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NASCAR Update And Other Fast Stuff 2-22-15
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Hi dee ho. We got snow. Welcome Gabbers and others to my NASCAR updates and other fast stuff. Been a busy busy week in the land of Left Turns. It's late once again as I write this but I had to watch Twitter as all the updates were just blazing down the page. Crazy night. So lets get to it.


Guess who's first? Dale Jr with $23.8 million and his girlfriend chewed him out for buying a lottery ticket this week. 

#2 Jimmie Johnson with $22.5 million in merch sales and other earnings.

#3 Jeff Gordon with $18.6 million in merch sales and other earnings.

#4 Kevin Harvick with $15.5 million in merch sales, Championship earnings and other earnings.

$5 Denny Hamlin with $15.2 million in merch sales and other earnings.

The Danica was #8 with $13.8 million. The earnings drop off sharply after the 12th place driver.

Our top 3 most valuable teams are HMS worth $350 million, JGR worth $201 million and SHR worth $186 million. You might as well lump the SHR drivers in with HMS because they have their engines and chassis from HMS. 


These duels are used to place drivers in the Daytona 500 line up. Some made it and a lot didn't. Jeff Gordon got pole position.

Duel #1 Winner Dale Jr. followed by Gordon - Stewart - Bowyer - Harvick - Kahne - McMurray - Cassill

Duel #2 Winner Johnson. followed by Ky Bu - Edwards - Biffle - Truex - Blaney - Sorenson

So our top 10 in the starting grid for the Daytona 500 - Gordon - Johnson - Dale Jr - Ky Bu - Logano - Edwards - Stewart - Biffle - Bowyer - Truex.

Does a top 10 starting spot in the Daytona 500 mean anything? Bragging rights, yes. Winning it, no. It's a high speed rolling crap shoot. This is the race that anyone can win. Already in my Streak picks I got a 10th place finish in the truck race with my pick of Johnny Sauter & a 10th place in the Xfinity with Dale Jr. I have Dale Jr for Sunday. We shall see. 


I could just scream. Why Danica? Why? Hamlin evidently got too close to her in one of the duel races and she spun out. She did finish 9th so she got her D 500 spot but she had to confront Hamlin about the move he made. A very comical conversation on pit road if you ask me. One that tells me she doesn't get stock car racing. Especially restrictor plate racing. Maybe she was just frustrated so I'll give her that. But she wrecked her car in practice so now she's in a back up car. I immediately unpicked her in one of my fantasy teams. There's going to be some more drama on Sunday involving her and Hamlin. That's the way things go sometimes. You'll have 2 drivers that can't get away from each other and shit happens when they become frustrated with each other. Is this the universe playing with them or just another day at the track?


On Friday the Delaware Kent County Family Court Comissioner ruled that "it is more likely than not" that Kurt Busch committed an act of domestic abuse against his ex girlfriend Patricia Driscoll. 

NASCAR responded on Saturday the Kurt was suspended indefinitely due to violation of rule 12 - 1a which is actions detrimental to stock car racing and 12.8 a behavior penalty.

Kurt responded with an appeal to the 3 member appeals panel. They upheld NASCAR's penalty

Kurt took his appeal to the Final Appeals Officer Bryan Moss who also upheld NASCAR's ruling.

SHR announced that Regan Smith would drive the Daytona 500 in Kurt Busch's place.

Kurt may not participate in any NASCAR sanctioned race or event. His lawyer Hardin said," We will continue to exhaust every procedural and legal remedy we have available to us until Kurt Busch is vindicated."

NASCAR says," We will set forth clear guidelines for his return."

It sounds like to me that this will be a road to recovery type thing but not for drugs. I can't help but think that the NFL Ray Rice incident played a huge factor in what just happened to Kurt. I'm not the biggest Kurt fan but this really smells of revenge more so than she wants to help him. If the facts are correct, she went to his RV and woke him up. He asked her repeatedly to leave and she wouldn't. Granted, I think he should've called security but he didn't. I don't condone slapping, punching, kicking, etc another person but I think there's more to this story than meets the eye.


So Saturday was race #2 of the Daytona 500 weekend. It claimed the other Busch brother as it's victim. Seems funny how these drivers find those walls that didn't get the safer barrier yet. Yes, there are stats that say the most wrecks are in these areas so we'll put barriers in those places. 

