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NASCAR Update And Other Fast Stuff 7-27-14
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Hey Gabbers and others!!!! What up? How ya all doing? Welcome to my NASCAR updates and other fast stuff. That sign is words to live by. How many times have you heard some body yell that followed by a crash or thud ? So lets all think safety folks. Summer safety that is.

Slow news week in NASCAR. But if it don't rain we could watch the Brickyard 400 at Indianapolis Motor Speedway today. Some body will be kissing the bricks. There's a strip of bricks along the start / finish line which is all that's left of the Brickyard of old. Dale Jarrett started the tradition of the team lining up at that start / finish line and kissing those bricks. When Johnson won his young daughter looked at him like he was nuts. She wasn't having any of it. 

So lets see here. What's up.....or going round the track.


Seems Brian France is really trying to smooth things over and convince everyone that one voice representing all the voices just isn't a good thing. He kept stressing at the news conference that all voices need to be heard. He said that he will continue his walking around the garage area to talk to all the voices to see what's going on.

Richard Petty said that the RTA is like a farmers Co-op. He feels that NASCAR gets some things right but could work on getting better deals for parts, insurance & travel. The newer teams expect it. He's hoping that NASCAR will be working harder to that end from now on.

I'm looking forward to more exciting exchanges between the RTA and NASCAR. I need something to write about if you know what I mean.


Our Aussie is said to be possibly signing a deal to get back into Super V8 racing in his home Australia. That's the car racing series he came from. It's their version of NASCAR.

Rumor has it that Roger Penske has become interested in Super V8 and wants to team up with Dick Johnson and Marcos Ambrose would be the driver.

When Ambrose was asked about this he said if he had anything to report he'd have said it. When his boss Richard Petty was asked he said he didn't know what Ambrose was up to. Not sure if he was going home for good or just to run a few races and that it was up to him.


Yup. That's what he said. Fresh off another wildly successful NASCAR Truck Series race at Eldora this past Wednesday, Stewart went to the media center to say if he could raise $25 Million, he'd put a dome over the speedway. He said he'd like to host Cup or Nationwide races too. 

He also said he's quite content with just a truck race but more NASCAR would be great. He knows that selling hotdogs at $1.50 isn't going to get him there. So right now this would be a dream.

In the mean time a new infield building is going up as part of the ongoing process of improvements at the track. The building would house the media center, hospitality suite, infield care center and concession stand. Construction starts in October.

In my experience with monster trucks, motocross, tractor pulls etc inside an arena it's pretty damn loud & exhaust filled by the end of the event. Dover can give you a head ache on over cast lowceiling days. I hope if he does it that he puts in one hell of an exhaust fan...or 2.


Don't forget now. Get your votes in for your favorite driver. Contest is still going on. I'd like to see somebody beside Dale Jr or The Danica get it. 

You can vote



Last years race saw Ryan Newman on the pole AND he became the winner too. I think he was driving that Smurf car. I'd have to check my blogs from last year. It was a pretty event free race. Newman and Johnson led 108 laps between them but some how Newman had the car to get the win. The last car was minus 50 laps but there were no cars out of the race at the end of the race. 

Top 15 finishers in 2013: Newman - Johnson - Kahne - Stewart - Kenseth - Dale Jr - Gordon - Logano - Montoya - Ky Bu - Truex - Menard - Edwards - Ku Bu - McMurray

So this track is one that track position is a big deal. There were 6 drivers that started & ended in the top 10. So that's how important track position is. In fact Newman & Johnson were 1 & 2 at the start & end. 

Gordon: Won the first Brickyard 400 due to the wreck caused by the Bodine Brothers who were 1 & 2 at the end of the race. Brett wrecked Geoff and the other Jeff became the youngest driver to win that race at 23 years & 2 days. He still owns that record. He has 4 wins here too as well as 11 top 5's. So it's Top 10 for Mr Gordon

Harvick : He's got the pole today. I expect a top 10 but he's just all over the place as far as consistancy goes. Only 3 top 10's in the last 8 races. He'll be in the Chase by virtue of 2 W's but pick him at your own risk.

