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Did He Say Dick Butkus?
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In this world of advanced technology, most talking heads have learned to be careful of their words. The mainstream media is not quite as forgiving as YGS. If you don't know who Mark Halperin is, you will soon. This is hilarious...



That explains alot...


This is the first time I have ever watched a political discussion that the "experts" are not anxious to open their mouths. The guy sitting next to Halperin is stunned. It was if someone served him a whisky sour instead of his morning joe. His eyes open wide and his facial expression is priceless. In Halperin's defense, he asked if there was a delay and they baited him by saying, "go for it:". Now he is suspended...

Talking Sports
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Greetings Gabbers from the rocky coast of Maine.

Is there anything better than an afternoon baseball game especially when you have a few vacation days to kill before the new fiscal year starts? As was the case yesterday. The other day I was scanning the Portland Sea Dog schedule and noticed they had a noon time start on Wednesday.  So me and the Lil Lanz’s ventured to Portland watch the Sea Dogs take on the New Britian Rock Cats. The game was a Little Cat and Dog anyway. The Seadogs pulled out in the bottom of the 9thwith the first batter hitting a walk off home run over the Maine Monsah.

They have a 37.5 foot wall just like Fenway including a fake Citgo Sign.  The best part of it was I and 3 kids’ four rows off the field including parking $45 bucks total. I can’t even park at Fenway for that. The kids got a couple of autographs and butterfingers Lanz dropped a ball and some kid got it. A great day up at Hadlock Field yesterday.

Now that Los Angeles has decided to leave the United States and is now part of Mexico. Of course they should conduct a victory celebration entirely in Spanish after a gold cup win by Mexico .I first heard this story on the John Kincaid show on Sunday. He was ticked off and so wasn’t I. here is the deal the event was conducted in the good ole USofA and the spoken language is still English the last time I checked. This event celebration should have been in English. I don’t care if there was 100,000 soccer crazed Mexicans in the stands. I don’t blame Mexico or Mexicans; I blame the PC event organizers. If the game was in Mexico and the U.S. wins the celebration would be in Spanish same for if it was in Spain, or in Italy it would have been in an Italian as it should be. In England it would have been in English, in France it would have been in French.  I wouldn’t even have had a problem if it was in both English and Spanish to accommodate the Spanish speaking folks in attendance. The omission of English is what was wrong.

In French speaking Montreal at every Canadians game everything is done in both French and English even the vendors in the stands use both. You will hear the Ice cream guy say (pardon my French) Un Glacier followed by Ice Cream.  Speaking about Montreal the Montreal PD brought Zdeno Chara in for questioning what a waste of tax payers’ money for the Pacoretty hit in the first round of the playoffs. We are just finishing out investigation by the way bring the cup we haven’t seen it here in a while and we would just like to see Rocket Richards name on it again.

The Red Sox aren’t happy with inter league play has they have been beat 2-1 by the Pirates, the Padres, and the Phillies (who are up2-0 in a three game set), They had Adrian Gonzalez play right field last night and David Ortiz at first. It didn’t help to have the power in the lineup still losing 2-0. I watched Cliff Lee just embarrass the Sox on Wednesday the guy has awesome stuff. He is a pleasure to watch.

Happy fourth to you all and God Bless America. Happy Birthday USA.

Rants and Raves
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Name changes, Jim Quits, catch of the year, and more in this edition of Rants and Raves.



Ron Artest is trying to have his name changed. Yep, you read it right. His attorney’s filed a petition in Los Angeles Superior Court, last week, seeking the name change. His new name he is requesting, Metta World Peace. He has done charitable work on mental health issues, and he has testified before Congress to support legislation concerning mental health care.


I Quit!!!!

Okay so he was turning the Nationals around. But why do this?? What a team player former Washington Nationals manager Jim Riggleman is. He quit his team when he resigned, last Thursday, because he felt Nationals ownership wasn’t committed to him for more than the current season. Could you imagine Albert Pujols did this. He is at the end of his contract. What a loser Riggleman is. I hope he never gets a job in baseball again.


This has got to be the catch of the year…Watch this video and see….

Outstanding catch. God bless this Vet.


What has happened to American tennis?? Where is the talent?? This country use to dominate the Tennis world. Now, we are nothing more than runner-ups, and even that’s not true. Once the Williams sisters retire there is nothing on the women’s side. There is nothing on the men’s side who can dominate. Andy Roddick has to be the most overrated American men’s player ever. Oh well, at least the foreign women are cute, and I sure do like it when Maria gunts.


Speaking of tennis, Roger Federer lost in the quarterfinals of Wimbledon to Jo-Wilfried Tsonga in 5 sets. But what was amazing to this point was going into this match Rogers was an outlandish 178-0 when he was up two set to none in a tournament. That’s greatness.


 Speaking of what happened. Where are the American golfer’s??? You would think winning a tournament which can earn you over $1 million dollars a week more people would get involved. With sponsors, and earnings an above average player can rake in $5 million easy.


Congratulations go to the South Carolina Gamecocks (55-14), who won the NCCA baseball tournament to become a two-time National Champion. In the process, they went 10-0 in the tournament, and with streaks of 16 NCAA tournament wins and 11 straight in the CWS are both records.


I want to wish all the Gabbers, a wonderful 4th of July. We are having a cook-out on July 3rd, when most of the family is off from work. 



Wrestling Wednesday - Punk, Chavo, Hogan, Henry
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Chavo Guerrero has been released from the WWE. He has worked in the company since 2001, when World Championship Wrestling was purchased by the WWE. Chavo claims the WWE gave him his release because he wasn’t being used they way he felt he should be used.


