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Usually when we hear "dog days" in the context of sports we think about the brutal portion of the baseball schedule that runs from about now through the heat of the summer in August....well, it applies to sports blogs, too!  Here we sit with not too much going on other than....

MLB pennant races enter the Dog Days of Summer phase with nothing really decided except the Tigers and the fates of the 10 not-so-good teams who only have the trade deadline to look forward to.

NFL Training Camps are open...but is there really any news to consider yet.  All you can hope for at this stage o?f the game is that nobody gets hurt, or as typical these days, goes to jail.  (Speaking of jail, how about the Ray Rice "suspension?"  Nice to know that in the NFL you can knock out your woman and then try to knock out an opposing linebacker a couple of weeks later.  Nic job wrecking the NFL Goddell).

Golf this weekend is the tournament for everyone not good enough for the British Open.  If I was one of those journeymen golfers on tour, I would target this week as my one week to get a win and be set for life.  One win and you get all sorts of exemptions not to mention a nice pay day.  Go Graham Deleat!  (I have to note that Jim Furyk decided to play, upsetting the apple cart a bit as he is leading...I guess he needed a win).

Which brings me back to the Dog Days of Blogging...I think I will fire up the barbeque this week and plan out for the MLB pennant races, the NFL REAL season not to mention my fantasy football edition...nothing like a burnt chicken leg to get the juices flowing!

Have a great weekend!

Storminnorman's Sports Blog 7/25
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Are you ready for some football? Welcome Gabbers to another edition of Storminnorman's Sports Blog NFL Training Camp Edition. As you all know by now, most if not all NFL training camps are open preparing for the upcoming season. The problem I am having is this, unlike most previous years when the Lions opened camp I was excited for the upcoming season. But...This year for some reason, I could give a care less about the Lions, maybe it was the 14' draft which reminded me of a Matt Millen draft. Maybe it's because the Tigers are stealing most of the press away from the Lions with their trade for Soria last night, which proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are in it to win it all.

Maybe because everyone but the Lions made smart draft choices and filled some of their needs, the Lions subtracted a little too much during the off season, and like always they forgot to fill the open positions with draft choices. I remember sitting there watching the draft, and they had made their choice as they were announcing Vikings draft pick. Come on man let's get it right for once, you hire a quality coach and then you screw him? Typical Lions, and then they wonder why they are the laughing stock of the NFL. I mean come on, even the Browns had a better draft then the Lions.......

Thursday night's markee matchup was Max Scherzer v. Garret Richards, both pitchers have 11 wins and are probably strong contenders for the AL Cy Young award at season's end. Nothing like a nice long weekend series in LA, kind of don't mind staying up late watching Trout and Cabrera, will make for some must see late night television.

This is a little thought of mine, I agree with Old Harry, his pick of the Pat's to win their division really is a no brainer, they are the best team in their division. But here are a few more for you:

AFC EAST - Pat's, Bills (Wildcard)

AFC North - Beezer's Brownies (It's about damn time)

AFC South - Indy

AFC West - Denver, Chargers (Wildcard)

I know that this was a little crazy, maybe it's the meds I am taking for my shoulder....

NFC EAST - Redskins (no wildcard again this year, unless its the Eagles)

NFC North - Packers (maybe the Lions and Bears get in as Wildcards)

NFC South - Saints

NFC West - Arizona, I know you Seahawks and Niner fans think I am nuts, but they just missed last year....

If you think this was weird, wait to you see who I pick for the Super Bowl next week.....

NASCAR (Q's sport) are in Indy this week racing at the Brickyard, my uncle raced motorcycles and at Daytona when I was growing up. Now they are racing at 200 mph on a track that is not nearly big enough for those boys....

Is it true they reduced Pre-season to just 2 games to reduce injuries?

Don't forget to head to the left and read Hal's blog, he always has an interesting take on the world of sports....


Talking Sports
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You can tell that sports are at it’s low point of the year. It happens twice a year. That period between the Superbowl and when baseball starts. Sure the NBA and the NHL are playing  then but teams seem to go through the motions gearing up for the playoffs. March Madness runs into baseball now. It’s mid July and there is plenty of baseball but the anticipation of the NFL is getting  folks revved up.

Of course the media can’t let certain things go around the NFL for instance Tony Dungy a moral and religious guy. He made comments back in May after  Michael Sam was drafted by the Rams  and Oprah Winfrey wanted to follow this kid with a camera crew because he is openly gay , When Tony Dungy was asked about this he just said totally being honest and said I wouldn’t want the distraction. Gee is that news an NFL coach not wanting distractions. It was an innocent comment  reacting to a very specific comment.

The media has run with this  blasting Dungy. Here is where the problem is as I and I alone see it. The way th media is dragging this guy through the mud and calling him names and saying he is this or that are far worse than Dungy’s original comments.

