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NASCAR Update And Other Fast Stuff 10-11-14
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Hey hey hey!!!! Welcome Gabbers and others to my NASCAR updates and other fast stuff. So I'm wondering. Who is mean and ornary enough to molest a gator? Do we really need a sign? But then again we need to put warning labels on plastic bags or somebody will give them to their kids as toys. Don't stick your hands in the blender when it's on. Don't use that as a step stool. Don't eat lit matches. I guesswe do need a warning sign to not molest the gators. Never mind.


So in May 2005 the Clipper Magazine Stadium opened and the Lancaster Barnstormers baseball came to Lancaster, PA. Since then they've gotten 2 Atlantic Division Championships. The 2nd one came this past Friday night after 13 innings in the rain and cold against the Sugar Land Skeeters. Have no idea where they hail from. 

It is reported that we have 2 Japanese players on the team. Yusuke Kajimoto and Shunsuke Watanabe. I didn't know this team was that relevent that it would attract people from so far away. I imagine they use this team like our Hershey Bears hockey team. When a player can't hang in the big leagues, he comes down to the lower ranks to get his fix. And I guess a pay check too.

I like some of the other team names. The Southern Maryland Blue Crabs, York Revolution, Long Island Ducks and Camden River Sharks. I've never gotten to a game at the Clipper but since everybody seems to be talking baseball, I thought I'd throw in some too. 


I'm not sure what Snapchat is but I think I'm not interested either. Somebody hacked this app or program or whatever it is and if you sent photos on it to your friends....well, somebody intercepted them. So yet again, I wonder about why a person would send compromising photos of themselves through the web-o-spere. Whether it's a phone or your PC, I think it's best to have one of those old antiquated Polaroid cameras. Unlike digital photos, you can burn Polaroids. Just saying. Consider this a public service warning.


Marcos Ambrose is going back to the kangaroos in Australia and Sam Hornish Jr will be stepping into his ride in the #9. It was rumored that Hendrick was trying to get the #9 away from RPM to give to Chase Elliott when he does his part time stint in Cup next year because it was his dads (BILL) number. RPM says nope. We're running it. So for now, Sam has the number. 

Sam says he is encouraged by the progress that RPM has made and he feels he has a shot at getting into the Chase next year. He has spent the last 3 years in the Nationwide Series after Penske didn't want to keep him in Cup any more. In 2013 he finished 2nd by 3 points in the standings but lost his ride with Penske any way. This year he's had a part time ride with Joe Gibbs racing. So welcome back to Cup racing Sam.


Last week was the Kansas race. Logano grabbed the win. Again Gordon and Harvick had issues that ruined their days. On lap 122 a caution came out and Gordon's crew lost a tire across pit road. Big no no. Tail end of the longest line and he struggled to finish 14th. Harvick had what he thought was a flat tire with 53 laps to go he pitted for tires. False alarm but if a championship is on the line, better to finish 12th than 43rd after a wreck. 

Dale Jr led 45 laps AND THE CROWD WENT WILD. That is till lap that caution on lap 122 I told you about. Dale Jr said he felt the cords on his right front tire unravel and then he was in the wall before he could do any thing. 

Keselowski had a right front go down at lap 160. On lap 84 Biffle hit Johnson who hit Allgaier and then the wall. 

So that's 5 big dawgs in the Chase who had issues. 

Hendrick kept the tires off Dale Jr's car for their own examination and will send them to Goodyear later. Goodyear says the crews that have had issues are running agressive setups with extra camber (they tilt the front tires more) and lower air pressures. Both Keselowski's team and Dale Jr's team said that was not the case this week. Sounds like another Twitter war brewing to me.

Top 15 Finishers - Logano - Larson - Ky Bu - Truex Jr - Edwards - Newman - Hamlin - Dillon - Menard - Vickers - Allmendinger - Harvick - Kenseth - Gordon - Biffle....AND THE DANICA WAS 16th!!!!!!!! 


So besides Danica finishing in the top 20, we have an upset in the points. It looks down right weird. For the first time in years the Hendricks boys are not at the top. Not even Jimmie. So I guess NASCAR got the upset they were looking for. 