On lap 112 of 120 laps Kyle tapped his team mate in the rear and lost control. He slid off the track and went nose first into the inside turn #1 wall which is 850 feet long. Kyle did get out of the car under his own power but laid down in the grass immediately. His leg was put in an air cast and he was transported to the hospital for treatment.

JGR announced that Kyle sustained a compound fracture of the lower right leg and his left foot was fractured. They also announced that Matt Crafton would be subbing for Kyle in the Daytona 500. No word on the races following.

Tony Stewart sent out a get well tweet to Ky Bu. No words of advise on the leg?


A media event was held where the track president Joie Chitwood said that this will not happen again. That they did not uphold their responsibility for a safe race. That they will fix this now. As they were speaking tire packs were being put up in front of that wall. Also they will be adding the safer barrier to every wall at the track.

Now that's taking responsibility.


Our top 10 best at the track are Ky Bu - Kenseth - Ku Bu - Dale Jr - Stewart - Gordon - Johnson -  Hamlin - Bowyer - Logano

Well to start with we can cross out the Busch Brothers. That is just so weird to say. Like I said before, this is a crap shoot but talent plays a roll too. Kenseth, Stewart, Harvick, Keselowski, Gordon, Dale Jr and Johnson are my main picks. These guys can haul the mail and they have the equipment to do so. Will there be a surprise winner? I think it will be one of these guys but there will be surprises in the top 15. There always is.


I'm about all snowed and arctic tundra blasted out about now. Bet there's few here as well. But it's race day. Doing my best Snoopy dance right now. Be safe folks 

And I'm outta here.....


Deep Thoughts 4-23-14
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Hello and welcome to another Wednesday of deep thoughts. It appears that this is one of those days…you know the days when you sit down to write and the words just don’t seem to come easily. Since I have re-written the past sentence about 7 times, this Wednesday definitely qualifies. When this happens to me, I just start writing and hope that I eventually find a groove. I hope each of you had a great Easter Weekend. This Easter was a much different from my family’s normal Easter. This year, Julie and I made another dash to the valley to watch UTPA play UC Bakersfield. This was the first Easter that my family has not been together. I know it probably sounds odd, but doing the egg thing has continued to be a tradition in my family…until this year. Although Blake has not been playing regularly, we decided to make the trip down south. Because Sunday was Easter, the weekend series began on Thursday. We watched the game online but because Blake was not in the lineup, I worked while the game was on. I actually dozed off and was awakened by a text from Carl Spackler. Pan Am was down 1 to 0 and ace Sam Street’s unbeaten season was in jeopardy. The Broncs had managed to load the bases, but they were down to their last out. Blake was announced as the pinch hitter.  Here is a video to document the moment. It has been a tough few weeks for Blake and it was nice to see him have a successful moment. For the record, the wind was howling in from center field, if you watch the path of the ball, you can see the wind catch it. The Broncs took 2 of 3 from Bakersfield…helping their quest to make the end of season conference tournament. Next week it is a trip to Chicago to visit Chicago State. I hope the weather cooperates…











Tuesday night was a big night for one of my all-time favorite players. Albert Pujols became the first player to hit HRs 499 and 500 on the same night. I know that many have written off Pujols as over the hill, but I had a feeling that once healthy that he would return to the formidable hitter that we watched for so many years in St. Louis. With 8 dingers in April, there is no longer any question regarding his health.  So, I wonder how many HRs Pujols has left in that big bat of his. At 34 years of age, is it possible that Albert could reach 600? Is Willie Mays mark of 660 within his reach? How about 700? It will be very interesting to see how this year plays out. Are we seeing the resurgence of Albert or is this just a brief flash of history? The way the ball was jumping off his bat on Tuesday, I am betting on the former.



An update to the historic blasts by Pujols last night. The guy in the photo above is Tom Sherrill. He is a lifetime Angels fan that happened to be in Washington for Air Force training. The staff sergeant and a buddy decided to go catch the Angels/Nationals game since they were in town. They bought tickets in the left field bleachers, but after watching Albert hit 499, they switched seats on a hunch. It turns out that his hunch was right as his new location allowed him to be in the neighborhood of #500. Sherrill and another fan converged on the big fly and Sherill corralled the ball that bounced off another fan's stomach. Sherrill triumphantly held the ball high as Albert circled the bases. Security quickly found Sherrill and asked him what he wanted to do with the ball. In this day of greed and self centered acts, Sgt. Sherrill only wanted to give the ball to Albert Pujols. Sherrill also requested that the fan that had the ball bounce off of be allowed to meet Pujols. The Angels gave Sherrill a hat and are supposed to be sending him some Angel goodies. Well done Sgt. Sherrill! Very well done...





