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Wrestling Wednesday - Randy Savage Bio
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Wrestlers Name: “Macho Man” Randy Savage

Real Name: Randal Mario Poffo

Nicknames: “Macho Man,” “Macho King”

Other wrestling names: “The Spider Friend,” “The Spider,”

Born: November 15, 1952

Died: May 20, 2011, Age 58

Hometown: Downers Grove, Illinois

Resides: Tampa, Florida

Height and Weight: 6’2”/273

Debut: November 1973

Retired: February 18, 2005

Trained By: Angelo Poffo

Managers and Valets:  Miss Elizabeth (his wife), Angelo Poffo, Jimmy Hart, Sensational Sherri/Queen Sherri, Gorgeous George, Team Madness (Gorgeous George, Madusa and Miss Madness)

Entrance Music: Pomp and Circumstance

Famous Quotes: “Oh, Yeah!!”

Favorite Moves: Snap Ring Rope Clothesline, Flying Double Ax Handle

Finishing Move: Flying Elbow Drop

Randy “Macho Man” Savage was one of the greatest entertainers of all-time. Entering the ring, to the music of “Pomp and Circumstance,” with colorful ring attire, sunglasses, bandana, robes and a cowboy hat, he could light up the ring. With his signature finger in the sky, Randy would circle the ring while the fans would go crazy, then with his deep and raspy voice he would otter the words he made famous, “Oooh, Yeah!!!

Make no mistake about “Macho Man,” he could wrestle like no other. He could go toe-to-toe, move-for-move with Bret Hart, Tito Santana or Ricky Steamboat, or, go power-for-power with wrestlers like Hulk Hogan, Ultimate Warrior, and the like. Name the style of wrestling and Savage can play along. The WWE considers Randy Savage the greatest Intercontinental Champion of all-time, bringing “a higher level of credibility to the title through his amazing in-ring performances.”

Randal Mario Poffo was born on November 15, 1952 to Judy and Angelo Poffo in Downers Grove, Il near Chicago, Il. His dad was a wrestler as well as his brother, Lanny Poffo (“The Genius” and “Leaping Lanny Poffo”). Randy graduated from Downers Grove North High School where he was a two-time All-State catcher. Savage also graduated from Southern Illinois University. In 1971, Randy was the only player signed, out of 200 player tryouts by the St. Louis Cardinals. He batted .286 in 35 games for the GCL Cardinals, and played 16 error-free games as catcher. In 1972, he played in 52 games and batted .274 while playing in the outfield for the GCL Cardinals.

He did make the Gulf Coast League All-star team as an outfielder. In 1973, while playing for the GCL Red Birds, Savage hit .344 in 25 games as a DH. In that same year Randy played in 46 games for the Class-A Orangeburg Cardinals hitting .250. He did suffer a severe muscle tear and ligament separation in his throwing arm. He was released by the Cardinals. Savage then taught himself to throw left-handed. In 1974, Randy played with the Cincinnati Reds Florida State League team the Tampa Tarpons. He played 131 games at Dh/first base/outfield while batting .232 with 9 homeruns (5th in league) and 66 RBIs (3rd in league). Savage was released by the Reds. In 1975, Randy signed with the Chicago White Sox but was released at the end of spring training. This was the end of his baseball career.

Randy took up wrestling in 1973, when the baseball season was over. He wrestled for Georgia Championship Wrestling (GCW) as “The Spider Friend.” Yep, you guessed it, a take-off of Spider Man. It was GCW booker Ole Anderson who said that the name Poffo didn’t fit someone who “wrestled like a savage,” thus the name change to Randy Savage.

At the conclusion of Randy’s minor league baseball career, he became a full-time wrestler. He wrestled his first match against “Golden Boy” Paul Christy. He worked with his dad and brother in Michigan, the Carolinas, Georgia, the Maritimes, and Eastern Tennessee Territory.

Angelo Poffo felt that Randy and Lanny were not getting the top billing they deserved so he started the “outlaw” International Championship Wrestling (ICW) promotion based in Lexington, Kentucky. The ICW was used to promote Randy and Lanny against wrestlers like Ronnie Garvin, Pez Whatley, Bob Orton, Jr and Ox Baker. ICW lasted until 1984.

On December 30, 1984 “Macho Man” married Elizabeth Ann Hulette and divorced her on September 18, 1992.

Randy Savage joined Jerry Lawler’s Continental Wrestling Association (CWA) in 1984. Randy’s career began to take-off. He teamed up with Lanny to battle The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express where Savage injured Ricky Morton by pile-driving him through the timekeeper’s table. Savage also teamed up with Lawler against Jimmy Hart’s First Family Stable. Savaged turned on Lawler in early 1985. He had classic matches against Jerry “The King” Lawler for the AWA Southern Heavyweight Championship. This turned out to be one of the bloodiest feuds in Memphis history; no disqualification matches, barbed wire matches, cage matches, and even fireballs were used. On June 8th, in Memphis, Tennessee Randy lost to Lawler in a Loser Leaves Town Match.

Randy Savage signed with World Wrestling Federation (WWF) in June 1985. He made his first appearance on Tuesday Night Titans. It was on this show that Randy’s services were being recruited by several WWF managers which included, Bobby “The Brain” Heenan, Jimmy Hart and “Classy” Freddie Blassie. He selected Miss Elizabeth as his new manger. With the beautiful Miss Elizabeth at his side “Macho Man” would be a crazed, egomaniacal bully who mistreated his manager. Randy’s first pay-per-view (PPV) debut was at The Wrestling Classic on November 7, 1985 in a sixteen man tournament. He beat the likes of Ivan Putski, Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat” and Dynamite Kid before losing to the Junkyard dog.

