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WrestleMania picks coming on Wednesday
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Wednesday ScottJax will be making his WrestleMania predictions. Get yours ready for my next blog on Wednesday.

Please save predictions for Wednesdays blog.




Musings From The Hoodwood 3-27
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The Road Ends Here!!!

Greetings from the hoodwood, where the locals are seeking treatment for their collective college hoops overdose.

In 15 days we’ve went from 68 teams to 4 and from a basketball purist standpoint you couldn’t ask for a more heavyweight driven Final Four than what you have this year. The consensus #1 team Kentucky with their precocious and talented freshmen Michael Kidd-Gilchrist and Anthony Davis, Ohio State with its chillingly efficient Jared Sullinger and William Buford, Kansas with its player of the year candidate Thomas Robinson and Louisville led by do everything guard Peyton Siva. There are no shortage of storylines here. Can John Calipari finally get the title he has chased from UMass to Memphis to Kentucky (And better still will he be able to keep it?) Will Rick Pitino get the 2nd title that he has so long desired. Will Ohio State finally put it all together? Can Kansas prove that they were the ultimate sleeper? The Big Easy will have four very noisy and boisterous fan bases. The problem is have no love really for any of them. I have always had a soft spot for Kansas and their Rock Chalk KU chant…but Its never been a deep seated love. Though with the Buckeyes and Cards on my master shit lists for defeating my beloved Bearcats and their fans never letting me hear the end of it and the arrogant UK fans who have treated this tournament like their coronation. I have to root hard for the team that has done nothing to offend me.


Regional Review

The four regions had their share of wild moments, but no buzzer beaters and only one OT game where an Ohio team that wouldn’t give an inch simply ran out of gas against a tougher UNC game. But the Tar Heels showed more scars from that game than most thought as they were worn down by a relentless Jayhawks squad. Ol Roy Boy didn’t want to say as much but the loss of Kendal Marshall hurt the Heels more than a little down the stretch. I give some dap to Stilman White, the erstwhile backup point guard for UNC. Thrust into lineup with the injury to Marshall, White played capably for a while but as the game  went into its final moments. White looked like he wanted nothing to do with taking a crucial shot. The Jayhawks went on a 13-0 closing run and the Heels had no scoring option. The Jayhawks triangle and 2 taking their key scoring threats, Harrison Barnes and Tyler Zeller out of the mix

In the East Ohio State raced out to a big lead against my beloved Bearcats watched them rally heroically to wipe out that lead and go up 52-48 With the Bucks seemingly on the ropes,they turned on the jets in a 17-1 spurt that sent them to the Elite 8 where they faced Syracuse. The Orange who roiled back and forth in their sweet 16 game but hung on to beat a solid Wisconsin squad in a game that didn’t get decided till a last desperate twisting Badger jumper sailed off line. The Orange and Bucks tussled for awhile in the TD North Garden in Boston but you just had the feeling that the Bucks were just too much of a handful for the Orange. Jared Sullinger repeatedly abused the Orange after being in early foul trouble. The game just seemed to have an odd flow and was tightly officiated. The Lady Bandit and I took some of the game in over dinner where a partisan Ohio State crowd was cheering every positive Buckeyes play. She observed that there were a lot of fouls called and that the Syracuse coach was getting madder and madder. Boeheim ended up getting a T and was lucky that he didn’t get a second later in the game. The Bucks made the game a free throw shooting parade late and Boeheim’s puzzling decision to keep uber playmaker make Scoop Jardine on the bench in the 2nd half was a puzzling coda to a 77-70 Bucks win. 2 of the 3 Orange losses this season were to teams from Ohio.