The penalties for the Brewers/Bucs skirmish were handed out on Tuesday:

Martin Maldonado, Brewers: five games
Carlos Gomez, Brewers: three games
Travis Snider: Pirates: two games
Russell Martin, Pirates: one game

I have no problem with the suspensions given, but wonder why Gerrit Cole escaped without even a slap on the wrist. Gomez has been vilified for his bat flip and exaggerated watching of a ball that did not leave the yard. I generally am an old school advocate, but in this case I think that Cole was as much to blame as Gomez. Many have lambasted Gomez, but as I watched the replay on the MLB channel, they showed examples of several other Brewer teammates guilty of the same act. Yes, I know that there is a proper way to play the game. It would not be my style to flip the bat and admire a ball…but I read something recently that gave me pause. Here are the words that made me reconsider:

“There's a larger issue, one that gets kicked around now and then, the one about the energy inherent in the Latin American game. Gomez is from the Dominican Republic. There, the ball field is not a somber place. There is a code, and that is to live the game. Celebrate the good stuff. Mourn the failures. Get on with the next inning. It's OK to laugh. It's OK to have fun. You want to keep the fun to a minimum? Throw a better pitch.”

It truly is on Gerrit Cole to throw a better pitch. If he has an issue with Gomez, the time honored method of sending a message is with a plunking. But, this again is the “old school way”. What harm did Gomez do for his team? Gomez would probably not have scored on that ball off the wall, so he had to slide instead of arriving at 3B standing. It was Cole that provoked the brawl by jumping in the face of Gomez. For Cole to escape without any punishment is odd, I think. In case you missed video that caused Maldonado to receive 5 games off…here is the video.




That’s all I have today, but I will leave you with a bit of Jack Handey…

"I think people tend to forget that trees are living creatures. They're sort of like dogs. Huge, quiet, motionless dogs, with bark instead of fur."

"I think my new thing will be to try to be a real happy guy. I'll just walk around being real happy until some jerk says something stupid to me."

Thanks for stopping by and feel free to leave a few deep thoughts of your own…





NASCAR Update And Other Fast Stuff 2-2-14
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Gooooooooood morning. Welcome Gabbers and others to my NASCAR updates and other fast stuff. So what do you think of that strange looking unicycle type bike? It's a proto type right now but it's called a RYNO. Classified as a one wheeled motorcycle with zero emissions and similar to the technology of a Segway but more advanced. Top speed of 25 mph and a 30 mile range. Comes out of Portland Oregon and a price tag around $5000. Definitely a work in progress. Not sure I want to spend $5000 on a bike that only goes 25 mph when I can get a 2 wheeled bike that can rip it up for that price. Even in town you'd get run over. Who goes 25 mph? 

Justus Beater......I mean Justine Beaver or is it Just a Beaver? No it's Justin Bieber and he's getting all kinds of advice from the likes of Dr Phil and even Miley Cyrus. She says he makes a ton of money so pay some people to keep you out of trouble and build a night club in your basement. It's safer to party there. She's got a point. 

Speaking of party, Chinese New Year was on Friday. It's now the year of the horse. Don't know the implications of that but I'm not one to be a neigh-gh-gh-gh-gh sayer there Wilber. According to Feng Shui in order to create luck in the new year you can blow up some fire works to get rid of those last remaining pesky demons in your life. You can put a goldfish or plant in a southeasterly corner of your house. Southeast is where the money lies. I wonder if a rainbow and a pot are involved? It is said to be good luck to fry a whole fish. Head and tail. Serve to friend. Watch their face when you offer them an eyeball. Wonder if potatoes come with that? It is said that you shouldn't sweep your house on new years day or you'll be sweeping your luck out the door. So like I said, it's Chinese new year. I'll have an Oreo in honor of the horse.

So we're on to the faster stuff.


