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Tuesday Tantrums - Happy New Year
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Well, we’re half-way through the holidays and now it’s to shift our focus a little bit towards welcoming in the New Year.  What would I like to see?  New champs, less media knob-gobbling, more fun, and myself and the Black Bandit from Hoodwood rolling through your Tuesdays.  Welcome aboard my man!  Time for me to step my game up!

NFL.   Color this a positive weekend for me - the Jets, Giants, and Cowboys lost and the San Diego Chargers mailed in a game they had to win.   The Jets needed humility, The Giants need to learn how not to turn the ball over, the Cow-sissies need a clue (and a new owner) and the Chargers need to move on from Norv Turner who looked totally lost out there.

Speaking of moving on, my boys in the city finally cut Singletary loose.  He’ll be fine, as a DEFENSIVE COORDINATOR.  The 49ers won’t be fine until they get a new owner.  Now I hear that Eddie D. is gonna come back in some “consultant” capacity.  Eff that – TAKE BACK THE TEAM EDDIE!!!

Roddy White is an absolute moron.  Way to fire up “the Ain’ts” big dog.  Hey Roddy, real original to call the Saints “the Ain’ts” - just so you know, that was making the rounds in 1980 d-bag!  Who the hell is this fool to take potshots at the Big Easy anyway?  New Orleans has been through hell, but dude plays in Atlanta – not exactly known as a Garden Spot, and only one step from hell itself!  Hey Roddy, here’s a history lesson for ya - when you do a roll call of Super Bowl Winning franchises, New Orleans can say they’re in – can Hot-lanta?  Didn’t think so son – SHUT YOUR FREAKING CAKE HOLE!  Oh, and Roddy, the Aints just came in your crib and traded your ass for a pack of smokes while all you could muster was three catches for 43 yards.  Nice job!!!

Speaking of which, big thanks to Drew Brees for what I believe will clinch me third place in the You Gab Fantasy League.  Dammit though, I’m tired of losing to Jeff and Benson’s!!!  I’m coming for ya next year!

Hey Oakland Raiders, I like your improvement, but what’s your excuse in letting a banged up Colts team come in and punk you out in the Black Hole?  Oh, and to the Colts fans in NOCAL who were stupid enough to go to the Coliseum in your Colts jerseys, you were warned.  That yellow stain on your shirts, wasn’t from mustard you dweebs, it was from the guys above you on Mt. Davis pissing down on your stupid asses!

College Football.    I don’t care if Ohio State players sign autographs for tattoos, or sell rings, or whatever, but I guess it broke an NCAA rule, however there is a certain “holier than thou” fan out there who I’m enjoying watch squirm.  The punishment is about as lenient as I expected.  These guys get a five game suspension starting next season, but not including the Sugar Bowl game against Arkansas THIS season?  The NCAA is a joke.  I wonder what would have happened if it was the University of South Dakota or New Mexico?  Yeah, justice would be swift, sure, and immediate. 

May the Hawgs layeth the smacketh down on the Buckeyes Candy-asses!

NHL.  Let’s cut to the chase here, More Don Cherry and Canadian teams and less Caps/Penguins is far better for the league.  That, Wednesday Hockey Night in America, and Bettman and Fehr out in a field playing with sheep rather than negotiating contracts, and more of this:

NBA.  For once, I agree with something Phil Jackson said.  I will agree that having the Lakers 12 straight Christmas Days is a more than a little insane and not fair to them – they deserve a holiday off.      

Now I’m a Kobe hater, but the Court Jester trying to enhance his villain role by talking junk to Kobe is just plain stupid.  I can imagine that conversation…

Court Jester (In Urkel accent):  “Hey Kobe, I’m bitch-slappin’ you in your house!!!  Merry Christmas!!!”

Kobe:  “Nice win in DECEMBER puppet.  Don’t forget that while I’m getting fitted for my sixth ring, you’ll be busy trying to figure out why everybody hates you after you quit in the playoffs AGAIN!!!  My five rings to your none means that I have scoreboard on your TRICK-ASS BIOTCH!!! “.

On to what really matters in LA – Blake FREAKING Griffin.  This dude is the MAN!!!  He alone will bring back the word EXCITEMENT to the NBA, should the NBA decide to ever get off the script.

Haven’t seen stuff like this in a long time!

Shaq whining about the refs on Christmas Day and complaining about the very same ref who gave them Game Six in Sacramento eight years ago?  Shaq, I like and respect you, but get a grip and realize that this is what the NBA has been all about for almost your whole career.  The NBA no longer cares about you because if they did, you wouldn’t be fined.

MLB.  Brandon Webb signs with the Rangers?  Yawn. 

San Diego signed Aaron Harang and Orlando Hudson.  Fine, now is there any power hitters available out there?

