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Every Once in a While, I Had to Take a Beating...
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The geek in me is back.  Its been a week since the Super Bowl and I still can’t stop watching “the pick.”  It had been 7-years since David Tyree and the “helmet catch,” and it was at that point I felt my emotional investment in this team crashed harder than my grandfathers’ life savings in 1929.  They’d been to another Super Bowl since then...and lost it in similarly bizarre fashion.  It sucked, but by that poiint, I was emotionally numb.  


This game was not dissimilar - by the time that Kearse bobbled the catch and eventually caught it, I’d already flashed back to Tyree and Manningham…  Imagine then a closing chapter that rewrote that history.  Instead of allowing Lynch to run the ball in (a la Ahmad Bradshaw), Belichick rolled the dice on a defensive stop.  In the game was lightly used Malcolm Butler, and yet he was fully prepared.  He had practiced this play.  He read Wilson, jumped the route and made the pick.  This time history would be different.


I’ve gone completely overboard, really.  It’s all I’ve wanted to talk about.  It’s all I’ve wanted to see.  I went through all my old memorabilia from the previous three championships.  If you look around through my “archives,” you would never know Super Bowl XLVI or that the Pats had been 2-minutes from 19-0.  None.  Didn’t happen.  I have trinkets from Super Bowl XX - a game in which New England scored the games’ first 3 points and then proceeded to become Chicago’s bitch.  I have trinkets from 1997 - a game the Pats could have won...but didn’t.  But 2007 and 2011 - wiped from the record.  


1985 wasn’t supposed to happen.  1997 was a great run, but again, while I wanted something different, I didn’t expect the Packers to lose.  2001 was a gift from the football gods.  By the time 2007 rolled around, the Pats were SUPPOSED to win.  And therein lies in the problem: I had become that which I dispise.  The stereotypical Yankees fan, or  just as bad, a 1980’s vintage 49ers fan.  And leave it to a team from New York to squash me.

All that angst with which I’d come to define myself by my 30’s was back...and I now hated it.  Before 2001, I’d reveled in being a down and out Boston fan.  My teams were always going to break my heart.  But then, they didn’t.  And didn’t and didn’t.  But then they did again, but for a different reason.  Before it was so close, now it was they should win.  No wonder people hate the Patriots: it’s as much the fan base as the team.


That’s a hard realization to make.


The "Obnoxious Boston Fan" on boston.com really nails it: "The Red Sox would lose Game 7 of the World Series four consecutive times from 1946-86. In just the past 30 years, the Celtics crumbled in Game 7 to the Lakers in 2010 despite having the lead in the final quarter. They were also defeated by the Lakers in the 1985 and '87 Finals. The Bruins allowed two goals in just 17 seconds in final 90 seconds before losing Game 6 of the 2013 Stanley Cup Finals. They had to watch the Blackhawks then lift the Cup on the TD Garden Ice. They also witnessed the Edmonton Oilers hoist the Cup after a sweep and game called due to a blackout in 1988. The same outcome happened in five games just two years later."  Thing is though, it was the Patriots losses that were crushing, and it took this win to snap me out of it.  OBF also pulls out the quote for the title of this blog today: "Every once in a while, I had to take a beating.  By then, I didn't care.  The way I saw it, everybody takes a beating sometime."  I needed to take those emotional beatings to make me remember this feeling.



Additional Notes:  For the week running up to the game, “DeflateGate” all but disappeared.  For the last week, it’s been AWOL.  Now, it takes the NTSB a week or so to investigate a train crash, but we’re now a month into this nonsense without any resolution - just drip drip drip.  I’ve been trolling Bob Kravitz’ twitter account - the watercarrier for the Colts has had nothing to say.  Troy Vincent confirmed that it was in fact the Colts GM who kicked off the hubbub, which is to me the first hint where the investigation is going, as a few days ago it was revealed that there was in fact only one ball that had been deflated by 2  PSI from regulation...the one the Colts had in their possession.  Of course Kravitz has had ZERO to say about that.  He had said this was the biggest story he’d ever broken, and I’m sure it’s going to turn out that he only got that because the team knew he’d ballwash for them.  What a loser.  Now, we all know nothing is going to come from this - the officials don’t log the pressure, all that - but it does strike me that it makes for a more compelling argument that the Colts actually manipulated the balls, and frankly makes for a more intellectually valid argument than cold weather deflated the balls - given we don’t know when or under what circumstances they were measured.  “The ones who hate me the most are the ones who don’t scare me.” – Rebecca McKinsey


