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Howdy hope everybody is doing well and had a great holiday weekend. I'm not really sure where to start I'm kinda at a loss for words. Let me start by saying that I enjoy this site very much and I read alot of blogs and everybody does a great job, and over the years I have always enjoyed reading your blogs. I don't leave alot of comments because I don't follow the mainstream sports anymore specifically MLB and the NBA. With that being said I can't really comment because not following the sports anymore I don't feel I can make an intelligent comment on those subjects since I don't  know the inn's and outs and not to mention todays players. And as we all know the mainstream media is cramming their opinion down our throats weather we want to hear them or not.

I stopped watching MLB in 1994 the year of the last player strike. I have not watched a game live or TV since and never will again. I stopped watching the NBA after Magic/Larry Bird retired. I will also never watch the NBA anymore for a multitude of reasons which we will cover. ESPN radio crams the MLB/NBA down our throats on a daily basis. Back in the day Soccer, NASCAR, Austrailian Rules Football and the CFL put them on the map and it was all they had.

I grew up a sports fan in general football, baseball, basketball, golf and racing. Now all I follow is NASCAR, Pro and College Football and College Basketball and more Golf now that Tiger Woods has stopped playing as much.

The NFL is the most popular sport in America now and the lockout is approaching it's 100th day. I will go back it no matter what happens it has become one of my favorite sports. MLB  and the NBA also have CBA's up this year and to me it doesn't matter weather they get agreements or not. Not being a fan I don't watch them anyway so I don't really care one way or another. I hope that for all my friends here they get their act together for all of you.

I don't watch the NBA and MLB for alot of the same reasons. The major management at the national level doesn't want the small/mid market teams to succeed. With all of the money being paid by the major networks, the big market teams are going to find their way to the championship because it what the league/networks want. In MLB the Red Sox, Yankees and Dodgers have most of the money so they buy all of the players and the same is said for the NBA to an extent. But the Celtics/Lakers seem to be the front runners. Not to mention the fact that Stern/Networks have the games minipulated to get the biggest rating possible because of the money paid to the league. I get tired of hearing about how good Kobe Bryant is when he isn't the greatest Laker to even played. That honor goes to Magic/Kareem/West. Kobe would sitting on the bench back in the day. We also have Michael Jordon shoved down our throats as well and the best all-around players I ever seen were Magic, Bird and Oscar Robertson  whoveraged a triple-double for his career. People seem to forget that Jordan was actually suspended for gambling. (He played baseball for 1 1/2 years It was Sterns way of covering it up). Oh well it was his one-on-one play that ruined the NBA. You can see where they are now.

Thanks for reading my rambling and know that I love and respect all of your blogs and opinions. I will write about my NASCAR and Pro Football and time to time College Football and Basketball. I hope you have a great week.

Special K


Around the World with Madman
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  Been thinking of late, and yes that in itself is quite dangerous, of what will it take to make this Nation of our a great Nation again? Is it the money? We have quite a bit of debt and as a nation we are being devalued on several stock exchanges (please see previous posts). Is it our freedom? This has been altered and manipulated over several years to where we really are not free. We live in a strictly controlled environment that allows us certain controlled privileges, but not freedom. The system is too unjustly skewed for the rich and powerful that climbing that ladder encourages others to beat down the rival at all costs. We have certain days to celebrate on the calendar mainly because the businesses want to manipulate it to sell goods and services to consumers. It was not always like that, but since most of our GNP is based on how much we spend as a nation it has to be.

Chrysler has reported a first quarter earnings of 116 MILLION dollars net income since bailout of 2009 (yes it has been two years). All of the Detroit automakers have now reported a profit. But wait, They have also gotten back in bed with the same groups, although different names, that lead to the collapse of several years ago. Give back stop taking.

Bin Laden is dead and was killed the same day that the remains of Pope John Paul the II where exhumed for his beatification. Now the Catholics are taking credit for killing Bin Laden. So far Bush, Clinton, and even some peeps from Reagan administration have attempted to take credit for Bin Laden left eye shot while McDonald’s is attempting to patent/trademark Seal Team Six. Yes, corporate America are ran by devils.

Ok you this is one for the tip of the hat greed. Regardless of what you personally feeling are it is well know that smoking, dipping etc. is bad for your health. Any way you want to slice it is fine, it does not change that it is a carcinogen that destroys the body.  One out of every three cigs are smoked in China. Now here is how they did it:

“China’s leaf tobacco imports increased 18.7% in 2006 to a peak of 82,390 tons, and the value rose 26.2% to $409 mn. It now appears that the value for China’s leaf tobacco imports may be about $500 mn during calendar 2007. Purchases of US tobacco in the first half of 2007 had already reached 8,200 tons valued at $51 mn, a level near that for all calendar 2006. Imports have increased because of efforts to produce more quality premium cigarettes. China’s tobacco crop was relatively steady during 2004–06 at 1.8 mn tons dry weight. Cigarette output has shown slight gains recently, although dramatic changes are underway concerning the structure of cigarette manufacturing and marketing. ”

China National Tobacco Corporation is state owned so they received profits from taxing AND selling to the people of China which accounts for roughly 7% of the government’s revenues so when China passed a law for a smoking ban that is NOT enforced and has no fines if broken they clearly let their people know there place.