The Ville seems to win the ugliest games, witness their Big East title win over Cincy a stomach turning 50-44 decision. Or their ouster of #1 seed Michigan State in the regional semis a 58-47 clunker that no one outside of Jefferson County in Kentucky could have loved. Ive never been a Rick Pitino fan, his whining preening style is annoying and grating, but give the man his due. He wins with any kind of style, this grinder of a team he has this year wont win any aesthetic awards but they have won ball games. After the snoozer win over the Spartans, they fell behind to the Florida Gators who quietly made the regional final by rolling past Marquette and taking advantage of the absence of #2 Mizzou on that side of the draw. The Gators raced to an 8 point lead at the half and were up 11 with 8:16 to play. The Cards blitzed the Gators with a 23-8 run and stormed back to the 72-68 win. The win was even more impressive in that the Cards made most of their run with their do everything guard Peyton Siva on the bench. Oh geez this means we will have to see Siva’s father 20 million times during the national semifinal.

Finally there is Kentucky who has seemingly toyed with every opponent in the tourney. They played a thrilling track meet with Indiana for a half in the Sweet 16 and for awhile in the second it looked like the Hoosiers were going to match the Wildcats blow for blow. But the Hoosiers never took the lead in the 2nd half and the Wildcats just kept pulling further and further away the 102-90 decision was the most points scored in any game in the tourney and the only game that a team cracked the century mark. Indiana was the only team in the tourney so far to score 90 and lose. They went to regional final to face Baylor who’s up and down play let Xavier back into the game after taking a 22-4 lead early. The Bears held off a number of late charges to win 77-70. The Bears then raced out to an early 10-5 lead on Kentucky and looked to be in position to spring the mammoth upset. Facing their largest deficit of the tourney so far, all that did was annoy the Wildcats as they went on a frightening 34-7 run to destroy the Bears regional title hopes and cruise to an 82-70 win. This sets up a bluegrass rematch of the highest order. The arch rivals of the Commonwealth who for so long refused to play one another until they were forced to do so in the 1982 NCAA tourney then were shamed into playing one another by state proclamation. Now they play once a year and there is still no love lost especially with Cardinals coach Rick Pitino being UK’s most famous Ex-coach.

Ohio State and Kansas face off in a rematch as well, the Jayhawks rolled over the then second ranked Bucks in Allen but did so without facing Jared Sullinger. Im thinking that the Bucks will methodically wear the Jayhawks down in the second semifinal after the Wildcats overpower the Cards. There will be no suicide watches in Kentucky as the Wildcats beat the Bucks to win their first title in 14 years and give SEC fan one more teasing point on Ohio State.


The Big Tuna in the Big Easy?

Yeah, it could happens. Disgraced and soon to be suspended Saints Coach Sean Payton is reaching out to former mentor Bill Parcells to coach the Saints in his absence...could it happen? Stay tuned


Hes Baaaaack! Tiger takes the Palmer

Damn kid, it took ya long enough! Tiger Woods finally did the damn thing. Winning the Arnold Palmer invitational by 5 strokes over Graeme McDowell, the joy on Tigers face was obvious. Every media outlet has chronicalled the 2 plus years since Woods last tour victory in September 2009, since then Woods has had a nasty adultery scandal, leading to a painful and very public divorce, awkward apologies, crippling injuries and a puzzling slump that were leading many to believe that tour win #73 would be a long time coming if ever. But Tiger has shown a resiliency that has been long lacking and shook off a pesky achillies injury from his last outing to roll to a win in one of his favorite venues. The only shame was that the tourney’s namesake Arnold Palmer wasn’t on hand to present the trophy to Woods. The living legend was hospitalized with high blood pressure. We in the hoodwood wish Mr. Palmer a speedy recovery. And uh oh, whats the next major tour event??? It wouldn’t be a pristine course in Georgia where they give out green jackets to the winners would it???


