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Tuesday's Tantrums about Bracketology, Phil Jackson, and Ohio State
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Luckeye Football.  I said it on Thursday and I’m still steamed – FUCK YOU OHIO STATE – I hope Nebraska comes in and rips your lips off and shits down your throats next season!!!  Even U$C took more punishment than you lying, weasley scumbag maggots!  Don’t you dare ever again to try to pass off any more of your holier than thou bullshit!  And while I’m at it, find some stronger teams to play in OOC schedule you bunch of candy asses!!!   

Hey Cornhuskers, make the world a better place - smack the Luckeyes dead in the face!!!

NBA.   David Stern is proving to be nothing more than a bully who talks tough, but when somebody smarter than him comes along and speaks truths, the bully does nothing.  That is known as being a big nasty VAGINA!  Is David Stern afraid of Phil Jackson?  You have to think so based on his lack of disciplining the Zen Master when he opens up his pie-hole.  However, Jackson may have stepped in it big time by inferring that the refs handed the 2006 NBA title to Miami because Mark Cuban pissed off the refs with complaints about officiating.  We all know it’s true, but Stern hates comments like this and usually takes swift action against those who give us conspiracy theorists more ammo.  Hey Stern, if you're gonna blatantly threaten Stan Van Gundy for speaking out, have the balls enough to go after Jackson, you big sissy!  As for that smarmy bastard Jackson, I know he was needling Cuban, but Jackson should be the last person to talk about refs bailing teams out considering he has AT LEAST one asterisk after one of his championships.  Just sayin'... 

Dude really does look like a RAT, eh?

Bracketology.    Guess we all know the REAL reason to go to 68 teams, don't we?  It was to get more big conference schools in the dance (translated:  Money Grab!!!).

I was waiting for an opportunity to get into one of my old fashioned rants, and was I ever rewarded.  Let me say first that I have two words for this year’s selection committee – SUCK IT!!!   I hope the Basketball Gods saw these selections for the sham that they are and that there are lots of upsets, because Lord knows there’s a bunch of crap that this selection committee threw up against the wall, hoping it’ll stick.  Oh wait a minute, somebody from Ohio State was in charge of the Selection Committee – that explains the laugher of a dance card here in 2011.

11 teams from the Big East?   I don’t give a flying fuck what anybody says, no 11thplace team should be invited to the dance, period – end of story.  You chose to go into that league, deal with the consequences of being unable to win your league – hell, every other league has to play by that rule.  UCONN gets caught up in naughty behavior but get to play at the dance?  Vill-a-HOva loses five games in a row and gets a mid-level seed?  Marquette gets in due to a deep tournament run?  Man, do I hope these 11 get punked out quickly so they can be exposed for the sham that they are.

Speaking of the Big East, I’m tempting fate here with the You Gab Gods, but I gotta rant on a favorite of one of my brother Gabbers - Jim Boeheim – SHUT THE FUCK UP, you two-faced whiny little bitch!!!  This moron has  the audacity to knock coaches who complain about not getting selected, specifically targeting Colorado’s schedule, yet in the past I’ve listened to Boeheim whine when he was on the bubble and Syracuse wasn’t exactly scheduling world-beaters, yet how his team should be in.  Boeheim has exactly zero credibility when his league gobbles up as many teams as it did.


Idiotic Colin Cowherd, deservedly one of the whipping boys here at the Gab did for once actually make a good point.  He said that conference tournaments are a cash grab that’s designed to screw the little guys, and looke what happened last week – how many mid-majors got screwed because a bunch of 13 and 14 loss big conference teams made deep runs?  Better yet, look at it this way - Missouri State takes the MVC regular season league title, lose to Indiana State by a deuce in the MVC Tourney Final, and yet because Penn State (with 14 losses by the way) makes a deep run in the Little Ten Tournament, it costs the Bears who arguably had a bad last two minutes against the Sycamores.  They go 25-8 and because they struggled in the last two minutes of the MVC Tournament Final, it gave the NCAA a chance to scream “BOHICA” to a very good squad – and boy did the NCAA ram it hard (and without any KY!) to the Bears.     

