NFL 2011 Mock Draft: Two Rounds to Pick Apart
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Unlike the past few years, I will be unable to do a full mock due to other obligations. I did quite well in those, so I suspect I will do horribly in this abbreviated mock.

We all know trades are part of drafts, but I will not theorize there and pretend the teams will draft in order.

So let's get to it and start ripping apart my decisions.

1. Carolina Panthers : Cameron Newton, Quarterback

A gamble, but it could pan out with Newton putting the franchise on his back for the next decade.

2. Denver Broncos : Marcel Dareus, Defensive Tackle

It seems it has been forever since the Broncos were stout in the middle of their defense. Dareus changes that here.

3. Buffalo Bills : Nick Fairley, Defensive Tackle

He should fill the void the recently departed Marcus Stroud left.

4. Cincinnati Bengals : Blaine Gabbert, Quarterback

Carson Palmer might get dealt this draft, but the Bengals cannot allow themselves to be held hostage by the malcontent. Even if he stays, his weak arm could find itself benched by 2012.

5. Arizona Cardinals : Von Miller, Linebacker

The Big Red gets their speed rusher off the edge.

6. Cleveland Brown : A.J. Green, Wide Receiver

Cleveland gets both a big and a big play receiver with one pick.

7. San Francisco 49ers : Patrick Peterson, Cornerback

Nate Clements gets to mentor this kid while forming a very nice CB tandem in 2011.

8. Tennessee Titans : Da'Quan Bowers, Defensive End

He drops because of knee concerns, but this kid could be a Pro Bowler for many years if he stays healthy.

9. Dallas Cowboys : Tyron Smith, Offensive Tackle

Tony Romo gets his left tackle to protect the blindside.

10. Washington Redskins : Robert Quinn, Linebacker

Washington needs bodies on defense. Quinn can bookend Brian Orakpo as a demonic pass rushing force off the edge for years.

11. Houston Texans : Prince Amukamara,Cornerback

Houston needs defensive backs like a fish needs water. Amukamara starts right away.

12. Minnesota Vikings : J.J. Watt, Defensive End

The huge Watt makes the loss of Ray Edwards OK. He also keeps Minnesota's fine run defense stout.

13. Detroit Lions : Aldon Smith, Defensive End

He has good speed and is a force against the pass. Line him next to 2010 NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year Ndamukong Suh and enjoy.

14. Saint Louis Rams : Julio Jones, Wide Receiver

Jones has a ton of ability if he can stay healthy. Getting Sam Bradford more guys to play catch with is a big need.

15. Miami Dolphins : Mark Ingram, Running Back

It is very possible the Fins grab guard Pouncey here. With their running back situation a mess right now, Ingram has a chance to be the guy.

17. Jacksonville Jaguars : Ryan Kerrigan, Defensive End

Kerrigan is good to have in the locker room. An overachiever, much like their head coach was when he played.

17. New England Patriots : Cameron Jordan, Defensive End

Jordan has the skill set you want from a DE in the 3-4. An immediate upgrade over everyone on that roster at this position, with the possible exception of Ty Warren, and should start pretty quickly.

18. San Diego Chargers : Justin Houston, Linebacker

General manager A.J. Smith likes linebackers who can get to the quarterback, something they haven't had in a few years. Larry English has been a disappointment, so now Houston gets a shot to fill the void.

19. New York Giants : Anthony Castonzo, Offensive Tackle

The Giants offensive line needs bodies right now. Castonzo is ready to play right away, and do not be shocked if he beats out one of the veterans in camp.

20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers : Jimmy Smith, Cornerback

Ronde Barber has a year or two left in him. Until then, he can mentor a guy who often gets compared to Nnamdi Asomugha. Smith has that ability to lock down any receiver, and he has excellent size to be physical.

21. Kansas City Chiefs : Corey Liuget, Defensive Tackle

The Chiefs get their nose tackle so the defense can keep moving forward.

22. Indianapolis Colts : Gabe Carimi, Offensive Tackle

Carimi is experienced and ready to go. Something the Colts need for their aging quarterback who is getting set to get an enormous contract.

