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Deep Thoughts 8-6-14
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Hello and welcome to another Wednesday of deep thoughts. Last week, we were waiting for my son to arrive from California. We waited and waited for his arrival, and finally at 3:30 in the morning…he walked out to greet us. Air travel is not much fun, but when you miss your original flight, bad things generally happen. An extended layover in Phoenix was made longer by a malfunctioning plane. It will be a funny story for the future, but I suspect my son won’t be so cavalier with his future arrival times at the airport. Despite the late hour of arrival, it sure was good to see the boy again.

As I am a former coach and father of an athlete, there is something that I have realized in the past few years. Coaches play players they trust. Of course, talent has much to do with creating trust; but this does not completely explain exactly how coaches come to trust their players. When my son began playing high school football, he started his first varsity game as a sophomore against a very talented team. All five offensive linemen ended up playing D1 football at one school or another. I don’t think I have ever been so nervous before a game. I did not think Blake was ready to face this level of talent and I was right. Oh…he made a few plays, but he was a boy playing men. Predictably, the coaches made changes and moved Blake back to the MLB position where he was more comfortable. Honestly, I could not blame them for making those changes. The DC could not trust Blake after his first test. By mid-season, Blake began to understand the defense. I felt he was finally ready to play…but he continued to back up the junior MLB…because the DC trusted the kid. Honestly, I could not blame him either…he was a great kid and a very steady player. The next year was more of the same. That junior MLB was now a senior and although Blake played well when he had the opportunity…he did not play full time until his senior year. That initial game as a sophomore could not be erased from the mind of that DC. Blake had a great senior year and I suspect that the coaches regret not finding a way to have him on the field earlier.

I must admit, even though I am still very much in the baseball mode…when the HOF football game happens, part of me begins to look ahead. Fall is ahead of course and that means another football season approaches. Even though I no longer have a son playing under the Friday night lights…I cannot help but feel the pull of the season. Locally, the news continues to focus on the changes taking place on the forty acres. I read a terrific article about Charlie Strong and I would advise that it is a great read. The video in the article is also worth a few minutes to view. Here is the link:    Be sure to click more to continue reading...


Yes, it is an article by ESPN, but it is a quality piece by Tim Keown. As I have begun to know Charlie Strong, I hear words that are familiar. He wants his players to have the toughness to do the right thing. In Coach Strong’s words…he wants to put the T back in Texas. Longhorn players are no longer allowed to flash the hook-em horns gesture…yet. The familiar Longhorn logo has been removed from the player’s helmets as well. In essence, this team is beginning anew. Players must earn the trust of the players and the trust of each other. There is that word again…trust. In order to play, players must earn trust. In order to win coaches must earn the trust of the players. Trust is paramount in any successful team. It is one of the bedrock of any permanent foundation. Coach Strong is not trying to throw up a building, but is rather attempting to build something that will hold up for many years to come. It was interesting to read in the article about Coach Strong words from his old coach, Lou Holtz. As Holtz said, Mack Brown was a great chairman of the board. But this is not who Charlie Strong is. Brown enjoyed overseeing the work being done, Strong enjoys getting his hands in the clay…so to speak.  In the words of Coach Holtz, “Charlie Strong will do what has to be done to be successful.” This process has already begun and I am one Longhorn fan that trusts that Coach Strong is the right man for the job.


I should probably wait until Texas plays OU for this, but what the hell…it is too funny to save. season is just around the corner...and OU still sucks!






A local radio sports guy calls the Redskins the Washington racial slurs. This has really bothered me as the team in Washington will always be the Redskins to me. But, this has caused me to stop and consider if the term Redskin could really be considered racist. Honestly, I have wanted to pick up the phone and call the radio station and challenge the sports guy, but I really did not have anything to counter the fact that at one time Indians were called Redskins. I had a moment of clarity this week. I realized that I have never heard this word used as a racial slur. In fact, except for the professional football team in Washington…I have never heard the word Redskins used at all. Granted…I don’t live on a reservation, but this is really a term from our past. Daniel Snyder believes that the term Redskin is used with pride. He points out that you need only to listen to the Redskins fight song to understand this. Hail to the Redskins…are not words used to create a feeling of hate. I saw a poll this week that asked if the Redskins should change their name. 71% of the voters said no. Why will this issue simply not go away?


I saw a great story about a musician named Trombone Shorty this week. He is predictably a trombone player that lives in New Orleans.  A young kid was robbed of his trombone coming home from school Shorty saw the story and decided to replace the trombone with one of his own. Very cool act and worthy of a feature tune in my blog.\



                  They could call him Trumpet Shorty as well, as I am not so sure he is not better on the trumpet. A very talented cat...

                   with a big heart!



