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NASCAR Update And Other Fast Stuff 10-5-14
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Welcome welcome welcome Gabbers and others to my NASCAR updates and other fast stuff. So much for rockin' down to Electric Avenue. It's closed. How could that happen? There really hasn't been a whole lot happening on NASCAR Avenue this week. Oh the usual stuff like who's driving the pink cars for the month of Pink-tober, who got new sponsorship, crew chief changes, and other little things. Nothing very interesting.

Tony Stewart finally had that press conference he promised to have. He's still willing to sit and talk to the Ward family if they want to. No word yet on if that happened. Some how I don't think it will any time soon. No word on if the wrongful death lawsuit got filed yet either. I'm sure Stewart's lawyers are doing a pre-emptive strike with offers so it never does get to that stage.†

Any body care how much George Clooney's wedding cost? Me neither. I didn't read the article. I'm just wondering how come after a life time of bachelorhood that all of a sudden, she's the one. Things that make you go hhhhhhhhhhhhmmmmm.

Did you hear Bose is now the official head phones for the NFL? The contract states that all other head phones must be put away when the cameras are rolling. Supposedly it won't effect Colin Lapernick or Cam Newton. They're under sponsorship contract for the competition.....Beats by Dre. So Bose went and recruited Russell Wilson and Clay Matthews. Both these head phones are $100 plus. I love my iPod but not that much. My $30 ear buds do just fine while I do yard work.†

I snagged a bunch of cute Princess pumpkins from my moms garden which I am using to decorate out front till the end of the month. Then they'll become part of my frozen summer stash for pies, breads, soups or just to eat. They're flatter than regular pumpkins and have a sweet flavor.†


So since NASCAR doesn't have a whole lot going on we can check in on the drags. †There are only a handful of women but they're definitely holding their own. Lets check.

Top Fuel Dragster TOP 5

Tony Schumacher † † † † † † † † † † †In 10th place is John Forces daughter Brittany

Shawn Longdon

Steve Torrence

Antron Brown

Doug Kalitta


John Force † † † † † † † † † † †Alexia Dejoria is in 8th

Courtney Force

Matt Hagan

Robert Hight

Ron Capps


Jason Line

Dave Connelly

Erica Enders-Stevens

Shane Grey

Jonathan Grey


Andrew Hines † † † † † † † † † †Angie Smith is in 9th

Eddie Krawiec

Hecter Arana Jr

Steve Johnson

So is it ant surprise that John Force is leading the points? Pretty bad ass that his daughter Courtney is right on his heels. This is the last year for Castrol to sponsor John so I guess he needs to go for one last championship or he's showing off for a potentially new one. I'd love to see him get just one more.†

†† † † † † † † †

Here's something to look at. The resemblence is just scary.


We are now down to 12 drivers. Biffle, Ku Bu, Allmendinger and Almirola were the first to be eliminated. Now the points for those in the Chase are reset to 3000 plus points for the wins. Logano, Keselowski and Gordon each got 1.†

Mr Harvick had the pole and led 223 but some how and I can't figure out how it could happen in 2 seperate races at the same track in the same season but a lugnut bounced into one of the hole in the wheel and knocked off the air stem of the inner liner and he got a flat tire on lap 253. I'd be duct taping them shut. That is just plain bad luck. He did finish 13th minus 1 lap.

Gordon took advantage and brought it home for the win. Biffle, Kahne, Dale Jr, Ku Bu, Allmendinger and Almirola all struggled.†

Top 15 Finishers - Gordon - Keselowski - Johnson - Logano - Larson - Truex Jr - Newman - Bowyer - Ky Bu - Edwards - Hamlin - Harvick - Stewart - Vickers


We were at this track in May. Harvick had the pole, led the most laps but came home 2nd to Gordon. The Danica posted a 7th place. Not a typo. The race was rain delayed a bit and because the track was clean there were a lot of spins. When it rains, it takes the rubber off the track. Very hard to find grip till the rubber gets built back up. McMurray lost a tire, hit the wall and was up in flames. Tough day.


