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NASCAR Update And Other Fast Stuff 3-30-14
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OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO BAAAAAAAAAA-BY!!!!! Welcome Gabbers and others to my NASCAR updates and other fast stuff. It's a Sunday. I'm feeling a bit chippy or rammy or just a tad bit antsy for a nice day. Woke up to rain. It'll rain tomorrow. It rained Saturday. Hey but I've been finding sunshine on the web. Kiss has finally gotten their cover on the Rolling Stone. Read the interview and as always Gene talks out his ass. Says the make up is earned and Peter & Ace got themselves axed. Peter says if he and Ace play with them at the HoF†ceremony the fans will go wild and they'll have to tour. If Gene and Paul REALLY loved the fans they'd play with Peter & Ace on stage. Just the 4 of them not the extended group. Yup. That Gene is a big ray of sunshine. Kiss will be touring with Def Leppard. Tickets are out of my price range.†

Johnny Cash has a new CD out as of the 25th†called Out Among The Stars. Need to get that. Steel Panther has one coming out soon called All You Can Eat. Love the songs Burden To Be Wonderful Like Me and Party Like It's The End Of The World.†

So how cool would it be to have a dad who works at Dreamworks. On You Tube look up the page Action Movie Kid. Daddy has made some cool 30 second clips of his kid doing interesting every day things. Like taking his building blocks and blowing them up in a video called Lego Blaster. He makes his kid disappear in a very small water puddle. Funny stuff but just what you'd expect from a dad who works at Dreamworks. Another ray of sunshine.

Just saw there's a new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie coming out. Took my son to all those and the Batman movies when he was a kid. Guess what? I've got a grandson old enough to go. WOOOO HOOOO!!!! I'm totally going. Tubular dude.


This year marks 30 years for Hendrick†Motorsports. At this race coming up at Martinsville†on April 24, 1984 Hendrick got his first win as an owner when driver Geoff Bodine†brought his car to victory lane. He started out with 5 employees and a tiny shop and now has 500 employees and a 430,000 sq ft shop on 140 acres. He has 11 championships too. Terry Labonte has 1, Jeff Gordon has 4 and Jimmie Johnson has 6. Congrats to Mr Hendrick.


Last Sunday Indy Car racer Graham Rahal showed up for the Fontana race with his girlfriend Courtney Force and her dad John. He tweeted Dale Jr and asked to swap rides at the Indianapolis Motor†Speedway on the road course. He and Dale Jr share National Guard as a sponsor so he thought it would be a cool way to meet and to swap rides.

Dale Jr†said he'd love to but he drives a Chevy and Graham drives a Honda so he really doesn't see how†Chevy would allow that. For their part Chevy has said they were not contacted yet. They're open to suggestions and say a deal could be reached. Kurt Busch is driving a Honda Indy Car for Andretti†Racing when he does the double this year. So I guess it would be.....To Be Continued.


Matt Kenseth†has a new daughter as of March 25th at 7:39 pm. Clara Mae was born 8 lbs 5 oz. She too was born on a Tuesday just like Menard's daughter. Bet these 2 girls will be the best racers. They're already on a racing schedule.


Richard Petty's beloved wife of over 50 years passed away at 72 years old of cancer. She helped form the Racing Wives Auxilery. Richard Petty Motorsports passed out commemorative stickers honoring Lynda for the drivers to put on their cars so Lynda could be in the race. Totally voluntary but a nice gesture to put that sticker on the car. Richard will not be at the track this weekend.

The #43 car will have a throw back STP†paint scheme from Richards driving days. Richard has the most top 5's at Martinsville of any driver with 30.


