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Welcome to Wednesday, Gabbers. I am still in shock over the ALDS games. Don’t get me wrong they were fun to watch, though rage inducing for Tigers fans. I just didn’t  see either sweep. Heck, I didn’t stay up long enough to even see the Royals coming. Now, along with the O’s, the Royals are one of the last teams standing. While it’s a great story, I’m still pulling for the Orioles to win.

I’ll echo my brother, IHM, by the way: Why do the Tigers keep pitching to Nelson Cruz?

Meanwhile, in the National League, the series are a little more interesting. Just like the AL, the Giants took a quick 2 game lead in their series. Unlike the AL, the Nationals fought back to take game 3. All the games have been close. It’s been a great show. St. Louis and LA are slugging it out and trading games. The Cards took game 1. The Dodgers took game 2. The Cards got game 3. I figured the Dodgers would take this and Kershaw is looking good so far, but the Cards are matching his scoreless innings.

I have to agree with several Gabbers: this has been an amazing MLB season.

Now the Tigers are facing the same question: what kind of a bullpen can we make? What do we have in the minors? There doesn’t seem to be much. Are the Tigers going to overpay for over the hill or mediocre relief pitching? There’s really no good answer. Scherzer is gone, but we can make a good rotation even without him. We have obvious needs: bullpen and bats on the bench.

Arian Foster agrees with NFL fans: Thursday night games suck. Foster argues that the games are annoying for players. I’d agree. Imagine playing Monday night and then having to get ready for Thursday. As far as I can tell, the NFL tries not to do that, but even a Sunday to Thursday game gives players little chance to rest up. I know it bugs fantasy players as well. My wife hates it.

I heard another NFL topic that made me pause too: Are the Steelers still an elite franchise? In terms of sheer fan loyalty, passion, and numbers, I’d say yes. People here still give the Steelers more love than the Pirates. Still, there’s a lot of disappointment. There’s no more running game. (It went up in smoke.) The defense is nothing like most of us remember. They really haven’t been a threat for 2 seasons and they don’t look it this season. I won’t go too far and accept that they are done as an elite franchise, but they’ve got a ways to go to right their franchise.

OH, and if we want to bring back douche of the year, how about the Highland Hills boys soccer team in PA? They have a tradition of duct taping players to the goal. You’d figure they’d be smart enough to quell this in the wake of current sentiment, but no. If anything, they made it worse. Members of the team duct taped an autistic boy to the goal and left him on his own for 15 minutes. The school has since suspended the coach and two of the players for 5 days. I don’t know if I’d suspend the season, but I’d seriously consider it as an AD.

That is it for this week. Thanks as always for stopping by and reading. I’m planning on being out of the retail biz by the end of the week. I’m giving a two week notice, because subbing is that much more lucrative. I’m hoping not working as much gives me more time with my wife, but also more time here with you folks.

Week 6 College Football Rankings 2014
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LSU plays Florida this week, so if you’re interested, here is my LSU/Florida Rivalry blog.

Dak Prescott evades an Auburn defender last year.  I rank the two teams #1 and #3 going into their game Saturday.

Dak Prescott evades an Auburn defender last year. I rank the two teams #1 and #3 going into their game Saturday.

1 Auburn 1
2 Florida St. 2
3 Miss. St. 6
4 Ole Miss 11
5 Arizona 15
6 Notre Dame 12
7 Ga. Tech 13
8 TCU 23
9 UCLA 9
10 Alabama 3
11 Marshall 24
12 Oregon 4
13 Nebraska 10
14 TX A&M 8
15 Oklahoma 5
16 Mich. St. –
17 Baylor 17
18 Missouri 25
19 Penn St. –
20 Minnesota –
21 Ohio St. –
22 Arizona St. –
23 Louisville 20
24 UC-Berkeley –
25 Florida –

Full computer rankings 1-128 (as I will explain, these are not in agreement with the top 25 given above)

Out of rankings: (7) BYU, (14) LSU. (16) E. Carolina, (18) Georgia, (19) S. Carolina, (21) Okie St.. (22) NC State

Explanation and future rankings

I only made two adjustments to my computer ratings to make this top 25. One was to keep Florida St. at #2. They actually were #2 in the computer rating last week, but the big points by undefeated Ole Miss, Miss. St., and Arizona teams them all ahead of the Seminoles. I still think it’s too early to put any of them #2 though.

