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NASCAR Update And Other Fast Stuff 6-28-14
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It's midnight as I write this Gabbers & others. Welcome to my NASCAR updates & other fast stuff. Was watching the Kentucky race this evening. No, not horses. It was cars. Keep seeing this McDonalds commercial and I don't get it. Actually I think I do but it's stupid. I'm sure you've seen it. There's a lady sitting at a bus stop and 4 guys make like a shield so a truck driving through the puddles doesn't splash her. That damn soccer stuff is every where. No motors. Not interested.


This week Jimmie, owner Rick Hendrick & The #48 team were at the White House. Obama honored Jimmie for his 6 championships and charitable contributions. His foundation has donated nearlt $7 million to schools and other charities.

Obama made a crack about Jimmie winning so much that he should have his own parking space but not his and don't be doing burn outs. He compared Jimmie to Michael Jordon. Because of his 6 championships in 8 years it made him the Michael Jordan of NASCAR.


Home Depot has announced that they'll be leaving NASCAR & will not be Kenseth's paint scheme at the end of the season. Not to worry, Dollar General has stepped up to 30 races next year. So JGR has to find sponsorship for 6 regular races and the All Star race.

Still no word on M&M's renewing with Ky Bu. After the Sonoma race last weekend Ky Bu was heard on the radio asking if M&M had signed the contract yet. The answer was no but you ran a good race.

So I'm sure he'll be Kenseth's team mate next season but sponsorship stuff is hard to nail down. I just can't see Carl Edwards becoming the face of M&M's if he were to join JGR next year.†

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Speaking of Kenseth, this was his tire at Kentucky this evening. He said he felt it going on the track. Gave up 6th place but fought back from 26th to finish 4th.


Last Sunday was the road rage road course. It was definitely that. Cars bouncing off each other and tires and jumping over the curbing into each other. Allmendinger led the most laps with 35 but no W for him. Harvick's pit crew screwed up again and got Harvick mired in traffic on a restart. Result? Bowyer's tire was going down so McMurray booted him out of the way and right into Harvick. Vickers spun out Stenhouse. Stewart got a speeding penalty. What a rookie mistake. Despite a hard charging Gordon, Edwards took the lead with 20 to go and that was it.

Top 15 Finishers : Edwards - Gordon - Dale Jr - McMurray - Menard - Kahne - Johnson - Ambrose - Biffle - Bowyer - Newman - Ku Bu - Mears - Vickers - Truex Jr

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Mr Keselowski had the pole and led a race high 199 laps in a dominating win. I certainly didn't expect it. He and his team mate Logano took turns leading the race. Ky Bu was the only other to lead a few laps at the end of the race. He thought he got away but Keselowski reeled him in. I'm interested to see if he passes post race inspection. Nobody could touch Keselowski all night. He passed every one with ease. Too much ease if you ask me.

Other high lights? Hamlin cut a tire down and slammed the wall on lap 29. Done. On lap 77 rookie Larson did the same thing. Done. Harvicks crew screwed up on pit road again. I thought he was going to explode. He did rally back to a 7th place finish. Wonder if the crew guys walked home? Gordon's crew had issues with an air wrench. He too battled back to a 6th place finish. Logano lost a cylinder in the last 25 laps but held on for a top 10.

Top 15 Finishers : Keselowski - Ky Bu - Newman - Kenseth - Dale Jr - Gordon - Harvick - Kahne - Logano - Johnson - Stewart - Ku Bu - Ambrose - Biffle - Menard


Next Saturday night is the Daytona Coke Zero 400. Mr Johnson won last year. Of course this is a high speed crap shoot just like Dega. It's any bodies race. Even The Danica could pull this one out of her helmet. I expect HMS power to be up front. Seven of the top 15 finishers at Kentucky were HMS motors.†

I'm sure Hamlin will continue his destructive ways. Not picking him. Harvicks pit crew needs a revamp. Not picking him. Bowyer & Vickers aren't driving up to expectations this year. Not picking them.Kahne is cursed. Was last year too. He's either brilliant or wrecking. Not picking him. Ku Bu is usually self destructing. So has his brother Ky Bu lately too. Not picking either of them. These are the top dawgs that are under performing or have an issue to over come. Every body else is good to go in my opinion.†

Good luck with your picks.

