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Hello gabbers and thanks for checking in today.

New segment part 2…Harry’s disgusted.

In 69 words-

The Vikings reinstating Adrian Peterson and saying they will let the judiciary process play out is saying that he’s too good of a talent to let this incident get in the way of our goal. The Raddison is pulling their advertising from the Vikings in light of Peterson’s return.  Peterson injured his 4 year old son, that he only sees 10-15 days per year, unintentionally… with a stick.  

I wrote this blog before the Vikings, under pressure from sponsers, reversed their position on Peterson. He will still get $800,000 per week but won't be allowed in the Vikings facility.

Week two of the NFL season had plenty of off field drama, my opinions of these things is simply spelled out in 69 words above.

On the field........

On the field there was some great football played.

Philip Rivers and the San Diego Chargers took it to the defending SB champs and beat Richard Sherman and the Seahawks 30-21.

Ageless Antonio Gates pulled in 3 TD passes from Rivers in the win..

Rex is not happy

Marty is in deep shit

The Jets seemed to find their mid season stride by timing out in Green Bay…blame Marty , Rex or Karma, it really doesn’t matter they just seem to finds a way. They are kind of the AFC version of the Lions.


Jordy Nelson gave Oldharry’s Natural grass and bad weather fantasy team a boost over Lanz’s Dukes of York. 209 yards receiving and that adds up to some solid bonus points…sorry Lanz

The play of the weekend award goes to Patriots DE Chandler Jones.

A blocked FG attempt and subsequent 59 yard TD return to go along with 8 tackles and 2 sacks.

The Pats o line kept Tom Brady clean with only one sack.


The still unbeaten teams after week 2 are:








The most surprising Bills are 2-0 after beating the Bears in week one and pummeling the Dolphins 29-10 in week two. The road ahead for the Bills isn’t an easy one:

San Diego-       just beat defending SB champs Seattle last week.

At Houston-     off to a 2-0 start

At Detroit-        explosive offense with Stafford and Cal Johnson

New England-   Tom Brady has a 22-2 record vs Buffalo


The surviving Dolphins are gathering to put this years pin poking voodoo session round table together to finish off the teams left unbeaten. They will be putting the 2% milk to toast on ice awaiting the last to fall of this years pretenders



-Patriots head coach Bill Belichick won his 200th NFL regular season game 30-7 over the Vikings on Sunday.

When asked about the 200th Bill said, “ I didn’t plan on this when I got into coaching, it’s really something…I guess what it really means is that I had some great players playing for me”

The only other active NFL head coaches with more than 100 wins are

Tom Coughlin        158

Jeff Fisher             157

Andy Reid             141

John Fox              109


- Wrapped In Belichick's 200th win was Tom Brady's 149th win pulling him into 3rd place alltime behind Farve and Manning



Peyton Manning now has 497 TD’s just 11 behind all time leader Brett Farve.

The closest active QB’s behind Peyton are

- Drew Brees at #4 with 366 and

- Tom Brady at #5 with 361.


Speaking of Brees


-Drew Brees 51,651yds. passed John Elway 51,475yds. and moved into 4th place all time in total passing yardage.


Top 10 all time list passing yards

1.Brett Farve              71,838

2.Peyton Manning       65,475

3. Dan Marino             61,361

4. Drew Brees             51,651

5. John Elway              51,475

6. Tom Brady               49,547

7. Warren Moon           49,325

8. Fran Tarkington        47,003

9. Vinny Testaverde      46,233

10. Drew Bledsoe         44,611


In the Harry family league I squared off against son #2. I had to get rid of Peterson and replaced him in my lineup with Shane Vereen and move Reggie Wayne into the flex position I moved Vereen from. With some injuries, suspensions etc. I was still able to win 168-109 and stay unbeaten.

Life in the Subdivision:

You just never know what the kids will bring home next!  I’ve always been a purveyor of letting my kids do what they want as long as they don’t break things or hurt people. All of them are independent and self sufficient which is what our parenting plan was when we started out. Last weekend #4 son, the one who told us we needed to be tested for a trembling disorder after taking the shaky truck for a spin, came home with a new yard ornament.

He says it (an old 24’ Boston Whaler with no motor) will be sold within a week and he will fix the trailer and get $600.00 for it. I said ok, what did you pay for the arc?

Boat and trailer…$150.

Number 3 son said later that day, “ ok the Boat isn’t gone until Nov 1st…you want the over or under Dad?”

 I took the over.

