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Busy day in Jacksonville, let’s get ready to rumble, who needs the NCAA or BCS. All this, and more in this weeks edition of

Does anyone really know their friends anymore?? Here is a man, Bernie Fine, who has been accused by 3 people of being molested; then you have a man, Jim Boeheim, who has know Bernie for over 40 years sticking up for him because of the friendship they have secured over the years. It just goes to show that no matter how long you may know someone, you really never know them.

What about Bernie’s wife? Did you hear/or read the transcript of the taped conversation between Bobbie Davis and Laurie Fine? What is not being mentioned is that in a brief interview Feb. 10, 2003, Laurie Fine acknowledged she had the conversation with Davis, confirmed portions of the tape were accurate, but suggested Davis had created a phony tape.

What would you do if your Bernie?

Urban Meyer is now the head coach of Ohio State after spending a year away from college football. He left a very high profile, high stress job with the Florida Gators. He left the Gators citing medical/health concerns, stress and being with the family. Now he is going into the fire cooker by going to Ohio State. He must have made a remarkable turnaround.

I like to think he left the Gators because he didn’t want to tarnish his won/loss percentage which was starting to take a hit in the 2010 season, when Florida went 8-5 with an un-Meyer like .615. He also knew what he had going into the 2011 season as evidence by the Gators 6-6 record.

CFL legions Joe Kapp (on the left of the video) and Angelo Mosca get into a fight on stage at the 2011 CFL Alumni Legends Luncheon in Vancouver. It appears there is still some Bad blood between these two after a controversial hit on the field nearly 48 years ago. Joe was attempting to make piece with Mosca when all hell broke loose. Joe Kapp was a former B.C. Lions quarterback and Angelo Mosca was a Hamilton Tiger-Cats defensive linemen in the game.

The bad blood between Kapp and Mosca goes back 48 years from Hamilton's 21-10 win over B.C. in the 1963 Grey Cup. In that game, Mosca delivered a controversial hit on Lions running back Willie Fleming, knocking Fleming out of the game.


Does the NCAA have any control over their teams or the BCS? The NCAA should be the “clearing house” for all movement to another conference. If a team wants to move to another conference they submit it to the NCAA for approval and they will decide when it is to happen.

Make all conferences eligible for the BCS or Championship game.

As for the BCS, its okay for the computers and humans to come up with the polls, but I am getting sick and tired of teams who are undefeated not getting their fair shot at the National Title. I don’t care if they don’t have an automatic bid, that was done to prevent non-power conferences from having a legitimate shot at a title.



Today was the second most historic day in Jacksonville Jaguar, the first being Jacksonville selected as an NFL city. But today was a grab bag of items for the 30th team in the NFL.

General Manager Gene Smith was signed to a 3-year contract extension.

Coach Jack Del Rio was fired Tuesday. Everyone expected Del Rio to be let go at the end of the season. Defensive Coordinator, Mel Tucker will take over the Jaguars. Del Rio coached 9 seasons and had a 68-71 record. Jacksonville hasn’t been in the playoffs since 2007. Jack is only the 2nd coach in Jaguar history. He replaced Tom Coughlin who coached 8 years and was 68-60. Del Rio never was able to take the team to the “next level’ as the owner of the Jaguars Wayne Weaver said Del Rio would do.

Speaking of Wayne Weaver, he announced that the Jaguars were sold to Shahid Kahn, an Illinois businessman. The 77-year-old Weaver had been looking for an "exit strategy" for years, wanting to find someone to buy the team and keep it in Jacksonville. He had tears in his eyes several times as he announced his impending departure. "It's the right thing at the right time and for the right reasons," Weaver said. Forbes reported the sale to be worth $760 million. Kahn, born in Pakistan, left home at age 16 to attend the University of Illinois. He graduated in 1971, a year after he started working for Flex-N-Gate Corp. in Urbana, Ill. He purchased the company in 1980. Today, Flex-N-Gate is a major manufacturer of bumper systems for pickup trucks and sport utility vehicles built in North America.

The stupidest commercial on television, the past two months has got to be Nike’s “Basketball Never Stops.” Did Nike forget there was a NBA stoppage??

Some people go out of their way to propose. Listen to what the band leader says at the end.