23. Philadelphia Eagles : Mike Pouncey, Guard

The Eagles need blockers and Pouncey could man a guard spot for the next decade for them

24. New Orleans Saints : Akeem Ayers, Linebackers

Stephen Dunn/Getty Images Defensive coordinator Greg Williams loves pressure off the edge, something the current Saints OLB's don't give much of. Ayers fills that need and probably will start immediately.

25. Seattle Seahawks : Ryan Mallett, Quarterback

Pete Carroll gets a huge QB with a rocket arm. He might have Matt Hasselbeck back for one year as the kid learns, but Mallett has the ability to be a franchise player.

26. Baltimore Ravens : Brandon Harris, Cornerback

He is from the U, like Ed Reed and Ray Lewis are. Harris has the ability to start right away, which the Ravens depleted secondary needs.

27. Atlanta Falcons : Kyle Rudolph, Tight End

Gonzo is as good as gonezo. This is his last year, as it was apparent the 2010 the Hall of Famer has little left. Rudolph is excellent in the passing attack and with get to learn under an all-time great for a season.

28. Patriots : Danny Watkins : Guard

With Logan Mankins as good as gone, replacements are needed. Don't be shocked if Pouncey is snagged with their first pick, because Bill Belichick is a fan of Florida University players.

29. Chicago Bears : Stephen Paea, Defensive Tackle

He fills a big hole in the middle of the Bears defense, made a little bigger by the recent departure of Tommy Harris. Lovie Smith will enjoy coaching this hard-working gym rat up.

30. New York Jets : Orlando Franklin, Offensive Tackle

The Jets will not pick again for a long time, so getting their right tackle needs to be done now. Franklin has every tool needed to excel and he plays with a real mean streak. Rex Ryan will love this guy.

31. Pittsburgh Steelers : Phil Taylor, Nose Tackle

Casey Hampton is in his twilight years, so an infusion of youth is needed.

32. Green Bay Packers : Aaron Williams, Cornerback

He gets to learn from Charles Woodson this season, but Woodson is 34-years-old and nearing his end.

33. Patriots : Ryan Williams, Running Back

New England could use another back and this kid is a hard worker who would be perfect in their rotation.

33. Bills : Jake Locker

Chan Gailey gets his quarterback to develop, but Locker might need to sit and learn a season or two.

34. Bengals : Rahim Moore, Safety

Best safety in the draft and fills a big Bengals need.

36. Broncos : Muhammed Wilkerson, Defensive Tackle

They got Dareus, now they can put the athletic Wilkerson next to him and have a pair of DT's who could play the next decade together. Wilkerson can also play defensive end if needed.

37. Browns : Cam Heyward, Defensive End

Now that Shaun Rogers is gone, Heyward can step in and start the next decade. A strong kid who most know is Ironhead Heyward's son.

38. Cardinals : Christian Ponder

Arizona needs a quarterback, so they will hope Ponder is ready to push for a starting job right away.

39. Titans : Nate Solder, Offensive Tackle

Solder needs some work, but his athleticism had some think of him as first-round talent. He fills a need here.

40. Cowboys : Adrian Clayborn, Defensive End

An All-American who drops over a mediocre senior season statistically. His fills a huge need for Dallas, whose current defensive ends besides Olshansky, are questionable NFL talents.

41. Redskins : Torrey Smith, Wide Receiver

With Santana Moss possibly on his way out, Smith add much needed depth to a wide receiver corp looking for players. Even if Moss returns, he fills a big need and offers a huge upgrade as a third receiver.

42. Texans : Marvin Austin, Defensive Tackle

All Houston should do this year is draft defenders. Austin is another big body for their trenches, though some feel he could be special down the road.

43. Vikings : Derrek Sherrod, Offensive Tackle

His questionable work ethic drops him, but many think he has first-round talent. Minnesota needs blockers, so he fills a need.

44. Lions : Mikel Leshoure, Running Back

As good as Jahvid Best was last year, it is apparent he needs help. Leshoure will be the Mr. Inside to his Mr. Outside.

45. 49ers : Jurrell Casey, Defensive Tackle

With free agency, the Niners are very thin on the defensive line. Casey is a hard-worker who should help right away.

46. Broncos : Daniel Thomas, Running Back

Thomas is a brute between the tackles and is excellent in pass protection. He has quick feet and bursts off the snap hard. While not a home run hitter, he has very good speed for his size and has the ability to be a bell cow for the franchise that selects him.