Seems his doctors are now adjusting his sedatives to try and bring him out of his medically induced coma. They will be upping his body temp too. He was brought down to 93.2 to help keep his brain from swelling and to lower energy consumption. Doctors are saying it could take a while to bring him out. They didn't say what that time table is but I'm still wishing all the best for Michael and his family.


Last August Brian was in an accident at Bristol and suffered a sprained foot. He was in a walking boot for a couple months but it constricted his calf and caused a blood clot. That in turn ended his season in the Aarons Dream Machine #55 because he needed to take blood thinners. Elliott Sadler finished the last few races in the #55. Now Brian's doctors have cleared him but NASCAR's doctors need to clear him to make it official. 


OH LOOK!!! AJ Allmendinger is back in Cup full time. He's in the JTG Daugherty Racing #47. This was Bobby Labonte's ride last year. I'm betting AJ isn't going near his buddy's pill bottles this year.


If you have the app FOX Sports Go and a provider you can watch the Daytona 500 race on any mobile device or laptop. I'm disappointed. I don't have Xfinity, ATT Uverse, Sudden Link, WOW!, Optimum or anything else besides my internet. But if you do and you want to watch, go to FoxSportsGo.com and sign up.


Jeb is the son of Ward Burton. He drives the #4 Turner Scott Motorsports truck. Came in 5th in the points last year but due to his sponsor Arrowhead Electronic Cigarettes missing their sponsorship payment Jeb is in danger of not racing at all in 2014. He and his dad have been calling around trying to find some but as we all know in todays economy it's tough going. TSM is standing behind Jeb saying he's a great talent and has a great career ahead of him and they will do everything they can to try and get sponsorship for at least some races. 

It's a sign of the times. Sad to say I'm sure there will be more. Dale Jr is even having issues finding sponsors to cover some of his races.


Clint is a free agent if he chose to be right now but MWR is working to get his contract together and signed before Daytona. 5 Hour Energy will be back but there are remaining races to fill. Seems to be a recurring theme.


So they're going to go with this crazy stunt they call a Chase. Now I can see some of what they're after. A sponsor will get more advertising exposure if he's in the Chase. Now an under dawg low budget team can say something more to a potential sponsor than, "Hey we're a great top 30 team". If you remember last year David Ragan won the Talladega race. He drives for Front Row Motorsports. Under these new rules, he'll be in. Now if there are more than 16 winners than the points and wins will determine 15 spots with spot #16 going to the points leader at Richmond. All will reset their points at 2000 plus 3 bonus points for each win. 

Brian France said he was trying to eliminate points racing and make wins count. I still don't see how this will stop that. There were 16 winners last year. Johnson had 6 W's and Kenseth had 7 W's. Hamlin and Stewart each had 1 even though they were hurt for part of the season. NASCAR says they will make an exception to the rule that says a driver must attempt to qualify in every race. So I guess that means those 2 might've gotten a pass. Ragan was 28th in points at the end of last year with his lone W. No other low budget team had a W. This is how it is every year.

So I'm thinking this is going to be the same as always. Once upon a time......Jimmie and Chad storm the gates of the NASCAR castle and steal that trophy. All the kings fans, all the kings horses and all the kings men groaned. The End

So I guess we have to tune in and see what, if any difference this will make.

Remember now, if you want to join Iceman's fantasy team it's at Yahoo.com. You create your account and then join a league.

League ; All In Speed Freaks----------> Group ID ; 2945----------> Password ; win

So today is Bronco vs Seahawks day. I'm just thrilled it was 45 degrees Saturday. It's a heat wave folks. I might just get my seed catalog and sit on a stool in the middle of my garden planning where everything goes. I'm excited. Hope all of you have a wonderful day and enjoy the Super Bowl or family activity. Whatever is on your agenda I hope it's a good day.

And I'm outta here.....


NASCAR Update And Other Fast Stuff 5-25-13
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Hey there and Good morning. Happy Memorial Day and welcome Gabbers and others to my NASCAR update and other fast stuff. This is the town clock where I live honoring all who served in WWll. Those that were residents at that time and served are on the 4 plaques going around the base. One of my uncles is listed. I just want to take the time to thank all who served, are serving and will serve this great nation we call home. I appreciate the freedom I have to write on this web site, surf the net, say what I want, have breakfast on Sunday mornings with my grandkids and pretty much all the little mundane things that make up my existence that wouldn't be possible without those that step forward to give their time to all of us. Thank you and an air wrench salute too. VVVVVVRRRRRRRR-LLLLLLLLLLL VVVVVVRRRRRR-LLLLLLLL Zzzttt-Zzzttt-Zzttt VVVVVRRRRR-LLLLLLLLLL....WOOOOO HOOOOOOOO THANK YOU!!!!!


