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I read this article this morning and since many have commented her regarding the Mosque, I felt it might be appropriate. Here is the article:

 A majority of New Yorkers remain opposed to a mosque proposed as part of a planned Islamic cultural center near ground zero, and the issue will be a factor for many voters this fall, according to a statewide poll released Wednesday.

The Siena College poll showed 63 percent of New York voters surveyed oppose the project, with 27 percent supporting it. That compares with 64 percent opposed and 28 percent in favor two weeks earlier, results that are within the polls' sampling margins.

Democrats nationwide, including President Barack Obama, have defended the proposal as protected by the Constitution's guarantee of religious freedom. Many Republicans have called it an affront to the memory of those killed in the Sept. 11 attacks.

A CNN/Opinion Research poll released last week found that nearly 70 percent of Americans opposed the mosque plan, while 29 percent approved.

In a new question, the latest poll found that many New Yorkers believe the project is protected by the Constitution, even if they oppose the plan. 


The poll showed Republican Carl Paladino, who has taken the hardest line against the project among the candidates, is continuing to gain on Rick Lazio heading into the GOP primary and also gaining on Democrat Andrew Cuomo. Still, Cuomo continues to have twice the support of either Lazio or Paladino.

Of those who see the issue as a major factor in their vote, almost all — 92 percent — oppose building the mosque near ground zero. Cuomo has only a narrow lead over Lazio among those voters.

Cuomo has defended the project, saying it is protected by the Constitution. Lazio wants an investigation into who will fund the $100 million project. Paladino said it is akin to a Japanese war memorial at Pearl Harbor, the site of the 1941 attack that brought the United States into World War II. 


It is funny how some use the constitution to defend something so blatantly wrong.

The End Of The Line Tags: TSN

As some of us had speculated for a while now Sporting News has gone and paved the way to eliminate the blogging community and chosen to go with networking, or as I like to call it, whoring themselves out with “Tweets” and Facebook “Likes”. The only one who gains from this new format is Sporting News, for now they’ll have videos filled with commercials, and not just one but two ads per video so far. Who knows, in the coming months you just might have to sit through an entire Oxy Clean Infomercial before you see a 30 second highlight from Monday Night Football. Yeah, it’s that bad for sure.

After some perusing I’ve found there are plenty of unhappy folks over there, and I can’t say I blame them they’ve got plenty to be pissed off about. This time there was no warning it was coming, unlike a couple of years ago when the continuous promises of 2.0 started then went on and on and on to no avail. I guess they figured this time it was better to make sure it all worked before they pulled the trigger. As I said above, TSN is the only one who benefits here, and it’s pretty simple to see what they’re doing. Just like radio and TV, what sustains a media outlet is its ad revenue; it’s what pays the bills. In recent times what we’ve seen are popup ads and ads that replaced heavy hitter’s such as GMAC. Now a company like GMAC is going to want to reach a large customer base and what comes from a large customer base is a higher dollar ad spot, but like I’ve found from one of the online stats sites I've been using to monitor their activity the last few months; TSN has lost well over 50% of its incoming traffic and site value in just a few short months. Try these numbers on for size; as of today Cubestat has TSN’s site value down from $342,402 to $286, 167 in just the last four weeks. The site’s incoming view traffic went from 156,000 down to just over 129,000 and 3 months ago it was well over 300,000, so make of this what you will. For most of you who were around that site from ‘05’ to ’08 it was routine to see a couple of hundred new posts a day but now it might be 10, on a good day.  With traffic down like that you NEED or whatever other popup ad you can muster to sustain payroll or you’ll be adding to the unemployment line and let’s face it our President is handling this feat just fine on his own.

What’s most unfortunate is the 100’s of bloggers that had called TSN home for so many years now have to relocate, it’s either that or turn into a left clicking robot, roaming from post to post giving each one a Like or Dislike acknowledgment so it can head over to Facebook for some more pimping. Or, Tweet it up and send it out to Blackberries around the planet to be passed on like a bad cold and from that it becomes a statistic on a spreadsheet for a salesman to tell Ford Motors that they have millions of page views and it warrants them paying astro bucks for ad space, because that’s what it’s going to amount too because that’s the goal of this new look…page views, in-clicks, out-clicks and hypes! It’s all a grand total number to be pawned off as legit traffic.

Sadly the writer/blogger has been taken out of the equation there. Gone are the days of going there and commenting on one of their writer’s columns and telling them what you think. Which usually had something to do with, why is it they were paid to write the drivel in the first place when most of the amateurs there had much better material and fans to begin with. The blogger’s as they have been known are being eliminated and their new spot for a community is (an American City Business Journal entity that’s been around a while already) which so far has yet to allow you to signup. I read where folks went to sign  up and every screen name they entered was supposedly taken and they couldn’t get in, so I went and tried it and for 20 minutes every name I put in didn’t work so I said see ya! Up to now things are working just fine, if you have no plans on being a member, which is pretty evident they don’t want you to be. Sure they say they’re rolling over anyone who has a profile, but what if you didn’t have one to begin with, what’s the deal? How the hell do you become a member when it tells you it’s a no go with the name you entered? How many people have already tried, become frustrated and bagged it? Not a good way to get things rolling if you ask me.

But I don’t know which I really found more irritating, the inability to get in or the survey’s for the razors with a chance to win $200 that kept popping up every time I refreshed the page. Needless to say they’re making the most out of every opportunity to make a buck and doing so at the expense of the current membership and again, this is a sad ending to what used to be a place we all put our blood sweat and tears into. I liken this to that favorite restaurant you used to go too, the food was excellent, it was a mom and pop operation then one day they opened a second location, and it was okay but then as time went by it just became the same thing as the rest on the block and the novelty wore off! I hate that, don’t you?

There’s a lot of folks there who are making the rounds and saying their good byes and when I think about it I’ve met a lot of great folks there, such as most of you who now reside here at the Gab but a lot of others who are still there and are now aimlessly wandering the halls as everyone empties out their profiles and exchange email addresses to keep in touch. To those friends I say if you’re looking for a new place to plop yourself and your blog the door is always open and your first Fred Lite is on us at Mo’s Tavern!


It has been a while since my last blog. If all goes well I will be posting here more often. I hope you like wrestling because I write a lot about that. Also interested in Syracuse Football and Basketball, as well as the Yankees, Nets, Islanders, Giants and Jaguars.


See ya soon.

An Interesting Turn Of Events Tags: YGS

As some of you may have seen, SN has the moving truck backed up to the front door. For those who are still active over there, please put out that we welcome any and all members, no matter what. All that has happened in the past, stays in the past. Enter crappy cliche' here... Water under the bridge, bygones be bygones... and so on. Pass it on and happy Gabbing



Still Interested in Playing Fantasy Football? Tags: NFL Fantasy Football

Okay Gabber's, we've got one league in the books now it's time to see who wants to play in another. If you are still interested in playing at then all you need to do is put your name down in the comment section. If we get 10 teams we'll still go and even if you have a team in the first Gab league you may still join in on the second. Most of us can't get enough football so why not get the most out of this season is the way I look at it.
I haven't opened it up yet so I won't have a draft time until then, but I'll be aiming for Monday the 6th or Tuesday the 7th at 7:30 pm! Let's make it happen.
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