47. Rams : Allen Bailey, Defensive Lineman

He can play all over the defensive line, and the Rams need bodies in the trenches.

48. Oakland Raiders : Ben Ijalana. Offensive Lineman

With Robert Gallery apparently gone, getting a guard is needed. This kid has some right tackle ability, but most feel he will be an excellent guard at the next level.

Attended the same college as Raiders Hall of Famer Howie Long.

49. Jaguars : Robert Sands, Free Safety

It seems the Jags have forever beem looking for a free safety. Sands has great size and speed. While not great in man-to-man, he plays a good centerfield and os physical.

With so few NFL-ready safeties, the Jags need to grab Sands now before he's gone.

50. Chargers : Titus Young, Wide Receiver

With their best three wide receivers free agents, the Chargers tab the versatile Young and give quarterback Philip Rivers another weapon to play with.

51. Buccaneers : Bruce Carter, Linebacker

A solid linebacker who will add depth at the least, but could find himself starting right away.

52. Giants : Martez Wilson, Linebacker

Some think he will be a very good SLB, while others think he has potential to be excellent in the middle. The G-Men need a MLB, so Wilson could fill a very big need.

53. Terrell McClain, Defensive Tackle

He is stout against the run, a type of player the Colts do not have too many of right now.

54. Eagles : Ras-I Dowling, Cornerback

Seemed destined for the first round until he got injured during his senior year. He makes all the plays and could start sooner than expected.

55. Chiefs : Brooks Reed, Linebacker

Reed is a pass-rushing type who the Chiefs hope will replace Mike Vrabel one day.

56. Saints : Christian Ballard, Defensive End

Ballard is a solid player with some versatility. Depth at defensive end is a need that he can fill.

57. Seahawks : Marcus Cannon, Offensive Tackle

Seattle hopes the mammoth Cannon will be able to man right tackle and bookend Russell Okung for many seasons ahead.

58. Ravens : Tanden Doss, Wide Receiver

With receivers like T.J. Houshmandzadeh and Donte` Stallworth being free agents, Doss has the ability to press veteran Derrick Mason for a starting job. At the very least, he adds quality depth.

58. Falcons : Quan Sturdivant, Linebacker

Atlanta desperately needs a SLB and Studivant can play it.

60. Patriots : Jonathan Baldwin, Wide Receiver

His knock is he needs work on route running.

How long do you think that will be a problem with Tom Brady?

The guy has freakish talents and could end up replacing the long-departed Randy Moss as the red zone threat. A real sleeper.

61. Chargers : Jarvis Jenkins, Defensive Lineman

San Diego needs depth on the defensive trenches. Jenkins is a run stuffer who can be rotated in to give guys like Luis Castillo a rest.

62. Bears : Brandon Burton, Cornerback

Getting more corners is needed. He might earn a starting job as a rookie.

63. Steelers : Marcus Gilbert, Offensive Tackle

Gilbert has the makings of being a solid right tackle. A big need for Pittsburgh.

64. Packers : Leonard Hankerson, Wide Receiver

Not only is James Jones a free agent, but Donald Driver is nearing retirement. Hankerson will be another big target for Aaron Rogers to have fun with.

Five Minute Frags - Buddy Went McCourtin
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I think it is safe to say that I have never been a big supporter of Commissioner Bud Selig. Over the course of my years of blogging and writing, I’ve taken my fair share of shots of the beleaguered boss of Major League Baseball. Some of those shots were fired because of some action or another that was deemed stupid at the time and maybe some of them were fired simply from the hip, as a knee-jerk reaction to something that made more sense down the road.

I sit here tonight, before my keyboard, a humbled man. Rather than further kicking a dead horse and chastising Bud for his actions during the steroid years or for his complete idiocy in trying to further expand the play-offs, I feel I need to something that doesn’t come naturally to me.

I want to praise Bud Selig. It is Good Friday after all.

The state of the Los Angeles Dodgers, one of baseball’s most storied and beloved franchises, is reprehensible. Embattled in a bitter struggle brought on by a divorce between Frank and Jamie McCourt, the Dodgers are in a financial state much more dire than that of the New York Mets and possibly even more so than the Montreal Expos a few years back. Forced to borrow money from Fox Sports against future ticket sales just to make payroll is no way to run a sports franchise

When Commissioner Selig opted yesterday to take over control of the Dodgers, he made a bold and gutsy move, and it was absolutely the right call. There is no reason that one of baseball’s most high-profile teams should be held captive by two scorned children who cannot live within their means enough to keep their team afloat and competitive. Selig acted with consideration for the game and its fans, especially those in Dodger country, and I applaud him for having the gumption to do so.

