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Hello, Hello, Hello Happy Thursday but an even Happier Baseball Season. My players are ready to perform with a huge amount of stats. Oh wait thatís fantasy baseball... Letís get it right. The freshness of green grass and the smells of hot dogs at 9 bucks a pop they turn into real wieners. I mean the smell of hot dogs and peanuts $47.50. I mean letís try this again the smell of hot dogs and peanuts in the air. The juice from the ball and the cork of the bat. Wait thatís not right letís try again. I mean the crisp sound of a round ball striking a round bat. And the deafening crack that goes with it.

Just having some fun itís baseball season once again and the fun begins. Who will be the VCU and Butler this year. Are the Red Sox the Jets of MLB already to head to the World Series. Are the Phillies going to be their foe. Both look great on paper but thatís on paper.

Could the Phillies be challenged by the Braves very easily with a Tomahawk Chop. Or will the Marlins prove they are big fish in the pond.† The Mets may have to go and ask

For a bailout because their debt is bigger than the National debt. The Nationals spent lots of cash typical of Washington and they may also get nothing in return which also maybe typical of Washington

†How about the trendy pick of last year in the Central the Brewers(explain to me why they are in the NL). Not if the Reds have their say about anything as the new big red machine emerges.. Will the Cardinals bounce back or will they simply whistle sweet tune.. Will the Cubs grow into Bears or will the remain in habernation. The Astroís will they gravitate to the top or just float harmlessly in space. and will the Pirates simply remain shipwrecked without Jack Sparrow. Itís a Pirates life for me unless your in Pittsburgh.

In the West will the World Champs repeat or will the Padres find some heavenly guidance. Will the Diamondbacks find the Cobra from the San Diego Zoo and spoy some venom bringing the Giants down like Jack cutting the beanstalk. Or will some Sun simply shine down on them in the dessert. Will the Rockies head down a Rocky path one wrong step they could easily turn into an avalanche. Or will the make it to the summit.

In the American League, Hamilton has replaced Walker as the Texas Ranger and will they make it back to get some Justice (Not Dave who is long retired). Will the Angels get some divine intervention and face the padres in a heavenly match in October or will the evil spirits of all hollows eve have other ideas like the Yankees. Maybe the athleticism of the Aís turn into track meet because they always say itís a Marathon and not a sprint. The Mariners seem lost at sea will they find their way. Or will they drift and float.

In The Central Will it be a couple of brothers from the St Paul area our will the Tigers take a bigger bite than they did out of Penn and Teller.. Perhaps the White Sox plan to get in the mix and get a little dirty however not as dirty as the Black Sox because if they were to get that dirty there would need a Bonds to get them out of that bind. We all know there is nothing clean about the Bonds which I refer. The Indians maybe sending smoke signals from help but that wonít come from the Royals because the only ring they will see are the oneís †that Willie and Kate exchange

That brings us back to keeping our Sox on thatís Red Sox but if the Yankees have anything to do with it that Red will be blood. The Blue Jays may swoop in as well as the Orioles who may make a pigeon proud by doing nothing else but pooping on the Red Sox parade. The Rays may also be in this thing because they wonít swim peacefully like Manetas.

No mater your team best of like its baseball season and all seem fresh and bright unless youíre dealing with the local little league.

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Had a great lunch with Sully and Moe, even Mrs. Lanz showed up . You know her as Scout 318 from her TSN Days.

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