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NASCAR Update And Other Fast Stuff 9-14-14
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La Dee Da Dee Dee. La Dee Da Dee Da folks. Welcome to my NASCAR updates and other fast stuff Gabbers and others. Been looking up at those same stars these 2 are a lot lately. Wondering about so many things. How do things go so badly in your life that you never want to see those stars again? It would seem that while I was at my Uncles funeral at lunch time the other Saturday, my brothers Ex and mother of his little girl was putting a needle in her arm for the last time. All the court room drama, the crazy accusations and fighting have all come to that last moment. Now there's a little girl who sits and looks at the stars wondering if her mommy is one of them.

Then there's Ace. He came into the world 6 weeks premature this Saturday night. He's early just like my Uncle Bud who passed away. He was 2 months premature. They put him between 2 pillows in the bun warmer side of the wood stove. No such thing as an incubator back then. You made due. So Ace my newest nephew starts out life a bit early. I just know he'll be a scrapper. So what do you see in the stars?

Been playing with my newest culinary impliment of vegetational destruction. Finally got me a Vitamix. Bought the base on eBay used for $109 and a Blendtek Wildside carafe for Vitamix blenders for $100. I will never peel another tomato again. Made the most awesome tomato sauce ever. 1 onion and 6 tomatoes, give out your best Tim Allen OH OH OH and VRRRRRRRRRRROOOOOOOOMMMMM-MMM-MMM-MMM. Life is good. 


Our Aussie has decided to hang up his Sprint Cup steering wheel at the end of the 2014 season and take his family back to Australia. He's happy with what he's achieved considering his racing back ground. In Australia there are no asphalt oval tracks. The Super 8 racing he came from was all road course. He's disappointed that he didn't win on an oval but he feels that it's time to take his kids back to the Australian way of life. He didn't give any clues as to what or if he'd be racing in the future. I say good luck to you Ambrose. Pleasure to have you in Cup.


Denny Hamlin's crew chief Darian will be back fresh off his suspension to jump up on the box at Chicagoland. Darian said it was a 10c part that failed on the car. It wasn't torqued correctly and became lose during the race. I think Knuas said the same thing about a few of his infractions too. 


Starting at Chicagoland Harvick will have Stewart's crew. Harvick never seems to be happy with any crew he has. I once watched a truck race where he fired his crew in the middle of the race but then recinded it after the race. I don't expect him to be happy with Stewart's crew either but SHR want to give Harvick the best chance at a Championship he can have. Good luck with that.


Johnson got out of his car after the Richmond race, sat down and couldn't get up. His crew helped him onto a golf cart and to the infield care center where he spent about 90 minutes getting fluids for severe dehydration. He blamed a new driver cooling system that wasn't functioning properly on his issue. He said they will be swapping out that new system back to the old tried and true one going forward.



So it's now GO TIME. I stole that from a Go Daddy commercial. Actually it is go time. Go or go home. We're in the Chase. So here's the low down.

There are 16 drivers. Each starts with 2000 points plus 3 points for each win.


After the next 3 races, the 4 drivers at the bottom of the points are eliminated. A win in any of these 3 races advances you to the next round. Points are reset to 3000.


After the next 3 races, 4 more drivers will be eliminated from the bottom. Again, a win in any of these races gets you advanced to the next round. Points will be reset at 4000.


After 3 more races, 4 more drivers are eliminated. Again a win in any of the 3 races advances to next round. Points reset to 5000.


Simple as that box of chocolates Forest loves. Last race and who ever finishes the highest in that race out of the last 4 drivers gets the big trophy. 

Keselowski says the last 4 drivers will be himself, Logano, Gordon and Dale Jr. They have been the most consistant. My money is on Dale Jr. Just a feeling.

During the Chase the cars that are in the Chase at the moment will have markings. A yellow front splitter, Chase decal on the drivers door, yellow roof number and yellow name windshield visor. As they get eliminated they will go back to regular colors.


This is a 1.5 mile tri-oval track. Fast and bumpy, long green flag runs (usually) and pit road strategy will play a huge role in the out come.

