Pro Football Hall of Fame 2012 Semi-Finalists Hope For The Merriest Christmas Ever
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The Pro Football Hall of Fame voters announced 28 semi-finalists for induction into the 2012 class. As always, it is a dubious list missing a ton of superior players, coaches and contributors languishing in a black hole called the "Seniors Pool". Just two players from that pool have a chance each year, which shows the huge flaw of this voting process.

The voters have an extremely hard group of players to sift through this year. There are as many as 13 or more players I feel belong in Canton.
While the next vote to slim the list will not come for a few months, yours truly thought his ineffectual vote should be heard despite not counting. Here is the list :
Steve Atwater 
Denver Broncos
11 Seasons
8 Pro Bowls
2 First Team All-Pro Teams
24 Interceptions
I don't think he is even the best safety in Broncos history, an honor I bestow on Goose Gonsoulin then Dennis Smith and Billy Thompson, so Atwater will never get my vote.

Jerome Bettis
Running Back
Pittsburgh Steelers
13 Seasons
6 Pro Bowls
2 First Team All-Pro Teams
13,662 Yards Rushing
94 Total Touchdowns
Bettis was involved in one of the biggest steals ever, when the Steelers got him from the Saint Louis Rams in a trade. He ran for over 1,000 yards in eight of his first nine seasons, showing remarkable durability because his game was running between the tackles.
Not much of a receiver, he could be depended on once handed the ball. He fumbled 41 times, but he usually rewarded his teams with a pounding style that wore out opponents while chewing up the clock.
There is no question that Bettis is worthy of Canton, so I would vote him onto the finalist's list without hesitation.

Jack Butler
Pittsburgh Steelers
9 Seasons
5 Pro Bowls
3 First Team All-Pro Teams
52 Interceptions
10 Fumble Recoveries
9 Touchdowns

I profiled Butler back in 2008.

He is the last person to play in the NFL from Saint Bonaventure University because the school dropped their football program after 1951. Butler joined the Bonnies football team at the request of Bonnie athletic director, Father Dan Rooney, the brother of Steelers owner Art Rooney. Butler then joined Pittsburgh as an undrafted free agent rookie.

He retired early because of an injury, but his 52 interceptions in nine seasons were second most in NFL history at the time. He still ranks second in the Steelers history in total interceptions. When he retired from playing, Butler became an NFL scout. He was the director of BLESTO for over 40 years until he retired at 80 years old in 2007. Butler has helped start the career of innumerable scouts, player personnel directors, and general managers in the NFL.

Butler was one of the hardest hitting cornerbacks to have ever played the game. Yet, he also had shut down ability, which is shown with his 52 thefts. Personally, I think his contributions off the field make him worthy two different ways.
But, sticking to just his play on the gridiron, there is no question that is is truly a disgrace that Jack Butler has not yet been inducted into the Pro Football Hall Of Fame already. He goes into Canton if I voted. NO question.

Tim Brown
Wide Receiver
Oakland Raiders
17 Seasons
9 Pro Bowls
1,094 Receptions
105 Touchdowns
Brown certainly is a product of the rule changes that allows receivers to roam untouched after five yards, but he was more than just a pass catcher. Brown also made an impressive mark on special teams
My issue with his induction is the fact he never made First Team All-Pro and led the league in receiving just once. Brown did lead the NFL in punt and kickoff return yards once as well. But is that worthy of induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame?
I say no, chalk him up as a good and reliable player who lasted a long time because the rules allowed it.

Cris Carter
Wide Receiver
Minnesota Vikings
16 Seasons
8 Pro Bowls
2 First Team All-Pro Teams
1,101 Receptions
130 Touchdowns

Carter, like Brown, go to enjoy rules friendly to the offense in an obscene fashion. He had a gift, however, of making catches in the end zone. That gift had him once released by the Philadelphia Eagles, where head coach Buddy Ryan the reason was that all Carter did for the Eagles was "catch touchdown passes". The truth was that Carter was abusing drugs and the wide receiver credits his being cut as the wake up call that saved his life.

The Minnesota Vikings claimed him off the waiver wire right away, where he eventually started and would hold that spot the remainder of his Vikings career. One of Carter's strengths was his conditioning and durability. Though he missed four games because if injury in one season, he played every other game possible for Minnesota.

He led the NFL in receptions in 1994, and his career best 17 touchdown receptions in 1995 led the league as well. The Vikings had a revolving door at quarterback during Carter's time there. Seven different men were the primary starter in his 12 seasons with the team. Despite all the lunacy and confusion, Carter was a beacon of steady leadership and consistent production.

Other than the 17 scores in 1995, he led the NFL with 13 touchdown catches two times. He was in double figures in touchdown receptions in five of his Pro Bowl years. What also made his production even more special is the fact he had to share receptions with future Hall of Fame wide receiver Randy Moss, Pro Bowl wide receivers Jake Reed and Anthony Carter, and Pro Bowl tight end Steve Jordan.

Carter has been a finalist for induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame three times so far. He ranks third in NFL history with 1,101 career receptions, fourth in career receiving touchdowns with 130, and eighth in career receiving yards, and total career touchdowns.

Then there are the old school fans who point to the obvious fact none of these three receivers ever dealt with the ten-yard chuck rule, which makes it much harder to excel as a receiver, as opposed to the offensive-friendly rules the trio participated in. Rules that greatly inflated statistics, perhaps making a player look better than an older player because the modern numbers dwarf the statistics from the ten-yard chuck era.

Men like Mac Speedie, Lionel Taylor, Charlie Hennigan, Harold Carmichael, Drew Pearson, Gino Cappelletti, Sonny Randle, Cliff Branch, Harold Jackson, Pete Retzlaff, and LaVern Dilweg are just a few great receivers on par with Carter, Brown, and Andre Reed also awaiting their inductions. Men who dealt with a much rougher game, let alone the ten-yard chuck.

Carter has a feel-good story attached to his career, one that has now extended to where he provides analysis on television. With career on the ropes because of drugs, he rebounded and became a leader. Most recall him serving as a mentor to Moss.

He won the Bart Starr Man of the Year Award in 1994, the Bryan "Whizzer" White NFL Man of the Year Awards in 1998, and the Walter Payton Man of the Year Award in 1999.

