Tuesday's Tantrum - 10/25/11
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Welcome to the tantrums, where sports is just getting more and more confusing.

Rant of the Week – Wide Receivers.  I grew tired of their diva act a long time ago, but have you noticed that they’re dropping more and more passes that are easier to catch?  Grow up, shut your mouth, and just play ball. 

MLB – World Series.   Albert Pujols is a BEAST!!!  Dropping three homers down in Tejas is freaking incredible.  Figures he does it on College Football day, because nobody paid any freaking attention.

Texas rolls in Game 4 and wins Game 5 to take the 3-2 lead.  Looks like we just might get that GREAT series we all hoped for. 


NFL.   Did you happen to notice that at many stadiums yesterday the stands were pretty significantly empty, and Jacksonville on Monday Night was probably the worst of all, besides Miami.

San Diego went all Norv Turner and lost to a team they should have beaten badly.  Nice job Norv, you could have shut Rex up for the rest of the season had you pulled that game out, but of course the Chargers fell apart in the second half.

San Diego laying down in the second half wasn’t nearly as bad as Baltimore’s choke job against Jacksonville.  The Jags are improving no doubt, but this was a beat down!

Miami gives up a 15 point lead with less than three minutes left to go against an ineffective Denver Broncos team and especially Tim Tebow at QB.  But then all hell broke loose and Tebow looked like John Elway leading his team to a comeback.  The fact that the stadium had more Tebow jerseys than the whole of the home team combined had better wake that stupid owner up. 

Did anybody notice that the Dallas Cowboys ran a whole bunch yesterday?  Seems to me that Romo has been indicted by the club.

Anybody notice that KC has won three in a row?

What about that start by Christian Ponder?  The Minnesota Vikings look like a totally different team, yet I hear no love for him.  There's knobgobbling galore for Cam Newton, but nothing for Ponder, and straight up hate for Tebow.  

What I’ve been warning about is coming to fruition.  Young Mr. Suh in Detroit has been getting out of control and whether deserved or not is developing one hell of a negative reputation.  It’s good to play on edge, and I don’t know whether or not he ran that smack, but dude, chill the hell out.

There ain’t no way in hell that the Indianapolis Colts are that much worse without Peyton Manning.  I’m not going to accuse the boys of tanking – hell they’ve got their own careers to worry about but something just ain’t right!  I don’t expect the Colts to be world beaters, but 0-7?  Not hardly. 

College Football.    The mystery of who plays the LSU/’Bama winner will be the subject of much speculation, but you gotta think that IF Stanford can beat Oregon on November 12th that they should have a shot at this provided they can beat Arizona State in the Pac 12 Championship Game.

I love to bash the Big Ten, as do we all but it’s hard to argue with the fact that five of the teams in that conference have only one loss (Penn State, Wisky, Michigan State, Michigan, and Nebraska).   I’m thinking that now the big boys have to play each other and we’ll see how it pans out.

So I’m curious, Houston is sitting at 7-0 and averaging well over 40 points per game.  If they get by SMU and Tulsa after having already beating UCLA, then I wonder how seriously they’ll be taken?  Hey Big 12, here’s a team for you to look at bringing in.  Why aren’t you doing it?

OK Kansas State, you’re 7-0 but here’s the problem – you get Oklahoma coming off of a loss that jerked their season away from them.  At least it’s at home, best of luck there.  Even if you get past the Sooners, then you get Oklahomas State, A&M, and Texas. 

Beaver Report.  Took the trip to the Bay Area to check out the Beavers take on Contra Costa College.   When I got there I took one look at the sheer size and speed of the Comets and I thought that the Beavers were in trouble.  That wasn’t the case though as the Beavers TOOK at 41-13 win against a 6-1 team.  It was a lot easier than the score indicated and if it wasn’t for those “over-officious jerks” (thank you Marv Levy!), it would have been so much worse.  The Beavers are now 7-0 and get back home to face the boys from the middle of nowhere – Feather River.  Jerry played real strong and stopped the run real well with two or three tackles for loss, including two from the one yard line as the Comets were trying to get in to the end zone.


Mustang Football.   Was down on the chain gang for this one for the Mustangs, and the Bears came strong and stopped a very strong Mustang running game.  It took a lot nail-biting and it went down to the last 90 seconds, but our 6’ 8” D-lineman intercepted a flutter pass when the LB hit the QB from the blind side.  He snatched the ball out of the air and hauled ass for the TD and put the game away.  The 22-9 win makes them 7-1 and with two games left against really poor teams, they should head in to the playoffs 9-1 with a four seed come playoff time.