Randy had some outstanding matches against Bruno Sammartino and George “The Animal” Steel. Savage set his sights on Intercontinental Champion (IC) Tito Santana. The feud started in November 1985, on Saturday Night’s Main Event and ended when “Macho Man” defeated Santana to win the title on Prime Time Wrestling at the Boston Garden, on February 24, 1986. George Steel had a crush on Miss Elizabeth, which lasted from January 1986 until WrestleMania II, when Savage defeated Steel to retain the IC title.

The next great feud for Savage was against Ricky Steamboat. On November 22, 1986 edition of Superstars, Steamboat got a shot at the Intercontinental Championship against Randy Savage. Steamboat lost the match by count-out but after the match, Savage continued to assault Ricky. “Macho Man” took the timekeepers bell, climbed into the ring, climbed to the top of the rope and then leap downed and shoved the bell into the larynx of a laid out Steamboat. At WrestleMania III in the Pontiac Silverdome, in what is considered the greatest match in WWF history, Randy Savage lost the IC title to Steamboat. This match featured tremendous athleticism, in-ring storytelling, and was extremely choreographed. Savage and Steamboat laid out and rehearsed every spot in the match before WrestleMania at Randy’s Florida home. It also was named 1987’s Match of the Year by Pro Wrestling Illustrated and the Wrestling Observer. It was said that Steamboat and Savage were seen cheering with and hugging other wrestlers after the match.

In late 1987, Randy Savage was becoming a fan favorite, with his charisma and in-ring ability. One of the top heel at the time, Honky Tonk Man, was declaring himself “The greatest Intercontinental Champion of all-time.” “Macho Man” started a feud with him to get his title back. On Saturday Night’s Main Event, on October 3, 1987, Savage got his chance for the Intercontinental Championship against the Honky Tonk Man. Randy hit his flying elbow finisher to the Honky Tonk Man when the Hart Foundation interrupted the match. Savage was getting a beating from Hart and Neidhart when Honky got his guitar, The Hart Foundation held Savage for Honky when Miss Elizabeth intervene. She was immediately shoved down by the Honky Tonk Man and she left for the locker room. Honky smashed the guitar over Savage’s head, when all of a sudden Elizabeth came back along with Hulk Hogan. Hogan charged the ring and with Randy Savage sent the Harts and Honky Tonk Man out of the ring and running backstage. Randy Savage then extended his hand to his formal rival and Hogan accepted. This was the beginning of the Mega Powers.

At WrestleMania IV, Savage participated in a 14 man tournament for the vacant WWF Championship. He beat Butch Reed, Greg Valentine and the One Man Gang to go to the finals. His opponent was Ted DiBiase. “Macho Man” won the Championship by beating DiBiase with the help of Hulk Hogan. For 371 days, Randy would hold the title defending against the One Man Gang and Andre the Giant.

The Mega Powers main feuds were against The Mega Bucks (Ted DiBiase and Andre the Giant), whom they beat in the main event of the first-ever SummerSlam PPV when Miss Elizabeth caused a distraction at the end of the match by pulling off her skirt and distracting the referee, Jessie Ventura, allowing the Mega Powers to win; and the Twin Towers (Big Boss Man and Akeem). Savage had Hogan’s back when the Hulkster was wrestling and Hogan had Randy’s back when Savage wrestled. But as it always seems to happen, good things must come to an end. Hogan took Elizabeth as his manager. On January 15, 1989, at the Royal Rumble, Hogan accidentally eliminated Savage from the Royal Rumble match prompting a verbal altercation between the two. Eventually Elizabeth got between them, saving the two from coming to blows. This started the heel turn of the “Macho Man.”

On February 3, 1989, Main Event the Mega Powers defeated the Twin Towers. During this match Savage was thrown from the ring by Akeem and fell onto Elizabeth knocking her unconscious. Hogan rushed to her side and carried her back to receive medical attention while leaving Randy to fend for himself. Hulk eventually returned to the ring to re-join Savage, but as Hogan reached for a tag, he was slapped by the “Macho Man.” Randy then got his Title belt and left Hogan to fight the Twin Towers alone. After the match, the Mega Powers got into a verbal altercation in the back at Elizabeth’s bedside. Randy accused Hogan of lusting for Elizabeth and then Savage attacked Hogan. Brutus Beefcake came to the Hulksters rescue, but he too was beat up by Randy. Savage lost the WWF Heavyweight title to Hogan at WrestleMania V with Miss Elizabeth in a neutral corner. Miss Elizabeth ended her alliance with Randy Savage and Savage eventually hooked with Sensational Sherri.

Randy Savage defeated “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan, with the help of Sherri, for King of the Ring title in September 1989. In a coronation ceremony held later on, Randy was led by wrestler The Genuis to his new thrown. Ted DiBiase presented Savage with a sceptre as a gift to the new “King of the WWF.” The sceptre became a weapon for Randy. He also took on a new name, “Macho King,” while Sensational Sherri became “Queen Sherri.”

In the Main Event on February 23, 1990, “Macho King” and Hulk Hogan met for the last time. When Randy got a shot at Hogan’s WWF Championship. Hogan won when Savage was pinned and the three count was counted by the new Heavyweight Boxing Champion James Buster Douglas. Savage then slapped Douglas. Buster Douglas then countered with a punch to Savage’s face.

“Macho King” and “Queen Sherri” lost to Dusty Rhodes and Sapphire in the first ever inter-gender match at WrestleMania VI.