I'll be working on July 4th. My employer said they expect high volumes but we can put ourselves on the waitlist. They'll visit it the day before to see if they can let people off. What ever. It'll be double time for me. Not like I can't use that.†

Any way, Happy 4th of July coming up. Thanks for all those that have served, and are serving this great country. I do love my ordinary existance. I went to the Dollar Tree and bought red, white & blue pin wheels and flags for my yard.....

Everybody stay safe. Enjoy your weekend.

And I'm outta here......

The Brain of the Fan
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I was chatting with my Dad the other day about the Nationals and he reminded me that if he is watching, the Nats are losing. †Of course, the logical side in me told him he was ridiculous and his presence or absence in front of the TV had no impact on the outcome of the game. †My effort to disuade him came in the form of a "lucky" baseball hat which I predicted ensured victory. †To my dismay, he has told me that the cap has yet to see victory. †And his viewing curse is apparently not limited to baseball. †My Dad had season tickets to the very first season of the Washington Capitals...as I recall, the Caps won 8 games that season. †Is it possible that his mere presence cursed an entire franchise?!

Yesterday during the Nationals broadcast, colorman F.P. Santangelo commented that the Nats have a tough time on the road becuase the club is highly "ritualized." † Apparently, †it is hard to keep to those things on the road. †Thus, the Nationals have dropped 2 in row to the lowly, but improving Cubs. †A quick review of baseball rituals by players turned up the lead photo of Jose Constanza (not George, but close enough) licking his bat as part of his bizarre approach to improving his hitting. †

There are some legendary rituals and superstitions in baseball going all the way up through Jason Giambi's slump busting gold thong....(Nuke LaLoos, anyone?)

I have tried to figure if I let myself fall into this pattern...the "it's only stupid if it doesn't work" mentality. †I think I have rooted it out, but I can't help but feel apprehensive when I get Capitals playoff tickets to a game 7...or maybe its just that the Caps stink!

What's your approach? †Sit on one side of couch perhaps? †Wear a favorite cap or jersey? †What we do as fans to help our teams win...like my Dad, willing to flip off the channel just to bring home a winner!

Storminnorman's Sports Blog 6/27
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Hey Gabbers, it's time for another Friday of Storminnorman's sports blog, and for once I am pretty much at a loss for words, so we will see where this blog will take me as I will be here for a while next to Hal. But anyway I thought I would start out by saying congrats to Old Harry's daughter on her pending Honorable Discharge from the Marines next Friday, and thank her for serving and protecting our country.......

As I mentioned in IHM"s weekly rumble last Saturday, all will be well in Tiger land by season's end. I hate to say I was right, but the 6 game winning streak is a sign of things turning around. J.D. Martinez, Victor along with basically the whole lineup is tearing the cover off the ball at the moment, punishing opposing pitchers at an alarming rate. IHM you know that the Tigers are better than every team in the Central Division †and probably two-thirds of the rest of the American league, especially if the pitching and hitting are clicking on all cylinders. The Rangers will be lucky to not wind up being swept tonight as I am typing out my blog.†

Next it will be off to Houston to face the young Astro's team, who seem to have found their way since the Tigers last faced them. Their young starters gave the Tigers fits in Detroit, even if the results didn't show after the last series, it gave the yong Stro's confidence they could compete.

If I remember right, it's the A's and the Ray's next week when the Tigers return home.

I wonder how the people of the City of Cleveland feel about LeBron James wanting to return to the Cavs, not going to be a very well-received homecoming if it happens. Go figure, leave Cleveland for Miami to help them finish at the bottom of the league and rack up high draft choices to rebuild, then return to Cleveland with a better chance to win a title than what you had when you left? Sounds kind of screwy if you ask me, but afterall this is the NBA, and nothing makes sense. And now Wade and Bosh are considering leaving Miami and following, this stinks like a big pile of shit (excuse my language).

Tuesday myself and the Mrs. celebrated our 14th year together as husband and wife, can't believe she has actually put up with me for this long. While I was off last week (only because I knew Kroger) would screw up this week, I took her for a nice steak dinner with all the fixings, and we actually had a pretty nice afternoon without our kids. Then on Friday, my sister got married to the man she has been with for 26 years, for whom I have 3 beautiful neices. I was actually happy for her, or think she may need a drug test, since she swore off marrying him to my face on several occasions.....

