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Weekly Grumble with IHM 10/25
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  Hello folks, and welcome to this week’s Grumble. This week, we’ve got football in London (for some ungodly reason), rivalry week here in the murder mitten, and a whole lot more, so let’s get right down to business…

  Honestly, it’s been a long freaking week for yours truly. The boy has been home sick all week… we had to take him to urgent care on Saturday and then again on Sunday because of the pink eye he caught at school, and an ear infection the next day. Because of his Autism and Cognitive Impairments, the eye drops we were given to help get rid of the pink eye are kind of like trying to baptize a fucking cat! So we’ve been battling that all week now, and I’m honestly looking forward to him just getting better and getting back to school so I can relax for a day! This has been one hell of a draining week, but it is finally over, and hopefully so is the battle with pink eye!

  So the Lions play at 9:35 AM this week in London, England… and somehow it counts as a home game for them. Initially when this came out, I was under the impression that the Falcons were being given a home game… but evidently that was NOT the case. Now, the Lions get seven home games in a season where they are actually competing for not just a Wild Card spot but the fucking division title… and how in the hell is that fair? Because the Sherriff wants to push the “NFL Global” agenda… because he wants to be the next David Stern? Guess what, the NFL has already tried to grab a piece of the European market… it was called NFL Europe… and it was a massive flop! Ask your predecessor, Paulie T, Roger. Europeans prefer their footballs to be round, and on the ground… while Americans evidently prefer whatever in the hell the main stream media tells them to, because soccer (football to those whacky Euros) is becoming popular here all of a sudden thanks to the millennials that plague our future. Now THAT’S a bunch that needs some kind of new plague to hit them… maybe something transferred through skinny jeans or iPhones.

  I can see trying to get a piece of the global market, but three fucking games over in London this year? The novelty is going to wear off, Sherriff. And putting a fucking team over there, or worse yet, a Goddamn Super Bowl? That is complete and total sacrilege! People interested in the NFL overseas will pay for the satellite channel to see games; the rest would rather watch a bunch of fun boys run around a field for 3 hours and barely get one fucking goal on a 24 X 8 foot net! Me, I prefer men’s sports thanks.

  As for the actual game, the Lions D should be able to handle the Falcons attack. The Falcons have issues running the football, but do have Roddy White and Julio Jones on the outside; we’ll see if Matt Ryan can get some quick passes off before the Lions’ suddenly formidable pass rush closes in on him. The secondary has been better this year, but when your front seven is playing the kind of football the Lions’ has been, it covers up a LOT of ugly. The Falcons D has been maligned this year, and hopefully the Lions can exploit that enough to pick up a W and get the hell out of England… fucking Goodell.

  Around the rest of the NFL, how about those Titans… going from Locker to Whitehurst to Ashton Kutcher… I mean, Zach Mettenberger! Did you see the dude’s Farrah Do? The headband? But aside from the fashion report, Titans players rave about his delivery of the football and poise in the huddle… so we’ll see if he can give Tennessee fans their first viable quarterback since freaking Steve McNair!

  Former Bears MLB Brian Urlacher says that Jay Cutler is an elite QB “in salary only”! What do you have to say about that, Mettenberger… I mean, Kelso?

  Peyton and the gang were still on their game as Thursday night rolled around, and they rolled the Chargers by a final score of 35-21. Peyton threw three more TD passes (513 and counting…), all three to former Steeler Emmanuel Sanders. Phillip Rivers had an off night, throwing two picks in the loss.

  Looks like Joe Maddon will finally have a decent payroll to work with, as he has opted out of his contract with the Rays. Looks like Don Mattingly is going to be sleeping a little less easy the next few nights with this guy available and his failures in the postseason the last two years!

  The Royals and Giants pick things up where they left off in San Francisco this weekend, with games 3-5 upcoming. The Royals had better hope they win either game three or four, because you sure as hell don’t want to face Madison Bumgarner AND elimination in the same game!

  Miguel Cabrera underwent surgery to repair bone spurs and repair a stress fracture in his right ankle. These injuries nagged him all season, and likely led to the drop in his power numbers this season. Hopefully he gets fully healthy and is ready for 2015, because this team needs a hell of a lot more out of him.

