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Thoughts From the Couch -- 04.11.11
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There's been a lot of talk lately about steroids in baseball again as two of the most famous players from the "steroid era" -- Barry Bonds and Manny Ramirez -- have been in sports headlines because of their decisions to artificially enhance their bodies in order to help them extend their careers and/or break statistical records that once belonged to players who played the game the right way and now are nothing more than a historical footnote thanks to dishonest men who chose to take the easy way out and cheat instead of working hard and earning their results the honest way.
Bonds has been on trial for perjury because he allegedly lied to Congress in his previous steroids trial (apparently they didn't believe the "I thought it was just Ben-Gay" excuse), and Ramirez has abruptly retired after being informed that he had once again tested positive for PED's and would be suspended for 100 games. (Side note: how can he be so dumb to get caught again? Either he has the worst pharmacist in the world, or he's a few walnuts short of a fruit cake. Both are quite plausible explanations if you ask me.)
The fact that these two got caught taking steroids isn't even the problem in my opinion. To be honest, I really couldn't care less what Bonds and Ramirez do to their bodies. They can take every single drug out there if they want to, and it doesn't effect me at all, and I'm sure that most people would say that's how they feel if they really sat down and thought about it. It doesn't bother me that they took steroids, because everyone was taking steroids. Not only that, but Bud Selig was allowing them to take steroids (regardless of what he says to the contrary). 
The thing that bothers me about their steroid use is the fact that they didn't need to take them in the first place. Barry Bonds was one of the best players in baseball before he went to San Francisco and started juicing. He was a consistent 30/30 player who could hit for average and power, and had the speed necessary to make him the total package. Manny Ramirez was one of the best hitters that I personally saw play the game. He had an unnatural ability to hit a baseball, and he could hit for average and power with the best of them. 
So, why these two decided to ruin their legacies by taking a shortcut with steroids is completely beyond me. Unfortunately, what they've managed to do is cheat the Hall of Fame of two quality players who absolutely deserved to be inducted until the news broke that their performances were aided by steroids, and it's a crying shame that fans of the game will be cheated out of seeing these great players in Cooperstown, because had they just played the game the right way there would be no problem with them getting into the Hall of Fame on the first ballot, and there would be no question that they would be among the greatest to ever play the game. Now, they're nothing more than two more cheaters who helped tarnish the good name of the sport, and they will now and always be remembered as the two players who cheated when they didn't have to, and ended up losing everything in the process.
Well, that's all I've got for this week. Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments section below.
Until next Monday...
Monday Moaning 4-11-11
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So much to talk about and so little time...Where should we begin? How about the Cleveland Indians...They've won 7 games in a row...I can hear Robin now...'Holy Shit Batman!' Yes, it's big news here in the Cleve, yet Progressive Field was fucking empty for a 3 game stint with the Red Sox...Maybe people here have finally decided to hold their optimism back a bit...Thank God for that!

Speaking of the Cleve...Last week Charlie Sheen brought is stupid ass, Torpedo of Truth show to town...A couple friend went, one took video of the crowd chanting "7 gram rocks"...Of course Cleveland is the town that would support a serious crack problem...Sheen's show got mixed reviews here, but many of the people that went got hammered and enjoyed it...But as I write this I'm seeing the twitter feed of people who are at the show in New York...Or were at the show...Yes, it seems people in other towns aren't fans of his bullshit...So proud of this town again!

And since I mentioned the Red Sox series in Cleveland...I want to take a shot at the Red Sox front office...This past off-season I was annoyed when the Sox picked up David Ortiz's over-priced contract extension...Then resigned now stiff, aging catcher, Jason Varitek, and let Victor Martinez walk, banking on Jerrod Saltalamacchia to be their #1 catcher...How's that working dummies...Saltalamacchia has 4 hits in 8 games, and is getting really good at throwing balls over second and into the outfield...Dopes!

Since I just talked Indians and Red Sox, how can I not mention Manny Ramirez retiring...Yes, Man-Ram got busted juicing again, and instead of taking a 100 game suspension, and the league lecture about substance abuse program, Manny said the hell with it...People have always hated on Manny...Here, because he left and went to Boston...Everywhere, because he was a dope...He was a dope that was one of the best pure hitters ever...That's why I liked him, and I always defended him...Until he got busted...Then I felt about him, like I do about all the other cheaters...Fuck them all!

