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Monday Moaning 10-14-13
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       That looks like the right way to start the week...

I must start by apologizing...For the last couple weeks I have been an absent owner and contributor...There hasn't been any serious health factors, or major things going on in my life...I've just been in a funk...I have sat down to write, and I get there, and feel nothing...I have told myself, I have to write today, and hours later, I say, fuck it...I have been feeling a bit of depression, and I can't put a finger on why...The kids are good...The wife is good, and we are still bumping uglies on a regular basis...The puppy gets on  my nerves...Work is work...But when it comes to sports, I've been feeling 'whatever'...And writing, I've been feeling that too...So, I pulled away a bit...tried just not thinking about it...And then I went to write last week and my laptop was being a dick...just all frozen up....I took that as a sign...Took the week off...Check on few things via the phone, but just tried to get away from pressuring myself...I hope it worked....

 Last week, I watched the PBS documentary, "League of Denial"...I have to say, after watching this I want to boycott anything having to do with the NFL...These guys outright lied to players about concussions...The lied to the press...And they destroyed Doctors reputations, including the doctor who was the first to link football with CTE...Yes players do know the risks, but when the league is handing out booklets before the season that state "Concussions don't cause mental health damage" that is fucked up...Then you find out the NFL paid for a study that showed a link between head trauma, and CTE, and they sat on it for years...I was totally disgusted...This also backed up Mrs. Beeze's thoughts of not wanting Little Beeze to play Football, possibly Hockey...

But then a story broke late in the week, that was linked to the NFL, that really got me pissed...A two year old boy, fathered by Adrian Peterson died Friday, after being beaten by his mother's boyfriend, Joseph Robert Patterson (27)...This is just horrible...This guy needs to die...But it gets worse...A year ago Patterson was charged with abusing a 3 year old boy...1. How is he walking the streets?  2. Why is he alive at all? 

This is horrible...I feel awful that this happened to this little boy...But all of you people on the Internet need to stop jumping on the latest trends, and memes...Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, fucking everything has been flooded with pictures of a little boy with Adrian Peterson...Many have put angels wings on the little guy...That's sweet...Except the kid in that picture isn't dead...That kid is the boy Peterson acknowledges...This boy that died, Peterson denied being the father until a paternity test came back a few months ago...Up until then, he viewed this child as a prop being used to shake him down for cash...He had little, if any contact with this boy...One news story called the dead boy, "Peterson's SECRET son"...This is not to down play how awful the death of this boy is, just giving you trend-riders some truth behind the story...

And while I don't know Adrian Peterson, I do know the direction our society has been going, and I do know there is a good percentage of pro-athletes that just drop their cum all around and don't think about all the consequences...Just ask Cromartie with his 7 kids, 4 who are all the same age...

And now I find myself annoyed by those praising Adrian Peterson for being at practice, and praising him for playing Sunday...Why am I annoyed?  Because he shouldn't be praised for going to work...If some asshole looked at one of my kids the wrong way, I'm caving his fucking skull in...If some fucker lays his hands on one of my I'm taking my time killing him, and I'm live tweeting during it, taking suggestions for what to do next....Like I said, I don't know the guy, but I don't think he's that broken up about...I mean he refused this was his kid for over a year...Now he's off the books, and the media showing their love for him, for playing while dealing with this awful loss....

Yeah, I sound cold...I sound jaded...But it's hard not to be in this day and age...Call me an asshole, but I don't have any "SECRET" kids...I have 3 with my wife...I only fuck my wife...So, I may be an asshole, but I call it like I see it, and I don't follow the trends...

-In College Football there were some upsets in the top 25...But Michigan losing, shouldn't be called an upset if you've seen the rest of their games this year...They struggled with UConn for fucks sake!  Texas beat Oklahoma, saving Mack Brown just a little longer...(5) Stanford's hopes have been dashed after losing to Utah...OUCH!   Apparently (19) Northwestern left it all on the field in their loss to Ohio State, and got rolled by Wisconsin...(7) Georgia got worked by Missouri...But with all this, were the rankings really shaken up that much...NO, of course not...

-Hey Cleveland, shocker...No Hoyer...It's Weeden time again...

Get use to that stupid-ass losing face again Browns fans!  Losing to the Lions....Damn!

This has been a bit heavy and angry...So here, I'll give you a pic of the puppy...Finnegan is growing, and making me crazy...


That's it for now...I hope this gets me back in the swing of things...It felt good....

Have a week...

The Beeze.

The Grunion--Te'o May Diss NFL for What???
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Newsflash! The Grunion has learned from K-Smell Records that Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te’o may forego an NFL career to become a musical vocalist pop star.







Te'o's new CD entitled “Imaginary Lover”, featuring the "Manti" Rhythm Section, was recorded immediately following an embarrassing performance to Alabama in the BCS National Championship. The title track is expected to be released on “her” birthday... whenever that is...