Besides the 17 NFL records he either owns or shares, he is a member of the NFL's 1990s All-Decade Team. He is one of the 50 Greatest Minnesota Vikings as well as being a member of their 40th Anniversary Team.

The Vikings have retired his jersey and have had a huge amount of great receivers to play for them. Cris Carter may be the best ever for this franchise, and he certainly deserves to move on to being a finalist once again.

Don Coryell
Saint Louis Cardinals
San Diego Chargers
14 Seasons
111 Wins
First Coach With 100 Wins In Pro And College Football
Only Coach To Lead NFL In Passing 6 Straight Years
5 Division Titles
The biggest no-brainer of the semi-finalists. It is disgusting he hasn't been inducted already, and even more revolting he passed away last year and will never get to enjoy his deserved respect from a game that still leans heavily on his genius to this very day. I profiled Coryell first in 2009.
Coryell played college football at the before getting into coaching. He succeeded George Allen, who later became a Pro Football Hall Of Fame coach.

He also showed his innate ability to develop players, especially on offense. He had 54 players go to the NFL from his college teams, including five players drafted in the first round. Nine of his players were First Team All-Americans. In 1967, he had eight players drafted, and five went in the first two rounds.

The Coryell coaching tree from his collegiate era is very impressive as well.

Joe Gibbs was a player on Coryell's team at first and won the team's Most Inspirational Player Award once. Gibbs later became a graduate assistant, then assistant coach at San Diego State.

He also was an assistant under Coryell with both the Cardinals and Chargers before becoming head coach of the Washington Redskins. Gibbs is a member of the Pro Football Hall Of Fame.

Another Pro Football Hall Of Fame coach who coached under Coryell at San Diego State was John Madden. Madden would join the Oakland Raiders and then become the youngest head coach of the league the next season at 32 years old.

Legendary men like Jim Hanifan, Ernie Zampese, and Rod Dowhower also coached under Coryell at San Diego State. Coryell's 104 victories and .840 winning percentage are the best in Aztec history, and he is a member of the College Football Hall Of Fame.
He then moved to the NFL to lead the Saint Louis Cardinals. His 42 wins are the most by any coach in the Cardinals franchise's history, and his five years as head coach with the team is the second most ever.

The San Diego Chargers would later hire Coryell. This was when "Air Coryell" was born as a common term, even though Coryell's years in Saint Louis also featured high-powered offenses running under much of the same schemes used in San Diego.

When Coryell  retired from the NFL with 111 wins in 195 games overall, he is the first head coach with 100 victories in both professional and collegiate football.
He then moved to the NFL to lead the Saint Louis Cardinals. His 42 wins are the most by any coach in the Cardinals franchise's history, and his five years as head coach with the team is the second most ever.

The San Diego Chargers would later hire Coryell. This was when "Air Coryell" was born as a common term, even though Coryell's years in Saint Louis also featured high-powered offenses running under much of the same schemes used in San Diego.
To try and sum up this man's career or impact on football is nearly impossible. Virtually every offense today on all levels is a variation of his system. In his 14 seasons as a coach, his offenses led the NFL in net yards gained per passing attempt five times. They finished in the top five of the NFL six more times.

His teams led the NFL in passing yards seven times, and none of his teams finished lower than seventh. They led the NFL in passing touchdowns three times, and finished in the top ten nine other times.

When Coryell  retired from the NFL with 111 wins in 195 games, becoming the only coach to have 100 wins in both the professional and collegiate levels.

Many Hall Of Fame players and Pro Bowlers were coached by Coryell in the NFL. The list of players inducted into Canton includes Dan Fouts, Kellen Winslow, Charlie Joiner, Dan Dierdorf, Jackie Smith, Fred Dean and Roger Wehrli.

Coryell changed the way football was played. It is still being played the way Coryell invented to this very day. The now all-to-common sight on multiple receiver sets was first started by Coryell, as are many versions of offenses being run these days.

They are all spawns of his genius.

Winslow stated it best when he said, "For Don Coryell to not be in the Hall of Fame is a lack of knowledge of the voters. That's the nicest way that I can put that. A lack of understanding of the legacy of the game."

An ignorance that has wrongly kept Don Coryell from taking his rightful place.

Roger Craig
Running Back
San Francisco 49ers
11 Seasons
4 Pro Bowls
1 First Team All-Pro Team
8,189 Rushing Yards
566 Receptions
83 Touchdowns
A lot will point to Floyd Little as reason why Craig belongs in Canton. Like Floyd, Craig had a couple of great seasons and a couple of good ones. Unlike Little, he did not play on lousy teams nor save a city from losing their franchise.
Many will point to his three Super Bowl rings, which could get him in but my opinion is that a championship is a team accomplishment. The Pro Football Hall of Fame is an individual accomplishment.
A versatile back, Craig also had the luxury of being surrounded by a ton of talent that included two Hall of Fame quarterbacks and a Hall of Fame wide receiver. He certainly was a reason the 49ers won three titles, but he was part of an offensive onslaught opponents could not stop.
I consider him a guy on the cusp, but equal to many other deserving running backs like Larry Brown, Spec Sanders and more. It wouldn't bother me to see him a finalist, but I do not consider him more worthy of induction than many other players.

Terrell Davis
Running Back
Denver Broncos
Seven Seasons
3 Pro Bowls
3 First Team All-Pro Teams
7,607 Rushing Yards
65 Touchdowns
Davis had four consecutive years of over 1,000 yards rushing before a knee injury basically ended his career. Two seasons were monstrous, where Davis led the league in rushing scores. He led the NFL with 2,008 rushing yards once as well.
Gale Sayers is an argument for Davis, in a way. Sayers had a career also cut short by an injury, but he still got into Canton. Unlike Davis, Sayers was a terror as a punt and kickoff return specialist as well.
Davis was like a comet that burned brightly and flamed out fast. It shouldn't be enough to get him into Canton.

Dermontti Dawson
Pittsburgh Steelers
13 Seasons
7 Pro Bowls
6 First Team All-Pro Teams
Dawson first started out as a guard before switching the center and becoming one of the very best in the business. He has been a semi-finalist three times and and finalist twice. It is time he gets inducted.