Kam Chancellor played the Super Bowl with a torn MCL .  Now, I already knew this cat was tough, but there has to be something said about how completely badass this guy is.  The best I got is Tom Brady still had the flu during the game, but that just doesn’t even come close.


Some 20-odd years after grad school, I still correspond with one of my professors - mostly around football, he being a Steelers fan.  He gave me enough grief over the ball deflation thing, that I decided it was appropriate to send him a Patriots knit cap.  I’m looking forward to his response to that.  



The same day Jerry Rice, a member of that detestable 49ers team discussed earlier, declared that he thought the Patriots were cheaters because they were looking for an edge outside the rules (again, an assertion that may just be fiction - but why let a little due process get in the way), it was revealed he used stickum that was prohibited by the league.  His defense?  “Everyone was doing it” with an additional “#evenplayingfield” hashtag.  Seriously dude?  You perfidious punk.  You hear “culture of cheating,” all over the place about the Pats, yet no one can actually point to anything - sure, you’ll get talk about “SpyGate” but even that was WAY smaller than what the general public seems to think.  The fact is the Pats have won, Belichick is maniacally driven to win, knows the rules inside and out and will push the bounds of the rules - which does not make a cheater.  “Creative people are often found either disagreeable or intimidating by mediocrities”

NASCAR Update And Other Fast Stuff 2-8-15
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Hello it's me. Todd Rundgren is rolling through my mind as I say welcome Gabbers and others to my NASCAR updates and other fast stuff. It's just 13 days till the Daytona 500. Zoom zoom zoom. There is so much sponsor adds & subtracts, drivers, crew chiefs and crew member switches, I just can't keep up. Poor AJ Allmendinger lost his spotter this week. He found out on Twitter. That's where I go to find out cool stuff. Losing your spotter at the last minute isn't so cool I guess and finding out on Twitter is way less cool too. 

Damn Punxsutawney Phil popped out of his hole and saw his shadow. That means 6 more weeks of winter folks. I was tempted to go out and get me a dozen fastnachts but I decided I wasn't letting that rodent ruin my diet. I'm still working hard at it. Fact is that I really didn't crave the sweets like I used to. Didn't even hit the PA Farm Show for my favorite milk shakes and other delights like in past years. I must be a reformed sugaraholic. Hhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmm...... Is that possible?

Smokey Mountain Herbal Snuff. What is that? Sounded cool to write it. Smokey Mountain Chew Inc is going to sponsor a team in NASCAR. I have to look this company up. What is herbal snuff made of? Dried mushrooms, oregano and thyme?


Bodi Miller wrecked big during a down hill ski thing he does. Sliced his leg open pretty wide too. I always loved watching him in the Olympics because he never held anything back. It was all out or nothing. That's the way it should be. Hope he can get back to skiing at some point.


Was watching a lot of NAMM Music Show videos on You Tube. For all you metal heads out there looking for the newest guitars, Zakk Wylde has decided to leave Gibson & Marshall to put out his own line of products called Wylde Audio. He's excited. I'm very intersted in Dave Mustaine's guitar. It's a V shape with cut outs that make it look like a violin. Has a nice finish like a violin too. No word on the pricing. Fender put out some beauties as well. They're also releasing limited editions every month starting in March till December. So if you have a musician on your list for Christmas next year, there's plenty to check out.


Any body heard of James Robertson? He's not real fast but he got himself a new Ford Taurus this week for free, courtesy of a GoFundMe account somebody set up for him. Seems he lives in Detroit and has a $10 an hour factory job. His car broke down almost 10 years ago and he didn't have the money to fix it or replace it. So he walked the 21 miles. Now this is just me but I think I would've found a new job or moved closer to my job.