Ohh NBA finals start tonight….

Freedom of Speech: Not Just For Radio Douchebags
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  That's right, Freedom of Speech is actually something we all have...But often I hear gasbags on the radio, and on TV who feel that right is only for the people who have a degree in communications...Well fuck all that!

Here's where I'm coming from...Today, after work, on my way to pick the kids up from school, I had the Scott Van Pelt Show on the Radio...SVP, and his co-host who gets screwed on the name recognition, Ryen Rusillo, were talking about a Scottie Pippen interview from the Mike & Mike Show...They were going on about some who is better, LeBron or Jordan...Blah, blah, blah...I fucking hate Basketball, but we all know Jordan was the shit...

Anyway, the topic seemed to go off track when Van Pelt started talking about how Jordan didn't have to deal with the same scrutiny as James, because "The world today is so cynical, and angry." And of course, most of the blame for this anger and cynicism was put on Twitter and Bloggers...My God, these talking heads love to hate on bloggers...I think they actually see themselves becoming irrelevant because of all the quality bloggers, and vloggers out there...

But guess what, Anger and cynicism have always been in this world...It's just now people have an outlet for it...An outlet that is easy for you, or anyone to access...In the good old days, I guy would have a shit day at work, hear something on the radio on his way home, that pissed him off...He get home, bitch about to his wife, who wasn't listening, and then go kick the dog, and tell the kids to leave him alone...Now he can pull out iPhone, or laptop, and fire off a tweet, or write a blog, and boom...That shit's off his chest, and the dog doesn't have any broken ribs...

But for some reason twats like these guys don't think our opinions matter....(I actually like their show, usually)...I've also heard this crap from one of my favorite comedians...Jim Norton who is also 3rd mic on my favorite radio show, The Opie and Anthony Show, has bitched about bloggers before...I've heard him go off, just bashing bloggers, and how they suck, and no one cares, and how they're needy for attention...What, and his ego isn't needy for attention, standing on stage, or talking on the radio? I love Norton, but this is one thing that bothers me...

Technology, and the Internet has afforded the everyman the ability to get their thoughts and opinions off their chest, and out there...It doesn't matter if 2 people read it, or 2 million...It's out there, and it's off my chest...Freedom of Speech wasn't just given to Radio show host...Newspaper Reporters, TV talking heads...It's not just for those with a degree in communications, or for a guys that got lucky and fell into a great job...It's there for all of us...Even dopes like me with a degree in business, who sweats his balls off in a kitchen for a living...So you can trash bloggers, and I can trash you...Eat a dick...That's the beauty of it!

Later, The Beeze.

The Beeze's Hump Day Hits 5-25-11
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Yes people, the Hump Day Hits are back, and back with a vengeance...

The first topic I'm hitting on is this Ray Lewis interview with Sal Palintonio (Don't care if I spelled it right) from ESPN...I love the fact that ESPN does this interview, then a number of their Radio talking heads take one small clip, and beat to death...(You know, like those guys Ray Lewis and his boys murdered)

They keep playing the clip where Lewis talks about how crime will be on the rise if there is no NFL season...When I first hear this snip it, I thought, "What a fucking asshole!" Which is what these dolts want us to think...They made it out like Lewis was saying, NFL players would be robbing, and killing people, because of the lockout...But what Lewis was talking about was all the people who "live through us"...Huh...Who the fuck lives through you...But Sal guided him into talking about the people who work at stadiums and shit like that...Ray, said "There's nothing else to do Sal!"

Hey Ray, the Fish House is looking for a dishwasher...Maybe a part-time cook...Also Ray, could you stop acting like the NFL is the savior of the world...It isn't, and you aren't John the Baptist either...Shut the fuck up...

That said, fuck ESPN's Radio douchebags for only playing that little bit...Play the rest, so people get the full context...You fuckers are from reporting sports news...You're fucking spin-doctors just like most of the media...Here's the interview, not just one soundbite...

Oh, but I'm not done with ESPN yet...Last night I went after "The World Wide Leader's" Linda Cohn, via Twitter...

You see last night's San Jose, Vancouver game had a kind of fluke, ending to it...In the second overtime, Canucks defenseman, Elder, went to dump the puck into the corner...He put it up on the glass, everyone was looking for it to go around the boards, but it hit one of the stanchions between the glass, and kiccked back out to the blue line...Everyone was looking for the puck as it ended up of Canucks defenseman, Kevin Bieska's stick...He shot immediately, and before anyone knew it, it was in the goal...Game over...