Now onto some Notre Dame news...First, the Fighting Irish hockey team took on Minnesota Duluth Thursday night, for a shot to play in the National Championship game...It was good, intense, hard-nosed game, but sadly the Irish lost 4-3...The next game featured Michigan and North Dakota...The Wolverines shutout the Fighting Sioux 2-0 to advance...Saturday night UMD beat Michigan in overtime, to take home their first Hockey National Championship...Congrats to all these teams on a great season...


I know I'm a Hockey Geek, but honestly, if you want to see some really good hockey, next year take in some College Games...These kids really know how to get after it...

In other Notre Dame news, The University announced that they won't be suspending WR Michael Floyd after his latest run-in with the law...He will also not be kept off the Football team...That said, Coach Brian Kelly is not lifting his "Indefinite Suspension" just yet...So while I'm disappointed in the University, I'm happy Kelly is holding firm...But we'll see how long that lasts...

Since I mentioned Hockey, I have to let out my sigh of relief, after seeing the New York Rangers squeaked into the playoffs...And it looks like while the wife and I will be celebrating our 10 year anniversary, the Rangers will be opening up their series with the Washington Capitals...The Rangers have struggled to score, Lundqvist can steal some games...Hell his done it all year...

Now I want to get into some Music...Last week, thanks to Jay Mohr, and Opie, I took on a challenge the put out on the O&A show, and twitter...Your personal, Top 5 Beatles song...Why is it a challenge? Because the Beatles wrote so many great/popular songs...So, after much personal debate, here are my top 5...

#5 You've Got to Hide Your Love Away...

#4 Helter Skelter...

#3 I've Got a Feeling...

#2 Let it Be...

#1 While My Guitar Gently Weeps...

So now I challenge you...What are your top 5?

Have a week...

Later, The Beeze.


Free Time... What the Hell is This?
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   Well hello there, Gabbers, it's been a while. Too damn long, in fact. Been a hell of a two month period since I was last here, at least sixty hours, 5-7 days a week; basically, if I'm not at work, I'm at home eating, shitting or sleeping (or driving to or from work)! STILL haven't finished the other house off... but we're making progress right now as any day I actually have off, I'm over there trying like hell to get 'er done already. But I'm REALLY hoping by the end of the month, I'll escape Hazel-Tucky here and get the family into the new place.

  Honestly, I've been loosing my damned mind trying to get some free time to post over here... there's always something... and today I finally have more than twenty minutes to sit still and get something posted!

  To start things off, just have to say how great it is to have baseball back. Just something special about the start of a new season, about opening day and the fact that every team has a shot to win it all for at least the first week. Nice to see the Indians off to a good start... but hopefully that fizzles out around the time they first play the Tigers!

  So it finally happened, Manny Ramirez is GONE! Gotta love his "cowards way out" approach to retirement, too... but what else would you expect from Manny? Either sit 100 games or call it quits. Loved the poll question the "worldwide leader" put up when he retired, too, on how Manny Ramirez would be remembered. Honestly, the first thing that will always stick out in my mind won't be the 'roids, the whacky antics, cutting off cut off throws and taking a dump in the Monster, holding up a game for a few minutes, it will be the way he treated other people, specifically an old man in Boston. The minute that happened, before the first public positive test in LA, I was done with this douchebag. Gotta say, as far as the way I'll remember Manny Ramirez, I'll remember him as a coward, a cheat, and an all around piece of trash. Good riddance. If he ever even SNIFFS the hall of fame, they should just burn the damned thing to the ground.

  Speaking of roid cases, Barry Bonds is awaiting his fate at the hands of a jury. Honestly, you know the guy isn't going to see any time out of this. In fact, the entire thing is nothing more than a massive waste of time, energy, and most importantly, taxpayer dollars. If I were the prosecuter, I would cut Barry Bonds this deal right now... publically admit you are a cheat, your career numbers mean NOTHING, and that who you are and everything you did as a professional baseball player is as cheap and flimsy as my case against you, and I'll drop all charges and let you walk away; provided that you go away and never bother us again!

  With the recent sale of the Detroit Pistons to LA-based billionaire Tom Gores, you really have to wonder what the man wanted more, the team or the Palace sports and Entertainment franchise included in the package. He now owns three of the top grossing entertainment franchises in the state of Michigan, the actual Pistons (when they have a decent team, that is), the actual Palace of Auburn Hills its self, for concerts and other events, and the DTE Energy Music ampotheatre, where during the summer, millions upon millions of people flow through the gates for concerts and other various events. Either way you look at it, Gores is "winning" here. But, Mr.Gores, before you go pumping more money into this area... if this is your wife in the picture, maybe you should pump a few thousand more dollars into her face... bitch is starting to look like skelator!

