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Gary Bettman Has Saved the NHL
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After much talk, and way too much bitching and whining from no good, former shitty backup goalie, cunt-rags like Glenn Healy...Gary Bettman put his foot down, and first kept Vancouver's Green Men from touching the glass of the visiting teams penalty box...Then they were banned...

God forbid fans have fun, and have a little interaction with the players...Hockey fans have always taunted, and razzed players...But twats like Healy bitched, and Bettman, listened...Once again, Bettman had pissed me off...

But wait...What is this? My God Gary Bettman, you are a genius! The Green Men have been replaced with a nice set of creamers!

You've won me over Bettman...I'm all in with you asshole! I'll take nice cans over Green dudes doing hand-stands any day!

Later The Beeze.


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