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Monday Moaning 5-16-11
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Monday is here again, I hope everyone got plenty of moaning done during the weekend...This week I actually have a bit of sports to talk about, but look out, this topic tends to get political...

I'll start by saying this...Before you call Sean Avery a fag...

Dude was banging this...

And this, before Dion Phaneuf...

Yeah, she's the one he called his sloppy seconds...He also popped one of the Olsen twins, besides a bunch of other celebritard skanks...

Why am I bringing this up...Because Avery, known for being one of the NHL's most hated players, recently publicly support the "Equal Marriage Rights" campaign in New York state...Of course he was blasted by a bunch of haters on Twitter...Including agent Todd Reynolds, who went off, including saying, "Legal or not it will always be wrong."

Who knew that we would still be fighting over equal rights in 2011...To me that's what this is all about...Civil rights...This country fought over blacks having the right to be counted as people, not just three fifths of a man, as the constitution read...We fought for blacks to have the right to vote...We fought for women to have the right to vote...Yet we can't get past people being gay...Are you fucking kidding me!?!

This is a issue that conservatives love to throw out there...Saying how bad it is...It's wrong, and a sin...They want people to focus on stupid shit like this instead of the important shit...But the problem with these ass-hats is, there is this thing called separation of Church and State...I'm a big believer in this...Yet they always want to try and force their religious beliefs into the political arena...Listen, right and wrong isn't owned by God...I didn't need my 12 years of Catholic schooling to tell me it's wrong to kill some one, or that it's not cool to bang my buddy's wife...

The thing is, most of these dolts don't even know the whole book they put so much faith in...

So please take you religion out of the politics...

As for Avery, anyone who knows about him, shouldn't be surprised by him supporting gay rights...The guy spends half his time in the Hockey world, and the other half in the Fashion world...Of course he has gay friends, just like I do...I've been in the restaurant business since I was 13, I know plenty of gay people and guess what...It's not something they choose...They are born that way...Yes, there are some gals who may get drunk and give it whirl for an evening, but that's not choosing to be gay, that's choosing to be hot and give us guys something for the spank bank!

What is surprising, is the amount of support Avery has gotten...People who can't stand this guy, have done their own tweeting, and blogging, and had his back...Holy shit, there may still be hope for us in this world...Is this a sign that there could be some level of tolerance if a gay player came out in professional sports?

I'm not sure about that....And I doubt Sean Avery will see much of this support as next season begins...I'm sure he'll be getting blasted with non-stop 'fag' comments...

In some sad news, Rangers thumper Derek Boogard (28) was found dead this weekend...The reason is still unknown and we may not know for a couple weeks...Boogard was signed by the Rangers as a free agent this past season...I wasn't happy about the contract, because it was too much money for a guy who only fought well...But he won Rangers fans over quickly, choosing to wear #94 in honor of the Rangers 1994 Stanley Cup Champion team...He also dove right into a number of Rangers' charity events...

Boogard only played in 22 games this year and missed most of the season dealing with serious post concussion problems...His family will be donating his brain to Boston University's School of Medicine, which has been leading in the research of concussions sustained by athletes...

Now with that, I'll end with a song that seems fitting with our earlier topic...

Have a week...

Later, The Beeze.


Thoughts From the Couch -- 05.16.11
Category: Daily Blog 2.0

What's up Gabbers? There's not a lot going on in sports this week, so bear with me as I struggle to find things to talk about.

I would like to start out by expressing my condolences to the family and friends of former New York Ranger Derek Boogaard, who passed away unexpectedly last week. I don't know anything about him, so I'm going to defer to some of our hockey experts regarding his career, but I will say that it's a damn shame that the world lost someone so young.

Moving to the NBA, I'm a little disappointed that the Hawks weren't able to take down the Bulls in the NBA like I hoped they would, but it's all good. On the bright side, the Lakers are done, and hopefully the Heat are going to choke in the Conference Finals so we can all sit back and enjoy seeing LeBron lose again (while being able to actually stomach the NBA Finals without it being a constant LeBron blow job).

Anyway, that's all the NBA I'm going to talk this week, for fear that I might turn into an NBA fan from talking about it so much.

There's nothing to talk about in the NFL either, as the billionaires and millionaires are still bitching over how to split insane amounts of money, and are driving fans further and further away from the game. So I'm going to back away slowly from that one before I get angry. (And you won't like me if I'm angry.)