If the Bulldogs win next week, I may even put them #1. If Ole Miss and Auburn win, they may be 1 and 2, but then Florida St. would have a chance to get back in the top 2 with a win over Notre Dame the following week. In that scenario, I may again keep Florida St. #2 pending the outcome of the game against the Irish.

The other adjustment was to keep UCLA at #9. It just doesn’t look right to lose to an unranked team and move up. They were #1 in the computer ratings last week.

I may make similar minor adjustments next week (I mentioned one possibility), but after the following week, I plan to just follow the computer rating to the letter.

In total, 7 of my top 11 teams lost of the 9 possible. There were three games where top-11 teams were playing one another, so that’s why there were only 9 possible losses. The only survivor against a team ranked below #15 was Florida St. Auburn was also a survivor, but LSU was #14 going into last week. (More on LSU below.)

I’m going to talk about new teams in the top 25 and old teams that fell out. I think it’s pretty obvious why South Carolina (losers to Kentucky) and North Carolina St. (losers to Clemson) fell out. Some teams only moved into the rankings because 12 teams ahead of them lost.

BYU fell all the way out after losing to Utah St. That wasn’t based on past opponents so much (although Texas didn’t help), but Utah St. (#87 going into the week) is a bad loss at this point, so having a bad loss this early makes you sink like a stone. Virginia is still a quality win though.

East Carolina’s loss to South Carolina continues to drag them down. Also, the Pirates essentially have zero points to show for the last two weeks (a bye and a win over SMU). Virginia Tech won, but they beat North Carolina (another prior opponent of East Carolina), so that didn’t help much.

Georgia also lost to South Carolina, so that is hurting them as well. Also, Tennessee’s loss wasn’t helpful either.

Oklahoma St. is having issues with prior opponents, and Saturday’s win over Iowa St. (which only has one win) didn’t help much. Texas-San Antonio has struggled, and Texas Tech lost yet again as well. Florida St. is still a respectable loss, but it’s not really more respectable than it was already.

Michigan St. is back after finally getting a good win over Nebraska, nothing controversial there. Their land grant rivals (Penn St.) might be more of a mystery, but Akron, Rutgers, Northwestern, and Central Florida all won last week, and of course some higher teams suffered losses.

There isn’t much analysis required for Minnesota, Ohio St., and Arizona St. Minnesota was idle, so they didn’t really have points added, but it still helped a lot that TCU (the team they lost to) beat Oklahoma. The other two also had fairly decent wins.

Cal is probably the worst 4-1 team, but their only loss is to undefeated Arizona. Even though the Colorado and Washington St. wins weren’t pretty and the Bears have allowed 144 points in their last 9 quarters, a win is a win. The Pac-12 schedule is a decent boost as well. I’ll mention Florida below.

I don’t factor in margin of victory, so you might wonder why LSU fell so far. The Tigers had two wins over otherwise-unbeaten teams (ULM and Wisconsin) going into the week, but both lost. LSU does still have an extremely good schedule (#12 in FBS average), but it’s very difficult to be in the top 25 with two losses this early, and the ULM and Wisconsin losses made it impossible. Also, an average FBS opponent would have given more points than Sam Houston St.

I’ve already given my thoughts about LSU in the past few blogs, but this was a very good article about what is important in this season at this point.

Forget winning the SEC West. Sure, competitive divisions like that can theoretically have a two-loss champion, but they need to just put it out of their minds completely. It should be a relaxed atmosphere where if you can upset Alabama, Ole Miss, or whoever, that’s great, but just play a good game. We didn’t do that against Auburn, it was like the worse it got the more afraid LSU was of making it even worse. Even though Auburn is in playoff position and could easily be overshadowed with just one slip-up, they played more like a team with nothing to lose than LSU did.

My one disagreement with the author in the piece above is I don’t think you settle on one quarterback. If one of them plays a bad half, take him out. The only decent drives were orchestrated by Jennings in the last game (the touchdown drive was essentially one good play rather than a well-orchestrated drive) and by Harris in the previous game. Neither one should have stayed in. We don’t have to pick next year’s quarterback until next year. If they both get an equal number of snaps this year, then you have even more to go on in picking the quarterback for next year.