I’m sure like most of us nobody cares that Michael Sam is gay. There is no time in training camp for a coach or a GM to worry about it. The question is that he is a 7th round pick and can he play or not. He is on the bubble  before he starts. I guarantee if he makes the Rams some in the media will say the Rams are trend setters and applaud them. I’m sure Jeff Fisher will  put him on the team because he will add value as a football player not because he is an openly gay man. If he doesn’t make it. Some in  the media who will advance their own agenda will rake Fisher and the Rams over the coals more than they did Dungy.

The media seems to hold a double standard and full of PC in these cases in reality they aren’t telling us their real opinions they are advancing their on agenda. There is were I have a problem with some of these guys who are in the high and mighty.Yeah, there are a lot of media guys that are honest just trying to do a difficult job and I respect them for that.


The Red Sox looked good going into the break and coming out of it. The problems continue as they dropped two out of three in Toronto. David Ortiz did make me laugh with a quote in the media (As you all know I’m not the biggest Ortiz Fan) But he told the media that “he is going to get hotter than Jamaica in the Summer”. You know what he is . he ha sbeen slamming the ball lately. He has 28 homers 5 of them in the last week.


Other than that I don’t have much

Buzz from the Bleachers
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Welcome to Wednesday, Gabbers. Halfway through the week and we have baseball back. It’s hot stove time, but there’s very little cooking. The league is waiting to see what might happen with David Price and the Rays, otherwise…you get nothing and you like it.

Meanwhile, all the big news seems to be coming from sports that are out of season.


The chips fell in the NBA when Lebron announced his return. The other free agents have found homes for the most part. No news in LA. Detroit might get rid of Josh Smith if they can get the Kings to bite.


Right now, everyone is looking to see if the Timberwolves will deal Kevin Love. The most talked about destination is Cleveland. If you were the Wolves though, the best destination is the one that will give you the most in return. If I’m a Minny fan, I have no delusions about keeping Love. He pretty much said he’s gone after the season, so you might as well get something for him.


I’m not in a rush, though. The Cavs want him. You have a shot to get Andrew Wiggins maybe. Take your time and see if you can get Wiggins. You’re trading a good youngish player for a rookie with a lot of upside. The longer you can hold out, the better deal you might get from Cleveland. They need Love to placate James. If they won’t play, you still have LA, Chicago, or most of the league.


Over in football, there’s a lot of stupid coming out.


FSU QB Jameis Winston came out at Sec media day to state that he has matured. Forgive me if I prefer to wait and see rather than take his word. The more I hear about this kid…


Southern Methodist University’s head coach June Jones decided that smaller football programs were taking too much attention from the big boys. Jones wants non- power 5 conference schools to play their games in the spring. You know, like the USFL. He, of all people, should know the USFL failed. Also, having these teams around sounds like a good idea for Jones. The more teams for people to focus on, the less people will notice his 5-7 record last season.


Finally, in the NFL, we have to decide whether or not Tony Dungy’s rep has taken a hit. The Tampa Tribune, for some reason, decided to ask former Bucs coach Dungy whether or not he would draft Michael Sam.


Quoth Dungy: "I wouldn't have taken him. Not because I don't believe Michael Sam should have a chance to play, but I wouldn't want to deal with all of it.”



On one hand, a few are praising Dungy for telling the truth. He is merely stating his beliefs. Dungy is outspoken in his beliefs on homosexuals. Some think people are making too big a deal out of this.


On the other hand, this is the man who stood up and advocated for Michael Vick. This is a man who came to the league as a QB, but played as a DB because owners and coaches didn’t want to have to deal with a black QB. This is a man who faced people who didn’t want to deal with a black head coach. Dungy was built up as such a righteous man that seeing a quote like this seemingly weakens his work. It seems odd that Dungy has no qualms about redeeming a man who killed dogs, but wants nothing to do with a homosexual man.


Personally, I find it hypocritical. I also find it hypocritical to be too upset with Dungy. His beliefs are what they are. He gave a simple answer. People are never wholly satisfied with such answers. Dungy is going to have a week or so to make this up to some. Camps start soon. Story over.


In the mean time, I’m still watching baseball. The wife and I are tabbed to go see the Tigers play the Pirates at PNC soon. I’m also putting out more teaching applications. I finally have a few days off to do so. I’m pretty hopeful I can at least start subbing soon. I can also get to the gym. I’ve been slacking, but give myself a pass since I have been military pressing mini fridges at work. I am back in the gm so I may one day military press the full size ones. Here’s hoping! Have a great end to your week.

Musings From The Hoodwood 7-22
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Bride asks Sebastian the Ibis to fill in for her late father...hope the Groom wasnt a FSU or Florida Fan

Greetings from the Hoodwood, where we return to the printed word with the exception of a couple really cool video highlights


The Colbys: Baseball Soap Opera

There are the so-called unwritten rules of baseball, a lot of which I think are pretentious and dumb some make sense sort of. But what went on Saturday between the Rangers and Blue Jays was a bit puzzling, more specifically between Rangers pitcher Colby Lewis and Jays Colby Rasmus. In the 5th inning, Rasmus dropped a two out bunt opposite of a defensive shift that the Rangers had employed. Rasmus beat out the bunt but was the focus of fury from Lewis who could be clearly seen screaming at Rasmus “Swing the bat!” Lewis then went to the press after the game complaining that Rasmus had violated the “unwritten code” Huh? Wait a minute, the Jays were nursing a 2-0 lead and Rasmus was getting a hit by any way he could. Had someone like speedy rookie Billy Hamilton done this, it would have been an expected part of the arsenal but Rasmus doing it was a surprise but it was still a good play. And Lewis came off looking like that much more of a whiny spoiled sport.


