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My Wife's Workplace Should Be Interesting Today
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Did you see the SDSU-UConn game Thursday night???

Did you see the event that changed the tone of the game???

The technical by freshman Jamaal Franklin???

Bumping Kemba Walker as the teams were heading to a time out???

From that point on...

The momentum and the lead swung in favor of the Huskies...

The lovely Miss Kim and I were especially excited to see Jamaal in the game...

Given the fact that his mom and my wife are coworkers...

A lesson learned...


Oh well...






Thanks for Beeze for dong my blog today...

I will be back next week...

Doctor of Football
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When Sully asked me to fill in for Friday, I had no idea what I was going to write about. As I browsed a bit of odds and ends, I stumbled across this bit of news about Lou Holtz. Notre Dame announced Wednesday that Lou Holtz would be given an honorary doctor of laws degree. I am not sure what a doctor of laws degree is, but I do know that Holtz will be thrilled to receive this recognition from Notre Dame. Since Holtz was in the news, I thought that I might explore a few tidbits about Coach Holtz.


Over the years, I have watched Holtz coach at Arkansas, Minnesota, Notre Dame and South Carolina. What I have always enjoyed about Holtz is his brutal honesty. He simply tells it like it is. Yes he is funny, but more importantly, it was obvious that he cared about his players. He cared enough about his players to suspend 6 of them before the 1978 Orange Bowl. Let's take a look back at this incident...Holtz was in his first year at Arkansas. His team was ranked 6 in the country and Oklahoma was ranked 2. Holtz was saddened to discover wrong doing by 6 of his players. Now these were not back up players, but the top two running backs and the top wide receiver. Despite the absence of these players, Arkansas stunned heavily favored Oklahoma 31 to 6. What was telling is that not one word of support came from the Arkansas administration.

"In his autobiography, “Wins, Losses and Lessons,” Holtz says the suspensions were met with silence from the university administration before the game."

“Not once did I receive a phone call from anyone associated with the University of Arkansas supporting me or questioning what had happened. No one in authority stood up for me. No one came out and said I’d made the right decision or had done the right thing by not revealing the details of the suspension,” he said in the book." Not only was Holtz left hanging, he also was left to defend himself against a discrimination lawsuit filed by the players. Holtz was defended by a young Arkansas attoney general named Bill Clinton. There were many twists to this story, but the players decided to drop the suit...I guess that they decided that they did not want the details of their suspension to become public.

It may puzzle some that I say he cared enough about the young me to suspend them, but this is exactly how I see it. Holtz had rules for all of the team members and by holding them accountable for their actions, he gave them the tough love that so many young athletes simply never get. You might say that ethics define Lou Holtz. How sad that all coaches do not share this same trait.

Now, I am not pointing any fingers, but if the buckeye fits...


Of course a blog about Lou Holtz would not be complete without a bit of his special humor and wisdom...



A lifetime contract for a coach means if you are ahead in the third quarter and moving the ball, they can't fire you.

Coaching is nothing more than eliminating mistakes before you get fired.

I can't believe that God put us on earth to be ordinary.

I never learned anything talking. I only learned when I asked questions.

If he has golf clubs in his truck or a camper in his driveway, I don't hire him.

It is fine to have ability, but the ability to discover ability in others is the true test.

It is not the load that breaks you down, it is the way you carry it.

Life is ten percent what happens to you and ninety percent how you respond to it.

Motivation is simple. You eliminate those who are not motivated.

No one has ever drowned in sweat.




I really never noticed it, but Holtz bears a striking resemblance to another country philosopher...




Cheers, coach! You deserve it...


It is late, so I will just add a few miscellaneous pics for your entertainment:






and a few classics...







The apple did not fall far from the tree...



Thanks for stopping by...

Some Light Friday Reading
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So it's the end of the work week, for most people...Not me, my week ends after my Saturday double at the Fish House...Anyway, I thought I'd knock out something light for you all to check out...

