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Name changes, Jim Quits, catch of the year, and more in this edition of Rants and Raves.



Ron Artest is trying to have his name changed. Yep, you read it right. His attorney’s filed a petition in Los Angeles Superior Court, last week, seeking the name change. His new name he is requesting, Metta World Peace. He has done charitable work on mental health issues, and he has testified before Congress to support legislation concerning mental health care.


I Quit!!!!

Okay so he was turning the Nationals around. But why do this?? What a team player former Washington Nationals manager Jim Riggleman is. He quit his team when he resigned, last Thursday, because he felt Nationals ownership wasn’t committed to him for more than the current season. Could you imagine Albert Pujols did this. He is at the end of his contract. What a loser Riggleman is. I hope he never gets a job in baseball again.


This has got to be the catch of the year…Watch this video and see….

Outstanding catch. God bless this Vet.


What has happened to American tennis?? Where is the talent?? This country use to dominate the Tennis world. Now, we are nothing more than runner-ups, and even that’s not true. Once the Williams sisters retire there is nothing on the women’s side. There is nothing on the men’s side who can dominate. Andy Roddick has to be the most overrated American men’s player ever. Oh well, at least the foreign women are cute, and I sure do like it when Maria gunts.


Speaking of tennis, Roger Federer lost in the quarterfinals of Wimbledon to Jo-Wilfried Tsonga in 5 sets. But what was amazing to this point was going into this match Rogers was an outlandish 178-0 when he was up two set to none in a tournament. That’s greatness.


 Speaking of what happened. Where are the American golfer’s??? You would think winning a tournament which can earn you over $1 million dollars a week more people would get involved. With sponsors, and earnings an above average player can rake in $5 million easy.


Congratulations go to the South Carolina Gamecocks (55-14), who won the NCCA baseball tournament to become a two-time National Champion. In the process, they went 10-0 in the tournament, and with streaks of 16 NCAA tournament wins and 11 straight in the CWS are both records.


I want to wish all the Gabbers, a wonderful 4th of July. We are having a cook-out on July 3rd, when most of the family is off from work. 



Deep Thoughts
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It is hard to believe that it is Wednesday again. But since it is, I guess it must be time for deep thoughts. I don't have any driving need to dump anything today, so I will just do a bit of random meandering. Of course there has been much discussion about the mess in LA. Fan82 had a great blog on Tuesday and took a full hack at the head of Mr. McCourt. I am not an expert on this ordeal, but from what I have read...it does indeed appear that Bud Selig has a valid concern regarding McCourt remaining in control of the Dodgers. Beeze did make a valid defense of McCourt and his point about the Mets, Marlins and Rays has validity. As I did a bit of reading, I stumbled upon an article that succinctly defined the issues that MLB has with McCourt.



In its 20-page filing with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court on Tuesday, baseball began to reveal the findings of its two month-long investigation into McCourt and the Dodgers, and certainly its attitude toward McCourt.

Among them, according to the document, McCourt:

“Siphoned off well over $100 million of club revenues and [was] obviously unable to properly distinguish between his personal interests and those of the club.”

Attempted to use the club’s financial crisis, “To permit millions more to be misappropriated for his personal use.”

“Has alienated fans, sponsors, and business partners, and has eroded public confidence in the club.”

In spite of 2004 purchase conditions that he provide an additional $30 million in liquid equity within three years, “failed to satisfy this obligation.”

Caused his own financial crisis because of his, “Financial mismanagement, extreme leveraging, personal distributions made for his own benefit at the club’s expense, and the resulting decline in attendance caused by the community’s extraordinary unhappiness with the club’s owner.”

Baseball’s takeaway is that McCourt is most concerned about McCourt, not the Dodgers. Its end game is to rid itself of McCourt and begin the process of rebuilding the Dodgers through new ownership, the sooner the better. 


