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Welcome to Wednesday, Gabbers. I think that the baseball writers MIGHT have gotten the hint. Following 2013 and their decision to elect no one into the hall, the voters got a taste of how the public viewed them. Things were looking ugly. The process was flawed. People wanted to take all or part of the vote out of their hands. There wasn’t a sports fan out there that didn’t want to tear down the very foundations of the hall of fame following that vote.

At the time, the non-election was seen as a shot across the bow at steroid era players. Several writers boasted that they intentionally left their ballots blank to send a message. The following year, Dan LeBatard famously sold his ballot and voting privileges to Deadspin; an act which the same writers who refused to use their privilege, or use it to belabor a dull point, called a slap in the face of the honor of the position.  Fans, on the other hand, celebrated the move. These different reactions just showed how far apart the fans were from the so-called experts. These experts were men, mind you, who used to sit among the fans in the early days of the sport.

That same year voters elected three men into the hall. Now, these were sure fire, no doubters (Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine, and Frank Thomas), but their election was a good sign. That election showed that perhaps the voters understood the uproar they caused in 2013. Maybe, just maybe, the voters learned that the hall vote was not a place to air their grievances.

Flash forward to yesterday. It was announced that four candidates were elected into Cooperstown: Randy Johnson, Pedro Martinez, John Smoltz, and Craig Biggio. Four. That number is huge considering there were none just two years ago. It was also the first time since 1955 that a class this large was chosen for enshrinement.

This doesn’t excuse the snubs or the men who just missed their shot at being elected this year. Many of these snubs show that the specter of the steroid era is still haunting the ballots and the voters. (A whole lot of people believe that suspicion of use is keeping Mike Piazza from reaching the hall.) It does show that there are still changes that can be made to the process.

I heard a conversation with Buster Olney today. Olney noted that the limits placed on voting play a significant role in players not being elected unanimously or being selected at all. Voters can vote for a total of 10 players. This year’s ballot featured 34 names. Voters frequently have to make exceptions to lobby for guys they feel won’t get a fair shake. Olney mentioned that he has left players he knew should get in off the ballot because he knew they would make it with or without his vote. Randy Johnson got 97.3% of the votes. Troy Percival got .7%. That means 4 people voting for Troy Percival, a good player though not Hall worthy, cost Johnson the chance to be unanimous.

Here the age-old question rears its head: it is the Hall of Fame isn’t it? It’s not the Hall of Good. It seems obvious that voters should get more than ten choices. How many should they get? I’m not really great at math, but it should be increased to a number that would make it easier for truly deserving players to get selected on every ballot. On this year’s ballot, 27 layers received votes. I’d have to think increasing the number to 15 would help improve odds. I don’t know if there needs to be a unanimous player elected, but I feel it should be a possibility.

Musings From The Hoodwood 1-6
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Hoodwood Remembers Stuart Scott (1965-2015)

Greetings from the Hoodwood, where we honor one of our own. Though we never met, he was an inspiration to the sports writers and broadcasters alike.

NFL: Not so wild weekend

The first weekend of the NFL playoffs were not the usual wild upset filled weekend that everyone has become accustomed to. The three games were kind of boring. The woeful Panthers tried every which way to lose their home playoff game to the rudderless Cards but in the end the Panthers got a 27-16 win that sends them to a Saturday Night execution in Seattle. It was a sad coda for a team that won 11 games and for a time was looking like one of the preeminent teams of not only the NFC but the NFL, but after losing a bevy of quarterback and Ryan Lindley proving in spades why he wasnt an NFL caliber quarteback at all the Cards were a shell of the great team that had dreams of being the first team to play as a true home team in the Super Bowl

The Saturday nightcap looked like it would be a true grudge match, the Steelers hosted their bitter divisional rival the Ravens and a slugfest was expected. But without the dynamic running of LeVeon Bell the Steelers looked flat and uninspired. The Ravens never looked like that they were in any danger and a rowdy Heinz Field crowd sat mostly in stony silence as the Ravens dominated a 30-17 win from start to finish. The Ravens now head to Foxboro where they have had more success in recent memory. The Pats have been resting for two weeks having had clinched the #1 before Christmas. The Steelers having been so haughty just ten days ago and harboring dreams of their 7th title were sent home rather rudely