Mark Martin won't be driver development coach for Roush Fenway Racing this year after all. He's hooked up with legendery dirt racer Scott Bloomquist to field a team of late models in the Lucas Oil Late Model Championship.

On Twitter he posted this when asked why he wouldn't be with Roush," I didn't want to go to the races. I've done enough of that for now. Except for dirt track."

So Marks not driving just sponsoring. I'm bummed. When I saw that tweet I was like YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY-ESSSSSSSSSS!!!!!! But then I investigate and it's like nope. Not driving. 


Gordon tweeted a picture of an old school bus with the Rainbow Warrior paint scheme of olden days on it and hinted that the paint scheme could possibly make an appearance on the track. Hints are all we're getting for now. To be continued.


Brad and his girlfriend Paige White announced that there's a little girl on the way. Knowing how cruel people can be, Brad headed them off at the pass. Kind of. He acknowledged that he is a public person and as such there are people who like him and those that don't and he can deal with both because that's what he's signed up for. BUT his little girl to be is not signed up for it so he is asking that everyone keep the focus on him.

I myself am shocked that he had time to actually, you know, make that baby. He spends a hell of a lot of time on Twitter. 


Patrick Carpenter was one of 10 people treated and released after the cable broke on lap 121 of the May 26, 2013 Coca Cola 600. The cable came down that held the CatCam. After the race FOX Sports banned the use of this camera at NASCAR races. An investigation was launched but there wasn't much cable left to look at after 19 cars drove over it.

Patrick is filing suit for $10,000 damages claiming he suffered permanent impairment to his right arm.


So now it's time for the judge to decide what is going to happen or not. Kurt's lawyers say Patricia committed purgery on the stand. She had every opportunity to say she didn't kill people for our government and she didn't because she told lots of other people she did and there would be lots of witnesses to that. Patricia's lawyer said Kurt needs domestic violence counsiling and that he grabbed her client around the neck.

So I guess we'll all find out later in the week how this goes. Sure is a train wreck.


Bruce Jenner was in a multicar wreck in Malibu where at least one person is dead. Looked bad too. Saw that on Twitter just before I started writing. Details to come I guess.

Well folks, it's off to beddy byes for me. I had some great pictures for you but it would seem the program is not letting me put them in. Enjoy your Sunday in your usual manner, be safe of course 

And I'm outta here.....






Saturday's Showcase - 2/7/15
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Good Morning Gabbers.  Hope your Saturday is going well.  We here in Northern California have finally gotten some much needed rain, and we have survived the latest #hellastorm.  Freaking Weather Guessers are getting out of control with their “doom and gloom” predictions.  60 MPH winds that are really 30.  Sounds like the weather guessers in Hot-lanta.

So there’s the douchebaggery:

  • NFL players taking a week to fill up the police blotter?  Gotta be a record, right?
  • Chris Paul and the Clippers
  • Evander Kane up in Winnipeg
  • Lance Armstrong
  • MMA stars getting caught up in drugs and PEDs
  • Jerry Rice being critical then getting caught up in a Stick-em thing.
  • Bobby Petrino pulling a scholarship from a kid who committed eight months ago because he had a need at DB?  They knew the need and left this kid hanging w/no options?  Then Petrino didn’t have the guts to talk to the kid himself?  Douche.

Oh my gosh it’s a freaking cornucopia of douchebaggery. 

What's going on today?

  • Sacramento is supposedly talking to George Karl about becoming the new Head Coach.  I'll believe it when I see it.  Freaking talking heads.
  • Adrian Peterson is getting his reinstatement hearing today.

But what’s good about sports right now?

