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Boating on the Last Day of Baseball Season
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Thank god my team has a Monday night game this week.† I spent the day Sunday on an amazing last beach day of the year here in New England.† It was mid- to upper-80ís and I happened to get a text from my buddy asking if we wanted to go hang out on the boat.† Let me think about that for a minute or two. †"You may bring beer. †It's allowed." †No, dear sir. †It's encouraged. †Remember, I know you.

Here we arrive at the slip with a cooler full of beer and juice boxes and a couple of Little Cesar pizzas and we were off.† 5 hours soaking in sun on likely the last ďsummerĒ day of the year?† Yes please.† Did a little floating, did a little trash talking, did a little music listening.† Yeah, life was good without the #FOMOF.† How chill was it?† I didnít even bring my phone with me.† Hence, no pix.† True story.

Now, usually on this day, I would have been watching the Red Sox, made even more important to do so given Derek Jeter was ending his 20-year career with the Yankees here at Fenway Park. †You may have heard something about that. †

You know, hereís the deal with my thing with the Yankees Ė I hate them, hated them since I was 8 years old and they played a 163rd game for the right to advance to the post season.† Bucky Effing Dent.† BUT, Jeter.† Jeter personified everything baseball should be.† A quiet pursuit of excellence for the sake of being excellent, so unlike the brash New Yorkers who would pay big money to go to a game.†

5 World Series rings.† 5.† Just a ridiculous number.† Consider this: The Yankees have won about a quarter of every world series ever played.† Jeter won a world series ring in a quarter of the years he played.† In an era where its likely more difficult to win and win consistently, heís personified that.†

Now this is an easy article to write Ė itís easy to congratulate a respected opponent playing for a hated rival when both your teams just suck.† A scoring single at his last AB?† Boffo, congratulations Mr. Jeter.† Because it doesnít matter Ė neither team is playing again in 2014.† It would be a completely different story if this were game 163 with the American League East on the line.† It would be completely different, but itís not the case.† Yankee Stadium and Fenway Park are both closing the gates on baseball until next April.

Back when he announced this would be his last season, he did so after A-Rod was announced to be sitting out this year and I opined he was probably pulling the plug so he could have the spot light for his own without the usurper having anything to do with it.† A-Rod has been absent all season, Jeter has had HIS team back for one last go around.† As it should be.† He doesnít have to deal with big head again and he got to do it his way.† Just like the old song goes.† Walk off single in his last AB in the Bronx, an RBI in his last ever AB in the pros.† If he couldnít end it all just off exit 1D on 161st street, ending it at 1 Yawkey Way seems just as fitting.

I remember the 1995 ALDS, Yankees/Mariners and watching the Mariners steal the series from Jeterís team.† Little did I know that moment of joy at watching the hated Yankees go down, would be one of the few times over the next 20 years Iíd see that.† I mentioned 5 World Series rings, right?

One of the other times Iíd see that would be the 2003 World Series.† Itís always great seeing the Yankees lose, itís just that they defeated the Red Sox in a game 7Öin extra inningsÖafter the Sox held a commanding leadÖto get there that made that one bittersweet.† 2001 was a beautiful thing as well.† That one felt really good.

The whole time though, there was Derek Jeter being Derek Jeter.† While he had himself more than a few girlfriends along the way, he was never in the paper for the wrong things.† Was never linked to PEDís as was his now erstwhile teammate.† A standup guy playing for a classy organization that I respect, but hate.† †

Another MLB veteran played his last game yesterday as well.† Paul Konerko, while not as decorated as #2, did happen to play for the only White Sox World Championship team in many lifetimes.† In fact, and as an aside, the White Sox won the world series in 1917 (we shanít discuss the 1919 White Sox) followed by the Red Sox in 1918 and thus it was only fitting they should win the World Series AFTER the Red Sox in 2005.† Getting back to Konerko, Jayson Stark has a nice bit on him. †He deserves a little love today as well.† I couldnít let him go unnoticed, lest I personify the parochial nature of the whole Yankees/Red Sox rivalry...and play into Beeze's distaste for all the Jeter love..†

In his last game, he linked his baseball legacy to his life legacy by writing his kidsí and wifeís name in the dirt.

