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The Browns Do It Again...
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Do what again, you ask?


My father got to experience some greatness from the Browns during his life...Me, all I've gotten is disappointment...Which let to me completely turning my back on them more than a few years ago...

Over the last two weeks all the media in Cleveland has been buzzing about the Browns "changing their logo and uniforms...There was much speculation and rumor...Countless fan ideas posted around the Internet...But they were all wrong...As you can see from the picture above, the changes are minor...The helmet/logo is the same, with the exception of a brown facemask, and deeper shade of orange...It was said last night that the orange will probably be more metallic, the way we have seen so many college helmets go...

The Dawg for the Dawg Pound got re-worked too...Big fucking deal!

Here is the official release from the Browns website...



Yep...There it is...And now they will start hyping the unveiling of what little they're going to do to the uniforms...This is it...This is the big news in Cleveland...

So lets just rundown the Browns top offseason news stories...

- Johnny Manziel goes to rehab...

- Josh Gordon fails another drug/alcohol test and will suspended for at least the entire season...

- GM Ray Farmer admits to texting down to the sidelines, giving input on personnel and play calls...(some say he jumped on that grenade for owner Jimmy Haslam, as it was originally reported that Haslam was doing the texting)

- And the Browns change their logo...A brighter orange and a brown facemask...HOLY FUCKING CHANGE!  Jesus this organization is just one letdown after another...

The best thing about the promotion I got this past year, is that I work every Sunday...Even in the past when I didn't work Sundays, I tried to avoid the Browns, but I would catch some...I would watch a bit and all that frustration would come back...It's so nice having that out of my life...

But all week, I heard the guys at work talking about this big change...All their speculation...And of course the TV news guys getting all moist hyping it up....How disappointed they all must have been when they saw this release...I wonder how that Shill Jim Donovan will spin this into a great fucking thing...

I hope it was all you dreamed it would be Cleveland...

Looking forward to hearing you get hyped for the draft, just to be disappointed again...

the Beeze.

QOTD - 2/24/15 Tags: Boxing

Boxing:  Is anybody going to pay $100 for the Pacquiao/Mayweather Pay per view?  Do you even care about Boxing any more?

Musings From The Hoodwood 2-23 New Spec Sheet
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Coming down the line to the end of February, the cold is still here but the number of games is dwindling, the margin for error gets smaller and smaller for the so-called bubble teams


Atlantic Coast
Conference Class-Power
Solid: Virginia, North Carolina, Louisville, Duke, Notre Dame
Work to do: Miami-Fl, NC State, Clemson, Pitt
Skinny on the ACC:  The question here isn’t about where the solid teams are going. The solid teams are way safe, the working teams really have work to do. A side note, UNC breaking out the four corners to open the game against G-Tech was way way cool.

Key Game: Syracuse at Duke Sat 7p (ESPN) I know, I know the Orange are going nowhere but home in a week but an upset of Duke in Cameron would be a super consolation prize

Projected Bids: 6

Atlantic Ten
Conference Class- Mid-Major
Solid VCU

Work to do: Dayton, UMass, Rhode Island, Davidson
The A-10 Spec is: VCU is safe despite is lurching play, UMass is in ten types of trouble, only their monster numbers (38 RPI, 24 Strength of Sched) keep them on for now. Rhode Island is interchangeable with Davidson in getting in and right now the Rams are closer to the right side of the cut line than the Wildcats. Dayton is at 20 but I think they need a couple wins to firm up their resume

Key Games Dayton at VCU Saturday 2p Both teams are solid but a win here firms up a resume and keeps them on the home side of a tourney bid

Projected Bids: 4



Conference Class-Major

Solid SMU

Work to do: Cincy, Tulsa, Temple
All-American Spec: SMU is just about home free, they will get in this year. Temple is closing fast. Tulsa is coming apart at the seams and while Cincy got a much needed win over a sad sack Houston but need no slipup from here on out to get their resume back on solid ground.

Projected Bids: 3


Big East 
Conference Class-Major
Solid: Villanova, Butler

Work to do: Xavier, Providence, Georgetown, St. Johns
Big East Skinny: Nova is way safe, Butler is too despite the loss to Xavier who has rapidly recovered from their dangerous totter to the back end of the sheet and is maybe a couple wins from getting safe but getting swept by St. Johns hurts them as much as it helps the rapidly recovering Johnnies. Providence is getting closer and closer to safe but I still don’t really know why everyone is so hyped on the Hoyas they have, in my opinion fattened up on a weak schedule. They stay working for the time being.

