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Hey Gabbers. I like to say that as a Buckeyes fan, I'm not as douchy as some of my ilk. I admit we have flaws. I watched with the same stunned expression when Tressel held his press conference some weeks ago and told the world that he didn't know about Tattoo-Gate. Then he quickly told us that he knew about it, but didn't know who to tell despite having been OSU's head coach for about a decade.

Point blank, Tressel has been lying for some time now. I know that and more transgressions just keep coming to light. At first, however, I didn't see any way OSU would fire the guy. Simply put, he won. He had a rough time on the big stage, but the guy could win in the Big Ten (most of the time). If anything made us happy, it was that he could beat Michigan. He beat Carr and he beat Rich Rod. Heck, he ran Rich Rod out of Ann Arbor, which may actually be a blessing in disguise for Michigan. When Tressel stepped up from Youngstown State, I can remember how happy my dad was. We got rid of John Cooper, aka Michigan's punching bag. We had a chance now. We got early returns and strong ones. We got a national championships and dominated the Big Ten.

Unfortunately, sometimes things can fall apart. Things are falling apart in Columbus now. The fines and penalties being levied against Tressel are just strengthening the public outcry to let him go. I didn't think OSU would let him go, but I don't see a lot of reasons for them to keep the guy now.


The worst part about the whole thing is that the greed of the system, OSU athletics, a couple of players and Tressel himself may end up costing the young men that are truly in Columbus to play for the Scarlet and Grey. These are the guys that will be hurt by the post-season bans and scholarship losses. Tressel will probably get another chance, though probably not on the big stage. I can see him coaching D2 again, once the customary ban on his being able to coach is lifted. Pryor will be drafted, though not on the first day. I don't think Pryor will be much of a qb on the next level. He just can't make the throws. The rest will truly suffer.

OSU needs to come to their senses, cut ties with Tressel, and start the coaching search ASAP. Unfortunately, a coaching search at this stage is going to be limited and will be hard to pull off. ESPN has started the rumor mill by stating that OSU may go after Urban Meyer, who has his roots coaching in Ohio with Bowling Green before moving on to Utah and eventually Florida. I don't know who they'll get, but one wonders how long until the system gets to the next coach.

Moving on to idiots in the NFL, looks like Albert Haynesworth is tired of all the headlines going to the labor negotiations, so he decided to throw in a sexual assault charge. Apparently, Haynesworth copped a feel on his waitress at a hotel restaurant in D.C. Whether he did it or not, this is another unwelcome blow to his reputation and just in time for a season which many figure will see Haynesworth in the familiar position of free agency.

Rex Ryan is releasing a new book in which he holds nothing back about former Jets and his favorite target: Tom Brady. He had some interesting comments on Wes Welker too. Ryan has every right to be upset with Welker after making light of Ryan's leaked personal preferences. Welker, however, ran into the Ryans at the Pro Bowl and apologized to both. Welker also wished Ryan luck after losing in the quarters.

"He came up to me and said, 'That was an unbelievable coaching job. You deserve it and I hope you win the whole thing.' He really said that," Ryan wrote. "And I could tell he was sincere." 

Finally, a recent report in the New York Times shows that many D1 colleges and universities are padding the numbers of women to comply with title nine. A common tactic is to pad the roster's of women's teams adding women who never played, keeping women who have quit on the official roster, and even listing male practice players as women. Some schools even trim the rosters of men's teams to make the numbers more equal. Duke and new women's basketball national champion Texas A&M were among the schools caught distorting figures.

This would certainly piss me off if I had a daughter and it already does in many ways. Sure, we may pick some fun at women's sports, but women deserve the right to play whatever sport they wish. We had a girl who kicked for our varsity team this year. I was glad she got the chance to attempt a few field goals and extra points. Give more opportunity, we have seen that girls can catch up to guys. Hopefully they will get the chance in sports.

Read the full story here:

We had a lot of big anniversaries lately. The Civil War is officially 150 years old. Last week many celebrated at Fort Sumter where the first shots were fired. As a history buff, I've been excited by this and the Free Press running full page features on the Civil War on Michigan.

Also, John James Auduban would be 226 if he were still alive. I always enjoy the work of Audubon and am something of an amateur birder. With that, I wish you all a good weekend. i leave you, as always, with your word of the week.

backseat browser, noun

Anyone who sits behind a someone who is browsing the internet while continuously instructing them on what to click on or what to type into the address/search bar. Most appropriately applied when the advice or commands are unsolicited and/or unwarranted.
Matt grew increasingly frustrated with Patrick, acting as a Backseat Browser, when he wouldn't stop telling Matt what links he should click on next.  




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