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Prince’s deal, Tebow hanging with the girls, Super Bowl fun, all this in my weekly edition of:


What a way to cool down!!

I just got ticket to see my first lacrosse game. On February 19, 2012, Everbank Field in Jacksonville, Fl will be hosting the Lacrosse Classic. It will pit #5 Denver versus Ohio State and then Jacksonville University versus Navy. I got great seats for only $20.

Then if I can hold out, I will make a mad dash to Buffalo Wild Wings to see the WWE’s Extreme Rules PPV. I got to get my wrestling fix.


Here is a breakdown of Prince Fielder’s 9-year, $214 million contract:

Fielder will earn $23 million in each of his first two years with Detroit, then will make $24 million annually in the final seven seasons of his $214 million, nine-year contract, according the Associated Press. His contract also includes loads of incentives:


$500,000 if he's the AL MVP, $200,000 if he's second through fifth ,$100,000 if he's sixth through 10th.

$1 million for each MVP

$100,000 if he's an All-Star starter, $50,000 if he's a reserve,

$100,000 if he's a Baseball America or Sporting News postseason All-Star.

$100,000 for a Gold Glove,

$100,000 for a Silver Slugger,

$100,000 for the Hank Aaron Award

$150,000 for league championship series MVP

$200,000 for World Series MVP

Glad the weekend is over. Now its Super Bowl time. I know there are a lot of Patriot fans on this website. But, I'm proud, I’ll admit it, I am a Giant fan. There, I said it.

Go G-Men!!

Okay, my Giants are in the Super Bowl and I have to make a prediction. I think the Giants will beat New England, 28-24. The G-Men will have multiple weapons to choice from, while the Patriots will rely on a passing game that might not get them too far. I do expect it to be a high scoring game.

Did anyone watch the winter x-games. I didn’t think so.

Here’s a Tebow tibit that went under the radar:

On January 18, 2012, Tim Tebow shared a hotel with one of the world’s largest porn conventions while in Las Vegas. He was in the Hard Rock Hotel just outside Las Vegas when this occurred. The Adult Video News (AVN) awards were being held at the Hard Rock. Rumor has it that Tebow spent most of the time in his penthouse suite.

Some parts of this were taken from Fox Sports.

This is the only feel-good story this Super Bowl weekend. It’s about New York Giants LB Mark Herzlich who fought cancer and won.

The 24-year-old tweeted the following when he debarked from the Giants airplane after it landed in Indianapolis:

“2 yrs ago I was told I might never walk again. Just WALKED off plane in Indy to play in The #SuperBowl. #TakeThatSh*tCancer.”

He had Ewing’s sarcoma, a rare bone cancer. The cancer surrounded his entire left femur. If it had spread there would have been a 10 percent survival rate. The doctor at the time said football was over. During chemotherapy Herzlich lifted weights, did cardio and kept himself in shape. When it was time to operate and remove the femur, he said no.

“I had the chemo for two months and then I was supposed to have surgery to remove my femur and take out above and below where the tumor was,” he said. “That’s where — I don’t have a percentage but most people do that. I decided that would give me zero shot at ever playing again, so I wanted to go with the — I wouldn’t say more risky because there’s no data, but the path less traveled — and went with radiation, which is not usually done."

“And I’ve had three or four doctors I saw who said they would absolutely not do radiation on me and not put a rod through my femur because the cancer would spread and I would die within six months,” he said. “I had to trust my doctors and go with my gut. I knew in order to actually be the person I wanted to be again I had to be able to do things like run around and play with my kids in the backyard or play football.”

He a chance and survived.


Til Next time








Deep Thoughts 2-1-2012
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Hello and welcome to another Wednesday of deep thoughts. Well, after a few days last week in the brush country of Laredo, I am back in the River City. I am not sure if you have ever been to south Texas, but it is a unique place. It is known for big deer, oil and rattlesnakes. Everything down there either sticks you or bites you, but there is something about the isolated harshness that appeals to me. I understand that hunting is not for everyone, but you would love the jalapeno and cheese venison sausage that I have now! It is always a treat to spend a few days out of the lights of the city with friends.











It was not that we were exactly "roughing" it. The ranch house is awesome, it has a commercial kitchen and 8 bedrooms and bathrooms. It was indeed a fun trip.







