an extensive two-day interview at his home in State College, Pa. "So I backed away and turned it over to some other people, people I thought would have a little more expertise than I did. It didn't work out that way."

Ryan Braun will be making his first public appearance this Saturday when he will appear in New York to accept his National League MVP award. He will be making a speech after he receives the award.

I am usually not one to make predictions, I usually save them for the so-called experts, but these two games can be as different as night and day.


This could be a laugher. Ray Lewis, is not the same as he was, and neither is Ed Reed and it showed against the Texans. Yeah the Ravens won, but the Patriots offense is one of the best and will be no match for the Ravens. I don’t see how the Ravens can mount any offense against New England. Baltimore will exit the playoffs in a laugher 38-12.


This should be another slobberknocker, as Jim Ross (a former WWE Hall of Fame announcer, as well as a former Atlanta Falcons announcer) would say. Old fashion, hard nosed football. Both teams can run the ball. 49ers Vernon Davis is a threat that the Giants can negate. G-men have too many receivers for San Francisco to defend against. It will be up to the defense of both teams to slow down the offense. It won’t happen as the Giants will prevail, 28-27.

Wow, it sounds like I know what I am talking about.

Til next time





Storminnorman's Sports Blog 1-19-12
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I was sitting at my desk wondering what is it is that exactly makes a great blog, is it your feelings about certain subjects, or is it just speaking your mind freely? I really have not in particular to talk about sports wise, I just thought I would come hear tonight and express a few of my feelings about sports in general......

I am kind of new to the blog at the Gab as you all know, even though I filled in for "Hotch" last summer it is still new too me. To me a great blog is the one no matter what you say during your blog, you send your message to the reader to gain the best possible response. I am also glad that I have great mentors at the Gab who chose me for my weekly featured blog, trusting in my ability to find a story or headline and make it happen......

I have to admit that for the first time all season, I sat down and actually watched a Detroit Piston basketball game on television. Hate to admit it, but this is a awful basketball team. I guess they will be adding more pieces to the puzzle in the draft in June, because they will probably be watching the playoffs at home this year just like in the past couple of years.

This blog contains no pictures, because none are really needed for this particular blog. It was just a way of me gaining a little more experience at blogging in general. 

I wonder if Hotch remembers the old Thunder Bay Senators, who dominated the Colonial League for years before they folded. It was 1000 miles by bus from Flint to Thunder Bay, and we were one of the closely located teams in reference to traveling there. They said they entered through the Blue Water Bridge, and drove around Lake Superior to Thunder Bay, it must have been an awful trip because every time the Generals or any other team went there, they usually went home with a couple of losses to take home with them. Not many of those players ever played a game in the NHL, but they are a part of history..........

As I conclude this blog, I ask that if you have any suggestions that will help me get comfortable in this area once again please do not hesitate to offer advice, I am still learning what makes a good blog and am open to suggestions.

Thanks for reading my post.....Norm


Buzz from the Bleachers
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If anyone out there was listening carefully enough this afternoon around 3 o'clock, they may have heard something like this coming from Michigan....


If you haven't heard, the Detroit Tigers have lost Victor Martinez to a torn ACL before spring training even starts. It's likely he's out for the year and even if you're an optimist, he misses the bulk of the season. What that means for us is that we lost a 300 level hitter who is generally good for around 100 RBIs. Martinez didn't put up the same HR numbers (12), but then again he played in Comerica all year, which probably took a decent number of homers away.

Now, this doesn't hurt us behind the plate. Odds are Martinez wouldn't play behind the plate too often. We have a great first option in Alex Avila, who is a beast and started 141 games, the bulk of those at catcher. While I'm not too confident in our back-up, Gerald Laird, I think he's serviceable enough on defense that he might be able to help so long as he can stay healthy.

It hurts like hell at DH. The only other guy we have on the depth chart is Delmon Young and he'll likely start in left. There isn't a lot of help in free agency either. The guys will more than likely be too old (Johnny Damon), too highly price (Prince Fielder) or too highly price and too old (Vlad and Derek Lee). Besides, Prince isn't going to want to be hampered into a DH role yet. He's got some decent leather and stands to do much better as a first baseman. That is only a hypothetical option and one that is pretty close to impossible. Also, Craig Council is out as he retired this week. (Kidding of course, but I genuinely liked Council. That guy played with genuine hustle and was a scrappy little bastard). 

That leaves us with one option I have seen that intrigues me: Ryan Ludwick. Last season wasn't his best: .237 with 13 HR and 75 RBIs. He's put up big numbers in the past, however, most notably in St. Louis in 08. Ludwick got plenty of playing time that season (152 games) and hit .299 with 37 HR and 113 RBI. Those numbers are similar to Martinez's and Ludwick will also benefit from not being the main focus of the opposing pitchers. Like the Cards had Pujols in 08, Detroit has a premier bat in Miguel Cabrera which should afford a guy like Ludwick enough protection to produce. 

So, If the Tigers are listening, they should consider Ludwick. If nothing else, he'd free up Delmon Young to DH. It's worth a shot since he comes at a nearly $7 mil, which is about as much as we pay for Inge, Benoit, and Young.

Eslewhere in baseball, I guess Pujols and Tony LaRussa both missed out on the trip to the White House. They've both been before, but you figure they'd make one last show of it...

Speaking of Michigan sports: UofM finally beat MSU on the court. It's been sometime since I've seen that and I just watched it go down. I can't help but wonder if Izzo has lost some of his touch. The guy's had a solid career and a lot of people mention that he's done it all without any huge name NBA players among his former players. He's definately one of the greats, but I hope this is just a lull and not the end.

In a rare instance of not minding one's manners in tennis, Rafel Nadal called out Rodger Federer this past week for not doing enough to speak out against the treatment of players. Apparently, tennis players are at odds with the folks running the Grand Slam events over the length of the season and the fact that tournament prize money hasn't grown in proportion with profits. Much like other sports, the players believe the owners are getting too much from the player's labor. Soem players say that their travel costs and taxes often leave them with little. 

I tend to believe them. Guys like Nadal and Federer should be expected to speak out. Both have made plenty and are now reaping the rewards of endorsements, but a lot of guys are scraping by on what they might be able to win. I agree with Nadal that the stars of a sport should be on the front lines, yet I can see that calling Federer out in the media was out of line and not in keeping with the culture of tennis. 

Nadal has recently apologized and patched things up with Rodger. Try to keep it on the court guys.

Well, that's it for me this week. Despite Felber's threats, I'd like to say I'm pulling for the 9ers. I think it'd be a strange twist to the season to see the AFC get the Lombardi. Whenever someone seemed to step up there, they'd get it taken to them from a weaker AFC team or a so-so NFC team. Either way, I'm looking forward to this weekend's slate of games.

Take it easy Gabbers. I leave you with your weekly vocab.

hugh wear, noun

A name for a person's extensive wardrobe of bath robes.
Duder 1: "Hey man nice closet. What's with all the robes?"

Duder 2: "You know I like to be comfortable AND stylin' 24/7."

Duder 1: "Wow you have a complete line of hugh wear up in here. Now all you need are some skeezy blondes."



Wrestling Wednesday - Evan, Flair and more?
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Ric Flair has indicated that he will be onstage for the Four Horsemen induction into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Rumor has it that Shawn Michaels and Triple H will induct the Four Horsemen.

Evan Bourne has been suspended by the WWE for 60 days for his second violation of the WWE’s policy. Gets caught one more time his will be terminated.

Kris Kristofferson’s son Jody has been signed to a development deal with the WWE.

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