So, which major conference got snubbed?  I'd say that the SEC and ACC got screwed!  Let’s start with the obvious – you invite 11 teams from the Big East (three of which have .500 records in conference), seven more selections went to the Big Ten – two of those teams had 14 freaking losses and two others had 13, while all four were 9-9 in conference.  The obvious snub was the basic and ridiculous disrespect for the ACC  - they only get four invites and Virginia Tech (21-11/9-7) gets screwed?  Don’t even try to justify that shit – Virginia Tech should have been ranked far ahead of Michigan, Illinois, Michigan State, and fucking Penn State!  What a disgrace.

Speaking of which, what the hell was up with the invites for the SEC?  Florida a #2 seed, while Kentucky is a #4 and getting stuck with Princeton in the first round?  Didn’t Kentucky smack the Gators around twice?  I can see Georgia (21-11/9-7) getting in, but not at the expense of Alabama – who treated Georgia like their bitch all season long.  How the hell does Tennessee (19-14/8-8) get into the dance at the expense of Alabama?  That ought to add fuel to the hatred between the rednecks in ‘Bama and the narks in Tennessee!  Can’t wait for that football game this autumn!  If I become independently wealthy between now and then, I’m buying tickets for that debacle!

Can’t argue with the Pac-10 picks – except how the hell USC gets in, yet another 14 loss team?  At least they’re 10-8 in conference which is more than can be said for half the Big East and Big Ten!

What mid-major conference got screwed?  The Missouri Valley Conference!  Missouri State (25-8/15-3) and Wichita State (24-8/14-4) have major reasons to be pissed, and even Northern Iowa (19-13/10-8) might have a right to ask “What the hell”?

Conference USA has a legitimate beef too with UTEP (25-9/11-5) and Tulsa (19-13/11-5) being left out of the dance is almost criminal compared to the dregs that actually got in.

Other schools that have a right to be pissed: 

Coastal Carolina (28-5), Harvard (23-6/12-2), St. Mary’s (25-8/11-3), Montana (21-10/12-4), New Mexico (21-12/8-8), Washington State (19-12/9-9), and Boise State (20-12/10-6)?

Upset of round one – A #14 WILL beat a #3 (Syracuse/Indiana St., UCONN/Bucknell (uh, never mind), Purdue/St. Peters, BYU/Wofford).  Purdue is playing like stir-fried dookie, Syracuse is ripe because they tend to sleepwalk through the first two rounds and seemingly struggles because of it, and BYU is short-handed. 



Rant of the Week – Jersey Shore.  At the risk of offending the lovely, talented, and vivacious first lady of the Gab (yeah TF, that’s you!), why the fuck hasn’t the good populace of New Jersey thrown one helluva beatdown on the most embarrassing thing to come out of the state since Bruce Springsteen?  Yeah, I’m talkin’ bout the cast of Jersey Shore!  Hey Jersey, these schmucks are an embarrassment to you, and now they’re gonna further pollute the world of wrestling?  Hell, these rejects can’t even figure out that the world is laughing AT them, not with them.  These idiots are so stupid, they can’t figure out that the WWE and TNA is using them as a punch line.  TNA frequently embarrasses them.  TF, your state tolerates these schmucks?  Yeah, Yeah, I know, California sucks too and we have our share of freaks, but these despicable toads have to be the worst pieces of crap to hit the airwaves ever in the history of television.  

I feel better now.  Peace and ranting forever...

TNA's Victory Road PPV
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TNA’s Victory Road PPV was held yesterday from Orlando, Florida. Here are the results:

Bully Ray loses to Tommy Dream as Ray is distracted while D-Von comes in from the crowd. Dreamer and D-Von hit the 3D on Ray through a table and Dreamer gets the three count.

