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Lee Throws Yankees and Rangers Curveball
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The scouting reports for Cliff Lee say he throws a solid curve-ball.

Before last night, I just didn’t know he could disguise it that well.

Lee helped pull perhaps the biggest free agent shocker of the winter when he turned away contracts from both the Texas Rangers and the New York Yankees to take less money from the Philadelphia Phillies. Most fans didn’t know that Philadelphia was even in the mix until rumors started circulating late Monday night.

Lee’s new contract with Philadelphia is for 5-years, $120 million, far less that the rumored 7-year, $150 million plus that the Yankees were offering and certainly less than the smorgasbord of offers that the Texas Rangers had put into play. It just goes to show you, on rare occasions players will go with their hearts, not their wallets.

The move is certainly a coup for Philadelphia, who now sports a front four of Roy Halladay, Cliff Lee, Roy Oswalt, and Cole Hamels, to form what is undoubtedly the best rotation in baseball. It’s also a big financial commitment for the Phillies, who had traded Lee a year earlier to shed salary and make room for Halladay.

Lee’s decision is also a big gain for the Boston Red Sox and the rest of the American League, as Lee stays out of pinstripes, spurning the Yankees when they badly needed the pitching.

New York is still left with some options, although a return engagement with Carl Pavano is unlikely. The Yankees can still look to deal prospects for Zack Grienke from Kansas City, but that package would ultimately have to include 3-4 high level prospects, including Jesus Montero, who is slated to be in New York’s line-up next season.

Texas on the other hand wanted in on Lee, but already had a plan in play as an alternative. They will now likely look to make a bold move on Adrian Beltre and then trade Michael Young for some pitching help. No doubt the team is disappointed in having to resort to plan B, but they also didn’t want to handcuff themselves in a similar fashion to the way they did with Alex Rodriguez. Texas will also check in on Grienke.

Just where is Philadelphia coming up with these funds? After locking up Ryan Howard and Roy Halladay last season and adding Roy Oswalt to the mix at the deadline, the Phillies finished 2010 with the fourth highest payroll in baseball at $142 million plus. Adding another $24 million will undoubtedly require the team to get creative next off-season in terms of moving salaries or raising ticket prices. However, a fervent fan base and a team that is showing dedication to keep winning should help ease that stress.

In the end, the Phillies continue to build off of their success and are now the clear favorites in the National League, maybe in all of baseball.

Tuesday Tantrums (NYC bashing) for 14 December 2010
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OK Boys and Girls, sit back, relax with a cold Fred Lite and let Uncle Fan be the Cliff Claven of the Tavern today because I’ve got some smack to run and I’m feelin’ it.  But first, let me add my best wishes to the Beezer and Mrs. Beeze! 

NFL.   The Football Gods smiled over me in Week 14 and saw fit to slide my sorry ass into our Fantasy league playoffs.  Of course, I get to face the big dawg Benson, but hey, on any given day...

Hey y’all, the streak is over.  Good, can he now go away for good?  Of course not, last night on the radio, I heard a talking head say dude is setting himself up to play again next year.  Another off-season of this shit???

I’ll let the rest of the Gabbers run it about the Pats, but let me ask this – who the hell is gonna beat these certified bad asses come January/February?  I know who it ain’t gonna be...


Hey "Soon to be Super Bowl Champs", how'd you like that Orange Crush you just received courtesy of the boys from South Beach?  You know me, I’m having a great time at the Jets’ expense, but I’m having extra special fun watching these jerk-offs circling the drain with the original bad-asses from Pittsburgh looming. 

Personally, while the tripping incident might have been somewhat amusing, that coach is VERY lucky that Dolphin wasn’t more seriously hurt.  Glad to see that the moron was suspended for the rest of the season without pay and then fined $25,000.  Poetic Justice that the Jets lost.  Oh, and to those who call the Jets a “classy organization”, you held onto the bong too long – remember, its puff, puff, PASS – which brings me to Mark Sanchez – uh, never mind.  This organization isn’t exactly a bunch of choir boys, so get off that soapbox.


That message is for you Santonio Holmes.  Karma kicked you square in the nuts for acting like a jackass last week while your team was getting its collective ass kicked 45-3!