After turning heel, Randy went after WWF Champion The Ultimate Warrior. The Warrior refused to promise Savage the right to challenge him for the title should he win at the 1991 Royal Rumble against Sgt. Slaughter (Sgt Slaughter already granted Savage his wish should he beat the Warrior). Savage even sent “Queen Sherri” out before the match to try to persuade the Warrior to give “Macho King” a match in face-to-face meeting laced with sexual innuendos, but was unsuccessful. Randy promised revenge. He got his revenge before the Sgt. Slaughter/Warrior match when he attacked the Warrior. The Warrior had to crawl to the ring. Later, Savage ran out to the ring and smashed the sceptre over the Warrior’s head, then immediately sprinting back to the locker room. Sgt. Slaughter took advantage of the opportunity and pinned the unconscious Warrior. At WrestleMania VII, in a career-ending match, Randy lost the match after delivering five consecutive elbow drops as the Warrior managed to kick out and get the victory after delivering several high flying clotheslines and shoulder match. After the match, Savage was attacked by “Queen Sherri” as he sat dejected in the ring. Miss Elizabeth, sitting in the audience, jumped the rail and rescued Randy by attacking Sherri, and reuniting with her former “main man” to a huge roar from the crowd. Some fans were seen crying in the audience. Even though it was a career ending match, “Macho Man” stayed in the WWF in non-wrestling capacity while the Ultimate Warrior was fired after SummerSlam.

Randy returned to announcing as the “Macho Man” and as a face, yet he continued to take potshots at Hogan and Warrior. Randy Savage proposed to Miss Elizabeth in the ring leading to their on-air wedding at SummerSlam 1991, “The Match Made in Haven.” At his time Jake “The Snake” Roberts turned heel. On Prime Time Wrestling, prior to SummerSlam, the announcers and several other baby face wrestlers threw a bachelor party for Savage. Roberts showed up by was unwelcome by the rest of the wrestlers due to his heel turn. In a post-SummerSlam wedding reception, Roberts and his new ally, The Undertaker, hide a live snake in one of the newlyweds wedding presents. Elizabeth opened the gift and was scared when she seen the snake, and the Undertake hit Savage with the Urn. Sid Justice ran off The Undertaker and Roberts. Since “Macho Man” could not wrestle, Jake Roberts pulled out all the tricks to “goad” Savage into the ring. Savage started a campaign to get reinstated, but WWF president Jack Tunney refused to let Savage wrestle. Then, on October 21 in Fort Wayne, Indiana, during a television taping for WWF Superstars of Wrestling, Roberts cut an in-ring promo to tease Savage, who was doing TV commentary, into the ring. After being lured into the ring, Roberts savagely attack Randy, eventually tying him to the ropes before getting a live cobra to bite him in his arm (According to Roberts the cobra was devenomized). Savage's blood was clearly visible as it dripped from the puncture wounds. The footage of Savage suffering was censored with a large "X" on TV. A campaign was started to get Randy reinstated under the rallying cry “Reinstatement! That’s the Plan! Reinstate the Macho Man!” It worked because Tunney reinstated Savage just in time for This Tuesday in Texas pay-per-view event. Savage won the match but the two continued to brawl afterward. Roberts then delivered three DDT’s the forced Miss Elizabeth to beg for mercy for her husband. Roberts didn’t like her response and slapped her across the face. This feud lasted until February 8, 1992 episode of Saturday Night’s Main Event which Randy won. Roberts was waiting to ambush Savage and Elizabeth backstage but was stopped by the Undertaker.

Next up for Randy Savage was the WWF Champion, “Nature Boy” Ric Flair, who claimed that he had slept with Savage’s wife Miss Elizabeth. Ric even provided pictures of Elizabeth with Ric superimposed. They met at WrestleMania VIII in which Savage won his second WWF Championship. During an overseas tour of Europe, Elizabeth and Randy separated, and Miss Elizabeth made her last WWF appearance on April 19,1992. They were divorced on September 18, 1992. On September 1, 1992, on Prime Time Wrestling (which aired on September 14, 1002) Ric Flair beat “Macho Man” for the WWF Title.

The Ultimate Warrior returned to the WWF at WrestleMania VIII, and Savage and his old adversary co-existed as faces. But, when it was announced that Warrior was the new number one contender for Randy’s WWF Championship things got a little bit heated. At SummerSlam 1992, Savage lost the match to the Warrior by countout after his knee was injured by Flair and Mr. Perfect, but retained the championshp. After the match a injured Savage was helped to the back by the Warrior. A new tag team known as the Ultimate Maniacs which consisted of Savage and Warrior battled Flair and Mr. Perfect after they were both attacked. Then the Maniacs then took on Money Inc. (Ted DiBiase and Irwin R. Schyster) on November 8, 1992 Saturday Night’s Main Event. Money Inc. lost by countout but retained their titles. Savage and Warrior were scheduled to met Flair and Razor Ramon in a tag team match at 1992 Survivor Series. The Warrior was fired from the WWF weeks before the Survivor Series and Randy selected Mr. Perfect, executive consultant to Flair, as his replacement for the Warrior. Perfect initially laughed off the suggestion, but was angered by Bobby Heenan and his insinuations that he could never again wrestle at his previous level, and accepted the match. Despite initial distrust (an interview prior to the match had Savage admit to Perfect that he neither liked nor trusted him), the duo defeated Flair and Ramon via a disqualification

On January 11, 1993, Monday Night Raw debut with Randy Savage as its color commentator. He occasionally wrestled. Let’s face it, would you like to wrestle Doink, The Repo Man, Rick Martel and Crush all the time? His last WWF pay-per-view appearance as a wrestler was a victory over Crush in a Falls Count Anywhere Match at WrestleMania X. He did appear at the 1994 SummerSlam as the master of cermonies. Behind the scenes, Savage was becoming increasingly unhappy with his diminishing role within the company, as he felt he could still perform as a top level star. At the end of October 1994, Savage's WWF contract expired and he abruptly left to sign with the competing World Championship Wrestling. On the November 7, 1994 Monday Night Raw “Macho Man’ was given an on air farewell by Vince McMahon.

