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A Tale of Two Cities.... and their Sox
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And who says baseball isn't fun? Well maybe not for fans in San Diego, Kansas City, Houston or the North Side of Chicago but it's pretty damn exciting everywhere else. April 21 had two very entertaining games depending on whom you ask and both games are at the opposite ends of the thrill meter. On one hand, you have the 'The Rivalry' in the Yankees and Red Sox and on the other, a seemingly ordinary matchup between the White Sox and Mariners. Little was left to the imagination when thinking that both of the Sox teams would end on different ends of the excitement bar.


After the rough start by the Red Sox so far, most recently having their dreaded rivals in the Yankees ruin the 100th anniversary of Fenway Park behind the arm of winning machine Ivan Nova. But today was a different tale, as non-winning machine Freddy Garcia, journeyman Clay Rapada and rook David Phelps gave up nine runs to the suddenly resurgent BoSox offense while Felix Doubront dominated against the potent Yankee lineup. He only gave up a solo homer to Mark Teixeira, who by past experiences, has shown he can have some fun. But then the 7th inning happened...



Need I say more?


Anyways, it was not all bad for a team with the word Sox in their name. The South Siders were battling the M's in Nintendo America World with a young pitcher by the name of Philip Humber as the starter. He has jumped around from team to team but never was able to stick to one. Then the White Sox gave him a chance but he did not really stand out. Then this happened.



Going from a guy who had trouble to a single baseball team to throwing something that only 20 other men have done throughout the long history of Major League Baseball is nothing to overlook. Humber has shown that, on a given day, he has the stuff to get the job done. Pure unadulterated joy.

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