CM Punk leaving the WWE??? His contract does expire at the conclusion of the Money in the Bank PPV. The promo he cut at the end of Monday Night Raw was a classic. The WWE let Punk say what he wanted, and man he let loose.


Also on Monday Night Raw, Mark Henry took it to another level. Awesome is the word I would use to describe the actions of the world’s strongest man.


Linda Hogan is tell anyone who will listen, that the Hulkster abused her while they were married.


HBK is teaching his 11 year-old son how to wrestle. He has “the bug.”

TNA is starting an new wrestling organization called All Wheels Wrestling 


Deep Thoughts
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It is hard to believe that it is Wednesday again. But since it is, I guess it must be time for deep thoughts. I don't have any driving need to dump anything today, so I will just do a bit of random meandering. Of course there has been much discussion about the mess in LA. Fan82 had a great blog on Tuesday and took a full hack at the head of Mr. McCourt. I am not an expert on this ordeal, but from what I have does indeed appear that Bud Selig has a valid concern regarding McCourt remaining in control of the Dodgers. Beeze did make a valid defense of McCourt and his point about the Mets, Marlins and Rays has validity. As I did a bit of reading, I stumbled upon an article that succinctly defined the issues that MLB has with McCourt.



In its 20-page filing with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court on Tuesday, baseball began to reveal the findings of its two month-long investigation into McCourt and the Dodgers, and certainly its attitude toward McCourt.

Among them, according to the document, McCourt:

“Siphoned off well over $100 million of club revenues and [was] obviously unable to properly distinguish between his personal interests and those of the club.”

Attempted to use the club’s financial crisis, “To permit millions more to be misappropriated for his personal use.”

“Has alienated fans, sponsors, and business partners, and has eroded public confidence in the club.”

In spite of 2004 purchase conditions that he provide an additional $30 million in liquid equity within three years, “failed to satisfy this obligation.”

Caused his own financial crisis because of his, “Financial mismanagement, extreme leveraging, personal distributions made for his own benefit at the club’s expense, and the resulting decline in attendance caused by the community’s extraordinary unhappiness with the club’s owner.”

Baseball’s takeaway is that McCourt is most concerned about McCourt, not the Dodgers. Its end game is to rid itself of McCourt and begin the process of rebuilding the Dodgers through new ownership, the sooner the better. 


There are always two sides to every story, but it appears that baseball has a fairly good case. Of course now that it is in bankruptcy court, who knows what the result will be. One thing that is certain, the lawyers will get paid...

I felt compelled to add this link after reading today. This give an entirely different spin on the matter and asks why Selig gave such a glowing recommendation when McCourt originally expressed interest in purchasing the Dodgers:;_ylt=ArYbxOFQ90jwfzJ0sEBBN8g5nYcB?slug=jp-passan_mccourt_selig_bankruptcy_062911 

Now, will Selig and MLB stop in LA or will they examine some of the other teams that Beeze has mentioned?







One of the things that I love about baseball is the manager and umpire relationship. If you think about it...because baseball is the only sport without a clock, it is the only game that allows the theatrics that some managers use in expressing their disagreement with a call. Did you see Jim Leyland's latest ejection? It was indeed a classic. If you did not see the game, there was a play at first base that clearly had the runner out. Inexplicably, the 1B umpire missed the call. After signaling safe, he must have sensed that he missed the call because he looked home for help. After a brief conference, the call was changed to an out. Of course Leyland rushed the field to complain. He started off okay, but when he began to pantomime the umpire...he was gone. Check out the players in the dugout after Leyland is ejected. Here is the video:









Did your mom ever embarrass you when you were a kid? Usually, this does not happen to a 20 something, which I think makes this story even the more funny. Here is an article by Chris Chase of Yahoo Sports:






Murray's mother and coach, Judy, has jokingly referred to Spanish tennis player Feliciano Lopez as "Deliciano" via Twitter, a reference to certain aesthetic qualities Lopez has that are of interest to the superficial female. The nickname has caught on and has become a running gag during the fortnight at the All England Club. Lopez himself said it's funny while insisting that countryman Rafael Nadal has more female fans. Just about the only person who isn't laughing is Andy. 

When asked about Judy's ogling of Lopez, the son responded:

"I think it's about time she stopped that nonsense. Makes me want to throw up. It's disgusting.

"I was practicing with him before the tournament and my mum was on the side. I shouted across the net, I said, 'Feli, if we sit down for a drink, if you could take a picture with my mom, because she thinks you're beautiful'.

"She went bright red. Refused to take the picture. Quite funny. Not like her."

Andy's comments were said in jest, but his tone made it clear that he's not exactly a fan of his mom's new status as president of the Deliciano fan club. 


I would have a real problem with my mom rooting for my opponent, much less commenting on twitter about how cute he is. Good luck Andy, you are in a tough spot.





Congratulations to the South Carolina Gamecocks...2011 College Baseball Champs! Although I did not have a rooting interest for Florida or South Carolina, I was happy that David Roth was able to watch his son Michael hurl his team to another championship. It will be interesting to see what type of job offers David will have when he gets back to Greenville SC.








This picture has nothing to do with anything, but I would say that this policeman has been guilty of profiling...I bet he takes a long time getting an explanation.





That's all I have for this week, but I will leave you with a bit of Jack Handey:




The other day I got out my can opener and was opening a can of worms when I thought, what the hell am I doing?

When Armageddon comes, it would be good to be an Olympic athlete, because running real fast and jumping over stuff could come in handy.  



Thanks for stopping by and feel free to leave a few deep thoughts of your own...

 Have a safe and happy 4th of July... 

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