Gordon - Harvick - Kahne - Logano - Dale Jr - Edwards - Danica - Almirola - Johnson - Kenseth - Newman - Larson - Keselowski - Vickers - Ky Bu

HARVICK - This is pole #3 for Harvick at this track and his 8th pole of the season. I'm betting on him to get a Top 10

GORDON - Starts 5th and won in May. Top 10

ALMIROLA - Starts 3rd today. I believe. I say Top 10

LOGANO - He's hot right now so you got to go with a Top 10

KESELOWSKI - Also a hot hand going. Top 10

LARSON - Our rookie with the mostest was 12th in May but he is a quick study. Raced in the Nationwide race this weekend so seat time is a good thing. Top 10

KENSETH - HAMLIN - KY BU - They start 27th, 25th & 7th. If these guys want to stay in the Chase, that's not the way to do it. They all started badly in May. Kenseth was the only one to dig himself out for a top 10. Ky Bu hasn't been consistant at anything other than self inflicted issues. Hamlin too. Kenseth is your Top 10

DALE JR - He's been asleep. Time to get on it and get r dun. Top 10.

JOHNSON - He hasn't been hot but usually he can muster up the goods when it counts. Right now is the time to bring if you got it. He starts 32nd and if any body can dig himself out I'm betting it's him. Top 10

McMURRAY - Before his tire mishap, he was a solid top 10 all day. I think he'll avoid that this week for a Top 10

Well guys, hope your football weekend is enjoyable, if your hangin' in the north that your leaves are colorful and our traveling Gabbers are safe. Take care all

And I'm outta here....

Saturday's Showcase - 10/3/14
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The bad penny is back and today it seems to be bad luck for Southern California, and Detroit.† Holy smokes.

KC/Anaheim.† Did you catch the faces of all the botox-infested trophy MILFís in the crowd in Anaheim the past two nights after the boys from BBQ land went up two games to none?† Hey KC, you owe Uncle B.O.B. and Jerry some props for coming and visiting your stadium and giving you good karma. †Ah screw it, just send up some of your fantastic BBQ and we'll call it even! †Brisket and sausage is fine for the both of us please, and maybe a little bit of sweet tea!

Are Mike Moustakas and Eric Hosmer having the week of their lives or what?† That team has to have a bunch of gold glovers on it.† Speaking of which, Iím not trying to jerk with the karma, but KC sure looks like a team of destiny, donít they?† Seriously, going into Anaheim and taking two from the capital of reality show freaks is absolutely stunning!

Did somebody say theiving is a bad thing? †Well hell, KC says screw that and is just so freaking aggressive on the base paths. †Old school baseball, and KC is on fire right now.

Detroit/Baltimore.† Baltimore simply did what they were supposed to and took two at home, but they have to remember the lessons of Detroit/Oakland in the past Ė this series ainít over till you send Detroit home, so donít celebrate just yet.†

St. Louis/Los Angeles.† Anybody who thought LA was gonna dominate simply hasnít watched the history of St. Louis/LA postseason.† But I have to admit when I saw LA with a 6-1 lead and Kershaw dealing, I was sure it was over right? †And by the way Clayton, stop saying you let your team down -- if it wasn't for you, LA would be even with San Diego in terms of wins and losses.

Oh, and good to see LA being the whiny bitches they are Ė yeah Iím looking at you Puig.† Grow up, youíre gonna get heat and itís not always gonna go your way.† And Adrian Gonzales, stop disrespecting Molina. †As for Pedro Martinez in the TBS post-game - you're still an ass!

SF/Washington.† The Jake Peavy trade was one we all kinda went ďYeah, well, WHATEVA!!!Ē† Well guess what?† He did well enough in Game 1 and now SF holds the advantage, and with their bats coming alive, itís on folks and itís gonna be crazy at ATT Park next week.

NFL Ė Rob Bironas.† Damn fellas, I really had hoped I wouldnít have to talk about this, but the late Rob Bironas died with a .218 BAC.† Damn!

College Football. †With Florida State struggling, Oregon losing, and Notre Dame having to face Stanford, today could be super huge for the already overhyped SEC. †But unfortunately, there are tons of great matchups, and admittedly a lot of them are from the SEC, so today will be the honks day no matter what.† The one I find most interesting is the Texas A&M/Mississippi State game.† Alabama should handle Ole Miss, but this has to be the biggest football day in the history of the state of Mississippi.

