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The team with the 19th highest payroll in baseball is going to the World Series. Yes folks I’m not sure how they did it playing a brand of baseball more suited to the National League than the American. It was done with smoke and mirrors and it was still done. The Royals have not lost in the playoffs sweeping the A’s if you can call a one game playoff a sweep , The Angels with baseballs best record and now a very good Baltimore Oriole team.

It looks very much like the Giants will be their opponent after beating the Cardinals  6-4 going up 3-1 in the NLCS and looking kind of unstoppable as well. I thought we might have had a Show Me State World Series but It doesn’t look that way. Instead we will have two Dynamic teams and some crazy type baseball that has been nothing less than fun. No routing interest , so I’m just sitting back and taking in some pure entertainment.

(they have been painting the damn thing for 20 Years)

Speaking about Entertainment folks in Boston have climbed of the Tobin Bridge even the Toll Takers have came down off the Bridge . Tom Terrific was back this past weekend picking out ten targets instead of Julian Edelman and not seeing the other guys. Brady looked as sharp as he has ever did. Maybe he is pissed maybe he was well prepared, I still think there is some decline but he made a good Buffalo defense look bad.

The price the Patriots paid was a heavy one Defensive Team leader Jarrod Mayo is lost for the season for the second straight year. Mayo is just one of the guys that bought into the Patriots from day one and he is just an intelligent football player. They also lost an 1,000 yard back in Steven Ridely which will hurt forcing Shane Vareen and Brandon Boldin will be filling Ridely’s void. I guess the one that hits home most is offensive lineman Dan Conolly who is also lost for the season. He is the anchor on an Offensive Line that often times just are unable to keep Brady upright although they have been much better over the past couple of weeks.

Tim Wright  is coming along complimenting Gronk in two tight end sets.  Than there is the Brian Tyms as he is back from suspension and has been added to Brady’s Aresenal. The Patriots have their work cut out for them over the next 3 weeks. They have the jets tonight. They are awful but may give the patriots a game in the rain. The Bear next week and the biggest test is the Broncos in a couple of weeks before the bye, If they can survive these three games you can count the Patriots back in the mix. Even if they only take 2 out of 3 but give solid performances in all three match ups. The Denver Game maybe one to mark on the calendar it could very well be the last regular season match up between Brady and Manning which has just been entertaining as hell over the past decade or so.


Lil Lakesiders Report

Lil Lanz popped home another goal Saturday has the team played much better than they have been, The Boys only had 8 guys and a goalie some tired legs at a 6am start time against Hollis NH. The Hollis team won the game in their pink jersey’s for breast cancer awareness. Our boys skated well and are starting work as a team. Unfortunately, on Sunday I think the boys left it all on the ice Saturday just looking lethargic. So be it two more weeks of  the parody round where they reseed the teams to even out the competition.

Speaking of coming together as a team Laser and the freshman soccer team have really bonded they way they should in an High school sport. At the begging of the year you had fifteen different kids and some clicks on the team as we progress to the last couple of weeks of the season you know have one big click of fifteen kids. Everyone of them just a nice group of kids. They have a coach that they respect and that respects them. Than again he isn’t much older than they are so it’s a great fit. He did think Laser and his buddy came were out of their minds heading to one of the HS fields Monday morning at 7:30am to working on their shots but he kind of loved it as well.

Zebra Tales

I heard the best line in our game Saturday by our Referee after a muffe kickoff was recovered in the end zone for a Touchback. The kid who muffed it recovered it in the end zone and took a knee. The opposing Team coach was arguing the whole game on every call even when it was to his benefit. The Referee comes over to explain the rule and the coach says we thought it was a safety. The Referee Dave says to him “you thought it was a safety but we know it was a touchback.” Just that it was a great comeback. This guy argued that an extra point went through the backjudge told him to ask his kicker. The kid to his credit says I missed a little to the right. He did apologize for that one.