  • Unibrow Anthony Davis down in New Orleans is going freaking crazy.  He busts his first three pointer of the season at the buzzer to beat OKC.  Dude had 41 points and 10 rebounds.  In my mind, DeMarcus Cousins is the best big in the NBA right now, but this kid is a very close second.
  • Russell Westbrook in the same game had 48 points. 
  • The NBA finally dropped the hammer on Paul and fined him $25,000 for his criticizing officiating.
  • We blast the WWE, and rightfully so, but their efforts on the charity front are pretty amazing.  John Cena is the man with the Make-a-wish Foundation, and just the other day Daniel Bryan was a game show host at a kids hospital down in Memphis.
  • Gordie Howe made his “final” public appearance in Saskatoon to be honored by the locals.  The picture I saw, he looked pretty damn good for just having a stroke back in October.
  • The NIT tournament is going to introduce a 30-second shot clock during their tournament in March.  I like the idea.  Basketball is athletic, make it faster.
  • The NBA may be looking at fixing “unfairness” in their playoff structure, and they should.
  • Tampa in the NHL brought players dads along for their most recent roadie to St. Louis and Dallas.  One stop was the Anheuser-Busch brewery in St. Louis.  Hockey Dads?  Beer?  That’s freaking AWESOME!!! 

So really, it seems like there is some good out there in sports and entertainment.

As ole Lee “Hacskaw” Hamilton used to say on the mighty 1090 down in San Diego, “You’ve just heard the best two minutes of sports talk in the business.  Now I want to hear from you.  Poway…REACT.  Show me your lightning bolt.”

Seriously Gabbers, which of these subjects interests you?


Weekly Grumble with IHM 2/6
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  Well folks, it’s that time once again… time for another visit from your old pal IHM. I’m turning 32 years old today… and feeling every bit of sixty! Man how the last year just flew by… seems like it’s getting harder and harder to slow the time down these past few years though. Seems like every time you look up it’s a new season, and soon enough it’s an all new year!

  Got my early birthday present from Mrs. IHM later on last night, a nice Viking drinking horn. Tonight I plan on putting it to good use!

  So first things first… a heartfelt congratulations to all the Patriot fans here at the Gab! Great season for you all, especially considering the way it began with that loss at Kansas City in week three. Boy how things changed after that, eh? The defense came together and wound up outplaying the “best defense in football” in the Super Bowl, and that Tom Brady kid turned out to be pretty damned good too! Guess it wasn’t Jimmy Garappalo’s time just yet, was it? And what a great football game we were all treated to on Sunday… some folks prefer the commercials and halftime show… but I think I can safely say that everybody here at the Gab was hoping for one thing overall, a great showcase to close out a season of turmoil in the league… and the Patriots and Seahawks delivered on that for sure! Hopefully 2015 will bring a season devoid of controversy, and all about the sport we all love.

  And how about Dick Sherman... suddenly, no shit talking... no diarrhea of the mouth... just silence. In fact, I didn't hear anything out of that toolbag until yesterday when the announcement of his child being born was made. I'm sure as hell not going to say anything but congratulations to him about that... but the look of pain and sadness on his face when Butler picked that pass was worth the price of admission!

  Speaking of controversy… turns out “deflate gate” was a controversy full of, well, hot air! Yeah, according to reports, the only ball found to be “significantly deflated” used in the AFC Championship game actually belonged to the fucking Colts! The ball that was intercepted by delivery boy abusing LB D’Qwell Jackson, was “significantly under inflated”… but there is absolutely zero evidence that the ball wasn’t doctored while in the Colts possession and not while in New England’s. The remaining balls were “just a tick” under the PSI levels, according to a report by Ian Rappaport of the NFL Network. So let’s see if there is a campaign of apologies for New England, since the media essentially spent the entire two weeks leading up to the Super Bowl bashing them as “cheaters” and “disgraces to the game”… I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were the Patriots, but they sure as hell deserve something. Of course, a Lombardi Trophy is pretty good compensation as well!

  So the question becomes, how did the football become so deflated? Is there any evidence that the Colts, in fact, were the ones who deflated the ball in order to incite all this faux outrage and anger towards the team that soundly defeated them for a Super Bowl bid? If there is even a shred of evidence to that end, what punishment should the Colts then face? All questions that need to be answered, and answered soon by the league. Just like the apologies owed to the Pats, I wouldn’t hold my breath on that getting settled in any type of public way either though.

