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May had a heck of a hot ending, leading us to the dog days of June. I'll be done with subbing soon enough I will hopefully be starting the summer reading list you folks help me put together.

Two of the major sports are down to two teams. I'm not sure how much I will catch of either final. I'm so burnt out on James and the Heat and who knows what channel the Stanley Cup Finals will be on. I have to agree with Fan82, this off season in the NBA should be interesting. I don't think I have to tell anyone here, but the NBA better not try to count too much on the fact that it has the publics' attention. A lot of older fans have been moving away from the game and a strike wouldn't help anything. They may get the same reception as the NHL a few years back and loose a few fans in the process.

The big news around here is the fate of Pistons coach Jon Kuester. Someone in the front office may have spilled the beans a little early to ESPN, who ran with the story only to be told by the Pistons that Kuester was not exactly fired yet.

Look, I know the Pistons haven't been a good team in a few years, but I don't and can't put it on Kuester. As of this year, all the blame goes on the players like Rip and Rodney Stuckey who flat out quit on the team, or at least got sick at odd times...specifically practice. We just never built out of that early 2000's team. Our players got older and bitter. Kuester did get under their skin, but the players have too much power in the NBA, part of what makes it hard to feel sorry for them in their upcoming dispute.

As for firing Kuester, I don't think it makes sense just yet. A change may be needed, but we have the guy under contract for two more years. This year may be a crap shoot as all or part of the season may not be played. While a number of teams have made changes, the Pistons are at an odd crossroads (new ownership, players to be let go, a possible draft move with Cleveland, and the labor dispute and may be served better by waiting.

Speaking of firing, The Buckeyes went a different way, giving Tressel the opportunity to resign rather than firing the vest. Honestly, I find it only fitting. Tressel screwed up big. No one can deny that, not even harden Buckeye fans. He did, however, do a pretty fair amount to help the program and it's hard t tell right now how much of it was done through illegal or dishonest means. Still, I find it somewhat fitting that OSU let Tressel leave on his own terms.

I can't help but think, however, that Tressel took too long to resign. He really needed to many weeks ago. I've also heard a lot about his treatment of Pryor. Pryor came in as a prized recruit, and as such he was pampered. It may not have helped that he had Lebron as a mentor/advisor. Still, it appears that Tressel severely mismanaged the kid. Pryor may be old enough to know what he did was dumb, but as a coach Tressel seemed too lax on the illegal activity of Pryor and others. Still, a huge black eye and blemish for Tressel, Pryor, OSU, and the NCAA.

Lastly, the French Open is winding down ad it looks like some potentially all time great tennis is on the way. Djokavic is on pace to tie or possibly beat a big record. To do so, however, he has to go through Rodger Federer in the semis. Rodger may have lost a step or two, but he's still going down as one of the all time greats. He may also have to beat Rodger's nemesis Rafel Nadal for the title. Looks like a heck of a gauntlet for Djokavic.

Well, that's it for this week. Gonna go try to cool off here. I lave you as always with your word of the week.

Rendezbooze, noun


When a group of people (friends, co-workers, acquaintances) get together to drink.
I just bought a bottle of gin and have tonic at home, we should rendezbooze at your place for further discussion on the topic.....  



Hey... Look What The Cat Dragged In Tags: NCAA NFL NBA MLB YATV

Hey all... Long time, no Gab... WTF Steve, where you been?


Let's just say my ADD-Tunnel-Vision has had me busy doing other things. Like clearing out a half-acre of woods from behind the house. I'm currently in what could be the longest home-re-fi EVER... By the time the weekend is over, it will have been 2 months since the first phone call was made. Oh, yeah... And it FINALLY STOPPED FUCKING RAINING!!! BRING ON SUMMER!!!

Enough of that garbage...

I can say for certain that we are all in the same boat on this... Fuck you LeDouche'. Even IF you win this NBA title... THAT'S ONLY ONE!!! I will be that guy that will argue that LeDouche' isn't even in the same conversation as Jordan when it comes to listing the Who's-Who in NBA history because Jordan has 6 Titles... LeDouche'... 1... Maybe... And now with Dirk messing up his finger, it just galvanizes my theory that the NBA is one big WWE on wood. Gawd-fobid the 'chosen-one' doesn't win to help sell jerseys... Give them all a ball so they will stop fighting over it.

Anyone notice a new team in fRag's Baseball League??? Yep... is rocking the cellar like no one else can!!! I better be careful, they are on a hot streak right now and have won a matchup. My bats are cold, my arms are limp, and the manager is gonna get fired. However... One of my relievers in Jeff Thomas' league posted an ERA of 165.00 last night. Thanks Cubs... Fuck me... 6 hits and 5 earned runs in 0.1 innings pitched. AWESOME!!!