So afterwards Linda Cohn tweeted this..."Play to you hear the whistle. The #Sharks forgot. #Canucks did not. On to the Finals first time since '94. Luongo 56 saves. #welldone"

Okay, first I think it's play till you hear the whistle, not "Play to you hear the whistle."

I felt it was my duty to reply..."@lindcohn The Sharks didn't forget, they just didn't see the puck, you dummy...What the hell do any of you ESPN dolts know about Hockey."

"@lindacohn it was 54 saves you dummy!"

Seriously, the playoffs have been great, and ESPN gives them 2 minutes late in the show, and most of the time they sound stupid...And Cohn clearly looked at the stats and saw SA: 56...SA= Shots Against whore! SV= Saves...Which it was 54, you stupid gash!

Fuck I hate ESPN!

Now for the important part...The Hump Day Hotties, inspired by the best Hockey blog out there...HOCKEY_HOT_CHICKS and Somewhere in Between...

On this stormy Hump Day, which of these Lovely Ladies would you most like to ride the storm out with?

A. Paris Nicole

B. Sarah Jackson

C. Holly Peers

Oh, and if you enjoyed this ranting, you may enjoy the beating I gave BEYONCE last night...

Later, The Beeze.
Around the World with Madman
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Politicians really tick me the hell off.  I’m not sure if many have heard of the First Responders Bill that was essentially blast and denied, but the biggest slap is that the people who are First Responders have and added hurdle. They have to prove that they are not terrorist. REALLY. That is what our assholes came up with. Yet ANOTHER hurdle for paying the medical insurance that many of the First Responders have none of  since it was used up trying to save lives when the terrorists attacked.

What a bunch of nut-lickers.


Had to lighten the mood a little and post this video. The funniest part is that myself and a friend of mine was joking about this on Saturday past when this EXTREMELY HOT woman made a pass at both of us.,_Quebec

Asbestos kills, but that does not mean there is not a profit to it, right Canada? Cannot believe that they have the gall to sell this known carcinogen to India and other countries. Canada, you suck.

USPS is so smart and keen that they, being and American company and all, does not know what the hell Lady Liberty looks like. I guess what happens in Vegas goes not stay in Vegas. Great job USPS even TM the image!!

Lady Liberty Stamp

Most of us are now aware of Afghanistan and what is happen in that area regarding the war, terrorist activity and production of poppy. Yes they have some of the largest poppy field in the world and now it is tearing their country apart. The US is going in and destroying their fields before the next harvest and that is costing us as Americans millions. But this is one issue that I’m not complaining about. Nearly a tenth of the population is addicted to heroin (15-64) and in Kabul is roughly 2.8 million and over 100,000 addicts in Kabul alone and growing at over 140% from 2005-2009. At this pace one of the oldest cities will be decimated in about 10 years and with that brings a tougher situation than what we have now from that region. It is the making of a takeover of a country from whom ever wants it.

FCC-Comcast-NBC.. HOW

Push the merger through and get PAID. Yes the person responsible for that illegal merger of Comcast and NBC that HAD worked for the FCC and HAD pushed the merger through surprising took a position with Comcast as a Senior VP. Ahh I do so love honesty in big business. I just have not seen it.

(Meredith Attwell Baker 
Acting Assistant Secretary for Communications and Information

Meredith Attwell Baker serves as Acting Assistant Secretary for Communications and Information and Acting Administrator of the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA).  NTIA is the President’s principal adviser on telecommunications and information policy.  Named as Deputy Assistant Secretary in February 2007, Ms. Baker first joined NTIA as a Senior Advisor in January 2004, and also served as Acting Associate Administrator for the Office of International Affairs and on detail to the White House, Office of Science and Technology Policy.

NTIA advises and represents the Executive Branch on both domestic and international telecommunications and information policy activities.  With a core mission to promote market-based policies that encourage innovation and benefit consumers, NTIA pursues the effective and efficient utilization of radiofrequency spectrum by the federal government though its management of federal spectrum use; performs cutting edge telecommunications research and engineering, including resolving technical telecommunications issues for the federal government and private sector; and administers grant programs that support infrastructure and public telecommunications facilities.

To help facilitate the nation’s historic transition to digital television, NTIA administers programs to help make the transition affordable for consumers by providing coupons to eligible households that will defray the cost of digital-to-analog converter boxes; and to support interoperable communications systems for first responders using spectrum made available by the digital transition for public safety purposes.

The commissioner’s announcement comes four months after she voted to approve a joint venture between Comcast and NBC Universal.

In a March speech on the FCC merger process, she said that, in her opinion, “the NBC/Comcast merger took too long.”

The media reform advocacy group Free Press issued a statement criticizing Baker’s move. “This is just the latest -- though perhaps most blatant -- example of a so-called public servant cashing in at a company she is supposed to be regulating,” said Free Press president and CEO Craig Aaron. “The continuously revolving door at the FCC continues to erode any prospects for good public policy.”) fitting...

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