Congratulations to both Konerko and Jeter on careers well played.† †No one will ever wear the Yankees pinstripes and #2 nor the White Sox pinstripes and #14 again.† High honors indeed.††

NASCAR Update And Other Fast Stuff 9-28-14
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† † † † † † † † † † † ††

HAPPY NFL / NASCAR SUNDAY!!!!! Welcome Gabbers and others to my NASCAR updates and other fast stuff. I'm a bit stuffed right now. Blew my diet all to hell. Friends and family day at work Saturday. Foooooooood and more foooooood that I'm trying to avoid. Mac n cheese, ice cream, cookies and bad bad things. Back on the wagon today. I swear the more water I drink the bigger the mac n cheese lump in my belly is getting. I've made the best juice combo in my juicer ever and I will concentrate on drinking that today......right after breakfast of course.

†† † † † † † † † † †

Oooooooooooooo look at that. A 1971 Plymouth Barracuda which went for $98,000 at the Barrett Jackson Auction. Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice.


So Stewart has been acquitted in the Ward vs Stewart racing accident. The Grand Jury pointed out that according to the autopsy Kevin Ward Jr had enough marijuana in his system to impair judgement. The enhanced videos showed Stewart was trying to get away from Ward.†

The Ward Family however is going after Stewart in a wrongful death civil lawsuit. They say we should be looking at what Stewart did to Kevin not what Kevin did. New York state law says that a jury must find a percentage of fault to each party in the lawsuit. Expert lawyers are popping up saying that Stewart should just settle out of court to preserve his reputation and sponsor drawing power.†

I say, how much money is enough? Money won't bring Kevin back. The jury won't give you what you really want. The Ward Family can't put Stewart in jail, won't bankrupt him, can't take his NASCAR team or keep him from racing or living his life.†

Stewart has said that he can't bring himself to get into a winged sprint car again. His love of the tiny fast wild ride around the dirt track is effectively over. He loved the gimmick free racing and the purity of the dirt tracks around the nation. He feels his dirt racing days are over. This has profoundly effected him and he doesn't get mad at the things the Ward family are saying.

Whatever Stewart's reputation with his anger management may be he is still a very philanthropic person. The Tony Stewart Foundation is dedicated to children who are critically ill or physically disabled, animals at risk and endangered and race car drivers injured in racing.†

Last year when his leg was broken by the winged sprint car wreck he got people involved in getting safety improvements for that part. He also gave out $110,000 in helmets and firesuits to dirt track drivers in need of new updated equipment. He has given back to the racing community in a big way. Does this exonerate him? No. The videos did. Hopefully the Ward Family can come to grips with what happened and maybe reach out to Stewart to do something positive in their sons honor.


$4.2 million is a rather big loan to default on but owners Any Hillenburg and Bill Silas did just that and Farmers & Merchants Bank of Slisburg were going to grab the keys but lawyers representing the owners hammered out a deal to keep the keys and have a private auction to sell the track and hopefully keep it out of foreclosure. Good luck with that one guys. Shame. That was a good race track. Wish NASCAR still raced there.†


YEAH!!!!! I missed last Sundays race because of my most handsome middle grandson's birthday party. On Tuesday I read that NASCAR Digital Media would allow You Tube to put all the Chase races on to watch after the race was over. So I got to watch my race after all. After the fact but at least I got to watch. Kind of like a DVR but not. Knowomsayin'? I'll take it. Hope they do more of that. Mom's threatening to shut off the cable.†


Yup. More new rules and stuff for the teams to deal with. Over 60 new improvements and updates were brought out with the following goals in mind. Better competition - improved safety - reducing costs and environmental improvements...green stuff.