  The Sawx brought in Chili Davis to be their new hitting coach. Not that I particularly care about the Red Sox… just always been a fan of Chili Davis! Great name, solid player.

  Back to the gridiron, it’s rivalry week here in the Murder Mitten, as the hapless Michigan Wolverines get ready to invade East Lansing, Michigan and take on their second biggest rivals in the Michigan State Spartans (conversely, Michigan IS Sparty’s biggest rival). #8 Michigan State had better win and win big if they want a shot at that college football playoff, so this is a bigger game than it looks like on paper.

  Only two ranked vs. ranked matchups this week… the biggest of the two features #3 Ole Miss heading to Death Valley to face the #24 ranked LSU Tigers. With two losses already, this is probably LSU’s last shot at a decent bowl game, so they’re playing for their lives, while the Rebs are still in the running for the college football playoff.

  Over in the PAC12, the #19 Utes host the #20 U$C Trojans. We’ll see if they can keep themselves in the conversation by beating USC, although the win over Michigan doesn’t quite carry the kind of weight it would have in previous years given the train wreck that team has become!

  Looks like Steve Nash is done for the year already, and perhaps done for his career. This just seems to keep happening to guys who chase titles late in their careers… injuries take hold and the titles never quite happen. Nash has had a great career, especially given the fact that he was a #15 overall pick and didn’t come with a whole lot of expectation as a South African born Canadian kid out of Santa Clara University! He is #3 all-time on the NBA’s assists list, a two-time MVP and 8-time All-Star, he should have little trouble getting into the Hall of Fame if this is, in fact, the end for him.

  That’s it for me this week, folks. Thanks as always for reading and for any comments you leave on the way out. Enjoy your weekend, Gabbers!

Storminnorman's Sports Blog 10/24
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Welcome Gabbers to another Friday edition of Storminnorman's Sports Blog, as things start to heat up hear again sports wise with the Lions, Red Wings and Pistons going after it. I was bugged by a shot of Ford Field Sunday, with Comerica Park sitting next door empty, I thought to myself, how many of us thought the Tigers would truley be sitting at home watching Kansas City in the World Series?

Since the last time I was here I missed a little work due to an infection, for which I say "Thank God" my body fought it off rather quickly for a change and I was able to return to work on Monday. Unfortunately for myself, I was able to watch an interview Pete (I am a selfish, greedy asshole) Rose did for CBS Sunday Morning. 

I remember in the past, how I came on the Gab and ranted about how Rose should be in the HOF based on his All-Time Hit's record, and his accomplishments before he was busted for betting on baseball. 

For the record, Sunday was the first time I ever heard Pete Rose admit to betting on baseball, but not the Reds publicly. In the past, he has always denied it. For which I also asked myself how much CBS was paying him for the interview.....

 Rose mentioned that if all it would have taken was an apology to be able to enter the Hall of Fame, he would have given one a long time ago, for which Faye Vincent mentioned "he never once offered an apology for what he had done." So it makes you wonder what really happened, guess we will have to buy Pete Rose's book to find out.....

The one thing I did take from this interview, was Peter Edward Rose at 73 is still one of the most arrogant, self-centered assholes who will say anything and do anything to make a quick buck. It felt like the whole interview was scripted to Rose's liking, not to make him look bad...........

Pete Rose does not feel any true remorse for his actions, it was all apparent during the interview. Rose is just as big a phony as he was when he was caught, hope he enjoys the embarassment for the rest of his life. All of his accomplishments tainted by his greed, and love for money.....

It's "Go Green, Go Blue" or as most have become to know it as Michigan State's annual ass-whipping of Michigan on Saturday, and I don't care if Michigan is coming off a bye-week or not, this one shouldn't be close.......

The Lions are in London this weekend playing the Falcons, supposed to count as a home game for the Lions, so let's hope they play like it.......

The Wings are playing Sindy and the Pen's tonight, after losing to the Habs 2-1 Tuesday. They head to Philly for the weekend, and the goaltending and defense is much improved over last year so far.......