The Ditkahs rocked the lanes last week taking game one by 43 point and game 3 by 25 after dropping game 2 by 10. A solid overall win which brings us to 8-8 after two weeks. I had an ok night, started out with a 156 followed with a 192 and finished with a 177.  

Until next week Gabbers and don’t forget Lanz right over there >>>

Week 3 Top 25 + LSU/MSU Notes
Category: NCAA

I’ll get my few comments about the LSU/Mississippi St. series out of the way. If you haven’t yet, please check out my Rivalry post about the series, which despite being played annually (in fact, it is LSU’s most-played series) has not resulted in a win for the Bulldogs since 1999. Even in the bad LSU years that preceded that game (such as the 2-9 team in 1992), the Tigers won, usually in convincing fashion. That is my most popular post over the last year. Judging by search teams such as “has mississippi state ever won against lsu” (now that would be a streak if the answer were no), “mississippi state losing streak against lsu”, etc., it’s at least in part due to interest in how well the Tigers have done over the last 20-25 years in the series.

Les Miles isn’t exactly on the hot seat right now, but Glenn Guilbeau had an interesting take on what losing to Mississippi St. has meant for coaching careers at LSU.

Speaking of Les, he mentioned a couple fun facts during his press conference. When the Tigers held ULM scoreless with less than 100 yards of offense, that was the first time since 1941 that the Tigers recorded consecutive shutouts at Tiger Stadium. In 1985, the Tigers had consecutive shut-outs during conference play; but the two games were separated by a bye week, and the second game was on the road. LSU finished in second place in the SEC the latter year (among teams eligible for the title), just a half-game behind Tennessee.

Gerry DiNardo (left) could no longer figure out how to beat anyone in 1999 but nearly upset one of Jackie Sherrill's best teams anyway. LSU has not lost to the Bulldogs since.

Gerry DiNardo (left) could no longer figure out how to beat anyone in 1999 but nearly upset Jackie Sherrill’s Bulldogs anyway. LSU has not lost to Miss. St. since.

Week 3 College Football Rankings 2014

(Teams new to the rankings have logos posted below. I was in more of a retro mood today, especially given some of the teams below.)

1 Auburn 1
2 Oregon 2
3 Oklahoma 3
4 Florida St. 4
5 Alabama 6
6 TX A&M 8
7 LSU 7
8 Notre Dame 10
9 Ole Miss 12
10 BYU 11
11 S Carolina 18
12 Penn St. 24
13 Georgia 5
14 Pittsburgh –
15 E. Carolina –
16 Boston Coll. –
17 UCLA –
18 Va. Tech 9
19 Virginia –
20 USC 14
21 Louisville 15
22 Ohio St. 19
23 Arizona –
24 Missouri –
25 Okie St. –

Out of rankings: (13) Clemson, (16) Mich. St., (17) Stanford, (20) Arizona St., (21) Baylor, (22) Florida, (23) Duke, (25) N. Illinois

I haven’t become too much of a purist this week (although you can check out my completely objective top 10 here), but I decided you actually have to have beaten somebody of substance to be on this list. I was a little bit liberal with that, especially in the case of Oklahoma St., but UTSA nearly beat Arizona and had a 6-game winning streak going into the Arizona game. This policy will help ease the transition into the computer system.

I also opted against ranking any team ahead of a team that beat them. I think that makes sense this early. The likes of East Carolina, Boston College, and Virginia might be flukes, but if we find that out later, so be it. When teams down the win chain start to beat the higher teams (for instance, maybe Louisville beats Boston College and USC beats UCLA) is when it gets tricky, and that’s when I resort to my objective system.

If you’re a little hazy, I’ll go through the main ones (best wins of the lowest ranked team in parentheses):
Texas A&M > S. Carolina > Georgia (> Clemson)
Pittsburgh > Boston College > USC (> Stanford)
UCLA > Virginia > Louisville (> U. Miami)
East Carolina > Virginia Tech > Ohio St. (> Navy)

Earlier rankings:
Week 1
Week 2

...For earlier access to my blogs, archives, etc., you can follow my wordpress site or my page on facebook.

Buzz from the Bleachers
Category: Daily Blog 2.0

Fan- a fanatic; a keen and regular spectator of sports; an enthusiast for a particular person or thing.

Fanatic- a person with an extreme and uncritical enthusiasm or zeal, as in religion or politics.

According to the dictionary, to be a fan meant to be someone who stood behind a team with unbridled enthusiasm and little to no logic. I always knew fans set most criticisms of their team aside, but were able to recognize bigger issues with their team, their players, and the sport at large. I have recently rethought this stance.