Sarita and Rosita become the new Knockouts Tag Team Champions by defeating Angelina Love and Winter. This happens when Winter rolls up Rosita, Sarita comes in to tip the roller so Rosita gets the pin.

Hernandez defeats Matt Morgan in a first blood match when a fan jumps into the ring and the referee takes him out. Hernandez squirts Morgan with fake blood. A new ref comes in and sees the blood on Morgan and call for the bell.

Kazarian retains the TNA X Division Title by beating Jeremy Buck, Max Buck and Robbie E, when both Robbie E and Kazarian reach the belt at the same time, Kaz grabs the title out of Robbie’s hands to win the match.


Beer Money retains the TNA Tag Team Titles from Ink Inc. when they pin Moore for the three count.

AJ Styles defeats Matt Hardy when Hardy goes to the top rope and Styles hits him with a Pele kick. Then Styles climbs to the top rope and hit’s the spinal tap, and gets the three count.

Mr. Anderson and Rob Van Dam end in a Double Count Out when both men fight on the outside of the ring and don’t make it back in time for the ten count.

Sting retained the TNA World Title when he puts the Scorpion Death drop and a three count on Jeff Hardy. This match went real quick and the fans were upset as well as Sting. 

Thoughts From the Couch -- 03.14.11
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Happy Monday Gabbers!
Let me start this week's blog out by saying that my thoughts and prayers are with the victims of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami last week. 
[moment of silence...]
Now that I have that out of the way, let's do some ranting...
I'm so pissed off at the NFL players' union right now that I can hardly even get out a comprehensible thought on the matter. The fact that they feel they are entitled to anything really grinds my gears, much less their out right douche baggery regarding this whole CBA negotiation process.
They blame the owners and say that they don't want to negotiate fairly, yet they are the ones who decided that they wanted to decertify long before the negotiations even started, and they're the ones who walked out of the fucking room a whole hour before the deadline for decertification had arrived. But of course it's the owners' fault...
To the casual fan, this is really nothing more than a case of billionaires vs. millionaires fighting over a few billion dollars, but in reality, it's much more than that. In reality, it's employees trying to tell their employers that they aren't the ones in charge, but it's the employees that run the show. I'm sorry, but that is absolutely wrong. The owners are the ones who are in charge, not the players. It's the owners who make it possible for the players to make the ridiculous salaries that they make, not the other way around. If not for the owners, there wouldn't even be a leauge for these players to play in, so the players should take a step back and realize that they're not as in control as they think they are.
Now, I'm not advocating that the players should just lie down and let the owners comletely fuck them over. They do deserve to have fair treatment and compensation, but they need to realize that they have been treated quite well over the last few years, in fact they've been treated so well that the current structure of the league -- with the players getting as much as they do -- is designed to fail. The current pay structure will not sustain itself over a long period of time, and the owners realize this, so they want to change it to make it better suited for the long haul. The players, however, haven't been able to remove their heads from DeMaurice Smith's ass long enough to figure this out. 
The players' union will file an anti-trust lawsuit against the NFL, and if justice is truly served (which it probably won't be, but that's another story) the owners will win any anti-trust litigation because the players' union hasn't negotiated in good faith since the process began two weeks ago. They never intended to take any deal from the owners. DeMaurice Smith is an attorney, so he's wanted this to go to the courtroom the whole time, because he knows that's his only chance to win anything. Frankly, I hope the judge throws him out on his ass, though I'm sure that won't happen. 
If I were the owner of an NFL franchise, this is what I'd do:
I would tell the players' union that if they wanted to decertify, then by all means, do it. There are thousands of college football players who don't make it to the NFL who would gladly play football for any sum of money that we offered them, and the fans would watch the league with all these college all stars if there's no other football to watch. I would be willing to bet that there is a greater chance of college players wanting to play in the new NFL than there are 32 other billionaires willing to pay current NFL players their outlandish salaries to play a child's game. 
Since they probably won't be able to find 32 people stupid enough to give them what they want, the current NFL players can just go out in the real world and get a real job, and once they realized how good they had it in the NFL, they can come crawling back on their hands and knees next February to re-negotiate. If the owners felt that they wanted them to return, they could come back.
In short, the players need the owners' money more than the owners need the players' labor.
It's really not that fucking hard. Players, you play a child's game for huge amounts of money. You need the owners. The owners have plenty of other sources of income, so they don't really need you as much as you think they do -- they'll still make their money. They were millionaires before you were an NFL star, but you weren't an NFL star without them signing your paycheck. It's time the players' union gets it's head out of the sand and realizes how good they had it, and it's time they actually do what they say they want to do, which is get back to playing football.
I don't know about you guys but I'm already sick and tired of hearing about the CBA negotiations, so please for the love of God NFL let's get this thing settled already so we can get back to normal.
That's all I've got this week. Feel free to leave any thoughts you have in the comments section below. And, be sure to keep the people of Japan in your thoughts and prayers -- they've got a long, hard road ahead, and they're going to need all the positive thoughts that they can get.
Until next Monday...
Monday Moaning 3-14-11
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Yes, she has nothing to do with this post, except she looks great, and with the world going to hell in a hand basket, we can always use some great ass!

