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Farve gets off easy?? Rafael Palmeiro at it again?? Garrett Wittels screws up?? These and other interesting stuff(??) in this first edition of 2011 Rants and Raves.

I hope by now everyone is sober and ready for another year of the mad Ranter at his best??

I see how the NFL purposely took their time on the Brett Favre/Jenn Sterger incident so they wouldn’t have to suspend him. A measly $50,000 and a smack in the hand for not being candid. Oh, please. It would have been easier, and to me more honest, if Commissioner Goodell just came out and said we aren’t going to do anything to #4. What was the Commissioner going to say? I will suspend Favre for 4 games for spanking his monkey while watching pictures of Jenn and then sending her his “action photos” of him doing it. What image will that portray the NFL?? It is already a league of thugs and now it’s a league of deviants?? So much for Roger Goodell’s tough talk about player discipline. For those that are interested it took Brett only 3 minutes of action to pay the fine.

On top of the Brett Favre/Jenn Sterger incident comes new info involving Brett Favre and two message therapists who sued Brett and the New York Jets. Christina Scavo and Shannon O’Toole stated that they lost their part-time jobs with the Jets after complaining about sexually suggestive text messages from Favre. They were also subjected to sexual harassment and job discrimination.

He was the stud of the College baseball season, and now he might be in hot water. Florida International’s Garrett Wittels, he of the 56-game hitting streak, has been charged with rape in the Bahamas. The ballplayer was accused of raping a 17-year-old teenager while on a visit to the country. Two of Garrett’s friends have also been charge in the incident.

Rafael Palmeiro still can’t leave it alone. After all these years he still is insisting that a tainted B-12 shot, that was given to him by teammate Miguel Tejada, caused his failed drug test. He made this statement as writers are voting on who will be inducted into the 2011 class of the Baseball Hall of Fame. Palmerio is one of four ballplayers who have hit 500 or more homeruns and had 3,000 hits in their career. The others are Hank Aaron, Willie Mays and Eddie Murray. Remember it was Rafael who stuck his finger at congress and said “I have never used steriods. Period.” Then, several weeks later he tested positive for anabolic steroids. "I was telling the truth then, and I am telling the truth now," Palmeiro said. "I don't know what else I can say. I have never taken steroids. For people who think I took steroids intentionally, I'm never going to convince them. But I hope the voters judge my career fairly and don't look at one mistake."

I am a season ticket holder of the Jacksonville Jaguars, and for the last two years I wanted our coach, Jack Del Rio, fired. On Monday, on the heels of an 8-8 record, Jags owner Wayne Weaver, announced that Jack would remain coach of the team next year, and all his coaches will be back. Del Rio will no longer be in charge of the defense, as he has in the past. In his eight years, Jack is 66-65, and the team has not had a Division Title during this time frame. The team hasn’t drafted a quarterback in 9 years, and again the defensive line can use another player. With next years schedule just announced, it just doesn’t make sense to keep the coach when we are going to have a losing record (2 games against the Colt, Titans and Texans. Games against Ravens, Saints, Bucs, Chargers, Bengals, Jets, Panthers, Falcons, Steelers, and Browns). The Jaguars will be lucky to have 5 wins. Hire a new coach so he can get use to the players, get rid of the ones he doesn’t want and it 2012, when the team will get a “losers” schedule, the Jags can be a playoff team.

Congratulations go out to Roberto Alomar and Bert Blyleven on their selection to the Baseball Hall Of Fame. I know Roberto is worthy but I think he doesn’t deserve induction just this minute. Call me stupid. Okay, stupid why??? Well for one thing, his spitting on an umpire still irks me. Isn’t the integrity of the game being abused by a player spitting on an official. Its not okay to take steroids because it diminishes the integrity of the game by cheating, yet its okay to abuse an official. To me that’s the statement being made. But then again I have a different opinion about steroids than most of ya.

I spent twenty years in the Navy and one of the things I like is the drill teams. I have been searching the internet (you tube) and have come up with several. Some are from the US drill team and some are from foreign countries. Anyway, from time-to-time, I would like to share them with you. Here is the first one:

Pictures by: Brett Favre -, New York Jets Logo -, Jenn Sterger -, Garrett Wittels -, Rafael Palmeiro -, Jack Del Rio -, Jacksonville Jaguar logo -, Roberto Alomar -, Bert Blyleven - 


Wrestling Wednesday
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Vince Carter was at Monday Night Raw.

Raw had two pretty good matches. The Miz vs John Morrison was a PPV type match and the steel cage between Orton/Sheamus/Barrett.