Rant of the Week – Year in Review.  I don’t particularly care about doing a year in review, but as I look back, 2010 in sports was a pretty wild and entertaining ride, wasn’t it?  Yeah, we had the Lakers/Celtics, Duke men and UCONN horses (I mean women),  Jimmie Johnson, that arrogant little Spainard who took the Tour de France (again), the filthy euros took home yet another World Cup (I’m OK with Spain), Phil Mickelson took another Green Jacket, and New England has pretty much dominated this regular season AGAIN, and Brett Favre and the Court Jester were the King and Queen of the Drama Ball 2010.   But hell, the San Francisco Giants, New Orleans Saints, and Chicago Black Hawks won championships, as well as three nobodys on the PGA tour who won majors, and 2010 just might be the year that we FINALLY get rid of the Drama Queen - so all wasn’t really lost in the sports world, now was it?

Before I go… I want to wish everybody one helluva Happy New Year 2011.  There were a lot of negatives to 2010, but the sporting world was exciting, ridiculous, juvenile, and interesting.  May you all enjoy a fun, yet safe beginning to 2011, and may 2011 be exciting, profitable, and fun for you all you Gabbers out there.   By the way, don’t drink and drive…

Peace and ranting forever. 


Pa. Gov - We've Become A Nation Of Wusses!
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It's not only me and the Beeze who think that this country and football has become a bunch of wussies, the governor of Pennsylvania has chimed in with his two cents on the pussification of the NFL and he didn't stop there. As you'll see below Governor Ed Rendell went off over the postponement of the Eagles-Vikings game to Tuesday and then some! Take note of what Visanthe Shiancoe says and keep in mind, he plays in a fucking DOME!


The city of Philadelphia is set to host the NFL's first Tuesday night game in 64 years, and Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell (D) couldn't be more upset about it.

"It goes against everything that football is all about," Rendell said Monday on radio station 97.5 The Fanatic in Philadelphia.

We've become a nation of wusses. The Chinese are kicking our butt in everything. If this was in China do you think the Chinese would have called off the game?

-- Ed Rendell, Governor of Penn.

Rendell was rankled by the league's decision to move the Philadelphia Eagles' home game against the Minnesota Vikings from Sunday night to Tuesday evening.

The NFL cited the winter storm that wound up slamming most of the East Coast as the reason for the change, but elected to postpone the game before any snow had even accumulated. About a foot of snow fell on Philadelphia, though less than 5 inches was on the ground before the scheduled kickoff at 8:20 p.m. EST Sunday night.

Rendell viewed the NFL's decision as a referendum on the toughness, or lack thereof, of the United States.

"My biggest beef is that this is part of what's happened in this country," Rendell said. "I think we've become wussies."

"We've become a nation of wusses. The Chinese are kicking our butt in everything," Rendell added. "If this was in China do you think the Chinese would have called off the game? People would have been marching down to the stadium, they would have walked and they would have been doing calculus on the way down."

For his part, Vikings tight end Visanthe Shiancoe was also surprised by the league's decision.

"The roads are bad for East Coast standards," Shiancoe said. "But if this was in the Midwest there would be no way that this would be delayed. No way it would be delayed in the Midwest. No way. ... It's something that baffles me. But I'm not here to make decisions on when games are played."

"People are free to have their opinions on whether or not last night's Eagles game should have been postponed," Eagles team president Joe Banner said. "That decision was ultimately made by the NFL. Any criticism of the Mayor, who was not involved in this decision, is completely unfair."

Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter, who called a state of emergency for the city six hours before the originally scheduled kickoff, told ESPN on Sunday that the choice to move the game was not the city's decision but the league's.

Obviously that decision has not sat well with the state's governor.

"What do you think [Hall of Fame coach Vince] Lombardi would say?" Rendell asked Monday. "He would say that we've become a nation of wusses."

The NFL's 23rd Tuesday game will be played at 8 p.m. EST., and televised nationally by NBC. It was originally scheduled for 1 p.m. on Sunday, but was shifted because of the NFL's flex scheduling.

Information from The Associated Press was used in this report.

Musings From Hoodwood....Allow me to introduce (or is it reintroduce?) myself…
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For those that only come through to check out the pictures of the hot smoking babes that are posted, you might be a tad disappointed. Make no mistake, I love a pic of a scantily clad buxom babe just like any other red blooded male on this or any other site would. I just don’t put them in my blog…that often. That said, I guess I should introduce myself. Most people know me as the wiseass that posts football picks on Friday and more often than not is usually spot on. (Mention the shitty week I just came off of …you might get decked) Anyhoo, Im just the type you would see at the local sports pub, sounding off about damn near anything in the world of sports and sometimes on other things. Im not too political a cat, though I do vote but I leave the political rants to the Olbermanns, Becks, Maddows and Hannitys. They have their place, but you can rest assured you wont see it Tuesdays here.