So my week began with the little Beeze getting a cold...Then mid-week I had to take a day off from the Fish House to take the Mrs. to the ER...Her left knee was swollen, and she couldn't walk...It turns out some asshole doctor gave her two prescriptions for two different things, that when they are in your system at the same time, they can cause your tendons get inflamed and weakened...She had ruptured a tendon...So now she's gimped up and kept me from seeing "Kill the Irishman"...If it was released in your town, check it out...Some true Cleveland mob shit there!

We limped into the weekend with my oldest daughter getting the Flu...But it could be worse...A lot worse...As I saw the news of the Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan I realized how lucky I am, and how trivial so much of what I blog about is...

Now am I going to stop blogging about sports, politics, chicks, and douche-baggery? Of course not!

So let's get to the NFL Lockout...Heaven forbid they be upstaged by Earthquake and Tsunami, and possible Nuclear Meltdown...They had to get into the news cycle...My view on this whole thing...I don't give a shit! Really! I've always liked College Football more...I'll be fine without these rich fuckers who are bitching over billions of dollars...

Seriously, I have a friend who is a teacher in Wisconsin...He's having his right to collective bargaining stripped from him...But the NFL Players Union and NFL owners can't agree on a CBA because they're billions of dollars apart...

Last week I got into the topic of Wisconsin and Ohio politics more...You can read it HERE...

My friend talked about the crap he was taking from people for being a teacher, and being Liberal...The people who would describe themselves as not only conservatives, but also as religious...He pointed out a good point..."Jesus was an activist and an organizer"...But then again, I've often seen a great number of people who consider themselves Christian, are the least compassionate, caring, understanding, and loving people around...All shit their God stood for!

Now, quickly to Baseball...I signed up for Fantasy Baseball this past week...I'm looking forward to this league...Lots of good guys...Good smack...And plenty of Baseball smarts...Then I heard an inning of an Indians Spring Training game, and I realized I'm not ready for Baseball yet! I need to get studying before the draft...The Indians have made me forget about Baseball...Time to hit the books...

Now if you want some good Hockey talk, check out my buddy Hotch's last POST...

Big news in Ohio last week...Ohio State Head Football Coach Jim Tressel got busted for covering up his players stupidity...In case you missed that, he was Talking_In_Circles...

What has really pissed me off about this, is all the Tressel lovers...The "In Tressel we trust" people...The lovers of the vest! Many people are just giving this an 'aw shucks' kind of attitude...They're believing his lies, and chalking it up as a mistake...None have come up with a quality defense for his actions...One of the biggest Tressel loyalists I know of, gave a very weak defense..."Even with Sanctions, We're Still Going to Kick Meeeeeeeeechigan Arse!"

That was it...One sentence and picture posted improperly, so it couldn't be viewed...That's the best she could come up with...Ms. Cleveland/Ohio State, that's the best she could do...She's always saying how great this city and state are...