5 Foot tall woman bosses American Ninja Warrior qualifying course

Is it cheating?

The football media days for the power conferences in the NCAA are dotted the otherwise sleepy sports months of the summer, the hype and hoopla of the all-powerful SEC, the ACC home of the defending national champs and the imposing presences of the  Big Ten and Pac12 conferences. The Big XII (12) conference may be the smallest and weakest of the so-called power five conferences but they have provided some of the bigger headlines. Big XII commish Bob Bowlsby stunned many of the media contiginent by stating that “cheating pays” and that “he doesn’t see it getting any better in the near future” Bowlsby didn’t come right out and name names. But he more or less implied that schools were taking advantage of lax enforcement of NCAA rules. Im not really sure what Bowlsby is trying to prove by making these statements. Anyone that watches college football knows that there is lots and lots of money afoot and that money doesn’t just evaporate. I liken it to the movie Blue Chips where the money and friends of the programs are taking care of players, but the question then gets to who’s getting paid and how much. Im just shocked that someone in Bowlsby’s position would openly speak of “cheating” This may be just another domino to fall in the increasingly shaky house of cards that college football might be in.


NBA: The Big Deal?

Now we wait. The biggest free agent LeBron James has returned to Cleveland. Carmelo Anthony ad Chris Bosh have returned to the original teams in New York and Miami respectively. The free agent market signings are coming through in dribs and drabs but the biggest deal seems to be just waiting to happen. Kevin Love is looking to get out of Minnesota, and he will either by trade or letting his contract run out at the end of this season. The Timberwolves are trying to get as much as they can for their recalcitrant power forward, and are trying to strike the best deal that they can. They are dickering with the Warriors and have an offer of Harrison Barnes and David Lee but are also trying to pry sharpshooting Klay Thompson from them, the other suitor are the suddenly high rolling high profile Cavaliers who with the return of their homegrown superstar in James and are looking to get another big name to boost their fortunes. The Cavs are pondering trading their recently drafted top pick Andrew Wiggins and former #1 Anthony Bennett, the latter is looking more and more like a bust, for Love. The wheeling and dealing is interesting to watch and the speculation is getting more and more rampant. I think that the deal with the Cavs benefits both, but the Cavs seem reluctant to let go of Wiggins who looks to be a cant miss prospect. Though Love has expressed a positive reaction to playing with his former Olympic teammate and sign a longterm deal with Cleveland, the Cavs are hanging back from consummating the deal and the Wolves keep looking like that they are using the Warriors to drive up the bargaining price. This looks like a fascinating soap opera stay tuned.

Speaking of Wiggins: Check this sick dunk



Phat Daps

25-year-old German soccer star Mesut Ozil has donated his World Cup prize money – totaling more than $400,000 for winning the tournament – to various charity projects in Brazil. The hefty sum is reportedly going to fund surgeries for 23 Brazilian children.


 Stuart Scott’s heartrending speech at the Espy’s, I know that there are many in this collective that don’t like the four letter sports monolith. I tolerate it more than I used to but the ESPY awards aside from the push for the V Foundation is a useless drill though the award for perserverence going to Scott who has been battling cancer. His fight and his quiet determination is admirable and like him being the father of two, I get the inspiration and motivation that he draws from. Cancer sucks, as you well know I lost a dear friend to this awful disease a couple months ago and have several friends who are fighting this now. I do what I can do to support them but in reality have no idea the fight that they face. Scott’s simple yet eloquent speech was poignant, and heartfelt without being cheesy. Here’s to you Stu, keep fighting the good fight.


Head Slap

To MLB and Fox for not honoring the memory of Tony Gwynn during last weeks All-Star game…if not wanting to slight others why not do like they do at the Oscars and have a segment on those Baseball lost…


Quick hits

Dan Uggla…how far has this guy fallen…

Cancer sucks…best wishes to Atlanta Dream and former Laker Michael Cooper who is battling cancer of the tongue.

Even the best of men can shoot off their mouths, Coach Dungy? Really?

The Ol' Ball Coach cant help but dig at Dabo but how many BCS games have the 'Cocks been too? (Ill give you a hint, my beloved Bearcats who have been to two more than South Carolina...)

If Sterling stays in LA, look for the biggest mass exodus from a team since the old Padres fire sales.

Have you started prepping for your fantasy drafts yet?


That’s the view from the Hoodwood, until next post fellow sports fans!

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