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Syracuse wins 31-7
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Cuse beat two-time defending Big East Champs, Cincinnati Bearcats, on the road, 31-7. With the win, Syracuse is off to its best start since 2001 at 6-2 overall and 3-1 in the Big East.

The defense played well. Holding the Bearcats to 277 yards (109 rushing, 168 passing). You have to take into consideration that starting Quarterback Zach Collaros was not playing. I don’t know if it would have made that much of a difference.

The offense had 262 yards (137 rushing and 125 passing). Running Backs Delone Carter had 125 yards and Antwon Bailey had 44 yards and a touchdown. Bailey also had a receiving touchdown. Ryan Nassib threw for 125 yards with two touchdowns and one interception. Van Chew had one touchdown receiving.

The Orange’s next game is at home against Louisville. 


Darrell Smith intercepts a pass - picture from AP/Al Behran

Van Chew Touchdown!!! Picture by The Post Standard Frank Ordonez

Category: Racing

Welcome to this weeks edition of Special K's FEARLESS TOP 10 PREDICTIONS. This week the Sprint Cup series and the Camping World Truck series are at the Talladega International Speedway for the final restrictor plate race of the 2010 season. Kyle Busch won his 6th race of the season yesterday in the Truck series in a photo finish. It was his 21st win of the season in all three of NASCAR's top series combined. This marks the 33rd race of the season for the Sprint Cup series and the 6th race in the Chase. Next week they move on to Texas followed by Phoenix and end the season at Homestead in Miami. Last week with the late cautions and pit strategy yours truly only had 5 drivers finish in the Top 10 and 2 others in the Top 20. However I did manage to pick up my 6th win of the season with my favorite driver Denny Hamlin getting his 3rd straight and 4th of the last 6 at Martinsville. I also correctly picked Jeff Burton's 9th place finish. The front of the filed this week is filled with the go-or-homers and as usual alot of one-lap-wonders. Talladega is a crap shoot with making picks difficult because of the speed, drafting and waiting for the "big one". The wreck that takes out most of the field. But here goes this weeks picks.

1.---Denny Hamlin finished 4th in the spring race and was fastest in the 1st practice session. He has only one restrictor plate win at the Bud Shootout in Daytona his rookie season. He is always fast and his car is good at "pushing". Look for him to get a hard fought win and the points lead.

2.---Kyle Busch is a former winner here and won yesterday. He is either checkers or wreckers at the restrictor plate tracks.

3.---Jamie McMurray has wins both here and Daytona has been solid on these tracks all season.

4.---Jeff Burton needs a good finish to move his way up toward the middle of the chase points standings.

5.---Jimmie Johnson has 1 win here and only 7 Top 10's in 17 starts. He is famous for bump drafting in the wrong place and wrecking the field and blaming the other driver for lifting.

6.---Kevin Harvick likes to do the same as Johnson.

7.---Tony Stewart is really good on these tracks and has a win here.

8.---Kurt Busch is fast and is starting up front and usually manages to be there in the end.

9.---Carl Edwards doesn't usually have the car to win but manages to be up front.

10.--Joey Lagano is my surprise pick of the week. He has learned the art of drafting and usually has a fast car.

As always thanks for coming by and reading your comments are welcomed and encouraged. have a great day everybody.

Special K

Props To The Baylor Bears
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There were a lot of interesting happenings in College Football on Saturday. One that I'm sure is not going to get much love nationally is the Baylor Bears victory over the Texas Longhorns. This post is not about Texas. I'm not going to bash the Longhorns here. I have many friends who are Texas fans and I have much respect for that program. It's just a down year for them and I know they won't be down for very long. This post is about the Baylor Bears, a program that has indeed been down for many years...The "red headed stepchild" of Big 12 Football. 

Saturday night Baylor defeated Texas for the first time in 13 years and I could of swore it was longer than that. Going into that game the Bears were 6-2 and bowl eligible for the first time in forever. They squeezed into the top 25, but with a date in Austin up next many thought they would make a quick exit out of the rankings. After all, their six wins came against lesser competition. No huge upset wins to speak of and losses to two of the better teams on their schedule...TCU and Texas Tech. Even though the Longhorns have struggled this year, many thought they still had enough to handle the upstart Bears at home. It didn't happen, Baylor pulled out the victory by the final score of 30-22. A huge win for that program! 