I think it’s far worse to wrongly settle on a quarterback and stubbornly refuse to make a change. That’s what happened in the 2012 title game. Maybe they wouldn’t have gotten any points with Lee (who had struggled in the first game against Alabama), but you can’t do worse than 0. Saturday was only one of two times since then (the other being @Alabama last year) that LSU lost by more than one possession.

As mentioned, LSU plays Florida next week. They also have two quarterbacks. Will Muschamp benched one of them to provide an offensive spark, and it worked. I don’t know if he put a better QB in the abstract in, and he probably doesn’t either, but he made a change to see if it would help against a given team in a given situation and it did. I suspect the second quarterback will do better against LSU based on his skill set (at least they might not be shut out for three quarters); but if not, I’m sure Muschamp will put the other guy back in.

The Gators snuck into my top 25 because the Kentucky win was strengthened when the Wildcats beat South Carolina. The one-point win at Tennessee got them some points as well. I think beating a team like that on the road would be something for LSU to be proud of. There will be a lot of unhappy people if they don’t win; but like the ESPN article says, there is a lot of potential for the future either way.

Earlier rankings:
Week 1
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Musings From The Hoodwood 10-7
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Classy look by the Pats Cheerleaders....


Greetings from the Hoodwood, where summer and warm weather left and didn’t even leave a goodbye letter.

Back to the 80s: The Royals and Orioles return to the spotlight

I grew up in the 80s, ESPN wasn’t the monolith that it is now, and was a nice supplement to sports page. You didn’t have fifty thousand specialty sports channels, depending on your point of view could be a good or bad thing. The baseball playoffs were the center of the sports universe in October, the League Championship series were a best of five prelude to the fall classic. Teams like the Royals and Orioles were postseason staples. The Orioles won the World Series in 83 when I was in the 6th grade, beating the Wheeze Kid Phillies in 5 and The Royals won the series 2 years later finally beating in state rival St. Louis in 7 thrilling games. No one ever figured when Cal Ripken caught the last line drive in the 83 season that it would be 14 years before they would return to the postseason and no one thought that when Bret Saberhagen and George Brett watched the final out of the 85 series arm in arm before setting off a riotous celebration that it would be 29 years before the Royals would be playing in October again. No one thought the 85 title would be the capstone of a franchise that was considered the model modern day franchise. From 76-85 The Royals would finish no lower than second in any full year,  and made the divisional series in the strike shortened ’81 season (They called them the mini-playoffs then, cute) and had only one losing season (but finished 2nd that year) After winning the series in 85, they stayed respectable winning as many as 92 as late as 1989 and 84 in 1993, though they finish 2nd in 1995, they were 30 games back of the Indians and wouldn’t get close to the first division again for nearly 20 years the nadir being losing 100 or more games in four of five seasons between 2002-2005 with only an 83-79 aberration in 2003. The Royals were the Pirates of the AL, small market team crying that they couldn’t compete but after winning 86 games in 2013 and staying in the playoff race until the last week of the season optimism was high for 2014 and the Royals cashed in leading the division for much of the year, though they faded somewhat down the stretch they hung on for their first playoff appearance since winning it all in 1985. Many pundits figured the Royals might be a token player against the playoff tested A’s but after rallying to win the wild card game in a frantic nail biting thriller, the Royals headed west to face the 98 win Angels who sported MLB’s best record. Undaunted the Royals won two more extra-inning games before stunned crowds in Anaheim before putting the Angels out of their misery Sunday, thrashing the AL West champs 8-3 before a deliriously happy throng in KC. Sporting signs like party like its 1985. Royal fans haven’t had this much fun in a generation. Only 2 players in their starting lineup were even born when the Royals won it all.

On the other side you have the Orioles, a team that after being long time sad sack as the old St. Louis Browns moved to Baltimore in 1954 and became respectable in the 60’s steadily climbing as the Mantle Yankee dynasty was crumbling, molding themselves into the model modern franchise upsetting the Dodgers in the 1966 World Series and under the stewardship of the crusty irascible managerial genius of Earl Weaver won 100 or more games 5 times and winning the 1970 World Series. From 1967-1985 The Orioles never had a losing record and finished no worse than 4th in that period. They were the gold standard of baseball in the American League. The Oriole way was the way baseball was supposed to be played when I was growing up, but after Earl Weaver retired and his right hand man Joe Altobelli stepped away himself the Orioles began to slowly fade away till they bottomed out in 1988 with the horrendous 0-21 start and 54-107 season, they were more or less the dregs of the American League for a while and aside from a brief renaissance in 1996 & 1997 where they made the playoffs were mediocre more or less the whole entire time. The Orioles faded as the Yankees and Red Sox rose back to prominence, and the Orioles playing in their beautiful ballpark played middle of the road baseball for the part of the last decade.  So now you have two teams that have been out of the spotlight for so long that their collective arrival is a breath of fresh air.