Last Thursday night was only the most recent example. As CBS and Thursday Night Football descended on Baltimore in the wake of the Ray Rice shakeup, cameras from various news outlets caught countless Ravens’ fans in their Ray Rice jerseys. ESPN interviewed a woman who proudly wore her Ruice jersey and stated that she would continue to support Rice. The Huffington Post found and interviewed three fans about their decision to wear their Ray Rice jerseys. Each had their own reasons ranging from the idea that abuse can be initiated by a woman to he was a model citizen before and has cooperated fully with the NFL and their investigation. 

You can read more or hear from the fans themselves here:

I realize there will always be a minority of people who will support someone who seems to be so clearly in the wrong in the majority’s opinion, but never before has that minority been so damned vocal or so visible. There used to be some decorum. People would understand something terrible and tragic has happened and, out of respect for that incident and its victims, they would take steps to remove all reminders. There was a sense that it was best to move on. There was still the idea of redemption, but for the moment the offending player would be taken out of view. In Baltimore, Ray Rice was present in the support of the fans and even in the locker-room as several players dedicated their win to Rice.

I can understand the reasoning. Ray Rice was a big part of Baltimore since the team drafted him in 2008. He became a huge part of the lives of so many by extension. It gets hard to believe someone you think you know so well could do something as horrific as abuse family, but that is the risk we as fans assume when we welcome players into our hearts and minds. We trick ourselves into thinking we really know people. Imagine, if you will, how shocked Buffalo Bills fans were to see OJ’s white Bronco fleeing from cops as he was being sought in a murder investigation. Still, we never, or rarely, get to know the true character of the players we cheer for. Fans will forever roll the dice and gamble on the character of a team or organization.

The Rice case is simply the latest chapter in a sad narrative. One only has to look back to the 2011 beating of a San Francisco Giants fan by two LA Dodger fans. Look at the public outcry in PA over the decision to remove the Joe Paterno statue following the Jerry Sandusky case. Attend a little league game and you’ll see parents taking umpire calls or coaching decisions personally. Go to any sports site and watch the venom come out as fans comment on stories of the day, eventually descending into racially insensitive diatribes or profanity laced tirades. The idea of decency or even etiquette in sports is a long way gone.

That loss of etiquette has crossed the line from a nuisance of the game to a genuine deterrent for many. I know my own brother, IHM, refuses to attend sporting events now. Granted pricing and team/sport politics can be a factor, but fan behavior is increasingly cited as a reason attendance among families and others at sporting events is down. Far too many people are taking the Homer Simpson approach to attending games: “This ticket doesn’t just give me a seat. It also gives me the right, no, the duty to make a complete ass of myself”.

What follows in the wake of the scandals is the glaring need for fans to take stock of what we are or what we are becoming. The definition given at the top is one often used to describe terrorists and extremists. That same definition is becoming increasingly acceptable for most fans. We are becoming zealots. We are shutting out logic and outside thought. Rather than accepting faults, we are supporting victim mentalities and trying to justify not only the skewed behaviors of our players, but of ourselves. Are we blind enough to cover for criminals? Are we numb enough to accept spitting on a little girl who roots for the opposite team or to steal foul balls from kids? As of now, we are and we do, but, if we really want anything to change in the wake of this rocky time in sports, we have to take action to change things. That change will be slow. It starts with minding your own habits. It builds into keeping others in check. Hopefully, it will make sporting events into the kind of event you don’t have to worry about bringing your kids to once again.

Deep Thoughts 9-17-14
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Hello and welcome to another Wednesday of deep thoughts. The Bible says spare the rod and spoil the child. While I think that most people would agree with this statement, my belief is that each of us would take something different from these words. I grew up in a household that strongly believed in using the rod or more accurately…a belt. Lord knows, I was a hard headed kid, but I was never spoiled. While I screwed up regularly, I knew that there would be consequences. I also knew that my parents loved me. As a kid, I had a basic understanding that my parents disciplined me because they loved me. My Dad used to say something that I thought was bs…something about the spanking hurting him as much as it did me. Well, at 9 or whatever…I knew that there was no way that his butt was hurting as bad as mine. It was not until I was a parent that I understood what he meant. Kids don’t come with a handbook. Really, the only thing reference guide parents have is what they learned growing up.



