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Someday I will be able to replace this shirt
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This Shirt is getting Old and Smelly

Reebok New York Jets Ash Super Bowl III Champions Premium Tri-Blend T-shirt

Monday Moaning 2-7-11
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Tags: NFL NHL Super Bowl Christina Aguilera Green Bay Packers Pittsburgh Steelers The Beeze rock and Rol Yoga

So Sunday was the BIG Game...It has a name that the league wants to charge everyone for using...What is that BIG Game called again? Oh yeah, "The Super Bowl"...Well like all major sporting events in this country, it all begins with a pre-game show filled with way too much hype...Then it gets going with the National Anthem...This year Christina Aguilera decided to show everyone how to completely butcher the song...Stupid fucking twat! She shuffled words, completely missed lines...What gash!

Hey Christina, Choke Yourself!

Then of course there was the Halftime show with the Black Eyed Peas...Wow did that suck...First the sound guy had the music too loud...Then Fergie's mic was down...Christ she' the only one who can sing in that merry band of ass-hats...Then Slash from Guns & Roses came out, and she sang a bit of "Sweet Child 'O Mine"...Too bad they just didn't let Slash stay out there and play guitar for the rest of the show...

Then we always have to hear about the Commercials...Here's some more over-hyped bullshit! I really don't bother with this crap, but it's what keeps my wife in the room...She got a kick out of this 
PEPSI_MAX one...

Oh, I guess there was also a game played too...But that's what the BIG Game has become...A holiday...Hell even The Fish House is closed for the BIG Game...Hours of pre-game...A bad Anthem...A bad Halftime show...Commercials...A big post game show...And a game thrown in the middle of all that...Sometimes good, sometimes bad...

This one wasn't bad...Some good Defense, and some good Offense...And BenRapelisburger throwing some picks! The Green Packers won it 31-25...Don't expect me to break this shit down like Ron Jaworski...I'm not watching tape...I was cooking, I was stuffing my face, and dealing with the the kids, and casually watching the game, like most people who don't have a true rooting interest in the game...I'm glad the Packers won...I just hope any young ladies who see Big Ben are safe...He may want to take his frustration out on some one...

Moving onto Hockey, the NHL has it's own version of Brett Favre...His name is Peter Forsberg...For what has to be the 5th time, he is going to make another comeback with the Colorado Avalanche...He likes to do it Roger Clemens style...You know, comeback after the all-star break, grab a bunch of cash, play half a season, and get his ego stroked...I hope he gets taken out in his first game back...I'm so sick of these guys...Now all he needs is some cock shots and steroid allegations...Fuck him!

Now, I have to do some pimping...First for my friend who teaches Yoga...She has put together a thing called  "Rock_&_Roll_Yoga"...there m may actually be a way to get me to check out some Yoga...

The editor is being a real cunt right now...Actually both editors that I've tried...I'm getting pissed, and the wife is offering 1 of the 3 Blow Jobs she owes me...So fuck this I'm out of here...

Have a week...

Later, The Beeze.

Ticketed Fans Have No Seats?
Category: NFL
Tags: Super Bowl

Four hundred ticketed fans for a short time before the game were prevented entry and kept in a gated area while a seating ordeal was corrected. The temporary seats were deemed unsafe and that left the fans shit out of luck. They eventually were let in to watch the game in the field level club behind the Steelers bench or go to nearby SRO areas to see the game. They'll also be refunded 3 times the ticket price of $800. Another 850 fans were relocated to unused seats.

Having been to a Super Bowl and forked out over $1200 per seat to go I can assure you that any type of refund for standing and watching it on a TV set is no bargain. The experience IS the game and watching your team play for the Lombardi Trophy. To get $2400 bucks for the trouble isn't quite what a ticket holder had banked on, especially if they traveled by plane, endured endless lines, over-piriced hotels and meals to go watch a game on television. As far as I'm concerned the NFL needs to dig a little deeper than a refund that will probably take up to 8 weeks to get in the first place.

It's the Soul Bowl: And you thought the Super Bowl was big...
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Queso de Cabeza en comparison con Toallas Terrible
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Tags: Super Bowl Cheeseheads Terrible Towels Culture Commentary


Recognize that phrase? Even if you translate it you may still be puzzled. But no more than my friends here. There is no word in Spanish for “Cheeseheads”, probably not surprizingly but, equally, terrible towels is just as confusing. Why shouldn't it be? Face it, some parts of culture transfer and some do not. For example the French, always resistant to anything that did not originate in La Belle France, have had to stagger under the onslaught of “foreign isms” that threaten to tear out the heart of their culture. Although the French enjoy cocktails and cocktail parties, there exists no word for them allowed by L'Academie Francaise. However, and strangely, they have allowed their version which is “Le fif o'clock”. The ties to mighty Blighty across the channel are clear but do not ask any good Parisian to acknowledge that as they sip Martinis and swill down Gilbeys London Gin by the quart. And, of course, only French wine is served or acceptable. Interlopers from such strange, weird places such as California, Germany and Chile wouldn't even be given to the servants. (Although it has been rumoured that the ever thrifty French serve California wine in Chateau Mouton Rothschild bottles.)


