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Wrestling Wednesday - WrestleMania line=up, Injury
Category: Wrestling
Tags: Wade Barrett WrestleMania 28 lineup WWE Wrestling Ron Simmons

It is rumored that Wade Barrett will miss WrestleMania. He suffered a separated elbow at this past Monday’s Raw.

The WrestleMania 28 lineup is starting to take shape. Here is an updated card for the envent:


“One Year In The Making”

The Rock vs. John Cena

WWE Championship Match

CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho

World Heavyweight Championship Match

Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus

Hell in a Cell

Triple H vs. The Undertaker


Also rumored but not yet announced:

Big Show vs. Shaquille O’Neal ****

Money In The Bank

Divas Championship Match

*** WWE is reporting that Shaq will not be appearing at WrestleMania.


With Edge, Mike Tyson and the Four Horseman already mentioned for the 2012 Hall of Fame the next inductee will be Ron Simmons. 

Buzz from the Bleachers
Category: Daily Blog 2.0
Tags: Black History Month Chris Webber NFL free agency Goodell V. Aikman

People can surprise you. I know that I, for one, have been very critical of Chris Webber in the past. As an Ohio State fan who grew up in Michigan, I got awful tired of hearing about the Fab Five. Webber has has his share of grief over comments and odd moments in his basketball career, but I learned a surprising fact about Webber today: he's a history buff. He's also a collector of historical items.

 It seems that Webber has maintained a collection of artifacts from African American heroes like Dr. King and Rosa Parks. While the collection was began as a means of personal inspiration, Webber has recently decided to show his collection to the public. Starting in April Webber will loan his collection to the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History here in midtown Detroit. Webber says that he has decided to share is collection with the public to help inspire and educate the public, especially kids. 

While the NFL is in its off season and we wait for the draft, we can take pause to think about the veterans available in free agency. While one can easily guess more than a few guys will stay put, theres some interesting players available. QBs like Drew Brees and Alex smith will probably be re-sign to their old teams. The only question is for how much. Donovon McNabb is out there, but common sense figures he'll retire. The three guys I see as most interesting in the QB class are Matt Flynn, Jason Campbell, and Shaun Hill. 

While Flynn and Hill have spent most of their time as back-ups, they've performed admirably when called upon. Flynn made the Lions defense look very average when they last met, much to my bro's chagrin. He figures to be a huge draw and may even tempt teams who have a high draft pick. 

I hope the Lions will re-sign Hill, but his services would be good for a team looking for a veteran QB to back-up or challenge a younger guy. Campbell's hopes of being re-signed by the Raiders may have tanked when the Raiders paid up for Carson Palmer. Campbell was only able to play in 6 games for a run happy offense in Oakland, but he had a 60.6 % completion rate with 1,170 yards and 6 TDs. He had 5 turn overs, which is a worry, but has shown he has the goods to start.

The offensive side of the ball is very deep in free agency. My favorite running back available is Michael Bush. I don't mean to raid Oakland's cabinet, but I'd love to see the Lions pick this guy up and focus their draft picks on defense. Bush has had a nice run backing up McFadden and shows very good versatility. Bush was very close to reaching 1000 yards rushing last season with 7 TDs and only 1 fumble in 256 carries. 

The wide receiver position is by far the most exciting group. There is a lot of value for teams who choose not to bank on the draft. I imagine guys like Wes Welker, Vincent Jackson, Marques Colston, and Mike Wallace will be re-signed, but that leaves a lot of quality guys out there. Indy has three receivers who are free agents and none of them are restricted or have been given the franchise tag yet. Reggie Wayne, Pierre Garcon, and Anthony Gonzalez will be on the market and with the Colts still thinking of Manning it will be interesting to see who they will keep. Ideally they'll keep all three, but any of them would make fine additions to any team. Wayne fell short of 1000 yards for the first time, but inconsistent QB play may be more of the answer than aging. I also like Dwayne Bowe, Mario Manningham (though I figure the Giants will try to keep him), and Greg Camarillo. A lot of the other guys seem as if they will come with too large of a price tag and expectations.

Speaking of the NFL, after another season of incredible revenue and record setting TV ratings, Goodell and the gang are clamoring for an 18 game season. Troy Aikman came out against this, but also the NFL moving there games to include Thursday and Saturday. I wasn't sure if I'd ever feel this way, but I agree with Aikman. Aikman tried to remind the owners that the NFL may not be number one forever. Moving games to days other than Sunday or Monday night puts those games in direct competition with NCAAF for viewers and revenue. No to mention that these games are often shown exclusively on NFL Network. The greed of Goodell and the owners threatens to alienate the NCAA (not that they are innocent either) as well as the fans at home. I think Aikman is right. The league needs to reign things in, or at least not try to get any bigger by adding games.