Harvick - Won the Nationwide race Saturday with that pit strategy I just talked about. He starts 12th. Look for Happy to be in the top 10

Ky Bu -Won the truck race on Saturday. He's been so explosive lately in Cup. Most self explosive. He's got pole due to a rain out in qualifying. Not putting any bets on him.

Hamlin - He's just as inconsistent as his team mate Ky Bu. Not touching him either.

Johnson - Now that it's Chase time I'm guessing the all the monkey business is done. He'll be in the top 10.

Dale Jr - Mr Consistent starts 13th. Top 10

Gordon - Starts 8th behind Johnson. Top 10

Larson - Our rookie with the mostest. He scraped the right side of his car in practice after a tire went down. He finished 2nd in the Nationwide race. Starts 10th and he'll be a top 10

Edwards - Fastest in last practice. Starts 3rd. He's on a lame duck mission but I think a top 10 is doable.

Newman - Starts 2nd. Top 10

Kenseth led 89 laps last year on his way to the win. Repeat? Maybe. He starts 5th. More like top 10

Keselowski - Starts 25th. He struggled here last year. Top 10

McMurray - Doing awesome with the Hendrick cars this year. Top 10

The Danica - Was 2nd fastest in last practice. She starts 18th. Could she do another 6th place finish like at Atlanta? I hope so because I have her in one of my fantasy leagues but I'm not going to call it. 

Stenhouse - The Danica's sweety starts 4th. He had a top 10 last year. 

So we're off to the first race of the Chase. The NFL is off too. So is the NCAA. In more ways than we can count. Fantasy owners are miserable, Goodell is biting his nails and Pink-tober is around the corner. I think I'll just go out and do some star gazing. Any body else coming?

And I'm outta here.....





Pinch Me... Am I Dreaming About the '80s?
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What a year this is in college football so far.

A Virginia Tech team that stunned an already reeling Big Ten last week by knocking off Ohio State on their field, fairly handily too, this week got its lunch handed to it by... East Carolina??

And that may not even have been the biggest shocker. A lot of folks around here think it happened in their neighborhood.

I have to admit, I didn't even know the game was scheduled.

After years of declining play, the one supposed 'major league' college football team in the northeast, Boston College (sorry UConn), no longer attracted my interest as it had in the past. The days of Flutie, Coughlin, Ryan et al had become a fading memory.

Imagine my surprise as I surfed the guide on the TV and saw BC playing Southern Cal at Alumni Stadium at 8! I saw it listed at 7:49 or so. Worth a shot, sez I.

Speaking of 'alumni', I'm no alumnus of BC. Heck, I'm not even Catholic. But given the chance I'll root for the locals. Sooo, I tuned in and saw what I was afraid I'd see as BC fell behind 10-0 in the first quarter. Yep, 40-0 sounds about right.

This was the USC team that beat Stanford on their field last week to leapfrog them in the rankings, rising to #9 coming into this game. BC, meanwhile, looked to have a shot early against a pretty good Pitt team but collapsed in a hailstorm of misplays and letdowns that seemed to mark the defunct Spaziano era. New coach Addazio didn't seem to be faring better. Young QB Murphy looked strong-armed but unable to read defenses very well. In fact, he'd finish with 54 yards passing.

Then, almost too fast to figure, the BC defense began to stifle USC's machinelike offense and the BC offense, despite some dropped balls and bad throws, began to score points. By halftime it was 20-17 BC! It could have been more, but Addazio made me climb walls by opting for a 47-yard FG attempt by a question-mark long kicker (BC's 'short' kicker had already muffed an extra point) with 19 seconds left in the half and the ball on the USC 30. 3rd and 2. No timeouts, but 19 seconds. Good grief you dummy, this is Southern Cal you're playing, not Southern Maine. You don't nurse a 3-point lead with half the game to go against these guys. You don't go for 3-pointers given a real shot at the end zone. You score points. You gamble on the big stuff, not on a long field goal that's even more of a gamble. Wait a minute... the QB is the holder. Will they pull one fast one, or at least try a pass into the end zone or along the sidelines (wondered I and the announcing crew)?  Aaaarrrghhhhh..... he kicked the stupid thing. And missed, of course.