Key Game: 

Projected bids: 5

Big Ten 
Conference Class-Power
Solid: Wisconsin, Maryland

Work to do: Purdue, Indiana, Iowa, Ohio State, Michigan State
The word on the Big Ten is: Wisky and the Terps are the only teams I feel good about. The Bucks shameful loss to the Wolverines makes their weak schedule standout just that much more and Sparty you have no reason to snicker as you have the same problem and that Texas Southern loss still dogging your resume. Purdue thinks its home free after sweeping Indiana but they aren’t. Indiana is running out of time short of winning the whole shooting match to get in. Iowa? If the Hawks keep winning they will be fine but they are too inconsistent to be sure

Key Game:  Illinois at Iowa 9:00 Wednesday (BTN) Is this a bubble play in game? Quite possibly.

Projected Bids: 6 

Big 12
Conference Class-Power
Solid: Kansas, Oklahoma, West Virginia, Baylor, Iowa State
Work to do: Oklahoma State, Texas
Skinny from the heartland:  Kansas has been safe since about New Years seemingly but have a bad habit of dumb losses and getting zapped in Manhattan by the weak Wildcats is a prime example. The Sooners and Bears join the Clones on the safe side of the fence. The Mountaineers are safer than the pundits want to give them credit for. Huggins always seems to get the most out of the least and has done it again in Morgantown. The Pokes and Horns still are on the wrong side of the cut line. This conference will NOT send 70% of its membership.

Key Game: Texas at Kansas 5p The Jayhawks are way safe but the Longhorns are running out of time to make a statement, a win in Allen Fieldhouse would do the trick in spades

Projected Bids: 6


Missouri Valley
Conference Class-Mid Major
Solid: Wichita State, Northern Iowa
Work to do: Evansville, Illinois State
Missouri Valley Skinny: The Shockers and Panthers are

Key Game: Northern Iowa @ Wichita State 2p (ESPN2) The regular season title is on the line here, and the coveted top seed at Arch Madness next week.

Projected Bids: 2

Mountain West
Conference Class-Major
Solid: San Diego State, Boise State, Wyoming
Work to do: Colorado State
Spec from the Mountains: Im thinking that this conference will send 4, legitimately. THe Aztecs are safe as are the Broncos and Cowboys. The Rams are almost there but could use another resume firming win

Key Game: Boise State at San Diego State Saturday 8p (ESPN2) Both teams are safe in my view but the Broncos could get a much better seed with a win here

Projected Bids: 4

Pacific 12
Conference Class-Power
Solid: Arizona, Utah
Work to do: UCLA, Oregon, Stanford, Oregon State
Spec from the left coast:  The solid teams are way safe, but the working teams have so many warts its frightening. The Bruins got housed in Tucson. The Ducks are making their case much stronger by beating Utah but even with 20 wins, Im not real sold on them. The Beavers are on the fringe and needs to keep winning to work their way into the conversation.

Key Games: Arizona at Utah (Pac12 Net) Saturday 9pThe Utes are trying to make their bones in the Pac-12 but face their sternest test with a Wildcat team that wants a #1 seed

Projected Bids: 3

Conference Class-Power
Solid: Kentucky, Arkansas
Work to do: LSU, Texas A&M, Georgia, Ole Miss
Spec is Down South:  The Cats are playing for 40, the Hogs are safe. Now the ugly morass that is the rest of the SEC are living on rep and history rather than solid play. To be honest if any other conference had these records four teams in would be blasphemy, but instead the SEC gets the benefit of the doubt. Ill try to conceal my abject disgust.

Key Game: Arkansas at Kentucky 4p (SEC/ESPN) This may be the last best chance for an SEC team to get the Wildcats who often play indifferent at home, if the Hogs don’t get ‘em we might not be talking about a possible Wildcats loss for another month in Indy.