Baylor has performed well as a team this season, but one player has stood out above the rest. I'm talkin' about the Heisman worthy candidate that no one else is talking about...Quarterback Robert Griffin III. This young man played his high school ball in my current hometown of Copperas Cove, Texas. I knew he was a special athlete back then, but he wasn't very tall and he was kinda' slender. I wondered if he'd be able to play quarterback at the next level. He was recruited by several schools to play positions other than quarterback, but Robert was having none of that...He was a quarterback and he wanted a shot at that position at the college level. Baylor coach Art Briles was the only one willing to give him that shot. Briles believed in Griffin when no one else did and he's now paying huge dividends for the Bears. 

Here's a quick look at Robert Griffin's stats thus far in 2010:  2,592 passing yards w/20 TD passes...and...411 rush yards w/7 TD runs. The Bears are 7-2 and sitting on top of the Big 12 South as I write this. Not bad...Not bad at all!  

Can someone please tell me why this guy is not being mentioned as a Heisman candidate? 


Have a happy and safe Halloween everyone! 

Thanks for reading.

A Bad Week in South Bend
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And I'm not just talking about Notre Dame losing 28-27 to Tulsa...Earlier in the week, Notre Dame student, Declan Sullivan died when he was filming football practice...He was up above one of the practice fields in a lift...Wednesday had some serious wind whipping through Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Ohio...Suddenly, after a large gust of wind, the lift was on the ground, and Sullivan was near death...By the time he arrived at the hospital, he was gone...

Right away, the blame game was being played...Normally I enjoy what Jason Whitlock writes, but I had a bit of problem with
THIS one...

Whitlock wants Notre Dame to fire head coach Brian Kelly...Right away I was thinking, here we go again...ND haters, looking at this tragedy as a way to take their shots...Notre Dame is one of those places...People like me love it...And other people hate it...Just as I wouldn't mind seeing USC burn to the ground...

But then I read the article...At first I thought, maybe he has a good point...Then I thought more...Sullivan dealt directly with the video coordinator, so he should take some of this blame...Sullivan had also tweeted about how windy, and scary it was...If I'm in that position, I'm coming down...The authorities, the University, and OSHA are investigating the accident...

Saturday, Kelly told the media he had thought and decided they could have a "productive and safe practice."
HERE are his full comments...

Many of the traditional football weekend activities were cancelled, but the game was played...A nice touch by the Tulsa team, they also had the "DS" shamrock decal on their helmets...

So now to the game...I was worried early, when QB Dayne Crist was knocked out of the game with a season ending knee injury, in the first quarter...The first reports are that it is a ruptured Patella Tendon...It was bad enough that TE Kyle Rudolph was already out...Armando Allen was also out with a hip flexor...And may also be out of commission for the season...Crist's other safety valve, Theo Riddick was out with an ankle injury...So in walks freshman QB Tommy Rees, minus a number of key weapons...

So the kid comes in cold, and throws the ball 54 times...He completed 33 of those for 334 yards...He also connected for 4 Touchdowns...But with the good, comes the bad...He also threw 3 interceptions...The third one being the worst...But I'm willing to put some of the blame on Kelly...Hell, now I'm ready to fire him...

With 36 seconds left in the game...The Irish were down 28-27...They were well within Kicker David Ruffer's range...So Kelly calls a pass the corner of the end zone...Rees puts it to doubled covered, WR, Michael Floyd...INTERCEPTION...GAME OVER!

Why the hell didn't you run the ball...Run the ball, get it where the kicker likes it...Kick the field goal, and win the game...Why is that so hard!?!

Yes, the Irish losing on a dipshit play call really means little when you consider a young man lost his life in what was probably a preventable accident...Hell it means little compared to a lot of things...Nonetheless, it pissed me off, and I wrote about it...This is what I do...I also taught my 6 year old son to call Brain Kelly, a fuck-tard, dipshit...Mrs. Beeze was not happy...

Now go hug your kids...

Later, The Beeze.
Checking In
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What's up gabbers?

