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  So last night, I read the Beeze's post on the drop in black participation in the sport of baseball... and that's got me fired up already. I'd like to apologize in advance to anybody reading this... because it's likely to go in many different directions, then back to the original point of race in sports.

  Look, there IS in fact, a drop in the participation of black kids in the sport of baseball... in fact, there is an OVERALL drop in the participation in the sport of baseball... even by all those useless white kids. Look, playing baseball isn't cheap... not for anybody, not on any budget. Youth athletic programs, through school or through community outreach programs, are down because of a lack of funding. EVERYTHING costs money these days... pretty soon, there will be some form of air tax... bet on it. Everything that costs money is ridiculously overpriced, too. Parents can't afford to go buy little Johnny a new baseball glove for Christmas anymore... and little Johnny would rather have a $100 video game instead anyhow. Between buying a glove, bat, and a couple balls, you're looking at a MINIMUM of $70... and that's with the cheap shit nobody actually wants. Leagues are expensive as all hell, and the gas to travel from game to game is expensive as all hell.

  Your next issue, there is no real interest in playing baseball anymore. Why stand around outside in the heat when you can sit with a friend in an air conditioned house and play a baseball VIDEO GAME? Parents just don't parent their kids anymore... they allow them to sit around the house, get fatter than holy hell, and play video games all fucking day. Instead of "Junior, why don't you go outside and play with your friends?", now it's "Junior, would you like another soda? How about another fucking box of Twinkees? Anything for my little angel pie." 

  Hell, my mother used to MAKE me go the hell outside every day. Unless it was raining, I was out there doing SOMETHING... riding a bike, playing baseball, basketball, football... SOMETHING, ANYTHING. I didn't even HAVE a video game system until I was about 12... the good 'ol Super Nintnedo.


   And even then, there was only one TV in the house... and when the old man got home, that was HIS! You didn't have this TV in everybody's room bullshit... there was one TV in the house, and the holder of the remote controller was in charge of what everybody watched. If you didn't like it... you went and found something else to do!

 Used to be, you lived in a NEIGBORHOOD, all the kids get together, get teams drawn up, and play a game of baseball in the backyard, down at the park... whatever. That was ten or twenty years ago folks. Things have changed... in EVERY aspect. Neigbors don't talk, don't interact the way they used to. Everybody has their own, busy life, and nobody fucking trusts anyone. Hey, is the guy three houses down an accountant, is he running a meth lab out of his basement, or is he a pedophile? Nobody knows, nobody bothers to find out. But nobody wants their kids to be outside, because "somebody will kidnap them, molest them, and dump them in an empty field somewhere" in the ten minutes you let them out of your sight. That's the kind of paraniod, dillusional bullshit enviornment the media has bred for the world today.

  Finally... baseball is just not as big as it used to be. Football and even basketball in some circles are much more popular. They take less time, there are 16/82 games in a season as opposed to 162, and they're faster paced games... which seems to be the direction everything is going these days... faster... more visual stimulation... I can't have any breaks in the action... I might start to THINK. Baseball, simply put, needs more interest... regardless of what race that person happens to be.

  So now that that's all out... on to my point here... I get done reading and commenting on Beeze's post, and I go over to where I find a delightful pile of trash titled "What If Michael Vick Were White?" by some douchebag calling himself "Toure'".
In the article, he essentially says Vick would have been forgiven by now if he were a white athlete, and also suggests a white athlete wouldn't have received a two year sentence for "what Vick did to dogs". If you haven't read this pile of garbage already, here's a link... 

  Of all the idiotic, race-baiting, white guilt bullshit I've ever experienced via ESPN over the years, this has to be the worst case I've ever seen. This tool actually calls Vick "heroic"... what the fuck is "herioc" about beating, drowning, and shooting dogs? The fact that he got caught, did his time, and now does court-ordered community service to finish that sentence out? The fact that he made it back to the NFL? The fact that he's played at a fairly high level since coming back? Where is the heroic part in any of that? Is it a black thing... would I just not understand? Personally, I'd think of Vick the exact same way regardless of skin color... in two or three years when it's not court mandated and he's still doing charitable work, I'll buy what the media is attempting to sell us right now.

