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Well as I sit here amazed by what I seen today in the Lions-Packers game, I wanted to wish everyone a Happy and safe New Year. I would like to say I am happy about another apparent trip to New Orleans, but I am not really that excited about it at all......

The porous Lions defense allowed the Packers second string quarterback to set a record for touchdown passes by a quarterback, and if this happens next weekend I will be watching the playoffs just like any other year without the Lions in it. I guess I should be used to it by now, but that defense really made Flynn look like the second coming of Dan Marino and or Johnny Unitas. Pretty sad when you cannot defend the pass, especially after you pretty much shut down Green Bay's running game. Since New Orleans does have some running game, if the  Lions defense does not step up next weekend, Brees may throw 10 touchdowns........

I know that I am talking out of my ass when I say this, but defense wins championships and if the Lions defense does not show up next week their season will be over........

Now on to the other team that is heading towards New Orleans, the Michigan Wolverines...

I know there are people out there that do not believe that Michigan does not deserve to be in the Sugar Bowl, but that is how it is like it or not. These are just the building blocks being laid for next season when they will be contending for a Big 10 title, looking back at the rest of the conference and laughing just like they were being laughed at only a few years ago. If not for a loss to those hated Spartans it would have been them facing Wisconsin for a chance to play in the Rose Bowl. The future is bright in Ann Arbor, unlike South Bend. The Wolverines will have Denard back for his senior season, and a run at the Big 10 title will be nothing less but expected out of them. I am not knocking Rich Rodriequez,  but they would have never reached 10 wins with him as coach. 

Who the hell thought of playing hockey outdoors in Philly, where it is normally warm this time of year? Did they not try this last year in Pittsburgh, and have to push the game back to the evening because  of the weather?. Did anyone see the old-timers game yesterday and see the legend Bernie Parent in goal? That was sweet!!!!!

I just no one gets hurt because of it, and that Sid the Kid comes back soon. He was hurt in that game last year, and still is not the same player. Does this remind anyone of Eric Lindros, who's career was cut short because of concussions?

To all of my friends here in Gab land, have a safe and happy new year. Also keep gabbing either here or on fb, we are the unofficial voice of the sports world......

Happy New Years Gabbers!
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2011 was a year to remember for hockey fans.  Unfortunately, there were more downs than ups, and the positives were few and far between.  However, unlike ESPN’s year in review, there will be nothing but hockey in this one.  I will go through what I thought were either the most interesting, humorous and tragic moments of 2010. 

My playoff MVP?  This girl…

and the pg version of what Eager saw…


Absolutely fantastic!  But hey, she followed the rules set into motion by the Green Men; no touching the glass.  But maybe it would have been better if in the words of the great “Sir Mix-A-Lot”, she did “Put ‘Em On The Glass.”  And yes, I am sure some of you are going onto YouTube right now to watch the video.  The Beezer and Sully have probably already seen it multiple times.

My NHL Picture of the Year?  Simple…this…

As a Boston fan, nothing made me happier than to see an arrogant, self centered, idealistic prick like Kessel get taken down a notch or two.  You don’t want to play in Boston?  Good…go rot in Toronto you fucking selfish prick.  Judging by his rapid descent at the NHL Entry Draft, the scouts knew about his lack of team playing ability.  Well, it turns out that the rest of the NHL has that premonition as well.  And everyone was hard on this guy for taking the picture that we are all enjoying today.  And to him, I say thank you Ovie.  There, that is probably the only time I will thank him for anything.

My goal of the year?  And no, it isn’t from the NHL.  It is scored by Nick Boyer, a 17 year old forward of the Strathroy Rockets.  Why does it get my vote?  Sure, there may have been arguably prettier goals scored in the NHL this year, but keep in mind, this is a 17 year old scoring this one, and for that, it gets the nod from Hotchnuts.