College Football: Frantic Saturday

It really began on Thursday when Arizona went to the Autzen Zoo and stunned the #2 Ducks. You just don’t go into Autzen and knock the Ducks off and it wasn’t a fluky game, they dominated Oregon and the zoo got quieter and quieter. Then the madness continued on Saturday where #1 Bama got zapped in Oxford by Ole Miss settling off the wildest of postgame celebrations in the fabled grove. But just across the state, Mississippi State routed #6 Texas A&M in Starkville more or less putting Kenny Trill’s Heisman threat on ice. But it didn’t stop there, TCU played a late pick six to knock off Oklahoma. So if you’re counting that is four top ten teams including the top two teams. Notre Dame needed a late score to beat Stanford. Add to the mix Arizona State stunning USC on a hail Mary; Northwestern shutting down Wisconsin’s feared running game and Utah State thrashing Brigham Young in Provo and you had no fewer than 7 ranked teams taking an L this past Saturday. This is way more than the every weeks a playoff concept, the upset make college football must see TV

Phat Dap

To the New England Patriots who in the middle of their 43-17 rout of the Cincinnati Bengals Sunday night took time to give love to Devon Still whose daughter is fighting cancer. The Pats cheerleaders were all wearing Devon Still jerseys in honor of Leah’s fight and there was a presentation on the jumbotron and the Kraft family donating $25,000 to the cause. Say what you want about Belichick, Brady and the actual football team, but the organization is pure class

Head Slap

To the stupid antics of the Jacksonville Jaguars mascot who thought it would be cute to make fun of the Pittsburgh terrible towel. Nothing wrong with making fun of it. I’ve seen opposing players and fans use the towel as shoeshine rag, handkerchief and mock toilet wipe. Jackson De Ville the mascot went way too far sporting a sign that said “Towels have Ebola” How stupid can one be, making light of a deadly disease and one that could be in the country is not funny at all. The Jaguars were highly apologetic and said that the matter would be handled internally, but I like others failed to see where there was any humor here.

Quick Hits

Are there people that think that Kobe’s return will make them a 50 win team?

Harper and the Nats go to Frisco and win…that series is going the distance.

The Cards and Dodgers really don’t like one another, and the chirping is making the series a real doozy

My fantasy team finally escaped winless island…while my other is still unbeaten but we got away with a tie.

Hockey season is about to start…wait didn’t the Kings just raise the Cup last week???

Until Next Post Fellow Sports Fans!

Tuesday's Tantrum -10/7/14
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Welcome to Tuesday where October means Apples as much as sports, and trust me, Apple Hill up here has just about everything in terms of food, candy, snacks of the apple persuasion.

I wish I could express in words what this sports weekend was like for me.  If I had one word, it would be FUN!!!  This has been by-far the best sports weekend I’ve enjoyed in a millennium or so, and it helped that a lot of it went my way.

MLB Playoffs.  I’m so thrilled with what is going on, but I’d rather leave MLB to much better minds (Jeff).  Absolutely incredible, in my mind 2014 has been one of the best baseball seasons in recent memory. 