What a tire fiasco. I guess when you take away the height restrictions, add a bigger rear spoiler and let them add as much rear camber (tire angle) as they want then the crew chiefs go wild. And wild was the results. Add lower than recommended air pressures in those tires to all the new adjustments to that recipe for tire failure. Right rear tires were going down all race long and they took Jimmies win away. He led the most laps at 104 but with 7 laps to go his tire goes down and his win goes bye byes. He was followed by Keselowski, Newman, and Ambrose. Gordon had the lead but a tire issue made Bowyer†spin with 3 to go and the Green/White Checker was set to go. Ku Bu†and Stewart are duking it out and here comes Ky Bu†for the lead followed by my bold prediction Rookie.†

Top 15 Finishers - Ky†Bu - Larson - Ku Bu - Kenseth†- Stewart - McMurray - Vickers - Allmendinger†- Menard - Edwards - Dillon - Dale Jr†- Gordon - Danica - Mears

That's right folks. Danica was 14th. I know I said she'd place in a†25th place finish but I was wrong....Sorry......

Hamlin was taken to the hospital the last minute before the race for a sinus infection but was diagnosed with a piece of metal in his eye. I couldn't get on NASCAR.com to change Hamlin out of my line up. The site bogged down. So I got zero points for him. I've never seen one guy have so much crap happen to him. Maybe he needs to get a really good luck charm. In any case I've replaced him on my roster. Dude reminds me of the Frintstone's Bad Luck Schleprock. WOWSY WOWSY WOO WOO.†


So it's raining in Martinsville too. They got qualifying in but the truck race was canceled. In fact it will be on right after the Cup race. I'm excited. A double header. That is if they broadcast it. Maybe I'll check out that internet channel if I can't get it on mom & dad's cable.

Martinsville is a paper clip shaped track with a 6 inch curb in some spots. Makes the race interesting. Especially when the guys push each other down that way and they run out of room. Tires go flat and people spin and it's a rocking good time. They should say DRIVERS. START YOUR TEMPERS!!!!!....at the beginning of the race. Small track and lots of pushing and shoving.†

Jimmie - Jeffy - These 2 are highly rated at this track. Jeffy has the 2nd†most top 5's with 27. I'm counting on a top 10 for these 2 guys.

Kahne and Dale Jr...Top 15's

Hamlin - He has the outside pole but I'm not betting the farm on him. Top 15

Ky Bu has the pole. Top 10.

Kenseth†- Top 15

Bowyer and Vickers should be Top 10

Stewart - Ku Bu - Harvick Top 10's...That is if Ku Bu doesn't self distruct. He tends to do that.

Danica - Is starting 10th. She did get a 12th place starting from last place here last year. Another top 15? Possible. You GO GIRL!!!

Keselowski is starting 14th this week. What? No front row? Don't you fear none boys & girls. Top 10

Logano†starts 3rd but no to the top 10.†

Edwards & Biffle are good here. Some times. I would say Biffle top 10.

Newman is that bull in the china closet. If he's up there on a last restart then look out. Top 10

Menard - Mears - Almirola - McMurray - Allmendinger and Ambrose are good top 20 or better picks.

The rookies will be tested this week. The vets aren't going to give an inch, a 1/2 inch or a smidge. They will have to take it. Dillon and Larson would be the 2 I'd bet on. Annett†has been slowly getting better finishes. Tommy Baldwin isn't top notch equipment but Bono Manion is his CC. I'm watching this young man.†

I'll be doing my breakfast thing and watching it rain. Then it's off to mom & dad's to watch my double header of racing. That's my sunshine for the day. All you Gabbers out there traveling...Have a safe one. Belated Birthday wishes to Sully. A most wonderful wedding day wish to AFD. And to everyone else just hanging†out, be safe, enjoy your day. Put on some platform boots, paint your face and play air guitar.....IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII wanna†rock and roll all night. And party every day.....

And I'm outta here.....

Of Baseball & Hot Dogs
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Welcome to the Opening Day Edition and we kick it off with a "little" expose on the latest trend in stadium food...the ultimate hot dog. †Shown here is the $26 Champion Dog sold by the Texas Rangers. † This gastronomical delight is expected to feed 3 or 4 fans making it a real bargain...until you get home...IF you can get home after eating it. †Who would buy such a dog you may ask? †Well, 20,000 folks think everything is BIG in Texas.