Still, I need to ask the most obvious of questions here. Why was Frank McCourt awarded a franchise in the first place? He was efforts to buy the Red Sox had been unsuccessful, and thankfully so, due in part to his inability to show financial fortitude enough to first buy the team and then afford to operate it. However, the owners and the Commissioner saw it fit to award him a franchise with the stature of the Dodgers on 100% borrowed funds? That makes about as much sense as handing a monkey a stick of dynamite painted like a banana and expecting him to do something smart with it.

Allowing McCourt to assume ownership in the first place was a folly of astronomical measure. The divorce further clouds the picture on if the current ownership group will ever functionally recover. By stepping in, Selig sent a clear message to McCourt with only two options; either find a way to make this work and make the team financially sound again under the guidance of MLB or find a buyer who is willing to do so. Given that the Dodgers play in a major media market and the history of the franchise, there would be no shortage of potential suitors willing to step in and try to take the team off McCourt’s sleazy hands.

Operating under the current status quo was not an option in which made any sense for the Dodgers or Major League Baseball. Selig took the correct measures in ensuring that the team could sink no further. He’s not a hero or a savior, but in a time of need, he stepped up, as an authority figure should.

And for once he deserves some praise for that.


Other Fragments

-         Selig may be earning some praise for his actions with the Dodgers, but his announcement that the playoff system will likely be increased to 10 teams from 8 is misguided. With the longest season in American sports and arguably an already watered-down playoff system, adding another team to the mix in both leagues further pollutes the gene pool. All it does is tire out the wild card teams so that they pose less of a threat to division winners. It doesn’t make the system more exciting. It simply drags it out.

-         Learning a lesson from the NFL’s problems, Major League Baseball has announced it would increase pension payments to players 1947-1980 who didn’t normally meet service time limitations. Seeing how the NFL treated its retired players, MLB showed that its future is also in its heritage.

-         The San Diego Padres and Taylor Made have partnered to attach an 80ft replica of their R11 Driver to the right field foul pole. The shaft of the club extends past the top of the foul pole and balls that hit it above the pole will be deemed a home run. I can’t wait to see the instant replay arguments when the first one rings off of it.


Rants and Raves
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In this issue of Rants and Raves there is Jackie Robinson/Branch Rickey, also a mind provoking theory on steroids and the difference between dog fighting/cockfight and boxing, or do I?


There will be no nodding off while reading this interesting blog. Will you??


I have mixed feels about Roids. If Bonds, did take them and he got "Jacked up," as he appears in the before and after picture,

how come weight lifers, or bodybuilders, aren't in baseball?? They should be able to crush the ball?? I guess when Steroids can make a person hit a fastball, slider or curve ball then all the studs of the world will be playing baseball. You can have all the power in the world but if you don’t have hand/eye coordination, your nothing in baseball.

Let’s not put the blame only on the players. The thing that is missing?? Major League Baseball. They knew about this. They did nothing to stop the use of Steroids. I can remember reporters interviewing Mark McGwire at his locker and behind him was a bottle of androstenedione (Andro) proudly displayed in his locker for all to see. How come there isn’t any inqury into the way MLB allowed this to go on. You know why? Baseball was starting to rebound from their shutdown. With Ripken’s consecutive game streak and Sosa and McGwire going after Maris’ homerun record, baseball was becoming relevant again. That is why baseball didn’t pursue it.


I was having a talk with a neighbor when the subject of Michael Vick and his time in jail was brought up. A different spin was put on it. I would like to impart that conversation with you.

- If you are brought up in the environment of dog fighting or cockfighting, to you that would seem like a normal way of life. Millions of people have been doing this before the Michael Vick incident, and believe me, his prison term did nothing to slow down the dog fighting scene otherwise, you would have seen a lot more arrests involving a lot more people.

- If you kill a dog in the gaming world, as Vick did, you can expect several years in prison.