Tebow time in the Big Apple

Tell me if this makes any sense to you. A backup quarterback getting back page news in the NYC tabloids and a press conference to boot. If it was anyone other than Timothy Richard Tebow, it would be considered a useless excerise. But Tebow mania is coming to the Big Apple. The soap opera that is the New York Jets and their grinning jeering coach Rex Ryan continue to outdo themselves in hyperbole. While their MetLife Stadium roommate New York Giants have won two Super Bowls in four years, the Jets seem to be more fodder for the tabloids than headliners for winning games. In a stunning reversal the Jets seemingly gave starter Mark Sanchez a vote of confidence by spurning any thought of pursing then free agent QB Peyton Manning and giving Sanchez a contract extension. Making a crazy quixotic turn the Jets then traded for Tebow. Sanchez, a fragile ego to begin with in the maelstrom that is the New York media shark tank now has to deal with the looming shadow of Tebow and his loud, loyal fan base. Tebow of course said all the right things in his Monday presser. Saying that he just wanted to do what was needed to help the Jets win and that about Sanchez  that he “(thinks) We'll have a great relationship and, hopefully, we'll thrive together.” Many in the New York media ripped the trade and many former Jets did too. Jets legend Joe Namath called the move a dumb publicity stunt and many are lef to wonder that in an already highly charged locker room will the arrival of Tebow rip the team further apart. Tebow could have went to Jacksonville, a team with a young QB of its own in Blaine “Gabby” Gabbert and the Jags were hot for him, since Tebow grew up in Jacksonville and the Jags are desperate for a PR move that would fill the seats at an otherwise mostly empty EverBank Field. But Tebow wanted NYC and the Broncos made the trade work after a lengthy and at times puzzling horse trading session. Tebow leaving Denver had a number of critics including one that you wouldn’t expect (See Head Slap) Sanchez in a conference call later said that he was not concerned over his starting job. He better be, cause you can bet your bottom dollar the first time he throws a pick, or a string of incompletions not only will the boo bird come out but the Tebow chants will start. It ran Kyle Orton out of Denver, Im betting that it will drive Sanchez out of Gotham before the season is half over.



Phat Dap

In the wake of the tragic shooting death of Trayvon Martin, the Miami Heat lead by Lebron James lead a protest of their own, the team was photographed hoodies up as a symbolic gesture over the controversy surrounding the shooting last month. While there are still no arrests and a good deal of the country has strong opinions, usually sports figures try to stay above it. James and the Heat felt it necessary to say little but their gesture said a lot. As a black man, I understand  the frustration and have dealt with harassment before just because I looked suspicious as Im sure everyone of those players were saying with their gesture. I commend the James and the Heat for their actions and Hoodwood stands with the players and those that are calling for action in this matter.

Head Slap

To televangelist and noted blowhard Pat Robertson who on his 700 Club program was very sharp and pointed on his criticism of the Denver Broncos for trading Tebow. Robertson who rarely pontificates on sports took offense that the Broncos picked up Manning and traded Tebow. Robertson opined about Manning’s neck injury and said that the Broncos would be in serious trouble if Manning got hurt. That’s a no brainer and nothing overly controversial but he followed that up with the opinion that trading away Tebow would haunt the Broncos in some sort of dogmatic karma. Robertson went on to state that Tebow had turned the “nothing” Broncos into a contender and that acquiring Manning to bench then trade the devoutly religious QB was nothing short of terrible. Robertson needs to stick with what works, thundering from his pulpit for money and calling those that don’t follow his ideals evil.

Thats the view from the Hoodwood, until next post fellow sports fans!


Mike Polk Jr. Killing the Browns Again!
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 Yep, Cleveland's favorite funny-man/angry Browns fan, has made another excellent video...Mike has pulled out his big, funny, sick of this bullshit, hard cock, and slammed it right up in the Browns' stupid ass...

Great job!

Mike Polk Jr. once again, saying what needs to be said!

Later, The Beeze.

Another Six Pack of Rants
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Welcome to the tantrums where we Uncle B.O.B. wants to know what’s with Hootie going country and going on tour and performing before Lady Antebellum?  Not that Hootie and the Blowfish didn’t suck back in the day!