So here a a few of the new improvements.

---> NASCAR is banning all private testing

---> Teams will be invited to Goodyear tire testing

---> No testing at Daytona before the Daytona 500

---> Reduction in horsepower to 725

---> Rear spoiler lowered from 8 inches to 6 inches

---> Optional driver track bar adjustment inside car

---> Rain tires on road courses - Mandatory wipers, defoggers and rear flashing rain light

So these are just a few of the new changes for 2015. I think the rain tire thing is a cool idea. And I don't know how they're going to stop race teams from packing up and going to a non NASCAR sanctioned track to test. I know it would save money but how do you police that?


The 2nd race of the Chase wreaked havoc on a few drivers. Hamlin had fueling issues. The car wasn't taking on fuel. A fuel probe replacement was in order but put him minus 11 laps and doomed. He ended his day in a wreck on a restart.

Ky Bu was in a wreck but managed to dig himself out and finish 8th. Crumpled up hood and all.†

Ku Bu had a right front tire go down and into the wall he went. Finished 36th minus 35 laps

Gordon had a tire go down with 9 laps to go. Was running 6th

Keselowski even hit the wall at one point but salvaged a 7th place finish

Top 15 finishers - Logano - Larson - Harvick - McMurray - Johnson - Almirola - Keselowski - Ky Bu - Dale Jr - Vickers - Dillon - Truex Jr - Allmendinger - Bowyer - Menard

†† † † † † † † †


It's the Monster Mile this Sunday at 2pm. The rumor mill was going after people saw footers were poured for poles around the track. First thought was that Dover was finally going to install lights. Psych. Dover says nope. They're replacing the catch fence.†

So this track is 1 mile around, concrete and highly banked. A concrete blender. There are 5 guys who absolutely need a win or everyone else to wreck out or they're out of the Chase after this race. Almirola, Biffle, Ku Bu, Hamlin and Newman all will be fighting to stay in the top 12 that go to the next round.†

The top 15 in the June 1st race - Johnson - Keselowski - Kenseth - Bowyer - Hamlin - Truex Jr - Stewart - Logano - Dale Jr - Menard - Larson - Almirola - McMurray - Edwards - Gordon

Harvick has the pole today. He charging hard and I say top 10

Ky Bu is starting 2nd. He won the Nationwide race. He wrecked in June here. He should get a top 10 but I'm not counting on it. Star crossed.

Hamlin is the same thing. Should get a top 10 but he's star crossed.

Larson is still our rookie with the mostest. I will say top 10

Johnson is top 10

The Danica starts 13th. Ummmmmmmmmmmm....25th

Ku Bu is celebrating 500 career starts today. Star crossed

Gordon starts 6th. Top 10

Keselowski starts 4th today Top 10

Bowyer has had his issues but I'm saying Top 10

McMurray got a 4th place finish last week. Top 10

Truex Jr - Menard & Almirola do good here. You may see a top 10 from one of them

Newman is in a must win situation. He's great at short track racing. Top 10

Kenseth has no wins yet this season but still sits safely in 8th spot in the points. If he doesn't get that elusive W he best have a good finish. Top 10

So there you have it. September is almost gone. Fall colors are slowly popping. I need to mow my yard once more and check for my tomatoes. I will miss the fresh tomatoes this winter. Freezing or canning them just never is the same. Good luck to all you fantasy sports players.

And I'm outta here.....

Saturday's Showcase - 9/27/14
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Today has a lot on the docket, so lets get this started.

MLB.† Congrats to Kansas City, and I sincerely wish them the best of luck in the playoffs.† Should they beat what looks to be Oakland, it would seem as though they will draw Anaheim, but I believe Anaheim can be beat.† And that leaves a potential Baltimore/Detroit series on the other side.†

Over in the NL, itís increasingly looking like SF will be flying to Pittsburgh for the one game wild card battle for the right to face Washington, while LA is looking like it will face the one team that they didnít want and the one team that owns them in the playoffs Ė St. Louis.