Well, thats it for me this week. I have to agree with a lot of my fellow Gabbers that it's great to know that spring training has started. Reports are that Miguel Cabrerra is in town and looking lighter. He seems ready to attempt playing third. Always a good sign. Thanks for stopping in and reading. Hope you guys have a great week. I leave you with your word of the week.

introdouche, verb

The way in which a douchebag would go about introducing his/herself. Bragging about their meaningless accomplishments in an attempt to impress you.
Chris: Watch this, John's about to introdouche himself to Carol.

John (Speaking to Carol) : "Nice to meet you, John's the name. Nice rack. Think I met you one time at the bowling party. I won three times."

Carol: "Thanks for introdouching yourself."



Deep Thoughts 2-22-2012
Category: FEATURED
Tags: Bacon not just for breakfast anymore. Troy Aikman LHN



Hello and welcome to another Wednesday of deep thoughts. I am feeling rather whimsical on this hump day. There has been so many dark thoughts the past few weeks, that I think that I will take a break from serious discourse this week. Last week IHM introduced the phrase "diversify my meatfolio"... I have to admit, I about peed my pants I was laughing so much. But it got me to thinking about the varieties of meat; so although basketball is in full swing. Controversy swirls regarding comments about an Asian basketball player and baseball is almost here...this week I would like to talk about bacon.







I had a baked potato tonight with bacon and it was damn good.




This guy really likes bacon. The baconater!


More bacon...




Here is a bacon sandwich for you...



A real bacon sandwich...1 1/2 pounds of ground burger and mess of bacon.



Even Johnny Monkey can be happy...



Have a big date? A bacon bouquet works every time...



See what I mean?



Probably a good time for bacon lube, right?


A bacon candle helps with the mood...



A bacon sundae, what a great way to finish the evening...




Don't forget to brush your teeth!








I had to add this video was too funny not to have. Eddie's meatfolio is meat, snakes and pig. Hilarious!









I have mentioned The County Line before, this is a BBQ restaurant in Austin that I worked at in college. My daughters work there now and I surprised my wife for her birthday with a dinner after my son's baseball game. As you can see, the ribs at The County Line are super sized!


The patio is a very popular place to watch the sun set and enjoy a cocktail.





On my way out of the baseball stadium, I noticed an old friend. I drove a 1970 blue Custom 10 Chevrolet truck in high school. I know that this is not my old truck because I drove mine off a 40 foot cliff just before my senior year began. An innocent night of beer drinking turned into a very close call for myself and two of my friends. We were completely entire case was lost. It is amazing the memories that came rushing back when I saw that old truck. I am glad they made those trucks differently in the old days.




Westwood plays an all day scrimmage each year against Westlake. This year, mother nature intervened. Of course, when you have a rain out you have to do the belly slide across the wet tarp. Here is a group of wet baseball players having fun. More importantly, the head coach came out and yelled at them for getting wet, then threw his stuff down and took a turn. That was more important than any scrimmage...



Because of the rain out, I got to spend President's Day watching Westwood baseball. Blake had a good day, 2 for 2 with a HBP. Blake is off to a good start, he is 7 for 11 with 4 RBI's. The games begin for real on Thursday. After the game last night, Blake told me that before the game yesterday two Royals scouts were watching him and his teammate Ben hit. That is cool...







I read an article today that offered some interesting comments about the NFL. Troy Aikman seems to think that the NFL network is not fairing all that well and that overexposure could be the reason. Apparently Troy has cable and cannot get the NFL network... "People couldn't get [the channel] in the homes and, all of sudden, fans, me included, were saying, 'I wasn't getting the Thursday night game and I was OK with that.' That’s not a good thing." We have discussed how boxing is but a shadow of what it was 20 years ago. Could we be saying the same thing about football in 20 years? Aikman had more to say..."At one time, watching football was an event," Aikman said. "'Monday Night Football' was a big event. Now you get football Sunday, you get it Monday, you get it Thursday and, late in the year, you get it on Saturday.""I think we’re going to look back at this point in time and say these were the missteps that the National Football League took that kept football from being the No. 1 sport," Aikman said, as reported by the Los Angeles Times. "I believe, and this is my opinion, that at some point football is not going to be the number one sport. You talk about the ebbs and flows of what’s popular and what’s not. At some point, the TV ratings are not going to be there. I can’t justify that because the numbers say otherwise (now), but I guess time will tell." When asked which sport might take over the number one spot, Aikman did not offer a guess. 