A trumpet player (Eric Meunier) proposes to his girlfriend of 7 years (Ashley Chalmers) in front of thousands of people at the famed University of Wisconsin-Madison Varsity Band Concert in the Kohl Center.


Til Next Time







Deep Thoughts 11-30-11
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Welcome to another Wednesday of deep thoughts.There is an old show business saying...the show must go on. As I write this blog, I am laying in a hospital bed in Austin wondering what the hell? I have been having some weird chest pains the past few weeks. Nothing serious, but today I had a very sharp pain. I mentioned this to my boss and since he has had a heart attack, he insisted that I go get it checked out. So, here I am. Everything has checked out with the ticker, but I am still waiting to hear about my gall bladder. Damn it sucks to get old...

I trust that everyone has recovered from the food carnage of food known as Thanksgiving. I have to say that I cannot remember a more enjoyable feast of food or football.



I think that Blake thought that this was a man vs food event.



Food won...


Football fans won too. The three NFL games were very entertaining, unless you were looking for a Cowboy loss. The Lions were hanging with the Pack until Suh stomped the chance for a victory. Dallas managed a last second field goal to knock off the revitalized Dolphins. Okay, so maybe revitalized is not the right word, but they have been playing better. All I know is that any win makes the pecan pie taste that much better! The Raven/49er game was exactly what I expected...a slugfest.. In a game of tough defenses, Baltimore proved be the toughest.



The game that really had us celebrating was the finale to the Longhorn/Aggie rivalry. The Aggies thought that they had the best team, but the Texas defense and special teams stepped up to decide this game. Texas is beginning to play very good defense and is fun to see. Texas may have found their next QB as Case McCoy played almost the entire game and in the final moments managed a signature run to put the Longhorns in position for a win. Great job Case McCoy...so long Aggies. I will miss this game, but I can only wish the Aggies luck in the SEC. Nice job by the Longhorn band at halftime. The LHB scripted a big thanks to the Aggies. The Aggie band formed a big Longhorn then sawed the horns off...figures.




Did you happen to see Jason Witten run over the Cowboy cheerleader?






After the tumble with Witten, Melissa Kellerman tweeted on Friday:  "Not hurtin' today, like some of y'all thought I would be! Our TE isn't as tough as he looks... That or I'm WAY tougher than I look. ;)"  Suddenly, Melissa's twitter account was gone. It was reported that she was forced to delete the account but now the Cowboys say this did not happen. Is Jerry Jones such a control freak that he would worry about what a cheerleader was saying on her twitter account? Probably. Jerry Jones once said that he would be involved from "socks to jocks"...I guess that now includes cheerleader too? It is time for Jerry Jones to graduate. I look forward to the day that someone else calls the shots in Dallas.




Were you surprised that Valentine was named manager of the Red Sox? I am not sure, but I just did not see Bobby taking over in Boston. I have generally like Valentine and laughed like hell when he wore the shoe black as a mustache to sneak back into the dugout. For Sox fans, I hope he is the right guy for this job.

Finally, Ed Wade is gone in Houston. But, it is too late. All of the decent talent that Houston had is in Philly or scattered around baseball. What does Houston have? A hodge podge of players and an aging El Caballo. Going to the Al is the worst possible thing for the Astros. It will be 10 years before Houston can be competitive again. What a mess.



That is all I have for today, but I will leave you with a bit of Jack Handey to finish your week...


"How come the dove gets to be the peace symbol? How about the pillow? It has more feathers than the dove, and it doesn't have that dangerous beak."


"I think one way police departments could make some money would be to hold a yard sale of murder weapons. Many people, for example, could probably use a cheap ice pick."



 Thanks for stopping by and feel free to leave a few deep thoughts of your own!




Tuesday's Tantrum - 11/29/11
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Welcome to the tantrums, where last weeks joy and contentment is nothing more than a faded memory considering the garbage coming out of the sports world of late (and I'm not even gonna talk about that crazy BS coming out of Detroit in the 3rd Quarter last Thursday). Before I get started on the tantrums, I hope that each and every Gabber had a great Thanksgiving!