Adrian Peterson was indicted by the grand jury in Montgomery County last week for injury to a child...his 4 year old child. Many people see the pictures of his son and immediately assume that Peterson is a sadistic ass. I look at the pictures of his son and realize immediately what Peterson’s childhood was like. If you have never been to East Texas, you cannot possibly imagine how different the region is. Honestly, it is beautiful…the red dirt and pine trees are some of my favorite memories of summer visits to my grandparent’s home. East Texas is a very rural region that is generally poor. Agriculture, timber and oil are the primary business in the area. It is also deep in the heart of the Bible belt. Adrian Peterson grew up in Palestine Texas, a town of 18,000. In this small town, how many churches would you guess there are? Would you be surprised to know that the number is 71? Of this number, 25 are Baptist Churches. I don’t know Adrian Peterson, but I know where he comes from. These are good people…honest folks with traditional values. Life has changed over the years, but core beliefs have not. When kids get out of line, they are punished. This is what Adrian Peterson and I both learned growing up.



I have a difficult time condemning someone for how they discipline their children. Especially when I see the results of kids that grow up with no discipline at all. In reading an article about Adrian Peterson, I ran across this comment from a mother named Linda. Here is what Linda had to say:

I grew up in a home with "corporal" punishment, so when I had a child, this is the form of discipline I used. It wasn't until my child was 12 and got a spanking for trying to do a book report the night before it was due (they had 2 weeks to do it), that it became an issue. When my child told a friend they got a spanking, the friend told the teacher, who called child services. My child was taken from our home for 1 night and return the next day. The social worker assigned to us was awesome, and said to me,"As a mother, I don't disagree with what you did. However, as a social worker, I have to tell you that is it wrong." From that day forward, I never physically abused my child again. However, I lived with the threat of "touch me and I'll call the cops" for the next 4 years. My child began to skip school and do pretty much what they wanted to. I was given a citation for truancy for my child. By 16, my child had moved out of my home and was living with the family of a registered sex offender. By 17, she had quit school and was pregnant. At 18 she was on welfare, had no diploma and no job. My child has always refused to use any form of punishment on her child. At 11, my grandchild was expelled from school, after failing in a district "behavioral program". At 30, my child is afraid of her own child, who steals from her and has threatened her life. Her only regret? "Maybe spanking him every now and then wouldn't have been such a bad thing." Society has taken control away from the parents and given it to the children. We grew up with rules, consequences and punishment, yet somehow we became honest, respectable, productive adults. We work had and respect others, especially our elders. We don't think society owes us just because we exist. Can it sometimes go to far? Absolutely. You can have punishment with limits. But most of the excess comes from individuals who tend to have excessive personalities. Children need structure and boundaries. And sometimes, punishment. Just not excessive punishment that causes bodily injury. If given the choice, I would be raised exactly the same way, all over again.




I have gone back and forth in my mind regarding Adrian Peterson. I truly believe that he was trying to do the right thing. He was doing what he had learned growing up. But, I also believe he was excessive in spanking his son. My wife and I were forced to adjust how we punished our children when our middle daughter was about 4 years old. She was stubborn and independent beyond her years. I spanked her one time and she told me, “That did not hurt”. As Julie and I talked later, we realized that spanking this child would not work.  We had to change the manner that we punished our kids. Honestly, it is much harder to discipline kids when a spanking is not the punishment. As a parent, it takes effort and creativity to understand the proper motivation to teach children right from wrong. Our pediatrician told my wife one time that sometimes spanking a child is necessary. He used the incident of a kid walking out in the street. It is necessary in that case in order to get the child’s attention immediately. But leaving a four year old with bloody whelps is wrong. The one thing that I have come to believe is that although spanking children is effective in teaching them right from wrong…it also teaches them to hit. I cannot finish this topic without remembering an incident at the home of a close family friend. I was probably 5 and my brother was a couple of years younger. We were doing the wild Indian thing and my Mom finally had enough. She told me to go outside and bring back a switch. I did as instructed and remember dreading the walk back into that house. I handed my Mom that switch and prepared to take my punishment. A funny thing happened…my parent’s friends had this really cool German Shepard named Tina. I loved that dog, so smart…just the best dog. As my Mon drew back the switch, I heard a low growl. My Mom stopped and looked around…the growl was Tina saying, not in my house. My Mom decided to listen to Tina. The funny thing is that my Mom had never before used a switch to spank us…and Tina made sure that she would not that day either.