Why don't you write something of substance...Write about how the city is trying build a casino, and has many development plans, yet they want to layoff more police officers...How about the disgrace that is the Cleveland Public Schools...And the fact that people are moving out of the city and county in droves...Why would you? When all you can muster up for one of your heroes is that one line of bullshit!

"You make me want to Smoke!"

One last thing...As the world is falling apart, I want to make something clear to McDonald's...Why are you putting whipped cream and a cherry on my milkshakes...You're copying Steak and Shake...I don't want a faggot cherry on my Shamrock Shake...Don't get mad my gay friends...You know you love me!

That's it for now...Look for my Hump Day post, where I'll be digging into the end of the world...

Have a week...

Later, The Beeze.

The Final 2011 Spec Sheet
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Ok, its come down to this. As this post will go to press. There will be only one automaticm bid left to claim. Richmond, Duke and Kentucky have all claimed their respective auto bids today and the bubble teams that were extremely afraid of Dayton playing bid stealer now has only Penn State to worry about. Lets get down to it. These are the teams that I have going.

Atlantic Coast

Projected Bids: 5

Automatic Bid: Duke
Also Dancin: North Carolina, Va. Tech, Florida State, Clemson
Outside Looking In: Maryland, Boston College

Skinny on the ACC:I still have the cut line at 5 teams, Clemson will just make the cut here.  Sorry BC, all your squawking gets you nowhere but rooting for your in city brethern Boston U who you look down on so much but has its first tourney berth since 2002.

Atlantic 10

Projected Bids: 3

Automatic Bid: Richmond

Also Dancin: Xavier, Temple
Outside Looking In: Duquesne

The A-10 Spec is: Richmond made sure that they wouldn’t have to worry but turning back the upstart Flyers. The Dukes chances evaporated when they lost to St. Joes.

Key Game: Richmond vs Temple 1p  If the Spiders want to take the uncertainty out of their bid chances, they win tonight and tomorrow.

Big East

Projected Bids: 11

Automatic Bid: Connecticut
Also Dancin: Pitt, Louisville, Villanova, Syracuse, Georgetown, Cincy, Notre Dame, St. John’s, West Virginia, Marquette
Big East Skinny: Led by the irrepressible Kemba Walker the Huskies pulled the once thought impossible feat of winning 5 games in 5 days to win the automatic bid. The funny thing is that 2 of the #1 seeds could come from this conference but neither Pitt nor Notre Dame even got to the Big East Final. Like it or not, the Big East will send a record 11 teams to the tourney.

Big Ten

Projected Bids: 5

Dancin: Ohio State, Purdue, Wisconsin, Michigan St . Penn State only if they get the auto bid. Michigan if they don’t

Playing  Their way In: Michigan, Penn State
 Hopin’ & Wishin’: Illinois
The word on the Big Ten is: This final will be in progress as this goes to press. The number is also in flux. I still don’t see Penn State getting in unless they take the auto bid. I just don’t see that happening. Regardless if they do or not. Michigan waits with baited breath to snag the berth and is in the awkward position of rooting for its hated rival to get it.  Illinois is on the wrong side of the cut line here.   

Key Game: Ohio State vs Penn State 3:30 (CBS) As well as the Nittany Lions have played over the last three days I still don’t think they have enough to get in

Big Ten Conference Championship Tournament March 10-13 Conseco Fieldhouse, Indianapolis

Big 12

Projected Bids: 6

Automatic Bid: Kansas
Also Dancin: Texas, Mizzou, Texas A&M, Colorado, Kansas State
Outside Lookin’ In: Baylor, Nebraska

Skinny from the heartland: Rock Chalk Jayhawk! KU steamrolled its way to a probable #1 seed in the tourney.The Buffs and Wildcats will sweat but both will go. Baylor and Nebraska are on the wrong side of the cut line.