I know I rant about a lot of crazy stuff, but I wanted to start this one off on a positive note.  I have no idea how old this video is, but Boston – I LOVE YOU FOR THIS!

On to the rants:


Rant of the Week #1 – Jeff Ireland.  Miami Dol-fans with bags over their heads protesting the Dolphin GM Jeff Ireland is outstanding.  The fans are bent (correctly) about why Miami can’t get improvements to their team.  Ireland’s response – “We’re half way through the player acquisition period.  Let the process play out.”.  Really Jeff?  Let’s take a look at what you’ve done over the past few years.   Miami hasn’t had a serviceable QB since Dan Marino left, which means that Miami hasn’t had a passing game to attract WR’s haven’t been notable since Duper and Clayton – and NO Brandon Marshall doesn’t count. 

Rant of the Week #2 – Joe Lacob.  The owner of the Golden State Warriors got booed off the mike when he tried to speak on the occasion of the retirement of Chris Mullin’s jersey in Oakland.  It took both Chris Mullin and Rick Barry begging the fans to stop and even that didn’t do it.  Sorry, I agree with the fans here – fans are sick and tired of waiting for teams to get better, especially here in NOCAL.  The Warriors and Kings have sucked forever and a day and it doesn’t appear that Lacob at GSW or the Maloofs in Sacramento give one bit of a damn about making things better for the fans.  These two owners in particular are deserving of getting booed at every chance. 

Fans of all teams are getting tired of hearing the words “have a little patience”.   The fans are getting tired of idiots running their franchises into the ground and embarrassing fans everywhere.    Hell, just look at the Gab - Beeze is fed up with the Browns, IHM was sick of the Lions, and I have my issues with the Dolphins and Sacramento Kings. 

Rant of the Week #3 – Colin Cowturd.   This idiot comes up with the strangest stuff.  Monday, he came out with “Tim Tebow will wreck the New York Jets Locker Room”.   Yeah Colin, as if “anonymous Jet” and Santonio Holmes vs. Mark Sanchez have nothing to do with fracturing that joke of a Locker Room already.

That being said, I agree with “the Turd” about a backup QB having a press conference – that flat out shouldn’t happen.  Just seems to me that Tebow is being used by the marketing hacks in the NFL, NYC, and other places.  If you think that Tebow had any say in where he was going to be traded, you are absolutely fooling yourself.  I'm sorry, if the Jets didn't even have the best trade package out there, somebody routed this guy to the Rotten Apple.

Oh yeah NYJ owner, don’t tell me this was a “football decision”.  Just how naive do you think fans are?

Rant of the Week #4 – Andy Pettite.  Could have fooled me Andy.  We’ve blasted off on Brett Favre and his BS, but what is Andy Pettite doing that’s any different?  He pulls this same crap year after year after year.  How many times has this guy waffled on this subject?  And no Gabbers, this isn’t about my admitted hatred for the Yankees, this dude has become nothing more than a friggin diva who can’t make up his mind.

Rant of the Week #5 – Warren Sapp.  Warren have you started hangin’ with Mary Jane again?  C’mon man, saying on the NFL Network that Jeremy Shockey was “the snitch” about Nawlins without proof?  Nobody in the league likes Shockey, and they like a snitch even less, but one member of “the U” ratting out another?  That’s probably the most shocking thing of this whole incident.  Hell, everybody at Miami has secrets and openly accusing Shockey only opens the door for him to drop some knowledge about Sapp’s past.

I’m glad the NFL gave him the talk and told him that he's an Analyst and NOT a reporter.

Rant of the Week #6 – Jason Smith vs. Blake Griffin.  A big deal has been made about Blake Griffin being knocked down by Jason Smith down in New Orleans (where else?).  Dude got shoulder checked while dribbling – it’s not like Smith went all New Orleans Saints on Griffin.  Both were on the ground running, Griffin went down, never hit his head, and laid there for over a minute.  Are you kidding me?  I've seen far tougher hits on a T-ball field...Jason Smith didn’t want he or his team to be embarrassed so he laid a shoulder.

