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YGS Birthday!!! Tags: YGS 5th Anniversay

Hey Gabbers!

Man how time flies....Today is the Gab's 6th Anniversary!!! 

Me, frag and Tim would like to thank all of you for another great year, and we look forward to many more,





YGS Fantasy Baseball Finals Tags: Fantasy baseball yougabsports

We here at The Gab want to congratulate B.O.B. for coming out of the 4th spot in the standings and making it to the finals of the YGS Fantasy Baseball league and squeaking out the win over (me, ) Sully's Sox, with a final score of 9-8-1.

Great job B.O.B....and I'll be looking for some redemption next season!

Everyone please give B.O.B. a nice golf clap!!!

USA Swim Team Sex Abuse Scandal Gets Mainstream Media Pass - Why? Tags: Tim Joyce USA Swim team sex abuse sandal Sarah Burt Twitter NBC CNN FOX News Sarah Ganim


Since Beeze brought us the Tim Joyce investigative report on the Sex Abuse Scandal within the USA Olympic Swim team both of us have spent a good deal of time trying to get this story sent out to the very media Joyce calls out. We were up until nearly 4 am Monday morning; this is the time of day where newsrooms around the country and their producer’s are putting together the morning broadcasts and we got an unusual amount of traffic as we spent a good 90 minutes tweeting the link to both the Gab and WBAL sites for them to see exactly what it was that outraged us. At the end of the day you’ll be really surprised who picked up this story, a little online newspaper in Toronto Canada called “The People at Risk Daily”, and we thank Lisa A. McLeod for doing so, she clearly gets it, but CNN, ESPN, NBC, every news anchor and top gun reporter (and yes B.O.B., even Bill O’Reilly got one from me) could not have been less interested.

In the last 48 hours I’ve been reeling over this, all the while I can scan the channels and see Olympic Coverage, Olympic Coverage, Olympic Coverage, Spoiler Alert, Gabby Douglas etc…USA Swim Scandal? Nada! The cowards Joyce speaks of in the mainstream media, you know the ones who have to answer to a higher authority before ever airing anything without the stamp of approval from the “Politcal Correctness Department” because it’s taboo to step on the toes of the likes of NBC and the billions they doled out for Olympic broadcast rights, or ESPN who can’t offend anything or anyone in sports until it’s obvious the rest of the planet will hang the offender out to dry too, i.e. Jerry Sandusky. Part of what’s wrong here very well could be Joyce’s timing of the story. Joyce’s story hit the web July 31st, the Games were underway and if you’re working on an Olympic story whether it’s a competitor fluff piece or a hard story like this you’d think timing shouldn’t matter, it’s about the USA Olympic Swim team, it talks about the very coaches who are now being investigated for said abuse but that’s not what Bob Costas is going to be allowed to talk about after interviewing Michael Phelps who just broke the Olympic medal record…just can’t have it. When Beeze posted the story at the Gab early Monday morning we weren’t even 24 hours into the shooting of the Sikh Temple in Wisconsin, that got top bill and rightfully so, but my problem is why is a news organization like CNN or FOX News not able to cover more than one top story, they do it all the time and on a slow news day they still manage to fill their slots with plenty of crap to keep their anchors talking.