It has been reported that Antron Brown of NHRA Drag racing fame and last years champ in Top Fuel Dragster decided to have a test drive in a NASCAR K&N Series Toyota Camry stock car for team owner Max Siegel. He's got the Stage & Stomp in a straight line in his top fuel dragster in 4 seconds thing down pat so it's time to check out what else he can do. Like turning laft in a stock car. He won't give a definite answer yet but says he was just testing out his ability and if the ride is right with a power house team then he'd like a chance. The K&N Series is a good place to start. I hope he can do it but changing old habits is hard to do. TURN LEFT ANTRON!!!!!!


Ken Schrader became the oldest winner in the NASCAR ARCA Series by winning the Menards 200 @ Toledo Speedway, Ohio. He started 2nd and led 163 laps in his Federated Auto Parts Chevy. Score one for the old guys. Congrats Ken Schrader.


The votes have been tabulated and our next class of inductees are....

----> Tim Flock : Dude with the monkey named Jocko. I'm wondering if Jocko gets a nod to the HoF too for dealing with all that nonsense. Tim was one of the first dominant drivers. He won a championship in 1952 in his Hudson Hornet and a championship in 1955 in a Chrysler. He had 18 W's, 32 Top 5's & 18 poles in 39 races that year. OUTSTANDING.

----> Jack Ingram : Won 3 consecutive championships in the Busch Series (Nationwide now a days) from 1972-1974.

----> Maurice Petty : Chief engine builder for Richard Petty's 200 W's, 7 championships & 7 Daytona 500's. Lee Petty, Buddy Baker, Jim Pascal & Pete Hamilton also won with his engines.

----> Dale Jarrett : Winner of 3 Daytona 500, winner of 2 Brickyards and 1999 Sprint Cup Champion.

----> Fireball Roberts : Glenn got his nickname from his high school pitching days. He was very athletic and one of NASCAR's first super stars. He never won a championship but he did win 7 Daytona races only one of those was the 500 in 1962. He also won the Southern 500 in 1958 & 1963.

Congrats to all 5 inductees.


 It's that time again folks for a double race Sunday. The Indy 500 is up first. Helio Castroneves in his #3 Penske Team car will be starting in the 3rd row and going for his 4th Indy 500 win. Only Al Unzer & AJ Foyt have 4 W's at this race.

AJ Allmendinger, remember him? Got kicked out of his #22 Pennzoil car for his awwww shucks I didn't know it was a drug fiasco. Well, Roger Penske is giving him an opportunity to drive the 32 Team Penske car. He starts in row 2 with that cutie pie Will "Double finger salute" Power.  Other notables are Dario Franchitti (last years winner), Tony Kanaan, & Mario Andretti.

Also there will be 4 female drivers. YEAH!!! Katherine Legge, Pippa Mann, Ann Beatriz & Simona de Silvesto. GO GO GO GIRLS!!!! WOO HOOOOOO!!!!  

Fun facts for Indy 500...... 

The first winner was Ray Harroun in 1909. He did it in 6 hrs/42 min/8 sec with a 75 mph average. Last years winner Dario Franchitti did it in 2 hrs/ 58 min/ 51 sec with an average speed of 167.7 mph.

The victory drink is milk. Todays winners get a choice of whole, 2% or skim. Well chilled of course.

The whole track was once made of brick. This is why the track was named The Brickyard and why NASCAR has the Brickyard race. There were 3.2 million bricks used to pave the track, walls and pit road. Only a 3 foot wide strip used as the start/finish line remains today.



I didn't watch this race last weekend. Shame on me but I was tired and I just didn't feel like moseying over to mom & dads to watch it. I am cable poor if you remember.  I'm really hoping FOX does what they said they would and soon. I want my NASCAR races on my laptop. Don't need a huge flat screen. But any who. There were 2 races.

The Show Down was first. This was for the drivers who did not qualify for the main event. Out of this group there were 3 going to the main event. One fan vote and the 1st & 2nd place drivers. Jamie McMurray dominated all 40 laps and one mandatory pit stop to gain entrance to the All Star Race. Ricky Stenhouse Jr got the 2nd spot and The Danica got the 3rd spot with the fan vote.