  Despite the newest evidence that DeflateGate is all pure stupidity, Hall of Fame electee Charles Haley joined the legion of idiots who have called the Patriots integrity into question by saying that the scandal will “haunt” Tom Brady for the rest of his life. Haley joins fellow Hall of Famers Jerry Rice and Warren Sapp as having come out to make public statements of this nature. His response came from a press conference question about which quarterback he’d want to play with, Montana or Brady.

  As good a week as this has been for Patriots fans, it’s been equally bad for Browns fans… but what the hell else is new? Gordon is out for 2015 due to his perpetual stupidity… Johnny Football is in rehab (which might end up being a good thing if the guy actually learns something and gets his shit together)… and now there are reports the team could lose draft picks due to text messages sent by GM Ray Farmer regarding play calling. The rich get richer, and the poor get poorer!

  The offseason police blotter has fired up already… here’s the highlights from the post-Super Bowl week…

  • Packers DT Letroy Guion was arrested for felony possession of marijuana in Florida, allegedly carrying $190,000 worth of dope and an illegal firearm.
  • D’Qwell Jackson was arrested for assault over a parking space spat with a pizza delivery guy.
  • Cowboys RB Joseph Randle was arrested for the second time in four months… the charges include possession of marijuana and domestic violence.
  • And, of course, Hall of Famer and NFL Network analyst Warren Sapp was arrested in Arizona during Super Bowl weekend for solicitation of a prostitute and domestic violence.


Less than two weeks until pitchers and catchers report, folks!

  But with that, the Tigers got some bad news this week, learning that Victor Martinez was injured during an offseason workout, and will require surgery on his left knee. So anybody out there still not liking the Cespedes deal? It gives you protection for Miggy in the lineup with Martinez out for likely at least half the season… if not more.  

  Over in the NBA, the NBA’s Eastern Conference Player of the Month was announced… and it was a five way tie! That’s right, the starting lineup of the 17-0 in January Atlanta Hawks was elected as recipients of the award, the first time in NBA history that five players have shared the honor. The Hawks also set a league record by going 17-0 in the month of January… the first team ever to go 17-0 in a single month. All-Star selections Al Horford, Jeff Teague, and Paul Milsap were honored along with Kyle Korver and DeMarre Carroll. Good to see the league actually taking a shine to the whole “team first” concept for a change!

  As for the Hawks, they host the Warriors tonight as the best of the East hosts the best of the West. Who the hell would have thought that this would be a legitimate NBA Finals preview before the start of the season? Of course, ESPN will not have that game featured, as it already scheduled the Clippers vs. Raptors game for the Friday night spot… damn shame.

  In NHL news, while Gordie Howe has made a dramatic recovery from the stroke he suffered, his brother, also an ex-NHL player (33 games for the Rangers over three seasons), Vic Howe passed away this week at the age of 85.

  That’s all I’ve got for this week folks. Thanks as always for reading and for any comments you leave on the way out! Have a great weekend Gabbers.  

Talking Sports
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Now that I have that out of the way. Some thoughts on  the 49th Professional Football Championship Game

Thank You Pete Carrol for the call. I actually didn’t think it was a horrible call. Lynch just brought down inside the one with about 32 seconds left. You throw the pass there it’s either incomplete or a TD the clock stops on the incompletion and you run Lynch again. Unfortunately for Pete a kid named Butler made the play of his life. It was heads up. Just think about that 2 or 3 minute real time span for Malcolm Butler. He covers Kearse perfectly but the football gods allow Kearse to make a Patriot killing catch like David Tyree and Mario Manningham and yes at the moment I didn’t see a Seahawk on the field I saw a Giant. Butler has the good sense if realizing the play isn’t over and knocks Kearse out of bounds. I like all of you that they would go to Lynch again but I also understand the logic in not going to him again in that situation.. The Butler kid like I said before comes up big.

