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Trying on Tuxedo?? Update on my hip?? Was Mayweather right?? Don’t get your hair in a dandruff folks as we tackle Jeremy Lin and more in this edition of …..


Before we start I have to tell ya, going for a Tuxedo sucks. My son is getting married on March 31st and we had to get measurements and try on a jacket. They don’t wear the jackets like they use to. I couldn’t move my arms while wearing the jacket and the lady says you have to unbutton the buttons to do that. Gee back in the early 80’s (the last time I wore one) we had them buttoned and were able to move our arms all over the place.

While we are speaking of my son’s wedding to Mindy (a lady he should have found 20 years earlier), it is the day before WrestleMania. I usually have a party for the event. This year it looks like I will be going to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch it. A good son and daughter-in-law would buy there dad a ticket to the event.

Hip is doing well. I have more good days than bad. I am able to move around for most of the time I am at work depending on the type of mail I lift. I am on the right track.

Now I get the picture about LIN-sanity. It has nothing to do with not being African American or White, but in reality it does.

You see the NBA has “Tapped out” with the African American and White audiences and now needs to find new forms of revenue per-see. They tried with Yao Ming and the Chinese people, and for awhile it worked until his career was cut short.

That is why the NBA is bending over backwards to allow Lin to appear at All-Star events at the last minute, even though he only played all of 12 games this year.

While it is still early to make any predictions on who is going to their respective divisions, in baseball, I like the direction the Florida Marlins, Washington Nationals and Pittsburgh Pirates are going.

The NFL has over 600 unrestricted free agents. You can have an all-pro team if the players don’t resign with their teams.

TCU and drugs just doesn’t seem right. But I guess nothing is sacred.

Spring time is here when pitchers and catchers report to spring training. Or is it??

I went to my first Lacrosse game this past Sunday. #5 Denver played against Ohio State and Jacksonville University played against Navy. There was just over 6,000 people in attendance, and the one thing that stood out was there were more people in the stands wearing Syracuse shirts than of the other teams that were playing.

I had a good time as Ohio State upset Denver 10-9 and Jacksonville beat Navy 13-7.

There was tailgating and kids were playing in the parking lot.

Jacksonville University has a team and the City is trying to bring teams in to play in an event called Moe’s classic. This is the second year in a row they have done this. I hope more people attend, it is fast paced and some good hitting, with getting hit with a penalty.


That’s all for now.



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