The Sunday game featured two teams that are the closest in the AFC, at 112 miles between Paul Brown Stadium and Lucas Oil Stadium both teams are so close yet so far away. The AFC South Champ Colts are ascending and with the dynamic Andrew Luck and dominant in their division. While the Bengals continue a stagnant pattern, decent in the regular season  and having qualified for their fourth straight playoff appearance and like the three before it, a lifeless playoff effort. The Bengals have yet to lead in the 2nd half of any of their playoff games and the Bengals Andy Dalton remains an enigma. The Colts led most of the way in the 26-10 win and head to Denver where Luck's p[redecssor Peyton Manning waits as only the 2nd QB to face the team he led to a title in the playoffs. Now the questions begin anew in Cincy, after 100 wins and 6 playoff apperances in the last decade is Marvin Lewis on the way out? Is he the right man to finally break the Bengals 25 year playoff jinx.The natives are restless and the spectre of the dark years of 1991-2002 hangs over this franchise. 

The weekend nightcap looked to be another boring game as the Lions jumped on the Pokes and led 14-0, I was all ready to write another sad chapter in the litany of playoff failures by Romo, Garrett and the star crossed Pokes. But a funny thing happened, the Cowboys hung tough and rallied aided by a curious non call pass interference call or rather a call that was made and picked up that short circuited a Lions drive. To Romo's credit he did lead the Pokes on a late drive capped by a touchdown strike to Terrance Willams to give them the lead and the win. The Pokes head to the frozen tundra of Lambeau to face a Packers squad that has yet to lose at home and a defense that has to solve the riddle of Aaron Rodgers who has yet to make a turnover at home. To their credit the Pokes have yet to lose on the road...something has to give

Thoughts on Stuart

I remember when ESPN2 started in the early 90 and they had Sportsnight, Trying desperately to seem hip and cutting edge, It was almost painful to watch Keith Olbermann try to be overly cool. Suzy Kolber was always easy on the eyes but she looked dumb reporting on sports that ESPN stopped showing in the early 80s with slo pitch softball and log splitting. The real star was Stuart Scott one of the few black anchor/reporters who looked and sounded like me. Now no dis to John Saunders who I admired (and still do) but Scott knew the hip hop lingo and sounded like he did, He reported the scores and highlights like the dudes at the barbershop did. But Scott was more than a hip linguist, he knew the sports and oozed a cool mannerism that was edgy yet disarming and magnetic. Scott became a favorite anchor of mine on ESPN and though I detested his often smug pompuous partner on Sportscenter the preening Rich Eisen I tolerated him to hear the catchphrases Scott said like "Having a block party with Pookie, Ray-Ray some Funkadelic on the 8 track" or The Lawd said you have to rise up-ah"  or everyones favorite "Cool as the other side of the pillow" Scott was like me a father to two daughters and was very poignant in his acceptance speech of the Jimmy V Espy for perserverance after having battled cancer on numerous occasions. He dedicated his fight to them and was eloquent in doing so. Scott lost his fight with cancer on Sunday and the sports broadcasting world mourned his passing. You might not like ESPN but you had to give Scott his credit for making sports a little more cooler and urban and urbane.

Give me 8 hours and Ill put the rest of the column in here...check back for it...seriously.

College Football: Is this the end for the SEC? I find it ironic that it started with Urb and he may have started the end of it as well. The SEC for the past ten years has been the preeminent if not dominant entity in college football. Start with Meyer’s Florida teams, add Alabama and LSU in the mix with a splash of Auburn and you’ve had a nearly unbroken stream of SEC teams dominating the college championships. Many shrugged off the Florida State win over Auburn in last years title game as a magical team at the right time catching an SEC team that was good but extremely lucky to be that far. But this year…the silence is deafening. Meyer’s Florida team put a whooping on Ohio State and in an ironic twist. Meyer led Ohio State to a thrilling shootout win against Alabama, long consider the bully of the bullies in the SEC. The odds were stacked high against a good but not great Ohio State team. I considered their teams from the past two years better. Starting a 3rd string QB in the capable but wholly untested Cardale Jones, the Bucks rolled up 537 yards on the Tide defense. Hold up 537 yards? On BAMA??? Yes, now Ive seen the Bucks offense twice in person. Once, in Columbus where they ran roughshod on my poor beloved Bearcats and in the Big Easy on New Years Night. I’m no Buck honk in anyway, but I was trying to tell my friends I was at the game with that the Bucks play high speed like an SEC team with Big Ten (plus four) brute power. They sat mouths agape as the Bucks rallied again and again, taking the Tides best punch and bouncing back with clutch scores. The 42-35 thriller sent the Bucks to North Texas where they will face Oregon who humiliated defending national Champ Florida State in a brutal 59-20 slaughter that was close for about 2 ½ quarters then got completely housed as the Ducks took advantage of every Seminole miscue to score the last 34 points of the game. Let that sink in …34 straight points in less than 25 minutes of game clock time. But back to the SEC, the other teams in the conference got housed badly. TCU angry about being left out of the national title picture, thrashed Ole Miss as the top 5 teams were blanked. Auburn, Mississippi State, LSU also took losses. You have to drill down to Georgia neophyte SEC members Mizzou and Texas A&M to find bowl wins