Congrats to UVA for winning the NCAA Lacrosse Title this past weekend. I was hoping for a new Syracuse Orange National Champions t-shirt... But an un-ranked Maryland pulled out the 'shocker' on Saturday and sent the Orange home with an overtime miracle. My family in Maryland was on my ass all weekend talking trash about the game and I told them that MD deserves to win it all because they earned it. The title game was a good one... However, I will support a shot-clock in lacrosse. Eliminate the 'Stall' and give them 45 seconds. Incorporate some of Basketballs rules and modify. 15 seconds to get it across mid-field, that leaves 30 seconds to shoot. A lifetime when it comes to the fastest game on two feet.

Hey... NFL... you're fucking killing me here...

Hey... OhioState... there is ALWAYS going to be evidence...

Hey... World of Cycling... Lance will NEVER get caught...

Hey... Atlanta... A little LATE on the support of the Thrashers...

Hey... NHL... GO BRUINS!!!

Hey... Gab... I'M BAAAAAAAACK!!!



Deep Thoughts
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Hello and welcome back to deep thoughts. Although it is definitely Wednesday, it sure does not feel like it. Memorial Day was a nice treat and I hope that you enjoyed the day off. Summer is officially here in Austin and I hope everyone in the north country is beginning to warm from a brutally tough winter. This is the time of year when the weather is very predictable here. Hot, hot and more hot....we saw 107 last week and that is not typical for May.







Speaking of hot...I am a bit hot that the media has decided that LeBron James is better than MJ; and completely pissed that Scotty Pippen added fuel to the fire by agreeing with the idiots. I guess it figures that a guy that quit on his coach and teammates would choose a player that quit on entire city. Last time I checked, MJ had 6 championships and LeBron has none. Admittedly, after watching the game would seem that the Heat have this year well measured. But, I have seen enough NBA finals to know that adjustments can be made and the series is not least I hope so.

The game tonight was a bit disappointing.  The Mavs will have to play much better to make this longer than a 4 game series. Even if you do not care for LeBron James, you will to admit that the man can play. His three at the end of the 3rd quarter was huge. Dirk did not play with the same offensive verve that he used to quiet the Thunder. The Heat hit all of the big shots tonight, but one game does not a series make...








Now here is a Royal Wedding that I can get interested in...

Check out this Yahoo story:

Seen one ballpark marriage proposal, seen 'em all .. right? 

Not quite. Check out what happened at Kauffman Stadium during the game between the Kansas City Royals and Los Angeles Angels on Monday as a serviceman proposed to his girlfriend on the team's super-ginormous scoreboard ... then surprised her with an earlier than expected homecoming right there on the dugout roof.

Something tells me the Royals waived their usual $500 fee and "no custom proposal" rules for this one:





That is a royal proposal indeed!




I always admired and enjoyed Sparky Anderson as a manager, but I never knew George Anderson the man. I always wondered what professional baseball men did in the off season. Here is a link that provides a look into the life of George Anderson. 


As you will read, Anderson was buried last November without fanfare or aplomb. George Anderson was a simple man that reveled in the simple things in life. In the flash and dash of today's world, simple does not get enough recognition.


For those of you who enjoy baseball movies, I highly recommend a very simple movie called Finding Buck McHenry. You can watch the movie with kids of any age and not find anything offensive. The movie is about a Negro league pitcher that disappeared for 40 years. It is not Bull Durham, but is entertaining nonetheless.





Most of you probably know that my son is a high school catcher. As a father of a catcher, I watched Buster Posey's season ending collision with mixed emotions. Do you remember the last time you watched a high school or college catcher get run over? Although  it does happen occasionally, Lanz will tell you that the runner is ejected from the game. Why is it that a professional catcher is fair game and not any other level of baseball? Is it because they are professional? I know that the purists will object to any rule changes, but I am not so sure that it is time to rethink the existing rules of major league baseball. The Buster Posey's of the world do not come along very often and it would be a shame if this was a career ending injury. The problem that I had with Cousin's wipe out of Posey is that it did not have to happen. Catchers will either give a portion of the plate or they won't. On the play that Posey was hurt, he gave Cousin's the outside edge of the plate.  Look at the photo below to see what I mean...



Cousin's path through Posey is just bad base running. Should there be a rule to penalize a runner that goes out of his way to blast a catcher? Should the runner be required to avoid collisions or risk ejection? I don't know the answer, but I do know that there will be much conversation about "tweaking" this rule.



Here is a question that came up this week. An MLB catcher is a tough position to you think any NFL QB's would make a good catcher? I asked my son to name 5 current NFL QB's that would make good catchers. Here is his list:

Peyton Manning 4

Philip Rivers 1

Drew Brees 3

Jay Cutler 5

Ben Roethlisberger 2 


Here is my list:

1. Drew Brees

2. Jon Kitna

3. Tim Tebow

4. Colt McCoy

5. Peyton Manning.


Why do I have Brees as 1? I think that his size makes him a perfect catcher. He is a fighter and a leader and is tough as hell. Jon Kitna is 2 because he is an excellent teammate and tough as nails. Anyone who can play QB for 5 years for the Bengals and 3 years for the Lions is tough minded.  His size is a plus too....6'2" and 230 is a good size for a catcher. Tebow is big strong and tough enough to play through the bumps and bruises that the position requires. He has proven naysayers wrong at every level of football and I think that this would play well behind the dish. Colt McCoy because he is a tough country boy that is as strong willed and driven as any player since Brees... that I have seen. Peyton Manning because he is such a superb student of the game. As a catcher, you have to be two steps ahead of the hitters and I can see Manning standing in front of the plate and calling his signals. This is my list....what do you think?