First let me get into some Hockey...There was a lot of build-up for Thursday's Bruins/Canadiens game...Yes, it's always been a big rivalry, but after Zdeno Chara's hit on Max Pacioretty March 8th, some were expecting things to be even more heated...Well not much heat from the Canadiens...The Bruins throttled them 7-0...And the gloves weren't constantly coming off, as some expected...Just an old style ass beating, that left the Habs hanging their heads...

Many have tried to tie Chara's hit to recent injuries, and violence in Hockey...When actually it was a basic Hockey play, that just had a bad, freakish, outcome...When really it's dirty, cheap-shot, assholes, like Matt Cooke who should have their faces linked with these issues...Cooke whom, I wrote about MONDAY, did get suspended again...The rest of the regular season and the 1st round of the playoffs...He should lose a whole season...

Moving on...So we had the Time Change recently...You know, the old "Spring Forward"...We just finally got the kids adjusted to it...Hell they normally mess with me for a week...I don't how people in Indiana deal with it...Nothing like a state that is split into two timezones...

Baseball season is fast approaching, and I'm looking at the Indians roster, and well, I'm not to excited...The infield, with the exception of Astrubal Cabrera, is nothing but utility players...And don't try to tell me Matt LaPorta is a 1st baseman...He's still learning how to play the position...

At catcher, is Carlos Santana, who played a third of last season in the majors, and is coming off a serious knee injury...He had a great season, and is head and shoulders above any of the catchers they had him sitting behind at the start of last year...Yeah Lou Marson, I'm talking about you...Fucking guy couldn't hit his weight, and is a hack behind the plate...

In the outfield, Grady, coffee cup Sizemore is also coming off of a serious injury and who knows how long until he's 100%...And he wasn't that good at 100% last year...The there is Shin-Soo Choo, who you can consider a true major leaguer...Then there are about five other average, to below average guys trying to make in the outfield...

The rotation is young and unproven...Fausto Carmona is the ace...He's still young, and working on being consistent...He has great stuff, but still has plenty of room for improvement...There are 6 others trying to get into the other 4 rotation spots...A lot of dopes are liking the bullpen...Not me...Don't blow 4 games for Carmona this year, let alone the games you blew for David Huff, and maybe I'll change my mind!

Then there is overpaid, DH Travis Hafner...Since MLB cracked down on steroids, this guys has had stupid, nagging injuries, and little power...What a joke...And a waste of money...Shapiro you suck!

To sum it up...If the Indians lose less than 90 games, the season will be a success...How sad is that?

Next...The NFL is changing more rules...Apparently these dopes went to the Gary Bettman/NHL school of business...Here's the plan...Bitch about not making enough money...Lockout...Change rules that make the game worse...Piss of fans!

Well, guess what...You don't have to wait for me...I'm out...I'm okay with College Football, and the NFL can go screw...I hope they miss the whole season...

Okay, I said I was gonna keep it light...So lets end with this little gem...

Later, The Beeze.


NFL and Philadelphia Eagles Legend Chuck Bednarik Hospitalized
Category: NFL
Tags: Philadelphia Eagles NFL Chuck Bednarik Pro Football Hallof Fame Al Wistert Pete Pihos Steve Van Buren

Chuck Bednarik is currently admitted in a Bethlehem area hospital in Pennsylvania. The condition of the 85-year old Hall of Famer has not been disclosed.

Not only is he a link to the last Eagles team to win an NFL title, but he is also part of the last dominant Eagles teams.

Though the Eagles won the 1948 NFL Championship, famously known for being played in a driving blizzard, they had the first pick of the 1949 draft. They didn't have to look far, tabbing Bednarik out of Pennsylvania University.

While in college, he was named All-American three times. He won the 1948 Maxwell Award, which honors the best player in college football, and finished third in the voting for the Heisman Trophy while playing linebacker and center.

Bednarik did this after serving in the Air Force during World War II. He flew 30 missions over Germany and was highly decorated.

Not only has he been inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame, there is an award named after him that is given to the Best Collegiate Defensive Player annually.

When he joined the defending champion Eagles, Bednarik was surrounded by a wealth of talent coached by Hall of Famer Earl "Greasy" Neale. Neale tried to bring him along slowly because he had Pro Bowler Vic Lindskog at center and middle guard, but Lindskog got hurt after five games and Bednarik took over.