  The thing that gets me about ALL of this, from the idiotic ramblings of Toure to the articles on the lack of black players, or coaches, in sports, is what the fuck ever happened to the idea that's been CRAMMED the hell down my throat since I could TALK of "race not mattering"? I've been hammered with white guilt since I can remember... hearing phrases such as "I still want my 40 acres and a mule" and hearing of all the heroes of the civil rights movement, of how great a man the "great emancipator" Abraham Lincoln was. Honestly, I believe that race shouldn't matter... that a man should be judged by the "content of his character", just as Dr. King once said... but that's a two-way street. Just because something might benefit YOU doesn't mean you should exploit it. If you want equal treatment... let's make it equal across the board.

  The "race card" is overplayed... hey, I know a guy who served two tours in Korea and lost his gas station because he was denied a small business loan because they were only giving loans to "minorities" at the time. As a result, he couldn't expand his services, and couldn't compete with other stations in the area. Hey, what if he were black... arabic... asian... ANYTHING but white? He'd still have his business, and it would have been something he could have handed down to his kids once he decided to retire. Is there any outcry there... hell no. In fact, most folks would call me racist for even bringing it up. Was the NAAWP out marching because of it... hell no. There IS no National Association for the Advancement of White People... THAT would be racist.

  My point is this... you can't have it both ways. Race is, for the most part, no longer an issue in the United States of America... the only people it remains an issue for are those too ignorant to really even matter all that much! It's funny how the only time it even comes up anymore is when somebody wants an advantage... in a job hunt, seeking forgiveness for a past wrong, or even when somebody wants to pressure an entire sport to attempt to attract more of "their people" to play. Everyone is equal... until you can benefit from being different... right?

Jacked up Washington DC
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I just gotta drop a line and talk about a few things that just seem stupid to me.

1.  Libya.  Here is the United States of America celebrating the "FACT" that we had something to do with the people rising up and dropping Qadaafi.  I hate to break it to America, but we had nothing to do with it, and to brag that we did in a public form is only pissing off the rest of the world 75% of which either already hates us or dislikes us for being the arrogant bunch of cocksuckers that the idiots in DC portray us as.  Hey Washington, DC - SHUT THE FUCK UP and let the people who did the actual work and died in order to get rid of a despot have their day in the sun without you taking credit for it!

2.  Democrats vs. the Tea Party.  Hey Democrats, wasn't it just a year ago that you all were saying that you didn't give a shit about something that doesn't exist?  So why are you wasting time telling the "Tea Party", telling them to "go straight to hell" and calling them racist.  FYI, they're playing the same game you are - screaming to the heavens above to get noticed.

Oh, and to the Congresswoman from Florida whose bitching about the Tea Party and calling them racist (BTW, nice touch with the Cowboy Hat you stupid twit!!!) - NOT EVERYTHING IN THIS WORLD IS ABOUT RACE, and everytime you open up your pie-hole about stupid shit, you demean the real racial shit that goes on in this country.  Playing the race card only means that real racism will never be exposed for the true evil that it is! 



You know what's worse?  The idiots in the audience who believe this bullshit and can't differentiate it from the reality many people deal with daily. 


It's All About The U
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  You guys know what this one is all about...


  Yeah... it's all about "The U". What a hurricaine of a story Yahoo! Sports Charles Robinson has broken, involving a major college football program, a convicted felon of a booster, the CHAIRMAN of the NCAA's committee on infractions, and even the president of the University of Miami. Not to mention countless NFL players, several different coaching regimes, and a few athletic directors. Before I even get into the rest of this, let me start out by singing the praises of Yahoo! sports for a minute here.