Just in time for spring training football across America, Te’o will release a song made famous by Hank Snow, Elvis Presley, and Bob Dylan... “A Fool Such As I” will be given a clever and appropo twist in the lyrics as Te’o will croon, “Now and Then There’s An April Fool Such as I”...







Whether or not Te’o decides to enter the NFL, ESPN and the league have announced a cooperative deal in which Te’o and Antonio Cromartie will team up on the 2013 Monday Night Football game in Week 1 to harmonize a live version of the CD's “Who’s That Lady”... a song made popular by the Isley Brothers...






In his final release of the CD, Te’o  and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir collaborate to sing about the one he apparently never knew with a take-off of the Left Banke’s one-hit wonder entitled, “Just Walk Away Lennay”...


That's Manti Te'o...


The one man boy band...


Order now...


Operators are standing by...





















Random Thoughts
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A legend steps down, ScottJax talks Wrestling Wednesday, Unruly fans and the NFL, NFL player is a baby maker, ScottJax goes on a rant, well maybe, and a college football players is classy. All this inside this weeks edition of……

Pat Summitt steps down as head basketball of the lady Vols. During her time at Tennessee she had a NCAA record 1,098 win and 207 loses, 16 regular season SEC championships and 16 SEC Conference Titles and 8 National Titles.

The NFL is going to enforce unruly fans to see a shrink. That’s right go figure. Unruly fans kicked out of the stadium will be required to pass a code-of-conduct exam or they will not be allowed back in for another game. This was an idea from Dr. Ari Novick the man behind it all.

File this in “Maybe he outta be neutered” folder.

When is enough-is-enough? Antonio Cromartie, New York Jets cornerback, is trying to create his own defensive team as he now has 10 kids from eight women located in six states. The 27-year-old and his second wife, Terricka, had their second child joining his other sibling from the couple as well as eight-half siblings from flings that Antonio had. The other children are located in California, Texas, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and New Jersey.

He pays more than $3,500 a month to each child’s mother except Rosemita Pierre, who Cromartie has custody of their son. They have a bitter relationship where she has rights to call her son 3 times a week but Antonio does not pick up the phone.

Antonio better make a lot of money and save it because I see a major problem when he retires and can’t pay child support.

In the Classiest act of the year, Trent Richardson was an escort to cancer survivor Courtney Alvis senior prom. 

Does it matter what a coach does on his off-time if he is not breaking any rules?

New England has the easiest schedule in the NFL. How could that be?

If you’re an NFL General Manager, and your ready to select your first pick, do you chose for need or best available player?

Jacksonville Jaguars slogan for the this year is “All in.” It was started by our new owner Mr. Shad Khan. The question I have is, did anyone tell that to Maurice Jones-Drew? He is the star of our team and yet he did not show up for voluntary practice. I know its voluntary, but the team has a new coach and offensive coordinator. I know MJD got married a couple of weeks ago, he could have taken his new bride with him to Jacksonville.

In baseball, it’s too early to start worrying about your team. Oh, okay, Cub fans its time to panic, same for the Astro’s.

Nasty hits during NHL playoffs. There is more action this year than in past years.

I have not been posted much on wrestling lately. I have a lot of things written to post I just am building more stuff. The trivia didn’t go over to well, so I am scared to post more. Will try another time with the trivia, I will make it easier.

Bella twins are leaving at the end of the month. They want to do something else.

Rumor has it that Batista and Bobby Lashley want back in the WWE.

Brock Lesnar has a special deal with the WWE that allows him to have advertising on his shirt.

Till next time



More Hard Knocks For Jets?
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While you know who talks about why he doesn’t think he’ll ever be an NFL starting QB his new team, the New York Jets quite possibly are looking at a second straight season of HBO’s Hard Knocks. As Jets owner Woody Johnson put it, “we had a formal invitation that we can respond too, not an informal one”.

Now it’s wasn’t the spectacular coverage of a bunch of brainiacs that is getting them a second nod, we all know what’s going on here. We’ve all had our fair share of Rex Ryan and since he’s never seen a microphone or a camera he didn’t like we don’t need a 5 episode show to get his opinion on anything to do with football, snack food or feet for that matter. It’s about TEBOW and how he’ll overshadow Mark Sanchez at camp regardless of the role he’ll actually play on this team. I think we can all agree Mark Sanchez is about as mediocre a QB as you can have and adding Tebow to the mix gives the Jets another mediocre option, but what I really want to know is, WHY in the world would a team that is coming off the season they just did want this type of distraction at camp? For a team that just finished an awful year I’d think the most important thing on their minds would be righting the ship that clearly sank and fell apart while doing so, on and off the field.