So for the past several days I've tried to explain to my Argentine friends a picture of a man with his face painted green and yellow wearing a wedge of cheese as a hat. They don't get it and, frankly, who can blame them? To be fair the “Terrible Towels” don't fare much better. The question I get is, “Why is a towel terrible?” My answer is, “The towels aren't terrible, they are symbolic of the power of the team and by waving them, they're suppose to put the other team to fright”. That goes no where but I've tried, you have to give me that one, I've tried.


It is, however, a two way street. One of the most popular local futbol teams, The Juniors, cause their fans to leave the stadium-after a win-and run around it several times. And this is no small feat for River Plate Stadium is large and the perimeter of roads they run is possibly a mile and a half for one revolution. Oh, and only clockwise. Running anti clockwise is anathema, to do that is to be sent to Hell or Brasil, whichever is closer. Keeping in mind that we see words in Spanish as possibly English words goes a long way toward explaining why “Los Bimbos” the Paraguayan National futbol team sells a lot of T-shirts but mostly to English speaking countries. The word “bimbo” has no derogatory meaning in Spanish-but then neither does “slut”- (“Puta”, however, does and don't say it unless you're prepared for a rather more “exciting” time than you might have planned.)


Decades ago I went to the Melbourne Cup match which is the Australian equivalent of the Super Bowl for Australian Rules Football. (Imagine four goal posts at each end, men running about in rain coats and rain hats holding triangular flags, players in a minimal amounts of clothing and on field referees who not infrequently exhibit partisanship as they were selected by the teams playing.) I tell you in all honesty and candor it's safer to be on the pitch than in the stands. Granted, most of the players after the first several minutes are bleeding from somewhere but then so are most of the fans. Some hours later when I wandered into the Southern Cross Hotel, holding a cloth to my bloody nose, the reception clerk asked A. Who won and B. If I'd had a good time? A was easier to answer than B.


Culture” and the component parts that make it up is a sometimes thing. In Ethiopia they put butter in their coffee, in India many people still prefer their hand to bathroom tissue and the penis wrapping tribesmen of the Southwest Pacific truly believe that bigger, at least longer, is better. None of these make sense to us on many levels but then we're as confusing to them. Our mania for cleanliness, our determination to “share”-on a permanent basis-our culture with them (Look at pictures in National Geographic of kiddies in the wilds of Brasil or Borneo...quite probably they're wearing T-shirts pushing an American football team, usually the Cowboys. How did they get them? Is this representative of us?) without acknowledging theirs...Yet, once we get home we “go native” in ways that would shock the natives. A woman of my acquaintance who was rather too deeply into cultural anthropology bought a birthing bucket and took it to the hospital in Fresno where she tried to insist on using it. Her explanation was that in applying this methodology to American Obstetrics she was demonstrating sisterhood with all the down trodden women forced to work....well, you see what I mean.


In a sense I wish it were the Broncos or the Eagles or the Dolphins playing. Those require no explanation nor would a Chief, a Cardinal or a Bear. However, when we wander into the world of a team name as more of a concept than a thing, trouble begins to lap at our feet. The Patriots for example and, worse, The Browns. Why would someone name a team after a color anything other than red (the signifier of revolution and fighting for a cause.) or colours involved in the national emblems? It would be impolite to mention the Blacks of New Zealand or the Blues (Les Bleus) of France.


Just recently I've had friends here from Germany to enjoy the sun at the beach and the summer skiing in the Andes. (Such hearty people, I do worry about them.) At our last evening together they looked out at Buenos Aires and said how nice it was to be somewhere without Muslims and Explosions and everyone buying guns. It seemed impolite to suggest that we had thirty years of kidnapping and people just....disappearing. Then, in 2002, the complete financial collapse. But my friends are moderately correct, Argentina is generally at war with no one save themselves. Although it's tweaking Great Britain-again-about the Islas Malvinas (aks the Falklands). I hope nothing much come of this, it makes about as much sense as Costa Rica challenging the United States over Alcatraz. However, they excel at parades and with streets 20 lanes wide, it can be awfully effective. And by tomorrow the cheeseheads and the terrible towels will be forgotten. Fortunately, they'll never hear about the interesting and perplexing custom of throwing octopus and squid onto the ice at hockey games....




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