Santa came early for me this year when Colin Campbell stepped down from his position in the NHL as head disciplinarian and Shanahan took over.  Now, it is turning into the year of the Shanaban as some will call it.  Personally, I think it is just Shanahan trying to regain control of a playground where the kids were allowed to run amok for a number of years without any fear of discipline.  Shanahan came out of the gate swinging, and set a preseason record for number of suspensions.  It slowly is tapering down, but it still may remain of the year of the concussion.  Is it because there is such an emphasis placed on diagnosis that more are being caught?  Are the teams doctors becoming better educated on the issue and ensuring that the players receive the correct support and treatment?  We are still a long ways away from seeing the end of this issue, but I feel that this year hasn’t had a spike in number of concussions received.  When the flagship player of the NHL is sidelined for 10 months due to a concussion, you can bet that it is going to garner a fair amount of media attention.

In 2011, we saw the return of the Winnipeg Jets.  For many that were paying attention to the saga, many thought that it was going to be the Coyotes that returned, including myself.  However, True North Entertainment remained dedicated in returning hockey to Winnipeg and they purchased the Atlanta Thrashers.  For many of the players that came over in the deal, they probably felt something that they didn’t feel in Atlanta; pure excitement and passion for the game.  The longtime players for the Thrashers were treated to maximum capacity for their practices.  In an arena of 15,500, the Jets were able to sell 13,000 season tickets, and many of those were on 5 year plans.  As a result, the immediate future looks very profitable in Winnipeg.  Will the Jets return to the playoffs this season?  I’m thinking they’ll make it before the leafs will.

Get to know the name Zung Nguyen.  He did something that had never been done before.  Some may view him as an innovator.  Others may view him as a sick fuck.  Me?  I find a shitload of humor in this.  Here is the short version of the story.  Nguyen played in the New England Senior Hockey League for the Rogue Squadron.  During a game against Young Guns (yes, I agree...every city probably has a dozen teams with this original name), Nguyen became involved in a fight with Dave Bermingham.  During the fight, which Nguyen lost soundly, one of Berminghams gloves was thrown over the glass into the stands.  After both players were ejected from the game, Bermingham went for a shower.  Nguyen, went to the section of the stands where Bermie's glove had landed.  Players from Nguyens team just figured that he was going to talk to his girlfriend that had come to watch the game.  Nguyen picked up Bermie's glove and made his way to the zamboni area of the rink.  Bermie's teammates saw Nguyen crouched down, but didn't think anything of it.  Nguyen then went and returned the glove to where he had found it and went for his shower.  Bermie emerged from showering and getting changed, and went to pick up his glove.  After picking it up, Bermie actually put the fucking thing on, and found that it had been filled with fresh human shit.  Bermie rightfully snapped and showed the referee.  As a result, Nguyen was kicked out of the league.  Wow...I don't know what else to say about that.   

What a fucking disgrace and an embarrassment.  I don’t know what else to say about that.  The only thing that was guaranteed going into the Stanley Cup Finals, was that win or lose, Vancouver was going to riot.  I was embarrassed as a Canadian and as a hockey fan to see what unfolded following Vancouver’s game 7 loss to the Bruins.  Now, I know the rioters don’t speak for all of the Vancouver Canuck fans out there, but you have to admit, the acts of the many severely outweighed the acts of the few.  I hope Vancouver never makes the Finals again.  I can’t understand it though…after the Winter Olympics in Vancouver when the Canadian Men won Gold, no riots, no problems.  Are Olympic hockey fans different than NHL fans?  I doubt it; there were many more security measures in place for the Olympics, as well as a MASSIVE military presence behind the scenes.

This is, without a doubt, the highlight of the year for me.  The last time that the Bruins had won the Cup, was the year that I was born.  This is the first time that one of my favorite teams has won the championship in their respective leagues.  And for those of you following at home, my other teams are the Cincinnati Bengals and the Cleveland Indians.  Yup…no championships in their immediate future I’m thinking.  GM Peter Chiarelli has definitely done a good job with this team, and the core group of their players are locked up for the next few years.  Could this team win more Stanley Cups?  I’m hoping so.  And Boston fans, thank you for celebrating with class.