I honestly wonder if it was anybody other than B. Griffin who took that "hit", would the NBA even remotely consider suspending Smitty? 

March Freaking Madness.  I'm honestly not going to rant on this because I actually find these two games appealing - Ohio State vs. Kansas and Kentucky vs. Louisville – just how classic is this gonna be?  Let's hope the officiating doesn't affect the games in any way.

Fantasy Baseball Draft.   To those with “the juice”, might I make a suggestion – 60 seconds between picks next year?  Secondly, and this is not meant to be mean-spirited, but if you’re not going to be at the draft, TURN YOUR AUTO PICK ON.  Two and a half hours for a 12 team draft is a little on the long side.

Question of the Day.  Should Bill Parcells become the interim Head Coach of the New Orleans Saints?


Wendell Scott : A NASCAR Pioneering Spirit
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Welcome Gabbers and others. Thought I'd bring a story of pioneering never say never spirit in todays written offering. It's a story of a man who against all odds and adversity made a name for himself as a respectful talented racer, gained the respect of other racers and just never quit. Wendell Scott was a Black American who decided that racing would become his life. 

He was a taxi driver from 1939-1943. Served as a mechanic and paratrooper during WW II in the US Army from 1943-1945. Had his own garage called Scott's Garage from 1949-1990. Drove in NASCAR from 1961-1973.

Of course he was a bootlegger as most of the NASCAR drivers were back then. He bragged that his liquor car could go 95 mph in 2nd gear and 118 mph in high. No police car in Danville, Va could go that fast so as a result, Wendell was only caught once in 1949 and given 3 years probation. He still made his late night whiskey runs.

Wendell traveled from race to race with his wife Mary and their kids. They had 6 in all and Wendell Jr and Franklin ended up as his pit crew when they were old enough. Travel as a black family was rough. They brought their own food and carried extra cans of fuel just in case they couldn't make it to a gas station or restaurant that would serve them. Some tracks refused to let him race. People booed him from the stands. Drivers out right wrecked him or slashed his tires. The track scorers would not score him and would place him last on the score board. Of course he'd get last place pay too. 

Wendell's son Franklin told of a story of Wendell smashing the qualifying record of Jack Smith at a Savannah, GA track. He let Wendell know he was going to drive right through him. Seems he never got close enough all race. Wendell came in 2nd behind Ned Jarret. The animosity continued with Jack wrecking him else where and Wendell just had enough. During the pace lap at another race Jack drove up beside Wendell and pointed at him. Wendell pulled out a gun and pointed it at Jack. There were no more issues with Jack Smith after that.

Of course there were those that were happy to help Wendell. He was on a limited budget and very few resource. Richard Petty, Tiny Lund, Ned Jarret, Fireball Roberts and Joe Weatherly were just a few drivers who helped out when they could. On one such occasion Tiny Lund gave Wendell a set of tires to qualify on. Another time Ned Jarret sold Wendell a Holman Moody Ford for a $1. Wendell finished 12 in the points that year even though he missed several races. 

On December 1, 1963 at Speedway Park in Jasksonville, Fla Wendell Scott became the first Black American to win in NASCAR. As usual though the scorers were ignoring Wendell and they waved the checkered flag over top of Buck Baker the 2nd place car. The track officials were afraid of a riot if they let Wendell in victory lane and he kissed the trophy girl. Wendell complained and got the prize money but the trophy came a couple races later and it wasn't the right trophy. 

Through all the adversity Wendell never showed bitterness or acted out in spite. He always took the high road, kept his nose to the grind stone and showed his children how a great man acts. He knew fighting would not serve any purpose in helping him to do what he loved and that was to race.

