Week 4 Top 25 and Commentary
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If you missed my baseball blog about the Angels, please check it out here.† Iím going to have a blog tomorrow or Friday about end-of-regular-season collapses in major league baseball, but I promised my college football rankings blog tonight. So even though I got a bit distracted by the baseball, here it is.

I guess I need to put up front what I looked at here before getting into comments about the results this week. I compared undefeated teams ONLY on how good I think the opponents have been so far, with emphasis on the best opponent (meaning if I think itís the best win anyone had all year, it might count for more than someone else beating two average teams). For teams with one or more loss, I mostly looked at what they did apart from that loss in a similar fashion, but of course there was some decision-making based on the quality of the team(s) that caused those losses.

Since I used this approach, the rankings this week will not be what I call internally consistent. For instance, Iím going to give Alabama a good bit of credit for beating Arkansas, but since Arkansas hasnít beaten anyone, I wonít be ranking Arkansas. So Iím only allowing my subjective opinion about Arkansas to factor into their quality as an opponent, not their quality as a team for the purposes of ranking.

People have complained about my changing how I do things from week to week, but I believe thatís the logical way to transition from the purely subjective (ďon paperĒ) preseason rankings to the purely objective rankings (results onlyÖwith opponents evaluated on results only as well), which I begin using in early October every year. Otherwise, what I would have to do is have the preseason rankings but not factor them in at all after week 1. Every team that beat an FBS opponent would be tied for first since all opponents would be the same 0-1. After Week 2, every team that was 2-0 with two 1-1 opponents would be tied for first, although I suppose I could add a requirement that those 1-1 opponents had to beat teams that were also 1-1 through two weeks.

Anyway, as far as last week, I feel vindicated with Templeís win (which makes Penn St. look better) and by Notre Dameís and Michiganís wins (both of which make Michigan look better).

I canít believe people thought I was ranking Big Ten teams too high, although obviously Wisconsin fans again arenít going to be happy with me.

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ACC Week 5 pix
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Home team in ALL CAPS

Clemson 31 VTECH 23. Clemson may finally be consistent ,and† I think the Hokies need more of a passing game. However, I always underestimate VT early and get burned.

Georgia† Tech 38 NC ST 24- I love† Coach Johnson's† O and NC St is still† suffering from Post-† Russell Wilson† syndrome

Duke 35 FIU 34-† Cutliffe's O† should be enough to edge a suspect FIU D

BC 17 Wake- 14 Both teams have ragged edges but home field should save BC.

Idaho 20 VA 19- The Vandals† travel east from the WAC to steal the Cavs handles (borrowed from Bob Dylan)

North Carolina 30 EAST CAROLINA 28- This battle is always tougher than folks expect. Renner , the UNC QB, has 7 TDs and 6 Ints

MD 31 Towson 13- Towson is a 1AA school about 15 minutes from my house and their biggest claim to fame is punter Sean Landetta† , who punted for nearly 20 years in the NFL.

MIAMI (FLA) 49† Bethune Cookman 6 1AA tonic for the weakened canes.†

Week 3 Top 25 and commentary
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This is going to bother some people, but I moved several teams down to the bottom of the top 25 (the last seven teams in fact) due to not having played much of anyone so far. If they beat someone decent, Iíll move them back up, so no need to make a big deal out of it. At this point, I donít consider Arizona to be a good team, but if they start better than 1-4, I might give the teams who beat them more credit.

A couple of teams had a loss as their only quality opponent, but if the team didnít look like it belonged, Iíve already moved it accordingly. Iíd rather a team play with a top 10 team and lose than not play any top 100 teams (for instance) and be undefeated at this point.

On the other hand, fewer people are likely to complain about Boise St.

I am giving slightly less weight to margin of victory, but Texas is an exception because they so narrowly beat BYU at home and then Utah (a loser to USC) beat BYU so handily on the road Saturday, I didnít think giving Texas credit for that as a quality win was appropriate. Also, BYUís first game was a one-point win over Ole Miss, who got absolutely destroyed by Vanderbilt on Saturday.