The Royals and Giants are heading to San Fran for the weekend, hope the weather gets a little better out in B.O.B. land. Boy you talk about two different games, the G-Men put a whooping on the Royals in Game 1 and the Royals give it back to the G-Men in Game 2, wonder what Guthrie and Hudson will have to keep the offensive explosion down on Friday?

Have a great weekend everyone, and not to steal Q's thunder but I was rather disappointed by Talledega, not enough wrecks this year, and I'm not the biggest Keslowski fan in the world either, wished he would have crashed......

Chargers vs. Broncos, might be a shootout, might not be, maybe they will play some defense tonight? Doubt it, Rivers and Manning ought to have some fun throwing the ball around. Peyton would like to thank the 49ers defense for allowing him to sit out a portion of the second half......

That's all I got, have a great weekend and don't forget to visit Hal to my left for all your NFL information.....







Sports Friday with Hal: NFL NOTES FOR U2
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Happy Friday!


“These days, days, days run away like horses over the hill

These days, days, days run away like horses over the hill…”



Ah, the days do run away from me (and us all). Dirty Day is the massively underrated song from U2’s album “Zooropa” way back in 1993. I have been listening the hell out of my “free U2 album” Songs of Innocence since it was released free on iTunes. I am sure I will eventually get my hands on a “real” copy since the deluxe cd has acoustic versions and unreleased songs that I just know I will have to get eventually.


I’m a huge U2 fan, but was slow to get on the bus. They were just another band when I was young and I lumped them in the INXS and REM grouping as good music but not rocking out like what any teen boy of the 80s wanted to listen to. I was all over the “hair bands” of the era and a big Aerosmith fan (as they were just making their “Permanent Vacation” revival). U2 got under my skin as I got to college and “Achtung Baby” was on permanent rotation on MTV (back when non hip-hop/rock videos got air time) and on the radio. By college, Zooropa dropped and I must have listened to that CD non-stop for years while in school.


Numb and Lemon were the two big hits from the was much more experimental and electronic than anything else out in rock music at the time….perfect for a kid in college and growing up a lot in short period of time.


Wow, quite the diversion there. The point was that ending chorus from “Dirty Day” was stuck in my head as time seems to have flown recently. Autumn? Summer is over? Week eight of the NFL kicked off with Denver and San Diego on Thursday Night Football? Where has the time gone?




I loved the New York Jets desperate gamble on Percy Harvin as they traded for the mercurial receiver from a Seattle squad more than happy to unload a clubhouse cancer for pennies on the dollar. My opinion is that the 1-6 Jets and general manager John Idzik need a reason to jettison head coach Rex Ryan soon and with so much support from owner Woody Johnson, Idzik needs to be able to say “Hey, I got the big play guys on offense...Rex screwed it up!” so he can fire Ryan and stay on as GM.


Just a theory, but I believe Idzik thought he would have brought in his own coach last year (he inherited Rex) and Johnson inexplicably kept Ryan on after the Jets won their last two meaningless games against Cleveland and Miami after both squads quit down the stretch.  Idzik is from Seattle, and he wants to bring in his guy to implement his defense and offense and put his own stamp on the team.


Should make for some fun in New York, though with Head-case Harvin running around half-cocked.


* * *


Colt McCoy in Washington? Ryan Fitzpatrick in Houston? Austin Davis in St. Louis?  Zach Mettenberger in Tennessee? Brian Hoyer in Cleveland? A dearth of quality quarterbacks is on display this week in the NFL. Washington needs RG3 back. Houston needs to draft one next year. St. Louis is in a tough spot with that defense and Bradford likely gone. God knows what is going on Tennessee at QB. Cleveland has Johnny Football coming soon.


* * *


All right, that is all for this distracted week.


Have a great weekend, and be sure to check out the always entertaining StorminNorman over here next door. ---->


NFL Week 8 Picks
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A decent week, but there were games that I should have known better and picked anyway. The picks will get better, I’m sure of it. The odds are provided by and are provided for entertainment and comparison purposes only. If you take the lines and get took, I’m way too broke to pay bookies for you.

