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NFL Fines Favre $50K For Failing To Cooperate With Investigation
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Below is the article from Fox Sports, and it states that Favre failed to cooperate with the investigation. It's that lack of cooperation and his lack of any attempt to dispel all the accusations that led me to believe from day one he not only left her the voicemails but sent Sterger the photos of his "Mini Brett". He dodged the questions, his wife all of a sudden became absent from the media except for one appearance on "The CBS Morning Show" where she said her faith was getting her through the rough times, she refused to stand alongside her man, she also didn't attend anymore games after this story broke, so it makes you wonder if as soon as the season is over will Mrs. Favre be seeking to Favre to the cleaners? I reckon so!

We've all seen many athletes accused of a lot of transgressions but most come out fighting, yet Favre went about his days like nothing ever happened, and this lack of defense in every way had led me to belive that he was doing so because he was guilty as charged. As for this fine, well, it's a joke, at $1 million per game I think he'll be able to cough up that $50K in a blink.

Please read below for the most recent update!


The most disturbing sideshow of this NFL season is finally coming to a close.

Commissioner Roger Goodell has fined Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre $50,000 over the Jenn Sterger fiasco.

However, Favre wasn't found to have violated league policy with regards to Sterger, but was fined for failing to cooperate with the league's investigation. first reported that Favre was going to be fined.

The NFL issued a statement Wednesday, noting that Favre "was not candid in several respects during the investigation."

The release stated Favre was fined for "his failure to cooperate with the investigation in a forthcoming manner."

The league wanted to make a ruling before the end of the season but did not want to do it on New Year's Day.

The NFL was still interviewing and gathering information on the case as recently as last week.

Sterger, a former New York Jets media personality, had claimed Favre sexually harassed her when both were with the New York franchise in 2008.

Favre allegedly sent Sterger inappropriate text and phone messages, as well as photos of his genitalia. The allegations were first reported by

Favre admitted to leaving Sterger voice messages but denied sending her lewd photographs.

The NFL's investigation began in October, but the league did not talk directly with Sterger until Nov. 11.

In recent weeks, Sterger's camp had expressed concern a decision would not be forthcoming before the end of the regular season. Favre has said repeatedly this would be his final season. And while the 41-year-old quarterback has made that claim previously — not to mention, frequently — in his career, there is ample reason to believe him this time.

Unlike last year, when Favre was an MVP candidate and helped lead the Vikings to the NFC title game, this season has been much more difficult. With Favre struggling, the Vikings got off to a 3-7 start, resulting in the firing of head coach Brad Childress.

Favre has also had a hard time staying healthy this year. His NFL-record streak of 297 consecutive starts came to an end Dec. 13 because of a shoulder injury. Favre would return one week later against the Bears but was knocked out of that game — as well as Tuesday night's victory against the Eagles — with a concussion.

So as time was running out on the Vikings' season, there was legitimate reason to think Favre might not be around in 2011 to serve any potential penalty.

Instead, Wednesday's development will likely send Favre into retirement on a decidedly low note.

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Hey, I won the Fantasy League
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No hoopla nor fanfare and it is soon to be over.

Greeting from the winners circle of fantasy footballs land. Yes, the covenant crown is mine. Many started and only one winner, he is I, has the crown of fantasy lore upon his head.

But really who gives a shit. American’s are so lost in their day to day world of excess and neediness’ that we have lost the fundamentals values of our life. We fail to see the greatness that America brings and waste this greatness on watching others while we sit and whither. Many may not know this nor want to know this: I have not watched a complete football game all year and for the last three years.  The time that could have been made for that recreation was used for other things: Human contact. Now I do not have this all the time nor is it a frequent need of mine. Personally loathing is a better word to describe my opinion of people.  Possibly because all that my eyes see is the bad in most people. Hence why so much time is spent reading online and on You Gab. Feeding ones inner-core is essential, as well as needed yet striving in the sales environment that is my current employ stifle’s some individuals who are aware of my feeling regarding people.

