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Rivalry Series: LSU-Arkansas and final pre-BCS comments
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NOTE: While I will post my new ratings at the normal time at my ratings site, I will wait until the BCS standings and the bowl picks to come out before posting my rankings blog tomorrow.

Final pre-BCS comments

Just a few comments about the top teams even though my rankings don’t come out officially until tomorrow morning.

Oregon was hardly impressive, but they were good enough. Auburn of course knows how that feels based on early games, but aside from a shaking first half defensively, they looked pretty good today.

I have to say that with Auburn’s undefeated seasons in 1993 and 2004 and Oregon’s various close calls at the end of the season, a part of me is happy for both schools. I’ll be for Auburn just because of what they’ve gone through to get here, but I wouldn’t take anything away from Oregon if they find a way to win.

I expect there will be 3 SEC West teams in the top 10 and while some may find that excessive, consider that between Auburn, Arkansas, LSU, Mississippi St., and Alabama, there was only one loss to a team outside of that group (South Carolina’s win over Alabama). They all beat Ole Miss, there were no other losses to an SEC East team, and there were no non-conference losses. (If you were curious, Ole Miss was 1-2 against the East.)


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