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Itís funny in life, the people we met and how the shape our lives. About twelve years ago, I was finishing a second masters†(believe††it or not†I have two)and I needed an internship. I met this guy at a company got an internship from him. I had just closed shop on my own consulting business and needed to work for someone. Impressed with the job I was doing he hired me. He left the company about a year later and when there was an opening at the new company he hired me there as well.

He has been one of my closet friends and mentors ever since. We drive to work together each and every morning. We discuss the business of the day, life and family. We discuss sports and politics and sometimes other stuff. The past year there has been a lot of talk about other stuff mainly health related. Last year he was diagnosis with liver disease to the point where he would need a transplant. I have witnessed good days and bad days. Iíve seen him go from a strong healthy man to sometimes being very weak.

Last Wednesday, I dropped him off after work and I could tell he wasnít feeling quite right. He had a procedure scheduled for Friday to drain some fluid to help his liver. He said Iíll see you Monday; Iím taking the next couple of days off. On Friday I got a call from our secretary saying that she received a call from him and he was going in for his transplant. I was surprised by this because he was around 4th on the transplant list. Apparently, for whatever reason the other three people couldnít get to the Hospital in time. When he was called and asked where you are. He said right here at the hospital for a procedure. They said tell them to stop us have liver this according to his niece who I know fairly well. Later Friday afternoon I called his wife he was still in surgery but everything appeared to be doing ok.

Friday Night his Niece called me and we talked at some length on Saturday. He was on tubes and a ventilator but was stable. So Monday Iím in the office working on a bunch of stuff. Our secretary tells me you need to pick up line 3 itís very important. It was him it was just nice to her his voice. Apparently his wife left the Hospital Sunday Night to get some rest and he was on a ventilator.

By the time she got home itís only about a 15 minute ride with no traffic coming out of Boston. The nurse called her on his own saying he is breathing on his own and he has some orders for you. Iíll go for visit tomorrow and see him. This was the ultimate story of being in the right place at the right time. I guess in some sweet way this is a huge victory for a guy who would do anything for anyone. This man has spent his life helping he down and out get well. If somebody needed food he would be the first to over. If somebody needed a letter written he would be the first. He is alive and well with a great wife and two beautiful daughters who will now have there dad around for a long time. I cried yesterday on my way home sitting traffic they were tears of joy.

Sorry folks little off track with the sports this week but I thought this was a great story to share with a bunch of understanding and caring folks here at the Gab.

I donít want to get all mushy and all so If you had an extra 2.2 Billion dollars to spend on say a baseball team wouldnít you want to the parking lots included as well just a thought..

The NFL passed new rules today. I like the OT rule will be the same as the playoffs. I donít like every turnover will be reviewed. That means the on field Ref. will be heading to the hood more. I like the concept but the guy in the booth is an Official and was an on field official canít he make the call like in college.

My understanding is Sean Peyton perhaps went Tuna fishing for his replacement. Yes, according to Adam Schefter at ESPN. The big tuna if asked would consider it.

Things arenít so much in paradise in the Valentines world in Red Sox camp. It looked like Valentine wanted a few things in place going north. Like Daniel Bard in the rotation looks like he will be in the pen. Rookie Jose Iglesias to be the teamís shortstop. I guess Iglesias will be the starting shortstop for the Red Sox the Pawtucket Red Sox that is.

Thanks for listening and have a great week.

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