Barrett looks to be out of NEXUS and CM Punk is in.

Awesome Kong will be joining WWE

Thanks to (Mike Tedesco) who posted the won/loss record for WWE superstars (All Brands) with at least 31 televised matches for the 2010 year.

The top 5 best won/lost record:

1. Big Show 42-15-2 .74%

2. Rey Mysterio 36-17-4 68%

3. Randy Orton 36-19-4 65%

4. Kofi Kingston 44-25-2 64%

5. Cody Rhodes 30-21-2 59%

Most Matches

1. Kofi Kingston 71

2. The Miz 66

3. Jack Swagger 65

4. Drew McIntyre 64

5. Dolph Ziggler

Most Wins

1. Kofi Kingston 44

2. Big Show 42

3. Randy Orton 36

4. Rey Mysterio 36

5. Drew McIntyre 31

Most Losses

1. Jack Swagger 39

2. Ted DiBiase 33

3. The Miz 33

4. Alicia Fox 32

5. Chris Jericho 32 


Things I think About, football
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Of course you and I both thought, "I want a gun like that."

AR-15 assault rifle and dude has a 60 cal. Just because she has great breast and at one time or point waltzed around a MMA ring, why else does she get to play with those toys? Of course I'm not as sexy as her especially in that shirt.



So what about her? bet she could ask to drive a tank and get her wish.


But she eats too much I'm watching my weight 

And what I eat..

So i would never shop here, but a 50% chance of shopping one of these two..

I will give you a hint.. NOT the one on the right...

So it just goes to show you that is you suck


You are not a Oregon Duck...


Deep Thoughts
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Happy 2011 to everyone. Hopefully, the new year finds you in good health and ready to tackle another year. I am here and refreshed and ready to delve into another session of deep thoughts.

I mentioned last week that after spending a bit of time at home with my folks, that I was left a bit melancholy. I wrote my bit about fishing and the sadness passed. During the past few days I wondered what caused this sadness. As a child and now a father, I long ago realized that children look to their parents for direction. This is why I am a Cowboys fan and you are a Patriot or Jets fan. Sports appeals to many for many different reasons, but I think that my passion comes from my father. What I have always admired about my father is his passion for life. We share an enjoyment of sports, but we share a passion for jazz. As a former musician, this is something that we share alone. Each time I visit home, we find at least an hour to sneak away and listen to music. My music tastes are more wide than my father. I listen to rock, blues and even country on occasion, but with my is jazz. For some it may be golf or working on a car...but hopefully you share a passion with your dad. I think when I began to think that time was growing short, it gave me a start. Time passes quickly, but you do not realize just how quickly until you are old enough to reflect. As a tribute to my dad, here is an old Nat King Cole tune. I enjoyed Nat King Cole, but Diana is much easier on the eyes. 



 Thanks Dad...





It is strange, but I think I watched the Sugar Bowl tonight and it was not New Year's Day. Despite being played on the wrong day, this was one helluva game. I know that there was a contingent of folks that were hoping that the Hogs could take the Buckeyes. Even though the Hogs did not pull out a victory, I was still impressed how well they recovered in the second half. There have been many teams that just checked out when down by 21 at the half. The Hogs coaches made great adjustments at half time and very nearly reeled in the Buckeyes. My son went crazy about Pryor limping around after the game. I have a feeling that several may share that feeling. I don't understand how why the blocked punt was not returned for a touchdown? It was there and I am sure that young man will often think about what might have been. I have two very particular reasons to not like the Buckeyes, but I must be a bit happy for the Buckeye fans like IHM and Avg Fan Detroit. We will all have to cringe that one very "special" Buckeye fan was not able to experience defeat. But as we know...a loss does not define her. 


As good as the game was tonight, Andrew Luck was the player that has impressed me. I remember watching John Elway and sort of got the same impression about Luck. He may not have quite the arm strength of Elway (who does), he makes all of the passes necessary to play at the next level. The one play that really impressed me was when under pressure, Luck managed to elude the rush just long enough to roll slightly right and lay the ball out for a receiver coming toward the sideline. It was perfect. He never panicked and knew exactly where to go with the ball. I was a bit puzzled about Harbaugh...why does he get a pass by the media? Each time he was asked a question, he simply redirected the question or stuck the microphone in front of a player. Actually, now that I think about it...maybe that is who should have been interviewed anyway. Was I the only one that noticed how #11 for Stanford having the microphone taken away in mid sentence and Luck being dragged over for a chat? It was almost a horse collar...we had a good laugh at my house. I think that Luck has figured out his "special purpose" in life. It is always wonderful to learn I know why Favre is so eager to show off his "special purpose". 