  Clearly, over the past three or four years now, when it comes to investigative reporting in the world of sports, the cream has risen to the top. Yahoo was responsible for the U$C scandal, parts of the Ohio State scandal, and now this! No wonder ESPN wants almost NOTHING to do with any of it... they're in bed with the NCAA, so exposing anything on this large of a scale, that is this big of a black eye on them, is bad for business on their end. Say what you want about it, but I think this deserves a "fat dap" for yahoo, and a "head slap" for ESPN... eh, Bandit? Apparently if the NCAA actually wants any kind of end to this whole issue, they need to make the boys at Yahoo! sports their new investigative commission.

 Better not let "the sisters" where you are now see this picture of you working that lollipop, Nevin.  

 Now, let's get down to the nitty gritty... what could possibly be the biggest single sports story of the year once all penalties have been handed down, and all heads have officially "rolled". First, let's meet a gentleman named Nevin Shapiro. He's a douchebag who was born and raised on the streets of Miami... in the 80's, he grew up a fan of the University of Miami and their football program... and apparently 80's-90's era booster Luther Campbell as well! Over the years, this little fella built himself quite a racket, a reported $900+ million dollar ponzi scheme... preying on investors and living the high life on their dime. But he couldn't enjoy all that success all my himself... he had to bring a few star athletes into the mix.

  Starting in 2001, with a reported $12,000 contribution to the university, Shapiro became an official "booster" for the University of Miami. Over the next several years, Shapiro provided an alleged 72 players and 10 coaches and staff members with "illicit illegal benefits", on both the football and basketball programs. Providing cash, plane tickets for "female companions" to Willis McGahee's Heisman ceremony appearance, vehicles, yacht rides, hookers, bling, and even an abortion, Shapiro did his very best to "take care" of some of the biggest names in the program's history. Current NFL players Vincent Wilfork, Jonathan Vilma, Devin Hester, Willis MaGahee, Kellen Winslow Jr., Jon Beason, and Andre Johnson are all on the list of those who he provided these "benefits" to.

  But he wasn't all about providing a public service to the youth of the University of Miami... no... he also wanted something out of it. On two occasions, Miami officials actually allowed this bag of shit to lead the team out onto the field, and Paul Dee, the school's athletic director at the time and now the chairman of the NCAA's committee on infractions, honored Shapiro ON THE FIELD during halftime. That's right folks... the same Paul Dee who, when USC was involved in their Reggie Bush/O.J. Mayo scandal, wagged his fat, sausage finger and said "High profile players require high profile compliance".


 Where was this "high profile compliance" while YOUR players were on a yacht getting beejers and knocking up strippers? What's that... oh, I'm sorry. You must've been too busy getting that speech ready to honor Nevin Shapiro and the rest of your boosters on field.


This thing even gets to university president Donna Shalala...


  Yep... that's her... standing next to Nevin Shapiro, looking like she's about to drop and gobble after he handed her a $50,000 check during a fundraiser for the basketball program.

  Now, the real question in all of this... who is getting hurt? Is it Shalala, the university president who took all of this dirt bag's money, a reported total of nearly 1.5 million dollars? Hell no... even if she resigns, she'll just lay low a couple of months, then accept a position at a smaller university as president, probably STILL making 500 K a year.

  Is it a guy like Paul Dee, the finger wagging, picture of integrity as the NCAA's chairman of the committee on infractions? Hell no... he may not keep his current post, but he'll probably be demoted and remain somewhere within the system, drawing a huge salary off the backs of student-athletes, just like every other douchebag currently employed by this farce of an organization.

  Is it the NCAA? Nope... they'll continue making money, regardless of what they do for a punishment here.

  Is it any of the former coaches and players who received these "illicit improper benefits"? Nope... they're in the NFL, making millions.