In the fall of 1994, Randy Savage appeared occasionally in Jim Cornette‘s Smoky Mountain Wrestling.

Randy Savage arrived in World Championship Wrestling (WCW) December 3, 1994, on WCW Saturday Night. Randy mentioned the love/hate relationship he had with WCW World Heavyweight Champion Hulk Hogan. Savage came to Hogan’s rescue when Hulk was attacked by the 3 Faces of Fear (Kevin Sullivan, The Butcher and Avalanche). Randy’s first feud was with Avalanche. He teamed up with Sting to take on Avalanche and Big Bubba Rogers in a tag team match at SuperBrawl V. Savage and Sting won the match. Randy met Avalanche at Uncensored 1995, with Randy getting the win by disqualification after a fan, who turned out to be Ric Flair dressed in drag, attacked Savage.

Once again, another Savage versus Flair feud resumed, this time in WCW. In a WCW United States Heavyweight Championship tournament, Randy beat The butcher in the first round and “Stunning” Steve Austin in the Quarterfinals. He interfered in Flair’s match against Alex Wright, attacking Flair and causing Wright to get disqualified, which set up a semifinal match between Savage and Flair with the winner facing the winner of the Sting and Meng match for the United States Championship at the June 1995 Great American Bash. Savage and Flair's tournament semifinal match never took place however, due to Savage and Flair brawling in the backstage area prior to the match and being eliminated from the tournament. They were instead given their own match in the main event, which Flair won with underhanded tactics. At Bash at the Beach 1995 in a Lifeguard Lumberjack Match, Randy defeated Flair.

In 1995, Randy Savage pushed WCW to place his father, Angelo Poffo, in its Hall of Fame. Gordon Solie, a commentator and wrestling legend, opposed this decision. He felt wrestlers (or family of wrestlers) should not be asking for spots in the Hall, especially since Poffo did not have much of a career in WCW. Poffo’s induction was granted and Solie left WCW.

Savage won his first WCW World Heavyweight Championship by winning the first ever 60-man three-ring battle royal at World War 3 on November 26, 1995. He then lost the title to Flair at Starrcade 1995 a month later. Then on January 22, 1996 Savage beat Flair on Nitro. With this win Randy Savage and Ric Flair became the only duo to win and lose both the WWF/E and WCW versions of the world title to each other.

In January 1996, Savage brought Elizabeth with him into WCW as his valet once again. On February 11, 1996 at Superbrawl VI Ric Flair with Women defeated Savage with Elizabeth in a steel cage match, when Elizabeth gave Flair her shoe to hit Randy with helping him retain his title. Thereafter, Flair claimed that Elizabeth had given him a sizable amount of Savage's money, taken in their divorce settlement, which Flair used to set up a "VIP section" at Monday Nitro events.

In June of 1996 the New World Order was formed when Hulk Hogan turned on Savage, Sting and Lex Luger and joined The Outsiders, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall. The main enemy of the Order was Savage. Savage's initial WCW contract, which he had signed toward the end of 1994, expired shortly thereafter. He eventually signed a new contract with the company and returned to WCW on the January 20, 1997 edition of Nitro from Chicago's United Center.

Savage joined the New World Order at SuperBrawl VII when he helped Hogan beat Roddy Pipper. He also reunited with Elizabeth who had joined the Order several months earlier. Savage had an eight month feud with Diamond Dallas Page and his wife Kimberly. They wrestled in tag matches, no disqualification match, a fall count anywhere match and a Las Vegas Death match.

In early 1998, Savage started a feud with Lex Luger which culminated in a match at Souled out, which Luger won. Luger also won a rematch between the two at SuperBrawl VIII. When Hogan failed to recapture his "nWo" Title from Sting, it was Savage's turn, and he got his shot at Spring Stampede 1998. Hogan tried to make sure that Savage would not win the title because Hogan felt that he was the only nWo member who should be World Champion, since he was the leader of the stable. With the help of Nash, however, Savage beat Sting for his third WCW World Heavyweight Championship, despite tearing the ACL in his knee during the match. The following night on Nitro, Hogan faced Savage for the championship. For a while it looked like Hogan had Savage beat, but for the second consecutive night, Nash came to Savage's aid, power bombing Hogan. Savage tried to capitalize on this, but an interfering Bret Hart attacked Savage and preserved the victory for Hogan. This resulted in Savage turning baby face. He joined with Nash and the other to form the New World Order Wolfpac, a split from Hogan’s group, which became known as New World Order Black and Red (Wolfpac) and New World Order Black and White (Hollywood).

Randy took a leave of absence to recover from at two major knee surgeries. His did make an appearance to help Ric Flair defeat Eric Bischoff for the Presidency of WCW on December 28, 1998 Monday Nitro.