NFL.† I absolutely without a shadow of a doubt believe that Thursday Night football absolutely sucks, and for the third week in a row, it was blowout city this time New York blowing out Washington 45-14.† I really hope that smarter folks can stand up and tell the Sheriff that this just isnít a good concept, and can anybody tell me when thereís been a good Thursday Night game?

And hereís yet another bad by-product of Thursday games:† one less game on Sunday afternoon on top of the byes already costing two other games.† This sucks.

As for the rest of this week:† I like a lot of the matchups on the field, particularly Green Bay at Chicago, New England at Kansas City and Carolina at Baltimore.† A lot of games are kind of flying under the radar but could be good:† Detroit at New York, Buffalo at Houston and expect a damn shootout Sunday Night with New Orleans at Dallas.

What I donít like:† Philly at SF.† This is the wrong match up at the wrong time for San Francisco and expect SF to play strong in the first half and Philly to roll them in the second.† Jax at San Diego is gonna be ugly, but Oakland and Miami in London could be FUGLY.

King Jerrah.† So the King of Dallas decided to run his yap about charges against him of sexual assault by claiming that the entertainer (err, STRIPPER) waited too long to file charges. †Hey your royal highness, STFU.† Better yet carpetbagger, just go away and let somebody else own the team.

CFB.† I should know better.† Every season I have high hopes for Arizona State and every year they find new and creative ways to disappoint.† This season was particularly bad, for the night they choose to honor Pat Tillman, UCLA comes to town and laid a 62-27 beatdown on the Zonies.†† And this UCLA kid Ishmael Adams?† He only had a 95 yard INT for a TD followed by a 100 yard Kickoff Return for a TD.†

Clearly at this point, UCLA should be considered far and away the front runner for the PAC 12 South.

CFB Schedule Today.† Oh oh, UPSET ALERT Ė Florida State is at NC State, a house of horrors for them, and potentially Cincinnati over Ohio State?† Could Cincinnati pull it off?† Is it possible that Arkansas can surprise Texas A & M?

The Top 25 Game of the Week?† It may very well be the very late game of Oregon State at USC.†

Watch how loud the drumbeat grows if Penn State gets to 5-0 by beating Northwestern today.† Itís about to get ugly and the rankers will have a tough decision whether or not to include the Pedos into their rankings.

NBA.† What a great week to be an NBA fan:† First Bill Simmons gets suspended and secondly Rajon Rondo gets injured with a broken hand or finger and is out 6-8 weeks.† Why is it great?† Because we donít have to go through the next 6-8 weeks having to read about or listen to (yet again) Bill Simmons inspired trade rumors involving this Rondo.† Secondly, Boston and Danny Ainge is going to be forced to start focusing on moving forward without this cat AGAIN!

As for the circumstances surrounding Simmonsí suspension?† He freaking dared his bosses at TMZ to suspend him, and thirdly dropping the ďfín BSĒ term was gonna get him regardless.† That being said, he voiced an opinion on his podcast, which had nothing to do with TMZ, and this smacks of the NFL making a call to TMZ to make sure Simmons was dealt with.

I donít like Simmons in any way, I think he sucks, is a homer, whines too much, and adds nothing to NBA broadcasts.† But at the same time he has an absolute right to make an ass out of himself on his own podcast.† We are heading full steam into the slippery slope that Mark Cuban talked about.† This is becoming a very bad sign that censorship is growing in America.

As for Rondo, he supposedly slipped in the shower then swung at the wall and connected.† If that part is true, that would indicate to me that he really isnít the type of guy you want on your team, whether it be a young team looking for veteran leadership or a team one piece away from an NBA championship run, or anywhere in between.