NFL – 10 questions/thoughts

  1. Hey San Diego and Oakland, bend over because here it comes:  The NFL believes its 12-24 months away from a return (or two) to LA.  Uh oh…sorry San Antonio, you got punked.
  2. Maybe it’s because I had a kid who played on the D-Line for years, but I can’t freaking stand chop blocks and what Denver did to Calais Campbell should have gotten Thomas suspended.
  3. Will the FCC lifting the blackout rule mean that we are one step closer to PPV games? 
  4. SF has enough problems without Deion Sanders, Trent Dilfer, and Jay Glazer trying to stir the pot, but an offense with as much talent as they have with that inability to score TD’s is bad. 
  5. Cleveland coming back every week reminds me of the 1980 kardiac kids. 
  6. Dallas played and called a GREAT game against Houston.  Where has this Dallas defense been?  Putting six DB’s one yard before the first down marker is pretty damn smart.  They owned the lines too.  It’s unfair to ask the Houston DB’s to commit to tackling DeMarco Murray and then trying to keep up with Dallas WR’s at the same time.  The rest of the front seven outside of JJ Watt need to step it up.  Oh, and to defensive coordinators who play Dallas – how many years does it take for defenses to start paying attention to #82 for Dallas?  Maybe put a spy on his ass?
  7. How do you read Chicago and Carolina because that was one weird game.
  8. Please NY, don’t fire Rex Ryan, he’s a GRRRRREAT coach!  Next up:  Denver.  Good Luck.
  9. There are reports of a Fat Walrus (Mike Holmgren) sighting in Oakland.  Don’t do it Oakland!
  10.  Peyton Manning throws for nearly 500 yards and four TD’s and I still got smoked in my non-gab Fantasy league.  Damn, what a waste! 

CFB – 10 thoughts.  For those who are tired of “same ole, same ole”, Saturday was for you.

  1. My four playoff teams right now:  Florida State, Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Notre Dame.
  2. SEC:  These are the weekends that justify SEC fan running smack, and I can’t say shit! 
  3. PAC 12:  Great teams, yet don’t get the same amount of respect for their conference that SEC does.  All the talk w/the big games, did anybody notice the Cal/WAZZU game?  60-59.
  4. ACC:  Looks like Clemson is pissed, Florida State sleepwalks, and just a bit too late Virginia Tech is getting on track.
  5. Big 12:  I guess this year the Big 12 is Baylors to lose, Oklahoma did it again, and watch out for TCU who is just trolling in the background and draw Baylor this week.
  6. MWC:  Boise and Nevada had one helluva game in Reno Saturday Night, and if you look past Utah State you’re gonna get a shock.
  7. Big 10:  Sparty won, Wisky lost, & Miss-again has hit rock bottom!  Tell me when to stop laughing.
  8. Big 10 #2: The Urb had a “somewhat serious” conversation with the coach who leveled the idiot who got on the field?  Hey Urb, I think he used up his eligibility.
  9. Non-Power Conferences:  East Carolina is sitting at 4-1 and ranked #19.  ACC should poach them.
  10. Next Week:  If you thought this week was good, take a look at next weeks schedule:  TCU/Baylor, Oregon/UCLA, USC/Arizona, Alabama/Arkansas, Auburn/Miss St., Georgia/Missouri, Ole Miss/TAMU.  Then there’s the traditional Oklahoma/Texas.  As Ole Kurt Angle says, it’s about to get real – DAMN real!

West Hills Update.  The state ranked #11 team took the drive to just south of San Jose to play Gavilan and Jerry thought this might be a challenge.  His team won 50-14. 

Middle B.O.B..   I sometimes refer to her as my “Baby Shaq” because of her approach to how she plays Basketball – she’s a freaking bad ass - if you get in her way, you pay – hell, I don’t want none of that down on the block/low post and I have seven inches and more than a few pounds on her. 

Recently she got back into a Women’s league with a bunch of her old friends from High School days, and Sunday Night I went up and watched, and she (and they) still have game.  The two best teams squared off and sure enough it went to OT tied at 47.  That’s when my Baby Shaq had an offensive explosion scoring eight of the ten points in OT for the win. 

These women play hardcore – it reminded me of military basketball.  Some of them have one hell of an outside shot, more than a few of them lay great picks, and none of them have a problem with contact.

HSFB.  An interesting comment came out last Thursday that says player participation in HSFB is decreasing, and a talking head wondered if it had to do with head injury fears?  I think that’s part of it, but I also think that there’s way too much politics and personality involved at so many levels that they may not want to deal with it?

Oh yeah, not a big fan of Long Beach Poly beating Compton down in LA Friday Night 99-9.  Yes, you read that right 99-9, and the word is that there was no running clock, which I thought was required in Cali once one team goes up 40.

NBA.  Nine year, $24 Billion media deal with the sports TMZ and TNT.  Great, more Bill Simmons on our TV, that’s exactly what we need.  Oh well, at least we still have “the Chucksta.” 

Hmmm…those of you who care should stand by for Seattle expansion into the league.  There is no reason not to, unless LA North can’t get their act together on a new arena.

