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If you have a young son or daughter that desires to play youth sports I highly suggest you watch the first 2 episodes of the Esquire network’s “Friday Night Tykes. If you want a guide to go by of what to look for (or in this case, what not to look for) in a coach this is a must see. After two hours of watching this show I sat disgusted at what I saw.

I’m not sure where to begin. Should I start with coaches leading 8-9 year old boys in a chant? Fuck the Rockets, Fuck the Rockets!  Another tells his team he doesn’t care if his players make the other team cry. These coaches, who it’s really easy to see must have some real world authority problems of their own, should not be coaching kids of such a young age. Especially when it’s very apparent their will to win at all cost is a lot more important to them than the kids on their team. Coaches with tears in their eyes because they lost a youth football game and saying this is his life, all he wants to do is win, that his family suffers because he’s coaching. If this coach recognizes that his own life is perhaps a mess but can’t identify that maybe he needs to step down, he’s obviously going to be getting the divorce he’s heading for…not to mention it’s a real warning sign that he’s not the man for the job.

In two hours I saw kids puking, pushed in a boot camp style to keep going, giving off the impression that you‘re a loser if you can’t walk on all fours from one end of the field to the other. There’s also the resemblance of the NFL and NBA here. Coaches telling kids to “get paid”, “that’s money”. If you think that doesn’t rub off on these kids, wait. In the second episode a kid runs down the sidelines for what looks to be a TD, he’s about fifteen yards from the end zone and holds up one finger in the air to celebrate only to be caught at the five, then he’s flagged for excessive celebration, an unsportsmanlike penalty, the TD is negated and results in a penalty for fifteen yards. If a kid thinks this minor infraction is okay, what’s he thinking when he’s told FUCK THE ROCKETS? Remember, these kids are eight and nine years old.

Then we’ve got the parents, only one or two who I saw on air that had any sense, the rest are foul mouthed, pushy and have their priorities all out of whack and who think their kid is the next Marshawn Lynch or Frank Gore.  At the end of the second episode one woman tells how she’s got things she’s going to say at the next game and if the opposing teams parents don’t like it they better keep their attorney’s on retainer. Yeah, real role models here. Imagine what we’re not seeing on camera. There was talk by one parent about scouts coming to watch kids play, kids at 8-9? Really? Let me guess, they saw dollar signs!!! Cha-ching! Johnny gonna buy me my bling.

Most of us here have all played sports at some level, have children that participate at the youth level and I’d be willing to bet none of us have come across a league loaded with coaches like this. I’m not saying there aren’t other’s like them out there somewhere, I’m sure there are, but a league that is solely geared by this bully mentality? I’d have to say they’re in the minority. 

There’s been much discussion here about the “pussification” of our kids. That little Johnny or Janie needs to have their self-esteem nurtured, that’s why everyone in t-ball gets a trophy and is told they’re a “winner” and there aren’t many of us that really agree with this approach because if kids are always told they’re winners while growing up, when it comes time for that promotion and they don’t get it they’ll end up a mess because they’ve never learned to handle disappointment, that not everything is handed to you. This takes our argument and goes to the opposite extreme. Everyone here needs to work hard, that winning is everything, that pleasing the coaches desire to succeed and to win is more important than what’s best for the child and you’re kid will puke until he accomplishes his goal. Talk about the wrong execution of the right idea.

I’ve gone ahead and read some of the articles online reviewing this show, but waited until after I watched to do so. I wanted to see what the show really was about. What I read was just about uniform, no one supports how this league does business, and since the show aired the national organization that oversees youth football, USA Football, has invited these coaches and parents to their national conference. The hope is to educate them in how to coach these children properly. Personally, from what I witnessed, they may take them up on the offer, but I don’t see this group of coaches toning down their approach because an organization they’re not even affiliated with tells them they’re doing it wrong, that seems to be their motivation, to do the opposite of what the “cream puffs” do. Besides, any place I’ve lived coaches had background checks, they’ve had to take classes on coaching techniques, there seems to be none of this here and if there was they all failed but must have been the only people willing to take the job.

If you’ve seen this show I’d like your opinion, if you haven’t seen it yet, I suggest you give it a look; you just might be shocked at what you see here from these coaches. I can only hope the pressure from outrage gets this show canceled. I’d hate to see all these young kids destroyed because the adults around them want their fifteen minutes of fame, but I can tell you, these parents aren’t any better than the coaches are mugging for the camera. The kids…they seemed to care less the crew was even there. 