- If you kill someone in the boxing ring accidentally nothing happens to you.

- If you kill someone with your car, it can be called involuntary manslaughter and you can serve time in prison.

Any particular reason why fighters can get away with this???


I hope the NBA is watching what is going on with the NFL. On June 30th, the NBA’s collective bargaining agreement ends. There has been talk of work stoppage. The 2011 Las Vegas Summer League has been canceled as has the annual internship program as well. The NBA says more than half of their teams are losing money. The League says it is proposing a hard salary cap, shorter contract lengths and non-guaranteed deals.

Meanwhile the National Basketball Players Association says differently. They think only a small number of teams are losing money, which can be addressed through revenue sharing. The Association is not willing to have a hard salary cap. Billy Hunter, the NBA Players Association chief, says a hard cap would end guaranteed contracts. "If you get a hard cap, owners get a guaranteed profit. And you get franchise values that go through the roof. That's what you get." The Players Association say costs like fuel, security, coaches, front office personnel, marketing, and for some owners, high purchase costs, are what's cutting into owner profits, not salaries.


Last week Major League Baseball honored Jackie Robinson and his courage for being the first African American to play in the Major Leagues. He endured a lot during his time in the minors and the Majors while bringing an end to racial segregation in baseball. He had a great career with the Dodgers. He was in 6 World Series in 10 seasons with the Dodgers, a lifetime batting average of .311, 197 stolen bases, 1,518 hits, 137 homeruns and 734 runs batted in. He also was the Rookie of the Year in 1947 and won the National League Most Valuable Player Award in 1949. His number 42 is retired by every major league team.

Among his accomplishments off the field, was him being the first black television analyst in Major League Baseball, the first black vice-president of a major American corporation. He help establish the Freedom National Bank, an African-American owned financial institution in Harlem.


On that note, another individual should be acknowledged as well, for without this visionary, there might not have been a Jackie Robinson or a Jackie Robinson Day. That man is Branch Rickey. While several teams were interested in signing a black ballplayer, Branch had already began the process of scouting the Negro Leagues for players the Dodgers could use in their system. From a list of black players, Jackie Robinson’s name was selected. He was interviewed by Rickey. They met for three hours. During that time Branch asked Jackie if he could face the racial onslaught without taking the bait and reacting angrily. This question was asked based on Robinson’s prior problems with law enforcement officials at Pasadena Junior College and in the military. Robinson relied “Are you looking for a Negro who is afraid to fight back?” In which Rickey replied that he wanted a Negro player “with the guts enough not to fight back.” Robinson gave his word to “turn the other cheek” to racial antagonism. Jackie Robinson was then signed for $600. From that memorable day, the rest is history of the lives of Jackie Robinson and Branch Rickey.


Pictures by: Joe Biden - media.trb.com, Jackie Robinson - wc.pdx.edu, Jackie Robinson and Branch Rickey - insidesocal.com, NBA Logo - realclearsports.com, Bodybuilders - muslemagazine.com, Barry Bonds - farm2.static.flickr.com, Michael Vick - thealphanetworkeralliance.com, Mark McGwire - misunderestimation.com, MLB Steroids - cdn0.sbnation.com 

Deep Thoughts
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Welcome Gabbers and welcome to another session of Deep Thoughts...








I generally try to give folks the benefit of the doubt, but as Forrest Gump says...stupid is as stupid does.

I have to share this item that I ran across today:

Last week it was reported that somebody had stolen items that belonged to Georgia playersfrom the football team's locker room. Things like iPods and iPhones, and other expensive stuff that we all need to have to get through the day to help us keep our mind off of doing other things like our jobs. Well, yesterday we found out that the thieves were a couple of area high schoolers who had been visiting the school in Carver Columbus High'sDeion Bonner, Marquis Hawkins and another unnamed recruit


So, let's look at this. Here are a couple of guys that are good enough to be recruited by several SEC schools. During a recruiting visit, they decide to ransack the locker room to steal a few I-pods and cell phones? Huh? I admit that I have done many stupid things in my youth, but this is beyond stupid. No, wait...actually; there is more:


After the arrests were made, Georgia's police chief Jimmy Williamson told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that Facebook was "a big help" in finding the perpetrators. Well, Williamson lied. Or, at least, he got his social networking sites confused. I present to you these screenshots of the Twitter page belonging to Bonner


That's right...the "recruits" tried to sell the I-pods on twitter. Of course, it did not take long before the authorities put two and two together and realized that the recruits were responsible for the locker room theft. I know that  this is sad situation, but I could not help but laugh at a few of the twitter comments

Here are a few of the best...