Conference USA
Projected Bids: 2

Automatic Bid:Memphis

Also Dancin’:  UTEP

Outside Lookin’ In:  Tulsa, UAB
Oh Say can You C-USA Spec: The Tigers won a thriller against UTEP and are going. The Aggies will make it in over Harvard, Milwaukee and Georgia


Projected Bids: 2

Automatic Bid: Old Dominion

Also Dancin: George Mason

Outside Lookin’ In: VCU

Colonial Spec:  The Monarchs won and are in. The Patriots have a strong enough profile to get in. VCU has some worthy chops but are on the wrong side


Projected Bids: 1

Automatic Bid: Butler

Spec on the Horizon:  After a lot of study, Im only making this a one bid conference. Milwaukee just has too many better teams ahead of it to garner a berth.


Missouri Valley

Projected Bids: 2

Automatic Bid: Indiana State
Also Dancin’: Missouri State

Outside Lookin’ In: Wichita State
Missouri Valley Skinny:  As much as I love this so-called mid-major conference. I only think that there will only be two invites coming here.  Missouri State has done too much to be left out while the Shockers don’t have enough weight on their profile to get in.

Mountain West

Projected Bids:3

Automatic Bid: San Diego State

Also Dancin:BYU, UNLV
Outside Lookin’ In: Colorado State
Spec from the Mountains: The third time was indeed the charm for the Aztecs who held off BYU despite another stellar performance by Jimmer Fredette. The Cougars and Rebels will prove to be tough outs in the tourney. 


Projected Bids: 4

Automatic Bid: Washington
Also Dancin: UCLA, Arizona, USC,
Outside Lookin’ In:Washington State
Skinny from the Left Coast:  The Huskies jumped on the small shoulders of Isaiah Thomas and rode to an improbable Pac-10 title with a thrilling win over Arizona capped by Thomas’ Buzzer beater. The Wildcats, Bruins and Trojans will all have places at the tourney.


Projected Bids: 5

Automatic Bid: Kentucky
Also Dancin: Vanderbilt, Florida,Tennessee, Alabama

Hopin’ & Wishin’: Georgia

Word is Down South: As much as I loath the Wildcats, I really didn’t doubt that they would come out on top in the SEC tourney and take the bid. The problem I have is with three teams. Georgia, who has decent computer number but have awful losses and got housed in the SEC quarters. Bama, who won the SEC West and got to the SEC semis but got housed by UK and has some of the ugliest computer numbers of any 20 win team in a major conference. And Tennessee, whom Im really starting to dislike with their coach acting a fool in the SEC semis and being so far down in the SEC East. Im going to flip it and say Tennessee is in and Georgia is out. But still only 5 teams.

West Coast

Projected Bids:2

Automatic Bid: Gonzaga
Also Dancin:  Saint Mary’s

West Coast Spec:Gonzaga makes the field for the 13th consecutive time. The Gaels will likely sweat all the way through the selection but should make it.

There are others in the mix to be sure. The champions from the following conferences get an automatic bid projected winners in parentheses, those that have clinched are in bold: Amer. East (Boston U.), Atlantic Sun (Belmont), Big Sky (Montana/Northern Colorado), Big South (Coastal Carolina/UNC Ashville), Big West (Long Beach/Cal Santa Barbara), Ivy (Princeton), MAC (Kent/Akron), MAAC (Rider/St.Peters), MEAC (Bethune-Cookman/Hampton), Northeast (Long Island), Ohio Valley (Morehead State), Patriot (Bucknell), Southland (McNeese St./Tex. San Antonio)  Southern (Charleston/Wofford),  Summit (Oakland), Sun Belt (North Texas/Ark-Little Rock) and SWAC (Jackson State/Alabama St.) WAC (Utah State) That adds up to 68 teams.

Projected First Round teams going to Dayton

(Four smallest qualifiers)

Alabama St.

St. Peters


Northern Colorado

(Last Four In)



St. Mary’s


The Final Tally tomorrow!

Until Next Post Fellow Sports Fans!




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