The KHL lost an entire team in September; the Lokomotiv Yaroslavl when their team plane crashed shortly after takeoff.  In total, 43 people on board perished in the crash that was caused when the pilot accidentally hit the brakes during takeoff, resulting in the plane failing to reach the required speed for a safe takeoff.  The crash affected the entire hockey world, and claimed the lives of former NHL’ers Pavol Demitra, Alexander Karpovtsev, Igor Korolev, Brad McCrimmon, Karel Rachunek, Ruslan Salei, Karlis Skrastins, Josef Vasicek, and Alexander Vasyunov among others.  The entire KHL and NHL held moments of silence and ceremonies to honor those that lost their lives.

The Summer of 2010 was by far the most tragic that the NHL has experienced.  3 players were taken from us far too soon.  Derek Boogaard passed away after a dangerous combination of alcohol and oxycodone took him in his sleep.  Boogaard was an effective gentle giant, and had the respect of all of his teammates and their fans.  Boogaard was extremely effective in toning down the pace of a game.  All it sometimes took was just a menacing stare or the odd shift to calm down the chippiest of games.

After spending 6 seasons with the Canuck organization, Rick Rypien was dealt to the Winnipeg Jets.  Unfortunately, Rick never had the opportunity to play with his new team.  Rick had battled clinical depression, and was given two leaves of absences from the Canucks to deal with his personal issues.  However, Rick took his own life on August 15th, a day after he was supposed to fly to Winnipeg to have his knee evaluated.  Canucks and Jets fans held vigils in his honor, and both teams held tributes.

Wade Belak was the third NHL’er that was taken from us far too soon.  Everyone that knew Belak described him in the same way; funny and the class clown.  Wade was selected 12th overall in the 94 entry draft, and had all the makings of a power forward.  Wade was always there for his teammates, and was always in great spirits.  The cause of death was labeled as a suicide by the Toronto Police, where Belak was filming the newest season of “Battle of the Blades.”  His mother disclosed that Belak was suffering from depression and had been on medication for the last 4 -5 years.  Of all of the tragedies to befall hockey this summer, this one caught me extremely off guard.  Belaks personality was always light hearted and humorous.

Happy New Year to everyone here at the Gab and their families, and all the best in the New Year.  Benjamin Franklin said it best; “Be always at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let each New Year find you a better man.”

Thanks for stopping by.  Hotchnuts

Bandits Week 17 NFL Picks-The Regular Season Finale
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Week 17 NFL

Holy Crap-oly Batman, are we at the end of the line already??? Yup this is the last roundup for the 2011 regular season. For 20 teams this will be where the 2011 story ends. For many the ax fell on their playoff chances weeks ago, for some it was just last week that their playoff dreams died. For some, plans have been made for the postseason for sometime while a handful of teams are still trying to scramble for the last places at the postseason dinner table. Snicker at a 6 seed at your own risk, for last year a #6 seed was the last standing at the end holding the Lombardi trophy.  In review, this pick season has not been the best for your humble scribe; I’ll need a 12-4 week to match last years total which was a career season win low of 160. For the season finale and continuing through the playoffs, enjoy fast facts for both teams. Playoff implications are listed where applicable, odds provided by for comparison and entertainment purposes only so if you get took on the lines its on you for starting the new year in the red.

Sunday January 1 (Happy New Year!)

Bears (7-8) @ Vikings (3-12)

Mall of America Field @ HHH Metrodome 1:00 (FOX)

Favorite No Line Listed

Last Week Bears lost to Packers 35-21, Vikings beat Redskins 33-26

Fast Facts MIN: The Vikings are trying to avoid tying their worst season in 27 years. CHI: The Bears six game is their longest since 2002

The Bears went from possible foil for the Packers to also-ran in six weeks. No Cutler, No Forte, No Chance. Meanwhile, the Vikings nightmare season took an even more ghastly turn with the season ending injury to Adrian Peterson. This injury could have ramifications into 2012. Meanwhile two teams going nowhere face off in a basic who-cares game. I think that the Vikes will be playing for pride and the Bears QB mess has destroyed their season.

