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Proof JD Is Lying...A Letter From Pablo Tags: JDIN827 Yougabsports

This is a letter I just received from Pablo at TSBN, as you can see there is no mention that the person who tried to sign up using her screen name was a Gab member. Also, he never told her it was as you can see here. Hey JD read it closely, we did.

Dear Kevin:

Feel free to post this on your site.

1. A couple of days ago, someone tried to sign up at our site using the member name JDIN827. For a variety of different reasons, I immediately questioned whether this was the real JD.

2. A quick check of the IP address showed that this person was not in Ohio. I deleted the membership. I then notified the real JD through the site she currently posts on to inform her of this, as I would want to know if the roles were reversed. She verified that it wasn’t her trying to create an account on our site.

3. I was able to determine who tried to join up using her name, using the IP address and the e-mail address the person used on the account. (The dumb ass had contacted me from the same e-mail address before). I e-mailed the person, and they replied. They manned up and admitted to trying to start a fake account with JD's screen name. We agreed this person would not do that again and keep the drama away from our site. I agreed to not embarrass him by telling who it was. As long as it never happens again, I will keep that promise. (For the record, I have not divulged his identity to JD)

4. However, I can unequivocally state the person who tried to open the account is not an owner of, or featured blogger on, YGS. I don’t know if he is a member of your site or not, as I don’t track that sort of thing. But I haven’t seen his name on your site in any JD related post or comment. When asked why he tried to open an account in JD’s name on our site he replied, “I just love to see her get mad.”

I hope this helps clear things up. However, speaking on behalf of the partners on our site, we really don’t have a dog in this fight.

May The Force Be With You.


Paul White

Kerrville, Texas


Cc: JDIN827



Another Response...But I Got The Post! Tags: JDIN827 Beeze YouGabSports

Here is the current blog posted at Mac Apps by JDIN827...I copied it because it's only a matter of time before this gets deleted per the posted letter from Mac himself where he stated he wants no posts referring to other websites on his site. keep this in mind, she had to have come here for this blog because her post was deleted early this morning, so we know she comes here. We also know she's lying about a Gab member trying to signup as her at another site.. PROVE IT JD, you can't and you know it. There's a difference between what we write and what you write, you write FICTION. Now you've written this blog so you can garner sympathy to get Beeze kicked off MacApps...are you really that important over there? You post th same blog over and over again, what could they possibly miss there? 

In case you missed it, no one here is hiding anywhere, I signed my comment  on the last post here with my REAL NAME and the town and state where I live, you on the other hand are the one paranoid about being found out, why is that?


The Beeze's Obsession with Me


Posted by JDIN827 on August 19, 2011 at 7:00 PM  

Well, Folks, Here We Go Again!  The Beeze, and our friends at You Gab are at it again....2 years later, still writing about me, still using that vulgar language and still hiding behind computers. 


Mr. Mac deleted my response to them, but now Beeze has posted his response on You Gab, also calling Mr. Mac's site "That crappy site"....(See the edit/copy below).  Beeze is good at making one think he cares about your site Mr. Mac. 


She Has Responded

Posted by TheBEEZER 17 Hours Ago

Category: User Showcase

Tags: JDIN827 The Beeze YouGabSports






Here is the link to what JDIN wrote...


I decided to sign-up for that crappy site, so I could respond...I expect my comments to be deleted, if not also my profile...Even though I kept it clean...So in case that happens, here are my comments to JDIN827...




I, for one think that Mr. Mac's site is degraded with the likes of Beeze and Oat Willie, (for that matter anyone from You Gab who used fake Id's, who trolled, etc).  I also think Beeze,. like his co-horts at You Gab have a strange Obession with me that's not quite normal or healthy.  I was also sent emails that someone from You Gab had tried to steal the JDIN827 sign-in to sign up for another sports site that an ex- SN member created.


This kind of abnormal, childish behavior should stop! I have not communicated with these people in almost 2 years, and yet they still persist in the games, the trolling, etc. 


 Beeze, dont degrade Mr. Mac's site.  Stay off of it.  Be a Man and confront me. Got a bone to pick?  Dont like my love of Ohio State?  Great, talk to me, but dont make a farce out of Mr. Mac's site. 

I Haven't Gone Anywhere

I'd been reluctant to say anything at first but with some added issues I felt it's only fair since you're all my friends, I owed you an explanation as to why I've been visibly absent. Some of you know what's been going on since we speak regularly by phone, my wife and I are divorcing after a little over 20 years of marriage. This has been ongoing for a few months now and we're trying to work out details and it''s a process I'm working through. However, a couple of weeks ago I had fallen asleep while sitting at my desk and had been watching a movie at the same time, when I woke up a few hours later I couldn't feel or move my right hand. Needless to say I headed off to the ER and the doctor there said it was just a pinched nerve, nothing more and it would come back around shortly.

Unfortunately I haven't regained hardly any use of my hand and wrist yet and it's now more than a mere inconvenience it really has interfered with everything I do, such as typing, which I'm doing with one finger and it frustrates the hell out of me. I've been to a neurologist and have some tests scheduled along with some therapy so hopefully they'll get to the bottom of this and get me back to normal sooner rather than later.

In the meantime, I am still reading everyone's posts, however I've limited my comments to one sentence, if commenting at all. As far as day to day operations as it were, I'm as active as I was when Steve fired the Gab up on day one.  That's it in a nutshell, I just felt not seeing me around commenting meant I didn't care and that's hardly the case, I care very much about the Gab and of course, all the member's here.


Some Very Sad News

It's with a very heavy heart that I have to announce that  Brad's brother Allen passed away just a couple of hours ago. I got a message from Brad informing me of this and I asked him if it would be okay to let the Gab member's know and he said of course. 
His brother had been battling cancer since returning from The Gulf defending this country, he made everyone around him very proud and he had no bigger fan than his big brother Brad.

On behalf of Steve, Kyle,myself and all the member's here at the Gab we want to convey our deepest condolences to Brad and his family and our thoughts and prayers are with him during this most difficult time.

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