Top 12 Chasers - Logano - Ky Bu - Edwards - Newman - Hamlin - Harvick - Kenseth - Gordon - Kahne - Keselowski - Dale Jr - Johnson

That is not how I envisioned the points at this time of the season. No wonder I can't get any where in my NACAR fantasy leagues. Nobody is performing consistantly or as per their driving history this year.  I had Dale Jr, Gordon, Harvick, Keselowski and Johnson as my top 5 going into this race. So like I said, I think NASCAR has the upset they were looking for. This is now ANY BODY'S championship.

I'm not having a Charlotte preview because it's happening as I write this. Saturday night races are great but I've been doing OT and I'm beat. I can't stay up for that race and write my blog too. Since I can catch this race at my convenience on You Tube tomorrow or Monday or whenever I think I will. And that's that.

All you Gabbers and others who are out and about have safe travels, watch out for those falling leaves when it's raining, enjoy your sports watching, good luck on your fantasy teams.... 

AND I'm outta here......



Saturday's College Football Preview - 10/11/14
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This is my first attempt at this, so bear with me, I might make this a weekly thing:

I realize that the SEC has MOST of the marquee games Saturday, but take a look at what else is on tap for yet another potentially great week:

  • ACC:Duke/GA Tech, Louisville/Clemson, BC/NC State, UNC/Notre Dame.Not horrible.

  • B12:Texas/Oklahoma, TCU/Baylor.

  • B10:Well, Penn State/Michigan is a name game.

  • PAC 12:Oregon/UCLA, Washington/Cal is suddenly a big game, USC/Arizona.

Mix in some non-“Power Conference” games and that only helps:

  • MWC:Air Force at Utah State, Colorado State/Nevada

  • AAC:#19 ECU faces the heat down in South Florida.

  • MAC:Central Michigan/Northern Illinois

I guess everybody was right – losing Hall killed BYU. 

CFB – Upset Alert.  Last week I was 2-2 on upset alert, so let’s see if I can do better this week with one game per power conference:

  • ACC:Duke goes down to Georgia and beats 5-0 Georgia Tech.

  • B10:Minnesota beats Northwestern who had their big win last week.

  • B12:TCU over Baylor because Baylor doesn’t know how to play in a close game.

  • PAC-12:USC isn’t going to get swept by the Zonies – they’ll beat Arizona down in Tuscon.

  • SEC:Missouri over Georgia, but watch that Charleston Southern/Vanderbilt game, and keep an eye on Alabama/Arkansas.

CFB – Not Buying It

  • ACC:Duke is 4-1 and only given up 68 points.Could be a VERY misleading stat.

  • B10:I’m not buying Iowa at 4-1.They’ve got Indiana coming in, so let’s see.

  • B12:I refuse to believe Texas is as bad as everybody says – they’ll make Oklahoma work for the Red River shootout.

  • PAC-12:There will be talk about Washington/California being for the PAC 12 North lead.Yeah, right.

  • SEC:I’m not buying this Saban/McCarron heat – sounds like a distraction of a way to bring the team together.Cheezy, but if it works, then good for them.But the other thing I’m not buying is this continued talk of Saban leaving.Folks he ain’t going – it’s just media trying to start (bleep).

Here’s a shock:  Barry Switzer admits to covering up misdemeanor crimes of players while at Oklahoma.  Gee Barry, how bout some other earth-shattering news like the world is round or water is wet.

Laugh of the Day.  Fran Tarkenton yapping about how McCarron was disrespectful in his comments about Alabama. 

Laugh of the Day #2:  Florida fan acting all holier than thou towards Florida State about doing the right thing with their players.  Hey Florida, remember Aaron Hernandez???

Q-o-t-D 10/11/14 Tags: NCAA Jameis Winston Florida State

How long before Jameis Winston's college football career comes to an end, because he's an asshole?



Weekly Grumble with IHM 10/11
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  Hello folks, and welcome to this week’s grumble with IHM. We’re down to our final four in MLB, the NHL had it’s first faceoffs of the season this week, and professional and college football are in full swing… so let’s get right down to business.

