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Btw...Today Is Frag's Birthday! Tags: Fragnoli's b-day

                                                                Happy birthday Kyle from the gang at the Gab!


Jessica Alba -1st Inductee of the BBS ASS HoF! Tags: Boston BarStool Jessica Alba Jessica Alba Ass HoF

What's left to say?


They're Back!!! Tags: Mo and OldHarry Yougabsports

As most of you know B-dub is moving on to greener pastures over at SB Nation as the editor for the Carolina Panthers and we couldn't be prouder for him. Brad has been with us since this beginning and having him not on the front page on Monday Mornings opposite Beeze will take some getting used to…but, if there's a way to ease that pain we think we've found it. Mo and I have been talking about him getting back in the saddle on a more regular basis and since Brad is no longer going to be able to fill that spot we couldn't think of anyone better to take over Monday and do it the justice it deserves. So with the return of Mo's Tavern/Roundtable we also have some other good news….OldHarry is coming back too with "Ole Shorty" and taking back his place at the end of the bar in the refurbished Tavern. To say we are really excited to get these two back is an understatement.

Now, we realize that by adding Mo and Harry we had to move Scottjax out of his featured spot and this was no easy decision. Since Scott has been putting in quite a bit of OT at the USPS and had some computer issues we thought this would be the right time to make the move and also benefit everyone. Scott's not going anywhere, and this certainly isn't any reflection on what Scott has contributed to the Gab, he is and always has been a valued member. 

What we've been trying to accomplish is to add writer's like Radatz and Suntzu who have delivered big right out of the gate, but like any other site and publications do occasionally we felt it was time with baseball season starting that we revamp a few things and give everyone a change of pace. Harry has informed me this will start on an interim basis, so Scott could be back before too long, or maybe Harry will just feel this is just what the doctor ordered. We all have missed him and privately many of you have asked if there was any chance we'd ever get him back on a permanent basis, so do us all a favor, not only welcome Mo and Harry back to the mix, but encourage them to stay, let them know how they've been missed and the rest should take care of itself. 

Also, be sure to let Brad know Monday that you wish him well if you haven't done so already, and also give Mo props for taking the opening of the week opposite Beeze, these two couldn't be anymore different, but we feel the two of them will make a terrific tandem. Harry on Thursday's? Nuff said…We're just glad to have him back positing, we see only positives coming from these moves, and we all know what to expect when Mo and Harry get themselves into the groove. It returns us to a place we once were but since they've both been absent for a while they'll be well rested, have plenty to talk about and garner quite bit of conversation.

Speaking for the Gab ownership we are are very excited that we are getting back two of the best writer's we've had since the inception of the Gab!!

Steubenville H.S. Football Players Got Off Easy Tags: Steubenville Rape Case Ma'lik Richmond Trent Mays

Boo frickin' hoo!!!


The two teens wiped the tears from their eyes as Judge Thomas Lipps read the verdict he solely decided on...GUILTY. Yeah, no kidding they were guilty. Each received a minimum one year sentence, Mays got an additional year for transmission of nude photos that will be served after the first sentence is completed. But I have a lot of problems with this case. The first is, Trent Mays, 17 and Ma'lik Richmond, 16, were tried as juveniles. Clearly this was to allow them to serve minimal time, and they will. Think about that if this was your daughter and let me know if you think a year minimum sentence behind bars is enough of a punishment for a rape conviction, I don't, not even close. I think of that young boy in Florida who was charged as an adult for a homicide, he was 13 years old at the time of his arrest. If a kid is old enough to be charged with homicide at that age how is it these guys aren't responsible as adults for committing a sex act on a drunk 16 year old? Is there any question of intent here? The picture of these two holding this girl by her limbs and carrying her like she was a tarp of yard clippings tells me they knew they had complete control over her and the events that were about to occur. This scum digitally penetrated the victim in the back seat of a car, and another teen video recorded it only to delete it the next day because he said he didn't feel good about it. They were sent to the masses of kids in their circle and when they were done with her and she finally came to, her underwear was gone,  so were her earrings, her cell phone was taken and she had no recollection of any of it. About the only thing she did remember was holding hands with one of the defendants and throwing up, she testified she had no recollection of any sex acts...but there were plenty there who witnessed this whole event, and what did they do? They whipped out their phones to capture the moment, none of them went to the aid of this girl. That's as troubling as this bogus trial. 

Mays not only recorded and sent out text messages and pictures, he even said to one friend that the cops could get his texts and his buddy told him to delete them, he responded by saying, all they need is a computer, and the other dope said "Oh, LOL...Hello Cops"!  Mays sure seemed to know early on that a crime had been committed, so how is it that the law felt this was an act of a juvenile? Then there's Richmond's cousin, Sean McGhee, he was one of the recipients of these messages, but his phone had died, so he had texted him back on a someone else's phone and told him: "This is Sean, you are dead wrong. I'm going to choke the shit out of you for that. You could go to jail for life for that. What the fuck"? Sean McGhee. 

I have a lot of respect for what McGhee did, he had the berries to go and testify against his cousin, and when asked by the prosecutor why he came forward he said - "I saw how drunk she was". This kid is now a freshman in a Kentucky college, but he was in town when this was occurring, he was at a party where he saw the victim earlier in the evening and she was intoxicated then. If McGhee had the sense to know what they did was wrong when he was just 18, how is it Richmond and Mays were held accountable only as juveniles at 16-17? Saying things like "Fuck the dead girl", or "Piss on the dead girl", these aren't things I'd expect to hear from "kids" but it's something I'd expect to hear from a criminal who had a desire to cross a line that he knew to be illegal.