DVT, maybe he was going to be blowing leaves? Probably getting his leaves blown... 







Tomorrow the ballots for the 2011 Baseball HOF will be counted. I listened to Peter Gammons last week and he makes a very strong case for Jeff Bagwell. As an Astros fan, this was music to my ears. Here is a bit of what Gammons said: "His .297/.540/.408 should be an automatic pass key, as every eligible player with .290/.500/.400 is already in the Hall. Bagwell scored 1,517 runs and knocked in 1,529. Every eligible player with 1,500 runs and 1,500 RBIs is already in Cooperstown. The other 15 players who hit the 1,500/1,500 level for one team are all in the Hall.

Bagwell was a great defensive first baseman, whose extraordinary feet allowed him to retreat onto the infield grass and either start 3-6-3 double plays or get tough forceouts at second, a difficult play for a right-handed first baseman throwing through and across runners."

Harold Reynolds once did a piece on why the best baserunners in the game rated Bagwell the best baserunner, period. Oh, Bagwell wasn't stealing bases, but they talked about his secondary lead, his ability to read balls in play, the way he perfectly cut bases. My favorite stolen base of all time was Bagwell's steal of home when a pitcher was working a runner at first too intently and forgot about Bagwell at 3rd. He played the game the right way... 

My guess is that Bagwell makes the HOF, but not this year. The two that seem to be destined for inclusion this year are...Blyleven and Robbie Alomar. I have said this before, but if you think a guy is good enough to make the HOF in year 2, why not vote for him in the first year he is eligible? I have come to the conclusion that some voters are just assholes...can you imagine not voting for Babe Ruth? There were writers that did not vote for him...c'mon man!





Another guy that plays the game the right way...


Adrian Beltre is apparently now a Texas Ranger. In an age of me first players, I have to take my hat off to Michael Young. A gold glove 2B that moved to SS to help the team, only to be moved to 3rd to make room for a young phenom. Now, Young will apparently become a super utility guy and DH. Young was a gold glove 2B, SS and an excellent 3B, but by making this move, he allows the team to get better...or does it? I know that Beltre had a great year in Boston last year, but it was a contract year. I have read varying reports about Beltre and I am not sold that this is the best move for the Rangers. We shall soon any event, hats off to Michael Young. I would like nothing more than to see this guy win at least one world series. I hope last year will not be his only opportunity. 




Speaking of opportunity...I saw this video today and it blew me away. I have often seen homeless people and wondered what path led them to the street. Here is a guy with talent that because of drink and drugs, lost his way. After two years of sobriety, it is obvious that he still has the voice to work...check this out:


After posting my blog last night, I read this update this morning:


Then, in one of the most stunning moments caught on tape since Susan Boyle announced that she had dreamed a dream of times gone by, the homeless guy, with his wild hair and weather-beaten face, says in a perfect radio man’s voice, “When you’re listening to nothing but the best of oldies, you’re listening to magic 98.9 … and we’ll be right back with more after these words. And don’t forget, tomorrow morning is your chance to see this man live in concert.”

Williams told the reporter that he worked in the business for many years but then fell on hard times after getting involved with drugs and alcohol. Now two years sober, he said he hopes this little stunt on a highway ramp might catch someone’s attention and land him a job.

Well, it worked: He’s been interviewed by every major television network and the job offers are flooding in: A local credit union will pay him $10,000 for voiceover work. He's also received offers from the Cleveland Cavaliers and Quicken Loans, and a local TV station offered to use him as the narrator for a special on homelessness, according to local media. There's also buzz that ESPN [DIS  39.73    0.74  (+1.9%)   ] and MTV [VIA  46.33    0.17  (+0.37%)   ] are interested.

“We could make him a millionaire,” one Los Angeles talent agent told the Columbus Dispatch.

From homeless to millionaire — only in America.

Or maybe, only on the Internet. 




That's all that I have for now. Have a great day and thanks for taking a moment to share a few deep thoughts.

Here is a bit of Jack Handey to take with you:


"Before you criticize someone, walk a mile in their shoes. That way, you'll be a mile from them, and you'll have their shoes."  

"Here's a good gag if you go swimming in a swamp and when you come out you're all covered with leeches. Just say, "Hey, has anybody seen my raisins?" (Because leeches kind of look like big raisins.)"  



