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We are one week away from Turkey Day, can you believe it?

I have several things on my mind this week. Some I’m not sure if I’m barking up the right tree. This week was kind of salute to soldiers I guess I looked at as a total marketing thing from the NFL . What the NFL is doing is donating 100 dollars per point in all salute to soldiers games  for three worthwhile organiziations. The Pat Tillman Fund, The USO, and the Wounded Warrior Project. Each team will host a salute to soldiers game this month, I’m thinking or at least I hope the merchandise sale of all the Cameo stuff with your team emblem on it helps support these organizations and help make the 100 dollars a point happen.

The Sheriff came down hard or Adrian Petersen can I just voice my opinion on this here and now. I don’t give a rats ass about Adrian Petersen or Ray Rice for that matter. I think the Commissioners scolding of Petersen in the letter he sent was justified. I also think all these  pundits saying we must do whats best for the league and Adrian are full of crap. We must do what’s best ffor a four year kid and hopefully Adrian remembers which four old  from which mother.and makes it right for both of them.


Uniforms enough is enough, I can’t tell who is who anymore.. Boise state don’t where all Blue against the Blue Turf it’s a mecca for seagull poop.

Go Head try to find the Boise State Players

Yes they have a seagull problem they have had it for years. The poor bird Brains think the turf is the ocean crash bang need I say more. Miami Dolphins Teal on Teal against a green Field really wear white pants or white shirts all you needed was ateal helmet.

Miami Dolphins Teal shirts and teal pants agains a green field

The Packers what was that uniform on Sunday? Lombardi Is rolling over in his grave. Go back to green and gold.

Look at #78 or is that 718 Can you Imagine Mean Joe Greene or Jack Lambert in these.

Do You see a difference between those and these?

Pittsburgh seriously don’t where those prison , three stooges uniforms any more Black and Gold and your not doing any favors fo the girthy guys in those.

Hey it was fun with Maryland and Oregon we could make fun of them. But the U I couldn’t tell it was the U the other night against FSU. Oklahoma State Really Go back to white helmet with an Orange OSU make Pistol Pete proud.

I like throwbacks in the NFL as much as the next guy I’m not offended when the Cowboys break out the white helmets with the big Blue Star or the Lions where their regular uni with no emblem on the helmet. I just  think we have gone too far with the college uniforms and I hope the NFL doesn’t follow suit.

Jonias Grey rushed for 201 yards on Sunday Night I was thinking remember when a hundred yard game was special.. It brought back memories of October 18, 1976 a Monday Night game at the time with 6year old Foxboro Stadium Quarterback. Steve Grogan rushed for 103 yards against Joe Namath and the Jets. The Patriots won 41-7..

There have been a lot of 200 yard rushing games in recent years. It got me thinking about why and how. The answer I believe is simple the NFL is a passing league and the run is used to compliment the pass. The defenses are mainly man and zone coverage without getting into a bunch of schemes that result in man and zone coverage. Defenses simply don’t play the run. When an offensive line controls the defensive of line in a game the result is a big day for the backs.  The league has gone from a running league to a passing league. Lets tally up some points with big plays is the thought process.there are some  throws that act like runs 3 or 4 yard passes in the flat 5to 7 yards across the middle. The days of Riggins right, Riggins left and pass on third down are gone for the most part but a solid game play that exposed a really weak run defense  sometimes brings those days of run first pass second back.

Lakesider Report

Boys again played a decent game on Sunday they couldn’t bye a bounce. I have to give Coach Glen some credit. Lil lanz was playing Defense and he did everything he could on one play just trying aggravate a kid just trying to break him up and run him wide and did but some how the puck bounced in. Lillanz came back to the bench head down coach Glen went over gave a tap on the helmet and gave him a lil back rub told him he did a good job on the play. That’s coaching.