This is just one of my favorite videos, thought I would throw it in......

As we head towards the end the NBA draft will have started and hopefully ended, as the Pistons have only one pick at 38. Not much chance of them getting a great player to help them, unless someone drops off or they trade Josh Smith like the rumors have been swirling.

NFL Training camps will be opening soon after the 4th, one of our favorite times as for most we head of to our fantasy leagues and root for our teams that way. Who do you think is the early favorite to win the Super Bowl?

Hey that's all I have, don't forget to stop by and visit Hal and I will see all of you during the week. By the way B.O.B. do you think "The Freak" is still washed up? I never really gave up on him, he may not be the same pitcher he was when he came up as a rookie, but as you can see he can still pitch well......

Talking Sports
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Can we talk here? Iím sick of all the political correctness shit. part my French here but it is all shit. The Federal Trade commission has taken away† the Washington Redskin. Yes unlike many scribes who refuse to write Redskins even though they did for many years itís just not PC. Anymore. I hope Dan Snyder sticks to his guns (Can I say guns will I offend anybody) and tell our legislatures †no doubt they are behind this move to shoveit up his ass. Remember Snyder has better lawyers then the government and better resources. They set precedent 15 years ago when the REDSKINS won a similar case.

The Redskins not having the trademark means the guy that sells the REDSKINS knock off tee shits for 5 bucks canít get in trouble. As we set this slippery slope I took bigger look at some other sports teams . Letís get ride of Indians, Braves, Chiefs, Warriors, Aztecs, Seminoles and the Fighting Siuox wait they already have been nixed. These all could potentially be deemed as offensive to Native Americas according to the PC police and not necessary native Americans Iím sure some are offended and Iím sure many arenít or could care less.

Letís look at this whole class of Teams Raiders, Buccaneers, Pirates, Vikings and Patriots. The Raiders, Buccaneers and Pirates all promote violence and the image they create. We being a non violent society should be offended. The Vikings what a†happy lot they were †just raiding village after village again violence.Then my favorite Team of all the NFL teams the Patriots. Yes for those of us whole still take some pride in this country we actually salute the flag and arenít offended by the word god in the pledge of allegiance , and those of us who stand proud and remove our†caps for the Star Spangled Banner because we know what Francis Scott Key was saying and why he wrote the words as he did. No Patriots arenít offensive at least to 48% of us. The 52% who the frig knows and who the frig cares. I probably would have to throw the†Nationals along with the Patriots. Of course to many of us here at the Gab Nationals are better than say The Senators who would be offensive and we would have to maybe send a petition to the federal trade commission to remove their trademark.

Canít find anything wrong with Red or White Sox. Red Wings,Flyers,Jets, Mets.Athletics.Lakers,and Jazz.Maple Leafs. I probably could find something wrong with Canadiens. But itís not bad.. and Rangers

There are certain other teams. The Giants could be deemed offensive to tall people. The Saints to religious people after all is it Saintly to beat your opponents brains out every Sunday. Then there is a whole class of teams like the Packers, derived from the Meat Packers we all knew that red meat is bad for us and it shouldnít be represented through a sports team. There is the Dodgers derived from the Trolley Dodgers/. Itís a representation of unsafe act we canít use that either or we might be stepping on the third rail.. The Knickbockers which were short pants but it was also the brand name of a Beer No No No canít use it promotes alcohol. The Padres the lil bald friar tuck guy in his robes and sandals swinging the bat offensive to clergy. The Spurs inflict pain upon an animal just ask Mike Vick on that. The Steelers represent hard working Americans who put their heart and soul and pride in their jobs.† that is just plain †offensive to those who don't work

All the animal names to many to list one word PITA.. Astros,and Rockets damn it Houston what are you thinking offensive why do you think the space program is being defunded.Rockets can also be considered a weapons of mass destruction so you can't use that name. Some† or most find it offensive. Heat , Trailblazers Fire.Flames. all offensive †due to fire destroys things and we shouldnít have to be subjected to that.Canaucks sorry Canada itís a deregoitorie term for Canadians.

Then there are the Celtics or Kel-tics if Iím irish Iím pissed with the little drunk leprachuan.