Phat Dap

To Pedro Martinez, Randy Johnson, Craig Biggio and John Smoltz, the newest members of the Baseball Hall of Fame. No questions on the creds of these four. These are my generations great players with no taint.

Head Slap

To the Oregon players that chanted No Means No in the waning moments of the Ducks semifinal rout of Florida State. Obviously directed to Jameis Winston, that was pure bad taste. And additional slap goes to the chowder head that keyed some of the Noles players cars in Tallahassee. The Noles had their 29 game win streak shattered they didn’t need that as well.

Quick Hits

If Atlanta is so fo real, why are they not drawing and rumors have them moving to Seattle

Andy Dalton….sigh

Jameis better get used to having his head kicked in…hes gonna experience that a lot in Tampa or Nashville next year

The Winter Classic…in balmy DC, is this something that should always be in an arctic venue?

If Marvin Lewis gets fired, he wont be unemployed long

Was it me or was it kinda weird to see Jim Harbaugh on the sidelines calm in Pittsburgh with the Ravens

Until Next Post Fellow Sports Fans

Week 1 in the Books
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We took the boy skiing this weekend for the first time this season.  Being at the mountain is always a stark reminder to me how much I hate snow and cold.  The one redeeming thing about it was that he’s now old enough to be out on the slopes with a friend, meaning that we can go sit in the pub in the warm instead of waiting at the end of the run.


Took in a fun band, had a few beers with friends.  


Week 1 of the NFL Postseason is in the books, which means week 2 is set.  The Patriots will be playing a familiar postseason foe and Peyton Manning again faces the Colts; The Panthers earned the right to be beaten by Seattle and Dallas earned the right to be beaten by Green Bay next week.  


Now, I have this irrational hatred of the Cowboys.  I don’t know why, but two of the powerhouse teams of my childhood - the Cowboys and Raiders - are probably my most hated teams.  I understand my hatred of the Raiders, but my hatred of the Cowboys is simply irrational.  There’s simply no real basis for it.  As a result I only really see them play on Thanksgiving or on some national game.  So, with that said, I’ve come to agree with Skip Bayless - which is not something you’ll hear me say often.  The Cowboys will never win a Super Bowl with Tony Romo...or perhaps more specifically, the Cowboys will never win with Jason Garrett.  This is a dumb team.  


They have Detroit pinned back on the ½ yard line.  3 and out, and punt...except there’s a running into the punter penalty - a new first down and 5 yards of field position...which ended with a touchdown.   


Late third quarter, Dallas down 20-7 Dez Bryant takes a Romo pass into the end zone...except there’s a holding penalty, ultimately scoring but on 4th and goal - desperation time.  This team is too talented to be this dumb and that’s on the coaching.  


Stafford loses the ball at the 2-minute warning, Dallas picks it up and promptly puts it back on the ground.  Detroit recovers and with the change of possession gets a first down.


To be sure, Detroit made some poor decisions in that 4th quarter, but the big thing was the blown PI call.   Detroit fans should be outraged at that non-call/flag-pickup - it’s the only reason Dallas won this game.  In fact, football fans should be outraged by that.  Just because the officiating team hadn’t worked with each other and haven’t built a level of trust, the flag gets picked up?  The one guy with a full view of the play gets overruled.  Wow.  Just wow.  I’m reminded of an old SNL skit where Frank Sinatra is watching a football game, makes a phone call saying something to the effect of “I’d like to see a fumble on this kick off,” whereupon on the kickoff is fumbled.  One wonders if someone called down to the officials and suggested that they really wanted to pick up that flag.