After a year of football, we are finally down to the last week. To be honest, I will be watching the game, but I have no rooting interest. There is a trend that I have watched in the playoffs that could prove a clue to this years winner. In this season of high scoring offense, it has been the teams with the best defenses that have prevailed. Detroit, New Orleans and Green Bay scored big during the regular season, but the playoffs proved the old axiom about winning with defense still to be true. Tom Brady has proven his championship mettle many times before, but this Patriot team is built differently. Julian Edelman is an okay player, but do you really think he matches up well with any of the Giant receivers? The weakness of the Patriots has been their secondary all season. It is a tribute to Brady and his offensive teammates that they have been able to overcome this shortcoming all season. Of course, then there is Belichick. With two weeks to prepare, who knows what he will have planned for the Giants. As I imagine this game, a Giant victory is what I see. But, I was listening to a bit of sports radio earlier and I found it interesting that in the last 10 meetings between the Pats and Giants, each have won 5 games. The average difference in score is something like 4 points. Both of these QB's are very good at winning late, so this should be an entertaining game.


Of course, the average fan will be tuning in to watch the commercials. Hopefully, we will see a few like this:




Or perhaps this one?





I have been digging the music since Norman had his guitar blog. Here is my music spot...




There is a bonus acoustic track on this one...Eric Johnson.






I know that many of us are not too keen on the direction that the NBA has taken in recent years. There is one thing about the NBA that I have enjoyed this year. The Clippers have been bad forever. They are still bad, but in a good sense now. You have probably seen this incredible dunk by Blake Griffin, but I had it to add to my blog:



Hello Mr. Perkins meet Blake Griffin! Lebron was so impressed that he gave Griffin big props. Lebron tweeted something like Griffin is a beast and is the best dunker in the game. So of course, Stephen A. Smith has to open his annoyingly big mouth to proclaim that it was a good dunk, but that Lebron is still better. Where did Stephen A. Smith come from anyway? Suddenly he is the expert on basketball? Did this diminutive loud mouth play ball? Damn, I get tired of this guy. By the way, you are wrong Stephen A. Smith...Griffin is #1 in my book.







I know that football season is not quite over, but last Saturday was the beginning of the high school baseball season in Texas. The Warriors always begin the first day of practice with Warrior Day. We serve BBQ, sell hats and jerseys and there is a hit a thon. A cold front rolled in Friday night, so the cold north wind blowing in derailed many long balls. I was proud of Jr. though, he managed to tie for the top spot with two long balls. Of course, Texas signee Ben Johnson was also hitting well.



Bart Bratcher has been coaching at Westwood since the school opened...



Blake goes yard...




Ben joined him...






That's all I have for this week, but I will leave you a bit of Jack Handey to ponder:


"Playing dead not only comes in handy when face to face with a bear, but also at important business meetings."


"Sometimes I think you have to march right in and demand your rights, even if you don't know what your rights are, or who the person is you're talking to. Then, on the way out, slam the door."



Thanks for stopping by and feel free to leave a few deep thoughts of your own...





Tuesday's Tantrum - 1/31/12
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I'm so glad January is almost over.  Welcome to the tantrums, where you can consider this your own personal Hotel California - as in this could be Heaven or this could be Hell!  Speaking of Heaven, we’re heading into February, where Baseball talk heats up even more.  Speaking of hell, this past week was the first without football since September.  Guess I'll have to make do...



Rant of the Week – Skip Bayless.   ESPN might be enjoying the ratings that Bayless provides by making outrageous and purposely ignorant statements (along with that other winner Stephen A. Smith), but the athletes blowback has FINALLY started.  Terrell Suggs told him not to be a douche bag on national TV while everybodys favorite junkyard dog, Vikings Punter Chris Kluwe, let loose on the Skipper in a pretty cool twitter rant.  Skipper may get off on this shit, but the other folks who work hard on that show are being made to look like idiots and fools - they don’t deserve that classification.

MLB.   Jorge Posada retired this week.  You all know how I feel about the Yankees, but Posada deserves props.  He was the last of a dying breed, a Catcher that averaged .273 with 16 HR and 62 RBI’s per season – stats most catchers today can only dream of.  But what really impressed me was an athlete in the rotten apple who didn’t care about the spotlight.  This dude just came to work and got the timely hit when the Cranks needed it most.  