Lanz’s Take

Monday my 17 year old  daughter ( she stayed in and did homework all weekend) and I headed out to the Local Fair the Mrs didn’t want to go neither did any of the boys. We saw the 1900 pound pumpkin. That was fun more farm type animals everything from cows to chickens and Clydesdales as well. My daughter and I had a blast just some good bonding time but what we both noticed was people just looked miserable. It’s the fair you eat some very unhealthy food you look at stuff and you have fun. People looked stressed and serious time to lighten up folks. I don’t  know maybe it was the end of the long weekend , maybe their kids just got to them I don’t know but fairs are fun. People need to enjoy themselves more.

Have a great Week

Buzz from the Bleachers
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Welcome to Wednesday, Gabbers. The Royals are still winning. I don’t see them slowing down either. While I’m personally rooting for the Orioles, a 2-0 deficit is tough to overcome. It’s not impossible, but its tough. Especially when the Royals are playing as well as they are. They might just have it.

Meanwhile, fans have been asking for baseball to speed up. Owners want to speed things up. Bud Selig is planning a committee to speed things up. Unfortunately, they haven’t asked players. Most players want a seat in this discussion. Honestly, it doesn’t seem like the league has been good about consulting players. This issue is pretty central, so I can’t understand why players wouldn’t have a seat.

The bad news for baseball is that the new season brings back A-Rod. The Yankees couldn’t find a way to dump him, or didn’t want to fight his lawyers. A-Rod is now set to be a huge thorn in the side of a team that really managed to stay in the playoff race far longer than anyone thought. They hung around way too long for my liking. Still, the broken down pitching and A-Rod coming back spell doom for the players that came up big this season.

What’s more the Yankees have announced that A-Rod may be coming to first base. He’ll also probably DH far more. It’s bad news for Beltran and Texierra. It’s good news for Chase Headley. Moving A-Rod shows that the Yanks liked what they got out of Headley this season. To me, the move shows that A-Rod is in decline. The stats have born that out, but this move makes it somewhat official.

Well, that’s all for this week. Thanks as always for stopping by. Hope everyone got something decent out of this last gasp of nice weather. Get ready to enjoy some nice, cool fall weather.

Musings From The Hoodwood 10-14
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Bad sportsmanship on display in Philly



Greetings from the Hoodwood, where sometimes you are just trying to get by.


College Football: Look Who’s Running things…Mississippi State?

Most casual observers of college football would look at the fact that Florida State dropped from the #1 slot for an SEC team and shrug their shoulders, the fact that the team that replaced them is not one of the usual suspects from the SEC is the one that would be the eye catching fact. Its not Bama, not LSU not Auburn. Its Mississippi State. Read the following line slowly and digest it.

Mississippi State is the #1 team in the country in college football.

And their in-state arch rival Ole Miss, is lurking dangerously at #3. The oft maligned Magnolia State who was more infamous for the antics of Ross Barnett and the shameful chapters of the civil rights movement are now living large with two of the best teams in the country. From the Bulldogs do everything QB with the cool name, Dak Prescott to the Rebels junkyard dog tough defense that just abuses its opposition. These teams are fun to watch and are making the football world sit up and notice. The Egg Bowl on November 29th could be for a lot higher stakes than simple bragging rights, it could better the Iron Bowl as the conference’s big game in the SEC West as the gateway to the SEC Championship game in Atlanta. Mississippi State has only a trip to Tuscaloosa on its docket that may keep them from heading to their showdown game unbeaten. Ole Miss has a bit of a tougher run, they have head to Baton Rouge for a likely Saturday night tangle in the Bayou, never a good time then they host Auburn the very next week. The very idea that these team could be playing the final regular season game as unbeatens should quicken the pulse.

Meanwhile Florida State keeps chugging along, despite the growing noise that Jameis Winston may still face some sort of disciplinary actions for his alleged involvement in a sexual assault case, this all in front of a sort of conference showdown with Notre Dame who is still an independent but seem to be playing a few ACC teams here and there. But a matchup of unbeaten teams this late in October is always nice to see.