Douche Bag of the Week – Drew Rosenhaus.  This mother of all d-bags is now hitting the airwaves talking to anybody who will listen that he’s having an open workout for Terrell Owens.  Wouldn’t it be funny if nobody showed?       


Monday Moaning 10-24-11
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  Alright, before we get to my weekend, which wasn't the best...Let's recap last week...In case you missed my blogs through the week, well I guess I should have expected the weekend to go bad too...It started Tuesday with my rage for what happened in CHINA ...

Then I had my view on this PINK trend...Then I gave my State of the BROWNS address, a day before the walrus Mike Holmgren did...And then there was this whole shooting wild animals THING ...

Then there was the weekend...The Fighting Irish Hockey team opened the new Compton Family Ice Arena...

There's Lefty Smith dropping the first puck...The Irish opened their new home in style, beating RPI 5-2, lead by sophomore Anders Lee's hat-trick! The arena is a beautiful, top-notch facility, that is just going to improve Notre Dame's recruiting ability...The Irish Hockey program has been on the rise for the last 5 years, and this will take them to the next level, which is good since they'll be joining the Hockey_East Conference in the 2013 season...

But that wasn't all going at the Notre Dame campus...The place was all fired up...It was USC week, with a big, prime-time game Saturday night...Here's a bad video of the Midnight Drum Circle...It's amazing how much energy a campus can have before a big game...

That night, I found out my wife's uncle passed away, so that brought the mood down to the dumper...

Saturday afternoon 2U was playing before the game...The best U2 tribute band around! Again, the energy was amazing...

Then the game started...Now, Notre Dame had two weeks to get ready for this...And over the last week, most of what I read about was stupid shit...Like how the helmets were painted extra gold, to look more like the Golden Dome itself...

And how Coach Kelly wanted the crowd to be pumped, and keep the team pumped...They were going to hand out towels to wave, and blast music...Yeah, it's the students fault your team is obsessed with turning the ball over! (sense my mood swing yet)

Hey Coach, blasting "Crazy Train" every single, fucking, third down play, isn't going to help your defense get the stop...Clearly, since every time I heard "Crazy Train" USC would convert for a first down...As a matter of fact, it was fucking annoying!

The Irish lost 31-17, but it wasn't even that close...Freshman George Atkinson's kickoff return for a TD was the Notre Dame highlight...It was what we all hoped would spark the team, but USC would have none of it...Their O-Line over-powered the Irish front seven, all night...And then there were the turnover, again...The 80 yard fumble return for a TD was the kill shot...It was just ugly...All that energy, and excitement, just shot to hell...

Luckily, I got to watch the exciting ending of the Michigan State/Wisconsin game...Nothing like a game ending Hail Mary...


Sunday, I watched the Browns win an epic battle with the Seahawks, 6-3...This may have been one of the ugliest games ever...People say, "A win is a win"...This didn't feel like a win...Luckily, I was distracted taking care of the Little Beeze and the baby on my own...She's got a bug, and the highlight was when she crapping her brains out, she started coughing, choked on the phlegm, and puke her guts out all over...Baby shit, and puke everywhere...

Why was I flying solo...The Mrs. took our oldest to the Train Concert in Erie, PA...I'll take baby puke and shit any day over Train and their 3rd grader rhyme schemes!

That's it for now...

Later, The Beeze.

Long before sports
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Thoughts from an Island Girl


What came first,  the beer commercial or the blonde?  All I know however is the egg came before the blonde! And what came before sports?  Back then I assure you, they kept entertained.   Maybe they dropped rocks off a cliff,  at passerbys below.   Maybe they clubbed unsuspecting ladies with clubs.   Perhaps that was where the bat was initially discovered.   A handy piece of equipment.

Of course,  this probably was the advent of Women's rights.   Soon the jaded lady was able to sue for alimony.    The sport seemed to fade in the light of that current development.    Somewhere along the line,  men discovered ways of forgetting their troubles,  awashed in self-pity.    There had to be a better way,  because women wouldn't play anymore.


​They discovered bowling back then.   They lined up a bunch of empty alcohol vats and then threw rocks at them.   I wonder if they had t-shirts or even shoes back then?   Did they wear those cute little gloves?