Another cool story that I saw this week was about the man that was once again playing the piano. Why did he stop, you might wonder…he lost both of his hands to infection. Dude has transplanted hands is able to do things that I am sure he never figured to do again. Now that is an awesome thing…


In honor of fishing trip in the near future, I had to give this story a mention. I have never heard of these fish, but they look like giant sunfish! I will settle for a few redfish and a mess of speckled trout. Hopefully, next week I will have pictures…



That is all I have today, but I will leave you with a bit of Jack Handey…



"You know what's probably a good thing to hang on your porch in the summertime, to keep mosquitos away from you and your guests? Just a big bag full of blood."


"It takes a big man to cry, but it takes a bigger man to laugh at that man."



Thanks for stopping by and feel free to leave a few deep thoughts of your own…




Q-o-t-D 8/5/14 Tags: Question of the Day

Today you get to ask Sully a question....SHOOT!

Musings From The Hoodwood 8-5
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                                                                                                   Junior wins and is cleaning up the track too!

Greetings From the Hoodwood where it just seems like things are a little unhinged.

Now normally, I would have all sorts of hyperbole and hype here, but I am having some pc issues. So right now, you will get the condensed version that will be added to today. Please accept my apologies.

NBA: The nightmare scenario

By now you’ve likely seen the gruesome injury that Pacers superstar and leading scorer Paul George suffered this past weekend. I won’t do anything gross like show a replay, but the reactionary mentality of some talking head is laughably nauseating. The fact that NBA players have been competing internationally for the past 22 years and this is the first major injury that has happened should dissuade those that are saying that this is proof positive that NBA players should not be playing in the these tournaments. So what if this had happened 2 months from now in a meaningless preseason game in Muncie? What if the injury had happened in a charity event? Mark Cuban has been extremely vocal on his dislike of using pro players for international competition and has advocated using under 23 players for World Cup, Olympic competition and other international events. I think his position is based purely on self-serving interests. Cuban is merely voicing what the other less locaquious owners want to say. They want a piece of the action in this international tourney, they would rather say help stage an international tourney like the World Cup and be in control of it or at the very least get some sort of cut for their players playing in it. Unlike soccer where the national team players get paid and get bonus money for playing in the World Cup, players on the national basketball team aren’t paid. Now the Pacers have insurance that they will likely use to offset the loss of George this season and the money that they have to pay him. They will likely also get a salary cap exemption from the NBA but they have dropped from and Eastern Conference title contender to also ran. Remember that Lance Stephenson bolted for Charlotte last month. Which leaves the Pacers with Roy Hibbert as their centerpiece this year…oy vey.

NFL: Dalton gets paid…is it worth it?

Since Hoodwood is close to Cincinnati, I have had an interesting view of the machinations going on with the pro football team of the area re-signing Andy Dalton to a lengthy contract. The Bengals inked the 4th year quarterback to a contract that could be worth up to $115 million. Now I have to admit that when I first heard about this. I wanted to break out the Picard meme asking rhetorically “what the fuck is this man?” But the more I look at the deal and the way it’s structured, the Bengals might be looking rather smart. The contract gives Dalton 2 more years with incentives that will pay him $25 million  but it has opt and boosts that if Dalton plays bad in the next two years the Bengals can jettison him with little financial hardship. If he plays good, the contract keeps paying out, with financial flexibility that will make Dalton the 4th highest paid QB in the game. This keeps the Bengals franchise tag clear, which might be used on his favorite target AJ Green who will be looking to make (well deserved) Megatron money here soon. The detractors are numerous and loud, pointing to Daltons 4-8 record against the Bengals main rivals Baltimore and Pittsburgh and his 0-3 record in the playoffs which none were close and Dalton made critical errors in all of them. Dalton to his credit has stepped up to try to be the face and voice of the franchise and has played by and large very well during the season. He has more playoff starts than either Boomer Esiason or Carson Palmer. Has thrown for 80 TD’s in three seasons and has a respectable 30-18 record which is better than the much more ballyhooed Tony Romo who is 24-24 in the past 3 seasons with zero playoff appearances. But now the pressure ramps up on Dalton who has not parlayed regular season success to playoff success and it could be not only his fate but Marvin Lewis’s that hang in the balance for it.

Phat Dap

To Jim Kelly and Andre Reed who at the Hall of Fame induction ceremony hooked up for one last more pass. Reed who was inducted in the Hall this weekend spoke glowingly about his teammate who is battling cancer and Kelly was on hand to throw Reed a completion which they did some 664 times over their Hall of Fame Careers. Here’s to Reed for being part of a great hall class but to Kelly too who is taking the fight to cancer and I’m hoping is on hand for many more induction classes.