Eddie Debartolo Jr.
San Francisco 49ers
23 Seasons

Ummm....No. Really? This guy is a semi-finalist with a ton of worthy players not? I hope he never reaches these heights again.






Chris Doleman
Defensive End
Minnesota Vikings
15 Seasons
8 Pro Bowls
3 First Team All-Pro Teams
150.5 Quarterback Sacks
8 Interceptions
2 Touchdowns
2 Safeties
Defensive end is a position stacked with worthy candidates who are not amongst the current semi-finalists. Men like Claude Humphrey, Jim Marshall, Coy Bacon, L.C. Greenwood and many others head a list of men at this position worthy of induction.
Doleman's numbers do not lie. He was a play-making machine. But he was more than a pass rush specialist at defensive end, which is shown by the fact he exceeded 100 tackles twice in his career. Doleman did get more than 10 sacks eight season and led the league once.
There is no doubt Doleman is worthy of induction, and it would be a shame if he had to wait as long as other past greats like Humphrey or Bacon. Yet I can't say he deserves to go into ahead of them too.

Charles Haley
San Francisco 49ers
13 Seasons
5 Pro Bowls
2 First Team All-Pro Teams
100.5 Quarterback Sacks
The only reason Haley has been a semi-finalist three times and finalist once before is because he played on five teams that won Super Bowls. Strictly a pass rush specialist, he never had more than 69 tackles in a season.
Honestly, Charles Haley does not belong in Canton. He never led the league in any category, though he did have to good fortune to play on good teams and was able to line up at defensive end as well. There are way too many candidates more richly deserving of induction over him.

Curtis Martin
Running Back
New York Jets
11 Seasons
5 Pro Bowls
2 First Team All-Pro
14,101 Rushing Yards
484 Receptions
100 Touchdowns
One of the more underrated running backs of his era, Martin rushed for over 1,000 yards in each of the first 10 seasons of his career. Ever durable, he led the NFL in carries and rushing yards in his tenth season.
Martin was much more than a guy who took handoffs. He was an effective receiver and fumbled just 29 times in his career. He is easily the most worthy running back amongst the semi-finalists and surely gets my vote.

Kevin Greene
Los Angeles Rams
15 Seasons
5 Pro Bowls
2 First Team All-Pro Teams
160 Quarterback Sacks
5 Interceptions
26 Fumbles Recovered
3 Safeties
A hired gun as a pass rush specialist, Greene played for five different teams in his career. While getting to a quarterback was his main focus, he did get 87 tackles one year. He had 10 or more sacks in 10 different seasons.
Greene was named NFL Defensive Player of the Year once and led the league in sacks twice. He is a lot like Haley in that he did just one thing really well, but the fiery player was versatile enough to create turnovers defending the pass on occasion.
He is worthy of being a finalist, but there are a ton of other outside linebackers I'd put into Canton ahead of him.


Cortez Kennedy
Defensive Tackle
Seattle Seahawks
11 Seasons
8 Pro Bowls
3 First Team All-Pro Teams
58 Sacks
3 Interceptions
Kennedy is a bit of a conundrum for me, as far as being worthy of Canton. He was a playmaker who sacked the quarterback pretty often for a defensive tackle. He did enjoy three excellent seasons where he piled up 242 tackles over that time.
Yet he recovered a measly six fumbles in his career and he had four mediocre season. I can't say he is worthy, just because there are many defensive tackles I consider superior. Yet it wouldn't frustrating if he went in either.

Clay Matthews
Cleveland Browns
19 Seasons
4 Pro Bowls
69.5 Sacks
16 Interceptions
14 Fumbles Recovered
2 Touchdowns
The Matthews family may be the most famous in the NFL. Bruce is already in Canton, something Clay Jr. hopes to do as well.
His longevity is a big reason he got this far, and he was still a very effective player at the end of the career. Matthews Jr. was an excellent player, I just can name a great deal many more outside linebackers I'd put in first.
Karl Mecklenburg
Denver Broncos
12 Seasons
6 Pro Bowls
3 First Team All-Pro Teams
79 Quarterback Sacks
2 Touchdowns Scored
1 Safety

After starting out as a pass rushing specialist, Mecklenburg moved to inside linebacker and became a star. He once 13 sacks despite just nine starts.

An effective tackling machine, he had eight years of 97 tackles or more. He was a leader by example, and is one of the greatest Broncos defenders ever.

Yet I consider Randy Gradishar, who is still awaiting induction into Canton, the greatest Broncos linebacker ever. Mecklenburg was a very good player, but I would not vote him into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Bill Parcells
Coach/ General Manager
31 Seasons
172 wins
2 Super Bowl Wins
Parcells is here because he coached the New York Giants, a team flooded with media attention. While a good coach who has 42 more victories than defeats, he also had some limited successes with the New York Jets and New England Patriots.

Known as the "Big Tuna", he was named NFL Coach of the Year three different seasons and is a member of the NFL's 1990s All-Decade Team. He then went on to become a general manager and had mixed results.

Does Parcells belong in ahead of such legendary coaches like Buddy Parker, Chuck Knox, Tom Flores, Dick Vermeil and others. He doesn't belong in ahead of Don Coryell, but the New York City factor might push him in. I think he worthy, but I think that of a few others as well.

Andre Reed
Wide Receiver
Buffalo Bills
16 Seasons
7 Pro Bowls
951 Receptions
88 Touchdowns Scored

Reed was a precise route runner who was more good than great. He never led the league in any category and exceeded 1,000 yards receiving just four times despite playing in a era that caters to offensive production.

What gets him this far is the fact he played on four teams that reached the Super Bowl. He had a Hall of Fame quarterback and running back helping him as well. I classify Reed as a very good player, but I'd put a ton of wide receivers into Canton ahead of him.

Willie Roaf
Offensive Tackle
New Orleans Saints
13 Seasons
11 Pro Bowls
3 First Team All-Pro Teams

Roaf deserves induction this year. Plain and simple. I think there are a ton of blockers who belong, but the position is usually overlooked.

Even though he missed 17 games because of injuries, Roaf started in every one of the 189 games he played. A cerebral player with immense strength and incredible dexterity, the nimble tackle was rarely beat whether run blocking or protecting the blind side of the quarterback.