Last Friday Night the MRS and I celebrated our 22nd wedding anniversary at a very nice asian restaurant. They had a combination menu of  both Japanese and Chinese . I got a teriyaki steak that was cooked  to perfection with lots of veggies. The Mrs went for the yerayki Chicken it was a nice night out.

OH Thursday
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Hello Gabbers, our good buddy Mo reminded us on Monday that this is the sixth birthday of our home away from home… so a hearty and heartfelt happy birthday to the Gab.

Way back about probably a dozen years ago I ran across the SN blog site. I wasn’t adept at the internet and certainly never thought of myself as any kind of writer. I met some good people over at the defunct site. DVT, Sully, Bdub, lastof 12 and Mo were probably the first to interact with my feeble attempts at blogging.  Mo hosted the Round Table on Friday’s at his cyber Tavern and featured Duffs beer.  I  would look forward to reading his blog and then interacting with the folks at the table. We would go on for days and nights talking sports and the like. Once here at the Gab we introduced Mo to Fred Lites...and stealthfully replaced the Duffs with the official beer of the Gab, Fred lites. Duffs by the way, are still available for you nostalgic types.

After the fall from grace of SN

Sully, who was great about keeping  in touch, invited some of us to join the promising but forgettable douchsports which I guess had its sole purpose in getting Sully, Felber and Frag to start this remarkable venture we call home

You Gab Sports. We thank you for that Cuz.

And lets face it…what more appropriate name could there be?

We all have our own favorite sports, favorite teams and favorite players. We all present a perspective of these sports from our personal stage in life and our geographic location.

BOB commenting on Mo’s Monday blog said "this is like Cheers where everyone knows your name and we’re always glad you came…"

He hit the mark with that.

We may complain about the weather

We complain about the overpaid and underachieving

We complain about politicians from both sides of the asile

We complain about the abusers and the losers

We are never forced to keep it to sports here, you all have read my political ranting and my pride for my four sons and my Marine Veteran Daughter.  You were with me when she signed up to join, you were with me when she graduated from basic training and throughout her four years of active duty. You shared in my ups and downs during that service and you were with me to share my relief and joy when she decided not to re up and was discharged.

We support each others problems

We enjoy the stories of each others successes

We love the stories of each others families

We ride along with each story of a road trip

We always have time for advice and consolation

We don’t always agree

We don’t feel compelled to soft sell our opinions

And we all love to laugh

You’ve heard about my son’s adventures in hunting, high school and college sports.

You’ve had to endure my ramblings and bragging about my beautiful wife

(I did marry way up)

I’ve bored you with pictures of my vegetable gardens, grilling and cooking and you’ve remained my friends when I go off bragging about my local sports teams. I almost never fail to fill my post with a multitude of stats and pictures that help tell the story of where I’m at this week.

Sometimes I throw in a blond or Irish joke, Jeff likes to add Jack Handey humor to his posts, Beeze, our social czar, never forgets to put scenery at the top of his page and Lanz gives us insight into his zebra tales and to the progress of his kids. Q takes us to the track, I’m not personally a fan of Nascar but I do know enough now to hold a conversation with those who are. Radatz has the capability to wax poetic on anything sports, classic cars or ancient history. Norman brings a face value to being a sports lover, a husband and a dad.

IHM brings his love/hate relationship with the Detroit Lions as well as his ability to expound on any sports/ political subject a moments notice. BOB is an avid bowler, husband of a nurse (as Hal and I both are) and lives in California. BOB road trip stories and pictures make you think you were there.  Sully’s love of Boston and the home teams is something more than a few of us share. Sully cuts no slack to the slackers and will call out dishonesty if it raises it’s ugly head.  Tage is a college basketball guru…I found that out in March madness earlier this year. AFD gives his unique personal perspective and it’s more than a skim read. Bandit puts more research into his blog than anyone I know.

Weekly he calls out the best and the worst of the sports society.

Scott gives you that biggest city (in area) in America view and is an avid and unapologetic Jags fan. There are a bunch of others, please don’t be offended that you weren’t named right here. I’ll still respect you in the morning.