In baseball, I'm sick and tired of seeing the talking heads at ESPN going on and on and on about Jorge Posada. Look guys, he said he didn't want to bat 9th. It's not the end of the world, and it's not a life-changing event. It's a guy who bitched about being demoted in the batting order. Can we please stop talking about it now? Please?

I don't know how many of you watched the Civil Rights game between the Braves and Phillies, but it was pretty cool to see the opening ceremony with Hank Aaron, Morgan Freeman, Carlos Santana, and Ernie Banks. It was also cool to see Carlos Santana using his award reception speech to blast the state of Arizona by saying "you all should be ashamed of yourselves". Now, I'm not going to get political here (I'll let Beeze handle the politics), but whether you agree with him or not, you have to give him props for having the balls to get up and say that on live tv. Of course, I'm not surprised because Carlos Santana is certified bad ass, especially on the guitar.

On that note, here's a video for your pleasure.

With that, I'm going to close up shop for this week, as I'm all out of things to say. Like always, if you have anything to say, feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

Until next Monday...

Category: Racing

Welcome to this weeks edition of Special K's FEARLESS TOP 10 PREDICTIONS. This week all three of NASCAR's Top series are at the Dover International Speedway. It will be the 11th race of the season for the Sprint Cup series. On Friday night Kyle Busch won the Camping World Truck series race. It was his 96th career win in all three series tieing him with Mark Martin for 5th all-time. Carl Edwards won the Nationwide race yesterday that featured a green-white-checker finish. Qualifing was rained out, so the line-up has been set by practice speeds. This is the first time this that the newest rule has been used. Last week yours truly had 4 drivers in the Top 10 and 4 others in the Top 20. Here are this weeks picks.

1.---Kyle Busch is rolling this season and is a threat to win every race he runs. Look for a solid finish again this week.

2.---Jimmie Johnson usually runs well here at Dover and has swept both races in the past. He starts from the pole this week.

3.---Joey Lagano hasn't had the best of luck here at Dover. He seems to run well but gets caught up in someone else's trouble.

4.---Carl Edwards earned the nickname "Concrete" Carl for good reason. He runs well here at Dover and Bristol.

5.---Klassless Harvick loves this type of track. He can root and gouge other drivers knock them out of the way and blame them for whatever reason he can thinkl of/

6.--Tony Stewart has been able to overcome the horrendous calls by his crew cheif the last couple of weeks and is starting to run better.

7.---Martin Truex Jr is my surprise pick of the week. Dover is the site of his only Cup win in June of 2007. Look for a solid run.

8.---Jeff Burton has struggled all-season in the Richard "Choke" Childress Cat Chevy. He usually runs well at the short tracks and look for a solid finish.

9.---Greg Biffle has been inconsistant as usual but is starting up front this week.

10.--Denny Hamlin stuggles at this track, but did have solid finishes last year. Look for my favorite driver to continue the good finishes he has had of late.

Who would have guessed that the mediocre driver Regan Smith would get a win, especially at Darlington. He is really no more than a one-lap-wonder. He does quailfy well but like Klassess Harvick falls to the back of the pack after the 1st pit stop and some how manages a good finish after running in the back all day. Crybaby Bowyer, Matt Kenseth, and Jeff Gordon should be up front and could challenge for a solid Top 5.

Have a great day everybody.

Special K


Cardinals, baseball and dreams
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Tags: MLB

Thoughts from an Island Girl



Just when I thought it was hopeless and life was out of control,   I get a kidney stone.    So on top of the stresses I get to endure this.    But there can be an upside to the craziness of now.     It means I can take the meds,  lay back and watch some TV

.   So,   I am watching these games in HDTV.    I am watching baseball and taking in the sounds.   I am listening to the quite chatter of the crowd.    The efficient crack of the bat on the ball or the sound of a pitch as it hits the catcher's glove.      I watch Johnny Gomes go through his ritual on each pitch and it is annoying.    Yet at the same time,  we must keep it all in perspective.  

 This  guy's career may be over soon.   As quickly as a player comes,  he goes.    Even those who were around 20 years.    In the blink of an eye,   they become a part of history.    If they are good enough,   they become enshrined into the Hall of Fame or just someone that an old fan happens to remember.    So while Gomes may have some irritating habits,   we should enjoy him now.      



Then are the commercials.   Some are very bad.   Like the  weird guy who talks about getting hit with his dipstick sonny or Flo with her bobble-heads and the nerdy guys who seem to populate her ads.   In my opinion, they are good and effective in selling insurance and while silly,  they are better than most. 