Donnie Shell
Pittsburgh Steelers
14 Seasons
5 Pro Bowls
3 First Team All-Pro Teams
51 Interceptions
19 Fumbles Recovered
4 Touchdowns

Shell is the fourth Steeler on this list. A key member of the famous "Steel Curtain" defense, hre is a lot like L.C. Greenwood in that he has been overlooked because that defensive unit already has three members in Canton. Yet there should be three more, even if the voters appear to have a quota per team

The 70 turnovers and four scores in his career may show that Shell was incredible, but he was mainly known for his bone-jarring tackles. There were few safeties more feared in his era.

While I feel Johnny Robinson may be the most deserving strong safety not yet in Canton, I'd put Shell in as well.

Will Shields
Kansas City Chiefs
14 Seasons
12 Pro Bowls
2 First Team All-Pro Teams

Shields better go in immediately. He missed one start, but played in all 224 games in his career. He was always one guards in the AFC annually. He deserves induction now, but I have been saying this about Chiefs legends Jim Tyrer, Johnny Robinson and Ed Budde for years and years as well.

Dick Stanfel
Detroit Lions
7 Seasons
5 Pro Bowls
5 First Team All-Pro Teams

Stanfel lasted only seven years, but he was amazing in his time. His rookie year was the only season he did not earn an accolade. After four seasons with the Lions, he joined the Washington Redskins and suddenly retired at just 31 years old.

He played in an era where the pay scale was so minimal, players usually made more money working other jobs. Stanfel left the game so he could feed his family at a higher-paying job. There were just three starting offensive lineman in the NFL older than Stanfel when he left the game.

Yet many historians agree there were few guards better. Despite his limited years, Stanfel is a member of the 1950s All-Decade Team. I'd put him in Canton, so hopefully he gets to the list of finalists.

Paul Tagliabue
17 Seasons
No way in hell does this basketballer belong. I hold him responsible for the ruination of the NFL with his being geared to carrying the offenses while building a false pedestal for the quarterback. His toad, Roger Goodell, continues to carry that message today.

Steve Tasker
Special Teams
14 Seasons
7 Pro Bowls
Tasker was an overachiever who became a terror on special teams as a gunner. But no way does anyone belong in Canton via the special teams ahead of Ray Guy.

Aeneas Williams
Arizona Cardinals
14 Seasons
8 Pro Bowls
3 First Team All-Pro Teams
55 Interceptions
23 Fumble Recoveries
12 Touchdowns Scored

Williams is one of many cornerbacks who belong in Canton, joining greats like Lemar Parrish, Pat Fischer, Louis Wright and more, but he may beat them in the race for induction. Like them, he was a premier defender.

One fact easily seen is that Williams made opponents pay when they tried to move the ball in his direction. I believe he is worthy of immediate induction, but I been sating that about Parrish and others for years.

Ron Wolf
General Manager
24 Seasons

Wolf had a career that even traveled into the Canadian Football League. He orchestrated a deal with the NFL so Joe Kapp could leave the CFL and quarterback his Minnesota Vikings team. Not only did he build them into a powerhouse where the defense was named the "Purple People Eaters", he helped the Raiders build into dominant franchise as well.
He joined the expansion Tampa Bay Buccaneers and suffered through a 0-25 record until the team got to the NFC Championship Game. Wolf then went to the Green Bay Packers and acquired the services of Brett Favre in a trade that would later result in a Super Bowl win for the team.
Wolf belongs in Canton, but I believe coaches, owners, contributors and executives should be in a separate category so they do not steal a slot from players.
George Young
33 Years
An employee of the Baltimore Colts, Miami Dolphins, New York Giants and NFL, Young was named Executive of the Year five different times. His teams won three Super Bowls and one NFL Championship.

Young belongs in Canton, but I believe coaches, owners, contributors and executives should be in a separate category so they do not steal a slot from players.