Each passing year the fact that we have this community means more, think about it…20 years ago this place couldn’t have existed. Our totally different backgrounds would have kept our paths from ever crossing. We can’t take lightly that we are the Gab.


Sports Quote of the week:

Tom Brady when asked on WEEI if he was looking forward to practicing this week in the cold outdoor temperatures in Foxboro ( forecast is for highs in the low 30’s all week)

Tom replied: “ Yeah, that’s how it is from this point on in the season, no more of these dome games or any of that warm shit, just real football”



Playoff leaders and remaining schedules:

That’s no cake walk


1. New England 8-2

Next up Lions, Packers, Chargers, Dolphins, Jets, Bills

2. Denver 7-3

Next up Dolphins, Chiefs, Bills, Chargers, Bengals, Raiders

3. Cincinnati 6-3-1

Next up Texans, Bucs, Steelers, Browns, Broncos, Steelers

4. Indianapolis 6-4

Next up Jags, Redskins, Browns, Texans, Cowboys, Titans


5. Kansas City 7-3

Next up Raiders, Broncos, Cardinals, Raiders, Steelers, Chargers

6. Steelers 7-4

Next up  bye, Saints, Bengals, Falcons, Chiefs, Bengals



Arizona 9-1

Next up Seahawks, Falcons, Chiefs, Rams, S, 49ers

2. Detroit

Next up Patriots, Bears, Bucs, Vikings, Bears, Packers

3. Cowboys 7-3

Next up Giants, Eagles, Bears, Eagles, Colts, Redskins

4. Atlanta 4-6

Next up Browns, Cardinals, Packers, Steelers, Saints, Panthers               


5. Green Bay 7-3

Next up Vikings, Patriots, Falcons, Bills, Bucs, Lions

6. Eagles 7-3

Next up Titans, Cowboys, Seahawks, Cowboys, Redskins, Giants

The Ditkah's continued to dominate and maintained a 7 point lead on second place and 14 on third

That’s all for this week,

Check out my Boston brother Lanz over to my right

Racial Epithets at the Clippers Game-dvt
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Hello Gabbers.

It's nice to be back.

B.O.B. recommended I post here from my facebook page and I am happy to do so...




You will probably want to read this...


I just love ironies. They are so ironic.


So my friend Dave Riley and I are at the Clippers-Bulls game Monday night.


It's the third quarter and the Clippers have already blown a double digit lead and are in the process of losing by double digits.


Then, all of a sudden, out of seemingly nowhere, a man, who was in the next section and up a few rows, started screaming at the top of his lungs something very close to, "CLIPPERS!!! You are playing like (another word for feces!!!)"


But that wasn't all...


"You (f-bomb) n's!!!


Yes. "N's" as in the n-word n's... real loud... more than once mind you... and everybody could hear exactly what this young African-America man said.


And they laughed...


Laughed??? Let's change colors here for a second and just see where all the laughs are... A big difference if it comes from a horse of a different color.


And the expletives continued for the next few minutes. And everybody just sat there snickering. Just a friendly reminder that this is at a....




Yes, the same Clippers and NBA who are intolerant toward racial epithets, especially if it comes from the not-so-African-American former owner Donald Sterling.


I was furious. The ushers were well aware of it and did NOTHING!!! Not until I made my way down the steps and informed the usher (who just happened to be of the same persuasion as the screaming fan) that screaming the n-word was unacceptable.


"If it's wrong for me (the white guy) to say it, then it's wrong for him to say it too, the hypocrite," I exclaimed. I was furious. I told him I also didn't appreciate hip-hop artists and rappers screaming the same word in their so-called music, while I am trying to keep my students from using it in the classroom...


When I returned he told me the guy is a season ticket holder and that he went to the guy's seat and told him to cool it with the profanity... "And the n-words, too," I said.