Newman : Last years winner and he starts 4th today. Repeat? No but a top 10, yes

Keselowski : Starts 3rd & he's hot. He has 6 top 10's out of last 8 races and 2 of them W's. Hot enough for another top 10

Stewart : Just 2 top 10's in 8 races. He's not hot but he starts 6th today. He NEEDS a W. No W No Chase. Top 10

Johnson : He's ended up 42nd 2 races in a row. Self Destructoman is either experimenting with set ups or he's in trouble. With 6 top 10's in the last 8 races AND 3 of them are W's I got to say that evil genius Knaus is playing with the car. Top 10

Dale Jr : Starts 23rd today. It concerns me but 6 top 10's out of the last 8 races says he's still Mr Consistancy. Top 10

The Danica : Started out 33rd last year and ended up 30th minus 2 laps. This year she starts in 14th. Dare I hope for a top 20 this year? Or even 15? It's your fantasy league. You decide.

Larson : The rookie with the mostest starts 15th today. Got a 3rd at New Hampshire the other week. You can't ignore this kid any more. He's solid. I'm 10. 

Bowyer : Has 6 top 10's out of 8 races. He starts 16th. Should be a top 10.

Logano : Last 8 races have not been kind to our boy wonder. He had a run in with a car 12 laps down at New Hampshire and oopsy. He's in the garage. Only 2 top 10's in the last 8 races. He's not hot but I'll give him a top 10 this week. 

Kenseth : Top 10. He's the stealth bomber. Almost always sneaking up on a win or top 10. He needs one too. No W's yet but he's 4th in the points. 

Hamlin - Kahne - Ku Bu - Edwards - Biffle seem to run into some kind of trouble every week. Pick these guys at your own risk

Montoya : He's back for a limited time driving the #12 for Penske. Worth a pick up. Starts 8th today. Top 15 at the very least.

Bobby Labonte : He's in the #37 Tommy Baldwin entry. Starts in the back but he's a cheap date in your salary cap league.

Bayne : He's back in the Wood Brothers #21. Also a cheap date for your salary cap league.

So there you have it. I made my salary cap picks and noticed every one of them has a #2 in their #. Gordon #24 - Larson #42 - Keselowski #2 - Montoya #12 - Bayne #12

I didn't plan it that way. I was just determined to get some good points this week for my money. 

Hope all your picks are good this week. Happy Birthday Harry, Happy safe travels to everyone else and of course get that grill fired up. It's Sunday.


And I'm outta here....



Dog Days Sports Blog
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Usually when we hear "dog days" in the context of sports we think about the brutal portion of the baseball schedule that runs from about now through the heat of the summer in August....well, it applies to sports blogs, too!  Here we sit with not too much going on other than....

MLB pennant races enter the Dog Days of Summer phase with nothing really decided except the Tigers and the fates of the 10 not-so-good teams who only have the trade deadline to look forward to.

NFL Training Camps are open...but is there really any news to consider yet.  All you can hope for at this stage o?f the game is that nobody gets hurt, or as typical these days, goes to jail.  (Speaking of jail, how about the Ray Rice "suspension?"  Nice to know that in the NFL you can knock out your woman and then try to knock out an opposing linebacker a couple of weeks later.  Nic job wrecking the NFL Goddell).

Golf this weekend is the tournament for everyone not good enough for the British Open.  If I was one of those journeymen golfers on tour, I would target this week as my one week to get a win and be set for life.  One win and you get all sorts of exemptions not to mention a nice pay day.  Go Graham Deleat!  (I have to note that Jim Furyk decided to play, upsetting the apple cart a bit as he is leading...I guess he needed a win).

Which brings me back to the Dog Days of Blogging...I think I will fire up the barbeque this week and plan out for the MLB pennant races, the NFL REAL season not to mention my fantasy football edition...nothing like a burnt chicken leg to get the juices flowing!

Have a great weekend!

The Times They Are A Changin'
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   The world we live in, it is a changin’… but the real question is whether or not these changes are for the better! Of the biggest stories going on in sports right now, each one involves new issues that likely wouldn’t even be in the spotlight years ago.

