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After the half-assed way the NFL handled the seating debacle in Dallas for the Super Bowl it seems that the commish had an epiphany, or maybe he was one of our readers the last couple of days. It appears the first option for three times the price of the ticket and a ticket to next year's Big Game now has been revamped. The power's that be have decided that those who found themselves watching the game on TV will now get to not only pick the Super Bowl of their choice after the conference championship games, but they'll also include airfare AND hotel accommodations. Of course choosing this option negates the three times the cost of this year's purchased ticket originally offered but this is what made the most sense to begin with.
I know I wasn't the only only one here at the Gab who felt sending these fans to a game next season where neither of their teams might be playing seemed a bit short-sighted, and Roger Goodell, the quick thinker he is felt that it was more fair to allow the fans to have the choice in the future to what game they'll attend, 2 days after the game and already having had 2 weeks notice this was an issue to begin with. Why the common sense factor took so long in coming is beyond comprehension, but having attended a Super Bowl and purchased the tickets through a broker I know most of those seats at the game aren't for the fans, so why would Goodell in his right mind ever think that the little guy matters? He's the sucker PT Barnum spoke so highly about.
So, damage control comes to fruition after the hangovers and parades subsided...well good for them, and good for those fans who traveled all the way to Dallas only to be told, the TV is over there!
Buzz from the Bleachers
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Oh hey, Gabbers. Is everyone recovered from thier Super Bowl hangover yet? I have been. It was a great game watched with great company, my bro IHM, but not exactly a classic. Had a few good commercials with Doritos really stealing the show. I'll admit that I the Chrysler 200 commercial is growing on me. I wasn't terribly impressed, but I like that it is creating some good press for the folks here in and around Detroit. If that commercial has people give us a second look and ignites some hope, I'm all for it.

This week has been just full of people trying to give the game more meaning than it had. Of course our favorite network is leading the way on the speculation. Let's review.

Are the Packers a dynasty? Well, last I checked, you needed to win more than one championship to be a dynasty. We don't even know if we are getting a season for sure yet.

Is Aaron Rogers an elite QB now? Again it seems a bit soon to gauge. A good number of qbs have won a super bowl that most wouldn't consider great, some not even good. Rogers had a good season and a great post season, but it's hard to put him up with Brady, Manning, or Brees just yet. He is on the way and a step ahead of Matt Ryan and the like. On that note, it is also impossible to say Roethlisberger's rep took a hit. If anything, it's still reeling from his bar bathroom exploits. He has a great record in the post season. I don't know if he is elite, but he might be 6-7 on the current list.

Did Favre take a hit? Well, he's even with Rogers. I don't think this game brings him down. I think his own naging presence does, not to mention his text messages. Like it or not, he's still first ballot HOF and is firmly entrenched in the record books. Heck, I even support the fans in Green Bay forgiving the man and letting him back in the fold.

All I know is that the Pack capped off an odd season with a hard fought win. Overcoming those injuries is huge. McCarthy deserves credit.

Here in Detroit, fans were quick to pint out that we had beaten the Pack. That seems awfully moot, but Lions fans have learned to take wins when we can. Why? We're crazy...clearly.

One last Super Bowl note, apparently ARoid was upset that Fox chose to show such a papparazzi shot of him being fed popcorn by Cameron Diaz. He even went so far as to stomp off to the Fox office and yell at them. If you don't want to be filmed, don't pay for the big box tickets conveniantly located by the press box.

Carmelo might be on the move again. The Nuggets have been talking to the Knicks and trying to work a trade that would involve the Timberwolves. Now, the Lakers are attempting to acquire Melo. I kinda hope the Lakers don't win this, mainly because they become the Heat of the west and propell NBA teams into stock piling stars. Another reason: who do the Lakers have to give? Current talks have brought up Andrew Bynum. Who wants Bynum? He's a good young player, but he gets hurt. A lot. If I'm the Nuggest, I want more than a fragile Bynum for a franchise player.

Lastly, can someone tell Michael Wilbon that he is a Chicago native? He likes to bring it up (a lot), but seems to have forgotten. He's been outspoken about the Super Bowl not taking place in northern cities. He thinks the only feasable locations are LA, Miami, and Arizona. Weather is a part of the game. A guy from Chicago ought to know that. I am thrilled that the game is going to Indy and then NY. Cold weather games are always fun. It might suck for the celebs and the reporters who get free vacations, but it is a huge plus for the real fans.

Well, that's it for the week. I've got to get up to start my pre-student teaching tomorrow. Should be cool. I get to observe and not have to worry about swetting things up or discipline just yet. Remember to pick up some flowers and cards for monday gents, after all they watched the game on Sunday...And now for our weekly vocab.

boregasm, noun/verb

the result of or act of reaching the apex or climax of boredom; Filling one's capacity for boredom to the extreme boundary.