Hey folks, let me save you some time here so you donít waste your valuable Saturday Night watching Michigan State destroy Nebraska.† Sparty will own them, so go out, enjoy the evening, or spend it watching MLB.

I laugh when I hear the rumors of Les Miles leaving LSU to go to Miss-again.† For the life of me, can anybody explain to me why he would take a job that would be classified as a far less than lateral move?†

CFB Ė Upset Alert.† †After Oregonís loss Thursday Night, you would think UCLA would be motivated and fired up, but guess whose up for UCLA?† Yep, Utah Ė potentially the wrong opponent at the wrong time. †Even worse, UCLA is two TD favorites.† Bad karma for the boys in LA.† If I was Jim Mora, Iíd be drilling into my players that Utah doesnít roll over and play dead.

Gabbers, if you want a game that could be a surprise, watch Wisky at Northwestern.†

I know my man B-dub looks in on occasion and this is no disrespect to him, but South Carolina could very well lose at Kentucky.

Speaking of looking past a team, hereís another one Ė Baylor had better not look past Texas while thinking about Oklahoma.†

Cal is going into Pullman to play WAZZU.† Forget about it, WAZZU takes this game.

CFB Ė Not buying it.† Seems to be some talk about Maryland having a chance against Ohio State.† Sorry folks, not buying it.

Speaking of which, stop trying to sell me how Ole Miss can hang with Alabama.

Laugh of the Day.† Johnny Trademark running around telling anybody who will listen that he wants to help Jameis Winston. †Uh yeah, that should make Florida State happy. †First Florida State fails, then Deion Sanders fails, and now this clown. †Maybe, JUST MAYBE Winston could stand to get some advice from a guy or group who isn't truly a bunch of douche bags.

Laugh of the Day #2.† MMA must think weíre stupid.† It seems every week or so out comes another woman yapping about how Rhonda Rousey hasnít proven herself.† MMA has run out every contender and if you were that good ladies, Dana White would have had you out there to take your turn.† So just shut up.

Storminnorman's Sports Blog 10/3
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Hey Gabbers, welcome to another Friday edition of Storminnorman's Sports Blog. I am sitting here at home watching the Tigers and Orioles, not a really bad game so far, with the Oriole's ahead 3-2 in the 6th inning as I type. Nelson Cruz, for which I probably am in the minority with this probably should be the American League MVP, as many of his teammates have mentioned without Nelson Cruz, they would not be where they are today...

By now you all know that V-Mart and J.D. went back to back, and Cruz hit a 2 run bomb, but the story of this game and series, might actually be the pitching by the time the series concludes. The Tigers starters vs. the Baltimore bullpen. Let's face it guys, the Tiger's starters when right are one of the best staffs in baseball, which should give them an edge in the series. However, with the addition of Porcello and Sanchez in the bully, along with Soria, Chamberlain and yes, Joe Nathan 35/42 save opportunities, may even the score a bit during the series.

I really like the Orioles bully better than the Tigers, wish Andrew Miller would have pitched like this in Detroit, looks like a great addition to their staff. As this game continues, we are nearing the likes of O'Day and Britton, should get kind of interesting.†

I like each teams starting lineups, they seem to be equal and may cancel each other out as the series goes along.

The starting staffs for each team seem to be where the Tigers have strength over the Orioles, Scherzer, Verlander, Price, compared to the likes of Chen, Norris and their starter tonight (name escapes me at the moment), do not compare......

†Does anyone actually care about the Packers-Vikings game tonight? I am going to be watching the Royals-Angels game after this one is over. I am intrigued by the Royals, and want to see if they are for real. Vargas against Weaver, should make for an interesting game. Hey Jeff, did Blake get drafted by the Royals out of High School?

I like the National's chances of winning the National League and making the World Series, because outside of the Dodgers their pitching staff is one of the best in the National League. Sorry Cardinal and Giants fans, not going to be your year....