   As for the Pistons, and the NBA as a whole, I went into this season not giving a rat's ass... and with just a few weeks left until the playoffs... I STILL don't give a rat's ass. Some of the concern on local talk radio recently has been about relocation of the team now that the LA-based Gores owns it. Honestly, I say good riddance. Hell Fan, you folks up in Sacramento can have them when the Maloofs set off for Anaheim. The entire league is just so full of overpaid, overrated crybabies that if it were to fold tomorrow, I wouldn't shed a tear.

  I could go into detail about what I would do with the team if I were Tom Gores, what moves I would make, like firing Dumars and Q-ster, and getting rid of that primadonna Rodney Stuckey by any means necessary... but it really isn't worth that kind of effort over something I honestly could not care less about. To hell with the NBA, and especially with David Stern.

  And finally, with the NFL Draft just around the corner, I just have to say it's nice to see the Lions NOT drafting in the top ten... in fact, they're even drafting lower than another team from the NFC North, and NOT because of a trade! In all honesty, I just want to see the Lions take the best player available. Need is somewhat of an issue, and obviously you hope one of the top corners or linebackers drop to #13... but in all likelihood, that's not going to happen. Really, outside of Von Miller, Prince Ak... not even going to try and spell it, and Patrick Peterson, I'm not even sure there is a guy at LB or DB I'd spend a first rounder on. The best thing would be to trade down and snag a few extra picks... get somewhere into the 20's where you can take an offensive lineman or pass rusher, and use the extra pick (or picks) you get for trading down to adress other needs. Still three more weeks to wait until something other than annoying labor updates are in the news for the NFL, but I'm really looking forward to finding out who the Lions next first-round pick will be.

  That's all I've got for today folks. Thanks, as always, for reading and for any comments you leave on the way out.

Montre moi tes genitals
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Now that didn't take long did it?  A mere few hours after the Sens lost their last regular season game, Cory Clouston was fired.  But yet, they resigned Bryan Murray to a 3 year extension.  That little bit right there, puzzles the shit out of me.  First of all, Clouston had a 95-83-20 record with the Sens, and the Sens finished near the bottom of the standings this year.  Bryan Murray said that he felt that they still had a competitive team and should have done better this season.  Is he fucking serious?  Lets talk about who you have traded away...Heatly, Fisher, Kovalev, Kelly, goes on.  I view this as Murray firing Clouston to save his own ass.  Here is my prediction for the Sens next year...after signing Anderson to a 4 year extension, Anderson will start the season with a few wins in a row, and then start shitting the bed.  Just look at his past performances in Colorado.  Always a good start, always a shit finish.  Good luck to you Murray, you fucking douchebag.  You are the one that needs to be unemployed right now.

What the fuck does this have to do with hockey?  Sully and I were just talking about this last night.  OSSTF, my union, has recently announced that they are going to listen to offers to buy out their share of MLSE (Maple Leaf Sports Entertainment).  Now, keep in mind, that they are the majority shareholders at 66%.  How much will it cost to purchase their share?  For starters, they aren't listening to any offers under $1.5 billion.  Yup, that's right...BILLION.  They are expecting to get somewhere in the neighbourhood of $1.8 billion for their 66% of shares in MLSE.  And that is the funny thing for me...I can't fucking stand the Leafs and how much media attention they garner up here, but it is kind of bittersweet.  After all, every ass in a seat goes towards my pension.  Every $11 hot dog driven down a throat goes towards my pension.  Every loonie dropped into a condom machine for a buckshee budget french tickler in the washroom goes towards my pension.  I should be appreciative of the fact that no matter how shitty they are, they still manage to sell out every game.  And I can guarantee you, that they will not have a hard time finding someone to buy the shares quickly.  None of this confusing nonsense of dealing with municipality bonds and pending sales that last for months.

