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Well, March is still Mad around here. Not the good "What Me Worry?" kind either. Things continue to go a bit crazy with everyone's bracket certainly in shambles as mid-majors have created some big upsets. Though I will admit, much to ScottJax's pleasure, I may have been hasty in my judgment of the Big East. At this point, they've got 4 of 9 still standing. That's better than what I imagined. Syracuse has had some tough games, but they've pulled through. Cuse has a tough test in Wisconsin, but I think they still have the speed to get by the Badgers. 

Everyone's favorite match-up seems to be OSU vs. Cincy. I'll admit I'd love to see this match-up more often. It would certainly be too big a gamble for OSU to actually do, which sucks that they put their own rankings above the enjoyment of the country's (and their own state's) sports fans. Wanna make people forgive you for doing blatantly stupid things with your football program, schedule Cincy. Schedule them in both sports.

Keeping on the hardwood for a moment, I was caught by a strange piece of footage recently. The Golden State Warriors recently decided to retire the number of their beloved Chris Mullin. I grew up admiring Mullin. He had great hustle and work ethic and was a very good forward. He was the man in NBA Jam. Not to mention my bro and I donned the flat top out of reverence towards him in our middle school basketball days.

I challenge anyone to find anything more essentially 90's than this pic. If you do, however, feel free to post it below.


Unfortunately, the Bay Area fans patience ran out right in the middle of what should have been a great moment for the man. While current owner Joe Lacob was trying to speak during the ceremony, fans began to boo him relentlessly. Mullin tried to appeal to the crowd. Didn't work. Rick Berry tried to save the day and appeal for decency. Didn't work. these folks were just pissed.

I suppose I can understand. If my team was that bad I'd be pissed too. It took me a while not to just feel snarky towards the Lions. I still can't not mentally boo or laugh every time Matt Millen shows up as a college football expert on ESPN. I get where these guys are coming from.

The only thing that gets me is that they could boo Lacob anytime. You didn't have to boo while you were supposed to be celebrating a legend in your franchise. Brings signs to games. Wear bags on your heads. Hold Sell the Team, Lacob rallies. Let Mullin have his night and respect him if he asks for your cooperation. (I also found it laughable that ESPN would categorize Bay Area fans as "typically well-behaved". In light of their behavior during last year's season opener and at Raider games, that label should be stripped.)

Strange bit of news from the NFL. Houston agreed to trade LB DeMeco Ryans to the Philadelphia Eagles for a 2012 fourth round draft pick. I realize Ryans has been hurt and they have a new stud in Cushing. His production was down to a mere 64 tackles in 16 games this year, but it still begs questions. Why couldn't they get more? Is there anything the Eagles and public doesn't know?

In an effort to support Frag's cause of raising awareness of our small market teams, I am disappointed to announce that the Royals may not have closer Joakim Soria for a good part of the season. Now, as a Tigers fan, it is a little easier knowing they won't have that stud if we need a late game come back this year, it's a bummer for baseball. A lot of folks have the Royals picked as a sleeper team. I'd like to see them come up and help push the Tigers, while they do make me nervous with the amount of young talent on their roster. The loss of Soria is a blow, but hopefully one they can brush off or remedy.

As for more competition in the AL Central, I've been hearing a lot about a young pitcher on the White Sox: Chris Sale. A lot of analysts have placed him a s a big time sleeper. He's been impressive in spring training. His last appearance against Cincy gave him a stat line boasting 6 shut out innings while allowing 2 hits. While Sale has been used in the bull pen and has gotten about 12 saves over his two year career, he's looking good in the rotation. The most he's pitched in games has been 3 innings against the Royals on July 20, but he could be a scary addition. I'm also interested to see if Jake Peavy can regain his form as well this year. An improving Peavy and rising Sale could well more than make up for losing Buehrle over the off season.

That's it for me this week. Thanks for stopping by and giving us a read. Feel free to leave your comments and try to out 90's my Chris Mullin Starter ad. Looks like another nice weather weekend and hopefully that means continued domination for me in a renewal of my backyard touch football games. I leave you as always with this week's vocab.

lightweight reader, noun

Someone who gets sleepy or passes out shortly after starting to read.
"Im so screwed for this test, I didn't study at all."
"Why not? We had all week!"
"Im a lightweight reader man, I never made it past section one."




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