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Trying on Tuxedo?? Update on my hip?? Was Mayweather right?? Don’t get your hair in a dandruff folks as we tackle Jeremy Lin and more in this edition of …..


Before we start I have to tell ya, going for a Tuxedo sucks. My son is getting married on March 31st and we had to get measurements and try on a jacket. They don’t wear the jackets like they use to. I couldn’t move my arms while wearing the jacket and the lady says you have to unbutton the buttons to do that. Gee back in the early 80’s (the last time I wore one) we had them buttoned and were able to move our arms all over the place.

While we are speaking of my son’s wedding to Mindy (a lady he should have found 20 years earlier), it is the day before WrestleMania. I usually have a party for the event. This year it looks like I will be going to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch it. A good son and daughter-in-law would buy there dad a ticket to the event.

Hip is doing well. I have more good days than bad. I am able to move around for most of the time I am at work depending on the type of mail I lift. I am on the right track.

Now I get the picture about LIN-sanity. It has nothing to do with not being African American or White, but in reality it does.

You see the NBA has “Tapped out” with the African American and White audiences and now needs to find new forms of revenue per-see. They tried with Yao Ming and the Chinese people, and for awhile it worked until his career was cut short.

That is why the NBA is bending over backwards to allow Lin to appear at All-Star events at the last minute, even though he only played all of 12 games this year.

While it is still early to make any predictions on who is going to their respective divisions, in baseball, I like the direction the Florida Marlins, Washington Nationals and Pittsburgh Pirates are going.

The NFL has over 600 unrestricted free agents. You can have an all-pro team if the players don’t resign with their teams.

TCU and drugs just doesn’t seem right. But I guess nothing is sacred.

Spring time is here when pitchers and catchers report to spring training. Or is it??

I went to my first Lacrosse game this past Sunday. #5 Denver played against Ohio State and Jacksonville University played against Navy. There was just over 6,000 people in attendance, and the one thing that stood out was there were more people in the stands wearing Syracuse shirts than of the other teams that were playing.

I had a good time as Ohio State upset Denver 10-9 and Jacksonville beat Navy 13-7.

There was tailgating and kids were playing in the parking lot.

Jacksonville University has a team and the City is trying to bring teams in to play in an event called Moe’s classic. This is the second year in a row they have done this. I hope more people attend, it is fast paced and some good hitting, with getting hit with a penalty.


That’s all for now.



Something Different from Storminnorman 2-23-12
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Since I started my vacation this a few days back, I have got to watch a lot of television. Some good, some bad, but other than that some pretty interesting stuff, or at least that is what my wife thinks the Investigative Discovery Channel is anyway. Anyway, Monday night I happened to turn on Monday Night RAW because I have always been a fan of the Undertaker and Triple H, and really wanted to see them wrestle at Wrestlemania 28 in Miami. Well I got my wish, and they are going to do it one more time. Hell I may even fork over the $55.00 to watch this one. So I was digging through Youtube and I found a few of my favorite WWE Superstars themes that they use when coming out for their matches, the first has not been used in a while but you will remember it....

This is a reminder of the past Triple H, and one of your last shining moments before being bought off by Mr. McMahon and the movie industry. And another of my favorite entrance theme's is this one:

If this one does not do it for you, the next one is going send chills down your spine Triple H as it does every time this gentleman walks towards the ring......

This just a reminder of things to come with the apparent end nearing for two legends of the WWE, this is ending the way all things should end both are settling their differences inside Hell in a Cell should be worth watching. So as I sit here and watch if snow this morning, I thought of this one we all here "Voices" in our heads.......

So yes I am having a little fun with this one, I am in one of those moods as I will now explain. Today or this afternoon rather, I have to go to my daughter's school and talk with her principal about her attendance along with a person from the county who thinks or has the impression that I am a dirt ball parent who does not care if his kid goes to school. Anyway, this person is going to tell me that I have to send my kid to school irregardless of whether she is ill or not, for which as a responsible parent I will promptly ignore not to infect her fellow classmates. I wondered something else, did Mitt Romney by all the advertising on Youtube? It seems like every video I have posted has a political ad ran by him, what a joke. They wonder why I am not voting for him on the 28th, it is because I never vote for negativity, its just not ethical or moral to do so.....

So to the lady works for the county, and supports that unethical attendance policy that the State of Michigan has in place, and you Mitt Romney you can all kiss my ass!!!!

So with this being said, enough is enough, I am off to bed along with returning to my vacation. Thanks for reading my post, as not to offend. Have a great week watching and writing about sports......




Tool of the Week Nominees 2/23 Tags: Tool of the week

Okay Gabber's,it's  time to nominate your candidate for TOTW!!!

Who you got in mind?

You know what to do!

Wrestling Wednesday - WrestleMania line=up, Injury
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Tags: Wade Barrett WrestleMania 28 lineup WWE Wrestling Ron Simmons

It is rumored that Wade Barrett will miss WrestleMania. He suffered a separated elbow at this past Monday’s Raw.

