Young and Dumb (or just dumb)?
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Perhaps it is just me, but this story blew my mind. I did many stupid things when I was in college, but breaking in a car was just never on my mind. The fact that these guys were on scholarship and still decided to break in a car is even more disheartening. But the thing that was riveting for me is to listen to the entire conversation while they sat handcuffed in the back of the police car. I love the line...that won't work, this is not the bro-lice, but the po-lice. That is an instant classic. Here is the recorded conversation:

 I know that there is a delay for the commercial, but I think you will find it worth the wait...


I wish these young men well, but unless someone is able to shock them into reality, their future is very bleak indeed...

Mess in NY...
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Admittedly, the Mets have had a run of bad luck the past few years. After several collapses down the stretch, the Mets find themselves one of the have nots. Or to put another way...they suck. Since I am an Astros fan, I understand how it feels to root for a bad team. That does not prevent me from following my team and I am sure that it does not prevent Mets fans from following the Mets. Bad teams are used to criticism, but generally they expect support from the home front. In a recent broadcast, an audio clip of Stewie from Family Guys was played. This was from a November program that was highly critical of the Mets. The Mets are "seething" over this incident...

Although very funny, it is interesting that this would occur in April...not even a full week into the season...

Here is the clip:


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