When Randy Savage did return, he had a new look and theme music, sporting a slicked back ponytail, earrings and a new heel attitude as well as introducing his then 22-year-old girlfriend Gorgeous George as his valet. He was the guess referee in the main event at Spring Stampede 1999, which was won by Diamond Dallas Page. Every match the Diamond Dallas Page wrestle in, “Macho Man” seemed to interfered in to make sure that Page kept his World Title. When Kevin Nash won Page’s Title at Slamboree 1999, Savage decided to go after the title. Miss Madness and Madusa joined Randy Savage as valets. Now Randy and his valets (Gorgeous George, Madusa and Miss Madness) became know as Team Madness. Randy Savage lost his fourth and final WCW World Heavyweight Championship when he pinned Nash at the Bash at the Beach. The title was Savage’s sixth and final recognized World Championship. Randy lost the title the next night on Nitro when he lost to Hulk Hogan. All of Savage’s world title reigns, in WWF and WCW, ended with him losing the title to either Ric Flair or Hulk Hogan.

Randy Savage WCW contract expired in the Summer of 1999. WCW refused to give him a new contract and he left the company. He did return for one night, on May 3, 2000, where he participated in a 41-man battle royal.

After a 5 year absence from wrestling, Randy Savage a surprise debut on November 7, 2004, TNA Victory Road, proclaiming that there is a new sheriff in town. But, things didn’t fair well for the “Macho Man.” Reports indicated that on he had a confrontation with Hulk Hogan backstage. On November 9, 2004, Savage phoned in and informed the TNA office that he was cancelling all future appearance with TNA. He cited an “unsafe working environment” as his excuse for pulling out of his dates. Randy did show up on TNA Impact on November 19th and November 26th. On December 8, 2004, Randy is gone from TNA over a disagreement on the finish of the next scheduled PPV.

In February 2009, it was announced that WWE would produce a DVD collection based on Savage titled Macho Madness: The Randy Savage Ultimate Collection. Hosted by Maria Kanellis and Matt Striker, the three disc set contains over eight hours of matches and promos but no biography or documentary.

In July 2010, Mattel announced that they had signed a deal with Randy Savage to be a part of their "WWE Defining Moments" action figure line-up. To promote the figure a video-message was shown of Savage cutting a classic "Macho Man" promo while holding the figurine, which was dressed in the same outfit he wore at WrestleMania VII, the first promo under his Macho Man character to be seen in years by fans. It is also worth noting that this will be the first Randy Savage action figure released under the WWE in over 15 years.

“Macho Man” Randy Savage is a part of the roster in THQ’s WWE video game WWE All-Stars, released on March 29, 2011 for the Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, PS2 and PSP. This marked the first appearance by Savage in a video game since 2004's Showdown: Legends of Wrestling and his first appearance in a WWE game since the Game Gear version of 1994's WWF Raw.

“Macho Man” Randy Savage was a spokesperson for Slim Jim snack foods in the mid 1990’s. His catch phrase in the ads was “Snap into a Slim Jim, oooooh yeah!”

Randy also appeared in the following television shows:

The Jeff Foxworthy Show - himself

Nikki - pro wrestler James “Pretty Boy” Carter

Walker, Texas Ranger - prison inmate

Mad about you - himself

The Weird Al Show



Savage was in the movie Spider-Man as the wrestler Bonesaw McGraw. He also played himself in the movie Ready to Rumble, and Jim Davies in the movie Velcro Revolver. Randy also provided the voice of “the Thug” in Disney’s animated film Bolt

Randy married long time girlfriend, Lynn Payne on May 10, 2010.

On May 20, 2011, Randy Savaged died after an automobile accident. It has been rumored he may have had a heart attack, which led to his losing control of the vehicle and crashing into a tree.

Randy Savage wrestled in the following Wrestling organizations:

Georgia Championship Wrestling (GCW) 1973-1978

International Championship Wrestling (ICW) 1978-1984

Continental Wrestling Association 1984-1985

World Wrestling Federation (WWF) 1985-1994

Smoky Mountain Wrestling (SMW) 1974

World Championship Wrestling (WCW) 1994-1999

Total Nonstop Action (TNA) 2004-2005



1987 Pro Wrestling Illustrated Match of the Year vs. Ricky Steamboat at WrestleMania III

1987 Wrestling Observer Newsletter Match of the Year vs. Ricky Steamboat at WrestleMania III

1988 Pro Wrestling Illustrated Most Popular Wrestler of the Year

1988 Pro Wrestling Illustrated Wrestler of the Year

1989 Pro Wrestling Illustrated Hated Wrestler of the Year

1992 Pro Wrestling Illustrated ranked #2 of the top 500 singles wrestlers

1995 Pro Wrestling Illustrated Comeback of the Year

1996 Wrestling Observer Newsletter Hall of Fame

1996 Wrestling Observer Newsletter Worst Worked Match of the Year

1997 Pro Wrestling Illustrated Feud of the Year vs. Diamond Dallas Page

2003 Pro Wrestling Illustrated ranked #9 of the top 500 singles wrestlers

2003 Pro Wrestling Illustrated ranked #57 with Hulk Hogan of the top 100 tag teams

2009 Inducted into the Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame

2009 Wrestling Observer Newsletter Best Pro Wrestling DVD Macho Madness


Singles Championships:

AWA Southern Heavyweight Champion - 2 times

CWA International Heavyweight Champion - 1 time

GPW International Heavyweight Champion - 1 time

ICW World Heavyweight Champion - 3 times

NWA Mid-America Heavyweight Champion - 3 times

USWA Unified World Heavyweight Champion - 1 time

WCW World Heavyweight Champion - 4 times

WCW World War 3

WCW King of Cable Tournament

WWC North American Heavyweight Champion - 1 time

WWF Champion - 2 times

WWF Intercontinental Champion - 1 time

WWF King of the Ring 1987


Tag Team Championships:

NWA Gulf Coast Tag Team Champion with Lanny Poffo - 1 time




WWE website

Pictures by: Randy Savage with belt -, Randy Savage and Hogan -, Randy Savage finger in air -, All other Savage pictures by Sports Illustrated 

Buzz from the Bleachers
Category: Daily Blog 2.0

Well, it happened. I just totally hit the wall....