On to the All Star Race. There were 22 drivers (plus their cars), 4 segments of 90 total laps and mandatory pit stop. Kyle Busch took segments 2 & 3. Brother Kurt Busch took segments 1 & 4. Jimmie Johnson took the million bucks and the win.

Finishing order of top 12 : Johnson - Logano - Kyle - Kahne - Kurt - Hamlin - Dale Jr - McMurray - Kenseth - Edwards - Harvick - Gordon



We'll be seeing triple. All 3 Roush Racing team mates will have the Fastenal sponsor on their car.

So Denny Hamlin has the pole. Guess he's taking his mission seriously. He's 61 points out of 20th place. He must be in 20th place or better plus at least a win to get into the Chase. I'm thinking he needs 2 or 3 wins. Lots of ground to make up.

There were only 9 drivers on the lead lap at the end last year. Very tough long ass race. You must be patient and save your equipment. AND NO MISTAKES ON PIT ROAD. With 50 to go Johnson was in 3rd place. Green flag pit stops started at 47 to go. He went in for tires and fuel but came out with the fuel can. Penalty. Leaving the pit stall with equipment. Pass thru penalty AT PIT ROAD SPEED.  OUCH!!!! Put him one lap down and he ended his night in 11th. There will also be some engine failures for those that don't get their car dialed into the track and who don't take care of their car.

Last years top 15 finishers : Kahne - Hamlin - Kyle - Biffle - Keselowski - Dale Jr - Gordon - Harvick - Edwards / Minus 1 lap Kenseth - Johnson - Truex /minus 2 laps Bowyer - Newman - Menard

For my Yahoo picks I took Hamlin - Kyle - Edwards - Smith. I'm still thinking about moving Stenhouse off my bench and into Smith's spot. There I go over thinking these things again. Can't help it. 

I think Johnson will get a top ten or most likely 5 this year. Funny but this past week his pit crew team line up was revamped. Coincidence? I don't think so. We don't want the gasman and his can leaving the stall again. The new crew won him that million dollars last week with lightning precision.

If Hamlin can get through this grueling race to the end I'm thinking top 10. He has to. No choice.

If Kyle, Kahne and Gordon can duct tape that gremlin fast to a tool box in the garage area that keeps harassing them, they'll see the top 10.

Dale Jr was Mr Steady Eddie but lost that title with 4 ugly finishes out of the top 10. Looking for a top 10.

Keselowski was out of the All Star race after only 2 laps with transmission woes. Look for him to get back on track. His team mate Logano should be bouncing back too.

Biffle led the most laps last year with 204 but faded back to 4th. The All Star race plus the last 4 races were all 15th and way above. Not seeing it unless Roush found something. Team mate Edwards should be on or about 10th.

Bowyer led 11 laps in the All Star race but ended up 18th. I'd look for at least a 12th for him and his team mate Truex. Mark Martin blew a motor last year. He's hard on motors any ways.

Harvick should see a top 10.

Stewart & Newman struggled last year. They've been struggling this year all season so far. I'm closing my eyes.

C list options? Mears, Bayne, Gilliland, Bobby Labonte and The Danica should get you some 22nd to 30th place points. Bobby is a veteran and knows how to save his stuff. The Danica isn't trying to set the world on fire but is making an effort to finish with most of the body work in tact. Bayne is with the Wood Brothers. This will be start #1400 in NASCAR for that team.

So there you have it. It's grillin' time. Pop a top on your favorite beverage, light a fire, hang with your best buds and or family and relax. It's Memorial Day weekend. The start of yard sale bargains, outdoor sports, swimming, summer fun in the sun. And....

I'm outta here.......








ST Saturday Extravaganza -Hodgepodge for $1000
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For all of you Jeopardy! fans out there, we will get to the answer to this probing question by Alex in a moment.  First we have a few issues to cover in the Wide World of Sports before we deal with Sergio's telling reply.  Also, I found it terribly difficult to concentrate on writing a blog entry on the heels of "reading" the Beez's last blog post...most distracting!...where was I?

The Indy 500 and what has to be Q's Ultimate Dream Ride...or mine!