Projected Bids: 4

West Coast 
Conference Class- Mid Major
Solid: Gonzaga
Work to do: St. Mary’s, BYU
West Coast Spec:  The Bulldogs are gunning for an unbeaten WCC season and a top seed in the Big Dance, they haven’t loset in this calendar year. The Gales and Cougars are  trying to stay on the opposite side of the bracket in the WCC tourney and catch the Bulldogs sleepwalking to steal a bid.
Key Game: BYU at Gonzaga Sat 10p The Coogs cry they get no respect but they will get ten tons of it (and maybe solidify a bid) if they can knock off the Bulldogs in the Kennel, good luck though as they hold the nations longest home win streak.

Projected Bids: 2

There are others in the mix to be sure. Teams from the always dangerous (Projected winners in Parentheses) Colonial (Northeastern) and Big South (Coastal Carolina) always are in the mix and can send multiple teams. Of course the champions from the following conferences get an automatic bid: Amer. East (Albany) , Atlantic Sun (Florida Gulf Coast), Big Sky (Sacramento State), Big West (Cal-Davis), Conference USA (Louisiana Tech) Horizon (Valpo), Ivy (Harvard), MAC (Central Michigan), MAAC (Iona) , MEAC (North Carolina Central), Northeast (St. Francis), Ohio Valley (Murray State), Patriot (Bucknell), Southern (Wofford), Southland (Sam Houston St) , Sun Belt (Georgia St), Summit (South Dakota St) , and SWAC (Alabama State) WAC (New Mexico State)

Since this is still early spec, nothing here is solid and we haven't even brought up the possibility of upsets. But those never happen, right.

Next Update: Likely Saturday


Phat Dap

Hakim Emmanuel threw a 900 series that’s 3 perfect games. 36 strikes in a row for the first ever 900 series for a Massachusetts bowler.


Head Slap

To Roy Williams who criticized the Smith Center fans for being subdued last weekend against Georgia Tech. Sorry RoyBoy, The sorry Wreck aint Duke and beating them by 29 isnt going to get the adrenaline going…the potshot was unneeded.


Monday Moaning, Uncle B.O.B. Style - 2/23/15
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Surprise!  It's your Uncle B.O.B. coming in on Monday to visit with you all.  I hope you had a great weekend.  Mine was incredibly busy, but enough about that, let's get to gabbin...

I’ve read with great interest many blogs here the past two weeks and there seemed to be a prevailing thought – why are we dealing with non-sense?  Seriously, what has sports become?  To me its very clear that sports has partnered up with entertainment and it has gone WAY too far away from sports.  It’s frustrating because the reality is the fact that so many people have no freaking clue what is actually going on on the field, court, diamond, or whatever.  Hell, I admit it, my understanding of the actual games is so reduced. 

MLB – Rules Changes.  I’m only going to briefly touch on this because I suspect our resident baseball experts will have much more to say on it, but I believe it is something in the right direction.  I think it is a solid compromise between those who like the laid back pace traditionalists and those who believe that we need to speed the game up to attract more fans because games can be unwatchable.  Just as pitchers should be held accountable for delaying the game, so should batters who intentionally try to screw up a pitchers rhythm. 

One thing I really liked was the clock on the batter immediately after the last commercial airs. 

NASCAR – Daytona 500.  I actually gave this somewhat of a look-see, not much but enough to respect that going 16 laps three wide at 200 MPH and not having a wreck is one helluva feat. 

I am not a Joey Logano fan, but he won so props to him.

I’m kind of a Richard Cranium this way, but to me it was cool that Keselowski blew out an engine – karma kicked him in the balls.

NBA – Trade Deadline.  We actually talked about this a bit, and the problem here for the NBA continues to be this:  There were some GREAT deals made that benefitted teams who don’t actually get a whole lot of air time – Phoenix and Milwaukee in particular.  I believe that both teams in the long-term are going to vastly improve.  It may not show this season, but in future ones, we actually may be talking about both teams and I think that can only help the NBA. 

Come to think of it, hey Harvey, I have to know this – why isn’t Phoenix more of a destination spot for NBA players?  Phoenix is one helluva town, and I just don’t get it.

NBA – Chris Bosh and Jerome Kersey.  I was very sorry to read about what is going on with Chris Bosh – Blood Clots are nothing to screw with, but I was even more devasted to learn of the death of Jerome Kersey, who back in the early 90’s was a very good player on a team that I admire from afar – Portland.  As I recall, Kersey was one of those freakish athletes that had one helluva game and it was too bad he played in MJ’s heyday because he would have been far better recognized, and really should have been.

