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Chris Drury: Good Bye and Good Luck
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  After having his contract bought out a few weeks ago, Chris Drury officially retired today...As a Hockey fan, I always loved the guy...Of course I love to see American born players do well...But it was his Awesome play in the playoffs that really got me fired up...

After putting together strong runs in Colorado, he landed in Buffalo, where his leadership skills shined...Then he signed the monster contract with my New york Rangers...While he was still a great leader, and one of the best defensive players around, he never lived up to the contract...Especially once injuries started taking a toll on his body the last couple of seasons...

I hope he won't be just remembered as a bust with the Rangers...I hope he isn't just remembered for his little league world series performance, oh so many years ago...I hope people will remember the drive...The leadership...The clutch play...The face-offs won...The shot blocking, penalty killing, do whatever it takes kind of guy he was...

Best of luck to Chris Drury!

Later, The Beeze.


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