  The Royals and Orioles get things underway Friday night in Baltimore, and much to my chagrin if the Orioles are in the game at all, I’ll hear that hideous Seven Nation Army chant. Big Game James Shields (sorry DVT) faces off against Chris Tillman, in what is by the numbers a fairly even matchup. The Royals bring speed and solid timing, while the Orioles bring the power bats to the matchup. Ned Yost was still a player back in 1985 when the Royals last won a championship, while Buck Showalter seems to have been managing forever now… but always seems to find a way to win. It’s a pretty even series, but gun to my head I’ll take the Royals to win it… they just seem to have that “it” factor about them.

  The Giants and Cardinals… two teams that everybody always picks against yet they always seem to get farther than expected… face off for the National League pennant. I keep telling myself I am going to stop picking against the Cardinals, yet I keep picking against them the next year. This time, I won’t make that mistake… I’ll take the Cardinals in six, setting up an all-Mizzourah World Series.

  Of course, with all the tensions in the St.Louis area, you really have to wonder how that will affect the series. After the Mike Brown incident was finally starting to cool down, now another “black teeeeeeen” has been shot… some reports say he fired three shots at the officer, some reports say he was only “armed with a sandwich”. Either way, we’re back to looting and rioting in the streets down that way. Pardon me if I’m more inclined to believe the first… especially given the suspect’s past criminal record. Will the unrest reach the World Series stage? Or will the Orioles and Giants both pull off wins and help us avoid that issue altogether? Only time will tell, but if my predictions are right, we’ll be getting an answer to that question.

  While I am still a little angry with the NHL over the second strike in a decade, it is good to have hockey back. The Wings started their season off with a 2-1 win over the Bruins Thursday night, and got a solid performance out of Jimmy Howard. The biggest question, are the Wings still legit contenders? Personally, I do not think so… I don’t think Howard can bring you to a Cup, and their superstar players are just too injury prone. They might get into the playoffs somewhere in the 5-8 range, but I don’t expect much out of this team this year.

  Moving on over to the NFL, what in the hell is up with Adrian Peterson? The guy knows he’s facing some fairly serious child abuse charges, and decides to smoke the hippie lettuce anyhow. Talk about stupid. Now he faces another arrest (though they are still deciding whether or not to charge him for violating probation) on top of what he’s already set to go to trial for on December 1st. Oh, and memo to AD… saying it was “a little weed” doesn’t make it any better… or make you any brighter.

  Oh, and Roddy White... nobody gives a fuck about your fantasy team! Sure as hell not the swollen ass of Adrian Peterson's son!

  The Lions aren’t the only team likely to be missing their #1 wideout this Sunday… the Bengals A.J. Green will be unavailable for this week’s game against the Panthers, putting even more of a strain on an already injury plagued Bengals team. WR Marvin Jones is uncertain, and TE Tyler Eifert is also out.

  Calvin Johnson has missed the entire week of practice, although coach Jim Caldwell hasn’t made a “public decision” yet as to whether or not he will play this week. Personally, I sit him out a minimum of two weeks to try and get him right for the rest of the season. To all of those out there who own Johnson on their fantasy teams, I say sit him this week… even if he does play, it might just be a repeat of last week, where he caught one pass for seven yards and went to the locker room, never to return to the field.

  In other Lions news, the team seems to have solved their kicking issues in signing ex-Broncos Pro Bowler Matt Prater. The team lost last week 17-14 thanks in large part to an 0-3 day from Alex Henery, who is now standing in the unemployment line.

  So this week in the NFL, we’ve seen two pretty significant fines; Julius Thomas was fined $8,200 dollars for an illegal chop block that injured Cardinals DE Calais Campbell, who is expected to miss at least three weeks now, and 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick has been fined $10,000 for wearing the wrong fucking brand of headphones (the NFL has an agreement with one brand, while Kaepernick has an agreement with another brand). Now what does that tell you about the league’s “commitment to player safety?”

  As for the Super Bowl this year... how about a Katy Perry halftime performance? Sound fun to you? Bubblegum pop crap about kissing girls and liking it? Once again, looks like it's the perfect time to go take a long, relaxing dump and clear a little room for another plate of nachos for yours truly! When is the league going to learn that the majority of it's fan base could not care less about a halftime performance?