Pick-Minnesota (Upset of the Week)


Jets (8-7) @ Dolphins (5-10)

Sun Life Stadium, Miami Gardens FL 1:00 (CBS)

Favorite Dolphins by 1½

Last Week Jets lost to Giants 29-14, Dolphins lost to Patriots 27-24

Playoff Implications Jets need to win and losses by Bengals, Titans and either Raiders or Broncos to make playoffs.

Fast Facts NYJ: Haven’t swept the series since 2007, MIA: This is the first time that the Dolphins have had a 1000 rusher (Reggie Bush) and a 1000 receiver (Brandon Marshall) in the same season.

Suddenly the grinning jeering Rex Ryan looks more like the buffoon as he watched his team get poleaxed by a fired up G-Men squad and have put their playoff hopes on life support. The Dolphins played a strong second half and have real hope for the future as Reggie Bush is looking more and more like a back that can be a featured part of an offense. Ryan’s distrust of QB Mark Sanchez is undermining this teams harmony and its happening at the worst of times. I think the Jets finish a collapse of Gotham proportions and give away a playoff berth that they were nearly assured of three weeks ago.



Redskins (5-10) @ Eagles (7-8)

Lincoln Financial Field, Philadelphia 1:00 (FOX)

Favorite Eagles by 9

Last Week Redskins lost to Vikings 33-26, Eagles beat Cowboys 20-7

Fast Facts PHI: RB LeSean McCoy needs 123 yards to break the club rushing record of 1512 set by Wilbert Montgomery in 1979 WAS:

The Eagles closing rush came too late to make the playoffs but may have saved Andy Reid’s job for the moment. The Redskins are meandering to another ho-hum finish and have little to play for. I'm thinking that the Eagles end a disappointing season on an up note.



Colts (2-13)  @ Jaguars (4-11)

EverBank Field, Jacksonville 1:00 (CBS)

Favorite Jaguars by 4

Last Week Colts beat Texans 19-16. Jaguars lost to Titans 23-17

Fast Facts IND: WR Reggie Wayne needs 113 receiving yards to pass 1000 for the eighth straight season. JAX: RB Maurice Jones-Drew has accounted for 46.5% of the Jags offense

The Colts death march is just about over and will begin an offseason of speculation about if they are going to draft Andrew Luck is Peyton Manning and/or Colts coach Jim Caldwell coming back just to start. The Jags are not that much better and aside from Maurice Jones-Drew have little hope for the future. I don’t think that the Colts will play as inspired on the road as they have the past couple weeks. This game will be a boring affair and thankfully few people outside of Indiana will have to watch it.



Lions (10-5) @ Packers (14-1)

Lambeau Field, Green Bay 1:00 (FOX)

Favorite No Line Listed

Last Week Lions beat Chargers 38-10, Packers beat Bears 35-21

Fast Fact DET In the 12 years since the Lions last made the playoffs, Detroit other 3 sports teams have all played for their respective sports championships with the Red Wings and Pistons winning titles. GB: Have not lost to Lions at home since 1991.

This game is just as meaningless but for other reasons. The Pack locked down the #1 seed in the NFC and are just hoping to get through the game with relatively few if any injuries and get the week off to get ready for the divisional round. The Lions are in the unexpected place of really having nothing to play for and will either head to Dallas or New York next week, they like the Packers are just trying to get through this game with as few bumps and bruises as possible.

The Pack will not be beaten at home this year and I don’t see why the Lions should be able to beat them.

Pick-Green Bay


Bills (6-9) @ Patriots (12-3)

Gillette Stadium; Foxboro, MA 1:00 (CBS)

Favorite Patriots by 11

Last Week Bills defeated Broncos 40-14, Patriots defeated Dolphins 27-24

Playoff Implications Patriots clinch #1 AFC seed with win

Fast Facts BUF:  The Bills have never won in Gillette Stadium, going 0-9. NE: Pats defense has given up an average of 412.1 a game the most since the ’81 Baltimore Colts gave up 424.6 a game. That team went 2-14

What started as a promising season at 5-1 disintergrated into an eight game skid that locked them into 3rd place. They stopped Tebow time with a flourish last week, destroying the Broncos in their home finale. The Pats rallied smartly to beat the Dolphins and remain in the top slot in the AFC. I see no reason why Tom Brady wont shred the Bills defense in much the same manner he did in their first meeting but this time the Bills not being able to keep up.