Yoooooooo! Dis iz 7thStoneFromTheSun wunce again! My couzin 3rd has been depressed all yeer cuz his Redskins suck, but I iz OK despite goin 7-8 las week. I iz now 132-84 overall. Letz get two it.
Denver Broncos @ Buffalo Bills
OK, Teblow and his 48 percent completion rate has all da media entralled cuz he likes religion. But I tink da Bills are due. Dat Denver defense, da reel reesun dey was winning, has been playing poorly lately.
Bills 27   Broncos 16
Miami Dolphins @ New England Patriots
I iz tempted to go wif Miami cuz da Pats defense sucks ass and I'm sure the regs will start resting more four da playoffs. Yet Tm Brady won't want to lose to ensure a strong playoff seed.
Patriots 28    Dolphins 24
Cleveland Browns @ Baltimore Ravens
Da Ravens got embarrassed in prime time las weak so yous knows dey need to save face against a team whose quarterback problems add nothing to dere anemic offense.
Ravens 23   Browns 17
Oakland Raiders @ Kansas City Chiefs
THIS rivalry has years and years of bad blood between them. It is also funny both teams, who have been mediocre all seesun, are still wifin reech of da AFC West title. I tink da Chiefs iz better wif Kylie Orton at quarterback, but I'm rolling wif da Silver and Black.
Raiders 24   Chiefs 21
Minnesota Vikings @ Washington Redskins
A epic battle between too last place teems. Click da channel.
Redskins 27   Vikings 21
Arizona Cardinals @ Cincinnati Bengals
Both teems are hanging onto playoff dreems by a thread. I LIKE Cincy's defense, so here I roll.
Bengals 20   Cardinals 14
Saint Louis Rams @ Pittsburgh Steelers
Da ancient Charlie Batch starts at quarterback for da Steelers, so expect about 30-40 rushing attempts. But dat Pittsburgh defense will win it first.
Steelers 23   Rams 10
Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Carolina Panthers
I like this matchup, even do both teems iz goin nowhere dis yeer. Cam Newton will exit dis game owning jus about every rookie record a quarterback can have.
Panthers 24    Buccaneers 20
New York Giants @ New York Jets
A battle of New York where neither teem has a home field advantage, yet both do. Both teams need to win here or their seesun is done.
Da Giants, who can win da NFC East with just two more wins, have one of the worst defenses in the NFL. While dere running game is dead last in da league, quarterback Eli Manning has had maybe the best yeer of his career.
Da Jets, who are battling wif da Bengals for da las playoff spot, have had a BIZARRE season. Dey is seventh in yards allowed, but 21st amongst all NFL teams in points allowed. Dey are only 26th in yards gained offensively, but iz seventh in points scored.
Both dese teems is wildly incunsitent, so yous never knows which iz goin too show up. I like Manning, an average quarterback at best, a helluva lot more than Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez. But I prefer da Jets defense over dat beat up Jints unit dat is help together by tape.
Dis is a game made four da media, cuz we know New York City controls most of it with da NFL headquarters emminating from dere. Both teems suck at da end of da day, but we will still be subjected two dem.
I am banking on da Jets defense to beat dat aging G-Men offensive line, thus forcing Manning into turnovers. Da Jets will den control the field advantage and clock, which is da formula dey use two win.
Jets 26   Giants 20
Jacksonville Jaguars @ Tennessee Titans
Da Titans faint playoff hopes stay alive one more weak.
Titans 28  Jaguars 10
San Diego Chargers @ Detroit Lions
Game of the Week
I LOVE dis game, cuz both teems playoff hopes most likely die here wif a loss. While da Bolts are hoping for da AFC West title, da Lions are battling for a wild card slot.
I do not like how dat Lions defense has a habit of givin up a ton of points fat before getting stout, then watching an offense start out slow before exploding with a comeback victory late in the contest. Da young Detroit teem has made dis bad habit too much a part of dere 2011 identity.
Da Chargers are hamstrung by incompetent head coach Norv Turner, so dey is erratic. Despite a ton of talent, dey iz stumbling along at .500.
Both teams can score big. Detroit is fourth in da NFL in scoring, while da Bolts are fifth. San Diego's defense is 20th in points alloud, while Detroit is ranked 23rd. As you can sea, both teems is equally matched.
What I tink dis cums down too is experience. San Diego has plenty of it, while dem Lions have virtually none. Da pressures of playing wif your seesun on da line iz immense, so the sage Bolts will overcome a crappy head coach and pull it off.
Chargers 38   Lions 35
San Francisco 49ers @ Seattle Seahawks
Da Niners got nothin two play four, so it iz time to play da backups and stay healthy for da playoffs. Seattle is trying to at least go 8-8 dis yeer, Call me kookie, but I riding Seattle hear.
Seahawks 24   49ers 20
Philadelphia Eagles @ Dallas Cowboys
Da NFC East has ALWAYS been nuts yo. Da Igglez have a shot at goin .500 still, but da Boys will clinch da divishun if dey win. If da Giants lose earlier in da day, Dallas should be fired up. BUT I tink Philadelphia saves head coach Andy Reid's job hear.
Eagles 31   Cowboys 23
Chicago Bears @ Green Bay Packers
Da Bears sure look stupid not hiring Donovan McNabb cuz he sure as shit iz better den Josh McCown at quarterback. Green Bay wins dis despite playing a lot of reserves in a game dey don't care about.
Packers 27   Bears 15
Atlanta Falcons @ New Orleans Saints
Da Falcons will go in fired up if Detroit loses earlier in da day, cuz an Atlanta win helps dere playoff hopes greatly. Drew Brees is having a record-setting seasun for da Saints, so dis quarterback will be fired up against his divishun rivals. I just tink da Falcons answer dat playoff riddle next weak, cuz dey beet Detroit by a touchdown too months ago.
Saints 34   Falcons 24
Power Rankings
1. Packers
2. 49ers
3. Saints
4. Patriots
5. Ravens
6. Steelers
7. Texans
8. Falcons
9. Lions
10. Bengals
11. Jets
12. Cowboys
13. Broncos
14. Chargers
15. Giants
16. Raiders
17. Cardinals
18. Bears
19. Seahawks
20. Titans
21. Eagles
22. Chiefs
23. Panthers
24. Dolphins
25. Bills
26. Redskins
27. Buccaneers
28. Browns
29. Jaguars
30. Colts
31. Vikings
32. Rams
OK, I would like to wish ALL yous goombas da MERRIEST of Christmases! I know I iz gunna stuff dis hotties stockings with treats, so to all a good night. As dey say in Ol' Mexico= A.M.F.
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ScottJax update. Hurd is a pusher?? Fumblerooski invading the NFL?? All this, and more in this Christmas edition of


Wow, in one aspect it felt good to be back at work and seeing my friends. But, on the other hand, I really took a beating at work. It was rough the first week back. My hip was sore from standing and walking. At the post office, I have to feed or sweep a machine that sorts the letters. My partner and I rotate what we do every two hours. But even after an hour I start to hurt so I sit for about 10 minutes. Several people at work, who have had hip replacement surgery say it will take another 2-3 months to get back into shape with the hip as long as I continue to do my exercises at home.

Fool of the decade has to be former Chicago Bears wide receiver, Sam Hurd who was arrested on federal drug charges. While still a member of the Dallas Cowboys, he attempted to buy large amounts of cocaine and marijuana in July 2011. At a meeting at Morton’s The Steakhouse in Rosemont, with an undercover agent, Hurd told the informant he wanted to buy “five to 10 kilograms of cocaine and 1,000 pounds of marijuana per week for distribution in the Chicago area. It was reported that he would pay $25,000 per kilogram and $450 per pound for the marijuana. The complaint says that Hurd "further stated that he and another co-conspirator currently distribute four kilograms of cocaine per week in the Chicago area, but that the supplier could not supply him with enough quantity." After they agreed on a price, the undercover agent gave Hurd a kilogram of cocaine, according to the complaint. Hurd told the agent that he plays for the Bears and would get out of practice at 5:30 p.m., at which time he would make arrangements to pay for the drugs. According to the complaint, Hurd then took the drugs and got in his car. He was promptly arrested.

If convicted, Hurd faces a maximum penalty of 40 years in prison and a $2 million fine for conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute 500 grams or more of cocaine.

All this on a signing bonus of $1.3 million?

Wow that’s $250,000 for the coke and $450,000 for the marijuana per week, or $13,000,000 for the coke and $23,400,000 for the marijuana per year. If that’s what he is paying for it, and then he sells it on the streets, whoever is the head cheese, has to be making close to $100,000,000. That’s a lot of money.

