Hey Montreal, This One Is For You!!!
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After Listening to Montreal fans chant Ole' for three periods I felt it was only fair for this Bruins fan to let them know exactly what it is we think of them and their rally cry....(if you "putt from the rough" you might not want to watch this)

Canucks Fans Need Thicker Skin/Class
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Yeah, I said it...Before the NHL Playoffs got rolling, Theo Fleury was on the radio, and asked for his playoff predictions...Fleury Predicted the Vancouver Canucks would get bounced in the 1st round, and pointed to Roberto Luongo's history of failure in the playoffs...

So what's the big deal...He was asked, and answered...And you know what else...Luongo has been overrated for years...I squeeze into my blog a couple times a year...

Well Canucks fans weren't real happy with Theo's opinion...Of course some backlash is expected, but Johnny Canucks took to Twitter, Facebook, and Team Forum pages to go after Fleury hard...Normally I wouldn't care, as I said, to some extent it's expected...But then they went after Fleury's dark, ugly, and terrifying past...They went hard at Fleury's past alcoholism, and drug-abuse...Both that were clearly brought on, or enhanced by what they got on him about next...Him being sexual abused by his Junior Hockey coach, Graham James...

Anyone who read his book, which I'm sure plenty of these people did, would know that Fleury started drinking heavily in his teens to try an cope with the abuse...He was so terrified at night, he needed to blackout to sleep...As he got older, he was still haunted by it, and afraid to sleep...So then the drugs got in the mix...

Rivalries are fine...Talking shit with some one you don't agree with is okay...Ripping a guy about getting sexually abused as a kid, because he didn't think your team would get through the first round of the playoffs...That's just a cunt move Vancouver fans...I hope Luongo blows both his knees out!

I'll stick with Theo!

Later, The Beeze.

test/ Good Fight
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this is me testing this new editor feature...

Here's a hell of a fight!

Lucic score 30 goals and can box, like a mutha fucka!

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