Oh before I forget I am not a Mike Trout hater, I just believe that he is over-hyped by Major League Baaseball, and should not be named AL MVP.†

I chose not to respond to "The Beezer's" QOTD earlier this week concerning Brady Hoke, but I will now. First thing, Hoke may as well consider himself fired after the season is over, no matter how the season turns out at Michigan. The loss to Minny last week, and Utah the week before proves that he doesn't have a clue about coaching. I was listening to Sports Center this morning, and he mentioned that he would not put on a headset, that he had someone right behind him with one on communicating and passing information along to him during the game. Maybe if he put a damn headset on Shane Morris would not have went back out after the hit he took. You may have one of the best training staffs and doctors in the U.S., but you totally blew that one by not following up as Morris stumbled around on the field. Hope you enjoy the unemployment line, because if you lose at Rutgers this weekend you may be there on Monday......

Stanford-Notre Dame, Nebraska-Michigan State, should be some good football Saturday. Did ESPN fall out of their chairs when they chose to go to Mississippi instead of South Bend or East Lansing? Geesh, talk about a lack of respect for these schools.....

The Lions face the Bills on Sunday, and Kyle Orton actually scares me a little bit. I would have really liked to seen E.J. Manuel start, because it gives the Lions a better chance of a win. With Orton at the helm, there is just enough veteran leadership to lead the Bills to a win at Ford Field on Sunday........

Well Folks have a great weekend, and don't forget to turn left and visit Hal.....

Talking Sports
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The New England Patriots brought me back to yesteryear this past Monday Night in Kansas City. The patriots came out with just a pathetic performance reminding of the pre BB years for that matter the pre BP years. This team has issues and yes I understand it was just one game and they still have Tom Brady if they can manage to keep him upright.

Bet we knew that side the offensive side of the ball had issues the inability block is the lead issue. If Brady isnít protected you might as well have Paul Krugg back there.

Lets face a Quarterback with† a good offensive line can overcome many areas he is lacking.†A†Great Quarterback without an offensive line can look worse than his clipboard toting back-up who never plays. Letís face it,†Brady is getting older and yes I think he is slipping a bit but not so much that he still isnít one of the better quarterbacks in the NFL.

The true measure that may be defined is how much is Brady slipping and how much is it the people around him. It starts with the guy who puts the team together. If there is a glaring need for an offensive lineman you donít trade the guy that holds that together. If there is an a need for a second tight end and you have one you need to get him involved in the game. If there is a need for a tall receiver who can stretch the field for you you need to dress him. If your Quarterback doesnít have time to check off what you have is a one dimensional offense and he ends up throwing always to th guy on the short route simply because† a play canít develop.

A weak offensive line also largely effects a running attack if holes arenít open and defensive ends and linebackers fill those holes your running attack is stifled. As was the case on Monday.

The defense was absolutely no better . This unit has kept New England in the game this year. They didnít exist on Monday allowing over 300 yards of offense in the first half.The patriots have been exposed and the Kansas City Chiefs and Andy Reid just set the blueprint for the rest of their opponents. Of course as we all know what happened last week may not repeat itself next week.


Holy Amos Otis Batman the Royals are going to sunny LA to play the Angels. They have been a nice story. The Angels had everybody focusing on Oakland and they just took care of business. Not sure of the Royals have enough Offense to win but it will be interesting.

I like the Tigers over the Orioles not sure why. Just think the Tigers have more maybe Iím surprised on this one.

The Pirates got stomped by the Giants I was hoping they would extend their playoff stay to Washington †but that didnít happen.Did Kent Tekulve look really old throwing out that first pitch last night. I like the Nationals over the Giants, I think they have too much talent.

The Dodgers and the Cardinals are the best match up. I think the Cardinals get it done because they always do.

Lil Lakesiders report

The boys got smoked this week. They skated hard but just struggled against a far better team. Lil lanz was all over the ice trying to make something happen.

Rules Question

The answer was False† NCAA Rule 7-3-2h exception

Basically the rule applies to only to the player who controls the snap or the backwords pass. In this case the back who caught a pitch not a backwards pass(Lateral) doesnít get the same protection as the Quarterback so it is intentional grounding..

Good Job Jeff from Austin to get the False .

Ready for Another† Iím lobbing this one in.