"Not a very difficult case to solve.


A group of high school football players visit the  lockerroom.  Hours later UGA players report that their iPods and iPhones are missing.  Even a redneck Georgia sheriff can solve that one."

"I guess they're going to Auburn now"

"Twitter busted Georgia high school thieves









Not to be outdone, Mike Leake of the Cincinnati Reds decided to stroll into Macy's this week and shoplift 6 tee shirts. I know that pitchers are normally a bit odd, but c'mon Mike! With an annual salary of $425,000 (not including signing bonus) can't you afford to pay for tee shirts? Leake simply pulled the tags off the shirts and walked out of the store. When I first heard this report, I thought that there had to be some kind of mistake...but apparently not. Leake was allowed to pitch on Tuesday evening, but his future with the team remains in question. The Reds issued this statement on Tuesday:

"We do not condone behavior of the type alleged, which is wholly inconsistent with the principles of this organization and our community and is detrimental to the positive direction we seek to follow. When the legal process has been completed, we will handle this matter internally." 

The value of the tee shirts stolen is estimated at $59.88. Leake was charged with a first degree misdemeanor charge of shoplifting. The charge carries a maximum penalty of 180 days in jail, but as a first time offender, Leake will probably not see jail time.






Another Red's pitcher was in the news this week, but thankfully for baseball related news. During Tuesday's game against Pittsburgh, Aroldis Chapman's fastball registered 106. Now, there is some question regarding the accuracy of this speed, but judging the reaction of Pittsburgh's Andrew McCutchen...it was very fast.



Another pitcher seemingly always in the news is SF's closer Brian Wilson. I know that you have seen this crazy guy in all of the commercials about his beard. Typically when a player is this hyped, a falloff in performance is usually just around the corner. But rather than rest on his fastball, Wilson has developed a new pitch this year.

"It's a two-seam, sinking fastball that Wilson just added to a menu that largely consists of a straight, four-seam fastball, cutter and slider. If he can use it effectively, hitters will be in for even tougher at-bats against last year's major-league saves leader.

"The cat's out of the bag. It's another weapon," pitching coach Dave Righetti said, calling Wilson's two-seamer a "big-time" development."




Damn...that is just not fair...




Breaking News: Complete 2011 NFL Schedule Released  ...

Does it seem odd to anyone else that the NFL makes a huge production over releasing the schedule for 2011? At this point, we are not even sure that there will be an NFL season next year. It has also occurred to me that college football was king for many years, prior to the NFL rise to popularity. After considering this, I have decided that I would be perfectly fine with no professional football next year. Better yet, how about another league completely? Wouldn't it be funny to see the players just go to play in a different league? Wouldn't it be funny that they would make half of what they were making? Oh...you aren't laughing? Well, it was just a thought.






 This picture has nothing to do with anything, but I found it extremely funny. Also, it gives me an excuse to have a hockey photo in my blog...






That's all I have for today, but I will leave you with a bit of Jack Handey to ponder...


I can still recall old Mister Barnslow getting out every morning and nailing a fresh load of tadpoles to the old board of his. Then he'd spin it round and round, like a wheel of fortune, and no matter where it stopped he'd yell out, "Tadpoles! Tadpoles is a winner!" We all thought he was crazy. But then we had some growing up to do.  


Once my friend told me that he had found Jesus. I thought to myself, "WooHoo, we're rich!" It turns out he meant something different.  


Thanks for stopping by and as always...comments are most welcome!






Tuesday's Tantrum - 4/19/11
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Eff the disclaimers – if you don’t like cursing, don’t read this because quite frankly I’m pissed and I don’t give a rats ass how this sounds – it comes from the heart.  How do you describe the loss of something that for 26 years was the center of your sporting existence no matter where you were?  Well, I’m gonna try.  DVT referred to a Kings fan years back at the Honda Center.  Imagine 17,000 of them – night in and night out.  Yeah, we're a crazy bunch up here, and yeah, we have fans who dress up, paint their cars, and act like four year olds on a sugar high from hell! 