I am proud to admit that I haven't been keeping a close watch on any sports, but it's because I've seen a nice uptick at work. Subbing is hard this time of year, but there's a decent amount of opportunity. Of course, come June I need to move on.

I have, however, learned a surprising fact while looking for material. Did you know that noodling, that practice of catching catfish with your bare hands, is illegal in most states? As of right now, only 17 states have legalized the practice and Jeff's home state of Texas may soon make it 18.

What I don't know is whether state governments are protecting people of the fish here. I suppose its dangerous enough, especially down south with their poison snakes, alligators, and snappers. Might as well throw pythons in too. I have learned that getting caught noodling in Texas will land you a $500 fine now. Most likely it's to protect the breeding catfish and not deplete the population.

Some recent good news: LA police have caught one of the people involved in the brutal bating of a Giants fan at the dodgers home opener. they are looking for leads to the accomplice and the female get away driver. The victim is beginning to do a little better, but it is thought that he will be mostly paralyzed for life. Hopefully this leads fans to wake up and realize that Homer Simpson was wrong: having a ticket to a game does not give you the right or the duty to act like a complete idiot.

Speaking of which, a fan recently got under Jokim Noah's skin and caused him to retaliate by using homophobic slurs. I won't lie: I've used it. I've seen Wanda Sykes and all the celebs reminding me it's wrong. I've tried not to use it, or retarded.

Unfortunately for Noah, it comes back to the problem of being famous. As a pro athlete, he's expected to keep his conduct at a higher standard. I believe, however, if the court was miked that Stern and the owners would make back most of the players' salaries in fines. Noah got lucky compared to the fine Kobe had to pay; Noah was ordered to pay $50K, while Bryant was put on the hook for $100K. What's the difference? Bryant disparaged a ref, while Noah was screaming at a fan. Seems to me that if you really wanted to make a point, you'd fine both the same amount. 

Finally, another teammate has come out to claim that he's seen Armstrong shooting up. At this point, i have to say that I am not surprised nor do I really think he's clean. I"ve heard enough about doping in sports, but it seems that doping in cycling and other sports is  either more widely reported on or more common. I am not sure which. It just seems like Olympic sports and cycling have more cases, despite more coverage and leagues in other sports. Not sure if it's the pressure of the national competition or a smaller window to compete. At this point, however, I don't even feel like a jaded fan when I say that Armstrong doping comes as no big shock.

Finally, I can't top what Fan said yesterday, but I can pass on my hopes that everyone has a great weekend and takes some time to honor the troops. Don't get too irresponsible out there. I leave you as always with your word of the week.

apocalypse sex, noun

Thoughtless, careless sex happening right before a major disaster or possible ending of the world, without thought of consequences.
Figuring that this was the end of the world I turned to the girl sitting next to me and said 'why not' as we commenced to have passionate apocalypse sex; I just hoped that this time, it was for real...  
Deep Thoughts
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It's funny, but one of the most difficult tasks in writing my deep thoughts blog each week is how to begin. So this week, I will just dive in. As I have said many times, I love this time of year. The NBA finals approach and baseball season begins to reveal the true contenders. I read an article this past week that asked a very interesting question... Who needs a title the most: Dirk or Lebron?




Two ESPN writers debated this question and I found myself torn after reading the article. The most obvious answer is Dirk because his window of opportunity is quickly closing for him. But as I thought about this, I realized that there is much more at stake than just winning a title for Dirk. The Mavericks have never won a championship and Mark Cuban is desperate to do so. Something that I did not consider is that Dirk's status and legacy will not change with or without a championship. He will be a hall of fame player, but will never be considered at the level of Magic, Bird or MJ. LeBron however, has a chance to reach this elite level by winning a few championships. LeBron excuse for not winning is that he did not have the necessary teammates to win. Whatever you may think about LeBron, the man is blessed with tremendous talent. I don't agree with much of what he has done, but there is no denying that he can play. But, is winning a championship or three enough to put him at the pinnacle of his sport? As I think about the great players...Bob Cousy, Bill Russell, Kareem, Wilt, Jerry West, Dr. J, Magic, Bird and MJ...and I guess you have to include Kobe in this group (although I wouldn't) All of these guys were beloved by the fans. Will winning several championships prove James right? Is it only about winning? Personally, I think that there is more to it than just winning a ring...or least there should be.

Champions are a cut above and I just have a difficult time looking at LeBron this way. In my opinion, this championship is more important for Dirk and the Mavericks. I just hope that fate is kind to them...







Each year, there is some MLB team that comes out of nowhere...this year it is the Indians. Who would have figured? Well, if you think about it, there is a reason that they are playing well. This is a team that is full of young talent. Do you remember CC Sabathia snd Cliff Lee? They used to play for Cleveland. By disassembling the Indian team a few years ago, the Indian brass did two things. They made the Indians suck like a new Hoover for several years and they filled the farm with talent. This team is not a mirage. They have good young pitching and talented position players. Masterson, Brantley, Laporta, Choo, Santana and Asdrubal are really good players. But the guy that is stirring this Indian punch is Orlando Cabrera. My son made a comment last week that Orlando has played for many teams and wherever he is, they win. He certainly helped Boston to in 2004. He hit .379 for the series and was responsible for Manny being in the lineup. Manny was suffering from headaches, but Cabrera shamed him into playing...because that is the type of player he is. Hell, he even has Travis Hafner hitting pretty well again...and that is amazing. So, I wonder if Boston has any regrets for letting Cabrera get away? They have not had a solid shortstop since he left. At the risk of pissing off my Red Sox friends...what were you thinking?