So into halftime I went figuring coachie just chickened his team out of a chance to win. The second half would surely be the anticipated landslide.

Little did I know BC would come out of the locker room looking better than ever. Suddenly with half the 3rd gone they were up 27-17. USC couldn't move the ball. The quarterback was eating more field turf than a lost earthworm. With half the 4th gone it became 30-17. Then the fun started.

USC woke up. With 4:32 they scored to cut the lead to 6. I flashed back to Addazio's decision before the half. But what's this? QB Murphy, whose strong arm may not always send the ball in the right direction, once again showcased his strong legs and broke one for 66 yards to make it 37-24 with 3:30 left! He would finish with 191 yards rushing. I'm no fan of running quarterbacks, at least in the pros. Doesn't work. In college? Sometimes it does. Did in this game.

USC wasn't giving up that easily. With 1:18 left they again drew to 6. You knew what was coming. The onside kick was recovered by Boston College at the 45. Three Hilliman runs later it was at the USC 6, and it was knee time.

I went with a couple of actual BC alumni, old hometown friends, to the stadium in the early 90s to see a BC team having an off-year lose a squeaker to Gino Torretta's Miami Hurricanes. It was a great game. I watched (and in fact tested out my first VCR by recording the 4th quarter) the great BC win over Miami in 1984 when Doug Flutie outduelled Bernie Kosar. But this game had no apologies to make. It won't go down in the annals with the Flutie game, but it may be a shot in the arm for a flagging program that needed a positive jolt.

452 yards rushing? Against USC? Hey Stanford, how come you couldn't do that? 


Does the non-sense really ever end?
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Welp, it continues:

Adrian Peterson gets the attention of Johnny Law because he took a switch to his kid.  Now call me stupid, but don't you think that a guy who just last year lost one of his other children because his baby mama boyfriend beat it so severely he killed it would be a bit more smart in his choice of discipline?  At least Minny gave him some time off.

That led Roddy White, he of Atlanta to complain that his fantasy team will suffer.  Gee Roddy, wouldn't want that to happen...

Chris Davis of Baltimore gets 25 games for amphetamines.  Enjoy the playoffs from the clubhouse Chris.

Greg Hardy down in Charlotte, and I suspect Ray McDonald in SF are gonna start this week.  Oh joy.

Danny Ferry takes an indefinite leave of absence for making non-sensical comments about Luol Deng.

MLB suspends Anthony DiScalfini of Miami two games for throwing at and hitting Carlos Gomez after Milwaukee took out Giancarlo Stanton and on the very next pitch hit another Miami batter.  But that's OK, that pitcher that took out Stanton and hit another?  He only got fined.  SMFH.

Even in the MMA - Nick Diaz loses his spot in the upcoming UFC bout because he drew his second DUI in ten months - MERE MILES FROM MY FREAKING HOUSE!!!  Oh, did I mention the obstruction of a cop, destruction of evidence (trying to puke the alcohol out), driving on a suspended license?  And this fool lives mere miles from my house?  Great...

Oh, and I guess the new NFL drug policy is gonna come out and what is it's immediate impact?  That's right, some of the guys currently under suspension will have their punishments reduced including Wes Welker, Dion Jordan, and (get this)...Josh Gordon.

Best yet:  NBA owner of the New York franchise James Dolan?  Yeah, he's rolling around literally singing the blues and has a song out that is about -- Trayvon Martin.  Not only that, this guys band is going to open for the Eagles on some of their East Coast stops.  Wow...

Finally, I guess Merrill Hoge got loose and tore Johnny "Bench" or Johnny "trademark" a new one saying this guy is just as bad as Tim Tebow.


Q-o-t-D 9/13/14 Tags: NFL Fantasy Football

Considering that Fantasy Football is almost always played for money...Should the NFL ban players from taking part in Fantasy Football Leagues?



So Long, NCAA
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  Well folks, it’s that time of the week again… time for another grumble out of your old pal IHM. Normally on a Saturday in September, I’d be talking some college football… but today, I can’t bring myself to do it. In fact, I am so completely and totally disgusted with the NCAA right now, I don’t think I’m ever going to watch an NCAA affiliated event again.