What’s happening to the fans of the Sacramento Kings SUCKS!  They are the ones getting screwed!!!    You all know I hate the NBA, but that doesn’t mean I can’t love the team that brought this city so much.  I’ve never seen this city as together as it was during the time the Kings were here.  This town bled purple and black.  It had (and still has) things that the NBA doesn’t – HEART AND LOYALTY!!!  26 years of mostly ineptness later and look how the fans show up:


Did this team win as much as we wanted them to?  Hell no, but sometimes it isn't about that - it's about love, community, brotherhood, togetherness.  I don't give a damn what anybody else says, Sacramento has the best fans in the NBA, with only Salt Lake coming in second place.  That being said - it's time to get semi-medieval around this bitch, but before I do spew this hateful venom - it needs to be understood clearly - THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE PLAYERS - THE KINGS PLAYERS ARE SOME OF THE GREATEST PEOPLE AROUND

Hate is a term that I prefer not to use because to me it conjures up images far beyond that of a simple game with a simple ball.  But let me say this to the NBA, its superstar players, its officials, the brothers Maloof, the leadership of the city of Sacramento, the developers here who have the politicians in their pocket, the Palms Hotel in Vegas, the city of Anaheim, the Sacramento newspaper and their blatant dislike of the Kings, and obnoxious LA Laker fans – I FUCKING HATE YOU!!!

I know, I know – childish retort to the fact that the Maloofs are moving my beloved Sacramento Kings out of town.  The residents of this region hung on everything involving this team, and stood with them despite the 2002 screw job Stern threw on the fans.  The folks here ain’t stupid hillbillies, we knew that Stern would NEVER allow this city to earn one of his precious champsionships, yet they still loved this team regardless. 

Despite a shitty product put on the floor night after night, for 26 years the fans of Sacramento filled a 17,300 seat arena (no, glorified high school gym) to watch their Kings usually lose.  They came decked out in purple and black and silver and white, and man were we loud.  The fans cheered their hearts out and at the end of the game quietly walked out to their cars.  I say quietly because nobody had a fucking voice left.  I’ve been around the world and I’ve never seen a fan base support their team the way this city and its people did.  Of course there’s this time in Australia washing the footy, but I digress…

The great times weren’t just in 1985 when the Sacramento Kings beat the Boston Celtics, 1996 when the Kings made their first playoff appearance, 1998 and 1999 with those awesome playoff series with the Utah Jazz, 2000-2002 playoff series vs. the HATED LA Lakers, Kevin Martin’s steal and layup to win a playoff game against the San Antonio Spurs here at Arco.  Coming back from 35 down to beat the Bulls in Chicago last year, and finally coming back from 20 down in the fourth quarter in the last game ever at ARCO, damn near punking out Stern’s little darlings.  Which unfortunately brings me to this:


David Stern.  How do you define this guy?  Crooked little monkey seems apt!  Here’s a stat that some of you already know, but some don’t.  64 NBA Champions have been crowned, 43 of them are divided between four different teams (Boston – 17, Lakers – 16, Bulls – 6, Spurs – 4).  Throw in four for Philly and three for Detroit, and you now have six cities taking 50 of the 64 championships.  That’s insane, and since you would expect the law of averages to catch up and it hasn’t, then how the hell can this be explained?  Yeah – IT’S FUCKING FIXED!!!  Sometimes NBA, it really isn’t about the almighty dollar it’s about remaining committed to some of the most loyal fans you’ll ever see.  But your ignorant asses would NEVER understand that.

Oh yeah Godfather, Mayor Kevin Johnson sure as hell put a swerve on your monkey ass last Thursday and Friday, didn't he?

If Stern is a crooked little monkey, the brothers Maloof are slimy little weasels.  Wonder if they'll show up to an Anaheim Duck playoff game?  But before they go, I’m gonna speak my peace.  The Maloofs are using their little mouthpieces here in Crack-town to say they love the fans of Sacramento and this has nothing to do with the fans.  BULLSHIT YOU STUPID LITTLE ASS CLOWNS!  Just how fucking stupid do you think we are?  It just goes to show that you idiots never knew us, nor did you ever want to.  Go to Anaheim, you'll fit in with all of those fake ass LA wanna-bes who have no concept of what reality truly is! 

