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Whip It Out Wednesday with IHM
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  Welcome ladies and gents to another Whip it out Wednesday with your pal IHM. This week, I've got a few things in the hopper, including Lions, Tigers, and re-alignment of college football.

  Starting things off, let's talk re-alignment in college football. This entire thing is based on money, as every single person here at the Gab knows. Which is why I knew something was up the very second TCU agreed to join the Big East conference. When we talk about re-alignment, the first thing that comes to mind is always college football. Secondary would probably be men's basketball. What not many people are taking into consideration are all the other sports you would have to provide transportation across the country for if you were to really take a team from Texas and place it into the same conference as teams in the northeast. Want to fly the football team out to Syracuse, NY for a ballgame... sure, no problem. Okay... now we have to get the women's water polo team to Boston College for their conference away game... right.

  The fact of the matter is, especially with any team that is NOT one of the top-twenty revenue grossing schools in the country, logistics and all the other sports are going to put a huge damper on what you are going to be able to do as far as the "Super Conferences" that appear to be on the horizon are concerned. It's going to have to stay geographically sensical... unless you really WANT to charter a plane to get your rowing team from Texas all the way out to Connecticut. Of course, with the way these cocksuckers are gouging everybody at the gas pump, it might be CHEAPER than a bus!

  Moving along, let's talk a little baseball. Every division is wrapped up, on the AL side, you've got the Yankees, Tigers and Rangers on top of their respective divisions, with the Red Sox in historic collapse mode and the Tampa Bay Rays breathing down their necks for the coveted wild card spot. Over in the senior circuit, the Phillies, Brew Crew and Diamondbacks have taken care of business, and the Braves and Cardinals are battling it out for the wild card.

  The Tigers are roaring into the postseason with bats blazing and two of the best arms in all of baseball at their peak. Justin Verlander is the obvious, attention grabbing headliner, but quietly, Doug Fister may have had an even better end to the season than even "Lord Verlander" could muster up. Over his last eight appearances, including one relief appearance in an odd set-up-the-playoff-rotation split squad start with Scherzer, Fister has a 7-0 record, and an ERA of 0.65. Having Verlander and Fister lined up 1-2 really makes it hard to imagine the Tigers NOT clawing their way back to the World Series. So, obvious biased pick on my side, I'll take the Tigers to take the AL pennant and represent the city of Detroit in the World Series.

  Over on the NL side, I'd really, really like to see somebody other than the Phillies win the pennant. Not just because I'm tired of the Phillies, or because I think Philadelphia's fan base is one of the bigger assemblies of douchebags in the known world... because I am honestly SCARED of that team. It's great to have a solid 1-2 punch at the top of your rotation... but to have a GREAT 1-2-3-4 in your rotation, at your disposal is just downright scary. Halladay, Hammels, Lee and Oswalt are guys 95% of MLB teams would take as their ace over what they have right now... and three of 'em aren't even going to start game 1 for the Phils. Add a potent lineup to that mix, and I really don't see a team in Major League Baseball capable of beating them in any length series... not even my Tigers.

  World Series pick- Phillies over Tigers in six games. I hate to even hear that come out of my mouth... but I can't just sit here and be a slappy for the home team... I am a realist, and the reality is that the Phillies are just a better baseball team top to bottom.

  On the brighter side of things, let's talk about the Detroit football Lions. First, we'll go over last week's game against the Minnesota Vikings. I'll be the first to tell you.. the Lions had no business winning that football game. For the entire first half, the Vikings owned the Lions. For the entire GAME, Jared Allen OWNED Jeff Backus. On the final drive of regulation, Backus had back-to-back false start penalties, and the very next play gave up a sack to Allen at around the three yard line. It was such a bad sequence, it doesn't even qualify as bush league. If not for an absolutely idiotic personal foul penalty on a Viking player on the ensuing punt, that would have cost the Lions the ballgame. If not for that penalty, the Vikings are one Donovan McNabb completion and one Ryan Longwell field goal away from extending the Lions' losing streak in Minneapolis to 14 straight. Lady luck was on the Leo's side, though, as they were able to make a stop and win the all important OT coin toss, leading to a long completion to Calvin Johnson and a Jason Hanson game winner.

  So now we get to this Sunday... Lions vs. Cowboys. Hey Tony Romo... allow me to introduce you to somebody.

  You know who that is Tony Romo... that is Ndamukong Suh... he's hungry... and he's coming to eat your lunch this Sunday!