Come to think of it, if people buy this stuff then where is the recession??

 Chicago Bears receiver Johnny Knox needed surgery to stabilize a vetebra in his lower-to-mid back after the nasty hit he took Sunday against the Seattle Seahawks. The good thing is he has total movement throughout his body, and is not paralyzed.

Johnny had caught a pass from Caleb Hanie, when Kam Chancellor poked the ball out of his hands. As Knox went to retrieve the ball he was hit by Anthony Hargrove and got bent backwards.

Thank goodness, because it didn’t look good there.

This clip is in slow motion, the hot is nasty!!



The Carolina Panther’s must have been watching the movie “Little Giants” because this past Sunday they used the Panther’s version of the Fumblerooski against the Houston Texans. The latest twist was borrowing a hidden-ball trick very loosely adapted from a play called "the annexation of Puerto Rico" from the 1994 movie to help the Panthers beat the Texans 28-13. The play resulted in a 7-yard touchdown run by fullback Richie Brockel and landed the Panthers on highlight reels across the country.

Do you ever notice in college football and the NFL, that during the game, when a running back, or wide receiver is tackled, the linesman never really spots the ball at the same spot they were tackled at. Why is that? The lines are straight, refs have good vision, they even have markers on both sides of the field.

Even better yet, to make play interesting, how about, wherever a player is tackled, that’s the spot you have to snap the ball from. Ummm.

Why is it that when a star players signs, or is traded to another team, we think it stinks. But when that same said star is traded or signs with your team it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread. He the same player no matter what. Ohhh

How come there are two different types of footballs used during the course of a football game. One for kicking, and one for running/passing. It’s the same game, shouldn’t it be the same type of ball?

Before teams use special jerseys, or retro jersey, they should submit them to a designer for approval before being seen by the public. YUK.

Why is it that football can be played in snow or rain, but in baseball they delay the game when it rains. it’s the same type of water isn’t it?

You ever watch bowling and say to yourself, I can bowl better then him/her?? Yea right, sure you do.

Why is it that golf announcers talk so quietly when the action is miles away?

If its illegal for college football/basketball players to except gifts, why do teams who make it to bowl games/tournaments receive them from tournament bowl committees?

Here is another surprise military reunion



My family and I would like to wish all the gabbers, and their families a very Merry Christmas.


Deep Thoughts Christmas Edition
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Hello and welcome to another Wednesday of deep thoughts. Last week, I was battling a bit of melancholy brought on by the holiday season. A funny thing happened at work. Our Christmas party was going to be during lunch at a nice local restaurant. I did not like the fact that we were not having any type of gift exchange, so I suggested that we do a White Elephant exchange. I guess I made a big deal about the spirit of Christmas, because I am now the Christmas Chancellor; December Events Coordinator. No, the job does not come with a pay raise. We had a great time and I found the perfect gift. No more holiday blues; it just does not fit my new job.



The hat was too small, but I think I will keep the Christmas tie.


So, have you ever seen Tick -Tac-Strip? Meredith is newly married and her husband was pleased that they got my gift.






Did you happen to catch the skit about Tebow on SNL? If you did not, here it is. There was a time that I never missed SNL, but I have to admit that I am no longer a regular viewer. I thought the skit was funny. I loved that Jesus said if he is the son of God then Tom Brady must be his nephew. As funny as this is, the implication of Bill Bellichick being the devil was hysterical. The truth is it is good to laugh at ourselves. The purpose of SNL is to poke fun of societal issues and Tim Tebow should feel honored that SNL felt he was relevant enough to do a skit about  him. Of course, Pat Robertson was outraged with this skit and felt that it was "anti-Christain bigotry that is disgusting". I am sorry Pat. I don't see that. What I find disgusting that an 81 year old guy would have to make statements like this in order to be relevant. What I see from Tim Tebow is that he is doing his best to figure out how to be an NFL QB and win games. Is he a bit over the top with his posing? Probably, but so what? From what I can tell, he is sincere in his beliefs and walks the talk that he espouses. Denver lost last week, but many teams have lost to this Patriot offense. 

It is interesting, teams in the NFL seem to be try to either try to outscore everyone or they play conservative offense and try to pitch a shutout each game. The Packers, Pats and Saints are talented enough to outscore most teams, but as the Packers found out, if you don't play defense you will eventually lose. This year will be a very interesting playoff season. The 49ers, Ravens and Steelers will try to win with D while most of the other playoff teams appear to take an offensive approach. It would seem that the teams bent on defense would do best at home in the elements. But team health may prove to be the determine factor in who wins. The Chargers and Eagles still have a slim hope to make the playoffs and if history tells us anything, this is the type of team that just might win it all. Come to think of it, the Cardinals also have an outside chance. Of course, I will hope that my Cowboys get on a good streak, but with the Eagles and Giants left, I am thinking not. 

The fact that Wade Phillips was not able to coach last weekend sort of got hidden. He had a "medical procedure" and was not present at the Texans game. Perhaps the Texans were due for a loss, but not having Phillips might have made a difference. With all of the injuries that the Texans have had this year, it is amazing that they have had as much success as they have. Or maybe it was just too much Cam Newton? This was one terrific play! I know that the Texans hope that Wade Phillips is back next week. The guy may not be a great head coach, but he can sure coach defense.





Last weekend, Texas high school football played their championship games at Cowboys Stadium. I watched several of the games and saw some very talented kids playing at a high level. After the last game, there was a mishap that will talked about for many years. I am not sure what happened, but somehow one of the weighted end zone pylons found its way onto the accelerator of an electric golf cart. Thankfully nobody was seriously injured...so we can enjoy this video.




One of the games that I got to watch was the 3A game between Argyle and Wimberley. I had a small rooting interest in this one as a buddy has a nephew playing for Argyle. You may remember Jon Aune that played QB for Texas back in the day. His nephew plays QB for Argyle and on the last play of the day had a nifty scramble to avoid the rush and uncorked what looked to be a game tying TD. Take a few minutes of your life and watch this video, in particular .45 to .50. The play that is made is worthy of any NFL player. To think that this kid made this play on the last play in the championship game? I am sure we will hear from him again.