Tough break for the Pack with Aaron Rodgers going out with a concussion, but I watched that play and I’m wondering why he wasn’t sliding when the heat was coming.  It sucks that a good team is gonna get screwed and miss the playoffs cause the NFC West sucks, but right now that team looks to be Green Bay.  Damn!

Dallas is 4-9 and done, but Jon Kitna has done a GREAT job relieving Tony Romo.  Is it any coincidence that the Cow-quitters played better when Romo got knocked the fuck out?  So why is “JERRAH” Jones telling the press that he wants to see Tony Romo play again this season?  Hey Jones, let Jason Garrett coach, and you stay away from the sidelines.  Speaking of getting knocked the fuck out…


I’m providing (free of charge, no less) a Public Service Announcement for the good folks of San Diego.  If you’re rolling through America’s Finest City on a Sunday Night after a Charger home game and you happen to notice a member of the Chargers in the immediate vicinity, get the hell out of there because you have to know some shit is about to break out.  Hey Gabbers, what do you get when you mix players of the San Diego Chargers with Sunday Nights after a home game?  If you said – APPEARANCE BY AT LEAST ONE PLAYER ON THE SAN DIEGO POLICE BLOTTER, then I say give that man a CEEEEEEGAR!  Apparently this time, DUI’s and fucking with laid back Johnny Law down there wasn’t enough for Legedu Nannee (Wide Receiver).  I guess this Einstein decided he’d kick it up a notch and be ACCUSED of being involved in a street brawl.  How quaint, an NFL player not getting enough contact in their game just hours earlier.

College Football.    

Navy did Army for the NINTH straight time, and for me that never gets annoying.  I guess I’m getting spoiled by this, but WTF Navy - You gave up 17 points to the Black Knights?  Clean that shit up cause I’m gonna talk trash with DVT, and I don’t want San Diego State bitch-slappin ya!  But let's be serious here for a minute - to all the graduating seniors, we all know where you'll be this time next year, May the good lord bless you and your family. 

No doubt Cam Newton is the best College Player, and although I didn’t like his smugness during interviews about getting paid, I’ll take him at his word that he knew nothing about what Dear Old Dad was doing.  If it’s true that he didn’t know, then Cecil Newton has to be one of the biggest scumbags of the year.   You guys know how I feel about this – parents trying to make money off their kids exploits are the scum of the Earth. 

Before I forget, the Heisman Trophy is worthless.  If it was a true measure of a great football player, wouldn’t it include D-1AA, 2, and 3 players?  Some of those guys work just as hard, if not harder.

I’m enjoying the fact that Urban Meyer’s final memory as coach of the Florida Gators was taking a beatdown from my beloved Seminoles in Tallahassee.  That being said, he was a great coach, and I certainly have a feeling that he shows up somewhere in a year or two.

NBA.   Carmelo Anthony, it’s official – YOU’RE AN ASS-CLOWN.  Look, you want out of Denver so bad, shut your mouth.  Denver can’t possibly get proper value for you when you limit their options like this.   The only way a trade works now for this D-bag is a three or four team trade.  Seriously dude, put the blunt down and back away slowly.

The Court Jester made his one trip to Kings Land on Saturday Night, and it seems that he’s enjoying his “heel turn” a little too much.  Kobe’s acted like an ass before, but nowhere near what this joker does.  Crying at the refs and showing them up, taunting the crowd and the Kings bench.  Look Jester, you’re the third best player in the game (Kobe and Wade are better), act better.      

MLB.  I’m truly shocked.  For all the annoying 24/7 with the Crankees and Sawx trying to outdo one another, why hasn’t Anaheim made any splashes?  Arte Moreno has nearly as much money as God, most people (not I) like the LA area, and Mike Scioscia is a great coach.  So what gives?


