Wrestling Wednesday - Punk, Chavo, Hogan, Henry
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Chavo Guerrero has been released from the WWE. He has worked in the company since 2001, when World Championship Wrestling was purchased by the WWE. Chavo claims the WWE gave him his release because he wasn’t being used they way he felt he should be used.


CM Punk leaving the WWE??? His contract does expire at the conclusion of the Money in the Bank PPV. The promo he cut at the end of Monday Night Raw was a classic. The WWE let Punk say what he wanted, and man he let loose.


Also on Monday Night Raw, Mark Henry took it to another level. Awesome is the word I would use to describe the actions of the world’s strongest man.


Linda Hogan is tell anyone who will listen, that the Hulkster abused her while they were married.


HBK is teaching his 11 year-old son how to wrestle. He has “the bug.”

TNA is starting an new wrestling organization called All Wheels Wrestling 


Wrestling Wednesday
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CM Punk’s contract expiring an hour after Money in The Bank Championship match against John Cena. Do you really think the WWE will let Punk win?? CM has indicated he has been shafted by the WWE. Other talent (Shamus, Barrett, etc) have gotten pushes over Punk. I agree.. Punk is/was a great asset to the WWE.

Shawn Michaels will be on Monday Night Raw, this Monday.

I can’t stand John Cena. He always gets the shit kicked out of him, and then at the end, he gets all this energy to win the match. Another Hulk Hogan?? I hope not.

Does anyone watch TNA???

TNA is starting another wrestling organization. Wow something else not to watch.

According to Paul Heyman, he was close to signing with TNA.


Wrestling Wednesday - Lawsuit, Hogan, Warrior
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Jim Ross is going to have surgery today for a traumatic incisional hernia.

Randy Orton has a concussion.

Jacqueline Moore is returning to TNA.

As fan82 mentioned on Tuesday, the Ultimate Warrior and Hulk Hogan have been going at if for the past couple of weeks. The Warrior made a statement saying that Hogan let wrestler’s sleep with Linda (His ex-wife) when they were married. Warrior says he was one of the few people to turn Hulk down on the offer. Hogan responded by saying that the Warrior was a male escort in Atlanta back in the 1980s, before he entered wrestling, also saying he was more than a male escort.

A New Yprk Law firm, Gersowitz Libo & Korek, P.C. says it won a $5 million settlement from the WWE for one of their clients. Kimberly Benson’s car was struck in a sideswipe collision by a vehicle operate rated by Matthew Yackeren an employee of WWE. Kimberly, who already had a pre-existing knee injury, and Matthew, were in a low-speed, low-impact vehicle accident. The client suffered a knee injury which resulted in surgical procedures and Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Court documents show that Ms. Benson, a 41 year old mother and phlebotomy manager with a pre-existing knee injury, suffered a fracture of the cartilage in her knee and underwent several surgical procedures. In addition to the pain, degeneration of soft tissue and difficulty ambulating, Benson also developed Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) aka Reflex Symptomatic Dystrophy (RSD), a debilitating chronic pain condition which rendered her disabled and incapable of working. Benson sued World Wrestling Federation Entertainment and their driver, Matthew Yackeren, for past and future medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering. The case (Index No 13451/08) went to trial, and the defense argued causation- the low impact accident that occurred at such a low rate of speed could not have caused an injury. After four weeks of trial, both parties settled the case. Benson recovered $5 million from World Wrestling Federation Entertainment and Matthew Yackeren.

To me, this is a crock of shit. The lady already had a pre-existing knee injury. I would have fought this case as high a court as it needed to go. 



Wrestling - TNA Slammiversary PPV
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TNA held its annual Slammiversary PPV on Sunday, June 2, 2011 from the Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. Here are the results:


Gun Money retained their TNA World Tag Team Titles against the British Invasion when Shelly and Storm super kick the Brits and get the three count.

In a singles match Matt Morgan defeats Scott Steiner when Morgan bicycle kicks Steiner and then gets the three count.

Abyss keeps his TNA X Division Title against Kazarian and Brian Kendrick when Kaz goes to the top with Kendrick and goes for the fluz capacitor, but Kendrick pushes him off. Kendrick jumps off but Kaz catches him, Kendrick fights Kaz off and goes to the ropes, but Abyss pulls him out of the ring, sneaks back into the ring, and pins Kaz, getting the three count.

In a singles match Crimson beats Samoa Joe with a power bomb pinning Samoa Joe.

Mickie James retains her TNA Knockout Women’s Title as she defeated Angelina Love when James uses a jumping DDT on Love for the pin.

In a Last Man Standing Match Bully Ray defeats AJ Styles when Ray kicks Styles through part of the stage and then is able to make it to his feet and is declared the winner.

Mr. Anderson is the new TNA World Champion when Anderson hits with the mic check and pins sting.

In a Number One Contender’s Match, Kurt Angle defeated Jeff Jarrett when Angle locked in the ankle lock and forcing Jarrett to tap out.


Somoa Joe losing to Crimson, AJ Styles losing to Bully Ray, come on now. I know Cena/Miz on PPV’s was getting old, but how about Angle/Jarrett. It seems that friends of Hogan/Bischoff were the big winners tonight, and that is why TNA is going down. 


Wrestling Wednesday - late edition - sorry
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Karma is pregnant.

Tiffany is getting a Divorce from Drew McIntyre.

The buy rate from WrestleMania XXVII was 1,042,000. 

The Ultimate Warrior and Hulk Hogan are going at it via the internet.

Mic Foley has left TNA.

Tommy Dreamer is also leaving TNA.

If you have watched Raw recently, they have been putting on some skits about their next PPV called Capitol Punishment. In the skits, they have there own WWE people interviewing the President. The president is replying from previous interviews with the regular press corps.

I loved the R-truth angle. Monday when he came out in a confederate uniform in front of Vince McMahon I was on the floor laughing.




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