The latest entry into the Hot Dog wars comes from the Arizona Diamondbacks - it is a $25 corn dog weighing in at 1 pound and stuffed with cheddar cheese, jalapenos and bacon and served with a side of fries...since a corn dog is served on a stick, it must be intended to be eaten solo...and it must be one hefty stick! † I used to enjoy a corn dog or two back when I lived in Tennessee and they knew how to make a corn dog. †I am not so sure about this monster...I think I might go for its baby brother there on the side.

I have my tickets for next Friday's home opener at Nationals Park...there food choices are a little more standard although you can get a fairly decent Curly W pretzel! †I guess if you figure its $14 for a dog and a beer these days, $25 for a monster dog is not so bad. †Any takers for these two?

My Fearless Forecast...

I have to say last years predictions were not so great, but it is tough to get it right year after year...here's hoping this forecast has a bit more accuracy!

In the National League, I like the chalk for the division champs: †Washington, St. Louis & LA. †Teams with strong rotations decent bullpens and solid defense have the advantage in the post-PED era. †These teams have quality starting pitching and enough bats to get 90+ wins. † For the Wild Cards, I am going with Atlanta and Pittsburgh. †The Braves have been devestated by injuries to their pitching staff this spring, but they pull it together every year. †For my surprise team, I am picking the Marlins. †They may not make the playoffs, but they will not be awful either.

In the American League, I like the Red Sox, Tigers and Angels to win their divisions and the Rangers and Rays to take the Wild Card Spots. †It is hard to pick against the Sox - they are very talented and I gave them no love last spring. †I will not make that mistake twice. †For my surprise team in the AL, I am going with the White Sox - I liked their off season. †Maybe it will convert to wins.

In the World Series, I will go with the Nationals and Red Sox...and if that actually comes to pass, I guess you know where my allegiances will lie.

And how about that Cabrera contract? †I guess the speculation was an aging owner with billions wants to win and what's a few millions among friends? †And where do I find these friends?!

Have a great Saturday...I'm off to Germany for a few days, but back in time for some baseball!

Storminnorman's Sports Blog 3-28
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Hello Gabbers,

Been a while since the last time we have chatted. since then I have finished my Winter Term at Rasmussen pulling all A's. The weird part of the grades, as they were so similar percentage wise, that it actually scared me a bit. As you all know Wednesday was Sully's birthday (53), didn't think for whatever reason he was this old. But anyway it's only a fitting present, if I give him a little tribute to his favorite player Zdeno Chara. Enjoy Sully, from my family to you have a great year, and I hope that you had a great day!

It's a little large, but after all if it wasn't for you we wouldn't have this site to blog on.

Kind of figured you like this one Sully, so I picked it as another one of your gifts....

Here's the last one, would have added some Patriot highlights if they had won. But now on to other things that I want to talk about. I wouldn't go make any plans on the Red Sox repeating as WS†Champs in 2014, here are my predictions for the upcoming baseball season.......

American League East Champs - Tampa Bay Rays (sorry Red Sox nation, not this year)

American League Central Champs - Detroit Tigers (even though the Royals, Indians are starting to become worthy contenders)

American League West Champs - Nobody will guess this one, the Seattle Mariners, thought I would be different than AFD

​American League Wild Card - Kansas City and those Swinging A's

American League Champs - you guessed it I'm a homer, the Detroit Tigers

Now on to the National League......

National League East - Sorry Atlanta fans, but I am going with the Nationals to win the East.

National League Central - Sorry Cub's fans you are going to have to wait at least another year, I am leaning towards the Pittsburgh Pirates...

National League West - Sorry B.O.B. and you Dodger fans, but if life is right, Kirk Gibson's Arizona Diamondbacks will win the West.