Rant of the Week – Notre Dame.  This ain’t to taunt Beeze, Shu or any of the others, but I’m kinda sick of hearing the drumbeat of the Domers getting into a BCS Bowl Game.  Look, Notre Dame lost to South Florida, Michigan, USC, and Stanford.  Sorry, that’s 0-4 against quality teams.  Notre Dame does belong in a bowl, just not a BCS one.  Cotton Bowl against the Oklahoma/Oklahoma State loser perhaps?  Sorry boys, Notre Dame isn’t elite yet and they don’t deserve a big bowl game, not when they were 8-4 and others are more deserving.

NFL.   Bob Costas is right, when are NFL divas gonna get held to account?  But Bob, save your false  indignation – it’s a joke.  Where have you been for all the years this has gone on?  Or perhaps it was just coincidence that some of the diva behavior was being directed at the two NYC teams over the past two weeks and now all of a sudden you “discover” there’s a problem?  Clown!

To those who are offended because Burress and Holmes were mocked, let me leave you with just a little thought - Those douches set themselves up for being mocked with their own behavior.  Would I have done what Johnson did?  Absolutely not, but I don’t have a problem with Johnson’s act – I do have a problem with him costing his team yardage that ended up giving the Jets great field position and an easy touchdown.  To those holier-than-thous blasting away – take your hypocritical ass somewhere else because I just don’t want to hear your bullshit!

Should we all be paying more attention to the New Orleans Saints?  I would be if their stinking defense improved and stopped costing me in my damn fantasy leagues!

Hey Cowboy fan (that includes you my brother!), your team did not impress in BARELY beating Miami. 

What’s going on down in Houston?  First Schaub, now Leinart (was anybody really surprised about this one?).  It sure didn’t take long for the talking heads to go the “Drama Queen” route.  Stupid asses – give it up about Brett Favre already – what you guys gonna shout his name when a team has a QB injury in 2031?  The best piece of advice Houston could take would be what Steve Mariuccci said last night in between stupid rants by Sanders and Irvin that the Texans should go after Jeff Garcia.  He can make it work.  Yes, he’s old but he’s a serviceable QB.

OK 49er fans and talking heads, slow your roll.  Baltimore’s defense took you out of your game.  Good, solid season, and the only remaining tough game will be Pittsburgh.  Chances are that you are gonna be the #2 seed in the NFC, and considering where you were last year, major props - but let's work on expanding that offense.

Hey Pittsburgh, I’m starting to see the league start to say “I’m not gonna take your shit anymore”.  Props to Kansas City for standing up to them.  What was with the woofing and pushing/shoving during the pre-game?  If not for Tyler Palko’s stupid interceptions, KC wins that game.  But before I forget, what was up with Dwayne Bowe going alligator arms on that last play for KC?    

Charger kicker pissing on the sidelines on camera?  That’s a classic.  But the Chargers pissing their season away was priceless.  Sorry my San Diego family, it’s time for AJ Smith AND Norv Turner to go.  No discipline on a team as talented as this?  What the hell?  Thanks San Diego for handing the division to the Raiders.  Can you imagine living up here in NOCAL with all of these Raider fans?  At least they’re funny and nowhere near as obnoxious as Jet and Eagle fan!

Speaking of fans, I’d say something about Miami fans, but they don’t have any.  Perhaps the city ought to send out Crockett and Tubbs to find 'em.  Oops… 

Everybody is so busy bashing or defending Tebow that the proper respect isn’t being given to an improving Donkey defense. 

College Football.  What I find absolutely astonishing is that there are idiots out there debating whether or not LSU belongs in the Championship Game as if that's even some kind of question.  Are you serious?  Gee, I don’t know, undefeated and they’ve beaten six teams that at the time were listed in the top ten. They’ve played the toughest schedule out there by a mile. So somebody please explain to me how LSU doesn’t belong?

Arkansas, thanks for nothing.  Stanford, thanks for punking the Domers.  Props to Michigan. 

I’m gonna be very interested to see the Bowl matchups this year because there are gonna be some historically great football programs playing in lower-tier bowls.  Looking at some of the records out there, it’s gonna be hard for the selection committees to justify some selections (Florida, Ohio State, TAMU), if they get in at all.

Saturday is gonna be a bore - In the ACC it’s Clemson/Va Tech, UCLA/Oregon in the Pac 12, Michigan State/Wisconsin in the Big 10, and Georgia/LSU in the SEC, Oklahoma @ Oklahoma State, and Houston is hoping to bust into the BCS is they should beat a 10-2 Southern Miss team in the C-USA game.    