It's bad enough that the Oakland A's tank their team year after year and become an after-thought in the Bay Area.  They've already unloaded a lot of their "name" players earlier in the hot stove, but now they're open to signing Man-Ram?  Please tell me this is some sort of sick joke!  It might be time for the A's to move or be contracted.

Don't ask me why, but I seem to have an affinity for the Minnesota Twins.  So it did my heart good when I read about the Twinkies deciding to retire Tom Kelly's #10 on 9/8 at Target Field.  A very good Manager who deserves the honor.  He had 1,140 wins as the skip and of course won two World Series titles.  One question - what took so long to put his name up there with Puckett, Hrbek, Killebrew, Oliva, Carew and Blyleven?

NBA.  Sorry guys, I have to ask a question about the greedy little bastards since it's been a weak sports week.  Hey Jeff, what in Sam Hill is going on down in ole San Anton?  I hear that Pop benched his starters against Dallas the other day.

Music of the Week.  Man, the guitar music choices are getting good.  Beeze brought up a fair point, and I did a little more research, so let’s head down to SWEET HOME CHICAGO:


Thank you Mr. Buddy Guy.

NFL.   Guess I have to talk about the Super Bowl, eh?  I'll watch it because it's football but I don't have nearly the interest most will.  Let's hope that who ever sings the National Anthem can at least get the words right, although that might be too much to ask from musicians.  If they screw it up this time, I might have to call the whole lot of musicians "commies".

I’m watching the Peyton Manning vs. Indy Colts and I’m wondering are all the Mannings a bunch of crybabies?  Peyton, I think you’re a great quarterback, but allow me to let you in on a little secret – THE NFL IS A BUSINESS.  Their biggest investment, you, is injured to the point of it being unknown whether you’ll make it to another practice let alone another game – THEY HAVE TO MOVE FORWARD!!!  You’ve done wonders for Indy on and off the field and didn’t act like a diva your entire career – don’t go out like this!  Personally, I'd rather have you stay well and be a talking head with CBS or something rather that have to see you go through life in horrific shape.

Tampa, Tampa, Tampa.  I can't believe you haven't learned that College Football coaches almost never make it in the NFL.  Greg Schiano is a good college coach - hell anybody that can bring Rutgers back from the dead has to be, but your swimming against the tide here.  Yes, Jim Harbaugh did well this season, but that's one.  Nick Saban couldn't do it, neither could Butch Davis - and certainly Pete Carroll didn't do it in Seattle or his previous pro stops.  Lou Holtz couldn't do it with the Jets, and John McKay certainly couldn't do it with Tampa in the 70's.  Best of luck I guess...

College Football.   National Signing Day - Further proof that High School Football is corrupt.

College Basketball.  Damn if the refs didn’t cost West Virginia that game up in Syracuse.  Ole Bob Huggins must be mellowing because he didn’t go crazy like in the past.

Thought I’d take a look at the money conferences worst nightmare come March – the Colonial Athletic Association.  Bad news big boys – George Mason and VCU are sitting at 18-5, so it looks like they’re gonna get in.  Some middle of the row big conference teams are gonna get punked again come St. Patrick's Weekend.  Sorry Bandit, but it's happened too many times.

The good news for the "Big Boys"?  Butler is sitting at 12-11 way behind in the Horizon League.  The Dance won't be the same without the two time National Runner-up Bears!

It might be super early, but I’ll be curious to see the excuses if the Mountain West doesn’t get more than three teams into the dance.  UNLV is sitting at 20-3, San Diego State is 18-2, New Mexico is 17-4, Wyoming is 17-4, and Colorado State is 14-6.

Golf .  Uh oh, there’s been a Tiger Woods sighting, and no Gabbers don’t go running for the adult sites – it was actually on a Golf Course where apparently he’s doing well in the tune up tournaments overseas.  But here's a question, why wasn't Ron Jeremy version 2.0 playing with the big boys down in Torrey Pines (San Dawg)?  Gabbers, if I have a choice of playing 18 in either Abu Dhabi or Torrey Pines (I've been to both), I think I know where I'm going.  