There are always two sides to every story, but it appears that baseball has a fairly good case. Of course now that it is in bankruptcy court, who knows what the result will be. One thing that is certain, the lawyers will get paid...

I felt compelled to add this link after reading today. This give an entirely different spin on the matter and asks why Selig gave such a glowing recommendation when McCourt originally expressed interest in purchasing the Dodgers:


Now, will Selig and MLB stop in LA or will they examine some of the other teams that Beeze has mentioned?







One of the things that I love about baseball is the manager and umpire relationship. If you think about it...because baseball is the only sport without a clock, it is the only game that allows the theatrics that some managers use in expressing their disagreement with a call. Did you see Jim Leyland's latest ejection? It was indeed a classic. If you did not see the game, there was a play at first base that clearly had the runner out. Inexplicably, the 1B umpire missed the call. After signaling safe, he must have sensed that he missed the call because he looked home for help. After a brief conference, the call was changed to an out. Of course Leyland rushed the field to complain. He started off okay, but when he began to pantomime the umpire...he was gone. Check out the players in the dugout after Leyland is ejected. Here is the video:









Did your mom ever embarrass you when you were a kid? Usually, this does not happen to a 20 something, which I think makes this story even the more funny. Here is an article by Chris Chase of Yahoo Sports:






Murray's mother and coach, Judy, has jokingly referred to Spanish tennis player Feliciano Lopez as "Deliciano" via Twitter, a reference to certain aesthetic qualities Lopez has that are of interest to the superficial female. The nickname has caught on and has become a running gag during the fortnight at the All England Club. Lopez himself said it's funny while insisting that countryman Rafael Nadal has more female fans. Just about the only person who isn't laughing is Andy. 

When asked about Judy's ogling of Lopez, the son responded:

"I think it's about time she stopped that nonsense. Makes me want to throw up. It's disgusting.

"I was practicing with him before the tournament and my mum was on the side. I shouted across the net, I said, 'Feli, if we sit down for a drink, if you could take a picture with my mom, because she thinks you're beautiful'.

"She went bright red. Refused to take the picture. Quite funny. Not like her."

Andy's comments were said in jest, but his tone made it clear that he's not exactly a fan of his mom's new status as president of the Deliciano fan club. 


I would have a real problem with my mom rooting for my opponent, much less commenting on twitter about how cute he is. Good luck Andy, you are in a tough spot.





Congratulations to the South Carolina Gamecocks...2011 College Baseball Champs! Although I did not have a rooting interest for Florida or South Carolina, I was happy that David Roth was able to watch his son Michael hurl his team to another championship. It will be interesting to see what type of job offers David will have when he gets back to Greenville SC.








This picture has nothing to do with anything, but I would say that this policeman has been guilty of profiling...I bet he takes a long time getting an explanation.





That's all I have for this week, but I will leave you with a bit of Jack Handey:




The other day I got out my can opener and was opening a can of worms when I thought, what the hell am I doing?

When Armageddon comes, it would be good to be an Olympic athlete, because running real fast and jumping over stuff could come in handy.  



Thanks for stopping by and feel free to leave a few deep thoughts of your own...

 Have a safe and happy 4th of July... 

Tuesday Tantrums - 6/28/11
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Welcome to the Gab, where in addition to this weeks tantrums, we celebrate the birth of our country with burgers, dogs, and apple pie!  I’d talk about celebrating a three day weekend, but unless you’re a government worker, are you really getting Saturday, Sunday, and Monday off? 

Can’t think of a better song to put out here than this…

Happy Birthday America!!!  May we the people take back our country from the fucked up politicians and special interests and get back on track before it’s too late!  But before we get back on track, we as a people need to check ourselves.  We elected these incompetent dick-weeds because a douchebag on TV tells us to, or we listen to.  Wake up and do the research and make up your own mind.  We seem more committed to watching shit like "America's got talent".  Are you fucking kidding me?  You'd rather watch a loser with low or false self-esteem make damn fools out of themselves rather than taking an active part in what's going on in America?