I’m doing a freaking jig here - Cliff Lee not only told the Yankees to SUCK IT, he gave up $50,000,000 to do it.  Then to make matters worse, he jumped back into the fray with those freaks from Philly!  Hey Crankee Fan, nice job heckling Mrs. Lee and pissing her off – but if heckling was part of the decision, why did Mr. Lee decide to go back to that freak show known as the City of Brotherly Love?  Speaking of nice jobs, hey Hal Steinbrenner, keep doing what you’re doing.  You already have to way overspend to get people to come play in that overtaxed cesspool known as the rotten apple, and now you’re dumb ass is jerking with the modern day Mr. Yankee, Derek Jeter?  Yeah, vets are really gonna wanna play for your monkey asses who treat highly respected veterans like garbage!  Hal, you are a douche!

A team that you all might want to keep an eye on is the Arizona Diamondbacks.  Harvey might disagree with me, but I’m thinking that while this team won’t be world beaters, they’ll certainly be much more competitive.  At first, I disagreed with a lot of the trades, but when I start to see how this team is built, I’m thinking that they’re clearly headed in the right direction. 

Peace and Ranting forever!!!

Monday Moaning The Late Edition
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Three cheers for whoever made the call...Brett Favre will not be playing in tonight's game...His stupid 297 consecutive starts streak is going to be over, and most likely, his overrated, annoying career!

Yes, I'm posting this late...I wasn't planning on posting at all last night...You see the Mrs. was feeling like it was about to be baby time...She'd been having contractions all weekend, and Sunday night they finally started getting stronger, and a bit closer together...Then my daughter started feeling sick...She's fine, I think it was mostly nerves about the baby possibly coming during this massive blizzard the media has been hyping up...So far, it's really cold, windy, and not a lot of snow...No 3 feet here yet you excitable, douchebag, weather guy!

As for Mrs. Beeze, she's doing fine...Uncomfortable, and she wants this kid out of her, but okay...The doctor says she's close, but not there yet...Any day now...The staff at the doctors office suggested we go home, have sex, and then my wife should get on her hands and knees and scrub the kitchen floor...Apparently that must scare the kid out...I'm just wondering, why not have sex, while she is on her hands and knees, scrubbing the kitchen floor...You know, kill two birds with one dick!

The sex part may have to happen...The first two kids came a day after bumping uglies...I'll keep you updated...

The weekend wasn't too crazy...Sunday we had a nice traditional, Irish Boiled Dinner...

Then Santa made his yearly trip through the neighborhood...

Yes, the cops were hot on his trail...

He took a second to talk to my daughter...


The Little Beeze stayed inside...He knows what list he's on, and figured, why bother with the fat fucker...

Speaking of these two kids...Saturday they were discussing something, I really wasn't paying attention...But then I heard my daughter call Little Beeze a "Drama Queen"...He was having none of that, and responded by saying, "fuck off!" Looks like my work with this one is done!

In other exciting news this past week...TMZ got their hands of some video of Miley Cyrus, getting high...Way to go Miley...Nothing like a "friend" holding a camera in your face as you hit the bong, then she starts telling you to talk...And boom, it's in the hands of TMZ...If you want to watch,
HERE it is...

What a God awful cackle...Why didn't some one shove a dick in her mouth and shut her the hell up?

On last thing, Saturday I did a post, just about me...Some thing to give a little more insight into the Beeze...It's
HERE if you're interested...

Not sure how much I'll be around this week...We'll see...

Have a good one...

Later, The Beeze.


Yankees don't need Cliff Lee this is what they should do
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This Yankee fan would prefer the team doesn’t get Cliff Lee. Don’t get me wrong I wouldn’t be upset or anything I just think the Yanks should go in a different direction. Lee is 31 years old. I can’t see giving him a 7 year contract worth over $140 million. But, I do see where you can get a pitcher for a lot less and is 7 years younger. His name is Felix Hernandez. Yep the same Hernandez I criticized for winning the Cy Young. If Felix posted the same numbers for the Yankees he would have won 25 games. The Bronx Bombers have a very good minor league system and would be able to give the Mariners a package of players without jeopardizing the minor league system of the Yankees. 

NFL and ESPN screw the Fans again
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The NFL and ESPN could have made Monday football fan friendly by allowing the Giant/Viking game to be shown either on the NFL channel or ESPN. But since ESPN has exclusive Monday football rights we will only see the Ravens/Titans. The NFL could have scheduled the Giants/Viking game at 1pm or 4pm and televise it on ESPN. Another anti-fan stance by the NFL and ESPN.

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