Look you dumb ass Maloofs, Warren Buffett or Bill Gates you're not!  It’s your sorry ineptness with regards to business management and your purposely not doing anything to improve the team that caused the fact that you have to do the drop and gobble with an Anaheim billionaire who by the way will steal the team from you within two to three years.  You were so busy putting what money you had into your shitty casino down in Vegas (which is highly overrated by the way), hanging with D-List (and noted STD possesser) celebri-tards like Paris Hilton, getting DUI’s, appearing in shows like “Real Housewives”, investing in professional skateboarding, and movie-making that you had to sell of your beer distributorship (how the hell do you have to sell a beer distributorship to make everything else work by the way?)  – all while ignoring your most precious asset – THE SACRAMENTO KINGS.  Enjoy Anaheim you dickheads, but I promise you will NEVER have the fan love, respect, and appreciation that you had here!  Go – move (no, RUN) to Anaheim you traitorous bastards.

Memo to the Monkey and the Weasel - This is Sacramento!  We know what the water-thieving fakes in LA scream about us (and if you ever took the time to be honest, you think the same things).  But get this through your head - we aren’t one-tooth, cousin or sister-fucking, moonshine runnin’ dumb-ass hillbillys, we know the score!  We know you've never taken this town seriously.  We also know the NBA game is rigged, we know you'll never allow this city to capture an NBA championship, and we know you want out because you wanna be cool little playboys in a big market.  But despite all of your character flaws, for some insane and unexplained reason we love the KINGS, and you know what?  Most of the players that rolled through here the past 26 years loved us too.  To this day, many still live here! 

 We know thWeWWeHey Anaheim, enjoy these douche bags (Stern and the Maloofs), you can have ‘em!   DVT, I got nothing but love for ya, but even you said you’re going to the games to root for the Clips.  It may be bias on my part, but I've spent time in SOCAL and I just can't imagine a big following for the Anaheim Royals.  If the Maloofs remain your owners then dammit, it’ll suck for ya – you’re just gonna have to find out for yourself!  But I will warn you that the team got in trouble for being below the MINIMUM salary cap level at one point this season and had to quickly sign a guy to get back over.  Bottom line here - the folks in Anaheim will NEVER give this team the love and support that Sacramento did!  That being the case, treat ‘em right my brother! 

NBA players – you are killing the goose who laid the golden egg.  Hey look morons, it’s your absolute right to form all-star teams (albeit your using the idiots in the media to do your public tampering for you), but at some point having three or four teams with almost all of the superstars?  By the way “superstars”, how much help do you need from the refs anyway?  But enough about that - small towns like Sacramento may not have the "glitz and glamour" of New Crap City or that swamp of creatures known as Lower Alabama (err Los Angeles), but Crack-town ain't bad either.  There's peace and quiet, and the folks here respect your privacy.  Shit, if I go any further here, I'm gonna sound like a certain Chamber of Commerce member from the Cleve - so I'll stop right friggin' now!

In the end, even after 26 years, sometimes love just ain’t enough and sometimes love can’t find the way back!  Chances are this is goodbye.  To the players who graced us with their presence, thanks for everything to those who put on the uniform of the SACRAMENTO KINGS from 1985-2011.  Just a few who come to mind that I wanna celebrate: Reggie Theus, Eddie Johnson, the late Waymon Tisdale, Spud Webb, Lionel Simmons, Walt Williams, Spud Webb, Mitch Richmond, Corliss Williamson, C-Webb, Vlade, Christie, Peja, Chocolate Thunder Jason Williams, Mike Bibby, Bobby Jackson and Jon Barry.  Tyreke Evans, DeMarcus Cousins, Samuel Dalembert, Marcus Thornton, and Pooh Jeter.  I know there are names on there you don’t know, but to the people of Sacramento, these players (as well as all who played here) will be revered until the end of time.   Finally, here’s Sacramento’s very own Tesla to say Goodbye! 


To cities like Milwaukee, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Salt Lake City, New Orleans, and yeah Jeff even to San Antonio, watch what’s happening in Sacramento VERY carefully.  It could be coming to you.  

With all this crazy bullshit going on, I'm going to the coast, renting a house up in Mendocino and just unwinding. 

Peace and ranting forever! 

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