If Verlander is MVP, Why Not Kershaw
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Baseball fans are a finicky bunch. They have a certain set of beliefs and they stick to them, with groups lining up on both sides of the line to voice their opinions. Some like the designated hitter, while others despise it. Some look forward to interleague play, while others still want to see it go away.

And that says nothing about the lines of thought of whether a pitcher should be eligible to win the Most Valuable Player award, which Justin Verlander won on Monday afternoon.

Obviously, the battle lines are being drawn here due to the performance of the Tigersí Verlander and whether or not a pitcher should be eligible to win the MVP. There is a strong contingent of people who feel that Verlander should win the award over Bostonís Jacoby Ellsbury because he is eligible and due to his outstanding, and Cy Young award-winning, season. There is also a large group that feels that due to pitchers not only having their own award, but also only having a say in the outcome of a portion of the seasonís games, that they should not be eligible for the award. That said I believe the direction of the argument alone is proof of the need for separation of the awards and the players eligible to be considered.

More so, if Verlander is deserving of the award, as the voters have now shown, then why are we not making the same argument for Clayton Kershaw?


Miami Marlins Unveil New Uniforms and Logo
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Well, the Marlins are taking their game to South Beach...and they're doing it with some flavor. Here are the images from Friday's unveiling to give you an idea of what I'm talking about:

New Logo

New Uniforms

Personally, I'm not sure what to make of the new uniforms, as the color schemes have all been done before. The old colors were kind of symbolic of the team and its neighboring football team, the Dolphins, and I'm somewhat sad to see them go.

As for the logo, I want to know how much Loria paid to have that designed or whether he worked that up himself on Microsoft Paint. There is absolutely nothing to like about that color scheme.

I get that the Marlins are trying to move on from the image they created for themselves over the years, despite two titles. But let's face facts; this team will be judged by the product on the field, not on the clothes on their back. If Loria can change the image of being a frugal owner not willing to invest in his team, then we'll be having a different conversation.

Until then, this is just lipstick on a pig.

Nationals catcher Wilson Ramos has been kidnapped
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This just came in on ESPN sportscenter and ESPN online:

Washington Nationals catcher†Wilson Ramos has been kidnapped outside his home in Venezuela.

Ramos' Venezuelan team, Tigres de Aragua, confirmed the kidnapping on its official team Twitter.

According to a report by El Nacional, four gunmen approached Ramos and took him away. Ramos was taken away in a green car, according to another report by El Universal.

A source told El Nacional that Ramos' family has yet to hear from the kidnappers. However, the "Body of Scientific, Penal and Criminal Investigations" branch of the Venezuelan government has set up operations at Ramos' home, according to El Nacional.

Ramos, 24, batted .267 with 15 home runs and 52 RBI in his first full major league season.

This is sad.

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