What are the three options for a Kickoff or Free Kick that goes out of bounds. Yes it is a penalty and the receiving team gets three options. The third option on this is the most difficult.(remember NCAA Rules)

Zebra Tales

I had a big HS game this week it was actually a paid chain crew $62 bucks to watch Football and hold a stake isnít bad.. It was a 2:30 game left the house at 12:45 to be on time. Fly down the highway† and get on the road the stadium is at bumper to bumper traffic. (same damn roa they want to put a Casino just outside of Boton) place is so built up the road canít handle the traffic. I finally get to the Stadium a left turn on a divided highway and they have the turn lane blocked and the road blocked off. (It was a big homecoming game.) †I have a Ref shirt on a hanger hanging in the back window so Iím stopped at the red light and yell to the Cop . Game Official holding my shirt out the window . He wasnít happy buyt he held traffic up for me and moved the horse to let me in.

Get in the Locker room the whole crew is in there changed included a couple other officials whow ere just at the game. Sorry guys traffic . we all left our houses at noon.

Buzz from the Bleachers
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Welcome to Wednesday, Gabbers. Michigan is falling apart. To be more specific, the University of Michigan is falling apart. One of its biggest alumni, Michael Phelps, got busted for a DUI. Do the individual sports know they donít have to try that hard to emulate the big leagues? What makes this worse is that this is the second DUI since 2004...that we know of. Iím getting tired of saying this, but, Michael Phelps should be able to afford a damn cab. I can only hope he doesnít look bad if he is going to compete in the next Olympics. Heíll need some gold to rebuild that image.

The other big story continues to be the mishandling of a young, concussed QB by head coach Brady Hoake. AD Dave Brandon came out Tuesday with a statement that proper communication was to blame for QB Shane Morris returning to the field after suffering a possible concussion during Saturdays loss to Minnesota. Morris clearly stumbles following a big hit, but is left in the game. Morris is eventually pulled, but is sent back into the game later for one play. It probably wouldnít be as big a deal if they hadnít put Morris in just to hand the ball off. Iíd have to think the third string QB could have handled that.

Calls were already rising for Hoake and Brandon to be fired. A controversy like this is the last thing Michigan football needed. The team is currently 2-3. They are well outside of the Big 10 Championship and wonít even sniff at a national title. Sure, theyíll get to some crappy bowl game, but what does that matter anymore? Also, why did it take 3 days for the AD to comment? This went down Saturday. People had the rest of the weekend to stew it over. Why was nothing ready Monday? Itís starting to look like these guys might really need to go.

The big news of the week is we are in October. Weíve got 10 teams left. As of this writing, it looks like the Aís are moving on, but it wasnít a sure thing early on. I didnít have a dog in this. I would say Iím for the Aís on the principle that the Royals are in direct competition with the Tigers all year.

Over in the NL, the Pirates host the Giants tonight. The Buccos called for a black out and everyone was out searching for black Pirates shirts tonight. Iím worried that the Giants have better starting pitching. Their starters arenít the rocks they used to be, but they are considerably better than what the Pirates have. Still, Iím keeping the faith and giving this to the Pirates.

Now, I feel for the teams that come out of these games. The Bucs/Giants are stuck with the Nationals. It looks like the Aís get another series against the Angels. I give the Aís the best chance of pulling the upset. Those teams just know each other too well and have too much animosity. Still, I really like the angels, even if they have lost some of their starters.

As for the 2 and 3s, I like the Tigers in the AL. I am really worried about the Oís. Really worried. They have a staunch offense and we have a few shakey starters and our bullpen. We have a bit of experience, but these Oís have been here too. I think it comes down to our starters being that much better than theirs. I fully expect 5 games here and they should be great.

The NL gives us LA-St. Louis. Both teams have great starting pitching. They both have pop. I give the Cards an edge in the field. I still like the Dodgers. I think theyíre ready this year. I expect a great series, but I donít see it going 5. I think the Dodgers take this in 4. I still have no clue who to pick to win it all. The Dodgers are strong. Iím still a big enough fan not to rule the tigers out. I also like the Angels. Either way, if my memory from the Mets-Yanks series serves me, I really donít want an all LA series. That will get old super fast.

Well, thatís it for me today. Thanks as always for reading. Get ready for some rough mornings with the MLB postseason here. Why do schools start so early? Ah well..

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