National League Wildcard - Braves and Cardinals (The George Steinbrenner theory Magic, you can't buy championships, you have to earn them)

National League Champs - Washington Nationals (will this be their year?).†

World Series - yes I am a homer again, the championship finally returns to Detroit after 2 years of near misses and failures, the Tigers win the World Series in 7 games, and the struggling city regains some stature.....Why because there is no Jim Leyland this year to screw it up, like he did the last two years......

Now that I am finished with that bit of tomfoolery, I would also like to mention that I still have 3 of my final 4 in tact on ESPN. How many of you can say that? Wouldn't it be something if the Dayton Flyers continued their dramatic March Madness run, and took down another pair of giants this weekend? Even though I like Michigan and Michigan St's chances of meeting for a fourth time this year, I am not going to bet my life savings on it occurring. The Dayton Flyers and Stanford Cardinal is what March Madness is all about, knocking down the "Giants," and doing the unexpected............Oh yeah, before I leave I have one more gift for Sully.........

Here's a little news flash Scott, Max ain't getting the money from the Tigers, Miggy Got it! Guess you kind of out thought yourself this time, when you thought by waiting until the end of the year was a better move. The Tigers gave Miggy a 10-year contract extension today, worth $292 million which will make him a Tiger until 2023. What a way to pay him back for everything he has accomplished in a Tiger uniform, since his acquisition from the Marlins....Great Move Mr. I., Scotty you should have taken the $24 million a year and done this...

Until the next time, please feel free to leave your comments, and have a great week!†

Talking Sports
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It has been somewhat of a slow week in sports this week the brackets have been busted mine as soon as Ohio State lost too Dayton I was done. Syracuse and Duke bowing out as Mercer gave them some Mercer. The first couple rounds were just exciting and crazy and thatís what makes this tournament fun so I hope the NCAA doesnít screw it up by adding more teams in the future. They shouldnít have gone to 68.† 64 worked fine we donít need play ins.

This should be another week of exciting games. I think Dayton has a shot for the elite eight as they will go up against Stanford. UCLA could throw a scare Floridaís way as well. But that is what this tournament is about the unknown.

On the local front the Boston Red Sox gave David Ortiz his deal a 1 year extension for 15 million and a couple option years. Now maybe the Big Guy can stop whinning and concentrate on hitting 2 for 35 this spring. I get the hometown† hero and the guy has been good for the Sox and for that matter the city of Boston. But I would have waited the season out let him finish the current contract and go from there. He may have a great year by all means give him another but given his age.† Why not see what this year brings first. I understand the Red Sox rewarded him for being a good† player and all. I just would have waited.

Meanwhile in Foxboro Vince Wilfork is upset that the Patriots may want him to restructure his contract. I think they will get it done. However, Vince isnít happy he reportedly cleared out his locker and ripped his name plate down. The guy is coming of a bad injury at his size and age. Teams wonít take a chance on him. The other thing is the Patriots have no problem cutting players. They even left one of their most dedicated guys Kevin Faulk over the years off the Superbowl Roster in his final season.

Belichick was hucking it up with the media at the owners meetings. The Patriots proposed as a rule change cameras on the goalline and the end line to help see if the ball crossed the plane of the goalline and to help with inbounds and outbounds on the endline and sideline of the end zone. So some reporter asks him how is the Billion dollar NFL going to pay for the cameras. (stupid Question) Bill says I donít know a bake sale or maybe a car wash. He went on to explain† that each stadium has 100ís of cameras they can see if a fan spilled a beer on another fan. Bill may have a point but it was classic BB.

The wind was awful today and most of Massachusetts escaped a blizzard sorry Cape Cod you got it bad. We didnít even get a flurry North of the city. The weather is not baseball friendly with opening day on Monday. At least the Red Sox donít open here until next Friday the fourth against the EX American League Brewers.Maybe it will reach 50 by then.