Thursday October 23

Chargers (5-2) @ Broncos (5-2)

Sports Authority Field @ Mile High, Denver 8:25 (CBS/NFLN)

Favorite Broncos by 9½

Last Week Chargers lost to Chiefs 23-20, Broncos defeated 49ers 42-17

Fast Fact Broncos QB Peyton Manning has thrown at least one touchdown pass in every meeting against the Chargers

The Broncos have little time to celebrate their QB’s record accomplishment, as they face a tough divisional opponent. The Chargers though are coming off a loss in which their potent offense saw very little of the field with only 21 minutes of possession time. To keep up with the high powered Denver offense, the Chargers may have to play some ball control of their own which means that Branden Oliver will have to play big. Whoever controls the ball will likely claim this critical midseason matchup. Im taking the home team



Sunday October 26

Lions (5-2) vs. Falcons (2-5)

Wembley Stadium; London, England 9:30a (FOX)

Favorite Lions by 3½

Last Week Lions defeated Saints 24-23, Falcons lost to Ravens 29-7

Fast Fact Falcons have won the last five meetings but have lost 11 of last 12 overall away from the Georgia Dome

That time for the game is not a misprint, the kickoff is at 2:30p London time which means this game will be done before many Atlanta and Detroit residents get home from brunch after church. The Lions offense has been fairly pedestrian with the absence of Megatron Johnson but the defense is just about lights out. I once trusted Matty Ice and the Falcons offense to be able to put up points but they’ve badly regressed and the Lions are just playing better.



Seahawks (3-3) @ Panthers (3-3-1)

Bank of America Stadium, Charlotte 1:00 (FOX)

Favorite Seahawks by 5

Last Week Seahawks lost to Rams 28-26, Panthers lost to Packers 38-17

Fast Fact

The Seahawks are suddenly looking very mortal falling to the Rams and their bevy of gadget plays, meanwhile the Panthers are winless in their last two after getting housed in Lambeau. I’m not real savvy on either team and with the Seahawks making another east coast trip I’m so tempted to pick the home team in a slight upset, but I really don’t trust the Panthers on either side of the ball and I still like Russell Wilson running the Seahawks offense as efficiently as he has been doing



Rams (2-4) @ Chiefs (3-3)

Arrowhead Stadium, Kansas City 1:00 (FOX)


Last Week Rams defeated Seahawks 28-26, Chiefs defeated Chargers 23-20

Fast Fact The Chiefs have averaged 28.8 points in winning three of their last four

The Rams surprised many in the football world, me included with a gadget play filled win over the Seahawks while the Chiefs rumbled their way over the Chargers. I’m thinking the Chiefs are getting their collective minds right at the right time. Though the young Austin Davis is looking like he could make the oft injured Sam Bradford expendable I don’t think he will fare well against a tough KC defense and an amped Arrowhead crowd

Pick-Kansas City


Texans (3-4) @ Titans (2-5)

LP Field, Nashville 1:00 (FOX)

Favorite Texans by 3

Last Week Texans lost 30-23 to Steelers, Titans lost 19-17 to Washington

Fast Fact

The Texans melted down in Pittsburgh last Monday while the Titans continue to spin their wheels fruitlessly. If there was ever a chance for a team to catch its collective breath and bear down on someone it’s here. Rookie Zach Mettenberger is making his first NFL start and will likely get an up close intro to JJ Watt. I’m thinking that it won’t be pleasant and it may be done repeatedly



Ravens (5-2) @ Bengals (3-2-1)

Paul Brown Stadium, Cincinnati 1:00 (CBS)

Favorite Ravens by 1

Last Week Ravens defeated Falcons 29-7, Bengals lost to Colts 27-0

Fast Fact Bengals outscored opponents 80-33 in 3-0 start but have been outscored 107-54 in going 0-2-1 to follow

The Ravens are looking fearsome in winning 5 of 6 while the Bengals have went from talking Super Bowl to fighting for their collective lives in an 3 game winless streak that has seen them fall all the way to 3rd in the division in a blink of an eye. I’ve never been a big fan of the laconic Joe Flacco but he seems to be on point when needed and the Ravens defense has been playing very well. The Bengals lack of credible running game is hurting them with the lack of a big play receiver. I want so bad to see the Bengals revert to their September modus operandi and knock the Ravens off. But I just can’t see it happening.