Lindsay Czarniak, the ESPN host of the Indy 500, got what has to be the ride of a lifetime going for a tour of the Brickyard in a two seater with Mario Andretti  (settle down, Q).  According to Lindsay, who was interviewed today on a D.C. sports radio show, Mario took it up to around 200 mph for their little run around Indy.  She said - no surprise - that it was a total thrill.  I am happy to see Lindsay moving up to the big time at the 4 letter monolith...she grew up here in D.C. under George Michael and has a real sense for sports.  I don't think GM would have had it any other way.  As for the race, it has been over 40 years since an Andretti has seen the checkered flag...can Marco break through?  He is on the front row, so he can't complain about the start.  Sunday should be fun.


As for the NHL....

We have the team everyone was ready to hand the Stanley Cup to just a couple of months ago on the brink of elimination by the ever durable playoff giants, the Detroit Red Wings.  It has turned our happy chief's smile into a frown.  As it stands, we are looking at Conference finals of LA - Red Wings and Bruins - Penguins.  The only thing that is certain is that I will not have a dog in this fight. I don't really care for any of those teams to win.  One thing should provide some solace to all dedicated hockey fans and that is that is is frickin' hard to win the Stanley Cup.  The regular season means exactly nothing except that you get to play...no President's Trophy, no end of the season run, no health issue matters...the Cup is a whole different beast.  There may be a secret recipe that comes only from drinking from Lord Stanley's Cup, but outside of that secret club, the rest go uneducated and generally unfullfilled.


The NBA to me is a joke league...

I don't generally live in the world of conspiracy theories...except when it comes to the NBA.  Is a coincidence that the Lakers and Celtics always seem to get magically reloaded with talent when they are down?  In this fluke year for the Lakers, nobody thought that the combination of Dwight Howard and Kobe would not bring wins and another championship run...Howard just is a bozo and killed it, but the talent was there.  Is is just a coincidence that after losing LeBron that the Cavs have won the Lottery 2 of the last 3 years?   How is that this league survives when half of its teams have NEVER even played for a title?  Franchises that win that aren't named Lakers or Celtics or Bulls or Spurs win a title on average every 30 years.   

Ok, so we will see a Heat - Spurs final...now there's a surprise.  Here's another one - the same teams in it now, will be in it next year. 


The Good, The Bad & The Ugly - Revisited

In my review of MLB last week, I forgot to include the Umpires in the Bad to Ugly category.  We continue to have umpires ruining the outcomes of ball games even WITH instant replay.  What is obvious to all of us - a ball hitting off the wall above the HR line - is not obvious to the MASSIVE egos that wear the black.  Unlike their brethern in football, the umpire is afraid to go under the hood and make a call - oh my - they may have gotten it wrong.  On close plays, umpires often are incorrect.  It's not because they are aren't skilled, it's because the play is so fast it defies the human eye - but NOT the camera.  Com'on Blue, get the calls right.   And why not do something to help the plate umpire with balls & strikes?  I am so tired of seeing a plate umpire ruin a game.  Watch a game just concentrating on balls & strikes - even the best are not that great.  They could use pitch track to at least tell the umpire if the ball goes over the plate or not.   Baseball - please fix the umps.

And finally, the answer to Double Jeopardy....

As Sergio says, "Who is Tiger Woods?"  Alex:  Sergio, you and Fuzzy got that one right.   Thank you "gentlemen" for showing us what a racist looks like on the golf course yet again.  I met one of the Golf Channel hosts who had a drink or two I think who had not too many kind words for Sergio a couple of years ago.  Then I saw Feherty's interview and thought maybe that was a misjudgement.  Now we see that the real Sergio came out.  Yes Tiger is a prima donna and yes he seems like any one of a number of colorful terms, but really?  going Fried Chicken on him?  A) It's not original as Fuzzy Zoeller said it first.  B) It is just tauting him for being black, not for being an ass, so what is the point of that? and C) the only person hurt by that is Sergio.  He just looks like a douche bag...which he confirmed for all of us.  I can only imagine the taunting he is going to hear at the U.S. Open in a couple of weeks.  


For all of you who have served our Country over the years, we thank you for your dedication and service.  To our fathers, brothers, sisters, grandfathers and great grandfathers who may have fought and suffered or died in defense of our Country, on this solemn weekend we remember you.  Have a happy and special Memorial Day Weekend.



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