NFL: A tie?

For reasons I cant explain, Ive seen on TV each of the last three tie games. In 2012 I sat in my man cave and watched the Rams and 49ers slug into early evening but without a victor in a 24 all draw, last season I was visiting my Grampy and watched my Vikes and the Pack battle to a 26 all standoff, Sunday I again was visiting my Grampy and caught the tail end of a wild 37 all draw that set an NFL record for the highest scoring tie since 1974. The thing that amazes me about ties is the general football populaces ignorance about overtime and tie games. Tie games to be sure are a rarity nowadays, there have only been 20 ties since overtime has been instituted for regular season games in 1974. Before then overtime only happened in playoff games and only had happened four times in NFL history before the extra period was instituted for all games.  Since the overtime rules were instituted the Packers have had the most ties with 5, and all teams in the NFL except Houston, Jacksonville and Seattle have had ties. Though the Patriots have not had a tie game since the merger, their nine ties in their AFL days go forward with their overall won-loss total. Ties were a regular occurrence before 1974, if the 60 minutes were played and the score was tied that’s what it went into the books as.  There was at least one tie game in the NFL each season from 1952-1974 and as many as nine in 1967 & 1970, it wasn’t uncommon to see teams with 2 and sometimes 3 ties on their ledger the 1963 Bears finished 11-1-2 in their title season, I liked the 1965 San Diego Chargers who won the AFL West with a 9-2-3 record. More ties than losses, go figure. In 1970, every team in both the AFC and NFC West had at least one tie. 1975 was the first full season with no ties. And only 19 times since the Steelers and Broncos played to a 35 all draw in 1974, with the addition of sudden death then the modified possession overtime there have been more OT wins and fewer times that the game has ended in a draw. Ironically the Bengals last tie was at home due to a missed field goal.

But now you have the crying wonks. “Uhnnnnh there should be a winner, keep playing.” Can you imagine if either of these teams had to play on Thursday and had to keep playing till there was a winner?



Phat Dap

Its rare when I give dap to a St. Louis Cardinal, since Im not a big fan of them, but I always like to see someone gain a measure of redemption. And Kolten Wong got a bit of it Sunday night against the Giants. Wong got picked off to end a World Series game last year and in some circles wore the goat horns for the Cards lost to Boston. But Wong had a solid year for the RedBirds and clubbed a walk off homer in Game 2 to level the NLCS at a game a piece heading to the Bay Area. I still think the Giants are the better team and will win in 5 or 6 but Wong won a game by himself Sunday.


Head Slap

To the useless jerk in Philly that was clapping over the prone figure of Victor Cruz as he lay in agony on the Lincoln Financial Field turf Sunday. Cruz tore his patella tendon and is out for the rest of the season and the picture in the NY Daily News said it all, that was uncalled for.


Quick Hits


The TCU-Baylor game was a fun shootout to watch, Ill bet the score of either of their basketball games doesn’t match the 61-58 score


The Rain was the only thing that could stop the Royals, good to see that Buck Showalter hasn’t lost his overmanaging touch


KD out for 6-8 weeks with a foot injury…not fresh at all. You know Russell Westbrook is salivating at the chance to jack up shots


Ok so Romo and the Pokes beat the Seahawks…when he wins in the crunch let me know


Until Next Post Fellow Sports Fans!


Willful Blindness: What Happened in Sayreville?
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Every time I come across a scandal, I have a facepalm moment.  You ask yourself how someone could be so dumb.  Then you realize the power of group dynamics.  How the culture of an organization or a group can lead otherwise “normal” people to do some extraordinarily deviant things.  I mean think about how behavior changes incrementally – how small measured actions can go further than one big lead in (as in, how often does “Hey baby, I know we just met, but d’ya wanna come back to my place?” actually work?)