Head Slap

To Maryland basketball recruit Trayvon Reed that was arrested for shoplifting less than $6 of candy then compounded his stupidity by resisting arrest and breaking the hand of one of the officers trying arrest him. Now Reed is facing felony charges in addition to being dropped like a hot potato from Maryland’s recruiting class.  Slap to Reed for throwing away a bright future.


Quick Hits

Slump? What Slump Dale Jr. wins the Poconos again…he’s in the catbird seat for the big money title chase

Hey weren’t youse the World Champion Red Sox a few months ago…now a fire sale? Wow

David Wilson of the G-Men will have to call it quits due to a neck condition…that’s a crying shame.

Ray Guy made the football hall of fame…it’s about damn time

Tony Bosch of Biogenesis surrendered to the DEA..what secrets will he reveal?

I think Kirk Gibson is a punk for targeting Andrew McCutcheon with a “purpose pitch” he should be suspended

Ill add more as the day goes. Until Next Post Fellow Sports Fans

Tuesday's Tantrum, 8/5/14
Category: FEATURED

Welcome to Tuesday, where the local temp is between 102-105, Baseball is in full effect, Football has begun, the pool is in max use, and that BBQ smell is in the air everywhere – where last night Uncle B.O.B. made it easy and went with Hot Links and Kona (Hawaiian) Chicken on the grill.  How the hell can you not be in a good mood?  It was great to go back East and get a bit of a different perspective on things, and to be honest it is hopefully helping me to grow a little bit more as a person.

Minny Follow-up.  Many have asked what is in a “juicy lucy”, and so I’ll tell you:  1/3 lb angus beef, spices, and melted cheddar in the middle of the pattie, and covered with a gooey layer of Monterey Jack on top on a toasted Kaiser Roll.  That was some good eating.

Kansas City.  When you arrive and walk out of your car towards the hotel front door and your senses get blasted with that BBQ smell, you know you are about to grub & the BBQ in KC is OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!  I haven’t been to Texas yet, but KC is gonna be tough to beat.  I had brisket and a sausage platter with six different sauce flavors, dirty BBQ rice, BBQ Beans, and cole slaw, while Jerry grubbed on pulled chicken sandwich.  We were offered donut holes for after dinner.  Who does that?


Royals (Kauffman) Stadium.  Ever since I was a little B.O.B., I always wanted to go to there.  You can tell that it’s an older stadium, but it’s definitely a credit to MLB – a beautiful park it added an upper deck around the infield, and brought in the new bells and whistles, the fountains are still there in the outfield, The Center Field jumbo tron is state of the art.  The minuses?  The concourses weren’t wide, there wasn’t really a store to buy merchandise.  As for the food, there was nothing enticing, the service was horrible, and absolutely nobody around me was eating stadium grub – a first that I have ever seen.  I would have thought BBQ might have been the focus at the park, but it’s almost as if stadium grub isn’t really a focus in KC.


Royals vs. Twins, 7/29/14.  We sat just four rows up behind first base.  Warm with a slight breeze and it was “Hunting and Fishing Nite” at the stadium, so a good crowd was on hand. The Twins won the game 2-1 which was for lack of a better term boring.  No real action until the bottom of the 9th.  What I did see though was Minnesota be far more aggressive on the basepaths, though they continue to struggle with RISP, leaving seven on base, including four at 3B, three of which were in the first three innings.  Good Lord, these boys need to learn the art of the timely hit.

Hey Minnesota Twins, you are on a two game winning streak with us following you around and YOU’RE WELCOME!!!  For the second consecutive game Glenn Perkins was extremely shaky as the Twins closer – it’s OK Glenn, you don’t have to impress us, we’re going home.  But you want to talk about shaky???  James Shields was the luckiest pitcher on the planet.  He threw 125 pitches in six innings and Minny only scored twice.  You could tell the fans were getting bent about why he wasn’t getting pulled earlier.

Ron Gardenhire did his best Uncle B.O.B. imitation after Alex Gordon made an incredible catch in the outfield to take away a multiple base hit from a Twin, he argued, lost, and got tossed after using a certain type of word that’s a no-no with umpires (God, I love the lines in Bull Durham).

Hey though, I had no idea that Paul Molitor was the First Base Coach of the Twins.  If he can’t get this team to hit (they left seven folks on base tonight!), then nobody can.

Kansas City Royals.  As you and I gab today, the Royals are sitting four games above .500 and are 1.5 GB of the second wild card spot.  They are running 7-3 in the last ten, and have a better winning percentage on the road then they do at home (27-27 at home btw), witness their just completed 2-1 roadie at the Mausoleum against the very strong Oakland A’s.  Yes, they have talent, and if Mike Moustakas (.191 BA)  can pick it up finally, this team can be dangerous.  They are nowhere near a HR hitting team, but they’re capable of speed on the basepaths. 