So even though I ranked BYU in preseason, I feel like that has been proven wrong at this point.

rank / team / prior
1 LSU 1
2 Oklahoma 2
3 Alabama 3
4 Oregon 4
5 Florida St. 5
6 Boise St. 13
7 S Carolina 14
8 Nebraska 12
9 Florida 17
10 W Virginia 19

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Irish Get First Win of the Season...
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And right there above is one of the keys to their success...Cornerback, Robert Blanton, who has been one of the defense's most consistent players this season, had a hell of a game against Michigan State...Blanton had 6 tackles, 3 for a loss, 1 sack, 3 passes broken up, and an interception her returned 82 yards, deep into Michigan State territory...

Saturday afternoon, in South Bend, the Irish defense finally nutted up, and took control of the game...Safety Harrison Smith was all over the place making plays...And the defensive line looked great...Lead by Freshman Aaron Lynch...Yeah, remember I mentioned him in my season PREVIEW...18 years old, 6'6" 265 lbs. and the kid was putting pressure on MSU Quarterback Kurt Cousins all day long...

he Irish gave up too many yards through the air for my liking, but holding a team to 29 yards on the ground is nice...

The Irish offense got two touchdowns from Cierre Wood, who has been rock solid for them now through 3 games...QB Tommy Rees did not put up flashy numbers like he did the last two weeks, but he has been consistent with turning the ball over...Adding another interception and another fumble to his tally...5 INT's and 3 Fumbles in two and a half games...So he has 6 TD's...5 INT's...and 3 Fumbles...Okay, Irish fans, lets stop acting like he's the greatest thing since Tony Rice...

Then the Special Teams...The Irish got a 89 yard kickoff return from Freshman George Atkinson III...I've been waiting to see this kid, and what a way to get people's attention...But then sure handed punt returner John Goodman fumbled a fair catch at his own 21 yard line...Luckily after that was when Blanton made his pick...

These guys need to seriously work on fielding punts...

I'll be honest, I kept my hopes in check this week...Even when the Irish seemed in control, I waited...After the first two games, I had no reason to be confident...Now I hope the Irish can build on this...But I'm not going to get my hopes up for next weeks game against Pitt...There are still plenty of things that need to get cleaned up...This is a good team, with plenty of talent...They just need to cool it with the brain farts!

Later, The Beeze.

Tradition and Change
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Thoughts from an Island Girl

We have seen a lot of talk about change over the last few years and that change is now making it to college sports. †But before we talk about that, we have also seen the term change bandied about in other areas. † In politics, †Barack Obama was talking about change, †so advertisers followed suit.

And then Dominoes decided to do the change things too.

With Obama's campaign, †it was 'Yes, We Can'. †So Dominoes when it started it's new pizza options, had a slogan, †'Yes, We did.'

Change is a constant and the helmets used by football players clearly indicates this. † †

†This was a helmet used by the Green Bay Packers. †It was made of leather and is hardly even remotely like the helmets of today. † And I can imagine there were detractors of the new style helmets. † The newer helmets would prove to be safer in preventing injuries to the head, †but traditionalists may have disagreed.
Baseball has incorporated changes in their batting helmets because of the safety issue, †so change has happened there also. †As you can see here, †the face mask was added for even more safety. † Notice the plastic top. † I can imagine that some would comment that the face guard would be dangerous because some players might yank on it. † There will always be critics.

Even how fans watched the games have changed. † I find it amusing how TVs have changed. † †You guys had knobs? † No remote controls? †Really? † You didn't have cable? †hahaha..†

Every few years the expressions used by youth change and then confused parents try to copy those fads. One term that has not changed appreciably is the term 'cool', †though other expressions have come and went. † †Recently I heard a family member use the expression, 'Really?' †She is over 50 and it is funny to listen to. † All the while expressions continue to change. † My point is, †things will change and this includes the traditional uniforms of bygone years, †to some of the more outlandish, †like at Oregon and Maryland.

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