Storminnorman's Sports Blog 9/26
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Hello Gabbers, it's nice to be finally back online and writing my weekly blog. At first I really didn't know what to talk about, but then something came to my mind as I am sitting here in McDonald's writing my blog and listeners along with a few of the radio personalities are ripping all the Detroit teams, it's called loyalty.

Jerry is loyal to the Giants and Niners, along with a few other teams. The Beeze is loyal to the Indians, Irish and Browns, Sully, Old Harry, Lanz are loyal to their local Boston teams. But it seems in Michigan there are a few fair-weather fans who take every opportunity to slam the Lions, Tigers, Pistons and Wings whenever they can. Those are the fans that come next week, will be calling applauding the Lions for beating the Jets and the Tigers winning the Central Division and preparing for the team that they will face in the ALDS.†

I personally hate ass-holes like this, because if you can't be loyal to your teams during the lean years, then you aren't a true fan of your team. I remember one time I did a project for shop class, and it was a wood plaque in Steelers colors, I thought my grandfather was going to go through the roof when I showed it to him. It was then I learned about loyalty, when he took me aside and reminded me that even when your team is not doing so well you should still remain a fan. That little life lesson helped me during the 70's, 80's and 90's, when their was only one really good team during those decades in Detroit.

So what I say to all those fair weather Detroit sports fans is this, I was a Tigers fan when Ralph Houk was the manager and they were perrenial 100 loss teams.†

I was a fan of the Lions, even when they went 0-16.

I was a Pistons fan before they won back to back.

I was a Wings fan even when they were really bad.

So if you can't be a fan when times are tough, then don't jump on the wagon because you ain't welcome. You people make me sick and want to puke. †

I know that last night was not a good night for Jerry, as the Dodgers beat his Giants and clinched the West. But at least look at it this way bro, if you win the play-in game you are going to get the chance to get your revenge right away, because you are probably going to face them in the NLDS. I will say this, Clayton Kershaw is a beast and you better bring your bats with you, or it's going to be a short series.†

Whomever faces the Cardinals might have their hands full, because they look built and ready to win another World Series. What is it about this team, they suck for 4 months out of the year, and then find the other gear and run away with their Division?†

If life is good, it should be the Cardinals and Dodgers in the NLCS.†

I personally don't see the A's or Royals surviving past the ALDS, even though their pitching is wonderful, their bats just don't provide enough offense to scare me into believing they are going to be World Series contenders.

The Angels, Orioles and Tigers, seem to be the class of the American League, and of those three teams I am not really sure who will survive to make it to the World Series. The playoffs should be fun, which will make for some good television over the next few weeks.

I forgot about the National's, they finally may be living up to expectations. I didn't think the addition of Doug Fister was going to make that much of a difference, but I am sure they are thanking the Tigers for getting the better end of this trade so far. Not saying that Robbie Ray and Ian Krohl won't be major leaguers some day, but trading Fister may have cost the Tigers a World Series ring in the end........

The Lion's face the J E T S, JETS, JETS, JETS on Sunday, with what the NFL's #1 ranked defense? If they were playing in Detroit, I would say this is a easy win for the Lions, but since they are playing in New York, and the Lions absolutely suck on the road. The Jets will probably be in this game for the long haul right up to the end.....

Hey Jeff, I remember a conversation we had about your Astro's, and the progress of Altueve and a few others should make you feel a lot better about the future of your team. He is about to win the Astro's first batting title, lead the league in hits and stolen bases. You have a pitching staff with a great future, and your position players are starting to round into shape. Won't be too long my friend, just think they were placed in the wrong division.

Well that's all I have for the week, please don't forget to turn left and visit Hal.......

Talking Sports
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The ageless Sebastain Janikowski†

Every once and a while as a fan you get to do something cool. So a couple weeks ago Iím sitting on Storrow Drive in traffic. Trying to get to I-93 Noth. My phone rings and it says Boston Red Sox †on the caller ID. So Iím thinking they are trying to push some tickets for the final homestand. I answer it and the guy has my name and asks if I remember doing a fan survey about a month ago. I remember doing it and I was kind of brutally honest voicing some of† my basic displeasures with some aspects the fan experience .

