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Daytona Burn Up 500
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WHOA HO HEY THERE GABBERS AND OTHERS!!!!!!! WOO HOOOOOOO!!!!! Welcome to the Daytona 500 that I thought was never going to end. After a 1 day rain delay and bumping it from 12pm to 7pm on a Monday we ended at 1am and FINALLY had a winner and by then I just didn't care.. Having no cable I managed to hook up my converter box and antenna before the race. I chased the signal in a 3 foot radius in my livingroom all race long. Since they went to digital the signal is so small if a tree branch moves in the wind your signal is blocked. But ANY HOW....On to Daytona.

We get started at 7pm and on lap 2 Elliot Sadler taps Jimmie Johnson in the left rear like has been happening in all the races during speed weeks and by now he should know better because there goes Jimmie hard into the wall and also gets nailed in the drivers door by David Ragan. Danica, last years winner Trevor Bayne and Kurt Busch are collected as well. Danica's car looked good to me but she went behind the wall for extensive repairs. Seems she needed a whole new rear end. New gears, trailing arms, housing and sheet metal among other things.

Lap 7 is restart. Greg Biffle, Carl Edwards and Tony Stewart are your top 3.

At Lap 13 Ryan Newman has a tire go down and around he goes. In the pits Newman's troubles continue. As he's leaving his pits the lug nuts aren't on and he loses his tire. AJ Allmendinger hits him in the rear. AJ never recovers. He's back in the 30's laps down for the rest of the race.

Lap 17 we restart. Paul Menard and Denny Hamlin didn't pit so they're out front followed by Carl Edwards, Greg Biffle and Regan Smith to round out the top 5. Denny quickly takes the lead.

Lap 22 Danica, Trevor and Kurt are still in the garage for repairs.

Lap 37 Trevor comes back on the track.

Lap 44 Your top 10 is Jeff Buton, Greg Biffle, Denny Hamlin, Paul Menard, Regan Smith, Joey Logano, Marcos Ambrose, Martin Truex Jr, Jeff Gordon, Clint Bowyer.

Lap 54 green flag pit stops begin. Jeff Gordon is complaining his car is running wide open but has no speed. Kevin Harvick has a small vibration. Tony Stewart slows to come in the pits but is blocked by another car. Must speed up and go around. This puts him as the only one on pit road and nobody to draft with to get to the lead pack.

Lap 64 Stewart is saved. Debris caution is called. Landon Cassil is awarded the Lucky Dog Pass to the lead lap. Danica is backing out of the garage and gets back into the race at 62 laps down. Matt Kenseth is over heating. Looks like a geyser with the water spewing out. Having radio issues too. 

Lap 67 Restart. Top 10 is Jeff Burton, Greg Biffle, Marcos Ambrose, Martin Truex Jr, Kyle Busch, Mark Martin, Jeff Gordon, Joey Logano, David Ruetimann and Brad Keselowski.

Lap 70 Joe Nemechek does his Start & Park thing. He's off to the hauler.

Lap 81 Caution. Jeff Gordon's motor goes poof and up in flames. Says the gages never told him he had an issue. Tony Raines gets the Lucky Dog. Pit stops are mostlt fuel only but Kyle Busch takes right side tires too. 

Lap85 Restart. Terry "The Iceman" Labonte is out front followed by Greg Biffle, Marcos Ambrose, Martin Truex Jr and Kyle Busch for you top 5.

Lap 89 Caution. Marcos Ambrose bumped Terry Labonte's left rear and he goes for a spin. Great save by Terry. Look mom no walls.

Lap 92 Restart and 9 laps to the $200,000 bonus for leading at half way. Martin Truex Jr manages to get the bonus. Greg Biffle is 2nd followed by Denny Hamlin, Jeff Burton, Carl Edwards, Brad Keselowski, Aric Amirola, Matt Kenseth and Kasey Kahne as you top 10.

Lap 101 Clint Bowyer complaining about over heating. By lap 119 it's even worse. .On lap 126 Bowyer is out of fuel. He misses pit road and brings out the caution on lap 129. A tow truck comes out to give Clint a push around the track to his pit stall. Ryan Newman gets the lucky Dog and there are 28 cars on the lead lap. 

With 68 to go It's Martin Truex Jr, Greg Biffle, Tony Stewart, Regan Smith and Denny Hamlin in the top 5. Hey it's Mark Martin leading with 65 laps to go!!!!!

Hey!!!! Is that Sliced Bread out there leading? Sure is. Joey Logano leads a lap with 57 laps to go.