   The biggest story going on right now has to be the two game suspension received by Ravens RB Ray Rice in response to his cold cocking his girlfriend (now wife) on an Atlantic City elevator and dragging her unconscious body off the elevator on camera. This ugly incident, documented by security cameras, snagged him a two game suspension after his legal process was finished (he entered a pre-trial intervention program off the field) and he made his appeal to the NFL. Meanwhile, multiple players over the years have been caught smoking pot or tested positive for other forms of drugs, and the basic standard there seems to be four games for a first offense. Second offense generally snags you either a full season ban or damn near that.

   I’m sure as hell not condoning the actions of men who choose to risk millions upon millions of dollars to smoke pot. If you’re too stupid to understand that it is against the rules and don’t have the willpower to abstain from that activity, you deserve every shitty, terrible thing that comes your way. And don’t give me that “addiction” shit… pot is NOT ADDICTIVE! I smoked pot nearly every freaking day for three years in my late teens/early twenties. Then I found out I was going to be a father, got my shit together, and stopped smoking pot. I didn’t need a fucking rehab program, a support group…. None of that stupid shit. I simply quit doing it. Not complicated, not difficult. I did that so I could make ten bucks an hour and help support my growing family… I sure as hell would have done it for millions of dollars! My honest opinion on drugs in general; legalize everything and let natural selection run its course! We could use a thinning of the herd if you ask me.

   The issue I’m seeing here is the fact that domestic violence seems to be a much lower crime on the NFL’s radar screen than the use of recreational drugs. There is opportunity here for the league to set a solid example for kids out there and sit Ray Rice down for half a season in response to the atrocious actions he was caught on tape performing… but instead we get two games. Way to take a strong stand on violence against women, NFL. Does this move do anything to hurt the Shield, though? Do female fans of this league begin to realize that the league does not give two shits about them? Does one week of pink jerseys and pink accessories for breast cancer research make up for the fact that a player who chooses to get high gets a stiffer penalty than one who decides to beat a woman?

  Then today I see that the Minnesota Twins have cancelled the Hall of Fame celebration planned for former Rookie of the Year and 4-time All-Star Chuck Knoblauch due to his most recent in a string of domestic violence issues. So the Minnesota Twins care more about violence against women than the entire NFL does…

  Of course, the saddest thing about all of this is the reality that this is actually on par with the legal system in this country! Domestic violence will normally land you in some pointless anger management program that is more likely to make you angrier than you were before than it is to provide any actual help… while possession of drugs is treated as a federal crime and the penalties are much harsher. Violent crimes vs. the victimless crime of choosing to use recreational drugs. And the saddest truth is this; in both cases it all comes down to the bottom dollar. You think for a minute that if Colorado becomes a solid model for what type of revenue states can make off legalized pot that the rest of the nation won’t soon follow suit? The fact is, it’s all about the bottom dollar. Ray Rice punching his wife in the fact does not affect his on-field performance, but use of marijuana would. That is exactly why the Shield goes after drug users and largely ignores those who commit violent offenses off the field. It’s all about the money in the end… maybe if people are mad enough about this to quit watching, buying merchandise, etc., the NFL will get the message and change their ways… but somehow I highly doubt any of that is going to happen any time soon.

   The other big story this week involves the media’s favorite form of whipping boy… a Conservative Christian who dared to say something they could spin into being anti-gay. Tony Dungy gave an interview to the Tampa Tribune just after the NFL Draft, and he was asked whether or not he would have used a 7th round pick on Rams DE Michael Sam, who is the league’s first openly gay player. Dungy responded by essentially saying his ability level does not warrant the distraction. When the interview was given, Oprah still had plans to follow Sam during training camp for a TV series. So, what are your thoughts on Dungy, Gabbers… homophobic religious nut or just the victim of a slow news day?

  My take on this is twofold… First, I am sick and tired of people screaming and crying for equality, but then turning around and using their “differences” to gain advantages or publicity. First it’s “we just want to live a normal life like all of you”… fine, go ahead. But then, it becomes “well, we feel we deserve a few extras… you know, for all the strife and anguish we’ve been through”. Either you want equality or you want superior treatment. What people seem to miss is the fact that the gay population worldwide makes up 3% of all people. 3%... yet we act as though their rights should be a higher priority than anyone or anything else’s. Look, I am all for equality. If a man wants to marry a man, woman, or a fucking inanimate object… let him! To each his own… I just don’t want to see it or hear about it! As long as no one is being raped and no little kids are being molested, keep your business in the bedroom and the hell away from my eyes and ears.