Most of this year's Super Bowl commercials gave me a raging boregasm.


In Memory of Christina Taylor Green
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Since that tragic day in Tucson this particular story has touched many across the country. For those of us with children we hope and pray everyday that they have the chance to grow up without fear and we do the best we can to protect them. Christina Taylor Green's story started on 9/11/01 and ended on 1/8/11 as she was waiting to speak with her Congresswomen. I'd like you all to take a minute and read this story from her Little League team, at the bottom is a link for a patch in her honor, it's all of $3.92 and one dollar of each patch sold goes to the Christina Taylor Green Memorial Fund...I am asking that each Gab member please donate to this fund in her honor!

Thank you

                            Christina Taylor Green 

The tragedy on Saturday has taken one of our own, Christina Taylor Green, a Little Leaguer in every sense of the title. Christina played baseball in the Canyon Del Oro Little League for the Fall Pirates in 2009 and 2010. Her Dad, John, was a valued coach and friend on both teams, while sharing his dedication and talents with his son Dallas’ teams at the same time.
Out of respect for Christina and the Green Family, it seems appropriate to share a little about the Little League Baseball side of Christina’s life. There is a sense that Christina’s story should be shared, both as a possible aid in the healing process for the family and community, but also as source of inspiration to all of us.
Christina’s love for the game of baseball did not have to be learned or developed. The family connections to the game made it a part of who she was. What she exemplified in the baseball arena were the core characteristics we all hope our players will gain from Little League Baseball: CHARACTER, COURAGE and LOYALTY.
CHARACTER: A sense of right and wrong, a willingness to do something about wrongs, a desire to learn, a determination to excel and a fun loving attitude. All of these are attributes that could explain what Character means, and we’ve all heard of Christina’s ability to demonstrate these, but on the baseball field these attributes shined ever so brightly. She was very competitive…she wanted to excel as an individual on the field, and she also wanted her team to excel. But she understood there was more going on in the Little League environment than just winning or losing. When she was at the field, she was as upset as anyone when a bad play occurred, but she was also as excited as anyone after a good play. One particular memory involved a hard slide at second base. Christina had flipped the ball from her second base defensive position to the shortstop covering second. The base runner made a clean but hard slide into second to break the play up. As the runner and shortstop were attempting to stand a bit of a struggle started for the right to occupy the base. Being right there, and with a sound sense of right and wrong she took charge and set the players straight on the play and the inappropriateness of the struggle. Her attitude and actions exuded the Character of a Leader
COURAGE: Christina was not short on Courage. She played in a baseball league with boys that were strong and fast, but she never once was fazed about being the only girl on the team in 2010, nor did a hard hit ball or a whizzing fastball intimidate her. She had the courage to play every position on the field. In one particular game, Christina was having a quality at bat, seeing the ball well and fouling several balls off. After 6 or 7 pitches, the pitcher accidentally let a fastball go that plunked her pretty good. After picking herself up and dusting herself off, she was given the choice to take first base or finish her at bat (loose instructional league rules – and certainly she had earned the right to stay in the at bat). With a slight grimace on her face, but without hesitation, she replied “I want to hit”. And hit she did! Her tenacious spirit was pumped up and she drove a hard hit ball on the next pitch. Courage was just part of who she was.
LOYALTY: It can be hard to tell when Loyalty comes naturally from a child or when it comes from the immediate prodding from a parent. Certainly, loyalty is a trait we as parents teach to our kids, but when a child demonstrates loyalty without prompting, we know it comes from them. Good teammates can pick a teammate’s spirit up much better than a coach can. Christina was always one that would reach out to a teammate in need of a “nice try” or “get’em next time”. When cheering was needed from the dugout, she could be counted on to get it started. But perhaps her loyalty to her team can best be demonstrated by example. A message was received early one Saturday morning from her Dad John that Christina was under the weather and wasn’t going to make it to the game later that morning. Just a couple hours later during warm ups before the late morning game, we were shocked to see her hustling her way through warm ups. You could tell she didn’t feel too hot, but she was keeping
up with, even setting the example for the team. When asked how she came to be there, Dad responded with something to the effect of “she wanted to play ball, wanted to be here for the team”. She was loyal to her Pirate team despite her parent’s judgment…that was Christina’s Loyalty.
There are countless memories of the remarkable ball player and person that was Christina. A few personal highlights:
A particular game where the Pirate batters had managed to work the bases loaded. We were down a couple of runs and in need of a momentum swing. Christina came out of the dugout to bat and I couldn’t help but claim “here’s our RBI leader” which was the absolute truth. A few anxious swings later, Christina sat back on a fastball and drove a hard line drive up the middle bringing in two runs and putting us right back into the game. Her smile and excitement yielded one of the best high fives ever!
In between innings during infield warm‐ups, a hot and sweaty day was cooled off a little by a second baseman fielding and throwing back to first all while singing the current pop hit song of the month. Not only was Christina singing she had the first baseman and right fielder singing too. She was so cool!
Racing to get our running in was just part of what the Pirates did. As a result, it was no surprise when Christina and one of her teammate friends challenged one of the coaches to a race. After diligently negotiating the terms of the race, format and winnings, over the course of a week or so (negotiating was a strong skill of Christina’s), the race was had across the outfield and back, with Christina and teammate running forward and coach running backwards, all for an ice cream. The joy didn’t come from the winning (the coach lost), but rather from just the pure fun of the event!
Christina was a great second baseman, an up and coming pitcher, a strong batter and an outstanding teammate. Pirates all receive an Outstanding Team Player award for their accomplishments during the year, and every year Christina epitomized what it meant to be an OTP!