Meanwhile, John Harbaugh announced to the assembled media at his presser that Joe Flacco is the best quarterback in football.  The poor man is delusional.  Sure, he’s got 10 playoff wins since 2008.  That’s good.  But if he had a chance at Tom Brady or Aaron Rogers, and I’m guessing even Philip Rivers, you know he’d jump at that.  Flacco is a good quarterback - but he’s being paid like a Great quarterback, so perhaps it’s Harbaugh ballwashing to justify the rate.  The flipside of the Flacco story is Andy Dalton.  Poor bastard can’t cut a break.  Joe Flacco’s teams win despite him; Dalton’s teams lose despite him.  


Demaryius Thomas is delusional as well.  Peyton vs. The Colts is hardly ancient history.  Luck has made a name for himself in Indianapolis - I mean succeeding Peyton Manning would he a tall order for anyone, and he’s succeeded nicely, but Manning is one of the greatest of all time - ALL TIME.  You don’t just move on from that - it will ALWAYS be a thing as long as Manning is playing.


While the Lions’ 23 year playoff win drought came to a close - interestingly enough their last win against the Cowboys - the Bengals’ continues.  24 years without a win.  The Lions, Bills, and Browns also haven’t won in this century, but at least they’ve been good enough to get to the playoffs.  The Bills haven’t played a postseason game since 1999...well January 8, 2000.  That’s harsh.   Consider this page for a moment: so much despair and misery represented.  

That’s only misery on the field - football is an emotional game.  Passion is built over the course of 4 months.  You get 1 game a week and they ALL matter.  All leading to a game-to-game playoff run.  You get 1 chance, and one play can change everything.  A shanked punt.  A fumble.  A missed call.  All matter.  As passionate as I know I can be fo my team, there’s a line there.


Details are apparently sketchy, but a Russian national soccer player - Gasan Magomendov - was shot dead with a machine gun Saturday. Looks as though he was in the wrong place at the wrong time, but it serves to highlight that there are more important things than wins and loses.  Others have written more eloquently about Stuart Scott than I could, and so I choose to acknowledge his passing but not write about it.  No one is writing about Magomendov, so I thought it important to do so.


I’ve got jury duty tomorrow so I’m hoping I don’t get picked - I’ve got a bunch of things scheduled so I’ve got to work on my sob stories. Wish me luck.


NASCAR Update And Other Fast Stuff 1-4-15
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Howdy & Happy New Year. Welcome Gabbers & others to my NASCAR updates and other fast stuff. Was checking Twitter and up pops this picture. Really puts it all in perspective. Been sick all week with whatever the crowd at work has been carrying around for the last 2 months. My head wants to explode, my nose is running like a broken faucet and I can barely move. Had to work Wed, Thur & Fri to get my holiday pay. They all gave it to me so the least I could do is get to work and share. 

Today I took off. Got a call. Hospice said that my Uncle Sherlock was on his way out by late afternoon. They're pretty good at that prediction thing. So another uncle has passed.  A WWll vet, drove locomotives and lived to 89 years. That leaves my dad and 2 of his sisters left. 

When you're young you just assume that things won't change. They'll go on and on. I just can't believe in a span of a year I've lost 2 uncles and an aunt. Family reunions won't be the same going forward. The old gaurd is moving out and will be passed on to us. 

For a couple weeks now there's been that end of year motage thing. Best of this best of that. I really like You Tube. The concerts and documentaries are awesome. I love the videos done by folks like you and I. Chronicling their struggles, dreams, triumphs, and every day lives. Some help you see that we're all the same no matter what country we live in. We all pretty much want the same things. Food on the table, roof over head and a bit of happiness to round it out.


So now it's the new year. What do you need? What do you want? Where are you going? 

My mid life crisis clock has been ringing for quite some time now. Still not sure what I want or where I want to go. I added climb Kilimanjaro to the bucket list. Is that even possible to get to? It's like almost $5000 just to walk into the park where that mountain is. For the price of a new car I could get a plane ticket and join a safari up that mountain. Still cheaper than getting a fast red convertible. Speeding tickets suck.

So I saw Ellie May Clampett ( Donna Douglas ) and Little Jimmy Dickens passed away this weekend. My uncle will have awesome company. Ellie May can dance with him while Jimmy sings his song. 

