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Uncle B.O.B.'s Roadie
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In the immortal words of Jerry Reed, "You've got him you lucky devil", and by that I mean that you have Uncle B.O.B. making a second appearance.  Come on now, you know you love it!  

Yesterday, we had no company at the house and the kids were all out, so Mrs. B.O.B. and I looked at each other and said "ROAD TRIP"...

We had a great time going into the mountains and hanging out in the beautiful Carson Valley of Nevada:


where mama and I won some cash after playing the slots.  Then we got in the car after awhile and decided we weren't done yet, so we drove over to South Lake Tahoe and had some fun at the Montbleu.  A little weird there as everybody came rolling into the Hotel wearing pirate costumes.  A bit of a freak show, but what the hell, eh?  But surprise of surprises at least to me, my favorite nurse, my daughter was there.  To make a long story short, it was happy hour and there were one-dollar tacos and one-dollar margaritas, so Mrs. B.O.B. and Nurse Rachet B.O.B. and her posse started throwing down the Tequila like it was water in the desert.  Some funny shit right there.  Oh well, on to the sports:

So we get done with lunch at the first casino and start playing games.  I look up at the sports book and Boston is up 9-1 after six, so I was dumb enough to figure - no problem.  Uh, BIG problem because after a few minutes I looked up again and it was 9-8 Boston.  The Cranks went on to win 15-9 AT FENWAY!  Yeah, I imagine that went over like a fart in church.  Nice job Sawx!  That noise you heard was the noose tightening around the neck of Bobby V.

Psst, did you know that of the last three perfect games, two were by the Chicago White Sox?  Are we overlooking the South-Siders?  Nice job to the Pale Hose, but don't get too cocky, you did it against Seattle.

The Texas Rangers are just pounding fools, aren't they?  If the Anaheim Angels don't pull their heads out of their asses soon, then there ain't gonna be a race in the AL West.

So here's the NBA making themselves look 100% stupid ONCE AGAIN!  It's bad enough that Dwayne Wade (who is rapidly becoming a big-time douche bag) and Ray Allen demanding to get paid to play on the USA Olympic Team.  Mark Cuban says that the NBA shouldn't send it's players to participate because why should the Olympics make money off the backs of NBA players?  OK, here's my take - NO MORE PROS - send the college players.  Frankly I'm sick of this mockery.  Wasn't Carmelo acting like a spoiled little bitch last time because of a lack of PT?  And I think there were others.  Enough - NBA PLAYERS SHOULD NOT REPRESENT THE USA IN OLYMPIC BASKETBALL - THESE INGRATES ARE AN EMBARRASSMENT TO OLE GLORY!!!

Did Chicago and Phoenix have another OT game last night?  Damn!  

I'm sitting in the casino and the only screaming I hear is when the fight breaks out between San Jose player who used his head as a punching bag against a St. Louis player.  Nice job Sharks, you screwed up in the playoffs yet again!

Am I reading that right, the Caps are up three games to two on the Bruins?  Uh oh, Boston is going to go into MELTDOWN MODE.

Sorry folks, I don't have much more for you this week.  Let's get to gabbin' on these subjects or something else if you want...

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