Perhaps one of the most amazing traits of Christina was her balance in life. She was so engaged in everything, giving her best and excelling, but she still was capable of being a little girl…wanting to play for the sake of play, climbing the mesquite tree at the park with the rest of the team after practice while parents and coaches talked, laughing at silly jokes…she was rock star in so many ways, but also a beautiful little girl.
May we all accept the challenge to glorify Christina by finding our own little ways to live life to the fullest, to demonstrate CHARACTER, COURAGE and LOYALTY with the zest Christina did.
God Bless you Christina…and God Bless you John, Roxanna and Dallas. We love you all!


This Is How It Is Done
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This is how the SSB is done correctly. I tried 6 times to load the You Tube video, I gave is the link:



Seeing Cardinal Red : St. Louis Treament of Albert Pujols Bewilders All
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For a relatively small market team, the Saint Louis Cardinals have had many of the finest baseball players ever wear their jersey. Of the 42 Hall of Famers to pass through their dugout, perhaps the most famous thus far has been Stan "The Man" Musial.

Getting a player of Musial's caliber is an extremely rare occurrence in Major League Baseball. He collected 3,630 hits and 475 home runs in 22 years with the team. "The Man" was so good, he went to 24 All-Star Games and helped the Cardinals win three World Series.



The team never thought they'd ever see a player on his level in their uniform again, but all of that changed when they received a massive amount of good luck by drafting Albert Pujols in the 13th round of the 1999 draft. They had no idea how lucky they were to grab the 19-year old, but quickly found out when he made his Major League debut just two years later.

He has been named to the All-Star team every year but one since 2001. The only year he didn't, 2002, still saw him finish second in the vote for Most Valuable Player of the National League. Pujols has won the MVP Award three times while finishing second twice and third once. He has also won the Hank Aaron Award an award that goes to the top hitter, twice and N.L. Rookie of the Year Award

But the man who has won six Silver Slugger Awards and a batting title is not just great at the plate. Pujols has reeled in two Gold Gloves. He is also a philanthropist whose charitable work has garnered him a Roberto Clemente Award.

All of this ability helped Saint Louis win a World Series in 2008. He is often called the best player in baseball and Pujols already has 1900 hits, 408 home runs, and 1,230 runs batted in over his ten seasons. Numbers reserved for few players to ever don cleats on a diamond.

After winning the batting title in 2003, Saint Louis signed the 23-year old youngster to an eight-year contract for $111 million. Though a hefty deal for many, Alex Rodriguez would sign a 10-year contract for $275 million just four years later. Pujols contract seemed a huge bargain by comparison, and most observers considered him paid well below market value through most of the deal.

Pujols contract expires at the end up the upcoming season and he is just 31-years old. Prime baseball years for many player. He has been so loyal to his team and the Saint Louis community that he has not complained about the fact he is being paid less than many players extremely inferior to him.

Yet the Cardinals organization is playing a game with Pujols right now that could end up as shocking as Anheuser-Busch, who owned the Cardinals from 1953 to 1995, selling their beer factory to a Brazilian-Belgian company. A move that could cause Cardinals fans to spit out their formerly All-American Budweiser brew.

Baseball players meet at training camp on February 18th and Pujols told the Cardinals long ago he'd prefer a deal done beforehand so he could put all of his focus on the game. Since he has shown what he can do when just concentrating on baseball, one would think the Cardinals would have sealed the deal by now.

Yet this is not the case. The team is balking at Pujols request to paid at market value, something most every other team in baseball would gladly do to retain his services. While Pujols wants a deal better than Rodriguez, which would symbolize him as the top player in baseball, the Cardinals are using the stance they are not the big market club some other teams are.

If they let Pujols go to training camp without at least a verbal agreement, Saint Louis may likely lose more than the best player in baseball at the conclusion of this season. They will lose the face of their franchise and of all professional sports in their city as well as a first ballot Hall of Famer who appears to have at least a decade of baseball ahead of him. 

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