Here are just a few things I picked up on

The kid Chris Mathews came up big. The funny thing in the first half Collingsworth is telling the Mathews story and says he was working at a Footlocker Store. Somebody must of got angry that Footlocker got a free plug  without paying millions for that 5 second mention, Because in the second have Al Michaels reinterates the story and says he was working at a sporting goods store  selling shoes

The halftime show was awful, The commercials were worse except anything with a puppy works. The Fiat Viagra commercial., Did make me laugh when the lil Blue pill reached the gas take and the Fiat grew.

Shane Vereen didn’t get enough credit because he made several clutch plays.

I’ll give one to Sherman,, he shook Brady’s hand and told him he was a great player.

Brady was just so Damn good in the 4th quarter despite two picks.

I sat there as Seattle scored on 4 straight possessions, Have had that feeling since the Grady Little Pedro Game.

Belichick was at his best not calling a timeout before the interception, that gave Carrol no time to reconsider.

Lynch is  a frigging beast. Like the guy hate the guy man he is a beast when he runs.

Julian Edelman who needs Wes Welker the kid can play.

Brady deserved that win big time and it puts him in the elite. I  won’t say that he is the best of the best because I would start a team with anyone of them but in my heart he is the best.

Belichick has installed playing 60 minutes in these guys and to do their jobs and that’s exactly what they did.


Was hit by two more scandals that they took care of quietly, No oyutrage on ESPN , No talking morons saying it compromised the intergirty of the game.

The Browns were fined and will loose a draft pick for the GM texting player groups and other stuff to the sidelines. The Falcons will be fined for pumping crowd noise. That is something the drop a dime Colts had been doing for years.

Can you image if these incidents in volved the Patriots , I can hear the Hate.

The Colts D'qwell Jackson was arrested last night in DC on assault charges. Maybe just Maybe the Colts GM should worry about his players off the field instead of the psi on the field.

Lil Lakesiders Report

The boys played twice over this past weekend after the fallout of 2 feet of snow last week and another 16 inches this past Monday. The boys lost 4-2 on Saturday Lil lanz popped one home from in front. He beat the goalie to the far side. I missed it had to have the car fixed more on that later. On Sunday they won an outstanding Hockey Game winning 1-0. Goalie Jonathon stood on his head. Lil Lanz broke is no penalty strike as he got a tipping call. It was a strange play he was sweeping at the puck with his stick and got the kids skate and he fell. It was a good call he pleaded with the ref. The guy said I saw it and I know there was no intent but it is still a penalty. It was the right call at the wrong time with about 3 and a half minutes in a tight game.

Speaking about goalies standing on there head Harvard lost to BU in a double overtime 4-3, The Harvard Goalie was spent after facing 64 shots on goal. The kid was spent for the second overtime. He even looked hurt but what an effort.

Monday night it’s off to the Beanpot finals as my Northeastern University Huskies will take on BU in the finals.

Damn Cars suck. So last week my car decided it doesn’t want to start in the mornings.  Doesn’t want to start after sitting all day at work. So I take it a National Tire and Battery Chain owned by Sears. I have them change the Battery that was two weeks ago yesterday. Thursday car starts good I’m living large. Starts after work. Friday the car dies. Again have to jump start it. I bring it to my regular guy to check the Alternator. It’s fine. I bring it back to the Battery place and he says it’s not the battery it’s something drawing off the battery something not shutting it self off. So I call a local guy to fix it on the recommendation of my guy. I have to wait a week before he can get to it. A week of  taking the Battery terminals off and put them back on .

Thank God for my trusty 10mm wrench. I leave Lil Lanz’s Hockey game  to get to the local guy by 8. He shows up at 5 past.  We go over the problem. Remember we just got 2 feet of snow and we have no sidewalks. So he has wife drive me home. A few hours later the car is ready. The Mrs wasn’t home he sends his wife to pick me up. The problem an A/C relay wasn’t shutting off. He replaces the new Battery with a newer one charges me the difference like 9 bucks. He says the Battery they sold me wasn’t good for New England weather and didn’t hold a charge due to the constant draining. It caused a bad cell. He replaced the relay and a couple of battery wires. Car has been great didn’t charge me a whole lot of money either. You just can’t get service like that any more.

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