Caution with 43 laps to go David Stremme's motor goes bye bye. Pit stops begin and the Twilight Zone moves in. Juan Montoya is complaining of a vibration in every gear. He's hurrying to catch up to the pack for the restart driving down on the yellow line to stay clear of the trucks blowing debris off the track. Something snaps on Juans car and he careens into the trailer of one of the trucks. His car is destroyed and the jet helicopter engine used to blow the track is carrying 200 gallon of fuel and it's pouring down the track. Seconds later it's an inferno. Juan crawls from his wrecked car and the track worker is escorted from the burning truck. 

The red flag is out with the drivers parked on the track. All start getting out to check out the mess. The flames are quickly extinguished and clean up efforts begin with skid loaders picking up the truck, speedy oil dry followed by Tide laundry detergent washed down with water and then a coating of street bond. This was a 2 hour delay.

Brad Keselowski made the best of the situation by having his iphone with him. He now has the distinct honor of being the first to Tweet a picture during the race. He also gained 55,000 followers on Twitter. It would seem that some of the drivers had compartments built into their cars during practice and speed weeks to hold their phones. Although Kes was the only one to have his and the drivers took turns playing with it.

When some of the drivers got too close to the clean up the fun police intervened and sent them back. Carl Edwards wanted a snack. Said a sub or Cheez - its would be great about now. Dave Blaney, Landon Cassil, Tony Raines and David Guililand didn't pit and held their breaths as a threat of rain was issued during clean up. Dave was only trying to get a bonus point for leading a lap but would've been happy to take the win. But at 11:25 the drivers are directed to get in their cars. Weather threat is over, the tracks cleaned up and crew members have been bused to the back stretch to help hook up, belt up and window net the drivers. 

Around midnight the cars start moving. The front 4 that gambled have now gone to the pits for fuel and tires. Kyle Busch comes in for a splash of fuel just in case there's a green/white checker ending. He has to start as the last one on the lead lap due to pulling a tear off off his wind shield. 

It's 12:10am with 34 laps to go and we're off again. Matt Kenseth, Kyle Busch, Kevin Harvick and Greg Biffle lead the pack.

At around 24 laps to go the pack comes up on Casey Mears who is all by himself. He gets cycled back through the faster cars and a wreck happens. Ricky Stenhouse Jr moves down on Aric Amirola so Casey Mears and Marcos Ambrose go around.

With 18 laps to go we restart. Before they go Joey Logano is sent from 6th to 18th place for not maintaining the pace car speed. Don't know why. 

15 to go...Matt Kenseth, Greg Biffle, Dale Earnhardt Jr, Denny Hamlin and Paul Menard are your top 5.

Caution with 13 to go Jamie McMurray has a tire go down. Aric Amirola, Regan Smith, Tony Stewart, Kasey Kahne, Carl Edwards and Brad Keselowski all caught in the mess. After watching the replay it would seem Tony Stewart has no damage even though he drove into McMurray's door. Edwards needs ride side front fender work.

Restart with 7 to go. Kenseth, Biffle, Dale Jr, Hamlin and Harvick are your top 5.

Caution with 4 to go. David Guililand pushed Ricky Stenhouse into Tony Stewart. Stewart spun but says he needs new tires even though he saved the car. McMurray is back on the track without front fender.  

We now have a green/white checker to end the race. It's Matt Kenseth, Greg Biffle, Denny Hamlin, Dale Jr, Jeff Burton, Kevin Harvick, Paul Menard, Mark Martin, Joey Logano and Martin truex Jr for your top 10.

On the restart Kenseth, Biffle and Jr hook up and stay ahead of everyone else. Nobody seems to be able to get together and freight train by them or even to them. Kenseth is never challenged and wins at 1 am AND it's finally over.


Some of you are probably wondering why they went to all the trouble to get Danica's car fixed and back in the race. Well being in the top 35 in the owners points gets you a guaranteed starting spot for every race. Even though she'll only be in 10 Cup races, she's sharing that # with somebody else. So every point counts even if your down 62 laps. Stewart Haas Racing bought the owners points from Tommy Baldwin Racing for 10 races. Those came from poor Dave Blaney who had to race his way into the Daytona 500 in the Duels on Thursday. Besides all that Danica needs seat time in the car. A Cup car is different from a NNW car. 

So next week is Phoenix. I hear it doesn't rain there. Maybe a few cacti will come onto the track and bully some drivers or a few buzzards with do a fly by. One things for sure it shouldn't be a 6 hour affair like Daytona. I'm beat. I need a nap. 

If any one is so inclined to do so you can bring some of the videos here. I'm not so computer talented. Typing and surfing are my only skills. I wouldn't consider 3 fingers typing either. Till next time, you have a great day and thanks for stopping by......


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