  This one falls under the kind of NCAA/kind of NFL news category; Georgia RB Todd Gurley has been suspended from the team while he is being investigated for possibly being paid for autographs… allegedly between $8 and $25 per signature. Sounds like the NCAA to me… angry at a kid for trying to make a few dollars without the NCAA getting their cut. Honestly, I hope Gurley is out for the rest of the year because of this… and stays healthy and enjoys a long, lucrative NFL career. Yet another reason why I loathe that organization more and more with each passing week.

  Speaking of pathetic organizations that underserve the people they are supposed to be helping, let’s talk about the VA for a minute. Now, we all know that there have been massive issues with veterans benefits and care for a long time now… much longer than Obama has been in office, for sure. It doesn’t exactly make it any better that the story has “faded to the back” of the nation’s collective minds now that so many other controversies have been brought to the fore front by the media since then, but NOTHING has been done to fix the issues that were once front page news. Now, Obama’s rendition of the VA is sending out letters to veterans in need, attempting to strip them of their rights to keep and bear arms. Now, if you ask me, a veteran of the United States of America has MORE of a right to keep and bear arms than anybody on this green fucking earth! It is despicable that the VA is even attempting to do this, and I am absolutely appalled by what is happening here. Here is an example of the letters being sent to vets, asking them to sacrifice their second amendment rights in exchange for the health services they so badly need.

  If THAT doesn’t piss you off, you are either minus a brain or minus a pulse.

  That’s all I’ve got for today folks. Thanks as always for reading and for any comments you leave on the way out. Enjoy your weekend, Gabbers.

While I was away...
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A lot has happened since I last posted up here, fellow Gabbers and the reason deserves some explanation.  Frankly speaking, all of the non-sports sports news put me into a bit of a writing funk.  Every day it was another athlete or coach making news for all of the wrong reasons.  Whether it was Adrian Peterson, Ray Rice or some other maroon (in Bugs Bunny speak) claiming the talking points for the day's sports news.  Well, I had was depressing.   And what better way to snap out of that sports malaise than a sports event binge!   I went to the 18 inning game 2 Nationals - Giants game followed up by the Monday Night Redskins - Seahawks game...nothing like some good sound defeats at the ballpark to bring things back into perspective!  We are fans because we love our teams, win or lose.  And it is the teams we love...not really the individual players who in reality (and most definitely proven lately) we barely know.  Yes, the players make it happen and we want the best players on our teams and hope they are good people who take care of the families, help out in the community and such, but as far as we as fans are concerned, we want them to be great when they step into the arena.

So with that perspective in mind, and with the air cleared for me...I'm back.  Go Redskins, Let's go Caps, Yesss Wizards and as for the Nationals, well, they still will be the favorites to win the NL in 2015 - and I will be there, God willing, to root them on. I will just have to admire those World Series tickets as a happy, wishful thought.

A few things happened that I think are worth mentioning....

Over the last 20 years, the Euros have won 7 of the 10 Ryder Cups, golfs best international event.  (as a note, this spans the Tiger Woods era).  After this event, the US team embarrasingly took to public bickering, lamblasting team captain and golf icon, Tom Watson.  Watson eventually came forward and said the loss was his fault - not true by the way - and tried to put the matter to bed.  The bottom line for U.S. golf is that the Euros have passed us by, just like they have in tennis.  Good heavens, what's next?!  basketball?!   They better figure out how to get along and play like a team or it may be a long time before the Ryder Cup (or maybe any international sports trophy) routinely resides in the ol' US of A.

I can't let the MLB playoffs go unnoticed...part of being a fan is the agony of defeat.  I felt confident that I would at least have an NLCS game to go to tonight, little did I know that if I wanted that, I would have to have scalped a ticket in Baltimore!  The Nationals pitching was again excellent but a team can't win when its lead off man and 3 & 4 hitters are hitting less than 50% BELOW the Mendoza line.  That is hard to believe...Werth & Roche hitting below .100!  At least Harper and Rendon showed that the youthful core of the team can hit in October.

Of the 4 teams left standing, I am picking Baltimore and St. Louis to meet in the World Series.  That would be a special match up!

Well, that's my story and I'm sticking to it...see you next week (from Tokyo)...sayanora!

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