On to the tantrums…

Rant of the Week – Los Angeles Dodgers.   I just can't stomach what I'm seeing here.  An organization that was born in 1883, has been through two world wars, a great depression, numerous recessions, and a strike or two, and survived and thrived.  It took a greedy "businessman" just a few years of misappropriation of franchise funds which has the Dodgers staring at an abyss never before seen in MLB.  Hell, the Montreal Expos weren't nearly the train wreck that the Dodgers currently are.

Think about it for a second.  This is a team that Casey Stengall played for and managed.  You have owners like the O'Malleys, executives like Branch Rickey, and managers like Walter Alston and Tommy Lasorda.  You've had announcers like Red Barber and Vin Scully (perhaps the greatest announcer ever).  The Dodgers played in the first televised baseball game in 1939, broke the color barrier in 1947, and had pitchers like Drysdale, Koufax, Fernando, Hershisher, and a potential great in Clayton Kershaw.  There was Jackie Robinson, Duke Snider, Roy Campanella, Don Newcombe, those teams of the 70's that couldn't quite get over the hump, Kirk Gibson tearing my heart out with that homer in Game One of 1988's World Series.   This team has been involved (in one way or the other) in many of the major baseball events ever, and now they're in major trouble!

How much of a blithering idiot do you need to be in order to single-handedly bring down an American institution?  This literally worthless scumbag absolutely destroyed the Dodger organization!  Bravo to Bud Selig for blocking that three billion dollar deal with Fox TV.  Hell, I wouldn’t either considering the McCourts history of how they spend their money – and it sure as hell wouldn’t be on the Dodgers.  It is time for Selig to rip the team from McCourt in the interests of Baseball.  He has to send a message, there are six other teams that are in serious danger, including one in Baseball-mad New York (Mets), and another in Miami who thinks he can get away with acting like George Steinbrenner without the money.  He needs to prevent other owners from making the same (or similar) mistakes.

It’s time for the good ole boys to bring in some new blood, and by that I don’t mean having Steve Garvey come in as the Dodger owner.  I would endorse Mark Cuban, but I’m not gonna lie, I want to see Cuban buy the Oakland A’s.  He’s the only one who can make that famous franchise work again.  If I had my way, I’d have Bill Gates buy the Seattle Mariners, and Warren Buffett buy the KC Royals or Chicago Cubs.

The economy is bad enough, but for Baseball to have shitty owners with bad management is a double-whammy from which Baseball may not recover. 


MLB.   Only in Boston can a foul ball land right inside of a beer, splashing the preppie who was drinking it. But props to the preppie who rose up and slammed the brew with ball in it!

Speaking of the Sawx, yes Pittsburgh is improved, but it took work for Boston just to avoid a sweep?  What, too much Primanti Brothers?  Shake yourselves, you’re a half game back of the Cranks!

San Francisco faces Cleveland for a three game set at AT&T, only score eight runs total, and sweep the Tribe?  What’s up with that?



Canadian Football League.  Happy Canada Day to my friends in the Great White North on Friday.  Canada Day is the traditional start to CFL Football, and in case you're interested, the opening game is on NFL Network Thursday at 7PM ET.  I'll be watching...

Music.  Saturday night I had the opportunity to catch a Johnny Cash tribute at a function Mrs. Fan and I were attending.  Wasn’t half bad and the singer was very close in the voice department.  Enjoyable night.

I never thought I would have seen this matchup – Aerosmith and the Boston Pops TOGETHER performing Dream on…


NFL .   Cam Newton has time to do a GQ Model shoot?  B-dub, for your sake, I hope this guy has room somewhere in his busy schedule for football.  I have fun with good natured ribbing, but at this point, I just don’t think Newton’s head is in the game of Football.