That's all the sports I have, but I do have a few funny videos:




Now I know why Rudolph had a red nose.



Wow...this has something for everyone.




You probably won't understand a word, but sometimes words are overrated...



This has been a very fun year at the Gab. I have not said this recently, but thanks to Sully, Felber and Kyle for making this site a reality.


That's all I have for this week, but I will leave you with a bit of Jack Handey:


"If I come back as an animal in my next lifetime, I hope it's some type of parasite, because this is the part where I take it EASY!"

"If your kid makes one of those little homemade guitars out of a cigar box and rubber bands, don't let him just play it once or twice and then throw it away. Make him practice on it, every day, for about three hours a day. Later, he'll thank you."


That's all I have for today, but feel free to leave a few deep thoughts of your own.


Merry Christmas to all...


Tuesday's Tantrum - 12/20/11 - MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!
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Welcome to the tantrums Christmas season, where B.O.B. says "Ho, Ho, Ho!  Merry Christmas".   It has been a wonderful and crazy week here and my head is spinning with so much going on.  My daughter Brittany graduated Nursing School on Friday.  What a great job she has done, and we can't wait to hear what job offers come her way!  Mrs. B.O.B. and I are so proud of all of our kids and everything they have achieved and will continue to in the future!  We are the luckiest parents in the world.  

Rant of the Week – NFL players vs. Tim Tebow.  Bitching about the coverage Tebow gets?  Really players?  Steve Smith, Jermichael Finley, Brian Urlacher, and others are starting to sound jealous.  Hey Smith, if I was you, I’d be bitching about my defense.  Urlacher, you should be screaming about your offense.  Finley, stop dropping passes.  When Cam Newton was getting all his pub, I didn’t hear jack shit out of players when there were outrageous comparisons.   Look you stupid asses – we’re tired of reading and hearing about your exploits on the police blotter, or hearing you whine because you’re disrespected because you can’t get that extra million or whatever. Here's a guy who believes what he believes.  He doesn't try to cram it down your throat the way everybody is screaming about.

NFL.   Let me be the first to scream CONSPIRACY.  I sat here and listened to everybody yell that Miami was tanking (err "Suck for Luck"), but I didn’t hear jack about the Indianapolis Colts.  Don’t you dare sit here and tell me that the Colts are 0-13 bad, they’re not. It just so happens that Minnesota and St. Louis don't need QB's, and now all of a sudden the Colts are competitive and win?

While I'm ranting, I know my boys AFD and IHM were catching the Lions game in the Black Hole.  When Detroit went ahead 28-27 I said that there was too much time left.  I told Jerry that "the Raidas" had no time outs, so guard the out of bounds and let the Raiders have the middle of the field, provided you kept it at 8-12 yards a clip.  What do the Lions do?  They let the Raiders catch 10 yard out routes, stopping the clock on every freaking play, and sure enough the Raiders got into the range of everybody's favorite drunk - Sebastian Janikowski.  Dude tries a 65 yarder and if somebody hadn't got a paw on it, he was gonna make it.  Memo to Detroit - a prevent defense prevents a win.  Knock off the bullshit and keep it on the middle of the field.  Stupid Defensive Coordinator.  At least Detroit is two games ahead in the sixth spot and it looks as if the Lions are playoff-bound.  Congrats!

Way to go Baltimore.  You finally sweep the Steelers, then Harbaugh has to have his brother bail him out?

Damn Houston, you take a beatdown like that in your own house?   Yeah, it’s Cam Newton, but you were 10-3 and playing at home.  

Green Bay, I don't give a damn if you're 13-1, I promise you will not win the Super Bowl with that sorry ass defense you keep trotting out there week after week.  You’ll get through the NFC only because you'll have home field, but the AFC is gonna have a little somethin’ somethin’ for ya.  Hell, look what Kansas City did to you, and they can't even sniff the playoffs.  Imagine what an AFC power team can do.

While the term “occupy ___” is the rage right about now, hey Cleveland, how ‘bout occupying the Browns offices and telling that POS owner that it’s time to fix this mess.  Good fans who don’t deserve the crap they’re being fed.  I'd say the same for Miami, but they have more fans out here in California than they do down in all of Florida!  Friggin you’re in Miami and not only can’t you win, you can’t get Free Agents to play for you?  You’re kidding me right?  I hope you have to listen to non-stop Heat non-sense 24/7.

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but thank you “Dream Team”.   Hey NYJ, you got run up in by Philly and in the process dropped the AFC East to the Patriots?  I can’t imagine any worse thing for New York's HUGE FRIGGING EGO than to lose to Philly in anything while at the same time watching Boston celebrate yet another division win over you.  Hey Santonio Holmes, nice touchdown celebration after all those drops, but wasn't your team getting the shit kicked out of them when you finally scored?  Here's something else I never thought I'd hear myself say:  LET'S GO BENGALS (clap, clap, clap clap clap...)

Part two of NYC’s beatdown!  Nice job Giants letting the Foreskins do you in your own house!  Oh, and Eli Manning, you can’t carry Tom Brady’s jockstrap!  Hakeem Nicks, you don’t need to do another ESPN interview.  Karma got your ass!  Here's what sucks about the Giants getting spanked:  The Dallas Cow-patties are back in first place?  DAMN!!!

What was the best part of the NFL Weekend?

It appears that our erstwhile favorite Johnny Monkey apparently made an appearance in Denver! 

The best of the NFL week was the 49ers beating the Steelers at their own game - a physical defense, ball control, field position, and the benefit of some interesting flags in the 49ers favor.  To top it off, James Harrison didn't help his team by sitting out due to his cheap shot.  The Steelers will never use that as an excuse (and I appreciate that), but they were dominated and their O-Line is struggling hard.  A bit confused as to why the Steelers didn't get Roethlisberger out of the game.

Sometimes, you have to bite the bullet and admit you were wrong.  When the 49ers drafted Aldon Smith with their first round pick in the draft, I pissed and moaned about it, saying it was the wrong choice.  Boy was I ever wrong - this dude is a speed rusher from the end and can bull rush if needed.  He's always around the QB blowing up plays and creating havoc in the backfield.  Great Job 99!  I humbly apologize.