Beaver Report.  Season is over, but the boys continue to climb in the rankings where they are now #7 in the nation!  Right now, the recruiting of many of these young men is building.  I am very excited not just for Jerry, but there are kids going on to be the next big thing at the next level and some at the D-1 level.  I hope to be able to brag about this over the next few weeks, as the kids start to make their decisions.

Canadian Football League – Grey Cup.   There was a huge surprise at the Grey Cup in Vancouver Sunday.  The BC Lions scored 34 points on what I considered as great a defense as there was in any type of Football, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.  Final Score BC 34, Winnipeg 23.

Ah, screw that.  The best part of the festivities was apparently when 73 year old Joe Kapp decided to mix it up with 74 year old Angelo Mosca, brawling during an event.  What is it about Vancouver, the most beautiful city in North America that makes people want to lose their mind?   

NBA.   They’re baaaaaaaaaaaaack.  So let me tell you all I despise them!  I’m not gonna sit here and say that I’m boycotting (I’m gonna watch the Kings on TV), but I will say that I have absolutely no intention of spending money on tickets, parking, concessions, and merchandise for an NBA product.  So now we have to deal with all the hoopla around 12/9 and all the "free agent signings" (err, Big market pickups).  

College Basketball.  Syracuse – I wanna believe you are innocent in all of this, but this is starting to turn my stomach to a nasty point.  A guy is touching kids, and his wife is having “relations” with that same kid when he’s 18 (ALLEGEDLY)?  What else is out there that we're bound to find out?

Douche Bag of the Week – Black Friday.  Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, and overeager and aggressive Black Friday shoppers are from Uranus, and I damn sure don't mean that as a compliment.  Seriously folks, I know there's behavior issues everywhere but to pepper spray an entire group of people so you can get your hands on a cheap x-box?  This hag supposedly turned herself in and I hope she is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, supposedly battery charges are pending.  Hey Black Friday shoppers, do you remember the reason for the season, or do you just get your plan on to act like an idiot weeks in advance.  This hag needs to do serious time in the hole!  Wal-Mart what the hell were you thinking?  Why didn't you have that pallet set long before the buzzards got there?

Music – Favorite Carols.  I thought I’d do some kind of countdown of my favorite Christmas music.  This first one is more or less because the season is just starting.  Trying to find the right version was a challenge.



Monday Moaning 11-28-11
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  Well, Thanksgiving has passed so now the mad Christmas rush starts...It's bad enough that stores had Christmas stuff out before Halloween, but now the crazy starts strong...Like all the nut-jobs obsessed with all the deals they can get on Black Friday...I saw this picture, and I had to use it...

I haven't been the biggest supporter of the Occupy Wall Street movement...Mainly because there was no real leadership, or focus...I got what some of the people were talking about, but it was overshadowed too much by the ass-hats that kept getting camera time...But the picture says a lot...The Occupy people were shit on for what they did...Probably by many of these fuck-stains that act like lunatics on Black Friday...Fuck that, I'd rather pat full price, or get a good Christmas Eve sale!

Now before I get into any Sports shit...Here is my REVIEW of an over-hyped, shitty, Grilled Cheese joint...What fucking assholes!

So now we move on to sports...Saturday was the big Ohio State vs. Michigan game...No I don't say Meeeeeeeechigan...I hate them, but that just looks, and sounds stupid when people do that...Now, I also hate Ohio State so I didn't really care about the game...And this year's game just wasn't as hyped as in years past, with OSU having a down year and Michigan getting themselves back on track...So I took the baby for a walk, and then we took a nap...We woke up with a minute and change left in the game...The Buckeyes lost for the first time in 7 years, or something like that...

After that I jumped online and started seeing the tweets and facebook updates...Buckeye fan blowing it off like it was no big deal...Listing their excuses why they lost...Neglecting to list that the big reason that caused so many of those small reasons was that Coach Tressel let his players break NCAA rules, tried to hide it and lied about it, and brought down a proud program in a matter of months...But Buckeye fan doesn't care...They are blogging, and tweeting, and talking about how Urban Meyer is coming to Columbus to save them...