Before I forget - Hey Golf Snob and TV Suit, there’s a great youth movement going on in the sport, stop putting all of your eggs in Tiger's basket and start pimping the revolution.  You need to pay attention or you’re gonna miss something special. 

MMA.  Just wondering Gabbers, did you watch the MMA on Fox?  What do you think?  I think that a sport running so hot and still putting a show together for free TV is brilliant!  It will only improve the interest, so long as it isn’t boring!  

Anyway, this week was boring for sports.  Best of luck to my Gabber Patriot fans and enjoy the game!

Monday Moaning 1-30-12
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All I can hear in my head is, "I come from a land down under!" Or did Men at Work mean cum!?!

So the NFL had their "Pro-Bowl" and the NHL had their "All-Star" game this weekend...Love hockey and football but "All-Star" games are crap...The NHL skills competition can be fun to watch, but I'm losing interest in that these days too...Now they do a shoot-out thing, trying to be like the NBA's dunk contest...Guys hot-dogging and using props...Everyone was swinging on Patrick Kane's nuts, but his moves weren't the best...And I had more fun watching the goalies try to fuck with the shooters...Nobody is giving Carey Price any love...He turned his back to the shooter and watched his reflection in the glass, and he made the save!

Prince Fielder signing in the D was cover plenty already by everyone and their brother, and I could give a damn about Basketball...So what to talk about in Sports? Well, in a shocking update, I will defend a sports writer from The Cleveland Plain Dealer...The PD as we call it, is a piece of shit! Just a horrible paper...And now former Browns beat reporter Tony Grossi was not a favorite of mine...But I'm sticking up for Tony Grossi today...WHY? because his own shitty bosses, at his shitty paper didn't!

Last week Grossi who has worked the Browns beat for 18 years, tweeted that Browns owner, Randy Lerner is "a pathetic figure, the most irrelevant billionaire in the world."

Now, I don't disagree with him at all on that! But Grossi quickly deleted the tweet when he realized what happened, saying it was suppose to be a text messaged "smart-(aleck) remark to a colleague." He also apologized to Lerner and the Browns...

But the damage was done as many followers re-tweeted it...Why wouldn't they? Finally, a reporter covering the team, said what we had all been thinking for quite some time! Fans are always talking about how Lerner is never at games...Always watching his Soccer team in England, or in New York with all his big bank buddies, plotting how to rape the middle-class more...Grossi was right on, and Browns fans were happy some one cut loose...Sadly, Grossi back-pedaled...Most likely fearing for his job...Right again, because instead of having his back in any way, shape, or form, the yanked Grossi off the beat...

And no matter what they try to say, I'm sure Lerner and the Browns organization made it clear, that they didn't want to see him again...Since Lerner took over after is father's death the franchise has come across as thin-skinned...It's skin got even thinner when the walrus, Fatty Holmgren came on board...Snapping at the media for questioning him, and the direction of the team...Snapping at the media because they wanted questions answered...Saying, "You're with us, or your not, and remember that when you come looking for playoff tickets." Try winning 6 games first, you fat fuck!

Listen up Fatty and Lerner...Here's the only trophy you two fuck-stains will be seeing...

And before people get on Grossi and his Twitter slip-up, just as they do whenever some dope gets in trouble because of a tweet...I personally know a Plain Dealer Sports Writer...Known him for years thanks to my dad...I have sat next to his drunk ass in a fine Cleveland watering hole, as he hit on my wife, and she laughed at him...Three minutes later, he was sleeping on the bar...None of these PD hacks want to be on Twitter...They were forced get Twitter accounts...There is a reason my dad isn't on Twitter...Guys that age don't need or want to fuck with new technology...They don't want to be on the grid anymore then they already are...They don't have the same Look at me mentality as Ashton Kutcher and I do!

So the PD made Grossi get on Twitter, but when he makes a mistake, they don't have his back...What twats...If they had any balls, class, and credibility, they would have said, 'Our guy made a mistake, and apologized, it's over and done with. If you don't like it, too bad.' But we know that won't happen...So Tony Grossi, I don't know where they are going to stick you, other then in the ass...So I suggest start writing a column, so you can get away with blasting dopes like Lerner...And put Twitter to good use...Shred all those pricks that didn't back you up...Burn that shitty bridge to the ground!