​They probably lamented the day that corporate offices introduced these new gloves.  It seemed the day of sheepskin gloves were a thing of the past.   Players would get drunk and cry over the loss of antiquity.   And yet,   their wives couldn't complain.   Sheepskin had other uses and prevented a lot of tooth decay. :)


​As the days marched on,  bowling came passe' and since their were no Ice-Road truckers or even ice (stay with me here),  then new sports needed to be created, discovered and somehow hid from the significant other.

  I could imagine them waking up and rising from their bed of rock.    Adjusting their polyester loincloth and going all Al Bundy.   Of course,  what to do next?   The wife had already been up for hours,  concocting a hemlock brew err hot chocolate and yes,  I am sure we loved our chocolate,  even back then.   After all,  men didn't get us then and they don't now.

Old Teddy once he found his favorite sitting stone,  would soon bore of the day's news.   Afterall,  clubbings were frowned on because us girls were just a bunch of killjoys.    Barefoot and pregnant,  we were not in the best of moods.   But sports were created by women for our own agenda.    We could get men out of our lives for a few minutes and then complain they spent all day watching whatever sports they contrived.   We also realized there was no WNBA,  and anyway who would have watched if there was.  

Men watching men!!   We are sneaky like that.   You follow me here???  hehehe.    We could sure have used the internet back then but Al Gore was a bit tardy and besides,  you want Global Warming?  We had a lot of that too.   Besides were there even thermometers and yes,  even they were discovered by women and that is the bottom line.  lol

It got so bad that men were wrestling around with other men.    They called it Professional wrestling and kept changing the names.   And even today,  most men believe it is real.   I could imagine divas back then.   Six foot eight amazons with halitosis and toe jam.   Men liked keeping it real,  even in the day, right?


Okay,  I admit,  John Cena is hot!   But to keep the men in the fold,  they make cute little songs and have all those flashing lights.   Kelly Kelly makes her appearances just to prove they love women more.  Where do I get this, right?  


​Anyway,  on a more serious not,  Albert Pujols hit three homeruns in a single World Series.   I might add that he was the only one to ever do this but then the toughest of male bloggers would tell me,  how stupid I am.   Clueless, maybe.   Stupid?    Homie don't play that.


Anyway the Cardinals have done well.   Rising from early season starts where they hit and pitch,  only to fall flat and out of the race. Regardless of whether people like LaRussa or not,  he can make a contender out of a bunch of parts.    He may even return with Albert after next year.   I am just hoping and praying they hold on and win this thing,  because otherwise,  I will have to just call the Hogs!!!


Storminnorman's Sports Views 10/23/11
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Well since my computer is acting stupid today, and will not let me upload any pictures I am going a solo as you see it. The NBA season is a complete wash this season due to the EGO MANIAC David Stern. I am sure that the owners are really proud of what they have accomplished by causing a lost season, after all they just write it off as a loss when they do their taxes anyway. As we all know the owners really won, because most of them own or share ownership of the building they play in, they will not have to pay the players, coaches and concession stand workers. SO THEY WIN ALL THE WAY AROUND, so don't let them fool you with their feel sorry for us speeches they are giving when we all know they are laughing on the inside. To bad they are so ignorant to the fact, that even though there is no wear and tear on their star players, they still lose a year because they get a year older, and the lockout shortens their careers........

I feel sorry for the family of Dan Wheldon, man what a crappy way to die. I remember watching Dale Sr. crash and die and it was absolutely awful. May he rest in peace, I know because of his success his family is well taken care of.

I also am manning up and taking my punishment, after a summer of bragging about how good the Tigers were, they ran out of gas in the playoffs and with the exception of a few players, they could not have hit a softball if it was being pitched during the playoffs. So on we go, with hopes once again for another run at the playoffs next season. They should be just as good next year, so they should be a contender next season as well, providing the Royals and Indians do not improve over the winter.

The Red Wings are the same old team, but with a different look. The last two seasons, they forgot what had gotten them to the finals. Defense and protecting your goalie, leads to offense, and it looks like they found that again over the summer.

Thanks for reading my post, see everyone in YGS land soon. Norm



NFL Comings and Goings Shine Loudest As Midseason Approaches in 2011
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When the 2011 NFL season started, many pundits wondered aloud if the quality of competition would be effected by the fact training camp time was greatly reduced because of a players strike. While there have been many examples of this being true, the show must go forward.

This was seen with running back Jerome Harrison, who has been in the league since 2006. He was set to go to the Philadelphia Eagles in a trade this week, his fourth different team, but the move was halted by a physical detecting a brain tumor.