 I'd like to see the Justice Department investigate this whole debacle and bring charges if they find one police officer or one influential member of the town had anything to do with how badly this was handled. This whole case stinks to high heaven and it seems the community believes the police and coaches are routinely looking after football players whenever they get into trouble. I too believe that, and it's not just because of what I've seen and read about this case, it comes from having lived in a few communities where the local officials are tied closely with people within the school and athletic systems and their athletes are placed on pedestals because they've got nothing else to root for except the local team and they can't have any controversy shedding a bad light on the program. A lot of us here at the Gab have been involved with local sports at one time or another, and the politics that usually come hand and hand with them is pretty intense, so it isn't difficult to believe that there was any outside influence here early on. 

I just hope that the victim in this case has found some closure and can take comfort knowing that even for a brief period these two dirt bags will spend time behind bars even though they should be spending a couple of decades in a cage. 




Why OUR Lights Went Out!!! Tags: YGS spruz shutdown


Hi Gabber's!!!

Well this day has been really interesting. There I am sipping a coffee in a D&D parking lot, talking on my Bluetooth and I check out the Gab and get this message from At first I thought it was some sort of popup ad, so I retried it again and it came back up once again. I read it closely and immediately got really pissed off. I started trying to get to the bottom of what it was, knowing all too well we were all paid in full but still couldn't get an answer. 

So, I come all the way home, and start sending support tickets to Spruz. 20 minutes passed, then 40 minutes and nothing. I think I sent about 6-8 support tickets to tech support, and accounting, bug reports etc trying to get anyone in that company's attention. I even tweeted them we were down. And all that's on my mind while I'm dealing with this shit is the people clicking in believe we're some sort of deadbeats because we don't pay our bills...not the case at all.

I know all too well we paid, it even showed right in my account that the domain name is paid in full to 2014, and the site is paid until December. I went so far as to copy and paste the payment from my Bank of America account showing that SPRUZ took the $19.95 fee and the transaction number on December 20th and I made the payment on the 18th. Then I sent them a copy of the page from their own site that had the dates of the transactions, and that it was paid by credit card. 

I then called, twice. The first time this woman said she had no idea what was going on, she never even heard of Spruz and then she transferred me to someone else where I get a message stating the hold time was over 25 minutes! What the fuck? I hang up, call back and tell her there has got to be someone there I can talk to and not sit on hold for half and hour. She sends to me to someone else, then this dope said, Spruz is our partner but you need to call them...huh? I tell this moron, you shut our site down, it's your page that's popping up and right on that page it says to call you. We all know how well that call ended. 

We can't speak directly to anyone at Spruz and in this day and age of "customer service" we know full well there's no service when it comes to dealing with customers. It's email us, or leave a message, or push this button and that button, and listen to this recording because our menu options have changed. I can't even tell you how many times that I've heard that message, and who gives a fuck if your menu options have changed, everyone has recorded menu options, do these people really believe we had their menu memorized? Dopes. I know I'm not the only one on the planet that has had it up to their neck with the lack of customer service, but Sully doesn't play that shit. As I've said before, with technology the way it is there's no reason that you shouldn't be able to talk to a human being, especially when you're dealing with someone YOU pay for services. 

This isn't the way I handle things, it's not the way I treat people doing business or running my HOA. You need me, you call and I'll answer. If I can't take your call and you leave me a message I return the call in a timely manner, not when I fucking feel like it. If you email me, I email you back, and I expect the same courtesy. If I tell you I'm going to be somewhere I show up on time or 15 minutes early, if there's traffic and I'm running a few minutes late I call you and tell you, I won't leave you sitting there with your thumb up your ass wondering if I'll show up.  I respect other people and their time and I expect them to do the same for me. If you can't do the same then fuck you, I'll find someone else to do business with, it's that simple. 

I sent a message back to Spruz after I noticed we were back up and running asking for an explanation, AFTER I said thank you for taking care of the issue. I just got this as I was typing this post...

3 Minutes Ago Support added:

Sorry for the issue, what happened was your domain order renewal errored out and no one noticed thus it expired. We have fixed the issue and we also have applied a $40.00 account credit because the of the problem as our apology to you. Hope that helps.


Well, the credit is nice, but this ruined my whole day. Anyone remember the movie "Coneheads" when Beldar drops his car off for maintenance and Ronnie ( Chris Farley) tells him it's not ready, and now that he has to wait longer than the time he was promised his car would be ready it has now thrown off the rest of the events he had planned for his entire day due to his incompetence? That's exactly how this experience was for me. There was absolutely no reason for this to have even occurred, it was someone else's fuck up and I don't know who it was that dropped the ball, but like I told Spruz in my last message, they had all of my contact info and if there was an issue with our site being in arrears wouldn't a simple email or phone call be a kinder gesture than just shutting us down only leaving me to jump through the numerous internet and phone hoops? They're a frickin' website company, they're in the communication business...get your act together and COMMUNICATE!!! 

I just wanted to fill you in on what happened and then vent to those I know actually will let me spout off. And that guy at can go fuck himself. You have my apology for any inconvenience this may have caused our membership or visitors. Personally, we strive to do our best when it comes to resolving issues. 


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