I was driving Lil Lanz to Hockey tryouts and he says I wish we had our names on the back of our jerseyís. He says he would customize his and have it say Miser. I immediately thought of the XFL and Yes non other than He Hate Me. So I say to him they did that stuff in the XFL. He says whats the XFL so I explained it to him . How the wrestling Guy formed a Football League and it wasnít great football with some crazy rules. Then it dawned on me that the XFL started in 2000, played 1 season in 2001. Lil Guy was born in 2002. Just a reality moment.

LIL Warriors Report

The boys got back out of the loss column this week and sealed fourth place for the playoffs. They tied 2-2 Saturday and won 5-4 on Sunday. Lil Lanz got the game winning assist. I nice shot from the right circle and Lil Bobby tipped it home. The hero was Lil Steve he wore the hat first year player and he got a hat trick and made a great defensive play. Kid has came along way since September. LIl Lanz checked the score sheet for his assist. Coach Dave ended up giving him the sheet. He ended up giving it to lil Steve..

Lanz here got called back behind the bench Saturday as Head Coach Glen had to leave at the end of the first period.† Boys have there first playoff game on Sunday at 4:30 a win they will play next Saturday a loss they are done for the season. They have gotten some ice time this week a two hour tryout last night which tries to place the kids on the right level team. Practice Friday.and the game Sunday.

Meanwhile Laser was going to play his final season of Youth lacrosse and has decided to just play baseball instead not wanting to risk head trauma.

Buzz from the Bleachers
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Welcome to Wednesday, Gabbers. The warm up is coming and so I baseball. With the exception of the Down Under series, the MLB will kick off this Sunday. More than a few of my wedding guests have talked about staying put for the Tigers home opener on Monday. I figure those few are lucky. Heck, even the new wife and I know we couldnít get near tickets for that game. Maybe some other year.

Building off last year, Iím pretty excited for this season. Iím a little worried about the Tigers, but not enough not to name them as division winners and put them in the playoffs. Next season is potentially a lot more worrying. The big problem this season was the injury of Jose Iglesias. The front office has it covered as the Tigers have traded for two short stops in the last few days. †The tigers dealt for Andrew Romine of the Angels Friday. Heís never had a shot at starting. Tuesday saw the Tigers trading a utility player for Alex Gonzalez. Gonzalez hasnít started at short since 2011, but he has experience.

The bigger news came Sunday as contract talks between the tigers and Max Scherzer broke off. Official details of the tigers offer havenít been released, but the tigers have called the money involved substantial. ESPN estimated that the deal was for a minimum of $24 million. Thatís lower than Verlander got last year, but Verlander has more of a body of work and is more of a work horse. I wonder if Detroit doesnít just deal Scherzer at the trade deadline? They could get some nice pieces from a contender in the NL.

As for this year, Iím going on record with how I see things shaking out. †One important item to be reminded of from last season is that big name acquisitions donít equal post season play. I think a lot of people got excited about what the Blue Jays did. Why not? They picked up some big pieces from Miami and managed to get the reigning Cy Young winner from the NL? That was just a crazy bit of news. It seemed like the Jays got an upgrade every day or so. Still, chemistry and farm systems are proving to be as important as ever. No one team really dominated this off season. A lot of teams filled needs, just as would be expected. Still, the traditional powers stand and finding this years underdogs will be as fun as ever.

Hereís how I see the AL this year:

East Champ: Boston Red Sox

The Sawks came out of no where last season. After their 2012 collapse, most saw this division as Tampa or Baltimoreís for the taking. The Yankees were beat up and still are. Toronto still needs to show that they can come together as a team. The Red Sox showed they have heart and found the right guy to bring the team together. They lost Jacoby Ellsbury, but they still have their field general in Pedroia and their heart in Ortiz. Theyíve got a strong rotation and a talented bull pen. I donít expect this to be an easy division, but I like the Red Sox to make it out on top.