So we know what NFL players are doing with their lockout time, what about the NFL announcers? I was surprised and amused to hear that Chris Collingsworth has signed on as the wide receiver's coach at Highland's High School in Kentucky (his son is a player).  But there are troubling insinuations in Collingsworth's words:

Collinsworth wrote. "But what the heck, the NFL will probably miss at least half of their season anyway, I agreed. Today is my first day. I just got the playbook and I feel like a first year rookie all over again. The plays are scrambled eggs in my brain, and I feel a little anxious. But, I love coaching. I coached many of these kids in the junior football league, and they always kept me entertained." 

The NFL will probably miss at least half the season? Well crap...good luck to the Highland team, but I hope that Collingsworth finds himself with a dilemma in a few months. 





That is all I have today, but I will leave you with a bit of Jack Handey to think about:



Once my friend told me that he had found Jesus. I thought to myself, "WooHoo, we're rich!" It turns out he meant something different.  


Why do bunches of people run from a shark when they see one, if there is a bunch of people, and one of that shark, wouldn't it be easy to just attack him and kick his ass?  



As always, thanks for stopping by and feel free to leave a few deep thoughts of your own...




The BEEZE'S Hump Day Hits 6-1-11
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Well Winnipeg, I hope the Thrashers Ice Girls are part of the deal!

Yes, The Atlanta Thrashers sale has happened, and they will be moving to Winnipeg...Ahh, Hockey, back up North where it belongs...No offense to the South, but Hockey really isn't your thing...And this being the second team to leave Atlanta for Canada, well I think that point was made clear...

And no Atlanta, I don't want to hear you crying about this...You had superstar players like Heatley, Kovalchuk, and Hossa...And you didn't show up...You had a team that even when they put together quality seasons, you didn't show up...The franchise lost money every year, and that has more to do with you, then it does ownership, or the players...

Then of course NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman, who was all in with this deal...Odd, since he lead the charge to take Hockey to the Sunbelt...So Bettman was all in, but then issued a warning to Winnipeg, that they need to support this franchise, or the league will move them elsewhere...Really Gary!?! You're going to tell Canadians in Manitoba that they need to support a Hockey team!?! What a fucking asshole!

Don't worry dummy, they'll make Atlanta fans look like the joke that they are!

Now you are going to get a tiny bit of Basketball from me...I know, this is rare...I'm not a fan, and don't pay much attention to it...But I saw a lot of rumblings about the Lakers hiring former Cavaliers coach Mike Brown...Listen, the guy was only fired because that's what LeBron wanted, and the Cavs wanted to do anything to keep him...He was the third coach that was fired because James wasn't happy with him...And as far as being a good coach, he did a lot of winning with a shit team, that had one player, with a giant ego on it...He'll do just fine in LA...

Now to the hot topic in Ohio...Jim Tressel was forced out at Ohio State...The word came down on Memorial day...Not a classy move, but Tressel is full of non-classy moves...I'm sure his hope was on a day like Memorial Day, the story wouldn't get too big, and it would knock a day or two off the news cycle...Guess what, no such luck Jimmy boy...

I lost followers on Twitter because my views on Tressel, which I have shared plenty times before...Dude should have been fired a long time ago...When he left Youngstown State, they got drilled by the NCAA...He has had multiple players locked up...A couple killed...He has always bent the rules, and protected his players...This time he got caught, most likely because of his ego...How could it not be huge with the way people in Ohio love this jerk...

It was amazing to see all the people talking about how unfair it is, and how he should have stayed...How the NCAA should go easy on Ohio State now...NOPE! Ohio State should get the "Death Penalty"...Why? Because at one time, there were at least 28 players who were breaking NCAA rules...28 players in cars they shouldn't have been in...That's 28 players that he knew should have been ineligible, but played them anyways...Pryor had 4 different cars so far...Then the tattoos...Then the big one...When asked, he knowingly lied to the NCAA...

The compliance Department should get whacked...The AD should get whacked...The University needs to be held accountable, just as much as the coach and the players...There is no way they didn't know...The NCAA needs to nut up, and set an example...

But enough of that...Wednesday night...Stanley Cup Finals! It's gonna be a good one!

Now on this hot Hump Day...This is for all you Thrashers fans...All 250 of ya...Which of these lovely Thrashers Ice Girls would you most like to bang all the way to Winnipeg!




Later, The Beeze.

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