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Storminnorman's Sports Views 2-15-12
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Hey guys I know that I said I was going away for a while after my last blog, but apparently Backell has struck a nerve with everyone on the Gab, and yes he is a Tool by the way and should be blocked from ever stepping foot on this site again after last weeks shenanigans. He has tested everyone's nerves by returning to this site after we lost one of our own in Judson, probably just to get the attention he has received from us, especially when we are still trying to figure out why we lost our friend in the first place.

After I graduated from high school, I joined the Navy and hung out in places like Honolulu, San Diego, Vancouver, Seattle and a few other places while I was there. Sure I got to see and do some things like drive a submarine, visit the North Pole in 1984, while the Tigers were having their dream season and thumping the Padres in the World Series. I seen the great Dan Fouts, Charlie Joiner and Kellen Winslow play ball,  and in turn I seen a future Hall of Famer join the Padres that year without great expectations, a local kid named Tony Gwynn. I witnessed Pete Rose break Ty Cobb's hit record, play for the Phillies and Expos. I witness the Goose lead that young team to the Series only to give up that infamous home run to Kirk Gibson in game 5. I seen a lot and drank a lot during those times, and probably had more fun than an 18 year old boy turned man should have ever had during that time. I witness a lot during that time in my life, but did not have the freedom to speak my mind freely due to the fact that I belonged to the United States of America, and served under then President Ronald Reagan.

I guess the point I am trying to make tonight as I write this blog is this. The Gab is like no other sports blog site that I have ever been on over the past few years, there is no censorship on this site for a reason, it is a place for us to speak our mind freely, and sure sometimes we get a little carried away and probably say some things that should not be said. But it is our site to do so. I admit that when I first came onto the site last year, it took me a bit to learn or relearn how to free write and express my true feelings about the teams that I loved. In fact, I was still learning how to write a blog, that did not sound redundant, and then after reading a few blogs from others like Sully, Beeze, Hotch. I learned that blogging was about saying whatever is on your mind at the time you are writing it, and expressing yourself maybe even a story just like Doug will tell from time to time in during his blog. It just does not matter as long as you get the point you are trying to make across to the readers on the Gab....

Then last year Sully approached me about covering for Hotch while he took a break, and I absolutely had a blast while he was gone. It was the most fun I have had in quite some time, I really enjoyed blogging so when he returned in the fall I really did not want to stop blogging because it was a way to open my mind for the college courses I am taking at this time. A few weeks back, Sully approached me again about blogging on a regular basis, and here I am next to my Sunday buddy Hotchnuts, and I would not trade that spot for anything in the world. Mainly because there is nothing like waking up on Sunday morning and seeing a few good hockey fights from the past, it is a pleasant way to wake up, I would not have it any other way.

So if we let people like Backell, who only came onboard last week to stir the pot a bit with all of his enemies ruin this place for us then he has won. Sure we will still have the Gab for ourselves, but it will kind of be a more mellow place which will not be the same. Kind of  like getting married, having kids and settling down, our lives will never be the same.

I too like many of you had a lot of friends on TSN, but I like you left because of the censorship they used when you blogged on their site. It was their loss not mine, because I gained a group of special friends here on the Gab who choose to be here because they want to be able to speak out freely, without censorship which is what the Gab is all about........

So in the spirit of the Gab, doubt you will be able to read this post Backell, Fuck you and everything that you stand for. Take your ass back to the Sporting News or whatever site you blog on currently and never return to corrupt this site again!! 





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