In case you did not hear...Cabrera missed few games recently as he was busy taking his US citizenship test. He passed with flying in red, white and blue.








One of the things that I love about baseball is the human aspect that umpires bring to MLB. If we ever go to replays, we will have Phil Cuzzi to thank. You may not recognize the name, but I know you will remember some of his work. Do you remember Mauer's double that was ruled a foul ball in the playoffs last year? Yeah..that is Cuzzi. He was at it again recently. I saw the replay and was dumbfounded how he could have missed the call. Not only did Werth beat out the throw to first, but the 1B foot was clearly off the bag. This is horse shit and MLB can and should do better. Here is a bit of Dave Brown's article that will let you watch the replay:


Watch Werth beat out the grounder, to no avail

And after the New York Mets escaped with a 1-0 victory, Washington GM Mike Rizzo reportedly took out his frustrations on the umpiring crew as it left the field. The New York Daily News reports that Major League Baseball — specifically Joe Torre — is launching a probe stemming from a report filed by the umps regarding a verbal altercation with Rizzo.

Immediately after the game, one of the umpires told Mets security guards outside their dressing room to "find the guy in the suit," apparently referring to Rizzo. Mets security VP Rob Kasdon arrived a few minutes later armed with a Nationals media guide to pore over headshots to identify Rizzo, sources said.

"Find the guy in the suit." Talk about a phrase that pays (and, hopefully soon, a Nats blog T-shirt will bear it). Even funnier: The umps didn't know it was Washington's GM yelling at them at the time.

But, seriously: While MLB is busy launching this probe, can it make sure Cuzzi is strapped to it?  


Just off the top of this blog's head, it's at least the third time Cuzzi has egregiously influenced the outcome of a game in the past three years.

• There was the Joe Mauer(notes) non-double against the Yankees back in the '09 playoffs.

• There was the play at the plate in a San Francisco Giants game — also against the Mets — in July. Seriously, how did he miss this? And then Cuzzi's own poor behavior during that game, which warranted discipline from MLB, went unpunished.

And the play with Werth ... he not only beat the throw from third baseman Justin Turner(notes), but the throw pulled first baseman David Daniel Murphy(notes) off the bag. (If he had pulled David Murphy off the bag, the throw would have crossed a time zone.)

Anyway, as Nats pitcher Livan Hernandez(notes) said later:

"He beat him two times. He was safe because the guy was off the bag and he was safe because he beat the throw."

Pleas by Nats manager Jim Riggleman for umpires to huddle and discuss the play went ignored, though I'm not sure what Riggs could expect the other umps to do there.

And I don't know if this means we need more video replay, or better umpiring training, or more accountability, and I don't care at the moment. And yes, Cuzzi isn't the only umpire to make mistakes. He's just the poster child.

And I think we've seen enough. It's time to send Cuzzi down to the minors. There's no shame in umpiring in Louisville. Or Huntsville. Evansville. Best of all, he'll be out of major league business and we can stop complaining. 





In other baseball news...Edison Volquez has been simply terrible to start each outing this year. With his ballooning era, he told reporters this week that the losses were actually because his offense was not scoring enough runs for him. The Reds apparently disagreed as I heard today that he was on his way to AAA baseball.





Do you enjoy baseball superstitions? Here is a link for you:





That's all I have for this week, but here is a bit of Jack Handey for you to ponder:






It's easy to sit there and say you'd like to have more money. And I guess that's what I like about it. It's easy. Just sitting there, rocking back and forth, wanting that money.



I think there probably should be a rule that if you're talking about how many loaves of bread a bullet will go through, it's understood that you mean lengthwise loaves. Otherwise, it makes no sense.




Thanks for stopping by and feel free to leave a few deep thoughts of your own...




Around the World with Madman
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Politicians really tick me the hell off.  I’m not sure if many have heard of the First Responders Bill that was essentially blast and denied, but the biggest slap is that the people who are First Responders have and added hurdle. They have to prove that they are not terrorist. REALLY. That is what our assholes came up with. Yet ANOTHER hurdle for paying the medical insurance that many of the First Responders have none of  since it was used up trying to save lives when the terrorists attacked.

What a bunch of nut-lickers.


Had to lighten the mood a little and post this video. The funniest part is that myself and a friend of mine was joking about this on Saturday past when this EXTREMELY HOT woman made a pass at both of us.,_Quebec

Asbestos kills, but that does not mean there is not a profit to it, right Canada? Cannot believe that they have the gall to sell this known carcinogen to India and other countries. Canada, you suck.

USPS is so smart and keen that they, being and American company and all, does not know what the hell Lady Liberty looks like. I guess what happens in Vegas goes not stay in Vegas. Great job USPS even TM the image!!

Lady Liberty Stamp

Most of us are now aware of Afghanistan and what is happen in that area regarding the war, terrorist activity and production of poppy. Yes they have some of the largest poppy field in the world and now it is tearing their country apart. The US is going in and destroying their fields before the next harvest and that is costing us as Americans millions. But this is one issue that I’m not complaining about. Nearly a tenth of the population is addicted to heroin (15-64) and in Kabul is roughly 2.8 million and over 100,000 addicts in Kabul alone and growing at over 140% from 2005-2009. At this pace one of the oldest cities will be decimated in about 10 years and with that brings a tougher situation than what we have now from that region. It is the making of a takeover of a country from whom ever wants it.