Dolphins (3-3) @ Jaguars (1-6)

EverBank Field, Jacksonville 1:00 (CBS)

Favorite Dolphins by 6

Last Week Dolphins defeated Bears 27-14, Jaguars defeated Browns 24-6

Fast Fact After surrendering an average of 435.4 yards a game in their first five, the Jags defense only allowed 266 total against the Browns to snag their first win of the season

The Dolphins looked like the meant business as they stomped the Bears in the Midway while the Jags pulled a serious show shocker with a stunning rout of the Browns in front of a deliriously happy home crowd. The Jags are learning fast and look like that they could be the handful on occasion but I think the Dolphins are a little better than the Browns on both sides of the ball and will be able to force the young and improving Blake Bortles into enough mistakes to get the win



Bears (3-4) @ Patriots (5-2)

Gillette Stadium; Foxboro, MA 1:00 (FOX)

Favorite Patriots by 6

Last Week Bears lost to Dolphins 27-14, Patriots defeated Jets 27-25

Fast Fact Pats have won 12 consecutive home games and Bears have never won in Foxboro

I am getting to really dislike Jay Cutler his maddeningly inconsistent play is making it harder and harder to pick Bears games. Meanwhile the Pats are looking more and more like their reliable selves though they did struggle more against the Jets than I thought that they should have. But extra rested and at home, I’m banking on Brady on the more reliable Pats defense to give the Bears a hard time.

Pick-New England


Bills (4-3) @ Jets (1-6)

MetLife Stadium; East Rutherford, NJ 1:00 (FOX, CBS, NBC, ESPN)

Favorite Jets by 3

Last Week Jets lost to Patriots 27-25, Bills defeated Vikings 17-16

Fast Fact Jets have won 12 of the last 16 meetings and last four

The Bills played beat the clock and did so in knocking off the Vikings while the Jets played honorably in a tight loss to the Pats last Thursday. I’m liking the cohesiveness of the Bills play as of late, though I just have the bad feeling that the Jets are going to play them extremely tough



Vikings (2-5) @ Buccaneers (1-5)

Raymond James Stadium, Tampa 1:00 (FOX)

Favorite Buccaneers by 2½

Last Week Vikings lost to Bills 17-16, Buccaneers were on a bye

Fast Fact The Bucs have allowed a league worst 72 points in the 1st quarter

The Vikes lost a heartbreaker in Buffalo while the Buccaneers are still woozy from the beating they got before their bye. Teddy Bridgewater is due for a breakout game and I think that the Vikings running game will get healthy against the weak Bucs defense. I’m hoping that this is one of the rare weeks that the Vikes get to be a bully



Eagles (0-0) @ Cardinals (0-0)

University of Phoenix; Glendale, AZ 4:05 (FOX)

Favorite Cardinals by 2

Last Week Eagles were on their bye, Cardinals defeated Raiders 24-13

Fast Fact Cardinals have won seven of the last nine meetings in the desert

This is probably one of the best games that most people outside of Arizona, Philly and Cincy won’t get to see. Philly’s fast break offense, well rested after the bye gets to face a solid Cards defense who toyed with the Raiders in the east bay before easing to the win. I’m thinking that the Eagles offense will be a real test not so much for the Cards defense but their offense whom I’m still not wholly trusting under the stewardship of Carson Palmer



Raiders (0-6) @ Browns (3-3)

FirstEnergy Stadium, Cleveland 4:25 (CBS)

Favorite Browns by 7

Last Week Raiders lost to Cardinals 24-13, Browns lost to Jaguars 24-6

Fast Fact The Raiders 0-6 start is their worst since 1962, when they went 1-13

The Raiders are getting close to the hopeless case status while the Browns blew their chance to be a road bully in Jacksonville. This really should be a game that the Browns should roll deep on but the thing that worries me is that most of the time that you think that the Browns are ready to ascend that they fall flat on their collective faces. I really want to call this an upset for Oakland but I just can’t