In the past, there has always been a lower seed that plays out the last games of the season and enter the playoffs on a hot streak, riding a hot goaltender, and they usually make the most noise.  Just look at Edmonton, Calgary, Montreal, Philadelphia, and so on in recent years.  However, this year, I am having a hard time figuring out who that team is going to be this year.  Here is my could be Buffalo.  Buffalo has the best record in the last 10 games entering the playoffs.  Luckily for them, or maybe not so lucky, they are getting Philly in the first round.  Philly is the polar opposite of Buffalo right now; they have the worst record in their last 10 games entering the playoffs.  If Buffalo is going to make any noise this post-season, they are going to need Miller to stand on his head, and he is fully capable of that.  But of course, the matchup that I am going to be watching is the Boston/Montreal series.  PIttsburgh/Tampa will be another good one as well.  Come to think of it, all matchups in the East look to be fairly competitive.  Unlike the West, where you have a potential Vancouver/Chicago matchup (Chicago still has 1 game to play and could leapfrog LA).  However, Chicago has been Vancouvers nemesis in recent years.  Chicago has had Vancouver's number in recent years, and have even taken it to them a couple of times this season.  I guess we'll just have to wait and see what happens.

Speaking of the Kings...


they are done without this guy...

 This past season, Canadian Hockey Teams have donated more than 43,000 meals to homeless shelters.  Instead of just tossing all the leftover and unsold food after each game, it is all donated to homeless shelters.  The concept was though of by Syd Mandelbaum, and steps are taken to ensure that the food is handled appropriately and kept at the right temperature.  As well, the homeless shelter receiving the food items must be inspected and have a good track record before they are selected to receive any food.  In total, the NHL has donated 91,000 kilograms of food (25,000 from the Canadian Teams) to homeless shelters in their respective areas. 

A little bit of a follow up from last week.  If they want to identify themselves however they like in a nonaggressive manner, I say fuck it.  Let 'em.  But for those of you that feel it was politically incorrect, the correct word would have been "Queer".  Sounds derogatory, but it is not.  "HOCKEY LOVIN' QUEER" and no one would have said shit to them.  Let them describe themselves however they like. 

Does anyone see anything out of the ordinary in this clip? 

I don’t know what the refs saw, but all I saw was two willing combatants.  No reason whatsoever for the extra 2 for instigating and a 10 minute game misconduct for Konopka.  The conspiracy theorists are building their case right now, but everyone had to know that the league was going to be watching this game intently after their last meeting.  But for the refs to blow this call that badly?  I don’t know what to say about that.  Handle this fight like you did the first one; identical 10 minute misconducts and a 5 for fighting.  Done.   


George Parros and Kevin Westgarth

 and Nathan Horton vs Zack Smith

 Thanks for stopping by.


The Long Road Home, Return Marizela
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Thoughts from an Island Girl



I try to understand this world but sometimes I can't.   I can't  reconcile the dark things that happen,  like the disappearance of Michelle Malkin's 18 year old cousin. defines disappearance as 'the act or an example of passing out of site."    And that clearly seems to have happened here.    One day she is at a convenience store getting some coffee and that same day,  ends up missing.        



Michelle Malkin,  I am sure is worried to death as are Marizela's parents.   The picture of her holding a coffee cup haunts me.     Here is a young woman,   just starting her adult life, and enjoying a cup of brew,  if you would and now one wonders,  if she may ever enjoy that simple pleasure ever again.    Maybe this all sounds kind of morbid,   considering the fact that our that she maybe just ran away.     But it has been over 30 days now.   I have provided a link below that you can click on and if anyone knows anything,  please contact them or law enforcement.   I pray she just ran away.    


 With all the attention on the crazy budget battle and the trial of Barry Bonds,  sports have taken a back seat.    That and my studies too.   Even the potential loss of Albert Pujols doesn't seem to matter as much.   


Just this past week I was able to watch,  for the first time,   Denzel Washington in 'The Book of Eli'.   The ultimate good guy; a man one could trust.    To me this movie struck a personal chord with me inside.  

And then I watched 2012,  with John Cusack and got the impression that life is too short.    In that movie a lot of people perished and it was like reading the news or seeing a dead family pet on the side of the road except mankind was struck the  cruelest  blow.   It is like thousands of wars and catastrophes in one day.    In a sense,   I want to find some common thread that ties my feelings together.   Some might say that the Lord or whatever predicted these kinds of things,  but ultimately,  my generation and the next deserve to have some peace and happiness.

Life seems like a lot of noise right now,  but I am fine.   It is just a moment I am trying to get through.    Have a nice weekend,  hug those dear to you.

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