The trade attempt may have saved his life and career, thanks to the early detection. Harrison is known as the man who broke the immortal Jim Brown's franchise record by running for 286 yards in one game for the Cleveland Browns in 2009. It is the third most rushing yards in a single game in NFL history.

A few other realities have also shone forth. The Green Bay Packers are healthy and are on their way to being a serious contender in defense of their title. The duo of Tom Brady and Bill Belichick passed Hall of Famers Dan Marino and Don Shula for the most regular season victories one quarterback has ever had under one head coach.

While the Packers and New England Patriots are set at quarterback, other teams are not. The Washington Redskins benched Rex Grossman in favor of John Beck. The Minnesota Vikings appear ready to bench Donovan McNabb, who Grossman replaced in 2010.

Injuries caused the Miami Dolphins to go with Matt Moore, while the Saint Louis Rams will play A.J. Feeley this week. The Oakland Raiders, however, have been stealing the headlines recently.

After the death of gridiron giant Al Davis two weeks ago, the franchise made a move that was one the maverick owner would have liked. Oakland may have possibly given up two first round draft picks to the Cincinnati Bengals for disgruntled quarterback Carson Palmer, but it represents an upgrade at the position.

The Raiders has just gotten news that starter Jason Campbell with be out at least a month with a broken collarbone, and reserve Kyle Boller was not playing well. Palmer, who refused to play in 2011 unless he was traded, returns home to California. After having grown up in Orange County, he became a Heisman Trophy winner with the University of Southern California.

After leaving USC, he was the first pick of the 2003 draft by Cincinnati. Palmer battled with injuries to his knee and arm, making the Pro Bowl twice, but he grew weary of the Bengals losing ways. With the Raiders on the cusp of sitting on top of the AFC West, a revival of Palmer's career is there for the taking.

Another ghost of the NFL's past may soon reappear. The bombastic Terrell Owens is working out for teams in hopes of playing. While 37-years old, his age is not the issue with Owens. He is a clubhouse cancer who often lets everyone know it all about T.O.

Antonio Gates seems a viable candidate for induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame one day, but the seven-time Pro Bowler has been showing signs of breaking down recently. He missed a career high six games for the San Diego Chargers in 2010 with foot issues, the same problems that have caused him to play just two games and catch only eight balls so far this season.

He is set to return this week, something the Bolts need if they want to stay in first play in their division. Gates is only 31-years old, but he is in his ninth season. If his foot problems continue, this could be his last year in the NFL.

Olin Kreutz decided not to finish the 2011 before exiting the game. A six-time Pro Bowl center, he spent 14 years with the Chicago Bears and was known for his leadership and fiery passion for the game. He rejected an offer to stay with the Bears, which turned out to be an unwise move.

Kruetz joined the New Orleans Saints for one million less dollars this season, and even started in a few games. Realizing his skill set was not what it once was, he walked away from the game instead of stealing a paycheck. While a member of the NFL's 2000s All-Decade Team, his only real chance at Canton will come from the fact he played with the Bears.

While worthy of induction, players tend to get overrated by the media in cities like Chicago and New York. Yahoo Sports even went as far as to call Kruetz one of the greatest centers ever, which shows how much extra love someone gets playing in those towns.

While a very good player, there are better centers who are still awaiting their call into Canton for decades. Still, you have to respect a man who played football for the love of the game and not the money.

While guys like McNabb and others may follow Kruetz to retirement, it is likely they will do so after the season. With the loss of so many legends on the horizon, which may even include Peyton Manning if his neck injury never starts to heal., the "Not For Long" league will have to once again readjust as the show goes on.

Yo! Whut it iz? Dis iz 7thStone again. OK, I rebounded sum to 9-4 las weak, makin my overall record now 55-35. Now lets get too it.

Denver Broncos @ Miami Dolphins

To of da crappiest teems in football battle for supremancee at da top of da toilet. Tim Tebow cums home to Florida and wins again.

Broncos 10 Dolphins 9

Houston Texans @ Tennessee Titans

The Titans looked bad las weak, sumthin da Texans have been doin four three weaks. Dis iz a game dat decides who wins da AFC South, in my opinion.

Texans 24 Titans 20

Chicago Bears @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Da Bears playoff chances could dim cunsiderablee if that Bucs play up to dere abilitees.

Buccaneers 23 Bears 21

Atlanta Falcons @ Detroit Lions

OK, dis iz a big game four both teems. Da Lions are cummin off dere furst loss, causin dem to tumble into secund place in da NFC North. Da Falcons are a game behind too teems in da NFC South, so dey knead to keep pace.