With all of the discussion over the NFL, we have overlooked some great baseball happening. September, is usually associated with football, which is really too bad. September baseball is tough to beat. It is the time of year when things get real interesting. The Orioles and Nationals clinched their divisions on Tuesday. The big news here for me was Baltimore winning the AL East. Yes, the Nats are a nice story, but they are a team built to win. The O’s sort of came out of nowhere to literally run away with the division. I suppose I should not be surprised that Showalter has his birds in the playoffs. The guy just knows how to win. I admire his baseball knowledge, but I admire his toughness most of all. Showalter took a look back to remind his team that the Orioles had a successful history. I continue to be amazed at how successful the pitching staff has performed. Seriously, there are no big names like Jim Palmer, Mike Cuellar or Dave McNally. I dismissed this team early in the season as just not having a staff built for playoff baseball…I was wrong. This Baltimore team simply does not allow anything to distract them from their goal. They lost Machado and did not miss a beat. Chris Davis is lost for 25 days…and they just keep playing. This is a team that plays exactly in the image of their skipper…they are tough. I am not sure how they will fare against a team like Detroit or Los Angeles…but I would not count them out. I truly believe that baseball is better when Baltimore is playing good baseball.





Many fans may view Chris Davis as the villian in this Oriole story book season. In truth, there is more to this than another player failing a drug test. While it is true that Davis tested positive for Adderall, it is also true that Davis and 118 other players received permission to use Adderall in 2013. Did Davis not know that he did not have permission in 2014? Either way, he has to take responsibility for his actions. I have always been a fan of Davis, and was sorry to see the Rangers trade him. He is a Texas kid that grew up in Longview and played JUCO ball at Navarro in Corsicana Texas. It is nice to see kids make it that come from humble roots. There was another story this week, that I think says more about who Chris Davis is. A motorist reportedly arrived on an accident that had a man pinned under a truck. He pulled over and joined in to attempt to return the truck to an upright position. After achieving this, he turned to the man next to him and gave him a high five...he was surprised to see that it was Chris Davis. Given the past few months of negative stories regarding athletes, it is nice to read something that is positive. Nice job Chris Davis!




In other news...


MLB announced that Jonathan Papelbon received a 7 game suspension for his touching gesture to the Philly fans. Umpire Cowboy Joe West did the right thing in giving Papelbon the heave ho, then screwed up by grabbing Papelbon's jersey. MLB agreed and issued West a one game suspension.





                                                 Sorry Joe, you can't initiate contact...even if the douche bag deserves it...









Congratulations to Jose Altuve for setting a new single season Astro hit mark at 211 and counting. He eclipsed the pervious mark for season hits of 210 established by Craig Biggio. This has truly been a break -out season for Altuve. It seems like each night he has at least two hits to pace his team. Pound for pound, is there a better player in baseball? I just love the way that Jose plays the game. He gives hope to vertically challenged players everywhere. I am telling you…the Astros will make huge strides next year…and Altuve will be the guy setting the pace.


                                                               Craig Biggo was on hand to congratulate Jose Altuve.

Remember…don’t get so into watching football that you forget about September baseball!






Did you hear about the furor regarding the Columbian women’s cycling team? Apparently some really do not like their uniforms...





That’s all I have today, but I will leave you with a bit of Jack Handey…


If you're a horse, and someone gets on you, and falls off, and then gets right back on you, I think you should buck him off right away.


I hope that after I die, people will say of me: "That guy sure owed me a lot of money."


Thanks for stopping by and feel free to leave a few deep thoughts of your own…



I'm Just Saying.....Don't Beat Me, Or Should You??
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I'm Just Saying.....

Now that I have your attention…

I want to say thank you mom. Thanks for all the beatings you gave me growing up. Some I know I deserved and some, at the time, I didn’t think I deserved. But, in the end, I knew that everything I received was worth every strike of the belt to my ass.

This is the belt my mom used. Though I am 59, the belt is over 80 years old. I'm told is was used on my dad and aunt when they were kids. But, the missing colors of the belt can be found on my butt cheeks. I never bled, and I don’t think my mom tried to hurt me, at least that is what she says today. Love ya mom. In fact, the ass was the only place you hit me. Never on the legs, never in the face or any other part of my body.

I know that all my “punishments” were done to “put me in-line” so I would not go on the wrong path in life. For that I am internally grateful.

I am also grateful that you did not abuse me. You only punished me when I did something wrong, which seemed to be a lot. For someone who looked innocent when I was young, I was actually a devil of a child. Today I’m no Saint, but God only knows what I would have turned out to be.

To Mr. Peterson, there is no crime in punishing a child. The crime comes into play when there is physical harm to the child.

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