Pick- New England                                                                                     


49ers (12-3) @ Rams (2-13)

Edward Jones Dome, St. Louis 1:00 (FOX)

Favorite 49ers by 11

Last Week 49ers beat Seahawks 19-17, Rams lost to Steelers 27-0

Playoff Implications 49ers clinch NFC #2 seed and first round bye with win

Fast Facts: SF: The Niners gave up their first rushing touchdown and first 100 yard rusher all season last week. STL: The Rams have the leagues worst rushing defense giving up an average of 154.5 yards a game.

Steaming down the stretch after a two game lull the Niners are looking like they will be a tough out in the playoffs. They need only to beat the Rams who are looking like that they packed it in weeks ago. The Niners super stingy run defense will force the Rams to try to throw and that will be tough as it is. The Niners will find the rushing easy and the passing decent, that combo makes for about as sure thing as you could think of. The Niners are better on both sides of the ball and will not squander the golden opportunity to get the #2 seed and the first round bye.

Pick-San Francisco (Lock of the Week)


Panthers (6-9) @ Saints (12-3)

Merecdes-Benz Superdome, New Orleans 1:00 (FOX)

Favorite Saints by 8

Last Week Panthers beat Buccaneers 48-16, Saints beat Falcons 45-16

Playoff Implications Saints can clinch #2 seed and first round bye with win AND 49ers loss

Fast Facts CAR: QB Cam Newton needs 107 passing yards to be the first rookie QB to pass for 4000 yards in a season. NO: Saints are looking to go unbeaten at home for the first time in team history.

The Panthers continue to steadily improve and though a winning ledger is not in the cards, a new sense of respect around the league is. The problem is, they finish off their season against the surging Saints who look frighteningly efficient in dismantling a good Falcons team. Drew Brees may very well be the first to pass Dan Marino’s mark of 5084 yards in a season but watch Tom Brady overtake him in the end, as he may sit the game out. The high powered offense that Brees piloted may be resting key components ahead of the wild card round which they will likely have to host next weekend. This game is extremely tough to call, if the untested Chase Daniel gets the start the game slants to the improving Panthers, if Brees starts and plays the whole game it’s a Saints roll. I’ll flip a coin and say that Brees wears the ball cap and to the chagrin of Saints fans is the first to break the passing record but won’t be the record holder.



Titans (8-7) @ Texans (10-5)

Reliant Stadium, Houston 1:00 (CBS)

Favorite Titans by 3

Last Week Titans beat Jaguars 23-17, Texans lost to Colts 19-16

Playoff Implications Titans clinch #2 wild card with win; Jets win plus losses by Bengals AND Raiders. Texans are locked into #3 seed and will play #6 seed

Fast Facts TEN: RB Chris Johnson needs 14 rushing yards to pass 1000 for the fourth consecutive season.  HOU: The Texans have won four of the last six meetings but have not swept the season series since 2004

Sleepwalking through the last three weeks after winning the AFC South, the Texans need to get their collective minds right ahead of their first ever playoff game. The Titans are hanging on to the slim hope that they will catch all the breaks and slip into the playoffs, where they could be coming right back to the same place the very next week. The Titans have been playing better and had they not swooned hard down the stretch, this game would be for the AFC South title. The Texans are playing like they could care less until the money is on the table and it may come back to bite them when they have to turn it on. For now, they will fall victim to the hard charge of a desperate team.



Ravens (11-4) @ Bengals (9-6)

Paul Brown Stadium, Cincinnati 4:15 (CBS,)

Favorite Ravens by 3

Last Week Ravens beat Browns 20-14, Bengals beat Cardinals 23-16

Playoff Implications Ravens win AFC North with win, clinch #1 seed with win and Patriots Loss. Bengals clinch #2 wild card with win.