Normally, this time of year I am gearing up for March madness. I begin watching Texas play on TV early in the season and by February, I am well acquainted with the team. This year, most of the Texas games have been on the Longhorn Network. Which of course means that the majority of Texas fans can not watch the games on TV. At first I was really pissed off, but not so much now. Perhaps if Texas had a better team I would be angry, but I am not so sure. I guess there is a fine balance between too much and not enough. I am sure that when March Madness arrives that I will tune in, but baseball season is really welcome this year. Maybe baseball is poised for a big comeback in popularity?




That's all I have for today, but I will leave you a bit of Jack Handey to take with you...



How come the dove gets to be the peace symbol? How about the pillow? It has more feathers than the dove, and it doesn't have that dangerous beak.         


If I ever do a book on the Amazon, I hope I am able to bring a certain lightheartedness to the subject, in a way that tell the reader we are going to have fun with this thing.         


Thanks for stopping by and feel free to leave a few deep thoughts of your own...

Regan Smith NASCAR underdog
Category: Racing

Thoughts from an Island Girl

​Today I would like to discuss another Underdog, in the world of sports.   This time it is NASCAR's Regan Smith.   While certainly not a giant in racing,  he has done enough to inspire sponsorship and perhaps get more of those precious dollars, so many are struggling to obtain.


​Born September 23, 1983, this young veteran has won one Cup race, discounting the one he was stripped of.    But he is no real stranger to the sport of racing.  He began racing at age 4 in  Quarter Midget like cars.   At 12 he joined and won the World Karting Association and in 1996, at the ege of 13 won the Grand National Championship in the WKA.  The following season he won the WKA's Master Cup in 1997.   

​Following his stint in Karts,  he graduated to USAR in 2001 and the highlight was his winning three consecutive Sunoco Pole Awards,  a record to this day.  In 2003 and 2004 competed in the Truck series and during 2004,  recorded his first top ten finish (9th).

​The 2005-2006 seasons were his introduction to the Busch Series ( Now Nationwide) where he finished 20th in driver points.  

​He has been racing in the cup series since like 2007 while 2008 was his first full season racing in NASCAR's premier division.   While top 10 finishes have been relatively rare,  he has showed himself as reliable,  making a vast majority of starts over the past two or so years.

​His lone win came last year,  in a race that some experts called a fluke.  Ironically I picked him as my favorite driver just one week before his win.   And though he places towards the middle of the pack,  I have grown quite fond of him and his familiar #78.   I don't believe he has reached the upper-limits of his talent but of course a lot of this will have to do with funding and technical support.

Unlike Jeremy Lin of the New York Knicks,  he hasn't busted out yet,  but there is no reason with the right logistics,  that he can't make his mark as a top competitor in the Cup Series.


​In other racing news,  Steve Francis won $10,000 in capturing Saturday's final of the Lucas Late Model program,  at East Bay in Tampa, Florida.    It was the culmination of six nights of racing in this premier class of dirt late model racing.   

​But this was not the first racing at East Bay for the 2012 season.   Each year at around the first of February,  East Bay has had it's winter fling on the clay.  Racing occurs for 4-6 weeks each year and this year the National culminate with three nights of racing,  called "The King of the 360 Sprints".     Many of Sprint Car racing 410 drivers appear at the track for this event.  A few years ago,  around 80 cars were present.   These cars come from about 4 countries and 38 states.   It,  like the Lucas Late Models are must see events and like Bowman Gray in North Carolina,  has a rich history with drivers like Steve Kinser,  Stevie Smith and many others.

​It is also a stepping stone to the bigs.    Past stars include Kenny Adams,  Gene Lasker and Sport Allen.

​The Nationals started back on February 2nd with the NE Late Models and Street Stock World Championship which culminated on February 4th.  February 8-11th were the UMP Modifieds and USA mod-lites.

East Bay is rated as one of the best clay racing surfaces in dirt racing.   The facilities are nice too.  Ownership and Management  are professional and former drivers at the track.   This is a very nice facility and if you get the chance to visit Tampa during February,  you will find you had a pretty good time.



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