May the Bird of Paradise fly up your nose

May an elephant caress you with his toes

May your wife be plagued with runners in her hose

May the Bird of Paradise fly up your nose

Time marches on. Watched the Grand Ole Opry and Hee Haw on tv growing up. Jimmy was short ( 4' 11" ) but funny. He referred to himself as Willie Nelson after taxes. 


Found this gem too. Time still marches on.

So instead of New Years Resolutions I decided on Life style challenges. I'm continuing on my path of recommitment to vegetarianism. The vegan thing is just too hard. Raw vegan is even more insane. I will simply challenge myself to be as vegan as I can but if cheese is required on my sandwich then damn it I'm having a slice of cheese.

Over the past year I've felt way better getting back on my green juices. It has flushed a lot of toxins out taking health issues with those toxins that plagued me. My mind is clearer. I'm less bloated. My clothes fit much better. So now my new life style challenge is to get moving. Exercise. That's such an ugly word. Especially after a 10 hour day at work. 

Found a web site called Veganuary.com. Apparently January is a time of change. Who knew? So some brain out there said lets challenge people to eat vegan for a month complete with recipes. There's just no replacing some things. Vegan cheese is just not cheese. But it's a cute web site.

You can add Cronometer.com to your tools if you're working on losing weight and want to keep track of your calorie intake. You type in what you ate that day and it tells you your caloric intake as well as vitamins and minerals. Haven't signed up yet but I'm curious.

So any way, not much going on in the land of Left Turns. You have the usual movement of crew member talent, deals being made, birthdays, births and so on. Kind of like any other sport. Dale Jr did a Q & A on Twitter while he was on a plane. Says he loves the back and forth with everyone. Twitter is cool in that the drivers hang out on there to let the fans know what they're doing.


So this is me. My head still hurts. I need to get back to bed. Hope everyones New Years Eve was good, you all meet your challenges for the new year head on 

And I'm outta here.....




Saturday Coffee With The Hoov--Jan 3, 2015
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Happy New Year…blah blah blah, etc etc.


Now that the regular NFL season is over (and the Irish got their act back togother to beat an SEC also-ran) I’m still in denial mode that the Chiefs narrowly missed the playoffs.  What a weird year.  As has been noted elsewhere—how do you go an entire season in today’s NFL without throwing ONE touchdown to a wide receiver?  And it sucks to miss the playoffs in a year when you beat New England by 27…and lose to Tennessee and Oakland.  Other than that Tennessee anomaly in week one, and the Denver game I attended at Arrowhead on that ridiculously cold Sunday night—the Chiefs were in every game.  All of the other five loses were within a score, and several featured the Chiefs with the ball inside the opponents 20 as the game ended, with miserable clock and game management.  We also had a couple of games which may have turned differently but for missed field goals that could be considered “routine” in distance.


So while I’m really dissecting my own Kansas City Chiefs, it leads me to several raging pet peeves when it comes to today’s football, primarily in the NFL.  So let’s hit 'em:  field goal kickers, clock/game management, and offensive philosophy/game planning.


First off: field goal kickers.  So in this American Idol day and age, when we have every kid under the age of 8 playing soccer nearly year round and Honey Boo Boo will do anything for fame, money and glory…we can’t find 32 guys who can consistently kick field goals in the NFL?  What, none of these kids wants to make a million bucks a year and live the NFL life enough to focus on a career?  They’d rather be accountants or exercise physiologists or customer service representatives?  (not that there’s anything wrong with any of those careers…but I digress)



I have a friend I use to work with whose kid was consistently hammering 45-50 yard field goals as a sophomore in high school.  There was a video on YouTube (which I can’t find now) that showed him kicking one 54 yards from a tee-holder that fall when he was 15.  Actually if you go to YouTube there’s no shortage of young kids kicking 50-plus yarders.  He was a standout soccer player, but moonlighted for the football team in the fall.  I think his longest was 40-plus yards—which is great for a high school kid.  So he went on to college, and is not playing soccer or kicking footballs.  From what I saw this fall, he could get a free agent tryout at any number of places in the NFL, and I saw at least two college games in person where he could have been the kicker for an ACC team. 