Central Champ: Detroit Tigers

The Tigers 2013 season ended with disappointment. Again. So close, yet so far. The team responded by shaking things up. They got rid of Prince Fielder and Doug Fister. They let Matt Tuiasosopo go on waivers, which is surprising when you think of how highly the team thought of the kid last season. Still, they have brought up some guys from their farm and addressed glaring needs at second base and closer. The remaining question will be if Miguel Cabrera has enough protection in the line-up with Victor Martinez and young Nick Castellanos. I think they have enough to earn top honors in the AL Central, though I suspect Cleveland and KC will make noise. Iím also curious to see what Ron Gardenhire can do with the Twins.

West Champ: Texas Rangers

The West could be the most interesting division in the AL. With the possible exception of Houston, any of the teams could make a serious challenge for the division. This is going to be a dog fight. Given that line of thinking, I feel that the Rangers have the best combination of experience, talent, and acquisitions to get the job done. Oakland will be there to pose a challenge. You have to wonder if the Angels can get their talent together and be a factor. You also have to wonder if adding Cano does enough for the Mariners. Still Texas had a great team last season and only added to it in the off-season. They also strike me as having the deepest pitching staff out of the division.

Wildcards: Oakland Aís and Tampa Bay Rays

Both of these teams will be driving forces in their own divisions, but also have major potential to be spoilers after their one game series. I still like Cleveland, but have more trust in the pitching staffs of Tampa and Oakland.

Meanwhile, out in the NL:

East Champs: Atlanta Braves

Granted there is concern over the health of the starters, but the Braves might have a stronger batting order than rotation. It could be strong enough to help them in a division that features some scary rotations from Washington and Philly. The Braves had two up and comers at the corners in Freddie Freeman and Chris Johnson last season. Freeman made the all star squad as the fan vote, but Johnson was my pick to start for the NL last season and finished with good numbers. Keep in mind you still have an outfield featuring the Uptons and Heyword. Oh, they also have the best closer in the game in Kimbrel.

Central Champs: St. Louis Cardinals

Great teams know how to reload. The Cards did a great job of that this off-season. The pick up Iím most excited about is Peter Bourjos. Bourjos put up a .274 avg in limited action last year. Heís a good hitter, but rivaled former teammate Trout in defensive ability. The Cards will get a battle from rivals in Cincinnati and Pittsburgh and should give Milwaukee some mind as well. Still, the Cards have a solid line-up and the best rotation in the division.

West Champs: LA Dodgers

The Dodgers look like real beasts out west. Whatís more unthinkable is that they are doing all this with a diminished role from Matt Kemp. Just a few season ago, Kemp looked like he was ready to rise to baseball superstardom. Unfortunately, a series of injuries has brought him down. As of now, heís starting the season on the DL with a bad ankle. He could return by April 4. Is it possible we could see either Kemp or Ethier hit the trade blocks? The Dodgers have a charged line-up and a dominant rotation if all goes well.

Wildcards: Washington Nationals and San Francisco Giants

It was tough picking two wild cards. The Diamondbacks made some big moves in regards to their line-up in adding Trumbo. I also think Tuiasosopo will factor in positively. The Rockies got better as well. Still, I like San Frans rotation, even if they werenít as bad as they should have been last season. I was torn between the Reds and Nationals for my last spot. Both teams have great line-ups. In the end, I canít help but picture the Nationals rotation with Doug Fister and picking against it. Fister got lost in the shuffle in Detroit, but has brought great stuff. Imagine pairing that with Strasburg, Zimmerman, and Gonzalez?

Well, thatís my take. I imagine it will look shoddy by July. Feel free to let me know your take. Iím off to Michigan to get hitched. Iím getting pretty psyched for that. Afterwards, weíre doing a bit of a roadtrip for a honeymoon. Weíre going to the Kentucky Bourbon Trail. Then weíre off to one of my favorite creepy places: Point Pleasant, WV. Gonna get some Mothman swag. Otherwise itís just a relaxing week of for the soon to be wife. Sheís been busy helping to build WVUís new baseball stadium. Thereís a Pirates minor league team that may move their too. Bonus for us/ Thanks as always for reading. I shall see you folks after the honeymoon.

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