I started thinking; just maybe the reason isn’t the timing of the games as much as it is the story has “USA Swimming” in the title and not Penn State. It sure seemed pretty easy to point the finger at a school in a college town, say the administration and coaches covered it up, district attorney’s and police departments knew but basically looked the other way while Sandusky molested boys in the Nittany Lion locker room shower stalls, as I recall no one died, but Sandusky went to trial, was publicly humiliated, Paterno was forced out as head coach and into the grave. I’m not minimizing the abuse of Sandusky, personally I look forward to the day there’s breaking news he was found swinging in his cell, I’ll be more than okay with that sound bite. But when we’ve got numerous coaches, suicide, sexual abuse, cover-ups, a girl who got pregnant from a coach, there’s something seriously wrong when no one wants to ask the question - What the hell is going on with the USA Olympic Swim team and why hasn’t anyone appointed a special prosecutor from the US Attorney’s office? Why hasn’t a congressman asked why is this being swept under the rug? Oh yeah, it’s an election year, they have bigger fish to fry, their careers.  Barry Bonds and Roger Clemons got more attention than this and that was for perjury about steroid abuse…(is this making sense to any of you yet)? Why, because they were multi-million dollar, high profile athletes that makes it okay? Where are our priorities? I’m sorry, when the safety of young girls (and most of you know I have a daughter so you know where my anger is coming from) are being compromised by the very coaches entrusted by parents to train them to represent our country and it’s covered up for the sake of the reputation of an organized sport and the ole boy network that oversees it I can’t fathom why this isn’t front and center and I’m not seeing headlines with coaches being escorted into police stations cuffed and jackets hiding their faces, just like Jerry Sandusky...this story mirrors Penn State in so many ways. The differences, it's on a much larger scale, over a longer period of time, involves not one but many coaches and children and 16 year Sarah Burt walked herself in front of a tractor trailer and committed suicide. Yeah, it makes you just scratch your head doesn't it?...or want to go out and hurt someone.

B.O.B I believe was who made the comment that when the games were over, the closing ceremonies have concluded and athletes, networks and reporter’s come home this might just rear its ugly head. I thought the same thing too. If that’s the case, I won’t be surprised, but I’ll have a lot of mixed emotions if I do see it. First, I’ll be extremely pissed off if I hear Erin Burnett, Kyra Phillips or Soledad O’Brien talking about this like they just found out about it, that I can assure you isn’t the case, they all got it the morning Beeze and I tweeted “talking heads” from here to the moon and back. If Bill O’Reilly talks about it I’ll be glad FOX covered it instead of pumping sunshine up Mitt Romney’s ass while we still listen to him and Harry Reid trade barbs over Mitt’s tax records, because in the grand scheme of things, this is what I really want to know about. Wrong! Sure, I’ll be glad to see this get the attention it deserves, but God help whoever it is that does so if they got this story originally from us, I’ll be calling them out for doing exactly what it is I believe they’re doing, lying in wait to pounce when the timing is just right  - after the games. Which we all know is the wrong reason, it’s just the politically correct reason, and that’s horse shit.

Sarah Burt deserves better, her family deserves better. Tim Joyce deserves the same recognition for having the guts to break this story as Sarah Ganim got when breaking the Sandusky story, and we all know that story wasn’t really “breaking news” either, it was a story that resurfaced on the heels of one reporter who was just not going to take NO for an answer. I’m here to say, I’m not taking NO for an answer either.

Got to go now, I need to tweet the hell out of this to the same mainstream media that ignored the last story and I suggest you all do the same…don’t you take NO for an answer either.


Out Of Commission Temporarily Tags: Sully

Hey Gabbers...

I wanted to give you a brief update on what's going on in my world. As some of you know I've been dealing with some residual nerve damage in my left wrist and elbow. It's been lingering for quite a while but its gotten to the point that delaying having it repaired has passed the point of no return. Originally I though the removal of a portion of the 6 pins in my forearm would ease the pain and I'd be able to deal with it but that didn't help whatsoever. 

After further nerve conduction studies the surgeon determined that a nerve that goes from my shoulder all the way down my arm is the culprit and as much as I'd like to see if therapy would ease it he said that would be more of a band-aid and it will just flare up over and over. So tomorrow at 9 am I'm going to have the second procedure in the less than 6 months and if this doesn't work I'm looking at a fusion of my wrist, something I'm not looking forward to. So I'm asking you all to keep your fingers crossed that this procedure is the end all, be all, gets me back to some sort of normalcy (insert wisecracks here).