  Second, when the hell did we start letting the media decide what it is we need to be outraged and upset about? Anymore, it seems like every week they trot out someone or something that we all need to put a stop to or chastise until they fade away from memory. What the hell happened to everyone having the same, equal rights? It seems as though the media has taken a Liberal slant on everything… and anyone who is not of their exact opinion is the enemy. Does anyone else remember a time when if you disagreed with something someone thought, you might actually accept the fact that that person is entitled to their own opinion on something? Nope, now we have to “change” the way people think and the way they act if it is perceived to be incorrect by the masses. The way I see it, if someone chooses to be narrow minded, let them! Let them deprive themselves of relationships with others based on things as stupid as their race or sexual orientation. It’s THEIR LOSS, not society’s! It seems more and more like the media is going over to mind-control mode… and they are targeting anyone who does not agree with their narrative. This is dangerous, folks… the more the media controls people, the more everyone starts to fall in line, and the more the media goes from being an asset of the people (keeping you informed on things) to a liability (keeping you in line and doing exactly what the “powers that be” want). You really have to start wondering what the endgame is here. Are we heading for a “Big Brother”, 1984 type of society?

  But in the end, it seems that Tony Dungy was simply the victim of a slow news day. Dungy was praised before as a pioneer, one of the first black head coaches in the NFL, the first to win a Super Bowl, etc. Now, he is chastised because the media’s new favorite child, the gay community, was not praised and celebrated by Dungy. It seems like doing anything short of getting down on your knees and worshipping the ground that the gay community walks on is unacceptable. Personally, I am getting tired of this bullshit!

  As I said before, I don’t care if someone is gay or straight… I’m married, I’m not looking! I don’t know just by looking at you, and I don’t fucking need to know. The whole thing reminds me of a guy I used to work with… he had all the stereotypical mannerisms associated with homosexuals, and it was pretty obvious (especially since his boyfriend also worked there). I talked to the guy a lot, and one day he looked at me point blank and said “you know I’m gay, right?” At that point, I broke off the conversation we were having, shook his hand and said “congratulations”, then went right back into what we were talking about! Like I said… I do not give a single, solitary fuck what it is people do in the privacy of their own homes, so long as they aren’t hurting anyone else. I have no “moral high ground”… I don’t believe in the “sanctity of marriage”… especially with a nearly 50% national divorce rate. During the whole Phil Robertson debacle I asked my friend exactly what he thought about what he had said… his answer was a priceless one… “Who the fuck is Phil Robertson?” But let’s put things into perspective here… 3% of the world population is gay… so you tell me how it best serves the “greater good” to destroy any and every one that chooses to be straight and not praise the pro-gay agenda?

  Chris Paul apparently isn’t done playing activist… he’s threatening to sit out the next season if Donald Sterling is not removed as owner of the Clippers. Personally, I say go ahead and sit out… nobody is going to miss you. Maybe the whole team will, and the Clippers will be even less relevant than usual. I get a guy not wanting to play for a racist owner, but the fact that you’ve ignored his racism before and continued to cash the checks he signed doesn’t make you righteous or an activist; it makes you someone who sold his soul and now wants it back because the fact that Sterling is a racist is now public knowledge. This is yet another example of the media gone wild, though. Anybody remember Marge Schott a few years back… she was five times the racist Donald Sterling is! Yet it took years to run her out of her spot at Reds’ owner. Sterling says something semi-racist in a phone conversation (and no, you’re not going to convince me that what he said was racist) and is gone in less than a month. As I said before… if someone wants to be a racist, LET THEM! Let them be cut off and isolated from society as much as they want to be, and continue with normal society as usual. Chances are they really won’t be missed, anyhow! Still haven’t seen anyone boycotting an interview with Oprah, by the way.

  Before I call it a day, I'd like to say Happy Birthday to our good friend Old Harry today! Hope you have a great day buddy.