Fast Facts: BAL: Have lost 5 of their last 6 in Cincinnati. CIN: WR AJ Green became the first Bengal rookie since Cris Collinsworth in 1981 to make the Pro Bowl and needs five catches to break Collinsworth’s rookie catch total, he has already broken Collinsworth’s receiving yardage total.

The Bengals did what they needed to do to ensure a full house for this critical matchup against a tough divisional foe. The Bengals are in the rare position of not needing to watch the scoreboard other than their own score. They just need to win and they will be on their way to Houston for what they think could be a winnable playoff date. The Ravens are in no mood to play charitable knowing that they could be relegated to a trip out west as a wild card should they lose. In what looks to be a repeat of the tough brawling game, the Bengals gave the Ravens their toughest game of their perfect home ledger back in November. Though I know I will regret this pick, I think the Bengals play the game of their lives and steal a tight game from the Ravens and claim the last playoff spot for themselves.



Chiefs (6-9) @ Broncos (8-7)

Sports Authority Field @ Mile High, Denver 4:15 (CBS)

Favorite Broncos by 3½

Last Week Chiefs lost to Raiders 16-13, Broncos lost to Bills 40-14

Fast Facts KC: The Chiefs have the AFC’s lowest scoring offense at 13.4 a game. DEN: RB Willis McGahee became the 2nd RB (Ricky Watters) to rush for a 1000 yards for 3 different teams (BUF, BAL, DEN)

Staggering down the stretch, the Broncos still have control of their own destiny. Tebow has picked a bad time to play two of his poorest games of the season when the Broncos need him the most. The Chiefs already weak playoff hopes died when Sebastian Janikowski split the uprights in OT last week, but have been playing more competitive under interim coach Romeo Crennel. Kyle Orton would like nothing more than to send the team and the QB that took his starting job home early. I think that the Broncos are getting figured out and I wonder if the Chiefs might just play way over their heads in an effort to knock their despised rival out of the playoff picture.

Pick-Kansas City


Steelers (11-4) @ Browns (4-11)

Browns Stadium, Cleveland 4:15 (CBS)

Favorite No Line Listed

Last Week Steelers lost to Rams 27-0, Browns lost to Ravens 20-14

Playoff Implications Steelers clinch AFC North with win and Ravens loss, can clinch #1 seed with win and losses by Ravens AND Patriots

Fast Facts PIT: QB Ben Roethlisberger has thrown 7 TDs and no interceptions in his last four visits to Cleveland. CLE: The Browns have the NFL’s 2nd ranked pass defense…primarily because opposing teams don’t need to pass since they have the 30th ranked run defense.

The Steelers seem to get all the breaks at the best times, two lollipop games down the stretch when they need wins. If things break perfect they will have the #1 seed in the playoffs. The Browns have been figuring every which way they can to lose and despite playing the Steelers fairly tough in their first meeting a few weeks back seem intimidated by the Steelers and don’t look to put much of a fight. Im hoping that Mike Tomlin sends Marvin Lewis a nice fruit basket or some token of his esteem for opening the door for the Steelers to win the AFC North.



Seahawks (7-8) @ Cardinals (7-8)

University of Phoenix Stadium; Glendale, AZ 4:15 (FOX)

Favorite Cardinals by 3

Last Week Seahawks lost to 49ers 19-17; Cardinals lost to Bengals 23-16

Fast Facts SEA: RB Marshawn Lynch has scored a touchdown in 11 straight games, a team record and  last week was the first RB to score against and rush for over 100 yards against SF defense  AZ: WR Larry Fitzgerald will be making his 6th straight Pro Bowl on the strength of his career high 17.8 yards per catch

Both teams look to put a capstone on improved season, knocked out last week each team has their flaws but can be explosive at times. The Seahawks lean heavily on the running of Marshawn Lynch while the Cards passing game has solid potential. You have to wonder if either or both teams will be just mailing it in. Im gonna flip a coin and go with the home team.