Documentaries are my fanfare as well as anything else that is reading worthy takes me into its depth’s for my own personal pleasure.  And speaking of pleasure,  a major renovation has happened here at the home front. A total of $60,000.00 worth of renovation. For those who do not know, the home was built in 1725 and had old tongue and groove roof. FINALLY it gave and we had to replace it. Seeing the nails of yonder lore, pegs, and chisel makes took me back to a time of  simplicity. One that was never in the card for me to fancy being raised in Chicago. By primarily my sister sine my Mother was not around for many years (leaving home at 15 she came back into my life when I was 9) for whatever the reason, has had an effect on me for my lifetime. Some good, some bad. But this is the main reason that my distrust of people is so high and garnering and understanding of the other that have similar back drops. So the house is a solace for me, even though NH is nowhere near a favorite living situation for me, but the house is paid for, kids are homeschooled and getting great support from the district, my wife and I. Yet the cloud still looms over my head. One of the construction guys had a nail from a nail gun hit him in the hand. He is screaming and hollering (looking at his mouth but still hearing nothing) and the crew is rushing or grabbing him telling him to lie down.  My flash took me to Africa when one of my partners had his hand shot off (knowing these are not similar at all). He did not scream or yell. He calmly walked over to me and asked me to tie it of tighter so that he did not bleed to death. As it was being tied he watched out gun to the ready with his good left hand. Flashing back only to hear me say loudly, “Dude, at least you have a hand. Buck the fuck up ad shut the fuck up! Get up and let’s get you to the hospital.”  Calmness in that storm over took the panic for him, and angered the other workers. But now one said a word until the next day. One of the guys walked up to me and said that he was ticked at me when speaking during the situation, but he noticed an extreme calm come over him after I spoke.  “Panic cannot live unless you let it.” I said. He looked at me weirdly and said, “What the fuck are you talking about?”  Then realization set in and it came to my mind that he cut himself, no nail nor nail gun injury. It was in my mind at that moment. Knowing that the noise and popping noise of the nail gun set off some strange episode from my past disturbed me ever so slightly. Not nearly as much as it should have.

But hey, I won the fantasy league.

Wrestling Wednesday - News and Best Entrances as voted by the Gabbers
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Former TNA Knockout Awesome Kong was arrested on Wednesday and released later in the day after posting $1,000 bail. She was brought in by the Hillsborough County Sheriff Department for driving without a license.

TNA reaction has been canceled by Spike TV.

Kaval has been released by the WWE. He asked for his release.

WWE Hall of Famer Jerry “The King” Lawler made The Hollywood Reporter’s “80 Greatest Moments in TV History,” chart ranking at No. 30. This was the Andy Kaufman vs. Jerry Lawler on Late Night with David Letterman. On the July 28, 1982 edition of Late Night with David Letterman, Lawler slapped Kaufman, prompting the comedian to throw coffee on the Memphis wrestling legend. The incident is considered one of the most memorable moments in the show’s history.

There will be no more guest hosts on Raw. has removed the upcoming guest host for their website.

CM Punk has joined Nexus. It looks like Wade Barrett has left Nexus and is on his own.


An now the moment you have been waiting on, As voted, by you, here are the results of the best entrances:

Shawn Michaels - 3 votes

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin - 3 votes

Edge - 2 votes

Ric Flair - 2 votes

Ultimate Warrior - 2 votes


New World Order - 2 votes

New Age Outlaws (This is the best I could find. You have to forward to 1:47 into video for the intro) - votes

Triple H - 2 votes

DX - 2 votes

John Cena - 2 votes

These are the top vote getters. There were more like the Godfather, Hulk Hogan, British Bulldog, RVD, JYD, Randy Savage, Kevin Nash, Bushwackers, Chris Jericho, Undertaker, Randy Orton, The Big Show, Booker T, Sgt. Slaughter, Jim Dugan and Stacy Keibler.  

I want to wish all a Very Happy and Healthy New Year

Deep Thoughts
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The gifts are unwrapped and the New Year beckons... Christmas has come and gone and I am left to reflect on another year. This was a very interesting Christmas for me. After spending a few days with my parents, I suddenly realized that they have grown old. This has left me feeling somewhat melancholy, so I decided to write about something that I I know it is a stretch to call fishing a sport, but hopefully you won't mind me a slight deviation.

 I call this nighttime on the lake.





The warm shimmer of the moonlit water provides an eerie canvas for a summer evening of fishing. Stealthily the electric trolling motor pushes my low riding Ranger into the darkness of the lake. The commotion of the day has begrudgingly given way to a quiet peacefulness most will never know. I love nighttime on the lake, it becomes a different world. In the inky blackness of the night, actions are done by feel. I listen as my lure gently slides into the water. I concentrate intently as I visualize the movements of my worm across the jagged bottom of the lake. A slight tap tells me that a fish has picked up my lure, so I savagely set the hook. Immediately, the bass realizes that it has picked the wrong prey and heads for deeper water. Stubbornly, my graphite rod withstands this initial rush and I begin to slowly bring the bass toward my boat. As I kneel on the carpet of my boat, I reach eagerly into the lush warmth of the lake to find the lip of my catch. Fish in hand, I find the hook and remove it carefully. After an admiring glance, I return the fish quickly back to the darkness of the lake. Happy to be free, the fish gives me a parting splash on his way home. I close my eyes and allow the night sounds to wash over me. The symphony of the cicadas, the low hum of a small boat motor in the distance, a quiet splash of a feeding fish… This is why I love nighttime on the lake.   