Food.   I am a meat and potatoes kinda guy, and I pretty much stay close to home, but Saturday Night we met some of Mrs. B.O.B.’s old work friends and went into downtown Sacramento for a very enjoyable night at the Iron Grill.  This place is small, has a cool bar with an overworked barkeep, a nice bar pub food menu, but the dinner was really nice.  We had the New York Steaks with wild mushrooms and green beans – not exotic by any stretch, but it was damn good.  But the real cool part was that in most restaurants they bring out bread to knaw on while you wait – this place brought out beignets. 

Hockey.  I often refer back to the 70s and that being my “golden age” of sport, where I got the most enjoyment, but lets go back 35 years ago last Sunday.  Where the hell were you when Herb Brooks led the USA to that stunning 4-3 upset of the USSR in Lake Placid?

I’ve never been a huge hockey fan, but I will never forget being 15 years old and sitting on the couch at my house watching that incredible game.  I was on pins and needles and when the end came and Al Michaels said “Do you believe in miracles?  YES!!!”  I don’t think I was ever more proud of America, or of being a sports fan. 

Here is the New York Times article.   

Bowling.  I’ve started to really come on strong and improve of late.  I’ve joined a travel league and my first match there is next month down in the Bay Area. 

Music video of the Week.  Hal gave me a great idea, so I’m gonna go with Aerosmith here because in my mind on so many levels the words just seem appropriate at this time for me and it kinda hits home at this particular time:

Good Story of the Week – Zazie restaurant in SF.  I’m not a gourmet foodie and definitely not a fan of French cuisine, but when I heard this story, I just had to add it into the mix here.  This restaurant adds a $1.25 surcharge per person to all checks – all of the money which goes to providing full benefits for ALL the staff there – ALL 32 of them, from the chefs to the dishwashers.  Not only that, they get a 401(k) with a 4 percent match.

Good Story of the Week #2 – Chris Huey/Univeristy of Kansas.  There are times I get so damn frustrated with sports and I want to say “the hell with it all – I have better things in life to do” and then I see stories like this and it restores my faith. 

Chris Huey is a 6-7 guy who had played at NAIA St. Mary’s in Leavenworth, Kansas.  Unfortunately, his dreams of playing ball fell short when he had THREE collapsed lungs, so he took a job as student manager at the University of Kansas. 

Chris is a senior and at the end of Kansas’ home game against TCU, with 35 seconds to go, Bill Selp called Chris’ number and got him in the game.  Just like Domer fans with Rudy, and other places, the fans went bezerk.  No, the kid didn’t score – he got so excited when he got the ball, he blasted a clear layup off the backboard – but to me this is one hell of a way for a kid to go out.     

Major props to Coach Bill Self and the Kansas basketball program.  You deserve to be named a good story and I wish it would have been covered a bit more than it was. 

The story, including a vine, is right here

D-bag of the Week – Marie Harf.  There are two things in this world that I don’t necessarily have patience with:  hypocrisy (of which I’m guilty of at times) and a person who thinks they are better and smarter than everybody else.  I literally cannot stand that crap.  Marie Harf, you nailed both this past week.

Good Lord, January 2017 can’t come soon enough.  Hell, even the Democrats have to be wondering whose in charge at the White House, and where is the adult supervision?  To sit here and infer that terrorists commit murders in part because they can’t find jobs?   And then two days later claiming that regular folks are too stupid to understand what she meant?  You have got to be kidding me.  This is no longer about Democrats vs. Republicans, it’s about folks who literally don’t have a freaking clue what is going on in the damn world running the damn country.  Meanwhile fuckers are running around killing people at will without fear of retribution.

Marie, because you have a high level job and you are decent looking does not mean that you have the answer to lifes ills.  Why are you even out there opening your mouth in the first place?  You are a DEPUTY ASSISTANT, not the person.  Why is anybody giving this individual any attention? 

Sporting D-bag of the Week – Honorable Mention.  The NFL Combine, Pacquiao/Mayweather, 

It was a Good Day
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Another weekend, another snowstorm.  I’m really done with the whole snow thing.  Last week I got my first snow blower and it was awesome.  I guess I’ve always avoided buying one because there’s nothing quite like dropping $900 on a machine and not actually using it, but every year I’ve said I’m going to buy one and don’t: at the end of the winter I say I’ll buy one at the beginning of next winter; at the beginning of winter I say I’ll buy one on clearance at the end.  