Buccaneers (4-11) @ Falcons (9-6)

Georgia Dome, Atlanta 4:15 (FOX)

Favorite Falcons by 11½

Last Week Buccaneers lost to Panthers 48-16, Falcons lost to Saints 45-16

Playoff Implications Falcons move to #5 seed with win and Lions loss

Fast Facts: ATL: A win would give the franchises first ever back to back 10+ win seasons. TB: Looking to avoid their longest losing skid since losing their first 26 in 1976-77

Speaking of teams that are fading badly, the Bucs were at one time 4-2 and in the thick of NFC South race then after a rousing win against the Saints crashed badly and have lost nine straight prompting some calls for Raheem Morris’s ouster as coach. Getting the woodshed treatment at once beatable Carolina didn’t help matters nor does facing an annoyed Falcons squad itching for a team to take their beating out on as well as tune up for the playoffs. The points will get put up in a hurry but likely on one side of the scoreboard.



Chargers (7-8) @ Raiders (8-7) Coliseum, Oakland 4:15 (CBS)

Favorite Raiders by 3

Last Week Chargers lost to Lions 38-10, Raiders beat Chiefs 16-13

Playoff Implications Raiders clinch AFC West with win and Broncos loss, clinch #2 wild card with and losses by Bengals & Titans plus Jets win.

Fast Facts OAK: Are four penalties shy of setting the NFL record for most in a season with 159 SD: Trying to avoid first losing season since 2003.

Needing a win and A Broncos loss to win the AFC West the Raiders will be watching more than one scoreboard Sunday. The Chargers finally came up snake eyes and got housed in Detroit last Saturday and may have sealed the fate of Norv Turner. Both teams will give you a migraine with their inconsistent play but for some reason I just like the Raiders ability to cash in turnovers, something that the Chargers have been doing all too often as of late. To add insult to injury, the Chargers will have to watch their hated in-state rival clinch a division title that was so much their long time property.



Cowboys (8-7) @ Giants (8-7)

MetLife Stadium; East Rutherford, NJ 8:20 (NBC)

Favorite Giants by 3

Last Week Cowboys lost to Eagles 20-7, Giants beat Jets 29-14

Playoff Implications Winner of game wins NFC East and #4 seed

Fast Fact DAL: QB Tony Romo has a career best QB rating of 102.2  NY: Eli Manning and Victor Cruz became the 14th QB-WR combo to hook up for a 99 yard score

The regular season finale is a doozy. The G-Men and Pokes go head up for the NFC East title with no playoff safety net. The winner goes to the playoffs as the #4 seed with a home playoff game next week and the loser is out. Both teams have taken turns giving away clear shots at the division title with some puzzling losses but have some rip-roaring wins to bolster their respective noisy fan bases. The status of Tony Romo is for now is a go, though he is still recovering from hitting his hand on a defenders helmet last week. But with a highly suspect running game, the Pokes need Romo to play at top notch form. The G-Men meander from solid to suspect often in the same game, they knocked off their in-house rival but some suspect it was more because they lost it more than they won it. Eli Manning takes more flak than he should and subsequently it seems that Tony Romo gets less though the former is more accomplished. I’m just not sold on Romo in big games and his coach Jason Garrett has gotten a nasty tendency to freeze up in the clutch himself.  I’ll bank on the experienced coaching of Tom Coughlin and that the Eli and the G-Men win it in spite of themselves and leave the Pokes holding the heavy bag of unfulfilled expectations.

Pick-New York Giants


Last Week: 11-5 (Lock Correct, Upset Incorrect)

Overall: 148-92

Locks: 12-4

Upsets: 6-10



War Horse - Us
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Thoughts from an Island Girl

​I saw the movie War Horse the other evening.  It was very good.   It also struck me that our favorite players come and go, much like youth.  

They come in like a lion but by the end,  they are generally spent.   Gone is the innocence of youthful exuberance and it is replaced by a weathered face,  saying goodbye.    In the movie War Horse,  Joey and the black horse were fast friends,  both literally and figuratively.    But the story was not just about horses but the fragile nature of life itself.  It was about the people who loved them and the tragic harbors of war.  Man and horse.

As a Cardinal fan,  it a new beginning.   The horse finally comes home but has a new saddle.   


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