  That's right folks... Lions vs. Cowboys, this Sunday. This is not just a game for the Lions in my opinion... this is a chance to make a very, very loud statement to anybody out there who may still have their doubts about this team. This Sunday, when the clock strikes 1 PM, I expect the Lions to walk into Dallas/Irving/wherever the hell in Texas that monstrosity of a stadium is and punch Tony Romo and the rest of the overrated Dallas Cowgirls right in the ovaries. I want to see Ndamukong Suh not only sack Tony Romo, I want him to sack him, drag his carcas to the big star at midfield, and proceed to rip Tony Romo's chest cavity open and gnaw the meat off one of his rib bones to the horror of the 80,000 fans in attendance. If the Lions do not win this game by double digits, I personally would consdier it a loss. This is your chance to put yourselves in the national spotlight Lions... take full advantage of it.

  That's all I've got this week folks. Thanks as always for reading and for any comments you leave on the way out.

Vapor's introduction.
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I know a few of the posters here from the Sporting News days and later ventures to re-connect SN refugees. I was vapor 673 @ SN. I started a fantasy hockey league for ex- SNers--info is at the NHL forums.

My teams and why I follow them. I was born and raised and in Baltimore, Md and currently live a few miles north of the city.

NFL Saints- I adopted them in 1984 when the Colts were Mayflowered out of town, and I'm not a post Katrina bandwagon jumper

NHL Red Wings- Detroit had an AHL team in Baltimore for a few seasons in the 1970's. Also, I'm not a Caps fan because Abe Pollin, their one time owner, slowly  manipulated the Baltimore Bullets (NBA)  south on 95 to Landover, Md, then DC.


NBA- Nuggets-  For reasons stated above, I'm not a Wizards fan and so I've bounced from team to team. I like the Nuggets' Head Coach, George Karl.


MLB Orioles. Man have we suffered  with a terrible owner, Peter Angelos, for far too long.

The World Wide Leader in $h!t
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Shockingly, this post isn't about Ron Jaworski saying "shit" during Monday nights telecast of the Patriots/Dolphins game...I'm annoyed so many people are bothered by that...Worse shit is said on TV all the time...Besides that, the guy had an honest moment, where he seemed to forget he was doing a broadcast, and felt like he was just talking football with the guys...Fucking people need to calm the fucking shit down!

But this post isn't about that...At the end of my MONDAY_MOANING blog, I mentioned how Joe Torre/Bud Selig/MLB refused a request by the New York Mets, to wear caps honoring 9-11 first responders on the the 10th anniversary of September 11th...I took my shots at Selig and Torre...Especially Torre since it went through his office, and I'd be willing to bet, that if it was the Yankees, he would have approved it...

But now, I'm going after ESPN...Why? Because I wrote about this bullshit Sunday night...ESPN didn't address it until Tuesday morning, when Mike and Mike danced around the topic...ESPN dubbed themselves "The world wide leader in sports" but that's crap...They may lead the world in making money covering sports, but they aren't the leader when it comes to reporting on sports...

ESPN is in bed with the NFL, NBA, MLB, NCAA...All have nice, juicy TV deals with the network...So it is rare for any of the analysts, talking heads, and so-called journalists, to take any of these leagues to task for glaring mistakes that they make...Yes, Mike and Mike both agreed that MLB made a bad call here, but they were gentle...They didn't light anyone up...For God's sake, the Mets game was the featured Sunday Night Game on ESPN...The fucking world wide leader should have taken a stand and demand that the Mets be allowed to wear caps featuring the FDNY, and NYPD and whatever else they wanted to wear...

But clearly, it's the league that holds the power over the network...What the fuck is MLB going to do? When their contract is up are they gonna sign a deal with Versus? Fuck them, let'em...Hardly anyone watches Sunday Night Baseball anymore...Most people lose interest with Baseball after the all-star break...And they lose interest with always seeing the Yankees, Red Sox, Cardinals, Mets, Phillies, and Cubs, which are the teams featured in 90% of the games telecast on ESPN...

But Mike and Mike just said, MLB made a bad call...Jason Stark said, "It was a mistake"...Buster Olney tweeted, "IMO, I think MLB should have let Mets wear NYPD, NYFD hats on 9/11 anniversary. I have talked w/execs with various teams who agree with MLB."
...He also tweeted, "I wish MLB had looked at the Mets' hat situation like a version of their throwbacks -- a hat that had specific meaning, in a time and place."

Such harsh fucking words! MLB screwed up big time...They could have shown a some class, but instead they played the stupid policy game...ESPN screwed up just as bad, because they didn't use their power to force the issue...And then after the fact, they didn't use their power, to bitch slap MLB...Instead they all scrambled to apologize for an announcer saying "shit" at 10:00PM during a football game, on cable TV...That's right folks, you actually pay extra for ESPN...It's not NBC, ABC, CBS, or FOX...They are actually allowed to say "shit" just watch a show on FX at 10:00PM!

Once again, ESPN shows their lack of balls, and that they are full of shit!

Later, The Beeze.


Happy Birthday, Harvey Dakota!!!
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And many more...

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A Song For Our Friend Johnny Monkey
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