What I didn’t tell you last week, is that the guy was ridiculously honest - hell, I’m friends with his son - who lives behind me - so that’s just good policy.  So I’m on the phone with him and he’s telling me about it: starts on the first pull, electric starter...all that.  But then the kicker, “It’s 9-years old and a Craftsman, so things tend to fall off of it…”  


It snowed another 4 inches or so on Saturday, and so Sunday morning I was out cranking up the machine again.  Cleared out the walkway I’d carefully cleared last weekend.  Cleared the pathway I’d cleared last weekend.  Then...stuff fell off it.  Actually the drive cable just came off.  Now what?  It took 10-15 minutes or so, but I finally got into my shed and was able to McGyver together a temporary fix (which meant that my ViceGrip spent the rest of the morning holding the cable together) and I was able to continue.  


Of course, the DPW plow driver thinks my street ends about 50’ before it actually does and dropped all the snow he’d plowed down the street in the middle of the street.  In front of my neighbor’s driveway.  It’s ridiculous.  I mean - what’s the thought process there?  So, I had to snowblow my frigging street….and I broke the shear pin on one side, clearing the snow the bastard plow driver left in the middle of the street.  Open the little box that says “extra shear pins” pins.  Again, fortune shined upon me as my neighbor had something he could fashion for me and I was in business.  Of course, I shouldn’t have had to replace it because I shouldn’t have had to plow my own street, but it was the case that I had to.


There’s not much that I can’t stand more than a job carelessly done.  And so it goes then that I got a little something extra this week - the boss was kind enough to send me a little something extra as an “atta boy” for some stuff I’ve been doing the last few months.   Mrs Mo and I had decided that we’d spend part of our tax return on some new furniture so on Saturday we went out to do some shopping.  


On our way out, she was all “we’re not buying anything today, just want to compare and see what’s available…” all that.  Needless to say, we’re at the first store and she was hooked.  A $9500 sofa, on clearance for like 50% off.  And a floor model, so let’s knock another 50% off.  And because their President’s Day sale basically got snowed out (see last weeks’ post), they’ve carried over their “No Delivery Charge/No Sales Tax” gimmick.  So, from $9400 we’re now at $2350 store to door.  Throw in the attaboy I got from work and I’ve got a pretty sweet deal - with accent pillows!  Who knew?  I had budgeted about $2500 for the furniture before I spazzed out last week and decided I’d buy a snowblower - which I figured would be about $900 of that.  It wound up being $150.  Score.  Then a furniture score - I’m feeling pretty good.  


That is until it came time to pay.  Let’s see - my atta boy came in 5 Amex gift cards.  Then I gave the dude my debit card to pay the balance...and it declined.  I totes forgot the daily limit, even though the cash was there, I couldn’t get it because of “fraud protection.”  So, I had to put part on my debit card and the rest on a Visa card.  7 different transactions - not humiliating in the least.



35 years ago yesterday, the USA Hockey Team had a pretty good day too - defeating the then-Soviet Union en route to the Gold Medal game with Finland.  Herb Brooks’ estate auctioned off a treasure trove of his memorabilia over the weekend. His ring fetched $110,000 which will help his grandchildren pay for college and contribute to his foundation.  Now, to auction off something like that for tuition makes you wonder just how hard up the family might be.  How do you know it’s not a money grab?  The gold medal wasn’t for auction.


Now someone who didn’t have a good day was Jameis Winston - this young man is going to learn that after a season where Ray Rice was suspended, then released for domestic violence; Adrian Peterson spent the season away from the game because he beat his child.  The NFL has turned on it’s heel and made domestic violence it’s #1 issue and player character its #1 priority - no one wants a character problem, not after last season.  So, Jameis - with a list of issues ranging from getting paid for autographs to rape, decides it’s a good time to leave FSU for the NFL.  Everyone can use a quarterback, right?  I mean, hell - for years the Lions drafted wide receivers, maybe the Browns can just keep drafting quarterbacks with issues?  


Today I didn't have to use my AK, I got to say it was a good day.


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