As for pitching, it’s OK, but let me throw a crazy stat at you:  If I were to tell you that a starting pitcher after 16 starts this season had a 2.42 ERA, with over 104 IP, and the BA against him was .203, you’d consider him to have a good won/loss ratio, right?  WRONG!  Danny Duffy is 5-10. 

Kansas City fans.  These folks have a rep as very, VERY supportive and loud, but quite honestly, I got the impression I was sitting at a Laker game in LA.  Fans were detached from the game and I just didn’t sense the energy they are famous for in KC, though I did hear a very funny story about a 94 year old Royal fan who has season tix near where we sat.  Apparently, he gets a little too boisterous and had to be told by the ushers to chill out/tone it down.  I guess he got bent and never comes anymore though the tickets are in his name.  EFF THAT KC, you got a fan getting into it like this and he’s damn near a century old, you cherish that – you honor the hell out of that, and hell, you buy him a freaking beer!  YOU DON’T TELL HIM TO TONE IT DOWN!  What the hell are you thinking???


Kansas City Chiefs.  Wednesday morning as we started our trek home, 50 miles into the drive, we stumbled into St. Joseph, Missouri which was hosting the Chiefs camp so we decided “Why not”.  The Chiefs had practice at 8:15 AM in full pads and there was some serious hitting going on.  It was well organized from every perspective both on the field and for the fans.  While I may have criticized Royal fans, Chief fans are incredible.  8:15 AM on a Wednesday morning and the place was mobbed.



Rest of the trip.  There is just so much of America to see.  From the rolling hills of Missouri, through the corn fields of Iowa along with the grasslands of Nebraska, the truly spectacular views of the prairie, mountains, high desert, and rec areas of Wyoming, to the interesting rock formations of Utah and the Great Salt Lake, and finally the desert of Nevada.  We really do live in a special place, don’t we?

NFL Hall of Fame Weekend.  Every first Saturday in August we get to look back at up to seven of the leagues greats receive the highest honor Football has, and I try to stop what I’m doing to watch it.  We may be frustrated with the NFL right now, but another thing right about sports is celebrating the past by honoring the individual achievements of Derrick Brooks, Ray Guy, Claude Humphrey, Walter Jones, Andre Reed, Michael Strahan, and Aeneas Williams.  They in my mind are deserving of entry.

Note who they played for:  Buccaneers, Raiders, Falcons, Seahawks, Bills, Giants, and Cardinals/Rams.  That’s the beauty of NFL HOF, it doesn’t matter WHERE you played, it mattered what you did when you played on the field. 

The moment that stuck out with me was when Andre Reed busted out the “And yes Buffalo, the Bills are staying.”  Talk about putting heat on that supposed Toronto backed money trying to lift the Bills out of town...Hall of Famer Andre Reed just made their ambitions a lot harder.

Hall of Fame Game.  Yes, I know it means ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, but isn’t it great to sit down on a Sunday Night and catch a game in August?  Oh, and by the way, on paper, I really love what the Buffalo Bills are doing.  They are building something up there and in my mind right now, it’s pretty positive.  Keep an eye on these guys the next couple of years…

Douchebag of the Week.  Stephen A. Smith and Bob Beckel both said some remarkably stupid shit on TV this past week, and both have either got suspended, were forced to apologize, or both.  Smith should never have went with the “women’s role” in domestic violence, that was just stupid.  In Beckel’s case, he was forced to apologize, may be suspended, and the talk is that they are ready to fire him for calling a reality show star a “slut” after it was reported that some runner-up guy claimed he laid the pipe to a bachelorette before she chose some other dude on one of those ignorant shows.

They both deserve DBOW, but I think the issues related to both these cats bear watching to see how much further this gets.  I for one am VERY curious to see how these two get treated by their respective networks.

2014-15 Fantasy Football League!!! Tags: FF Football

Hi Gabbers!!

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL???? I know I am, because that also means HOCKEY season is right around the corner too. But for now it's football, and with that comes our league so it's time to signup!!!

First, you must signup below. Gone are the seasons where Sully goes around sending emails, text messages, phone calls and smoke signals to get folks signed up. If you want to play put your name in the comment section and I'll email you the invite. Once we're filled it's done unless we have enough interest for a second league. This is football, we wait for this all year so I don't know why it's so hard to get these leagues filled up and I know I'm not chasing anyone any longer. Every year I hear, I never got the invite, and every year I tell people we post it on the Gab when we open the leagues, it's right here and last time I checked football season started the same time every year. 

The league is at like it was last seaon. The draft is scheduled for Aug. 30th at 7pm...that's just so I could put something down, and from what I'm seeing it's the last Saturday before the season starts. If this time doesn't work for MOST of you I will change it, but I'm not changing it for one guy. Just sayin'. 

So get signed up...I'll even have a couple of the guys link this in thier posts so EVERYONE hopefully see's it. 

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