His career in racing came to an end in 1973 at Talladega, Ala in a 19 car pile up which almost left him a cripple. He sustained multiple injuries. A broken pelvis, 3 broken ribs, a broken leg and a laceration on his arm that required 70 stitches.

In 1971 Wendell received the first Curtis Turner Achievement Award for his efforts to promote NASCAR. He has received many other awards for his community work as well as a street in Danville named after him. In 1999 he was inducted into the International Motorsports Hall Of Fame. Unfortunately Wendell had passed away in 1990 of spinal cancer.

Who knows what he could've accomplished with the money and resources of the better funded teams. He certainly had the talent and most of the drivers admitted that much. He was a genius under the hood of the car making the most out of what he had. He made parts or tools if he had no money to buy them. 

He was truly a NASCAR pioneering spirit in the highest order.


I didn't think it rained in California but it did on Sunday. The Auto Club 400 was about 70 laps short due to rain. From the time the green flag dropped all the drivers seemed to be on a mission. Very focused on no caution flags and there weren't any until lap 123 for rain drops in turn 3. By lap 129 it was a red flag and all cars went to pit road to cover up and wait. At 5:25 EST they called the race and my most handsome Knight of the Mobile1 Tony Stewart was awarded the race. 

Normally our veteran drivers have better days in the pits but there were mistakes a plenty. Jeff Gordon dragged his gasman on lap 108 out of the pit box resulting in a stop and go penalty. Green flag stop and he went one lap down. OUCH!!!

Lap 36 Regan Smith too fast exiting pit road. Pass thru penalty.

On lap 68, Jamie McMurray didn't get all his lug nuts on and had to come back in. Came back in again several laps later complaining the wheel was loose.

Lap 70 Bobby Labonte almost as old as Mark Martin was too fast exiting pit road. Pass thru penalty. At the half way lap 100 Brad Keselowski was too fast exiting pit road. Pass thru penalty.

Lap 105 JJ Yeley too fast entering pit road. Pass thru penalty. 

Kyle Busch got the most laps led bonus with 80 laps. Brother Kurt got a top 10. YEAH!!! 

Smoke started pouring from Johnsons car on lap 128. Thought it might be an oil line knocked loose from debris bouncing off or a blown motor. In either case the red flag on lap 129 and rain out race ending saved his 10th place finish.

Hamlin for some unknown reason elected to go in for a pit stop on during the rain caution on lap 123 and gave up 2nd place. 

First thru 12th on the track at the end of the race were... Tony Stewart, Kyle Busch, Dale Earnhardt Jr, Kevin Harvick, Carl Edwards, Greg Biffle, Ryan Newman, Martin Truex Jr, Kurt Busch, Jimmie Johnson, Denny Hamlin, and Mark Martin.

TOP 12 IN THE POINTS - Greg Biffle, Kevin Harvick, Dale Earnhardt Jr, Tony Stewart, Matt Kenseth, Martin Truex Jr, Denny Hamlin, Jimmie Johnson, Clint Bowyer, Ryan Newman, Paul Menard and Carl Edwards


On Saturdays race debris punctured her radiator and her race day ended with engine failure. She only drove 63 laps and ended up 35th for the day and many laps down. She's 17th in the points standings. 


The chief appellate officer John Middlebrook gave Jimmie his 25 pts back, and took away the race suspensions of Chad Knaus and car chief Ron Malec. The $100,000 fine stands. Rick Hendrick maintained his team was innocent. He keeps highly detailed records of all his cars and presented all this to John Middlebrook who sided with Hendrick in the end. John is not talking about why he over turned the decision and NASCAR isn't talking either. We are left to wonder why the other cars were allowed to fix their C-post before inspection without a fine and the 48 team wasn't.

Next week it's Martinsville. Lots of tempers flying and lots of beatin' & bangin'. Can't wait. I've moved up 2 spots in my Yahoo fantasy league. Not sure where I am in my work fantasy league but I'm hoping for the best. 

Thanks for stopping by and you all have a great day........



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