One of the Gab’s all-time favorite whipping boys – Terrell Owens – apparently had surgery on a torn ACL either this month or last.  He’s being unusually quiet these days.  Don’t like the guy, but I’d hate to see a player potentially end his career like this.  Funny part, today Herm Edwards said that if there was a team that should take a chance on Me-O, it should be the CLEVELAND BROWNS.  Brilliant, just what Colt McCoy needs is that d-bag running him down, great thing for his confidence.

Buffalo going back to the old uniforms when they were winning AFC titles, or so it seems.  Either way, their changing their uniforms and I couldn’t be happier.

NBA.   Can’t talk about the NBA Draft because the NBA has MUCH BIGGER problems.  The NBA is in a massive amount of trouble, and it could be the beginning of the end for them.  The Atlanta Hawks are on the verge of being sold so soon after the 76ers, Pistons, Nets, and Warriors being sold?  With Sacramento having financial issues and wanting to move, New Orleans ownerless, Milwaukee and Memphis having attendance issues, Minnesota, the Clippers, and Knicks ownership and organization being generally incompetent, Big market owners vs. small market owners, players unwilling to compromise any part of the great deal they have, and now an economy that is taking no prisoners?  Both sides demanding more and more of shrinking revenues mean that in five years there will be contraction whether they like it or not, which will cost many jobs.  Three years if the superstar players continue COLLUDING to play in places like NYC and Miami.

Tennis - Wimbledon.    Serena and Venus going out in the fourth round?  Federer getting a challenge, and now Nadal having to get taped up?  Uh oh...

Mustang Football.   It is so great to hear that at least one sport isn’t going in the toilet – High School Football.  Many a high school kid across the USA is out there in the weight rooms, and on the field starting to get into shape and coaches, and QB clubs plotting and planning for those July camps, and many fans eagerly trying to find the schedules so that they can plan their Friday Nights in the Fall.  I can lie about it, I'm getting fired up, and I have no horse in the fight.


Douche Bag of the Week – ADRIAN PETERSON.  Dude is really starting to get on my nerves.  Look, I know that a lot of times things happen, but for this Douche Bag to bail on his own football camp because he’s part of an NFL Network show regarding some “Top 100”.   Now we find out it had nothing to do with NFL Network. 

You know, football camps are a business, and part of a parent cutting that check is because their kid just might get a chance to learn things from the host of said camp, and who could better teach kids about many things than Adrian Peterson.

PETERSON, YOU SUCK!!!  I don’t know what has gotten into you, but you are heading in the wrong direction and alienating a lot of fans on the way.  I hereby award you the “prestigious” You Gab Douchebag of the Week award.  Choke on that slap nut! 

Before I go… Lord knows that I earned my BS in BS long ago, but it don’t pay the bills and Mama needs some help so at the ripe old age of 46, I'm "Back to School"!  Hell, I couldn’t live off of Mrs. Fan forever!!!  I hope to graduate in two to three years with my BS in Information Technology.  I’m very excited, and I hope you don’t mind if from time to time that I might share a bit of it.



Monday Moaning 6-27-11
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I heard there was some soccer talk going on...Apparently there was a big game between the U.S. Men's team and Mexico in California on Saturday...Now there were a few things that happened that surprised people...The U.S. had a 2-0 lead...SURPRISE! The U.S. lost that lead...NOT A SURPRISE! The U.S. lost 4-2...NOT A SURPRISE!

But the one that has many people surprised has to do with the attendance...Of the more than 93,000 people who paid to see this game, 80,000 were there to support the Mexican team...Me: NOT SURPRISED! It was at the Rose Bowl...There's a big Mexican/Hispanic population in California...People in the U.S. don't care that damn much about soccer...There should be nothing shocking about this...How often do Americans show up in big numbers for Soccer...Especially when there is a perfectly good Saturday to be had...Why blow it on soccer!?!

Then I heard some one say the Women's World Cup is starting...Why do they keep trying to push soccer...Knock it off, we don't care! Unless all the chicks looked like Rosie up above there...But they don't, so knock it off!