No ejection, just a warning. You have got to be kidding me. Ridiculous. However, to the fan's credit, he was quiet for the rest of the game. I think he left early.


I'm curious as to how the Clippers will act when I email this to them.


The silence will probably be deafening...




I sent an email to Carl Lahr, long time marketing director of the Clippers who I've known since I was a season ticket holder. He thanked me for the message and said they would look into it. I really don't expect much. That's just the way our society works nowadays. For the most part, it's a one way street. Have fun. Love you all...




Deep Thoughts 11-19-14
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Hello and welcome to another Wednesday of deep thoughts. I must admit that I have many things on my mind today other than sports. After reading other blogs this week, my mind is drifting back to past times. I heard on the news today that a place in Austin called Mackendrick’s Tree House was being demolished.  Even though the club was only open for about 8 years, I can’t tell you how many nights I spent listening to music at this cool place. The building was literally built up on stilts, with windows facing the lights of downtown. One summer night in the early 80’s, Julie and I braved the weather (and ignored our parents’ wishes) to take in a night of music at the “treehouse”. One thing about Austin is that when we get rain, it comes down in buckets. This was one of those Thunderstorms that lasted for hours. The streets were flooding and we had to take a rather circuitous route to make it out of our neighborhood. We should have never made that trip, but am I ever glad we did. The music that night was incredible. The weather meant that the club was not crowded, so it was a very intimate evening. The entire north wall of the Treehouse was glass, which allowed the flashes of lightening to illuminate the club. Sipping cocktails with my fiancé, listening to great music…it is a night that I will never forget and makes me sad to see the Tree House gone.






                      This is Passenger from an NPR broadcast. They tore it up the night at the Tree House...great memories.



The club has been closed for many years. It is literally a couple of blocks from the location of the old Armadillo World Headquarters…which was razed years ago. With the destruction of the Tree House, another of my personal Austin memories is gone. I stumbled upon an HBO special recently called Foo Fighters: Sonic Highway. The band is visiting 8 different cities across the country and doing a documentary about the music of each city, then recording a tune written from the history. I happened to catch the documentary about Austin and was amazed how many memories the show captured for me.  Honestly, living in Austin…you forget how much music history this city has seen in the past 50 years. What I found interesting is that Austin has been home to many different styles of music. Many think of Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings when they think of Austin music, but the history of music is much richer than this. My music path usually led me through the jazz venues in town, but occasionally I would venture off and catch other music. The documentary reminded me how important Austin was to the psychedelic and punk rock music scenes. Roky Erickson and the 13th Floor Elevators were a bit before my time, but I remember musicians talking about the Vulcan Gas Company, which closed in 1970. You can imagine how popular this music was with the Austin police of the 60s. Erickson was arrested for possession of one joint and ended up being put in the Austin State Hospital. The Punk rock era was totally different. A club called Raul’s was originally a Tejano club, but desperate punkers managed to convince the owner to allow them to play their music. Raul’s quickly gained notoriety as the lead singer for the Huns was arrested on an obscenity charge while he was performing. The bare-chested picture of him being handcuffed on the stage soon had young fans flocking to the club. 










Of course the other music form that Austin is famous for is the blues. The roots of Austin blues began back in the 1940's on the east side of Austin. Known as the Chitlin Circuit, the Victory Grill and other venues brought great music to eager Austin music fans. Many great musicians have traveled to East Austin over the years...some of them include: Clarence "Gatemouth" Bown, W.C. Clark, Ike and Tina Turner, James Brown and Billie Holiday. Clifford Antone came to Austin as a university student but found his love for the blues too hard to ignore. It is easy to point to Antone as the reason for much of Austin's reputation for the blues. When he opened Antones on 6th St. in 1974, he ushered in the next big wave of music talent. Over the years, Antone's gave musicians like the Vaughan Brothers, Delbert McClinton, John Lee Hooker and many others a place to exhibit their awesome talent. It is difficult to fully acknowledge how important that Clifford was to the soul of Austin's blues. As Antone's began to decline, the Continental Club picked up the blues torch from Antones and proudly continues to provide a terrifc venue for blues today. While the music in Austin continues to move forward, it is just not the same for me. Maybe it is because I am older and no longer have the personal connection…but I sure miss the days of old.