The same Urban Meyer who had a large number of players at Florida get busted for breaking NCAA rules...The same Urban Meyer who quit twice in one year because of health reasons, and wanted to spend time with his family...So it's rumored Ohio State is throwing a huge 7 year deal at him...I wonder if he'll actually make it through that contract...Don't get me wrong, Meyer was a great coach...If you look what he did before Florida, you can see that...He made BGSU a MAC power, then he turned Utah around, and made Alex Smith a first round draft pick...But OSU fan, I see him doing one of two things...Getting your program in more trouble, or quitting in 4 years after being run down again...Oh, and of course, he actually has to take the job...So far, everything has just been speculation...

And don't give me shit for be critical of your damn teams...If you've read me before you know I'm just as honest and critical of my teams...Not all of us go through life with rose colored glasses...So with that, The Notre Dame Fighting Irish went to Stanford to take on Andrew Luck and company...And in the first half, they looked like shit...I thought it was going to be a blow out...Then coach Kelly got that stiff QB Tommy Rees out of there, and put Freshman QB Andrew Hendrix in...Hendrix is perfect for Kelly's spread offense...He runs like Tebow, but he has a fucking cannon for an arm...

Hendrix, along with help from the defense got the Irish back in the game...They lost 28-14, but at least they kept it respectable...

Sunday we put up our Christmas tree, and broke out some decorations...The kids were fired up about it...In the background, The Cleveland Browns were searching out another way to lose a game...Holy shit these receivers drop a lot of passes! Then with less then 2 minutes left...The Browns can take the lead with a field goal...And for the second time in 3 weeks, Butch Davis' best draft pick, long snapper, Ryan Pontbriand fucked up the snap, and Phil Dawson missed the kick...Dude use to be a clutch kicker, and now his snapper is choking and he's pushing kicks wide...Unreal!

Then the Patriots kicked the shit out of "The Dream Team" from Philly...The Eagles looked so bad, those animals in Philly are calling for Andy Reid's big fat head...What took you idiots so long...Fucking guy is grossly overrated...Oh, and as a father he produces quality kids...You know, those two drug dealing sons of his...What? Too Soon? Fuck you! Fuck him! and Fuck his criminal sons! You know what, fuck his wife and her criminal producing gash too!

Speaking of Philly shit heads...The Rangers and Flyers had a warm up for their Winter Classic match up...Lundqvist threw a shutout, and of course some punches were thrown too...

Oh, did you see the Broncos won again? That's right, the lord and savior, Tim Tebow has gotten another win under his belt...Sure, he didn't play defense...Sure he didn't play special teams, but he sure as shit is going to get all the credit from the ass-hats on ESPN and the NFL Network, and from radio talking heads...'Fucking Tebow wins another game, put his ass in the Hall of Fame!'

I know, I'm so negative...So I'll close on a positive...I tweeted a link to this video on Thanksgiving, saying how thankful I am for this little girl...I'm thankful for all my kids, and my wife, and family and friends...But she was singled out, because she was unexpected, and to be honest, for a few minutes when I first found out she was on the way, I didn't want her...Now, I can't imagine my life without her...I can't believe she's almost a year old...

Have a week...

Later, The Beeze.

Suh Pac 4 Shure
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Thoughts from an Island Girl


Inevitably it comes down to the same thing, every time.   The professional athletes think they are warriors and some will even tell you that.   Like Kellen Winslow, he said as much.   Funny but he isn’t or ever was.  His dad was a big star long before I was even born.   So he had a silver spoon all along.  He was no more a gang banger than Will Smith’s son is.
Suh on the other hand took it to another level.   He kicked a guy on the ground and while it may not be as bad as what Albert Haynesworth did, it is bad enough and it does affect kids these days.
Just look at the X-Factor and the way Astro responded to Simon Cowell.  The kid thinks he is straight gangster mac.   But Simon told him a little about paying respect and your dues.  I noticed the crowd kissing the boy’s cocky little arse.  And then you see the actions by some of these athletes.  
We have had athletes who have murdered people and even one that I know of, who is a sex offender.  A very famous player.  I am not here to fan the fires of their crimes or exploit what they did but to simply have people be accountable for their actions.   To act at least, a little contrite and not gloss it over because a person is of a certain race or because they are a star.
It is time to examine the matrix of our belief systems.   To make fair and equitable treatment to all people a priority.   To handle ourselves in such a way, that kids realize they are the kids and we are the adults.  Nothing less is acceptable.
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