Detroit's passing game should bee da key hear, cuz da Atlanta secundairy has just been mediocre so far dis seesun and quarterback Matt Ryan has been erratic a lot.

Lions 27 Falcons 21

Seattle Seahawks @ Cleveland Browns

I supposeda storeeline hear iz dat Mike Holmgren's former teem battles his new teem. Flip a coin, but da Browns just ain't movin da ball as well as Seattle.

Seahawks 30 Browns 17

San Diego Chargers @ New York Jets
Game of the Week

Jets head coach Rex Ryan recentlee ran his toesucker again, dis time by statin da obvious. Norv Turner sucks as a head coach and blew it with sum loaded Chargers teems over da yeers. As far as Rex sayin he would've won it all as a head coach of da Bolts? Dat iz sour grapes cuz San Diego had hired Turner over Ryan in 2007.

Chargers like Phlip Rivers play with fire, so I sea dem tryin to show Ryan he should shut up. Star tight end Antonio Gates is back, sumthin da mediocre Jets safeties are not happy about. Da teem kneads too win two stay ahead of da Raiders in da AFC West to.

Da Jets iz overrated. Mark Sanchez is a less den mediocre system quarterback, and da rest of dis teem just ain't pickin up da slack. A loss hear could kill dere playoff dreems two.

Chargers 27 Jets 13

Washington Redskins @ Carolina Panthers

OK, da Redskins FINALLY flushed dat hunk of shit Rex Grossman. But dere offensive line, witch was average to begin with, is now realing with injurees. At least dey is facin a Panthers defense missin star linebacker Jon Beason a whole lot.

Da problem with da 1-5 Panthers iz dat dey don't run da ball. Dey got too good running backs, and even paid one a whole lotta cash a few months ago. Dey just seam to ask rookie quarterback Cam Newton two due to much, even if da kid has been grate doin it.

I tink dey run da ball finally, facing a Washington defense that can bee gashed on da ground. Newton mite get da press, but dat iz OK if dey win. A Redskins loss hear could be catestrophic to dere seesun.

Panthers 23 Redskins 17

Kansas City Chiefs @ Oakland Raiders

You know what sucks about dis game? Al Davis and Lemar Hunt, two of da gratest football men ever, are now dead. Yet dis rivalree still lives on, thanks too them.

Raiders 28 Chiefs 24

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Arizona Cardinals

A rematch of Super Bowl XLIII. But da big difference is da Steelers are still pretty good and da Cardinals ain't. If Arizona quarterback Kevin Kolb doesn't play well dis weak, da Big Redfans will be unhappy da Cards gave up soo much two get him.

Steelers 31 Cardinals 20

Saint Louis Rams @ Dallas Cowboys

So da Rams secundairee stinks and iz missin dere starting quarterback. Chalk dis up two da Cowboys.

Cowboys 37 Rams 10

Green Bay Packers @ Minnesota Vikings

Donovan McNabb's daze as a starter end after dis weak.

Packers 38 Vikings 13

Indianapolis Colts @ New Orleans Saints

Is dere reely any debate hear?

Saints 41 Colts 20

Baltimore Ravens @ Jacksonville Jaguars

Too weaks in a row of aweful Monday Night Football games. Too weaks in a row of heerin dat idiot Jon Gruden babble not stop about nuthin to fill dead air during a dead game.

Ravens 30 Jaguars 10

Power Rankings

1. Green Bay Packers
2. Baltimore Ravens
3. San Francisco 49ers
4. Detroit Lions
5. San Diego Chargers
6. New England Patriots
7. Pittsburgh Steelers
8. Buffalo Bills
9. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
10. New Orlean Saints
11. Oakland Raiders
12. Atlanta Falcons
13. New York Giants
14. Houston Texans
15. Philadelphia Eagles
16. Chicago Bears
17. Tennessee Titans
18. New York Jets
19. Dallas Cowboys
20. Washington Redskins
21. Cincinnati Bengals
22. Seattle Seahawks
23. Minnesota Vikings
24. Arizona Cardinals
25. Carolina Panthers
26. Jacksonville Jaguars
27. Cleveland Browns
28. Miami Dolphins
29. Saint Louis Rams
30. Denver Broncos
31. Kansas City Chiefs
32. Indianapolis Colts

OK, I iz outta hear! Time two make da donuts wif dis hunny I met at da race track da other day.

As dey say in Ol' Messico = A.M.F.


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