So the Sayreville High School football team and the community now has a cancelled season and a criminal investigation because 7 of their children came to the conclusion that locker room rape was okay.  I mean these kids did some sick things: four kids would hold a kid down, two would act as look outs, and one kid would anally penetrate the unfortunate victim.  These were kids of 15-17.  Where do they get this stuff? 

Incremental steps.  The worst part is, I can guarantee you that to a person, they will be asking themselves how they allowed themselves to be a part of this.  They’ll think back to the first time, and the next “what if we…”, and then that first time where they completed the act.

I imagine the coming investigation will focus on how they came to do this, and what the coaches knew – what did they see, and if any of those behaviors can be linked to what these kids eventually came to do.  I marvel at the idea the community was divided about the cancelation of the season.  Seriously?  These are minors.  The team takes the field without Johnny, Jimmy, Hank, Virgil, et al, and it’s not too hard a stretch who is in (police) detention.  No, cancelling the season was the right call.  This was a sickness of the group.  How could anyone not come forward if they knew it was happening?  The only way to carve this disease out is to cancel the season, investigate, and discipline.  What of the coaches who failed to hear the whispers?  There will come new complaints.  This didn’t just happen overnight – it’s behaviors built up over time and I can assure you, it doesn’t stop here.

Sayreville is Anywhere, USA.  It’s almost a perfect demographic representation of the state of New Jersey – pretty much the living embodiment of the state average: socioeconomic, educational attainment…  The lesson is that if this can happen in Sayreville, it can happen anywhere.  Your hometown, the place down the street, across the country.   It makes me wonder how long the coaching staff had been in place there – did they become blind or did they really just not know what was going on?

Did any of these kids go complain?  If not, why?  What would cause a kid not to tell mom and dad, tell coach?  There was something cultural going on in that locker room, there was something in their relationships with their parents.  There will be some that take the fall here – as well they should – but let’s not forget everyone had a role here.  Check out this book – I highly recommend it.

Quick hits:

The pink breast cancer awareness gear coordinates pretty well with some uniforms – Colts, Cowboys…I’d argue Seahawks and Patriots.  I can’t think of a team that it clashes more fully than with the uniforms of the Bengals.  Yikes.  Packers, Jets, Buccaneers are up there, but the Bengals take the cake in my opinion.  Those unis are pretty fugly to begin with, then add that pink?

The Panthers earned their first tie game in franchise history on Sunday.  37-37 against the Bengals…with an ending about as unsatisfactory as the score – a missed field goal.  It’s also the highest scoring tie in NFL History.  Of note, the last 7 ties have occurred in November.  The team with the most ties since the 1974 rules change?  Green Bay with 5.

Is it possible the Kansas City Royals will be playing for the World Series Championship?  It blows my mind that it’s the Orioles and Royals playing for the ALCS anyway, but the Royals up 2-0??  Holy cow, THIS is what happens when the Yankees and Red Sox are out of the picture?


NASCAR Update And Other Fast Stuff 10-11-14
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Hey hey hey!!!! Welcome Gabbers and others to my NASCAR updates and other fast stuff. So I'm wondering. Who is mean and ornary enough to molest a gator? Do we really need a sign? But then again we need to put warning labels on plastic bags or somebody will give them to their kids as toys. Don't stick your hands in the blender when it's on. Don't use that as a step stool. Don't eat lit matches. I guesswe do need a warning sign to not molest the gators. Never mind.


So in May 2005 the Clipper Magazine Stadium opened and the Lancaster Barnstormers baseball came to Lancaster, PA. Since then they've gotten 2 Atlantic Division Championships. The 2nd one came this past Friday night after 13 innings in the rain and cold against the Sugar Land Skeeters. Have no idea where they hail from. 

It is reported that we have 2 Japanese players on the team. Yusuke Kajimoto and Shunsuke Watanabe. I didn't know this team was that relevent that it would attract people from so far away. I imagine they use this team like our Hershey Bears hockey team. When a player can't hang in the big leagues, he comes down to the lower ranks to get his fix. And I guess a pay check too.