2014 Fantasy Hockey Season!!! Tags: Fantasy Hockey league

For those of you that played fantasy hockey last year check your emails for the invite to this year's league! 

If you do not want to play let me know in the comment section below and I'll remove you from the league invites and add someone else who wants to play. The draft is set for Sunday September 29th at 7:30 pm EST. It's a live snake draft and the order will be determined by the computer just prior to draft time. 

FYI...I've already informed Jeff that this season he gets no tips from me, so if he asks for any advise do so at your own peril. 

If his Name Wasn't Petty.... Tags: Kyle Petty Danica Patrick NASCAR

He'd be just another average driver, not really that relevant. He obviously rode the coat tails of his famous father and judging from his stats he was only able to hang on to sponsorship due to the Petty brand, if he was anyone else those last 13 years of being winless he'd be washing windshields in the pit not sitting behind the wheel of a race car. Since he chose to call out Danica Patrick I decided to look up his stats since I'm only a novice race fan, but I know enough that he was never any standout driver like Earnhardt or Bill Elliott. Let's take a look at some of the statistics that standout most from this driver who made no bones about calling out Danica Patrick. First, she's done something he never did, ran Indy Series, she is not a prodigy but he is. 
Here's what I got from his stats that made me wonder why he felt the need to point out how she qualifies, he must have a very short memory, or inhaled way too much carbon monoxide. 
Petty raced for 30 seasons, but didn't get his first win until his 8th year. His last 13 years of racing he had no wins at all. He had only 8 wins overall during his spectacular 30 year career. 
In 30 years he raced 829 times yet he won only 8 poles.
His average start? 23rd
His average finish? 21st
In a total of 232,922 laps he led only 3,909.
He had 28 DNQ's.
And had 52 top 5 finishes in 30 years. 
Now to the diehard fan these stats might mean something, but for me they say Kyle Petty is the last person in the world who should be questioning Danica Patrick's ability. Maybe Danica doesn't qualify that well, but Mr Petty, it was hardly anything you mastered in 30 years of racing…from the stats I'm seeing, you sir, sucked at qualifying too, and maybe you did breathe in too many fumes…judging from your average finish you were pulling up the rear weekly!
Stats were taken from
I had to run when I posted this, and then thought it would be fair to offer some comparison from Danica's career and I'll use Indy stats first since that's where her career took off and Petty never even ventured into the high speed, open wheel racing that as far as I'm concerned takes a lot of balls to run in. 
In 7 years Patrick ran in 115 races, had 0 DNQ's, won 1 race, had 3 poles, her average start was 12th and average finish was 10th.
In NASCAR  she has started 60 races, never had a DNQ (better than Petty to date in both INDY and NASCAR), average start was 18th (better than Petty), average finish 21st (same as Petty), she's had 1 top 5 and 7 top 10 finishes in just 4 years. If anything, in Petty's first four years, and cars were nowhere near as fast as they are now, he fared the same if only a little better in top 10 finishes, he had to wait 8 years to win his first race. Again, Kyle Petty needs to shut the fuck up! And by the way, Danica looks a helluva a lot better with a ponytail than Petty does, and I'll go out on a limb and bet she looks a lot better naked too. 
The Bro Code - Volume Two Tags: Bro Code
I had been wanting to start a new Bro Code for a while, after what I saw today I felt now was as good a time as any. I've got two that are big time Bro Code violations! Since its been a while since we last did this I'm sure we can come up with some really good offenses against the Bro Code!

1) Guys who lay poolside all by themselves should never, under any circumstances use their cell phone to take pictures of themselves to post online.

2) Any guy who uses Foursquare should get his Man card revoked for using it, and needs a smack in the head when he shares what he posts on Facebook so everyone knows he just left the QuikMart with a coffee and $10 in gas. Really dude? We not only don't give a shit but now we all know you long to be mayor of the local gas and go. That's pitiful.
The YGS NCAA Bracket Challenge Tags: NCAA Bracket Challenge

It wasn't like most of us at the Gab (or anyone else on the planet) couldn't use their bracket picks to fire up the grill after the second round, one of my two were toast by then, but there was a select few who were able to move on and stay competitive. In the end only one could win, and I'm pleased to announce that Qwazier held on for the win. Congrats Qwazier....great job!

Funny thing about Qwazier, she's claims she knows squat about college basketball, but wins the challenge, and she claims not to be into hockey yet her Gab fantasy team was one of the toughest to what I believe is her first venture into fantasy hockey. Yeah, okay! I think we're dealing with the ultimate sandbagger here folks. I've got my eye on you...and no more hockey tips for you and Jeff anymore either. 

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