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What a difference a day makes...

Yesterday all the talk was about Albert Pujols and the contract extension that was not. Jim Leyland was happily engaged in preparing for spring training with his son occupying a corner locker. A day later, the face of the Tiger franchise is arrested and charged with a DUI and resisting arrest. Oh quickly the Tiger training facility has changed.

As we all remember, Cabrera had "issues" with alcohol in late 2009, but claimed to "have things under control".

On the final day of the 2010 season, Tigers president and general manager Dave Dombrowski talked about Cabrera, who had undergone off-season counseling related to alcohol use. 

"He's done a lot to help himself as a person, " Dombrowski said at the time. "He's put a lot of effort into it.

"He looked like a changed person this year. I'm not talking about his ability — just his overall attitude. There was a lot of effort put into that, and it wasn't easy. It's something he'll continue to work on." 

The problem with alcohol is that once you are an alcoholic, you never "have it under control". Here is a report from the arresting officer:

According an arrest affidavit, a deputy spotted a car Cabrera was driving, smoking on the side of Okeechobee Road in Ft. Pierce, about 100 miles southeast of the Tigers' spring-training base in Lakeland. Cabrera had an odor of alcohol on his breath, his eyes were bloodshot and watery, and his speech was heavily slurred, according to the report.

In the arrest affidavit, deputies said Cabrera repeated, “Do you know who I am? You don’t know anything about my problems.” Cabrera then picked up a bottle of James Buchanan’s Scotch whiskey and started drinking, according to the report.  


Oh no...not the "do you know who I am"...let's face it. Cops are not especially tolerant of drunk rich athletes asking this question. From all that I know about Miguel Cabrera, he is a really nice guy. Why would he go out and get lit just days before he is to begin prepartion for the 2011 season?  Why would anyone pick up a bottle of scotch and drink in front of a cop? The reality is that Miguel Cabrera does not have his alcohol problem under control. In fact, my guess is that this is something that he will have to deal with the rest of his life. My hope is that Miggy seeks help and understands that being a great baseball player does not preclude him from the demons that any regular person has to fight. The good news is that he is a young man and can face his problem early in life. If Mickey Mantle had faced his demons earlier in life, who knows what he might have accomplished or how many additional years he would have lived.

Miggy will be under intense scruitny this year and I wish him the best. One thing for sure is that Lelyand's visit to see the Redwings play was not nearly as much fun after this news broke. Hang in there Jim...

Talking Sports
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Good morning gabbers and what a fine morning it is here in new England some decent weather has hit us here in New England. I didn’t even have to cancel youth basketball practice last night. Of course that message didn’t get out to my assistant coaches. When they are around practice seems to go a lot smoother.

I’m taking a poll let’s see a show of hands and don’t hold out or it will make the results statistically insignificant. Please let me see a show of hands if ever spit on a golf course. I’ll raise my hand high and have done that more than once. So I’m not the biggest Tiger supporter, I actually think he should have been suspended for year for the Thanksgiving massacre a last year. Oh wait he was massacred that’s right too.

Anyway what’s the big deal that he spit on the green, just watch Matt Garza pitch. Watch guys in a major league dugout or an NHL bench. Funny thing about spit and frozen surfaces it freezes and nobody knows the difference. The fact is athletes spit if that was a Kenyan in the Boston Marathon they would explain why he needs to spit to relieve his mouth and lungs of build up or some other bizarre answer.

Was this a big deal because it was Tiger? Was it a big deal because it was in Europe? Or Was it a big deal that it was on a golf course? The reality other than giving something to write about who cares. We all know it isn’t the worst thing he has every done, now is it.


The NHL reverted back to the 1970’s with some good old donnybrooks this week. The Bruins and the Canadiens played old tyme Hockey last Thursday of course than the Bruins went on a three game losing streak. They play the Islanders tonight who went after the Penguins and called up the Goon Squad over the weekend to fight. A lot of people are saying the Islanders went to far and I agree that’s over the line.


By the same token the Bruins and Canadiens were viewed as a heated rivalry and there was build up and how good it was that these teams battling for first mixed up a little. There are two completely different scenarios here. The Bruins and Canadiens , chipiness of the game just evolved into some fistacuffs. The Islanders simply went out to hurt somebody. Of course if you are a bottom dweller you need to do something to get attendance up.


Hey as anybody heard that the NFL has a March 4th deadline for the CBA to expire? I’ll tell you what I got my season ticket bill for next season already. In the packet there is a message from the Commissioner who I believe realizes that the NFL has the best product and he truly will work to get a CBA done and avoid a lockout. He talks about rookies getting too much money at the expense of retired players. I believe the message was honest and to the point. That the league wants to evolve with the times.