But this is the Jets, and it’s New York and yes Rex Ryan will undoubtedly have a lot to say about whether this happens or not and for that reason alone I believe if he ok’s this again he will demonstrate just how piss poor he is when it comes to doing what’s best for the team he coaches. Anyone dealing with the woes the Jets did this past season would have to be out of their fucking mind to allow camera crews follow their every move while attempting to regain a playoff caliber team. When cameras are rolling there’s a lot of horse play, everyone mugs for their few minutes of face time and of course we get gems like this:


If the Jets aren’t interested in putting last season behind them and focusing on nothing but football then just remember where you read it when they don’t make the playoffs or choke because it’ll all come down to what their priorities were, show time rather than to show up for football season prepared. 

Rants and Raves
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Is there are riff between the NFL players?? Booster wants money back?? Texas takes shot at Yankees?? What’s going on here?? All this, in this weeks edition of Rants and Raves.

New York Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie spoke his mind about the contract talks between the NFL and the NFL Players Association. "To me, you need to stop bitching about it, and if you wanna say you're gonna get into a room and meet and greet, and say you're gonna do what you need to do, then do it. Don't just talk about it." Antonio will be a free agent at the end of the season and cannot sign a new deal until the Collective Bargaining Agreement is negotiated. The CBA expires on March 4th. Cromartie also stated "Especially when you don't get no information about nothing from the union or the owners, so to tell you the truth they need to get their damn minds together and get this [expletive] done. Stop bitching about money. Money ain't nothing. Money can be here and gone. Us players, we want to go out and play football. It's something we've been doing and we love it and enjoy it. It's our livelihood."

Now, after Antonio Cromartie said what he had to say about the NFL and the NFL Players Association, several NFL players came out against the New York Jet. Baltimore Raven Ray Lewis and Arizona Cardinal Darnell Dockett say that Cromartie does not speak for all the players. Darnell said "We have leaders, we know what is fair and the players are behind our leadership." Lewis stated that he supports DeMaurice Smith, the union's executive director. "Great leaders are servants first," Lewis said. "That is who our leaders are. Players are not going to turn on each other. We are blessed with what we have and it is on all of us to keep it fair. I'm resolved to do that." Lewis and Dockett are not player representatives for their teams but still felt like speaking out on the issue.

Of course Cromartie had to respond to Lewis and Dockett. "I don't give a who about Ray Lewis or Darnell Dockett talking about what I said. There's 10's of thousand people who will lose jobs. They taking our healthcare away and for players that have surgery can't even get rehab once March 3rd gets here."

Now the NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said that if there's a lockout, he will reduce his salary to $1. In which the President of the NFL Player’s Association DeMaurice Smith countered that if they can get a deal done by the Super Bowl, he'll take a pay cut to 68 cents.

I can’t believe that a booster wants his $3 million dollars back because he doesn’t like the choice of football coach the college signed. But, it did happen, and it happened to the University of Connecticut and supporter Robert G. Burton. Mr. Burton wants his donation of $3 million and his name removed from University’s football team’s training facility. This all happened because the school hired former Syracuse football coach Paul Pasqualoni, and Burton had no say in the matter. I guess he is sore because Burton did have a say in the hiring of former Husky coach Randy Edsall. It looks like the school has no intention of giving him his money back. I don’t blame the school. I would hope they would take the Burton name down from the facility. That would keep Burton from opening his mouth in the future.

The GM wants to stay and the team wants him back. That’s the love fest called the Cashman - Yankees affair. The Yankees General Manager has a year left on his contract and Hal Steinbrenner say he absolutely want Cashman to return. But if the Yankees GM is true to his heart, as he was with Rivera, Jeter, Posada and other Yankee players, he will wait until the end of the season to negotiate his contract. Of course Hal can override Cashman, as he did with the Soriano signing, and sign Brian during the season. Brian Cashman has done an outstanding job in restocking the minor league system. The Yankees have outstanding catchers and pitchers ready to produce.

Wow, are the Texas Rangers getting cocky or what? They make it to their first World Series and all of a sudden they are flexing the mouths with a war of words with the New York Yankees. Texas Owner Chuck Greenberg commented that the Rangers kept the chase for Cliff Lee going long enough for the Philles to sneak in and take Lee from the clutches of the Yankees. In response, Yankees President Randy Levine fired back that Greenberg was “delusional” and mind your own business and keep your team off “welfare.” "I think Chuck is delusional," Levine told ESPNewYork.com. "He has been running the Rangers for a few minutes and seems to believe he's mastered what everyone else is thinking. I think he should let Cliff Lee speak for himself. I'll be impressed when he demonstrates he can keep the Rangers off welfare. What I mean is make them not be a revenue-sharing recipient for three years in a row, without taking financing from baseball or advance money from television networks. Then I'll be impressed."

Here is a clip of my cousin and his son having a great time driving in the snow, singing along:

This just goes to show you America does have talent!!!

Navy Term:

Sea Lawyer: Old Navy, a person who is forever arguing about everything and anything aboard the ship, with a view of getting out of work. Today’s Navy a Sea Lawyer is one who thinks they know everything and parts that information on the less knowledgeable.

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