Iím almost as pissed if Iím Italian with the whole Mario and Luigi thing big nosed plumbers and what not.

The one that takes the cake is recently the New York State found that the handicapped symbol. You know the †lil stick figure guy in the wheel chair is offensive because it depicks a stagnant Handicap person. So they are trying to rid us of that symbol.(On the left) to one on the right which quote suggest mobility.. Isnít the symbol of a †person in wheel chair in and off itself representing mobility †Just a thought.

If this is the case I find the stagnant Mens and ladies figures offensive

I think they should change these symbol to this

Finally are ready for a quiz?

Which emblem is more insulting A.or B

A. † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † †B.

I leave you with this


Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

Buzz from the Bleachers
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Welcome to Wednesday, Gabbers. We are little more than a week from the 4th of July. That just boggles my mind. The MLB All-Star Game is right on the 4thís heels. Weíre about halfway through summer.

Things are heating up in baseball. Last week, a lot of Gabbers did spectacular jobs commemorating the enormity of Tony Gwynnís impact on baseball and the world. In the wake of his passing, quite a few players and fans have decided to try and kick the chewing tobacco habit. The latest big name to announce his plans to quit was Stephen Strasburg. Many have even began questioning why the Union is so hell bent on keeping chaw in the game.

On the flip side, a lot of people are turning the right to chew as a major leaguer into a human rights issue. I understand that no one wants to be told what to do. Thatís a founding principle here at the Gab and in America. What these folks arenít thinking about is the hero worship kids place on athletes. These are people who harness their abilities, rise from sometimes bad childhoods and neighborhoods, and end up making millions if not billions of dollars. Thatís how just about all kids see their futures panning out. Heck, ask a high schooler and they will still tell you their future plans are to be an athlete, rapper, or actor and be rich. More often than not, the kid telling you that isnít even on the school team. †

That idea should do some damage to the defense a lot of pro-chewers are spewing out with their juice: kids shouldnít see athletes as role models. This defense has been popular since Sir Charles spit it out back in the 90ís. Still, kids arenít logical or even sensible people. They are risk takers. They constantly parrot behavior which they think will help them. If they see a really good MLB player chewing, they are likely to try it in the thought that chewing is what they are missing. They donít think of all the training and practice. They figure they already go to practice, so the chew must be the missing link. People who tell us kids know better probably know better themselves since they saw kids shelling out hundreds of dollars for Air Jordan shoes.

Baseball has already taken the step to take smoking tobacco out of the stadium. It wonít hurt anyone to take the chew out. A lot of players have already moved to sunflower seeds as an alternative. Thereís also jerky chew or even Big League Chew gum. It is a very minor impediment, but the players canít think chewing helps them, right? Theyíre more developed than kids. All people are asking is that you set aside the dip for a few hours. If you canít do it for anonymous kids, do it for Tony Gwynn. Let it be just one more legacy.

On the field, things are getting very interesting in the MLB. †No team currently holds more than a 5 game lead in any division. Both leagues have at least 5 teams in good standing for the wild card spots. I would hazard a guess that any of the people who were so against adding a wild card spot have given up speaking out against it. The added chance has made a huge difference for the game. If that has shown anywhere, I believe it has shown up in recent trade deadline activity. It seems to me that far more teams are standing pat come mid-July. Itís not a stretch to say that could be because thereís just that much more chance of teams making it to October.

Midway through, I peeked back at my predictions for the MLB. I was pretty wrong about the Red Sox and Rays. I had Boston winning the division in a close race with the Rays. The Rays have fallen off the map and no one seems to know what happened in Boston. I was wrong about the Rangers, though I did have Oakland making the playoffs. I knew the Tigers would have a tough time, though I was hoping it wouldnít be this tough. The Braves, Cards, and Dodgers are in second, but within striking distance. †Meanwhile, the Natinols and Giants are looking playoff worthy. Honestly, Iíd be more assed out if things went as I guessed. Unpredictability is a sign of a good baseball season.

Well, thatís it for this week. Thanks as always for stopping in. Before you go, if you are like me the Gab is hardly the only †website you will visit today. I found a link to some surprisingly awesome websites you should take a moment or two to visit.


Oh, feel free to pet the whale...


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