The one thing he doesn’t address which I think is the main sticking point. The last CBA the owners gave the players too much and they want to take it back. That is were their main problem lies and I’ll give the players some credit they don’t want to give it back. It’s like our employers saying sorry we can’t afford your salary and benefit package any more so we will cut your salary and reverse your benefits.


That’s all for today and watch where you spit


Rants and Raves
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Do the Islanders finally have balls?? A Yankee clause?? Barclay is arising?? Yankees stocking up on retreads?? 18 Games?? My rant on the NFL?? All this and much, much more in this edition of Rants and Raves.

For the record…I am a season ticket holder, Jacksonville Jaguars, and I am for an 18 game schedule. I shouldn’t have to pay big bucks to watch meaningless exhibition games.

Why does it take a month for NFL training camps in the first place? Shouldn’t these high paying slobs be in shape all year round? It is their living, at least they should be in game shape by the start of camp. Let me get paid like them so I can come into camp with a big belly, slow in foot, while raking in millions of dollars.

Yeah, yeah I know all sports have way too long to get into shape before their season starts. Maybe that should change!!

Are the Red Sox that scared of the Yankees?? There is a clause in Carl Crawford’s contract that states if he is traded the club acquiring Carl may not trade him to the Yankees.

Well it looks like retreads are in for the New York Yankees. The Yankees signed pitchers Freddy Garcia and Bartolo Colon to minor league contracts and invited them to Spring Training.

35-year-old Freddy Garcia, who was 12-6 with a 4.64 era, signed a contract for $1.5 million if he makes the Yankees. He does have an opt out by March 29th, but if he makes the team and reaches 30 starts Garcia will receive up to $3.6 million.

Meanwhile, the Yankees signed 37-year old Bartolo Colon to a Minor League Contract with the chance to make $900,000 if he makes the team. Colon did not pitch last year and the last time he had a decent year was in 2005, with the Los Angles Angels when he was 21-8. He hasn’t pitched more than 19 games since then. I would say the Yanks hope he has left something in him.

Both pitchers are trying to compete for a rotation spot behind Sabathia, Burnett and Hughes. Ivan Nova and Sergio Mitre are also in the hunt for spots as a starting pitcher.

A couple of weeks ago Jason Kidd mentioned that the Nets won’t be able to attract free agents until the Barclays Center is complete. He might be right, but the Nets put up a display outside the Nuggets locker room when they played the Nets. It showed the progress of the Center and was meant to get the attention of Carmelo Anthony.

If the Nets were smart they would update the display and let all players on opposing teams see what the “State of the Art” Center looks like presently and what it will look like when it is completed.

I just don’t get it. He only played in 5 games this season and won’t play for the rest of the season. So how in the world did Yao Ming get voted in as a starter for the NBA all-star game?? I know he is popular, he is likeable, but to be selected by the fans to start is totally wrong.

Speaking of totally wrong. What’s up with Gilbert Arenas? Last week, Gilbert was served child support and custody papers as he left the court during halftime of a game played against the Miami Heat. Ex-girl friend, Laura Mendoza Govan filed a petition in California seeking custody and child support for 3 children that she says are Arenas’. She claims the he financially cut her off. Laura is looking for $109,000 monthly is support payments. Gilbert claims he did not cut her off, but is actually paying her $20,000 a month.

Chuck Tanner, the manager of the 1979 “We are Family” World Series Champion Pittsburgh Pirates passed away at the age of 82. The Pirates were facing elimination in the series against the Baltimore Orioles 3 games to 1 when they made a dramatic turnaround to win the series 4 games to 3. Tanner also managed the White Sox, Athletics, Pirates and Braves. Chuck is also in the record books as a player, as he hit the first pitch he saw in the majors for a homerun while playing for the Milwaukee Braves. But, he will mostly be remember for his teams historic turnaround in the World Series. When down 3 games to 1, Tanner woke up to learn his mother had passed away. He stuck with the team while grieving and made a move which at the time sounded strange. He started 4 game winner Jim Rooker to lead the team in game 5 instead of Burt Blyleven. It turned out to be the right move as Rooker held the Orioles to only one run in 5 innings as the Pirates won game 5 and turned the momentum their way, and as they say “the rest is history.”


Maybe it’s a good thing the New Jersey Nets didn’t sign DeMarcus Cousins. He got into a altercation with teammate Donte Green because DeMarcus didn’t get the ball on the final possession of a 99-97 loss to Oklahoma City over the weekend. Cousins was not allowed to join the team to Phoenix. One source said Cousins and Green argued in the locker room, with Cousins telling everyone he wanted respect, regardless of his rookie status. Cousins is averaging 13.9 points and 8.0 rebounds per game.