I just thought I would check in and give a quick update to my brother's status, because it's been a while since I've stopped by. The good news is that he found out that the chemotherapy is working, and the cancer is now reduced by about 25% from what it was when they discovered the tumor. The doctor hopes that the chemo will continue to shrink the tumor so they can remove it from his body, and as of right now he is still on schedule and hasn't had any set backs with the treatment. The hardest part of it for me is seeing him suffer, because the chemo is, to be blunt, kicking the shit out of him. He can barely move without being in intense pain, and he says that he constantly feels like shit because of the medicine that they are giving him, but if everything goes as planned he won't have to endure it much longer.

I would like to thank all of you for your support, thoughts, prayers, kind words, and anything else you've afforded me during this difficult time for me and my family. It really means a lot to know that I've got all of you on my side.

While I'm here, I figure I might as well talk some sports, since this is a sports site...

First of all ... fuck you, LeBron James. I'm tired of seeing your stupid "What do you want me to do?" commercial every 10 minutes on ESPN. You wanna know what I want you to do? I want you to shut the fuck up, tear your ACL, and miss the rest of the season. Then, when you come back next year, I want you to do your best Greg Oden impression and fuck up your knee again, and miss another season. Then, I want you to realize that your knee just can't hold up to the daily grind of playing in the NBA anymore, and I want you to disappear so I can actually enjoy watching a basketball game without having to hear about you and your stupid "super-team" in Miami. Are you at least paying ESPN for all the blow-jobs you're getting? Knowing you, probably not, since you're a stupid childish selfish overpaid overrated motherfucker douchebag. But it's okay LeBron, you keep on being the asshole that you are, because karma will come back and bite your ass one day, and I can't wait to see you fall flat on your face in a big steaming pile of pig-shit filled failure. 

Sorry, just had to get that out of my system...

Moving on to the NFL, I'm thankful the Panthers got a win last week against the 49ers and avoided the possibility of joining the Lions as the only other team to go 0-16 in a season. Hopefully they can put together another win against the Rams this week and get some respectability with the talking heads who, for some fucked up reason, still think they're the worst team in the league. Umm, excuse me, but that would be the Bills. You know, the team that still hasn't won a game this year.

I'm glad that the Giants and Rangers made the World Series, because I don't know if I could have handled watching another Phillies/Yankees series. The Phillies making it wouldn't have bothered me too much, but I am glad that the Yankees fell flat on their asses and got handled by the Rangers, even though they will solve their problems in the off-season by signing Cliff Lee to a 10 year, 800 million dollar deal to draw him away from the rest of the league so they never lose to him again. 

The one problem I have with baseball right now is that it's still going on. Hell, the World Series started on the 26th of October, when it should have already been over. And, Bud Selig wants to EXPAND the playoff system in baseball, to include even more playoff series that apparently will keep baseball going through Christmas. I guess a 6-month long season isn't quite enough for Bud, even though expanding the playoffs without reducing the regular season would be a monumental mistake. I love baseball as much as anyone, but even I think that 162 games is way too many.

I also think that the DH should be abolished. I know, I know, a lot of people like the DH, but to me it screws up the sport to have the National League and American League playing by different rules. The American and National Leagues should each have 15 teams and 3 divisions -- I don't know about you but I'm tired of the 6-team NL Central and the 4-team AL West -- and both leagues should play one another throughout the whole season like the NFL , NHL, and NBA. It would end a lot of confusion and would make baseball better in the long run.

If baseball wants to expand the playoffs, they have to reduce the amount of games in the regular season to 148 or 154, if not fewer. But we know that Bud won't do that, because then teams and networks will lose valuable revenue dollars, which is the sole purpose for the expansion of the postseason (don't buy Bud's bullshit of "to make the game better for the fans" -- bullshit Bud, you want to make more money).

It is nice to see some of the undefeated teams in NCAA Football lose, because that helps increase Boise State's odds of finally busting the BCS and getting a title shot (of course, I'm sure that a 1-loss team would get the nod over Boise, just because the BCS is made up of elitist douchebags). I was hopeful that South Carolina would have a shot at the title game after they beat Alabama, but then they shit the bed and lost to the Kentucky Sister-Fuckers and blew any and all chances at making the National Championship Game, so now they have to focus on winning the SEC East for the first time (which if they win their next two games, they will do) and making it to a big-name bowl game (probably the Capital One Bowl or the Outback Bowl if they win their remaining 4 games).

Well, I think I've rambled on enough for one night. Please feel free to leave any comments in the comment section below.

Until next time...

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