In some Hockey news, The Philadelphia Flyers decided to finally spend money on a high-priced goalie...But to do so they had to move a couple of key players, shipping Mike Richards to LA, for young "talent"...So of that talent overrated...Win for LA...

Then they traded Jeff Carter to Columbus for Jakub Voracek and a couple draft picks...I didn't mind the draft picks because this year's draft was filled with high-end talent...Voracek is talented and was starting to click with Rick Nash...But Carter finally gives Nash a quality Center to play with...So maybe will call this one even...

Then the Draft happened, and the trading got Wild...Starting with the Minnesota Wild trading Defensman Brent Burns to San Jose for Devon Setoguchi, Charlie Coyle, and the 28 overall pick...

The Chicago Blackhawks who have been battling Cap trouble since winning the Stanley Cup last year, traded overpriced D-man, Brian Campbell for player(s) to be named...And traded Troy Brouwer to the Capitals for their first round pick...

Now that everyone is asleep, let's get to the good stuff...

Friday my Mom took the Little Beeze to get his hair cut...He wanted a Mohawk that would look like a shark fin, but the Mrs. said no...He got it cut nice, and they gave him some goop so he could spike up the middle for a fin when he wanted to...

So Saturday morning he was trying to goop up his hair, and it wasn't working well for him...So he got pissed, got his scissors from his pencil pouch, and started chopping...Then he showed my wife...He was afraid he was going to be in trouble with me, but all I could do was laugh at his crooked, jacked-up hair...

Sunday I took him to get it fixed...He wanted to go totally bald, but I knew the Mrs. wouldn't like that, so we left a bit of hair on his head...What do you think?

Sunday I took my new favorite picture of Molly, while feeding her dinner...

Molls is a big Music fan, like all of us in this house...When she's up late I test different stuff out on her...She's becoming a fan of Coltrane, Portishead, Paul Westerberg, and Billy the Kid...So this week we'll end with Billy's latest video...

Have a week!

Later, The Beeze.


Racing Roots - Bowman Gray
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Thoughts from an Island Girl


Paradoxes.  At Bowman Gray Raceway in Winston-Salem is one of the racing's most storied facilities.    Located about an hour or so from Raleigh-Durham NC,   this facility used to be the football field for Wake Forest University.    The football team moved out to a bigger facility but the racing went on.    The goal posts and yard lines have long been gone but the facility is beautiful.    



The facility is very clean,  lots of parking and plenty of bathrooms,   especially for us girls.   There are plenty of young people who come to the track and the number of females is quite high.     These factors assure the track's success well into the future.    You make racing comfortable and people will come.      You have a lot of young people,  then you have your future generation of loyal fans,    

What's more many Sprint Cup Drivers have raced there,  including Richard Petty and the Allisons.     But modified racing is what people come to see now and even Richie Evans won there and not just once,     They are a home to the Whelen Modified Tour.    


The track is short and flat and the retaining walls have been battered repeatedly,   due to the type of racing that happens there.    With such a narrow track,  it gets quite chippy out there on the track.   The track was even featured on a cable series,   chronicling their weekly program and what the drivers did in preparation for each week.       


Junior Miller

Bowman Gray is well known as a hard racing track and a lot of that is due to the tight track confines but at the end of the second Modified Feature was an ontrack altercation between Miller in the 69 and Bown in the 59.    I didn't see what precipitated the event but assume it was just a racing thing.     Miller got behind Bown and was pushing him and the cars had to be separated near the pit gate entrance.   I believe Miller placed 3rd or 4th in both features.    Miller is a veteran driver and has won probably over 50 features if not more.         In spite of that extra-curricular activity the crowd was quite well-behaved.    

The track is touted as somewhat volatile with regards to the fans and drivers but I think that is a lot of hype,    I believe the track maintains order pretty well and it is a must-see track on the basis of fan-friendly accommodations.     If you ever get the chance,   please go.    You will like it.

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