Beaver Report.  As you all know my son has been going through the recruiting process and after much thought and stress, he has decided to attend the University of Sioux Falls in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.  This is their first year in D-2 after winning four recent NAIA championships.  He will be leaving on January 2nd to start classes, team building, and winter conditioning.  He received full-tuition and books, and the only thing to pay for is housing.  While we will miss him terribly, this was such a great opportunity that he had to jump on it.

Last year when I helped Jerry coach that Basketball team, one of the coaches was his HS QB.  He was trying to impress to the young JV team a point about hard work, and he used Jerry as an example.  He said that Jerry wasn't blessed with the boatload of athletic ability and didn't play youth football, but he worked his ass off, used his knowledge of the game, and went from backup to starter, to JC (after one year off), and now to Division Two Football.  I've thought about that comment since the day it was made last February, and the young mans words are far better than anything I could have ever thought of.  I'm so damn proud!  As with Brittany, all the hard work has paid off!

While this will be my last “Beaver Report”, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank Coach Jerry Haflich, defensive coordinator Jared Vanderbeek, and coaches Cyrus Mulitalo and Sid Robertson for their support of my son.  I will always be an American River College Beaver fan, and while I may not catch a ARC game over the next two years, they will always have my support.  GO BEAVERS!!!

NBA.   Did you notice the empty seats for these pre-season games?

Hey Kevin Garnett, worried about a short pre-season and team chemistry?  Then why didn’t you freaks take the same deal that was offered months ago?  There wouldn’t be this issue if you had done so.

On to much more important matters...

Music – Favorite Carols.   We've now hit my final blog before Christmas Day, so I’m gonna put my two favorite carols up.  The first one Mad Man posted as part of a tribute to soldiers:  Mannheim Steamrollers Stille Nacht.  It's probably my favorite.  

Before I go any further, it's time to recognize the troops once again and the job they did in Iraq over the past ten years.  As the drawdown becomes complete, it's great to have you all home! 

The second one is from Boys II Men – Let it Snow!  

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, and Happy Kwanzaa .  To my family:  thank you all for the love and support you've shown every day and for every thing.  I’ll have a special tantrum year in review next week.  Have a GREAT Christmas!!!


Monday Moaning 12-19-11
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Well Merry Christmas!

So this past week I went silent...I haven't posted a blog since last Monday Moaning...I did little on Twitter or Facebook...Just needed a bit of a break...Plus it's been busy here...These couple weeks are busy at the Fish House, so I've been trying to get more sleep instead of being up until 2:00AM and then getting up with the kids at 6:30AM...

Then there's getting ready for Christmas...And we had a birthday last week...It's already been a year since this picture was taken of my baby girl laying on my chest the night she was born...

Now look at here swinging in the cool December air...

Here she is busting a move with Frosty the Snowman...

Sometimes blogging just has to take a backseat to shit like that...Now let's get into some sports...We'll start with the shitty Browns...Yeah, they lost again Sunday, in OT to Arizona...Whatever...I want to talk about how Mike Holmgren has been doing his job as President of the Browns...For guy making nearly 10 million dollars a year, he really sucks...Twice he has addressed the media this year...Both times after the media and fans have raised their voices about where is this guy, what is he doing, and why is he on radio shows in Seattle instead of Cleveland...

In his press conference last week he informed us that "NO ONE" on the Browns medical staff, or coaching staff knew that Colt McCoy had his brain caved in by James Harrison..."No One saw him get hit in the head." How is it that the Browns staff are the only people on Earth who didn't see that hit!?! I guess they all have their heads up their asses!

Then Fatty Holmgren got pissy with the media for questioning him, and what he's doing...Earlier that day, long time Cleveland Plain Dealer columnist Bud Shaw took Holmgren to task, saying that it doesn't matter who's in charge, "it's business as usual." He also eluded to what many of us think...Fatty is just collecting a check...And that was mild compared to what some of the radio guys were saying...So fatty got pissed at the media and said, "You're either with us, or you're not, so remember that when you come looking for extra playoff tickets."

WHAT!?! How the fuck is this guy talking about playoffs!?! This team is so far from that it's unreal...And you know what Fatty...It's the media's job to question you...And true fans should question you...True fans get pissed after watching a team suck year after year...No one is going to kneel down and kiss your ring...Why? Because you didn't win it here fat fuck!

-So how about those Packers...My pal Ryan has been harping on me all year to write up some love for his Packers...So I was watching them play the Chiefs Sunday, and planning on hyping a perfect season...But then, I noticed after every play that a guy made a first down, he was doing that stupid, hand gesture, showing he did his job...I already hated the Clay Matthews Jr. sack celebration, so now I was getting annoyed, and rooting against them...I didn't actually think the Chiefs would hold on, but damn...They D'ed up big time...Kept Rogers uncomfortable all day, and their offense just kept plugging away at that weak Packers defense...And the '72 Dolphins rejoiced!

- Then there was Jesus Tebow...Now last time I checked the Scripture, Jesus was the son of God...Tebow, I may give the Holy Spirit...But Sunday he, and his Broncos teammates, saw God...Tom fucking Brady...He's gotta be the closest thing to the almighty...All he does his shine up his Super Bowl rings, and MVP's...Sling it like a cock-strong, mother fucker...Win...And speaking of cock-strong, he created life with not only a hot actress, but also his super model wife...Shit, he sounds like the Holy Trinity to me!

Yeah, it's nice to see Tebow, Denver, and the Tebow followers, get a dose of reality! If your boy Timmy is such a miracle worker, and has the ear of God, then why is he wasting his time with Football...Go cure Cancer with your magical powers!

-Christmas time means something else besides, shopping, and gifts, and parties...It means here comes the non-stop 3 week parade of College Football Bowl Games...This week we get into the madness with plenty of average teams going at it to make a few extra bucks...I'm dogging on them, but I'll be watching a bit of Florida Int. vs. Marshall on Tuesday night...

-Now with it being Christmas time, we here a lot of the same old songs...And I love the classics, but I thought I'd share a few from one of my favorite bands...You don't think of Pearl Jam as a Christmas tune band, bu they do some good ones...Some unique tunes...I hope you enjoy...

"Let Me Sleep"


Here's the Bluesy "Don't Believe in Christmas"

Have a week...And have a Merry Christmas...

Later, The Beeze. 

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