So I don’t get it.  Again, everyone wants their fifteen minutes.  Why wouldn’t there be at least three dozen kids who wanted to make big bucks and kick for five months, and then play golf the rest of the year?  It dumbfounds me.


Two: clock and game management.  The first time I recall this being grossly and serially abused was with the Mike Martz Rams of the early 2000’s.  Martz would call timeouts midway through either half to get a play call right, or because his headset wasn’t working, or when the beer guy was wandering by…only to find himself at the eight yard line and driving as time ran out and he was out of TO’s.



Andy Reid reminds me of Martz in this regard.  They will burn a timeout early in the half—I recall one game, I think this year, where I kid you not they called a timeout on like the third play of the second half…THE THIRD PLAY!  You’ve just been sitting around for fifteen minutes, and what, it didn’t occur to you to consider the opening drive of the second half after you’ve received the kickoff?  Dude, seriously.   And of course then you get to the end of the game and are racing around spiking the ball or watching your team try to line up as time runs out.  I would pin the Chief’s losses to Arizona, Oakland and San Francisco this year directly to this syndrome, but for one glaring problem—offensive philosophy.  But I’ll get to that in a minute.



(my significant other, Chris, virtually every time she sees a shot similar to the pic above, says “Is he getting ready to call a play or order breakfast at Waffle House?  With that laminated menu I can’t tell…”  I love that woman.)


This timeout thing strikes me a little bit like organizational skills 101.  It’s like your kid who can’t make it to class on time, or is always late to practice. Someone is a little bit lazy or not paying attention or not focusing on what matters…and in a game where everyone is making millions of dollars to be good at what they do that just isn’t acceptable to me. 




Now, back to offensive philosophy.  And again, while I will focus on my Chiefs anecdotally, there are plenty of offenders around the league.   Explain to me how you can drive the ball down the field by handing it off to a talent like Jamaal Charles and you’re chopping down six or eight yards at a time, and yet get to the three or four yard line in the red zone—and every play becomes a quarterback rollout with no real specific pass patterns being run?  These always seem to end up poorly, at best with an incomplete floater thrown into the stands, but just as often with a sack.  How can you not have a plan, or worse yet, how can you go so blatantly away from what has worked?



What makes this even more comical was a circumstance in the Pittsburgh game near the end of the season.  Pittsburgh had shut down the line of scrimmage, so the Chiefs started running these little floater plays in the flats…screens, checkdowns, etc.  And it was working!  So they drive the ball to about the 40 and need a score late in the game.  And with a fourth and inches what do they do?  Hand the ball off to Charles of course, right into the middle of the line.   ??????!!!!!!



The football coach at my high school (who was a legend by the way…he started our program from SCRATCH--nobody had EVER played football before!--in 1975, and in his first eight full seasons had a record of 74-6, 81-10 including the playoffs, with one state championship and another state runner up) was notorious for running off tackle.  His teams blocked it lights out and it was not unusual to have two backs (in the state championship year, THREE backs) who would rush for 1000 yards in one season.  At one presser after a game, a scribe from the Ft Wayne Journal Gazette asked him why they ran off tackle so much, why he didn’t do something different.  Coach Smith’s reply: “When they learn how to stop that we will.”



(As an aside, Coach Smith also had the best press response I’ve ever heard from a coach in any sport.  In the state championship year of 1979, the Valley team was a juggernaut.  The D was astounding, and the aforementioned backfield featured not only a 1000 yard passer, but a 2000 yard rusher, and two more who went over 1000 yards each.  They sprinted through the three rounds of the state playoffs with scores of 67-0, 63-6, and 44-14 in the state championship game.  In the last regular season game of the year, they beat a weak conference opponent 81-0.  When asked by a reporter if he thought that might be running up the score, Coach Smith replied “The JV started at the beginning of the second half and the freshmen played the fourth quarter.  Until they start letting me dress the eighth graders that’s the best we’re gonna be able to do…”)



So anyway, I like a coach who knows what his team is good at and knows how to run it.


There you have the three things I’m left with at the end of this NFL season.  I don't have a clue who I'm pulling for in the playoffs. I guess I'd like to see Peyton get another ring...mostly because I think he'd hang it up and clear some space in the AFC West.  I can tell you unabashadly that I'm thrilled there isn't an SEC team in the college playoff.  And I think Oregon vs. O-H...I-O... will be a helluva game.


Maybe it's a Happy New Year after all....





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