The Cardinals appear to be coming back down to earth now,  but that was expected.    No team has gone 162-0 and all streaks must end.   Even so,  Albert Pujols average has gone from .220 to around .273.   Slowly,   surely he is getting back to where he normally is.    It may hurt or help him but Cardinal fans have little bad to say about him.


Michelle Malkin's teen cousin is still missing.  It has been nine weeks now and things are not looking good.    But missing young adults is common and I think,  it is good to talk about this.    Teens who grow up are still human,  regardless of their calendar year.     This young lady was last seen drinking coffee or having a roll.   



So as we move about our business this week,  hug a person in need and keep in your prayers,  those who are missing or conflicted.   Your prayers and thoughts are appreciated.....

NHL Conference Finals and Other Ice Chips
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When I think of this year’s NHL playoffs I think of the teams that normally end up in the second season, Pittsburgh, Washington, Detroit and New Jersey and with them the poster boys of the NHL Crosby and Ovechkin. But this year we’ve seen a turning of the tide, no more Nicklas Lidstrom vying for another Cup, no white towels will be waved in Pittsburgh, the Capitals once again showed they are one dimensional and ride the back of one line and not a whole lot more and the Devils are rebuilding. Yeah, this post season we’ve got Bergeron and Thomas, Lecavalier and St. Louis, Thornton and Marleau, the Sedin’s and Luongo…for some these are household names, for the casual fan it’s more like WHO are these guys?

The two teams from the West have never won a Stanley Cup, the two from the East each have, with TB doing so in ’03-’04 and Boston winning there last of 5 Cups in the ’71-’72 season. To this point we’ve enjoyed great matchups with tons of terrific hockey, what else do you expect from the fastest game on two legs? The Bruins had to deal first with their arch rival and Original Six nemeses the Montreal Canadians, who stole the first 2 games in Boston, the Bruins then went on to win the next four of five, three in OT including game seven in Boston. Following that Boston knocked out the Flyers in four straight to erase any memory of that implosion last year when Philly came back from a 3-1 series deficit to win the series. Now they enter the Eastern Conference Finals for the first time since ’92 and host the Tampa Bay Lightning beginning tonight at 8 pm. Both teams swept their final series and have been off for close to 2 weeks, needless to say they’re itching to get back in action.

In the West it’s the San Jose Sharks and Vancouver Canucks. The Sharks, who never seem to do anything the easy way, had a 3-0 lead on the Red Wings, lost the next three and took game seven Thursday night in a tight fought game in San Jose. They had gone six games with the L.A. Kings in the first round. Vancouver another of those teams who look like a pretender more than a contender usually, found themselves making their path to the Conference finals difficult doing the same as San Jose in the first round having a 3-0 lead only to cough it up against the defending Stanley Cup champs and winning in seven at home, they followed that up with a six game series against the pesky Nashville Predators.

San Jose found a way to pull out of a grueling series with the Red Wings, I’m just not sure they’ll have the gas or the luck for that matter to go that kind of distance again with the Canucks, but if Roberto Luongo performs like he did against the Black Hawks the Sharks might just find themselves moving onto the finals. It’s clear that how the goaltending goes so goes the series for both of these teams. The west series begins Sunday night in Vancouver. In the East the homer comes out of me and I’ll take Boston in 6 games, for the West I’ll go with Vancouver in 6.

In other news, last night NY Rangers enforcer Derek Boogaard, 28, was found dead in his Minneapolis apartment. There have been no details given as to the cause and it may not be known for weeks.

The NY Islanders signed rookie Michael Grabner today to a 5 year $15 million contact, he had 34 goals and was 3rd on the Isles with 54 points. Grabner is one of 3 finalists for this year’s Calder trophy which is given annually to the league’s top rookie. Other finalists this season are San Jose’s Logan Couture and Carolina’s Jeff Skinner.

It’s looking more and more like the Atlanta Thrashers won’t be in Georgia next season, regardless of what the few Billy Ray Jim Bob’s down here who go to the game would like to believe. An article posted in today’s Toronto Sun has quotes from Atlanta owner Bruce Levenson saying before the Bulls-Hawks game (who he owns as well, along with Philips arena and are being sold as a package deal if possible) that they are no closer to finding a local owner than they were a year ago. Here’s that interview, watch and listen to this tool, particularly when he answers the question about what is it he’d say to the fans, I’ll give you a hint, he’s not going to be begging them to buy season tickets to help the cause. Talk about wanting to get out of town.




Hotch will return next week! Enjoy the playoffs Gabbers!

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