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Well it's been quite a while since the last time I did one of these. I feel really bad about my long absence over the past few months, so I feel I should at least explain as to why I have not done any new blogs yet. Also, I will just touch briefly on a few things that need to be addressed. So, let's get started.


MY ABSENCE - To start off, I am currently a freshman at Seton Hall University in New Jersey. I have a Communications major which I have heard from people is a relatively simple major, but I could really give two shits about what other people think about that. Namely, I want to go down either the sportswriter lane, or a writer for TV/film. I feel like I have a pretty creative personality and can think up some pretty demented things if I actually tried, so it would be cool seeing my ideas come up on the big screen (or small screen if there are ideas that are a bit more relaxed). I have one semester under my belt and, to say the least, I was completely stunned when I realized that I had a GPA of 3.62! I say "stunned" because I have never had grades that good before. To put the cherry on top, I received an e-mail regarding an invitation to the National Society of Collegiate Scholars (i.e. Honors Society) branch at my school. I had a prime focus on my work, so I really apologize for my extended absence, but I think it might have paid off in the long haul.


SB AFTERMATH - I was a bit upset over the Steelers losing to the Packers to Super Bowl XLV 31-25, but (surprisingly) I got over it pretty quickly. The Steelers played like shit while the Packers capitalized on their mistakes. They deserved to win that game and the fact that the Steelers had a chance to win that game was shocking. To the Packers fans on this site, your team earned it and I congratulate your team on the victory.


RETURN OF THE CADAVERS - Yes, the city of Cleveland has been through sports hell, but this is pretty bad. The Cavs lost tonight to the Pistons (Thank you Detroit for not fucking around and losing like people predicted you would) and are now co-owners of the longest losing streak of the four major American professional leagues, a 26-losing skid, tied with the Tampa Bay Yuckaneers ofthe 1970s. Seriously, I feel really bad for those guys because no one deserves to have this happen. Gee, if only a certain jackass had not decided to "take his 'talents' to South Beach" and ditch them in the night.


MAD MAGIC MAN - Why the hell are people talking about Dwight Howard ditching the Magic after the 2011-12 season? This is not LeJackass, this is Dwight. He is, along with Chauncey Billups and Derek Fisher, my favorite guys in the NBA now and I do not really like seeing Howard get this kind of smack talked about him. Why can't the man just play the game? He will get angry and, wait for it, you won't like him when he's angry.


MOUNTAIN MADNESS - Now I know I will seem like a bandwagon guy here when I say this, but I love seeing the boys from Brigham Young and (more importantly, at least for me) San Diego State up with the guys from the big time schools. I like to see some parity in college basketball and, in a way taking the place of Butler, comes the Cougars and Aztecs.


There is probably more I am forgetting, but that is all for now. I hope this clears up everything a bit better now.

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