 “The best stories aren't on the cover. They're the kid at the end of the bench, the fan who snuck into the game, the coach who shouldn't be alive. They're the ones that are hardest to find, and hardest to forget.”  -- Rick Reilly


One Good Story.   Cincinnati practice squad guy Devon Still and his daughter Leah’s strong fight against Cancer.  Let me say on behalf of the Gab that we here are pulling for you little girl. 

One Good Story #2.  Lake Howell (FL) played Cleremont Ridge East (FL) and they put 19 year old Autistic C. J. Williams into the game just before Halftime where they “ran a play” for him where he ran and “scored a TD.”  Never mind that it didn’t count and the play was untimed, it’s the fact that two coaches, an officiating crew, and 22 kids from two teams took the time to allow this to happen inside of the game.  And that wasn’t all for C. J. as he warmed up with the team, walked to midfield for the coin flip as honorary captain, and ended up taking a knee on the final play of the game, a game Lake Howell won 10-7.  Props to both schools for giving a young man (and his family) his 15 minutes of fame!!!

Good Story #3:  Last Monday Night at bowling, the hat was passed for donations for veterans, and that alone was great.  But we were also treated to a young man who rolled a 300, and not only that, threw seven straight strikes in the next game for 19 strikes in a row (which is virtually unheard of even at the pro level) and ended up with a 781 series in three games (a 260 average)!!! 

Douchebag of the Week (DBOW).  Forget 12 minutes on Philly, Bill Burr needs to do a 30-minute rant from hell on this one.  If I am an actively serving veteran or a prospective recruit looking to join the military, I am taking a hard look at how this current government and military leaders treat our vets.  With the receding benefits that THE PENTAGON is proposing and apparent lack of concern for vets who get captured/arrested/killed  (ISIS/Benghazi/SGT Tahmoreesi in Mexico), not to mention the disgrace of the VA medical system, I’m not sure I would make the same decision I did 32 years ago next Sunday, and if asked, I’m not certain I would recommend the military (including the reserves) to a young kid right now, and while the economy blows, I would tell a kid that the moment the economy starts getting better again, you get out and make your money elsewhere.

DBOW Honorable Mentions?  Time to smack my own:  San Francisco fans of all sports – when the hell did you go from White Wine Sippers to gangsta wanna-bes?  This is beyond ridiculous now!  Chill the hell out - you are San Francisco fans, not Oakland.

IHM beat me to it – Jim Schwartz.  If we bring back Tool of the Year, this guy gets nominated.  What a Richard Cranium.

To the kid who got onto the Suckeye field only to get steamrolled by the coach.  Yep, he lost his scholly for that stunt. 

Kevin Durant, don’t think I didn’t notice you slipping that picture of you and that wannabe Justin Bieber on Twitter.   C’mon man, I know you’re better than that.


Sore Balls and Sour Grapes
Category: Humor


  Gotta be honest with you… the title pretty much says it all! This was one hell of a rough weekend for yours truly. The Tigers were swept out of the playoffs by Nelson Cruz (and the rest of the Orioles), and the Lions yet again snatched defeat from the jaws of victory, thanks in large part to an 0-3 performance from their newest placekicker, and an 18-31 performance out of the “franchise quarterback”. Sure, there were some nice things this weekend… all the upsets in college football, the Royals winning their first playoff series since the World Series of 1985, and an 18 inning thriller between the Giants and Nationals on Saturday… but overall, for fans here in Detroit, this weekend was a massive, repeated kick in the balls!

  On the plus side for me, I’m not a fan of the University of Michigan as the majority of folks around here are. Those tools lost to Rutgers… fucking Rutgers… 26-24 on Saturday. Saturday was the one day of this weekend I could take some solace in… between Michigan, Alabama, U$C, and LSU going down, it was all just a thing of beauty.

  With both teams winning and remaining undefeated on Saturday, I’ll bet the white lightning was flowing in Mississippi this weekend! Good lord that must’ve been one helluva party!

  As for Friday… what the hell else can I say? The Tigers held a 6-3 lead going into the bottom of the 8th inning… and manager Brad Ausmus decided to go with the same Joba Chamberlain-Joakim Soria combination that gave up eight fucking runs in the 8th inning of game one. They showed some signs of improvement, as they only combined to give up four fucking runs in game two… but those four runs were enough to give the O’s a 7-6 win and take a 2-0 series lead!