Colts (5-2) @ Steelers (4-3)

Heinz Field, Pittsburgh 4:25 (CBS)

Favorite Colts by 3½

Last Week Colts defeated Bengals 27-0, Steelers defeated Texans 30-23

Fast Fact

The Colts were crisp and efficient in dismantling the Bengals while the Steelers took advantage of every Texan miscue to rally smartly for the win. As much as everyone wants to believe that the Steelers are still a viable playoff type team, they are a shell of their former formidable selves. If they plod along like they did in the first half against the Texans they won’t be down 13, they’ll be down 28 and they won’t come back from that. The Colts are scary fast and are playing with a chillingly ruthless efficiency that won’t allow for a lacking performance



Packers (5-2) @ Saints (2-4)

Mercedes-Benz Superdome, New Orleans 8:30 (NBC)

Favorite Saints by 2½

Last Week Packers defeated Panthers 38-17, Saints lost to Lions 24-23

Fast Fact

The Packers are rolling along and dismantled the Panthers easily, while the Saints took a stunning late game pratfall to the Lions in Motown. The Packers will have their hands full dealing with the notoriously rowdy Superdome crowd who will be amped up for primetime. Drew Brees is needing a bounce back game but I just can’t see it happening against a Packers defense that is quietly one of the leagues better units I’m calling this an upset only because a Saints loss in the Big Easy is super rare in the Brees/Payton era.

Pick-Green Bay (Upset of the Week)



Monday October 27


Washington (2-5) @ Cowboys (6-1)

AT&T Stadium; Arlington, TX 8:30 (ESPN)

Favorite Cowboys by 10

Fast Fact Cowboys five game win streak is its longest since2007

Last Week Washington defeated Titans 19-17, Cowboys defeated Giants 31-21

The Pokes are riding high after a solid divisional win while Washington was cheered by a tight win over the Titans. The Pokes running game is clearly the leagues best and has been the engine of their winning ways, meanwhile Washington might have to turn to Colt McCoy (Is he still in this league) to try to pilot their sputtering offense. This is almost too easy, I’m almost afraid to have any confidence in the Pokes for fear they might turn into the Bears. But as long as DeMarco Murray is lugging the loaf as well as he has been the Pokes will look really good. As much as I fear doing it

Pick-Dallas (Lock of the Week)


Last Week: 9-6 (Lock Correct Upset Incorrect)

Overall: 60-45-1

Locks: 6-1

Upsets: 2-5



Preview of LSU-Ole Miss Game
Category: NCAA

I posted this yesterday, but it's a good thing I waited to share here because I've thought of a couple of other things.  I made a chart with all the times Ole Miss has been ranked playing against LSU since 1950.  I've just added the other additions to the blog below.


Hugh Freeze and Bo Wallace could get their first big road win... or not.

Hugh Freeze and Bo Wallace could get their first big road win… or not.

I discussed possible outcomes for this game to some extent when I mentioned mysubjective top three versus my computertop 3. Also, if you’re not among the large rush of people that discovered this for some reason, I updated my LSU/Ole Miss rivalry blog and will do so again after the game.

I’m not enthusiastic about the LSU offense despite the easy win last week. The Tigers were helped out by defensive and special teams play to a large extent. However, I’m very skeptical of this notion I’ve seen out there that LSU won’t do anything in the running game and will be forced to fall back on the passing game.

I highlighted a few comments in one articleat CFN and responded to them:

(1) [Apart from NMSU, LSU hasn't] given it up more than once in any other game. Last week against Kentucky was the first time all year LSU didn’t come up with a takeaway and lost the turnover battle, and it was only -1. If the LSU defense can hold down the Rebel offense and not keep it from getting up early, and the O doesn’t make a slew of errors, this should be close.