The Foo Fighters documentary was awesome. If you have a chance, you should check it out. The 8 cities being covered are: Chicago, Washington D.C., Nashville, Austin, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Seattle and New York.




I have been reluctant to jump to any conclusions with the college football committee. It did not make much sense to get too excited when there was more than a month left in the season. As the weeks are being whittled down, we now have a pretty good idea who the contenders are now. Like many outside of Tuscaloosa, I was hoping to see Mississippi State knock off Bama last weekend. But, I should have known better. I know that Nick Saban is an easy guy to dislike, but as I look around the college football landscape…tell me someone who is a better coach? Yes, the Crimson Tide has great talent, but there are many teams that have great talent. The difference is that the talent at Bama gets better. Like Saban or not, you must acknowledge that this guy can flat out coach. Having said that, there is no doubt that Auburn will be looking to put another loss on the Tide. There is also no doubt that Ole Miss will be looking to knock off Mississippi State. Is it possible that the first playoff series exist without a team from the SEC? I guess it is possible, but certainly not probable. I had no problem with TCU being bumped down this week...although I think that TCU is a very good team, I still believe that Baylor is the better team.  I am a big proponent of head to head matchups being the trump card…and since Baylor beat TCU, they are the better team to me.


I read on Tuesday that Charlie Strong said that there won’t be any more seasons with Texas losing 5 games. I said weeks ago that teams should get their shots in on Texas while they could. As Oklahoma State found, this Longhorn team is no longer unsure and vulnerable. With each passing week, the Longhorns have grown in confidence and suddenly are a tough team to beat. The next test for Texas is the TCU Horned Frogs. My hunch is that TCU has too many horses this year for Texas to win, but I think it will be a battle. The defense that Texas is playing is the real deal. I am still not sold on Swoopes, but he has made great strides in the past 5 weeks. Is he good enough to beat a top 5 team? I don’t think so, but I will be happy to be proven wrong.


With the Longhorns 6th victory last week, they are now eligible for a bowl game. I heard it mentioned a few weeks ago that a possible Texas and Texas A&M bowl matchup might be possible in the Texas Bowl. I think that would be a terrific game, but after reading quotes from Chip Brown…I am beginning to think that this game won’t happen. Apparently word is that the Aggie suits don’t like the idea of facing this improving Texas team. I suppose that they figure this would be a losing proposition all the way around. I suppose they could be right about this, but I bet their fan base would have a different opinion. It would be nice to see a bowl game on December 29th that was sold out. C’mon Aggies, let do this…it will be fun!




                                                       did he get dressed so quickly?


I have to take a moment to tip my hat to the Cleveland Browns and Pittsburgh Steelers. Both of these teams said goodbye to a disgruntled running back on Tuesday. Ben Tate has been grumbling about reduced carries and tried to leave early on Sunday. LeGarrette Blount did leave the field early on Monday. Both of these guys will soon realize the error of their ways, as they are now unemployed. Ego can be a dangerous thing. I am always amazed how short sighted players can be. Tate may be able to figure out another gig, but with the other baggage that Blount is carrying, he may be done. Too bad, but it was the right move by the Browns and Steelers.






Each year, I am amused how early Christmas decorations go up. Sometimes in the rush to get up decorations, towns must forget to take a look at what they are putting up. This is a town in West Virginia that really should reassess their decorations…



                                                          Today is my brother Brad's birthday...happy birthday bro!



That is all I have today, but I will leave you with a bit of Jack Handey…


If you go flying back through time, and you see somebody else flying forward into the future, it's probably best to avoid eye contact.