  Sunday, there was still some optimism among Tiger fans with David Price taking the hill. Yours truly was not among them. Even if we win this game and Price goes 9 shutout innings, the fucking trainwreck of a bullpen is going to come into play again in this series, and we’re fucked. Price went eight solid innings, giving up just two runs thanks once again to NELSON FUCKING CRUZ, but unfortunately the Tigers bats were not up to the two run challenge, as they managed a single run against Bud Norriss, and the Orioles were able to complete the sweep.

  The big question for Tiger fans is this; where do you go from this point? Max Scherzer is a free agent, and likely out the door unless you want three 20+ million per year players on this roster. VMart will likely cash in on a career year elsewhere… once again, not about to have three 20+ million dollar guys on this team. Porcello is a free agent, and probably too pricy after a career year.  Price is under contract for another year, but after that his salary is going to shoot up, and we all know that. My question… do you just blow this team up? Honestly, I’m leaning towards yes. Verlander is a fucking train wreck… the guy was overused his first seven seasons, going 200+ innings every year and being ridden like a dime store pony by Jim Leyland in the playoffs.  His arm is shot. Unless he somehow makes a miraculous comeback next season, you’re looking at a six year-120+ million dollar albatross of a contract sitting there. Good luck moving that… you’re stuck with him. Miggy just re-signed to a similar gigantic contract… and hopefully he’s finally healthy again next year. As much as I hate to think about this, you might just have to trade Miggy, trade Price, and rebuild your farm system. Get some young players, develop them, and get back to winning that way instead of trying to buy your way out of trouble. Clearly it hasn’t worked with the bullpen… It might take a few years to get things right again, but it might just be the way to go for the future of this team. If not, you’re just hoping you can hold off the Royals year to year and that your bullpen doesn’t implode until AFTER you get to the playoffs.

   As for the Lions, they cut their second kicker in as many weeks today, sending Alex Henery back to the unemployment line after his 0-3 Sunday in a 17-14 loss to the Bills. The rumor mill has them going after former Broncos kicker Matt Prater first, and Michigan alum/last year’s Cardinals kicker Jay Feely second. Either way, if your offense is more effective, you don’t need to worry so much about a fucking kicker.

  The real issue, in my eyes, is the continued inconsistency and struggles of Matt Stafford. 18-31 for 221 yards and 1 TD/1 INT, also fumbling twice while being sacked six times. I know, Calvin Johnson was either a non-factor or out most of the game, but I’m tired of the security blanket this fucking guy has had his entire career. You also spent $31 million on a #2 WR in Golden Tate (who performed well yesterday, picking up a TD and 134 of Stafford’s 221 yards) and the 10th overall pick on a fucking phenom of a TE in Eric Ebron. Yeah, some fucking phenom… he’s got eight catches for 80 yards, and one TD so far this year. Once again, pick well spent, Lions. 

  In fact, let’s see the contributions of the 2014 draft class so far… you’ve got 80 yards, 1 TD out of Ebron, your first rounder. Your second round pick, Kyle Van Noy, has been MIA all year, injured. Your third round pick is a fucking backup center. 4th rounder Nevin Lawson was actually looking fairly good before being injured… so he’s DONE for the year now. Fellow 4th rounder Larry Webster hasn’t played an NFL down yet. Caurain Reid (5th rounder) has two tackles as a backup DT. 6th rounder TJ Jones didn’t make the roster. 7th round pick Nate Freese was cut two weeks ago to make way for the Lions latest cut, Alex Henery. Yup… 8 catches for 80 yards, and three total tackles out of your class of 2014 so far. Awesome job, Mayhew.

  As for Matt Stafford… the guy is just an absolute fucking joke to me. Franchise QB’s make players around them better… and I have not seen a single example of that out of Stafford in his now six year NFL career. This year should be his last chance… if he can’t deliver the kind of consistent performance the Lions need at quarterback, it’s time to move on, draft a new quarterback, and let this guy join the scrap heap of failed “stud” SEC quarterbacks. Throwing for a lot of yards is cute and all… but when you can’t put the ball in the end zone, you aren’t going to do a whole hell of a lot of winning in the NFL.

  Oh, and class move being carried off the field yesterday, Schwartz. (He actually asked his players to do it) Shows exactly the kind of toolbag you are. Too bad they didn’t drop you.

  That’s all the ranting I’ve got in me today… thanks for the read and any comments you leave on the way out.

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