To start with my name Is Kevin, but Im better known as the BlackBandit, the handle says BlackBandit20, the number being my softball number an homage to Negro League great Josh Gibson and MLB legend Frank Robinson. Ill tell you about an encounter I had with Robinson later on Im from somewhere mysterious call Hoodwood...its actually Fairfield Ohio but thats what I call the home front.…think of me as something like Crash Davis in Bull Durham…

Call me opinionated, call me loud or obnoxious, call me a no-account sob if you want.  Just don’t call me a Stephen A. Smith wannabe (like him but I don’t know everything and don’t claim to.) and don’t call me late to dinner. I have my opinions and am always willing to listen to someone elses viewpoint, but Im not always right. I just will speak my mind.

Like Crash, I have my set of beliefs.

I believe that baseball should always be played on grass, is it me or does it annoy me that games played in Puerto Rico’s Hiram Bithorn Stadium are on turf…Puerto Rico is beautiful the baseball played there is too, why is it on turf? I would think that science has progressed enough that a strain of grass can be grown and kept up indoors. Toronto can stay in a dome, the roof opening and closing is fine but the abomination that is the Trop has got to go. Tampa weather is stunning why do they play inside???

I believe that the NFL has gotten soft. I grew up in the 70s and 80s watching rock solid hits, bone crunching tackles and owned a tape called Crunch Course, which had 48 minutes of hitting that would likely be outlawed today…and all what Lawrence Taylor did??? He would owe the Goodell run NFL money every week after they took his paycheck in full.

I believe that college basketball is the purest form of the sport today. I love high school ball and the Pros can look good from time to time but for my money college basketball is the crème de la crème.

I believe that the NHL is finally getting back to major sport status after the devastating work stoppage of 04-05 but they need to do the All-Star game as well as a winter classic outside and get back to a major network more than once a week. No dis to NBC who has improved its broadcasting tenfold but I miss NHL games on ESPN.

I believe that sports owners, not the players are what are ruining sports. They make tons of money, and throw scads of it at a few players that they think will win them a title and then blame the players for exorbiant salaries when it’s the owners who are their own worst enemies. The NFL and NBA are careening toward lockouts that will harm their respective sports, did they learn nothing from the work stoppages in the NHL and MLB?

I believe that niche sports like NASCAR and MMA  are fast gaining traction to be talked about with the big three, their savvy marketing and eye appeal are something that MLB, NFL, and NBA honchos need to take note of because their fans are being slowly taken. More so from MLB than any other sport. You are more likely to get a heated debate about the merits of Georges St. Pierres fighting style of Jimmie Johnson being the greatest driver ever than a debate on whos better Cliff Lee or Roy Halladay. Don't believe me? Try it sometime.

There are other things that I believe of course, and I take a bit to opine on them from time to time. But that’s just a few things for the yougab nation to chew on.

About that encounter with Frank Robinson: I went to a Reds-Nationals game in 2005 and before the game ventured  down to the 3rdbase line where Robby, who was the Nats manager at the time, was chatting with a few people before the game. Many of the people there didn’t know that Robinsons number had also been retired by the Reds. I managed to get near enough where he saw the softball jersey I was wearing with #20. I mentioned that I wore the number to honor him and he grinned and said in his high pitched voice “But I bet you don’t know who I’m honoring.” I replied Josh Gibson and he smiled even bigger and reached up to shake my hand. I got a pic of that…And wish I could find it now…

Anyway that’s my musing from the Hoodwood look for my regular season finale picks later this week...likely Thursday or Friday, until next post fellow sports fans!

And to the Beezer and apologies for the early column entry, my router has decided to act like my ex-girlfriend and be bitchy so it was either be really early on the post or really late, since this was my first entry...I figured it was best to be early.. As an apology to my favorite column will appear later on the 4th around (10a EDT) so I can give the Beeze more exposure time.


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After finding out that I had not won a Gabby...

I was completely and totally...

One hundred percent...

Dejected, Despondent...

And Dilapidated...

I couldn't believe it...

I was all alone...

I had that Gabby right in my hands...

And I dropped it...



That was not cool(ey)...

Three nominations...

Zero Gabbys...

Then my friend SNORT saw me moping around...

And he said to me...



So I listened...

And he's right...

I need more photos...

Okay, I can do that, SNORT...

So I showed SNORT these photos...




He shook his head "NO" in disgust...

So I tried again...

"How about this, SNORT???"




"This one???"




Now I'm getting frustratingly dejected...

"What do I have to do beat THE BEEZER???"





"Wait, one more, SNORT..."










Beeze's blogs have sex in them???


That's strange...


"I only read THE BEEZER for the well written sports articles..."


Congrats, Beeze...

You deserve it...











New Featured Writer
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Tuesday we'll be adding a new featured writer to the mix becuase our good friend OldHarry isn't able to post on a regular basis, so beginning tomorrow Black Bandit will be jumping into the rotation. Please take a minute and welcome him to the Gab in a full time capacity.

We hate to see Harry leave, he's been in the roation, on and off since we started, but we'll keep old shorty at the Tavern bar for whenever he gets the chance to stop back in...good luck Harrry, you'll be missed!

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