The WrestleMania 28 lineup is starting to take shape. Here is an updated card for the envent:


“One Year In The Making”

The Rock vs. John Cena

WWE Championship Match

CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho

World Heavyweight Championship Match

Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus

Hell in a Cell

Triple H vs. The Undertaker


Also rumored but not yet announced:

Big Show vs. Shaquille O’Neal ****

Money In The Bank

Divas Championship Match

*** WWE is reporting that Shaq will not be appearing at WrestleMania.


With Edge, Mike Tyson and the Four Horseman already mentioned for the 2012 Hall of Fame the next inductee will be Ron Simmons. 

Buzz from the Bleachers
Category: Daily Blog 2.0
Tags: Black History Month Chris Webber NFL free agency Goodell V. Aikman

People can surprise you. I know that I, for one, have been very critical of Chris Webber in the past. As an Ohio State fan who grew up in Michigan, I got awful tired of hearing about the Fab Five. Webber has has his share of grief over comments and odd moments in his basketball career, but I learned a surprising fact about Webber today: he's a history buff. He's also a collector of historical items.

 It seems that Webber has maintained a collection of artifacts from African American heroes like Dr. King and Rosa Parks. While the collection was began as a means of personal inspiration, Webber has recently decided to show his collection to the public. Starting in April Webber will loan his collection to the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History here in midtown Detroit. Webber says that he has decided to share is collection with the public to help inspire and educate the public, especially kids. 

While the NFL is in its off season and we wait for the draft, we can take pause to think about the veterans available in free agency. While one can easily guess more than a few guys will stay put, theres some interesting players available. QBs like Drew Brees and Alex smith will probably be re-sign to their old teams. The only question is for how much. Donovon McNabb is out there, but common sense figures he'll retire. The three guys I see as most interesting in the QB class are Matt Flynn, Jason Campbell, and Shaun Hill. 

While Flynn and Hill have spent most of their time as back-ups, they've performed admirably when called upon. Flynn made the Lions defense look very average when they last met, much to my bro's chagrin. He figures to be a huge draw and may even tempt teams who have a high draft pick. 

I hope the Lions will re-sign Hill, but his services would be good for a team looking for a veteran QB to back-up or challenge a younger guy. Campbell's hopes of being re-signed by the Raiders may have tanked when the Raiders paid up for Carson Palmer. Campbell was only able to play in 6 games for a run happy offense in Oakland, but he had a 60.6 % completion rate with 1,170 yards and 6 TDs. He had 5 turn overs, which is a worry, but has shown he has the goods to start.

The offensive side of the ball is very deep in free agency. My favorite running back available is Michael Bush. I don't mean to raid Oakland's cabinet, but I'd love to see the Lions pick this guy up and focus their draft picks on defense. Bush has had a nice run backing up McFadden and shows very good versatility. Bush was very close to reaching 1000 yards rushing last season with 7 TDs and only 1 fumble in 256 carries. 

The wide receiver position is by far the most exciting group. There is a lot of value for teams who choose not to bank on the draft. I imagine guys like Wes Welker, Vincent Jackson, Marques Colston, and Mike Wallace will be re-signed, but that leaves a lot of quality guys out there. Indy has three receivers who are free agents and none of them are restricted or have been given the franchise tag yet. Reggie Wayne, Pierre Garcon, and Anthony Gonzalez will be on the market and with the Colts still thinking of Manning it will be interesting to see who they will keep. Ideally they'll keep all three, but any of them would make fine additions to any team. Wayne fell short of 1000 yards for the first time, but inconsistent QB play may be more of the answer than aging. I also like Dwayne Bowe, Mario Manningham (though I figure the Giants will try to keep him), and Greg Camarillo. A lot of the other guys seem as if they will come with too large of a price tag and expectations.

Speaking of the NFL, after another season of incredible revenue and record setting TV ratings, Goodell and the gang are clamoring for an 18 game season. Troy Aikman came out against this, but also the NFL moving there games to include Thursday and Saturday. I wasn't sure if I'd ever feel this way, but I agree with Aikman. Aikman tried to remind the owners that the NFL may not be number one forever. Moving games to days other than Sunday or Monday night puts those games in direct competition with NCAAF for viewers and revenue. No to mention that these games are often shown exclusively on NFL Network. The greed of Goodell and the owners threatens to alienate the NCAA (not that they are innocent either) as well as the fans at home. I think Aikman is right. The league needs to reign things in, or at least not try to get any bigger by adding games.

Well, thats it for me this week. I have to agree with a lot of my fellow Gabbers that it's great to know that spring training has started. Reports are that Miguel Cabrerra is in town and looking lighter. He seems ready to attempt playing third. Always a good sign. Thanks for stopping in and reading. Hope you guys have a great week. I leave you with your word of the week.

introdouche, verb

The way in which a douchebag would go about introducing his/herself. Bragging about their meaningless accomplishments in an attempt to impress you.
Chris: Watch this, John's about to introdouche himself to Carol.

John (Speaking to Carol) : "Nice to meet you, John's the name. Nice rack. Think I met you one time at the bowling party. I won three times."

Carol: "Thanks for introdouching yourself."



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