-Last week I blasted TIM_THOMAS...Plenty of people disagree with me, but fuck it, I stand by what I write...Taking a political stand, and saying it has nothing to do with politics sounds retarded...Then after calling attention to yourself and your stand, and refusing to talk about it continues to make you look retarded...Let alone, I thought how you originally made your statement made you sound like a dolt!

-Little Hockey here...Have you ever heard of the Bakersfield Condors? That's okay...But you gotta figure, if you're playing Hockey in Bakersfield California, you better know how to fight...

These two teams racked up 14 ejections and 278 penalty minutes, with 18 fighting majors!

Want to learn more about Hockey in Bakersfield...I suggest the book, "They Don't Play Hockey in Heaven"...Great book about life in minor league hockey, life after cancer, and life.

-Well we started in Australia, we may as well end there...

Have a week...

Later, The Beeze.

Storminnorman's Sports Views 1-29-12
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Since I like classic rock, I have decided to start a little something new for the beginning of my weekly blogs. I am going to find a song that reminds me of a particular event or series of events that have taken place during the week. I thought I would start this blog with this particular song that reminds me of a few of this weeks past events



and like if this link is true, which normally it is.... I pity the AL Central Pitchers next year when VMart returns.....

And to please the Beezer I found this video of his favorite girl Kate Upton, so here ya go Beezer:

Unfortunately my two younger children Taylor and Noah were in the room at the time as I was trying to watch her do the Dougie.......


Unfortunately, Joe Paterno will not be remembered for his 400+ wins but for what Jerry Sandusky allegedly has done. Joe Pa was the one of the greatest coaches to ever coach in any sport. O.J. McDuffie said in an interview on ESPN radio Sunday, he turned boys into men and truly cared about each of his players, along with Penn St. University. I remember some of the greatest games I had ever seen was when Penn St. first entered the Big 10, and they were playing Michigan. Both teams were dominating each other and the games came down to the final plays in most cases. Maybe he stayed too long, but he was also quoted as saying he did not want to retire a couple months later like his rival Paul "Bear" Bryant did when he retired from coaching Alabama. Unfortunately for Joe Pa, it was two months and a day I believe it was said since he was fired. What a shame he met the same fate as "Bear." Please watch this tribute to Joe Pa and enjoy.......

I thought I was finished with my blog for the week, due to a ton of assignments in my microeconomics and public relations courses, but I have a few more things to say.....

For those of you that do not realize this, this was how Mr. Illitch built the Red Wings into Stanley Cup Champions. He is known for risk taking, even though this was not as big a risk as most think. A few years back he signed Hasek, Hull and even Luke Robataille and won a Stanley Cup. It is in his nature to do so, so I commend him for taking a chance on a kid who has seen nothing but success since coming to the majors in 2006.  Last s.eason, he was second in NL in all major categories, and did you know he will take a walk? Stats don't lie, he has almost 600 walks to go along with his 228 home runs. I remember going to Tiger Stadium and seeing him as a youngster, hanging around the batting cage, hell he grew up in Detroit more or less while his daddy played here. I am not surprised he is here now, wearing a Tiger uniform. Great Job Dave Dombrowski, you added a piece to the puzzle that should eventually make this team a winner again. 

I was a little disappointed when I heard that Roy Oswalt was leaving the Phillies and signing with the Cardinals. The Tigers could really use him on their staff this year, he would have really helped the younger pitchers with his knowledge of pitching. What the hell, what's another $100 million or so, to help Verlander, Fister, Porcello and Scherzer mature even more?

Football, Football, Football tomorrow's the Pro Bowl, does anyone actually care? This is the kickoff of our favorite week, Super Bowl Week where everyone who can get a media pass is in Indianapolis covering this game. Hey Sully can you get me press credentials, and I will go down there and cover it for the Gab. This blog is becoming kind of fun, and the best part is that the Packers are not there.

Did anyone see the hardest shot competition tonight Chara is ridiculous 108 mph, I wouldn't want to block that shot, that would really hurt.

So this concludes another weekly blog, as I have to return to my weeks worth of assignments in microeconomics and public relations. Thanks for reading my post and have a great week preparing for the Super Bowl.


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