(2) LSU will try running the ball, it won’t work

(3) Prediction: Ole Miss 31 … LSU 13

(1) is if things go well for LSU, at least the part that says “this should be close” (close meaning within a few points, not within a few touchdowns). In addition to some possible defense and special teams contributions, I think we can run the ball really well; and in recent weeks, we’ve added more variation to the running game. LSU might also win if some of the 10- and 20-yard passes are made possible with good decision-making and a varied running game. The passing game has been admittedly weak; but like with Zach Mettenberger against Alabama two years ago (where he had been generally ineffective in earlier games, and it was expected the Alabama defense would destroy him), I think it’s due for a decent game. And let’s not forget LSU did pass for 341 yards against Mississippi St.

I know we don’t want to get down like that again, but those 341 yards probably would have been enough to win the game had LSU managed to punch the ball in the end zone rather than falling a yard short.

I certainly think Mississippi St. knew we would be passing late in the 3rd and in the 4th quarter, and we still got those yards and points (19 in the last 12 minutes, 13 in the last two minutes) . If we don’t fall behind like that, Ole Miss won’t necessarily know when a pass is coming rather than a run.

I don’t accept (2) at all. I don’t know who Elijah McGuire is, but he plays for ULL and he ran for 66 yards on 10 carries. They ran for 197 yards overall, and that was with 30 pass attempts. If our running attack is worse than ULL’s, we should be winless in conference.

Vandy (which IS winless in conference) didn’t put up as many yards against Ole Miss as ULL did, but one RB ran 18 times for 95 yards. Temple, by contrast, held him to 70 yards and Vandy as a whole to 54 yards (I guess after sacks were subtracted).

I think (3) is realistic though. We could get yards on a few drives, stall around the 30 or 40 and struggle to put any points on the board all night. On the other side, Wallace can have a really good night and lead the Rebels on four or five touchdown drives. Our defense will not be able to keep up if our offense has few if any sustained drives.

I could go on about Ole Miss having inflated defensive statistics, but our offense does have the potential to make them look really good regardless.

Ole Miss fans have talked of “good Bo” and “bad Bo,” in reference to their quarterback. I happen to think bad Bo might make an appearance in dealing with a night game at Tiger Stadium and a defense that’s coming together well.

We did allow too many points at Florida, but one touchdown was on special teams and another was set up by a special teams return. (The Gators’ go-ahead touchdown resulted from their offense taking over at the LSU 9. That remains the only touchdown the LSU defense has given up in the last seven consecutive quarters.)

I don’t think Wallace will completely unravel, so LSU could have a number of things go well and still lose a close game. Also like I said, they could have some things go not so well and yet not disastrous and still lose by a considerable margin.

I mentioned a couple of different Alabama games for comparison earlier (because they’ve more commonly been the level of a team Ole Miss is this year), so I’ll mention one more. This one wasn’t a close game.

Last year, LSU lost to the Tide, 38-17. The Tigers lost two fumbles and were penalized for 73 yards, but it didn’t take any kind of disaster or meltdown for that big of a loss to take place. Mettenberger actually had a pretty good game: 16/23 for 241 yards. LSU also went a respectable 7/12 on third downs.

But when it got to be late in the game, Alabama would take over and not give the ball back. They took a 7-point lead after a nearly 8-minute drive in the third quarter. Then they took14- and 21-point leads after fourth-quarter drives of about 5 minutes apiece. In total, the Tide had the ball 20 of the final 27 minutes of the game. Meanwhile, LSU just hit a wall on offense. There were a couple of short completions (maximum 20 yards) and a few runs (maximum 5 yards), but they only got a couple of first downs.

So that’s something that can happen against a good team. I think it’s more likely LSU will be a better running team than a passing team (the opposite of the Alabama game last year), but sometimes good teams just take over and there isn’t much you can do about it.

Basically, I can foresee anything from an LSU win by a few points to an LSU loss by a few touchdowns. Ole Miss could run away with it and win by 30+ like Auburn did, but I’m fairly confident that will be LSU’s worst loss of the year, probably by a decent margin.

One other thing I found interesting: although Ole Miss ranks #8 in total defense, #7 is Wisconsin, which LSU beat in Week 1.

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