The guy says based on your answers we think you would make an excellent choice to participate in a focus group. Are you interested ? I say sure sounds like fun. So last Wednesday I took the afternoon off to go to this focus group about the fan experience a Fenway.

There was suppose to be 5 people two begged out. There was me two women one from a neighboring town actually. The guy had set question but you could expand as much as you want. Everything from how do get to a game, to what food you purchase and why..

I gave some honest answers like sliding tickets why is a Yankee game $30 dollars more than say an Astroís game same seat same experience and like the Astroís the Yankees didnít make the playoffs either.. I talked about a bottle of water costing $4.00 bucks. I also spoke up about spending millions and millions of dollars to make the ballpark better and two major things werenít addressed turning the rightfield seats toward the plate and creating more leg room.

I said I just want too watch the game without a lot of other stuff. That seemed to be the opinion in the room. The weird part is the guy said that our group was different because we cared more about the game on the field.. I guess other people go to say they ent or to be social. If Iím going to a game Iím there to watch the game. All and all it was fun afternoon and somebody other than my dog listened to my opinion.

I went to the Patroits-Raiders game on Sunday, Yawn. A couple observations the Patroits canít block ,Brady was hurried a lot and sucked a couple of times. If they donít block we will be seeing Jimmy Grappolo instead of Brady. Julian Edelman is the only receiver on the patriots of course Brandon Lafel and Danny Amondola are basically the same player but they donít get open.Where is Dobson and Tompkins and was Tim Wright really worth Logan Mankins.? The defense is good the offense has like a bb gun for a weapon. Then there is Gronk who still doesnít look like Gronk.

I thought Derrick Carr played well taking everything the patriots gave him and the ageless Sebastian Janikowski had a good game. The Highlight of this one was Vince Wilforks interception late in the game that ended a Raiders drive..

Florida State and Clemson played the I donít want it you can have it bowl Saturdy Night. Not a bad football game but nobody wanted in the end. Florida State capitialized on Clemson bad play calls for the win,

Lil Warrior Report Sorry Lil Lakesider reports

The boys lost 5- 1 this week against Wilmington. The entire team just looked like it was going through the motions.

The High school† soccer team tied this week 0-0 the Ref had an inadvertent whistle on a penalty kick that cost the Warriors a win. They ended up tying the Spartans from the next town over. The inadvertent whistle is the worst thing an official can do we have all had them but damn itís embarrassing and itís worse when you donít own it like the guy in this game who made up some BS about offsides.

Zebra Tale

I was the Line Judge Friday Night in my game. It was a long turnover fest. A lot of long returns for interceptions all on my side of the field. So I have the responsibility of chasing the kid down the field. I had two 60 yrd runs and a 70 . Man I was tired and sore afterwards. I did get good help from the backjudge.

After years of Officiating Football I finally had the 4th down fumble rule in a youth game this past weekend. In NCAA rules if there is a fumble on 4th down only the play who fumbles for the fumbler can advanc the ball for the offense. So the kid fumbles and another player picks it up and runs it in for a TD. We brought it back try xplaining that rule to Coach Dads who watch too much NFL.They just had these confused looks on thier faces when all three of us went over and explained it to them. One guy in the crew even gave the rule number. He wwas looking it up that morning.

Try This rule question (from our preseason exam)

Team A QB pitches †back to his halfback A22 who runs toward the right sideline. As A22 approaches the sideline. He cocks† his arm back to pass but sees no one open A22 then simply throws the ball out of bounds beyond the neutral zone. Ruling legal play No intentional grounding because A22 is outside the tackle Box

True or False

Team A is offense. Team B is defense

( Remember this is based on NCAA rules not NFHS Rules)

Answer Next week.

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