  This week has been a busy one in the world of sports, especially with the explosion of the story involving Ray Rice beating his fiancée, which has turned into the biggest, most annoying thing going in all of sports. The problem I have is one that came out the same day as the Ray Rice video was released… and I’m sure that was no coincidence… when the NCAA announced it was going to reinstate Penn State’s bowl eligibility immediately, and as of the 2015-16 season the program would have full scholarships restored as well. Somehow, that story has received ZERO attention, as the media has jumped all over domestic violence and trying to have a fucking witch hunt over the NFL’s handling of the situation. Somehow, a grown woman choosing to be in a relationship with an abusive asshole is a much bigger story than the slap on the wrist that was given to a major college football program that covered up for and enabled a pedophilic sexual predator for nearly two fucking decades.

   Now I’m not saying that domestic violence is not an issue. It is terrible; it tears families and lives apart. But compared to the systematic cover up of decades of child rape, what upsets you more? Apparently ESPN et all have decided to stick with bashing the NFL because two or three of the two thousand fucking players in the league have some sort of domestic violence issue going on right now… despite the fact that 25% of women in America report they have been involved in a domestic violence situation at some point in their lives. In fact, during Goodell’s tenure as the commissioner, there have been fifty instances of domestic violence in the league. Of course, the woman that pointed that out, National Organization of Women’s president Terry O’Neil, neglected to mention that Goodell has been commissioner for eight years… 50 incidents in 8 years works out to about 6.5 domestic violence issues per year for the nearly 2,000 players in the NFL… or around 0.3% of the players. Yet, this stupid gash wants Goodell to resign because the NFL has a “domestic violence problem”. Sounds to me like somebody just wanted to get in on this gravy train of attention and media frenzy. Hopefully once this is all over she can go back to knowing nobody gives a good God damn about what she or her organization thinks.

  But to say that the NFL and it’s alleged “domestic violence problem” is a bigger deal than the NCAA essentially saying two years of punishment is enough for enabling decades of child rape is a bit much for me. Domestic violence is terrible, but it normally involves two consenting adults involved in a relationship. What Jerry Sandusky did to children from the 1970’s on to the year 2009 was much, much worse, and a much bigger violation of trust than any kind of domestic violence. Yet, everybody seems to be perfectly okay with the fact that the NCAA has now decided to let them off the hook.

  The biggest cry seems to be that they are punishing people who had nothing to do with it. Fuck that. Every player who was on the roster at the time that the Sandusky case broke had the chance to transfer, and some chose to do so. Some chose to stick with the team, and continue to change in the locker room Jerry Sandusky raped children in. The new recruits knew the school they chose to attend, for some reason, was under probation and wasn’t going to be bowl eligible for some time, yet they chose to go for some reason. Another question… what the hell kind of parents send their kids to a school where these sorts of things were allowed to happen?

  The crybaby fans in Happy Valley, who claim the entire thing should have never happened and they should have just been allowed to advocate child rape, can also go fuck themselves. Wear your Penn State hat... all it says to me is "I love child rape". Chant "We Are Penn State"... all it tells me is that "you are enablers". Joe Pa is still your hero? Well, everybody has their own heroes I suppose... just haven't heard of many whose special powers were looking the other way.

  In fact, if there is any kind of justice in this world, something terrible happens to this program. The team bus crashes... the plane goes down, the stadium blows up with al these idiot fans inside of it, the entire campus burns down... something. What a fucking clueless bunch of assholes. I sincerely wish nothing but the worst to anybody out there still rocking Penn State gear. Make sure you drop the kids off at "Uncle Jerry's" house on your way to get drunk and cry about being persecuted against all Saturday long in Happy Valley, you fucking dipshits.

  So today, I hope you all enjoy your games, and I don’t begrudge anybody for doing so. For me, this is the final straw… between the fact that Penn State did NOT receive the death penalty for this, and now to let them off of their punishment early, on top of the hypocrisy and ridiculousness that constantly comes out of the NCAA, I am done. I will never again watch an NCAA game again in my life. I’ll be damned if I’m going to support an organization that has such a weak stance against child rape. Have a good weekend, Gabbers.

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