  In the end, the only people who will be hurt by this are the current coaches and players at the University of Miami, depending on the severity of the NCAA's penalties. Hopefully they'll view this thing as a conflict of interest for Mr. Dee and remove him from that committee while this decision is made. As is the case with most things, the innocent will suffer and the guilty will walk away scott free.

  Hell, the whole reason this thing came to light is the fact that the players who took all the money and benefits from Shapiro were unwilling to pay his bail when he was arrested for the ponzi scheme. Like a jilted woman, he turned squealer, telling yahoo sports all the details of his turbulent years as a Miami Hurricaines booster. If nothing else, it is an indictment on the idiots up top at Miami... you have to tell these guys if they're going to take the money THEN, they have to be ready to dole out the "hush money" later on. Like my grandpa always told me, "If you're going to do something bad, you'd better be damned good at it".

  There are many issues this situation brings to the forefront, the biggest of which is whether or not you should pay players in college athletics in order to eliminate the "improper benefits" issues many of today's college football scandals involve. My take on it is, no matter what you pay these kids to play, it all comes back to greed. Unless you treat these guys like inmates on D-block during lockdown... these kinds of things are going to happen. There will always be another Nevin Shapiro waiting in the shadows, wanting to make up for his own pathetic young adulthood by latching on to big-name players, being able to hang out with the "cool kids", and providing them with the means to make any sort of poor decision they desire.

  With all the damning evidence, witness statements, and given the already iffy history of the Miami football program, you would think that the death penalty is a certainty here. This may not have the same far-reaching political connections that the SMU scandal had, but if the NCAA really wanted to send a message, it would CRIPPLE the University of Miami's athletic programs. Face it, if football is gone, there IS no revenue... every other program goes down with it. I would have to say that this is a case that screams for it... and hopefully swift action will be taken. But, more than likely, this will take the NCAA several years to sort out and come to any kind of decision on. The reality of it is, the University of Miami's football program brings the NCAA too much money for them to simply pull the plug on it. More than likely, this whole thing results in some combination of loss of scholarships and probation. That is the corrupt nature of this organization, and that's the way it will stay until major change is made. When all is said and done, the only people hurt will be the very kids this organization is allegedly in place to help... pathetic but true.

She Has Responded
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Here is the link to what JDIN wrote...


I decided to sign-up for that crappy site, so I could respond...I expect my comments to be deleted, if not also my profile...Even though I kept it clean...So in case that happens, here are my comments to JDIN827...


       So how exactly is writing a blog on a public sites, linking it on Facebook, and Twitter, not using a public forum....How is it going beind your back? It's not, It's just as public as this blog you wrote, and the other 3 you wrote about me 2 years ago...But this isn't about 2 years ago...

Last time I checked, it's legal to read a blog on one site, and it's legal to disagree with that blog...It's also legal to write a blog on my own site, voicing my opinion, even if my opinion is different than yours...

I can't speak for the entire You Gab site, but I have a job...Stop by Salmon Dave's for lunch...You'll love it!

Me writing that blog, and now this comment, how exactly is that spineless? How is it that I'm hiding behind a computer, but you aren't...And please people, let's not play the "She's a woman/lad/girl card"...Gender has nothing to do with a difference of opinion on Ohio State and Jim Tressel...

From talking on Facebook, and what-not, I know some of the comments were fueled by your comments to Ark, who isn't a Gab member...Other comments were purely fueled by people's dislike of your blog...

Maybe you missed my comment to Harvey, about how I use to like your posts...That's why I drop in from time to time...In hopes that you'll get back to that...

There was no sneaking around in an attempt to pick up a fight from 2 years ago...It was a blog that didn't agree with yours...And apparently, people besides me have harsh criticism for you...

As for some one trying to use your sign-in...I don't know a thing about that, and I doubt it's true....

Oh, you asked if I felt like a big man? Yes I do...I'm over -weight and I need to get back in shape!  

  Later, The Beeze

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