  That’s all I’ve got for today folks. Thanks as always for reading, and I hope you all have a great weekend.


Freak Show Friday - 7/25/14
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Ray Rice.  Two games and another game paycheck.  Why be outraged?  Did anybody expect anything more than that?  If you did, you aren't seeing the big picture here.  Keith Olbermann said it best:  You can go out and beat the shit out of your girl, then go on line and by the female version of Ray Rice jersey on for $59.  Wow, just wow.    

Bart Scott on CBS Sports Network says he got off light because the NFL doesn't have a policy on Domestic Violence and that they'll have to start one.  THAT IS THE MOST COWARDLY OF ALL TAKES OUTSIDE OF DEFENDING RICE.  Uh, hey Bart, they just did you moron!  The bar has been set at 2 games and another game check for clocking a woman.  So what happens when some moron gets bent and stabs his signifcant other?  3 games and anoter game check?   Oh, and by the way Bart, I don't hear any denouncing of what Rice did.  

Hey Baltimore fan, if you cheer this guy, you freaking suck!  And if you buy his jersey or the female version of Baltimore 27, you're worse.  But the sick thing here is you will.  Just like SF fans cheered Barry Bonds and will cheer that freaking drunk ass wannabe gangsta Aldon Smith.  Just once, when a-holes like this make a play, I'd like to hear the crowd go silent.  Don't say a word.  Don't cheer, don't boo, just go silent.  Ya think maybe that'll send a message?  

Noticeably silent on this whole thing?  YEP, the mother fucking Union.  No denounciation of the DV, no nothing.  You think that the union placed pressure on Goddell to go as light as possible?  Was he gonna go with four games, then some handshake agreement came out of it to take two plus a game check and Rice doesn't appeal?  Of course it went down like that, Owner Jim Irsay is still on the docket and he has to be dealt with.  Could you imagine if he dropped the hammer on Rice then did little to Irsay?  Could you imagine the Union then?

By the way Baltimore, five arrests, oh, and that little incident 15 years ago with Ray Lewis?  Just what the hell does it take to get B-more organization to maybe crack down on these freaks?  

Don't laugh San Francsico, you have just as much of a problem, and so does San Diego every Sunday Night after a game.  Yeah San Diego, you aren't slipping under my radar.  

Seems to me that the NFL, it's union and alumni, just are scared to deal with something like domestic violence.  So here's the deal NFL, I've already consciously watched less of your watered down product over the past few years.  I'm not going to be a hypocrite and say boycott the NFL.  No, I won't do that.  But what I can do is this:  I can call you all a bunch of MF-ing cowards, too scared to do the right thing.  

I know that I myself can do little to change the mentality - it will never change in the NFL.  So I'll cheer like hell against Baltimore probably more so than I will against Seattle, just like I'll cheer against Aldon Smith and to a lesser degree that silver spoon BOY (as opposed to being a man) Johnny Manziel.   

PC Police.  Just so I understand, a radio personality can call Erin Andrews a bitch on a radio show and he loses his syndication on NESN.  Tony Dungy is crucified for saying he wouldn't draft Michael Sams because he hates media distractions, and has to "clarify" his comments.  Anybody who agrees with Dungy in terms of "media distraction" (including myself) are homophobes according to talking heads.  Meanwhile, love him or hate him (and he's definitely polarizing), Rush Limbaugh had a point:  They ran his ass for that assinine McNabb comment IMMEDIATELY and permanently, 

Just one year ago Riley Cooper ran his ignorant mouth and he got a two day vacation for basically communicating a threat against a specific race of people.  And didn't Jesse Jackson use a not so flattering term at least once to refer to our President, not to mention referring to a specific religion with a pretty nasty epitaph?  

Can somebody please tell me what the rules are, and can somebody enforce them equally?

Where is the special interests?  You know, the womens groups, those who support "law and order", victims groups?  Where is the outrage, and I mean that sincerely?  We as individuals can go out and be outraged, yet I hear nothing from our leaders and those who think they can speak on our behalf.  What a bunch of freaking cowards.

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Should the NFL have handed donw a tougher penalty to Ray Rice?



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