You know something that would really make me applaud? A guy gets stuck in quicksand, then sinks, then suddenly comes shooting out, riding on water skis! How do they do that?!



Thanks for stopping by and feel free to leave a few deep thoughts of your own…



Buzz from the Bleachers
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Winter is setting in. It gets darker early and the sun seems to want to sleep in rather than deal with the cold. Baseball is done for the year. We all know that each spring baseball will come back and with it the warm memories and rich lore that comes with it. For now, we just weather the storm.

Things are truly at their coldest now. All we have to tide us over are winter meetings and salary cap info. Everything is cold and impersonal. Things got a lot colder in Pittsburgh. The Pirates have been a great MLB story. They gave PA something to cheer about even well into October. Heck, they renamed the month Buctober. A big reason for the recent success has been the acquisition of Russell Martin. Martin provided a big bat to protect Cutch and did a great job of managing the Bucs starting rotation, even after free agents like A.J. Burnett had come and gone.

The last Pirates game I was able to go to, I watched Martin hit a bomb in the 9th to give the game over to the Pirates. The team was still struggling to keep pace in the Wild Card. No one sat down after that. The whole city was showing its appreciation. The man next to me turned to high five me and said “They need to give him his money.” Most of the fans stayed after the game to here Martin thank everyone for their support as the local ROOT TV reporter asked him about winning the game.

It seemed like a no brainer that the Pirates would keep Martin. As of now, the Pirates have the 26th highest team salary in the majors. The Dodgers are spending three times more. The Giants have a salary roughly double what the Pirates are working with. Last season, Martin made $8.5 million. The Pirates had money to spend. The Pirates had time to think and made a qualifying one-year offer of $15.3 million. Now, the money isn’t the issue. They doubled the man’s pay which is fair considering all he’s contributed. The question raised is why they wouldn’t be willing to offer Martin more years.

The Blue Jays swooped in and offered a 5 year deal worth $82 million. They gave Martin roughly 2 million more per year, but, more importantly, they gave him 5 years. I know there is a lot about baseball financing that I don’t understand. I also really don’t want to. I love the game. I don’t generally care about the funding. Moves like this, on the other hand, get frustrating.

Perhaps I got spoiled in Detroit. The Tigers will always be the team I pull for above all others. In recent years when we had a hole, Illitch found money and addressed those needs. Victor Martinez could have become a free agent, but he won’t because Detroit gave him a big four-year deal. Victor is huge for the team. He protects Miggy and gives us a lot of runs each year. Still, he does decidedly less than Martin did for the Pirates.

The Pirates are noted as a stingy franchise. They don’t shell out a lot and try to get what they can on the cheap. That is respectable, but fans are going to expect to see ownership make more of an effort to keep guys like Martin.

On the flip side of my problem, you have the Miami Marlins. The Marlins started off the season looking like they could be a surprise again, but faded in the second half. Still, they have one of the most promising player in the game in Giancarlo Stanton. They rewarded their young superstar with the richest contract in American sports history; a deal that is $50 million richer than A-Rod’s contract.

On occasion, the Marlins will spend money, often copious amounts. The problem is they have a horrid track record. They are, as an organization, putrid. Toxic. They have a bad habit of getting respectable teams together and then scrapping them, as they did a few seasons ago by trading most of their free agents splurges to Toronto. Why they would suddenly spend so much on Stanton is a mystery. Stanton is young and extremely talented. That part is clear. The Marlins, however, don't have’ a track record of keeping their young talent (see Miggy). It goes against what you could call their organizational model. Aside from the money, it also seems like a bad idea for Stanton. The Marlins don’t have the track record or patience to build a team around him. Let’s hope for his sake they have re-organized.

Much like winter, baseball spending is cruel. It raises hopes and dashes them all at the same time. The money and numbers can break your heart. Sometimes they force everymen out of town. Sometimes the money gives an opportunity in the least likely circumstance. It’s an ugly part of a beautiful game. It’s all we have to look forward to until the thaw.

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