I like some of the other team names. The Southern Maryland Blue Crabs, York Revolution, Long Island Ducks and Camden River Sharks. I've never gotten to a game at the Clipper but since everybody seems to be talking baseball, I thought I'd throw in some too. 


I'm not sure what Snapchat is but I think I'm not interested either. Somebody hacked this app or program or whatever it is and if you sent photos on it to your friends....well, somebody intercepted them. So yet again, I wonder about why a person would send compromising photos of themselves through the web-o-spere. Whether it's a phone or your PC, I think it's best to have one of those old antiquated Polaroid cameras. Unlike digital photos, you can burn Polaroids. Just saying. Consider this a public service warning.


Marcos Ambrose is going back to the kangaroos in Australia and Sam Hornish Jr will be stepping into his ride in the #9. It was rumored that Hendrick was trying to get the #9 away from RPM to give to Chase Elliott when he does his part time stint in Cup next year because it was his dads (BILL) number. RPM says nope. We're running it. So for now, Sam has the number. 

Sam says he is encouraged by the progress that RPM has made and he feels he has a shot at getting into the Chase next year. He has spent the last 3 years in the Nationwide Series after Penske didn't want to keep him in Cup any more. In 2013 he finished 2nd by 3 points in the standings but lost his ride with Penske any way. This year he's had a part time ride with Joe Gibbs racing. So welcome back to Cup racing Sam.


Last week was the Kansas race. Logano grabbed the win. Again Gordon and Harvick had issues that ruined their days. On lap 122 a caution came out and Gordon's crew lost a tire across pit road. Big no no. Tail end of the longest line and he struggled to finish 14th. Harvick had what he thought was a flat tire with 53 laps to go he pitted for tires. False alarm but if a championship is on the line, better to finish 12th than 43rd after a wreck. 

Dale Jr led 45 laps AND THE CROWD WENT WILD. That is till lap that caution on lap 122 I told you about. Dale Jr said he felt the cords on his right front tire unravel and then he was in the wall before he could do any thing. 

Keselowski had a right front go down at lap 160. On lap 84 Biffle hit Johnson who hit Allgaier and then the wall. 

So that's 5 big dawgs in the Chase who had issues. 

Hendrick kept the tires off Dale Jr's car for their own examination and will send them to Goodyear later. Goodyear says the crews that have had issues are running agressive setups with extra camber (they tilt the front tires more) and lower air pressures. Both Keselowski's team and Dale Jr's team said that was not the case this week. Sounds like another Twitter war brewing to me.

Top 15 Finishers - Logano - Larson - Ky Bu - Truex Jr - Edwards - Newman - Hamlin - Dillon - Menard - Vickers - Allmendinger - Harvick - Kenseth - Gordon - Biffle....AND THE DANICA WAS 16th!!!!!!!! 


So besides Danica finishing in the top 20, we have an upset in the points. It looks down right weird. For the first time in years the Hendricks boys are not at the top. Not even Jimmie. So I guess NASCAR got the upset they were looking for. 

Top 12 Chasers - Logano - Ky Bu - Edwards - Newman - Hamlin - Harvick - Kenseth - Gordon - Kahne - Keselowski - Dale Jr - Johnson

That is not how I envisioned the points at this time of the season. No wonder I can't get any where in my NACAR fantasy leagues. Nobody is performing consistantly or as per their driving history this year.  I had Dale Jr, Gordon, Harvick, Keselowski and Johnson as my top 5 going into this race. So like I said, I think NASCAR has the upset they were looking for. This is now ANY BODY'S championship.

I'm not having a Charlotte preview because it's happening as I write this. Saturday night races are great but I've been doing OT and I'm beat. I can't stay up for that race and write my blog too. Since I can catch this race at my convenience on You Tube tomorrow or Monday or whenever I think I will. And that's that.

All you Gabbers and others who are out and about have safe travels, watch out for those falling leaves when it's raining, enjoy your sports watching, good luck on your fantasy teams.... 

AND I'm outta here......



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