I'll keep you posted as I'm able, hopefully my recovery time won't be that long. The doctor says 4-6 weeks with 6-8 months before I have complete use of my entire arm, but since I tend to bounce back from these procedures relatively quickly I'll go with the under! I'll still be reading your posts daily, comment as soon as I can and will be keeping track of my email.

I'll talk to you all soon. Take care!


Carl Beane, the Voice of The Red Sox Dies Tags: Carl Beane Boston Red Sox Announcer

I was getting ready to leave the house when I got a call from my buddy Steve in Boston, he tells me that Carl Beane, public address announcer for the Red Sox had been killed in a single car accident today in Sturbridge Ma. Carl had been the Red Sox announcer since 2003, winning the job over numerous others vying for the position. He had a great voice, definitely a voice made for radio and of course that’s where he got his start.

I had the privilege of interviewing Carl a few years ago, the way I came to meet him was actually out of an act of kindness on his part involving my daughter. Lindsey was returning to Atlanta from Boston and this was after 9/11 so there is no one allowed past security except those who are ticketed so Lindsey, who was about 15-16 at the time waited for her non-stop flight at the gate by herself and then it got delayed, so the 2 hour wait turns into over 3 hours. Well, Carl had heard Lindsey talking to me on the phone, answering questions like, “yeah, I’m okay, I’m at the gate, I promise I won’t wander around etc. When we got off the phone Carl and his traveling companion struck up a conversation with her and it wasn’t very long before she sees his World Series ring with the big “B” surrounded by diamonds and rubies. She asked him if he worked for the Red Sox and he said yes, he told her who he was and they continued to talk and basically he and his friend looked after her until they got on the plane.

Before they separated in Atlanta (Carl was continuing on to Florida) he gave her his business card from the Sox and told her to give it to her dad and he’d know who it was that kept her company. When I met her at the curb I was putting her bag in the trunk and I asked her about the wait and she starts telling me the story and when we got in the car she handed me the card and I saw who it was and I told her that it was very nice of him to keep you company. A few days later I called him and just wanted to thank him for taking the time to kind of look after her and he told me it was his pleasure, he was glad to do it, she looked bored, a little cranky about the wait but she was a really great kid and he enjoyed talking to her just like he did all the kids at the ball park. He then extended an offer for us to hook up with him the next time we were in town and Lindsey and I had flown up for the holidays to Boston, she was seeing friends in NH and I was staying with Steve outside of Boston, we picked her up and went to Boston and met Carl for lunch around the corner from Fenway, here’s the picture of all of us from that visit.

I had spoken to him that day about the interview and we tossed some stuff around but it wasn’t until I got back from the trip that I put the entire interview questions down, gathered some ideas from folks at TSN and the submitted them to Carl via email. About 3 days later I got them back, then he called and we went over the answers, I asked a few follow up questions and that was it. The interview went over well, got a lot of feedback from it, I really enjoyed it. I did see him one more time after that winter, Steve and I had gone to the Red Sox-Cardinals game and I called Carl the night before and he said let’s hookup before the game and we can go upstairs to the booth and chat for a few so when we got to Fenway I gave him a quick call and he came down and met us and we went upstairs to where the announcers all are, here’s Steve D with Carl.


Like frag said, Carl was as much a part of Fenway as anyone who played for the Sox, he gave an awful lot of himself too. He was very generous with his time, he had emceed weddings, one he did in a full Red Sox uniform, he did the auctions for the Jimmy Fund, the long time Red Sox charity that benefits kids at  Boston Children’s Hospital and Spalding rehab center, was involved with diabetes foundation and many other charities. He was a terrific guy, funny as hell, had lots of great stories and never would say no to anyone who wanted to talk baseball or just pose for a simple picture. RIP Carl Beane, your voice will be missed at Fenway Park.

If you want to watch a terrific interview with Carl who talks about how he got his job with the Sox, or other great stuff from his travels since the 70's covering baseball for WBZ-Boston and the Worcester Telegram this is one you will find enjoyable.

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