It has been a wonderful year at You Gab. I have had a blast writing and exchanging a few deep thoughts with each of you. I also hope that if you have not signed up for the You Gab fantasy playoff league, that you do so soon. Having your own players in the playoffs definitely brings something extra. If you are like me and your team checked out long ago, you will find a new energy in watching football again.

I wish each of you a very safe and Happy New Year.


Here is a bit of Jack Handy to take with you:


"I'd rather be rich than stupid."

"I bet when the neanderthal kids would make a snowman, someone would always end up saying, "Don't forget the thick, heavy brows." Then they would all get embarrassed because they remembered they had the big hunky brows too, and they'd get mad and eat the snowman."

Thanks for stopping by and feel free to add a comment,

The BEEZE'S HUMP DAY HITS (New Years Edition)
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Well 2010 is almost over...2011 is lurking around around the corner...What will the new year old for you? What will it hold for me? I've been trying to think about 2010, and remember all the big stories, and all the shit that has happened in my world, but it's all a blur...Maybe the new baby cutting into my sleep has scrambled my brain a little bit...Maybe having this new little girl has overshadowed everything else...

So instead of looking back on the year, I'll just look back at this last week or so...I'm losing my fucking mind! Not because of the baby...It's my mother-in-law...She offered to come and stay with us after the baby was born, to help out for the first couple weeks...It's been almost two weeks, and we're still waiting for some help...So far she has knocked back four 12 packs of soda, eat my food, take my son's room over, use way too much toilet paper, found ways to avoid her grandchildren, and always seems to be in the way...She has washed some dishes, but I have to rewash them when I get home from work...For some reason she uses her hands or dirty wash rag instead of one of the three dish washing brushes we have...

To be fair, she has done a good deal of laundry, but when I'm working a double at the Fish House, and the oldest is sick, and the little Beeze is, well, the little Beeze, and my wife is taking care of the baby, maybe grandma could jump in and help with the kids, or make dinner...We could give a shit about the laundry at that point...

Then...Back at Thanksgiving I made it clear to everyone, we weren't having people over for Christmas, and we weren't going anywhere for Christmas...I wasn't making a big dinner...We had no idea what would happen with the baby, and we didn't want any extra chaos...So on the 23rd, she invites my father-in-law, and brother-in-law over for Christmas dinner...Never talking to me about it...And it was clear she wasn't cooking anything...So off to the store I go on Christmas Eve to get shit to make a dinner...Because as much as I wanted to throw her in the street, and tell them if they showed up at my door, they would be laying next to her, I didn't...I love my wife, and she was just as frustrated as I was, maybe more...I bit my tongue...If she wanted to go off, then she knew she could tag me in...But she didn't...She's too nice...But she wanted to, and so did I...

Father-in-law, and brother-in-law, stayed a very short time...The pretty much ate and left...This was kinda nice, but it pissed me off at the same time...I scrambled to make them dinner, even though they knew I didn't want to do it, grandpa ran his fucking mouth, like he always does, and they left...Spend some time with the kids...Offer to help cleanup...Don't just eat and run! WTF!?! Clearly, based on my mood, no matter what they did, I wasn't going to be happy...

Grandma continues to make me nuts...She complained about having an upset stomach today...Then during the course of the day, ate chocolate cake, pumpkin spice ice cream, and killed some more soda...Seriously?

Okay, I should move on from this topic...

Those pussies in Philly are playing the game they postponed because a snow storm was coming...They only got 12 inches in Philly...What a bunch of twats! Actually, that's an insult to twats! Even the governor of Pennsylvania called out the NFL and everyone else involved, referring to them as wusses! Damn right Ed Rendell!

Now after this has happened, what does it mean next time there is a snow storm coming...What if some one thinks it's raining too hard...A bad precedent has been set, and the NFL is going to have to pull their collective heads out of their asses!

It's been awhile since I posted any Bill Burr...Here is Bill and his thoughts on the Jets, Rex Ryan, and Rex's love of feet!

It's still the Holiday season, so I decided to borrow some Holiday Hotties from one of my Favorite sites...

So on this fine Hump Day, which of these Holiday Hotties would you most like to give a yule log?




As always, Read and Respond...

And Happy New Year!

Later, The Beeze.  


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