FCC-Comcast-NBC.. HOW

Push the merger through and get PAID. Yes the person responsible for that illegal merger of Comcast and NBC that HAD worked for the FCC and HAD pushed the merger through surprising took a position with Comcast as a Senior VP. Ahh I do so love honesty in big business. I just have not seen it.

(Meredith Attwell Baker 
Acting Assistant Secretary for Communications and Information

Meredith Attwell Baker serves as Acting Assistant Secretary for Communications and Information and Acting Administrator of the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA).  NTIA is the President’s principal adviser on telecommunications and information policy.  Named as Deputy Assistant Secretary in February 2007, Ms. Baker first joined NTIA as a Senior Advisor in January 2004, and also served as Acting Associate Administrator for the Office of International Affairs and on detail to the White House, Office of Science and Technology Policy.

NTIA advises and represents the Executive Branch on both domestic and international telecommunications and information policy activities.  With a core mission to promote market-based policies that encourage innovation and benefit consumers, NTIA pursues the effective and efficient utilization of radiofrequency spectrum by the federal government though its management of federal spectrum use; performs cutting edge telecommunications research and engineering, including resolving technical telecommunications issues for the federal government and private sector; and administers grant programs that support infrastructure and public telecommunications facilities.

To help facilitate the nation’s historic transition to digital television, NTIA administers programs to help make the transition affordable for consumers by providing coupons to eligible households that will defray the cost of digital-to-analog converter boxes; and to support interoperable communications systems for first responders using spectrum made available by the digital transition for public safety purposes.

The commissioner’s announcement comes four months after she voted to approve a joint venture between Comcast and NBC Universal.

In a March speech on the FCC merger process, she said that, in her opinion, “the NBC/Comcast merger took too long.”

The media reform advocacy group Free Press issued a statement criticizing Baker’s move. “This is just the latest -- though perhaps most blatant -- example of a so-called public servant cashing in at a company she is supposed to be regulating,” said Free Press president and CEO Craig Aaron. “The continuously revolving door at the FCC continues to erode any prospects for good public policy.”) fitting...

Tuesday's Tantrum - Memorial Day edition
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If you're looking for sports this time - sorry, I'm choosing to go in a different direction!  Why?  It's Memorial Day Weekend, and while everybody's thoughts will be on sports, sales, the onset of Summer, BBQ, and/or the general frivolity and happiness of a three day weekend, I'm concerned that we as a nation just might be forgetting the true meaning of Memorial Day.

Maybe it's me, but one of the reasons that scares me is that Memorial Day is one of those holidays that for whatever reason has been hijacked by the retail industry, you know as the unofficial opening of Summer. Even though statistics bear out that this weekend is the second biggest retail sales weekend of the year (after Turkey Day), I think it sucks!!!  Working in retail like I did, it's not about honoring the holiday, it's about making that buck. Personally, I have a policy - no shopping on Memorial Day Weekend, unless it's groceries.



So how do I properly honor such a day? 

Let me first give my yearly pitch for this show and if you get the chance Sunday Night, please watch on PBS (I believe 8PM – 7 central)…


Of course you all knew I couldn't go without a rant. Memorial Day is one of those holidays that for whatever reason has been hijacked by the retail industry, you know as the unofficial opening of Summer. I know this – I worked in that hellhole of an industry for seven years post-military, and you know what? It’s a weekend that is “blacked out” – no vacations, nobody gets the time off, it’s all about the money – it’s supposedly the second-largest retail sales weekend (after Thanksgiving). Perhaps it’s me, but it just seems as if retail has little to no respect for what the holiday is truly all about. They just want to make the buck. Personally, I have a policy - no shopping on Memorial Day Weekend, unless it's groceries.  MeOnce a year, we all gather together for Memorial Day.  It's the day to pay homage and respect to those who have died in the line of duty.  We honor their HONOR, COURAGE, and COMMITMENT.  We honor their ultimate sacrifice which will NEVER be in vain!  It took me far too long to figure it out...


In my small town of 3000, I've arrogantly celebrated my 22 years of Naval service, yet somehow forgetting those who paid the ultimate price, and there are days I wonder why?  Two reasons come to mind - (1) When I served, I thought "Hey, a three-day weekend.", a rare opportunity to spend it with Mrs. Fan and the kids.  But (2), I never had to fight, it was luck of the draw - the worst I ever had to go through was a sprained ankle playing ball. 

Perhaps it took our town losing one of our own in support of military operations in the Middle East for me to gain a proper perspective. I never knew this kid, but when the hearse carrying his casket through our two block Main Street, our many veterans, as well as the vast majority of our little town were there for that young man's final ride. Young man, you (and all that sacrified before you, and those in the future who will) have our respect, and our gratitude:  

It took awhile, but the young man's death eventually spurred a long overdue movement to create our own town Veteran's Memorial.  Here's a picture of it...

It might not look like much now, but the work is continuing.  All veterans will have their names inscribed on the concrete as a permanent honor.

So in closing, how do I honor the day?  I’ll watch the show listed above and gain a better perspective, I’ll attend the wreath laying ceremony at the new memorial just built here in town, perhaps make a stop after the ceremony at the VFW or American Legion and truly LISTEN to those who dealt with battle and death, and continue to do so.  Finally at 3PM on Memorial Day Monday - during the moment of remembrance, I’ll lift my favorite beverage and take a swig in honor all of my comrades who gave that ultimate sacrifice.  Then and only then will it be time to turn to the more festive portions of the holiday!

Please my brothers and sisters, have a safe and enjoyable holiday weekend, but if you get a chance, please take a second and think about those who gave all!

I'll be back with my silly and inane rants next Tuesday... 

In honor of those who gave all...





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