The Nets didn’t draft Cousins because they were concerned about his attitude. Well maybe the Nets were right all along.

The New York Islanders haven’t been a tough team in nearly three years, But did they let loose against the Penguins in which the Islanders won 9-3. Here is the rockem-sockem Islanders in action:

At the end of the game the Penguins had no one left on the bench.

There were 346 minutes in penalties.


Pictures by: Barclays Center Arial view -, Boston Red Sox Logo -, New York Yankees -, New York Islanders -, NFL Logo -, Freddy Garcia -, Bartolo Colon -, DeMarcus Cousins -, Chuck Tanner -, Gilbert Arenas -, Yao Ming -,

Video By: Islanders fighting video by NYYfan46 

Sports Shorts - February 16 2011 Tags: C.C. Sabathia Tiger Woods Michael Vick Peyton Manning Philadelphia Phillies New York Yankees

Welcome to another edition of Sports Shorts. This week, we're sending up C.C. Sabathia, slapping around Michael Vick, and learning to read from Jerry Richardson, among other enlightening tidbits.



  • C.C. Sabathia dropped 25 pounds before reporting for Spring Training earlier this week. The weight loss will mean there is one less roll of fat for the Yankees to hide A.J. Burnett behind during the coming season. 


  • Tiger Woods was fined by the European Tour for spitting on a green during the Dubai Classic. In a statement, Woods said he intends to hire a “coach” to help him learn to swallow properly so that it doesn’t happen again. 


  • Michael Vick was officially slapped with the franchise tag by the Philadelphia Eagles. There have been no comments on whether or not he’ll have to wear it on a collar around his neck. 


  • During a recent labor negotiation meeting, Carolina Panthers owner Jerry Richardson offered to teach Peyton Manning how to read a revenue Chart. In response, Manning offered to Carolina officials how to read a scouting report. 


  • Peter Forsberg recently retired after a two-game comeback with the Colorado Avalanche. Brett Favre is said to be looking into the strategy. 


  • One of these things is not like the other…one of these just doesn’t belong… maybe Cliff Lee know...



  • Anybody else like the idea of Donald Trump buying The Mets for no other reason but holding a press conference and telling his manager, “You’re Fired!”? 


  • Ken Griffey Jr. was hired back by the Mariners as a special consultant. Unfortunately, he missed the press conference to introduce him after falling asleep in the clubhouse. 


  • The Milwaukee Brewers agreed to a 5-year, $50 million extension with second baseman Rickie Weeks. Weeks immediately hurt his wrist signing the deal and will be out for 8-10 weeks. 


  • The owners of the Atlanta Thrashers recently admitted that the team may be moved if further financial support wasn't secured shortly. The team's lone fan was said to be very disappointed. 


Lance Armstrong announced that he has decided to completely retire from competitive cycling to spend more time with his family. His competitors meanwhile question whether he has the ball to compete any longer.

Wrestling Wednesday - The Rock, PPV's, TNA
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Jerry “The King” Lawler’s mom passed away this weekend.

I don’t know about you but I don’t like the storyline TNA is using with Kurt Angle and Jeff Jarrett. The kids of Karen and Kurt are involved. Jeff is now married to Karen. In Sunday’s TNA pay-per-view it was Kurt and Jeff fighting for permanent rights for the kids versus Kurt walking Karen down the aisle for the redoing of Jeff and Karen’s wedding vows.

USA network will be airing the WWE Hall of Fame until Monday, before Raw starts. USA and WWE think ratings will be better to show it on Monday than on Saturday night.

Also Tough Enough will air after Raw. Then the following week before Raw, a repeat of last weeks Tough Enough will air, then Raw will air, followed by a new Tough Enough. This will start on April 11th.

Here are two clips of a Triple H interview:


WWE took a beating in PPV buy rates for the 4th quarter of 2010. In the period covering October-December the buy rates dropped 23% from the same period of 2009.

Hell in the Cell had 210,000 buys in 2010, 283,000 in 2009

Bragging Rights had 137,000 buys in 2010, 181,000 in 2009

These two PPV’s were in October.

Survivor Series had 244,000 buys in 2010, 228,000 in 2009. This was held in November.

TLC had 195,000 buys in 2010, 228,000. This was held in December.

Several reasons can be attributed to the downward trend.

A lot of top stars weren’t with the WWE during this period. (HHH, HBK, Jericho, Undertaker, Batista).

There are too many PPV’s.

Too expensive.

If you haven’t already heard The Rock appeared on Monday Night Raw and he will be the guest host of WrestleMania XXVII. Here are two clips showing his return to the WWE:


Did you notice how the words/picture were reversed??

Videos by: Roady1887 and MarcLovley 

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