Philadelphia dominated the NFL that year. They had the top ranked offense and defense, scoring 230 more points than they allowed. Besides having Hall of Famers Steve Van Buren, Alex Wojciechowicz and Pete Pihos on the team, he had Pro Bowlers like Al Wistert, the man who invented stand up blocking, Bucko Kilroy and Tommy Thompson playing alongside him.

The Eagles repeated as champions that season with a 14-0 win over the Los Angeles Rams, making them the only team in the history of the NFL to pitch a shutout in consecutive title victories.

After winning, the Eagles had to rebuild an aging team in the 1950's. They spent the next decade struggling, never winning more than seven games. But "Concrete Charlie" was a steady force yearly, and went to the Pro Bowl in seven of the first eight seasons that decade.

He missed just one game over that time. Including two games he missed as a rookie, he missed just three of a possible 172 regular season games in his 14 seasons despite never leaving the field.

The NFL began to change in the 1950's. It was custom practice that a player be tough and in shape enough to play both ways the entire game. Soon there were players for just offense or defense during the decade.

Yet Bednarik symbolized the past by continuing to play both offense and defense. When the Eagles reached the championship game in 1960, he was the last to do so.

The season is best remembered by two tackles Bednarik made. The first was on a crossing route pass to New York Giants Hall of Fame halfback Frank Gifford. As Gifford reached out to catch the ball, he smashed into Bednarik at full speed. Gifford retired from the NFL for 18 months because of the hit.

The other tackle secured the championship. With the Eagles leading the Green Bay Packers 17-13, the Packers had one last gasp drive in them late in the fourth quarter. They drove deep in Eagles territory with time running out. Hall of Fame quarterback Bart Starr passed the ball to Hall of Fame fullback Jim Taylor.

Taylor caught the ball and was driven into the turf by Bednarik. He stayed on top of Taylor as time expired, sealing the victory. It is the last title the Eagles franchise has won since.

Though he was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame himself until 1967, Bednarik has remained close to the Eagles fans and state of Pennsylvania for the most part. He has been outspoken, once calling modern players "pussyfoots" who "suck air after five plays" and "couldn't tackle my wife".

There is no Eagle greater than Chuck Bednarik. He ranks 19th all-time in Career Approximate Value (Weighted) by Pro Football Reference, the top score by an Eagle. Reggie White has a higher ranking, yet he played over half his pro career with other teams.

The NFL Network ranks him the 35th best player ever, and the Sporting News ranks him 54th. He is in the Eagles Honor Roll and the Philadelphia Sports Hall of Fame.

If you are a fan of football, now is the time to say a prayer for "Concrete Charlie."

Talking Sports
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Hey guys I don’t have much today. Just a crappy week my kid worked his ass off all winter to make the majors in Little league and was passed over due to some league politics. He has given up on baseball and my complaints have fallen on deaf ears.


My wife was laid off and it has just been pisser around here. Sully is here in the North Country and has brought fucking cold Temps and snowshowers. This sucks.


Anyway let’s talk some sports. The NHL did the right thing by suspending Matt Cooke that bastard should be suspended for life. It was a headhunting hit.


Are we sick of the NFL fuck them too. They are worse than the local Little League. Grow up stop the bullshit and get talking. Because we are sick of it

Will the NFL moving the ball up on kickoffs really change the game. It was on the 35 in 1994. When guys could actually kick it place it where they wanted too. I think it changes nothing. Maybe, will be a few more touchbacks that’s it.


So who do you think is more full of shit the guys who over analyze the NFL Draft or the Guys that Over analyze the NCAA Tournament?.


The Bruins play the Canadiens tonight in round two. Will somebody take a run at Chara. I seriously doubt it. I think it will be hard fought game because both teams need to concentrate on Hockey instead of all the other crap. Than again I may just join a protest with whiny Montreal Fans outside the Garden and try to figure out what they are crying about. I recall Boston area Native and Northeastern University star Chris Nilan was a folk hero up there. He made Matt Cooke look like friggin choirboy.

Here is a Nilan Classic




Here some Hockey when they police themselves.





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