Buzz from the Bleachers
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Well, back from the near dead here. Thought I'd get sick while I was subbing, especially with the Elementary kids, but I got something over break. Hope everyone had a good holiday. OSU is giving me a pretty good one. UofM might if they honestly don't fire Rich Rod. The Bucks are really hoping they don't. So is "little brother" over in Lansing. Hell, all of the Big Ten is.

My point of view is that they might be waiting to see what Harbaugh does. He's pretty much said he wants nothing to do with Michigan and that if he stays in college ball, he is staying put. Michigan probably figures that they can talk him into it though. I'd make the move, fire Rich Rod, and be prepared to take San Diego State's coach as a nice concilation.

On to the big leagues, the NFL playoffs start this weekend after one of the most pressure packed week 17 in recent memory. It's nice to see playoff spots on the line the last week. Everyone is bitching about the Seahawks making it. I'm for it. If you don't let them in, then why bother to have divisions? This is the first time a sub 500 team has made it. It's no reason to question the NFL playoff system. Maybe they can change the seeding formula, as has been, suggested, but all division winners deserve a shot.

Now, as per usual, I have teams I'd like to see win, yet I know things won't work out the way I'd like. Heck, odds are they won't go the way I think they will. So, that being said, here's my guesstimates for the NFL.


Ravens v Chiefs

Who I'd like to win: The Chiefs. I liked seeing KC and the Raiders coming back this year. I still remember the Kc of the 90's with Marcus Allen and Tony Gonzalez (as well as the brief time they had Montana). Those AFC West rivalries are always fun to watch and I got pretty tired of San Diego running away with the division each year. This year: Cassell looked like the genuine article and Bowe is starting to look like a legit number 1 receiver. The defense was there, though not in that last game vs. the Raiders. Unfortunately, they have the Ravens on deck and a great run this look to be only wishful thinking.

Who I think will win: The Ravens. No surprise. The Ravens still have one of the premier defenses in the league. This year, however, they have a much improved offense and they have rediscovered Ray Rice as of late. The Ravens also have experience on their side. The Chiefs have some veteran guys and home field, but I don't think it will be enough.

Jets v Colts

Who I'd like to win: The Colts. I'm just so sick of the Jets. Besides, it's hard to root against Manning, especially against the Ryans. As great a defensive mind as the Ryans are, they just can't seem to fool Manning. Plus, they're doing it with a cast of back ups and a surprisingly good defense.

Who I think will win: The Colts. It's all about Manning. The Colts defense should be able to get to Sanchez and stop the Jets anemic running attack. Plus, the Colts have home field and experience on their side.


Packers v Eagles

Who I'd like to win: Pack. It's no secret that I haven't forgiven Vick. I'll give him credit that he's become a good qb, but I can't root for the guy. Plus, I'm a big Aaron Rodgers fan. I want to see him make some deep runs to prove that Green Bay cut ties with Favre at the right time.

Who I think will win: Pack. The defense is almost entirely healed and ready for Vick. They have the backers to give Vick fits and the d-line has been improved. On the other hand, Philly's defense is spotty.

Saints v Seahawks

Who I'd like to win: Saints. The Saints are the better team.

Who I think will win: Saints. The Saints have Brees and Brees should pick the Hawks defense apart. He had a few guys banged up in the last game, but even a reduced cast should be enough. The weak spot is the Saints defense, which is suffering it's own injuries. Still, Brees should be a big enough difference. Too bad the Saints backfield is a MASH unit, otherwise they might've put on another run.

Another football note, I might have to agree with Pa governor Ed Rendell: America is getting pretty wussie. Colbert brought him on for a good interview. Check it out here:

Now, I know you have to consider the fans and not as many would show up for a game in a blizzard, but that better be the only reason. The elements is a part of the game. It shouldn't be a limiting factor. Kids are willing to go out and play in the snow, why not these guys who are paid to do it?

It does help me understand how I had kids on my JV team ask if we were going to practice in the rain. These same kids also stopped in the middle of pre-game stretches to point out a rainbow (kind of a low point). No wonder they are wondering that when the pros seem to be asking the same thing.

Ok gang, let's expand our vocab. Today's word: anal backdraft.

when a fart is lit, and the fire travels up the butthole.
After lighting a fart, Johnny experienced the warm sensation of anal backdraft.
Well, that's it for me. Things are getting chippy in the Sugar Bowl. Hoping the Big Ten doesn't shit the bed here. Enjoy the start of the playoffs and thanks for reading.
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