Honey Badger is a Bad-Ass
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 What, you don't know about the Honey Badger!?! "Honey Badger don't give a shit!" Just ask Randall...

Like I said, he's a Bad-Ass!

Later, the Beeze.


Flop Goes Football
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The Capn wonders what older players like Dick Butkus thinks of the new NFL? With each passing game, the NFL is becoming more like soccer.





Basketball players flop.







Even Giants flop...




The Capn wonders...if you win and flop is it really a win?


Johnny Monkey Takes a Vacation
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It has been a fun couple of weeks at the Gab for Johnny Monkey. Today, Johnny Monkey got a vacation offer that he cannot refuse. Since there will be no computers where Johnny Monkey is going. This will be the last opportunity for Johnny Monkey to converse on the Gab for a long while. Johnny Monkey wishes to thank his new friends at the Gab for an interesting two weeks. Best of luck until we meet again and don't forget to eat your vegetables.

Angry Birds
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Thoughts from an Island Girl


One of the latest fads are the 'Angry Birds'  and this is catching on like a wildfire.  I think this goes along with the times.      Even here in blogger land.    Every one has something to be angry about.    It is not like a lot of those same people are angry with the state of the games,  but trying to find fault with each other.  In other words,  they to try to make it personal.


Sometimes when I'm angry I have the right to be angry, but that doesn't give me the right to be cruel.  ~Author Unknown  

  Blogging should be an outlet.

  Not a means to inflict some stealth drama that no one else even cares about outside the non blog world,  real life exists.   Not some slight by an ambiguous person,  you don't even know.


Does that make sense to you?  If it does,  you may take your own life too seriously.   We are all taking life too seriously.   People don't want to laugh,  they want to complain.    They want to make drama because drama sells.  And it isn't like that drama matters.  In ten to twenty years,  this drama will not even be remembered.      I don't care who you are fucking!    I will never talk about my sex life because it somehow cheapens me.   I don't care what you speculate either,   because I have my own life,  just like you had yours.  

Johnny Monkey doesn't offend me,  because that persona makes me laugh.   Creative people intrigue me more than a sexist person who think  we are little brown fuck machines.  I don't even hate bar girls who want to make better of their own  lives and their kids.  If people think I am seeking a green card..   fuck you too!   I am working hard at education.   If you think that is who I am,  that is who you want me to be,    I am not that.




Love Your Monkey
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Oh yeah...another woman that loves monkeys. Johnny Monkey has been trying to explain that monkey are cool; here is a woman that gets it. Check out this link for a detailed article with video:


Note that she lets one "lucky" monkey sleep in her bed. Johnny Monkey thinks she is the lucky one.



It has been brought to Johnny Monkey's attention that there is a gimp legged old captain that has been speaking poorly of monkeys. Johnny Monkey will teach the captain some manners.

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