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Is ScottJax getting old?? Broncos, Cardinals playoff bound?? Messi greatest soccer player ever?? This and more, in todayís edition of


Had an appointment with my surgeon this past Monday. I have been having some discomfort with my hip. It gets sore when I am at work lifting mail from containers. He says to stop lifting, but I canít because its my job. Plus, I have been working out 4 days a week. So now he wants me off the weights and swim, or bicycle ride instead. I can use a stationary bike and ride it for 2-30 minutes. I have been contemplating retiring at 62, which would be in 6 years, or wait until I am 66 and 6 months. If I wait longer I wonít have to pay for healthcare out of my retirement because I would get Tricare for life. Plus social security would be another $600 a month more, thatís a lot of money for senior citizens to have. LOL. Oh they worries to have to make about retirement. LOL. Any suggestions???

If this blog is called Random Thoughts, why do I start writing it 3-4 days in advance?? Am I the only one who starts writing their blogs early??

Do you think with the edition of Peyton Manning, the Denver Broncos or Arizona Cardinals are playoff bound?

If Manning goes to the Broncos, does Tebow get traded to the Jaguars?? Fans in Jacksonville wanted Tebow to be drafted by his hometown team, but it didnít happen. He would have filled the seats at Everbank Stadium. But, this would not have been the same Tebow as these fans are accustom to. I think the Gators of the National Champion era would have given the Jaguars a hell of a fight.

Lionel Messi, considered one of the greatest soccer players, at the age of 23, scored 5 goals in a game. Lionelís five goals is the first time it has been done in Champions League History. Here is poetry in motion with the great Lionel:


Knicks have lost six in a row. Is this the falls of the team? Is it Linís fault? Now that the team is healthy is it a jelling thing? This team is too talented not to make it to the playoffs.

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